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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 1, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EST

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discipline management even in these disruptive times. another in-depth interview friday at 9:30 p.m. eastern. i hope to see you then. thank yo have a good weekend. lou: good evening. our top stories. a powerful 7 magnitude earthquake hitting alaska miles from the capital city of anchorage. residents sent scrambling for safety and aftershocks are still rumbling through the region. >> the damage is significant. where it's very significant is with regard to our infrastructure. with regard to bridges and
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highways that collapsed. lou: we'll have the latest developments on this devastating quake and its aftershocks throughout this broadcast. while the * is doing deals and diplomacy, putting america first, the mueller witch hunt slithers on, producing no evidence of collusion in more than two years of investigation by the fbi and the special counsel. the angry dems who make up the special counsel are increasingly desperate and trying to smear the president and those close to him with their politically motivated leaks and campaigns of innuendo. the partisan establishment and globalist elites cheering mueller on and on and on. we examine mueller's partisan
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persecution of president trump. and they undermine him when he's within days of an important summit. coincidence? not on your life. jerome corsi joins me tonight. in brazil, an historic election of a path sometimes called the brazilian trump. they are to be led by the populist. he won on a platform of putting his country first. strengthening the military. cutting taxes. the president-elect's son joins us tonight. a powerful earthquake shocking
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alaska. the earthquake, a magnitude 7 .0. and it has had a number of aftershocks ripping down buildings and tearing up roads and bridges. dan springer from our northwest bureau in seattle. reporter: they are still assessing the damage. but this much is clear. it's major and will cause problems for many months. the earthquake was centered in point macken ski, home to 280,000 alaskans. the ground shook for more than a minute causing severe damage to roads and bridges and knocking out power to tens of thousands. it triggered a tsunami * warning that was later canceled.
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the pipeline was shut down as a precaution. the air was also shut down. the regional head of fema is on his way to anchorage. and the congressional delegation held a news conference this afternoon. >> the infrastructure assessment will be a longer-term assessment. but it impacted the major arterials in and around anchorage and that is a concern. reporter: the video is dramatic. this is on the 6th floor of the courthouse. you can see things banging against the walls and people ducking for cover. the former governor alaska sarah palin put out on social media that her family is intact, but her house is not. alaska is the most of
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seismically active state in the country. and they range between 6 and 7. the great news is there are no reports of deaths or significant injuries. there was plenty of drama. we got a picture taken by a guy driving this truck when the earthquake started. he stopped the truck. when he got out the road collapsed around him. luckily he's okay. but alaskans are shaken. lou: president trump pushing forward with the america first agenda at the g20 in argentina. special counsel robert mueller's witch hunt has taken steps to distract the president while he's abroad. yesterday as the president prepared to depart for the important summit, mueller announced a plea deal had been
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reached with michael cohen. it's similar to the same stunt mueller pulled just before the president headed to his july summit with the g7 and vladimir putin. he indicted 12 russian officials to sabotage the up it. nothing has come it. it was simply a distraction. sarah sanders said the russian witch hunt is doing very unwell. it probably does undermine our relationship with russia. our next guest says he intend to shut down robert mueller's witch hunt. he rejected a plea deal and
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rejected allegations that he lied under oath. he filed yirm mall charges against mueller and his so-called witch hunt. "silent no more, how i became a political prisoner of mueller's witch hunt." it will become available first as an e-book on amazon. this is an extraordinary tale. you were told in effect by the mueller counsel to plead to a deal. a deal that would keep you from being prosecuted for lying to robert mueller's witch hunt attorneys. >> first of all, i came into --ing this was after 40 hours of testimony over six sessions in two months. my attorney and i began it by
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wanting to work voluntarily with the mueller special counsel. i brought in my computers and time machine, all my email accounts. 40 hours over two months. lou: what did you lie about. >> the first day i had forgot and couple of emails i said i did not want to send anyone to see julian assange. one email i had not seen. i didn't get to reload my 2016 emails on a broken computer. and this one email from roger tone says i get to assange and i forward it to a professor in london. i had forgotten about that. lou: what were you telling him to get to. >> the message was someone should go and see assange in london to found out what
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additional emails after july 22 when assange dropped emails on debbie wasserman-schultz. he had more. and roger stone wanted to found out what they are. it's a normal request. he journalist in america wanted to know what assange had. i forward it to ted malik, and i forgot about it. lou: did you get a reply? >> no, ted never replied to the email. lou: and you never talked to assange? or ask communicated with him? >> absolutely not. a special prosecutor let me amended the testimony. but they wanted me to plead guilty on the charge on the original day one mistake. lou: they allowed you to amended it, then had the effrontery, the arrogance, the gall, to charge
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you with lying when they acknowledged they would allow you to amended it. if so, and you amended it. >> it's unbelievable. it's not just as i understand it in america. lou: it's not justice anywhere in the world. >> i would not go in front of a federal judge and swear to god, that means something to me. i'm a weird duck coming from harvard. i believe in jesus christ and i believe in god. lou: there are a few of us left. >> i am not going to go in front of a federal judge and put my hand up and swear i knowingly and willingly gave false testimony money. i expected they would come to knock on my door tonight and arrest me. having rejected their plea deal which they offer. lou: how did you reject it.
