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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 1, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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land safely. had to slow down to five miles an hour in seven minutes. only one word for it. awesome. paul: that is it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. lou: god evening everybody. our top stories this has been a week of winning for president trump already. in the weeks remaining day looks all he will be doing is running up the score. >> for years and years you watched. as your leaders apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america. i'm proud of america. [cheering] lou: and senator cindy hyde-smith is proud to have the president's support. she is celebrating her re-election in mississippi today, thanks in large measure to the boost she received from two election eve rallies led by none other than the president of
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the united states. the latest opinion polls showing americans embracing president trump's border wall and america first immigration policies as they watch the increasingly desperate and violent tactics of the my grant caravan quickly warn out its welcome in the mexican city of tijuana located just south of the california bored he. you won't hear the left-wing national media do what i am about to do, acknowledge president trump was absolutely corrected when he admonished the federal reserve for raising interest rates. the stock market today, soared. the dow up more than 600 points. that after investors at midday heard the federal reserve chairman newfound constraint on subject of interest rate hikes. call it the trump vindication rally. there was a dash of humility evident in jerome powell's rhetoric. credit a little gent till
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tutoring on monetary policy from the president, turbulent, rebellious market, turned volatile two months ago after powell gave a speech declaring higher rates were in the offing. a lot of news you can tell to cover here tonight. with their perspective on it all, our all-star lineup, including congressman matt gaetz, congressman andy bigs. our top story tonight, president trump accusing the mueller witch-hunt ushering in a new era of mccarthyism. in a interview with the "new york post," the president is no not ruling out a pardon for campaign manager paul manafort. the president says the mueller team is trying to coerce manafort to lie and incriminate the president and members of his campaign. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the story from washington. reporter: during an oval office interview president trump told the "new york post" he has not ruled out a pardon for campaign
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chairman paul manafort. quote it was never discussed but i wouldn't take it off the table. why wouldn't i take it off the table, the president said. mr. trump said manafort, roger stone and his associate jerome corsi were pressured to lie. this flipping stuff is terrible. you flip, you lie, you get, prosecutors will tell you 99% of the time they can get people to flip. it is rare that they can't. on the senate floor a bill to protection special counsel robert mueller was blocked after democrats and one republican made their case. >> we have seened the force resignation of the attorney general the day of at election. it is clear therefore something has to be done to protect mr. mueller's investigation. >> this is about the legislative branch asserting common sense check and balance on presidential overreach. reporter: senate floor action seemed symbolic after the majority leader made his objections known tuesday.
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>> this is a solution in search of a problem. the president is not going to fire robert mueller. reporter: new records obtained by fox news show mueller's investigation focused on hacked clinton emails released in 2016 by wikileaks, founder julian assange and any connection to the trump campaign. the draft plea agreement offered to corsi earlier this month accuses him of lying to federal investigators, a charge he denied to fox. >> i never met julian assange. i never spoken with him. i never emailed him. i have had no contact with julian as sung whatsoever. reporter: a 2016 corsi email referring to assange, predicting timetable for release of emails from clinton campaign chairman john podesta, quote, they plan two more dumps after i'm back, second in october. pack planned to be very damaging. the email accurately predicted wikileaks would publish emails
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in october 2016 was based on analysis, not inside information. >> i figured it out, told roger stone, many people in august. just happened i was right. reporter: a source with direct knowledge of the investigation tells fox news the written answers with mueller are consistent with his public statements. june 2016 trump tower meeting which included manafort, the president tweeted last summer he had no advance knowledge. a advanced hearing for manafort case is scheduled in washington on friday, lew. lou: thank you, catherine herridge reporting. president trump continues to push a lame-duck congress to come up with the money he wants to build a wall along the southern u.s. border with mexico. president trump said he would be quote, totally be willing to shut part of the government down if his demands aren't met by next week. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight with more. reporter: as the human drama plays out at the southern border president trump has signaled he