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>> monday i went on one america news and said i reject the deal, i have had it. i'm not going to do it. that's when i announced it. lou: that's a very trumpian thing you did. did you also tweet it? >> not until the next day. lou: has there been follow-up? >> my attorney and i discussed it at great length. lou: i am not talking about with your attorney, has he or you talked to the special count? >> my attorney has. my attorney was told, "we'll take it from here," hang up the phone. lou: i can't imagine any judge in this country no matter what in his politically scrupted
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judiciary of ours would fail to understand the wrong that this pegs counsel is trying to do to you. >> if i have to die in jail over this to get the point across to the american people, this is not the standard of justice in the america i grew up with. i will die in jail. i will not swear before a judge to a lie. lou: to paraphrase pat, it's the other sobs who make sacrifices. >> i really appreciate it. lou: let's hope this nightmare, this witch hunt and the arrogance of what is it the president calls them. 17 angry democrats trailing along robert mueller. a disaster for the country. >> god bless you, lou, thank you very much. jerome corsi.
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his e-bikes coming out next week. it's titled "silent no more." you can go to amazon and preorder it now. we recommend it to you highly. it's quite a story, it's a tragic, tragic situation. the president has to endure what jerome coursey has to endure and what the nation has to endure because of the partisan witch hunt that has been going on first under the fbi for almost a year, now for a year and a half under a special counsel that has produced as richard burr, the senate select committee on intelligence said, not a scintilla of evidence. up next. more developments in the mueller witch hunt. we'll take up developments in the case against the president's
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former campaign manager. james comey challenging a subpoena to appear before the house. what is he hiding and why does he think he can win in court against the congress of the united states? why would a man who devoted so much of his life to public service suddenly be afraid of our system of government? we take it up after the break. i know you want to leave me for schwab, but before you do that, you should meet our newest team member, tecky. i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning wealth management with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab. we don't have a satisfaction guarantee, but we do have tecky! i'm tecky. i ca... are you getting low costs and award-winning wealth management? if not, talk to schwab.
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get a running start on the holidays, and take it all in with the patience of a saint. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. lou: robert mueller said to be considering new charges against paul manafort. but none of those charges have anything to do with russian collusion. but we are getting used to that. we turn to catherine herridge. catherine: andrew weissmann indicated more criminal charges are under investigation. manafort's lawyers say the special counsel is using pressure tactics. the plea deal broke down because
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mueller's team wants nor manafort cannot provide you with. a day after the president's personal attorney pled guilty to lying to congress, michael cohen claims he briefed the trump family, the president's son said he new very little about the deal and it sort of fade away at the end of 2014. separately, a russian-born real estate developer broached the idea of a penthouse for vladimir putin. he said no matter what capital you build this project in you will need the cooperation of the local government. >> the question is whether it crosses the line to establish
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criminal wrongdoing. catherine: fox news learned the president's legal team is revisiting their 2017 request to rod rosenstein to investigate james comey over the accuracy of his sworn congressional testimony. the committee chairman accused the former director of use the same legal tactics as the firm behind the anti-trump dossier. >> he's trying to run the clock on us. that's why they filed the motion to quash. fusion gps tried that and they were knocked down. instead glenn simpson came in and took the fifth. catherine: comey wants a public hearing because he accuses some committee members of selective leaks even though' former fbi
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leadership agreed to a closed door interview. lou: a federal appellate court announced it will hold a closed oral argument hearing with anne- with a lawsuit filed bi' a grand jury member. the united states, canada and mexico, former press secretary to vice president pence, mark lauder. it's moving toward a drum beat of those willing to stand up
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against mueller saying you are not going to trample on my civil rights and intimidate me. >> this is not an investigation of a crime looking for a suspect it's an investigation of a man look for a crime. that's man being president trump. the prosecutors are turning more screws than the rehab experts are on hgtv. if you say it, you will get a lighter sentence. if you don't, you are going to prison for a long time. you are earlier guest is testament to that. lou: jerome corsi demanding a plea deal to agree to becoming a federal felon for something that he was allowed to amended.
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it's reaching a new level, i think, of intimidation and other trampling of citizen rights. >> you are absolutely right. it shows they are so consumed with finding something. they have been at this for a year and a half with no evidence of collusion. they are trying to justify their existence by going back and finding fast transgressions from business dealing in some cases a decade or more behind us, well before the campaign started and trying to use that as pressure. it's not panning out for them. >> what do you think the republican leadership have refused to stand up for this president and say to the general counsel. here is a date certain. get it rapr wrapped up and move on. it's now a travesty against justice instead of a special counsel in the interest of justice. >> i think at a certain level
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they are hoping what we can see plainly. at the end of the day we are going to have a report that shows there was no collusion between the trump campaign, the president and russia. if they allow this to play itself out. there will be that vindication. if you shut it down it becomes a political issue. democrats say we'll never know. so hopefully, director mueller is working through this process and he'll come to the conclusion we can see in front of our eyes and what the president said from day one. there was no collusion. lou: let's turn to the president bringing together the other two leaders in the multi lateral deal, the usmca, the trade agreement between canada, mexico and the united states. the campaign promise he made now coming to fruition. it has 20 go before congress to be approved.
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but now comes the hard part. that's with president xi and china, and president trump in the united states. the prospects in your judgment for any deal, and is no deal, still clearly and unequivocally in this president's box rather than a bad deal? >> the president is always look for the best deal possible for american workers. lou: i understand. do you think he would be -- because he's under a lot of pressure a lot of people around him, including wall street, the coke brothers and everybody else, to sign any kind of deal and move on with china? irrespective of if it's debts and deficits in perpetuity with china. the one thing we can say
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confidently about president trump is he's not going to make a bad deal. any time we think there is political pressure or conventional wisdom that will pressure him to do something before he's ready. he doesn't care. if he has to take a little bit of political heat for it. he has shown a willingness on multiple occasions to weather that storm. lou: we are watching corporate america running shuttles to beijing, participating in a propaganda effort against this president. he's under attack all the time and he has still done more than any president in modern history have done in four and most of in eight. president trump fighting for fair and balanced trade with
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china and the end to their theft and chiefing ways. he wants a breakthrough, but only a breakthrough on his terms as he sits down with chinese as he sits down with chinese president xi child: ♪ i want to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas ♪ ♪ i need to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas ♪ ♪ why can't i eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ apples and bananas support the feeding america nationwide network of food banks to help provide meals to those in need. join us at
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lou: earlier this month 16 fbi agents raid the home a department of justice whistleblower. he had documents on the clinton foundation and uranium one. those documents showing then fbi director robert mueller failed to investigate allegations of misconduct related to' uranium one. despite his claims that the whistleblower statute offered