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is willing to shut down part of the government one week from friday demanding more money for his worder wall. house speaker paul ryan says the house delivered $5 billion. >> our bill contains full request for the border but senate democrats and will have to come to agreement as well. reporter: senate democrats for richard blumenthal are pushing back. >> the demand for five billion is based on delusion, not reality. reporter: president trump told "politico" yesterday he doesn't do anything for political gain, still this a winner for him. people look at border. rush to the police. look at rock throwers really hurting three people, three very brave border patrol folks. i think it is tremendous issue, but more importantly it is really needed. so we have to have border security. plus the president is well aware he is about to be dealing with a democrat-led house in the new year. senate democratic leader chuck
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schumer is trying to hold his ground. >> the $1.6 billion for border security negotiated by democrats and republicans is our position. we believe that is the right way to go. if there is any shutdown it is on president trump's back. reporter: with time winding down the majority leader is trying to deliver. >> we're trying to get the president the money he would like for the wall. that is part of the year-end funding discussion which is on going. reporter: all the sources i spoken with are not pushing the panic button. the feeling there is time to cut a deal but it is not entirely clear what it might be. lou. lou: mike, thank you very much. mike emanuel reporting. it is curious this about five billion, not 25 bill which is what is needed to construct that wall across the attorney border. perhaps the number will be adjusted appropriately and accordingly. seems certain that a party that
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controls three branches of government should be able to at the very least get that done. a new study seems to suggest the number of illegal immigrants now in the united states is at the lowest level since 2004 but as national correspondent william la jeunesse now reports, those numbers are wildly, wildly different from more comprehensive and credible studies. >> we're not letting people into our country unless they come in legally. reporter: unrealistic maybe but not unworthy of pursuit. according to a new study the number of illegal immigrants living in the u.s. fell to its lowest level in a decade. >> he has for the first time majority of those coming to the u.s.-mexico border are not mexican, they're not single men, they're not just looking for work. reporter: the pew research study found mexicans today make up half of the illegal population, down considerably. 2/3 of migrants in the u.s. have
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been here 10 years or more, 43% have u.s. born children. half those crossed the border illegally, the rest overstayed their visa. pew's findings different from recent yale study up to 22 illegal immigrants live in the u.s., not 11. that is based on the 2016 census. two-year-old data that does not count for the recent surge in central america. >> what started as drip, drab, become a very large group. reporter: deterring them will require mexico's help. >> mexico plays an important role stemming the flow but they will not be able to stop it. >> the flow from latin america is driving legal immigration. first time in a decade, hispanics outyumer in asians arriving to the u.s. u.s. immigrant population, legal and illegal, numbers 44 million, roughly 14% of the nation. lou the president hopes to
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reshape immigration polly replacing the system with immigration. as exodus from central america illustrates, immigration is fluid. lou. lou: especially illegal immigration. william, thank you very much. william la jeunesse reporting. we want to point out the headline of the pew research center study, labeled illegal immigrants addressing as quote, a unauthorized immigrants. it is amazing how liberal organizations and individuals, how far they will go to avoid the word illegal. they're illegal. they're illegal immigrants. simple, isn't it? all you have to do is just address that reality. still ahead here tonight. the left-wing national media chooses to wildly speculate about the mueller special counsel. or, more appropriately, witch-hunt, what new developments with paul manafort could actually mean.
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>> when it is also suggesting is, that manafort may have even committed treason when all is said and done. >> do you believe a pardon of manafort by the president would be an admission of guilt by the president considering manafort's role in the campaign? >> yes, i would. >> why does that person lie? because they are, a, stupid, b, arrogant, c, shopping for a pardon, so they don't have to worry about what the judge is going to sentence him. >> either an extraordinary, coincidence or what collusion looks like. this is may be why the president adamantly denies collusion because these facts are pretty damning. lou: how about one of those facts? just one fact. that's all we need here. maybe, adam schiff should talk with the special counsel to get that one fact, because he ignored the facts say no collusion for the better part of two years. congressman matt gaetz joins me here later tonight.