1:32 am
him protection, the fbi agents searched his home anyway. fret fleitz -- fred fleitz the ceo of the center for security policy. and gordon chang. author of "the coming collapse of china and the nuclear showdown. gordon, xi and trump. it doesn't look like the chinese want a deal. the president says he and xi do want a deal. there is any real prospect that a deal can be done? >> not long term. you hear a number of people talk about architecture and framework. that's basically stalling. long term, because china is determined to steal u.s. intellectual property, that's
1:33 am
income patible with a trading nation. long term, this is not going to work. >> i get a kick out of people who are shocked that jack m tax, china's richest man has been a communist party. member since 1980. people are delirious when it comes to the totalitarian state that is china. >> it is a totalitarian state. but it's too soon to say the president's efforts to get a trade deal with china will be unsuccessful. lou: we are talking about over the weekend. >> the president will use this sum to it try to convince president xi to negotiate in
1:34 am
earnest. low prr gordon, in my opinion is absolutely in perfect tell foe with the times in which we live and the challenges we face as is the president of the united states. there can nobody quick wins here. there can be no sudden shifts, because as you say, on one hands intractable chinese mean to dominate the world. not just create hegemony in asia, they mean to be the dominant force in all of global politics and existence. >> a strong president who can inflict pain upon the chinese and not back down. the chinese respect strength. lou: what are you arguing with gordon about? are you saying he's going to create a trade deal of some sort and pass it off as a trade deal. >> i disagree with the statement that long term we won't get a
1:35 am
deal. gordon might be right about that but i'm not prepared to give up on this yet. lou: nor is the president. the chinese change their ways or they will find out the president has more friends than he's credited with. look what's happening in china with supply chains and offshoring. it's moving to southeast asia, it's moving to vietnam and other countries already. if the chinese persist they will be punished, won't they, gordon? >> they will. people are moving production out of the china because they can see xi jinping is not going to have a good environment for them. lou: fred, we have about 15 seconds. wrap it up for us. >> i think the prospects are the
1:36 am
president will make progress in pressing xi to negotiate but we'll have to put more pressure on them if we are going to get a substantial deal. lou: progress is securing a balanced trade. anything else is nonsense. we saved hundreds on our car insurance when we switched to geico. this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower. when you're done, it looks so good you post a picture on social media. and it gets 127 likes. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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lou: on wall street the dow closing higher. volume on the big board, the heaviest trading session of the week. the dow and s & p up 5%. nasdaq up nearly 6%. gold down a fraction. silver down, and copper closing relatively flat. marriott hotels international hit with the largest data break in history. marriott just now letting us know what happened. it apparently took them until september after four years of some unidentified cyber attacker rummaging through data for 500 million people. outrageous. a remind tore listen to my
1:41 am
reports three times a day coast to coast. the mayor of tijuana, mexico telling fox news how he would handle the lead organizer of the migrant caravan. >> this person is saying he's one of the leaders of the caravan. i tell the police, hey, come over here, you are charged with putting people at risk. lou: the mayor frustrated as you can tell. the organization has been backed by a number of left wing organizations including george soros' open borders foundation. a brazilian elected in october.
1:42 am
congratulations to you, to your father and the people of brazil. it's been a tough four years for your country. a proud, prosperous country that has faced almost every kind of political corruption and economic deterioration. a huge number of challenges for your daughter to lead the nation against. >> good evening, lou, and everybody. yes we have a challenge. but someone had to do that. we had a clean it up. that's why my father was named sergio who is ahead of the car wash operation. lou: this is at a time when your father is being called the trump
1:43 am
of brazil. he's look at reducing taxes. he's focusing on moving government to serve the people and strengthen the military. many do not understand how important brazil is to this hemisphere. 200 million people. a once strong and prosperous economy that's deteriorated. what will be your father's first steps on taking office as president of brazil? >> we are going to have a ministry. he ran away to university, he'll do tax reform. he's going to tell for investors. but we are looking forward. brazil is changing from the huge
1:44 am
socialist to a much more liberal economy. so what i came to do here in u.s. is the first step to rescue our credibility and send a clear message that we are not going to be a socialist country anymore and we are excited to be close with the u.s. lou: i know americans are excited that you are headed in that direction because prosperity follows a strong capitalist economy, and we can't find -- we always look, because people keep want to go talk about socialism. we can't find a successful socialist country on the map. do you expect to have a strong -- it seems that your father and president trump are natural -- have a natural affinity in the way they think and the importance of the challenges they face, and the necessity to turn the direction
1:45 am
of a country. >> yes, my father, it doesn't follow the politically direct. so why do you tell people? if you are going to lie, it's up to you. we are not going to do everything to receive your vote. we prefer being close to the u.s. than other countries. we'll look to change brazil and in tel aviv, we look forward to organizing the last election where 80% of the people did go vote. a lot of stuff that's going abroad happening around the world, and people have to wake up and do the right thing. lou: every journey begins with a
1:46 am
first step. edwardo, we enjoy talking with you, take care. >> thank you very much. lou: coming up. mark lamont hill fired by cnn after he called for the destruction of israel. what is going on in this country? we take that up with i am a family man.