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we'll take that up certainly. much more. up next violent gang members in that caravan are now moving along our southern border. why are they doing that? we take that up and more, congressman andy biggs joins us, when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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lou: border patrol agents say they have arrested an ms-13 gang member. he illegally crossed the border near calexico, in california. the honduran gang member claims to have traveled through mexico with the migrant caravan. in tijuan in the mayor of the mexican border town has only enough resources to as sis migrants from central america camped near his city for a few more days before the city's treasurery goes back. city treasurer claiming they have been spending 30,000 a day because the caravan a rifle as. they're looking to the federal government of the mexico for help. sounds a lot like america, doesn't it? joining me to take up the caravan crisis at the border failures to pay for his worder wall, congressman andy biggs of
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arizona, member of the house freedom caucus and house judiciary committee. always good to talk to you. start with the mess on the border. do you think the president has successfully illustrated to the mexican government, incoming president manuel obrador this is mexico's problem before it is ours? >> i think he has done a great job trying to communicate that, talking about shutting down the border is important. i think, this bully pulpit that the president has exercised really is setting the tone. and at some point, i mean we thought there was a deal last weekend, right, mexico would actually keep the folks. looks like they're trying to keep them but they're not closing down their southern border yet. they need to do that. lou: they need to do that. they need also to secure their northern border. this is part, you know, it was, it was, i was one of the people hopeful that, low president
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obrador would be a partner for this president. act like a mature, mexico deserved a mature responsible leader, not another leftist, corrupt, you know, politician. it looks like he has chosen the latter course. that is a shame. >> well i'm hopeful that things will get straightened out, because, they have to get straightened out. if you look at tijuana, what the mayor is -- lou: congressman, they had ability to straighten it out since 1986, 32 years ago. all they have done is exacerbate a horrible situation, and inhumane situation. the mexican government hasn't given a rip about the people that it has urged economically and social logically. north, to the united states. the same is true of central america. we have, by the way, you talked about the president, setting the
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right tone here. i mean the great thing about him, he is a man of action, as he promised he would be. he is doing something everybody around him, was clucking about, he his decision to put troops. i mean, in my opinion he should have fired every person who objected to securing the border because those people have an agenda that is not in the national interest, not in the interests of the american people. i would clean them up so fast their heads would spin. >> well i agree with you, lou. i mean this is a long-standing problem obviously with mexico. look, you had a president with vicente fox. lou: oh, my god. >> they were providing brochures and pamphlets how to get up here. lou: vicente fox is the biggest blow hard urge nothing but the poorest and least-educated his society sight north of the border have the timerity,
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election american citizens on responsibility to mexican internationals living in our country illegally. he was put up with by the bush administration, encouraged, but you know, given a big hug for being such a complete and utter blank, blank, blank. >> yes. lou: i, i can't even believe it. lopez obrador wants to go down that same path? his people deserve better. he is populist. he should be focused on the welfare of his people and treatment by the government. it has been a sordid and sorry story. let me turn to this wall. we're now, we're hearing that it's a democrats wall. i hear, with five weeks to go, the house of representatives led by that august conservative, that stalwart republican, paul ryan, who decimated your party at the polls. we are also, led in the senate by mitch mcconnell. and the president of the united states want as 25 billion-dollar
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wall built. he promised the american people. suddenly he is talking about it is the democrats fault and $5 billion he wants not 25 billion. you people could screw up a vacant lot. it is disgusting what is happening now in washington. >> right. yeah we can't make a grilled cheese sandwich right. reality is, there are bills out there right now, there are methods like you could use reconciliation. lou: may i interrupt you, congressman. >> you can do this. yeah? lou: is your, i'm resorting to no adjectives and no name-calling. >> yes, sir. lou: speaker ryan isn't worth a tinker's damn. he is not a leader. has no character, no principle, otherwise he would be supporting this president and acting in the national interests, not in the interests of k street, wall street, the whole bunch. koch brothers business roundtable. it is disgusting. are you guys going to be able to
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get $25 billion in the president's hands without any strings. i love the idea of congress with its strings? paul ryan and these fools he serves, the american people should, i mean it is just disgusting. are you going to get it done? >> you want my -- lou: i will shut up if you can give us the answer? >> moon honest opinion? my monnest opinion? we'll not get it done. we'll not get the 25 billion. not get my bill through. you could use kevin mccarthy's bill. so many ways to get it done. can do it through reconciliation. lou: why five billion. why not 25 billion? >> it should be 25 billion. lou: five billion means it is a 10-year project. idiots could figure it out. you have so many on both parties in capitol hill it is astonishing. >> we should be doing $25 billion. we should have done it six months ago, a year ago, 18 months ago. we have five weeks left. lou: why don't you get paul ryan
7:23 pm
out before he could destroy the party? why did you let him sit there? i'm just curious? >> look where the votes are, lou. always about votes. where the votes. and i'm one vote. you know. lou: i know. >> the bottom line is, this is, this is the direction that it went. so i'm trying to make the best of a bad situation. lou: no, i understand. you're a good man. >> yeah. lou: and you are principled congressman. that makes you a, in the definitely in the minority. irrespective of the party that is in charge. >> yeah. it is driving me crazy. driving me crazy, lou. lou: it is driving us all crazy. you can imagine what the president is thinking, and the damn fools sitting there pushing him to take a 5 billion-dollar installment on a 10-year project. this is pretty sad what is the quality of people around this president, they're appalling. as you know. congressman andy bigs, thanks
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for putting up all you put up with there on capitol hill and occasionally on this broadcast from time to time. >> always good to be with you appreciate it. lou: communist china must be increasingly desperate, whining about president trump's insistence the chinese trade in fair and balanced manner, actually quit stealing things. american things, american stuff. $600 billion of it a year. the chinese ambassador to the united states telling reuters, quote, in the last century we had two world wars. in between them, the great depression. i don't think anybody should have a repetition of history. that is pretty cute and desperate whining from a country hiding behind the world trade organization, special market status developing nation, emerging nation, giving them preferential treatment as they steal hundreds of billions of
7:25 pm
dollars a year in american intellectual property. the prospect is that there will be a high-stakes meeting between president xi xinping and president trump, and ge -- g20 meeting in argentina. general motors putting profit, say it isn't so, putting profit over livelihoods of its workers? i will share my thoughts with you on all of that and more when we continue. stay with us.
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lou: now on general motors surprise announcement today. a moment of incendiary corporate clumsiness and callousness and mall adroit analysis and strategy reveals far more about general motors than its management would like any of its investors to know. consider the president of the united states has made it clear to american business leaders that jobs had better return to this country.
7:30 pm
you know millions of jobs they off shored and outsourced to cheap foreign labor markets, moving plants to those markets, exporting products back into the united states will no longer be tolerated. labor arbitrage is, what it is called is a fancy expression for killing american jobs. management in every industry must do far better by this country and our workers, do far better than simply expand margins by employing cheap foreign labor rather than american workers who are middle class or aspire to the middle class. this is, after all, the home of the american dream. and executives like those at general motors are trying to return us to the nightmare years of clinton and bush and obama. here now is general motors going against the president of the united states, against the national interests. against american families and workers. how about gm's tone deaf timing
7:31 pm
of this announcement? which of the brilliant gm executives decided a few days after thanksgiving a month by christmas, this would be the absolute perfect moment to announce they decided to destroy livelihoods of 15,000 gm workers. that took genius didn't it. what did ceo mary barra expect, applause? could general motors keep 15,000 jobs in mexico while killing jobs in america and still expecting americans to buy their cars and their trucks? do they really believe americans will buy products from any company that closes four plants in the united states, keeps five open in mention co, maintaining largest number of factories in mexico of any u.s. carmaker with more employees in mexico than any other carmaker?