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lou: after cnn fired mark lamont hill for calling for the destruction of israel. a tweet advocating for palestinians to be respected to have peace and freedom is not anti-semitic. she did not mention what hill said. he used a common slogan used by hamas, free palestine from the
1:51 am
river to the sea. leaving obviously no doubt about what he expects to happen to israel. he would course have to disappear. that is, i think we would agree, vaguely anti-semitic. robert jeffress. pastor of the first baptist church of dallas. author of the book, choosing the extraordinary life. it's great to have you with us, pastor. lamont hill and his ignorant statement. it is a country full and free speech. but my god the effect of that statement he made is to call for the destruction of israel, is it not? >> there is no doubt about it. his anti-semitic views were eerily similar to what iranian
1:52 am
president rouhani said when he called israel a cancerous tumor on the middle east. that somehow the jewish people stole the land of palestine from the palestinians in 1948 and they are occupiers. that's fake history. we know the jews have been in possession of that land for 3,000 years. the thugs, the you have people accusing president trump of being anti-semitic when he has done more for israel than any president in history. w if you go to jerusalem today you see billboard praising president trump for what he has done for israel. i haven't seen one billboard for barack obama, george bush,
1:53 am
president clinton or ronald reagan. lou: what is not funny, and i was talk recently with the ambassador to the united states, the israel ambassador, and we are talking about the rising instances of anti-semitism. it's occurring right before our very eyes. and i cannot figure out what is driving it. can you? >> those of us who believe the bible know there is a dark spiritual force at work. those of us who believe in the rye at of satan. the bible teaches satan is waging a war and will in the end times against israel and christians as well. a couple weeks ago a group of
1:54 am
jewish businessmen in dallas took me to lunch to express their appreciation for my stand for israel. they recognize we don't believe the same things theologicalally. but we have in common the belief that god gave that land to israel. god will be victorious. president trump in standing for israel is on the right side of history, and he's on the right side of god. lou: thanks so much. pastor robert jeffress. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think more witnesses who have been threatened and whose civil rights have been trampled should file suit against the mueller witch hunt. up next, the latest developments in the james comey fight against testifying under subpoena before
1:55 am
the house of representatives. we are coming right back. we are coming right back. stay with us. ♪ we're in memphis, tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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lou: we asked if you think rino paul ryan will join the democratic party where he has been throughout his career.
1:59 am
7 the% said yes. jerome corsi is filing a complaint against robert mueller for prosecutorial misconduct. >> if i have to die in jail to get across the message that this is not the standard of justice i grew up with, i'll die in jail. lou: the judge will decide whether to block a house subpoena that provides for james comey to give testimony in a closed session in the house. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. congressman mark meadows and gregg jarrett among our guests monday. have a great weekend and good night from new york.
2:00 am
7. trish: a growing chorus that the mueller investigation is coming to an end and the president will soon be on his way out of the white house. think about how bizarre this is it's a total distraction, and i'm pretty sure if this mueller investigation is wrapping up, there will be no evidence of collusion. at best they will have the president on technicalities like they have gotten everyone else.


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