7:32 pm
what about the huge tax break that president trump gave corporate america? you can think you can tell american workers to go to hell, take advantage of american tax breaks for business, not so much as a faint, faint thank you? any sign of contrition? okay, no contrition. how about investing many of those millions of dollars in this country, in america? don't you feel any sense of obligation to what u.s. multinationals like to call, the home market? it's america, not simply the home market. it's america. and because we have a president who has made it official and done so without apology it is america first. gm's management today announced is obscene and does absolute violence to what this country stands for once again, prosperity for all americans. thank god president trump reminded all americans that he does something that unions haven't done in decades, that
7:33 pm
neither party has done in decades. president trump represents american workers and their families and the american way. president trump told gm executives today, quote, you're playing around with the wrong person, end quote. even the dim big shots at general motors should understand their assault on decency and loyalty, will not end well for them. perhaps gm should just consider exporting the company's top management to a much cheaper foreign labor market. and keep the rest of gm's jobs in america. just a thought. we can only hope the board of directors again will take up soon. up next, president trump comparing the mueller prosecutions to the mccarthy era, while considering, considering a manafort pardon, not taking it off the table. we take that and much more up with congressman matt gaetz right after this quick break. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: a huge rally today on wall street. stocks soaring. call it the trump vindication rally, as the federal reserve chair backed off his recent rhetoric over the past two months, talking about the inevitability of higher interest rates, softening his rhetoric considerably. the dow gaining 618 points, the s&p up 62, nasdaq gaining 209
7:38 pm
points. i believe investors like this new version of jerome powell, the fed chair. volume on the big board picking up to 3.9 billion shares. crude oil down 2% now at $50 a barrel, lowest level in a year. gold rose a percent. copper rose 3%. google chief executive sundar pichai set to testify next week. decided he will actually, lower himself to address the house judiciary committee. he will have to answer questions about the alarming anti-conservative bias in his company. he failed to appear at a similar hearing before the senate intelligence committee back in september. the prospect of regulation seems to focus the minds of those in silicon valley. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. my next guest here to talk about among other things, google
7:39 pm
censorship, antitrust issues and more, congressman matt gaetz, on the armed services committee. great to see you. start with the appearance of the google ceo. i think it is nice that he daned to actually sully himself by walking into the nation's capitol. what do you think? >> i'm glad we're having this hearing because we cannot allow the leftists out in silicon valley to reshape the four corners of the debate, lou. i don't want washington running my life but i sure as heck don't want silicon valley running my life. we have to make sure have opportunity for all sides to be heard in the public square. i don't want to see liberals or democrats censored. i want to beat them with better arguments. the left always tries to throw the wet blanket for ability of conservatives to make their argument. >> do you think there is a room here for regulation?
7:40 pm
because we have to know what the starting point is. we hear the nonsense i think from the right, that you just don't regulate. that is crazy talk. in my opinion, and from the left you hear the crazy talk you have got to decide who winners and losers are, equally crazy and both destructive. >> i don't love the idea of regulating as a first impulse. what i would do, lou, i would find the special protections that google and facebook and twitter, other companies enjoy in the law. i would get rid of them. that way if people are misstreeted they have a legal right to sue. they have a chance to make the case, alter conduct. unfortunately we have the federal government giving special protections to technology companies that they don't even give to newspapers. lou: well, i'm not, i'm not too thrilled about either way, either subsidizing or censoring but the reality is, there does have to be regulation. that does not should not be
7:41 pm
censorship. in point of fact it should define conduct that is traditional in this country on the part of telecommunications carriers which are heavily regulated now, despite he deregulation, back in the 80s. let's turn to, if we may, now china and this balderdash worning from the chinese about war or depression, seems only outcome. not that they would quit stealing $600 billion a year in american intellectual property. not that they would insist on balanced trade with the united states. i mean, who the hell do these people think they are? >> well they, it is understandable to see they think they can run all over america because for the last generation under both republicans, democrats, they have, lou. now we have a president who is standing up to china. what i am most excited about is
7:42 pm
that president trump is protecting the american invery tate tore. the chinese stolen our solar technology, innovative technology. they bring it back to china. produce it for cheap amounts, dump it, putting american innovation out of business. president trump said no more. he put $40 billion of tariffs on chinesology. he ratcheted down the ability to affect our defense industry pipeline. i think china has met their match in donald trump. that is not something they're used to. so they're reacting very strangely. lou: but he has a lot of folks in his administration. he also got a lot of folks on wall street in particular working against him, throwing lot the of money and tile. they are on a shuttle to beijing for crying out loud, representing the company's interests, not the u.s. interests, their interests, in point of fact the vice president himself said, they're operating these people, in wall street, in
7:43 pm
big business in this country, u.s. multinationals as unregistered foreign agents. they are working against the president's policies. >> the biggest threat to our liberty and our prosperity is big government. the second biggest threat is big business. because there is no body to kick and there is no soul to damn with a lot of these multinational corporations who would just assume move jobs where it is cheaper, where there are no environmental regulations. president trump put the american worker at the center of our policies, and lou, that is one of the reason why wages are rising faster than they have in more than a decade. we have policies that put the worker first, not the wall street tycoons. lou: another cry for regulation from congressman -- i'm just kidding, congressman. i appreciate it. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: as always. up next the trump administration criticizes russia for seizing three ukrainian ships and wounding some sailors on the black sea.
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we're coming right back. stay with us.
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lou: breaking news. ukraine declaring mark shallah after president petra poroshenko, warning of a threat after ground operation against
7:48 pm
the government of ukraine. declaration comes after russian ships fired upon and seized ukrainian naval ships. ambassador nikki haley called the russian action, arrogant and further reasons why the united states can't have a normal relationship with russia. president trump threatening to end government handouts to general motors if they don't support american workers. the president tweeted this, very disappointed with general motors and ceo mary barra for closing plants in ohio, michigan, maryland. nothing be closed in mexico and china. the u.s. saves general motors, this is the thanks we get. we're looking to cut all gm subsidies including for electrical cars. general motors made a big china bet years ago when they built plants there and in mexico. don't think that that is going to pay off. i'm here to protect america's workers. disturbing new poll revealing how deeply the millenial generation of this country, how it has been indoctrinated by the
7:49 pm
radical left in public education and our universities. you know, the radical left that despises america and american values. according to a poll, half the millenials surveyed say the united states is sexist, and racist. 46% say america isn't the greatest country in the world. 44%, think about this, say president obama had a bigger impact on america than our nation's first president, george washington. are you concerned? i am. up next. the snowflakes and left wing national media are now being offended by the word, just the word, caravan. >> say nothing of the demonizing of all of this by calling them a caravan and describing them based on no observable fact. >> no middle earners without any evidence of that.
7:50 pm
>> 500 murders in the midst, et cetera. lou: we'll take that up after the break, as well as latest in the mueller witch-hunt. attorney cleta mitchell joins us next. stay with us. we're coming right back. to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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lou: rather than face months in overcrowded conditions in tijuana, thousands of central american migrants are giving up on their attempts to take asylum from the united states, and are
7:54 pm
apparently headed back home. defiance of the other caravan members. however are not sitting well with tijuana residents. new poll there finds seven in 10 mexicans have a negative view of the caravan. north of the border "rasmussen poll" shows 51% of likely u.s. voters say a the caravan is threat to public health and national security. this as the dems, national left-wing media continue to go after u.s. border patrol agents for using tear gas to stop about 500 of those folks from making their way into our country over the weekend. but dhs numbers show the same tear gas was deployed more than once a month during the later years of the obama administration. use of pepper spray at the border also spiked under the former president obama's record. 151 times in 2013 alone. but you don't hear anything about that from the national
7:55 pm
left-wing media, do you? president trump tweeted moments ago the mueller investigation saying quote, the mueller witch-hunt is total disgrace. looking at stolen "crooked hillary" clinton e-mails, they don't want to look at dnc server and no interest in the emails hillary deleted and acid washed after getting a congressional subpoena. here to take a look at russia witch-hunt, clinton role in all of this, attorney, former member of oklahoma house of representatives, cleta mitchell. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: president said mueller has gone wrong. we heard from victoria tensing earlier, he has been rogue from the very beginning back in may of 2017. your thoughts? >> victoria's right, you are right, the president is right. this is a travesty in earlies of the way in which a criminal
7:56 pm
investigation in america is supposed to be conducts. in america, the government is supposed to investigate crimes, not people. and here, we have an investigation in search of a crime. and all related to president trump, and his 2016 campaign. now is the opposite of what our american system is supposed to be. so when the president says this is a witch-hunt, he is absolutely correct. and, i'm with you, lou. i heard you say, when you were talking with victoria, that you're so frustrated you can't imagine how the president must feel. i think there are many of us who are frustrated. this is an effort to undermine this president, and to keep him from performing his job. it is amazing to me. it is amazing to me, that he has been able to do all he has done, notwithstanding this daily, attack, from mueller and this out of control investigation, frankly, i would say the senator
7:57 pm
flake, who is saying he is going to oppose any judicial confirmations until the senate takes up his bill to insure the president doesn't fire robert mueller, i wish senator flake were as concerned about the victims of this mueller travesty as seems to be protecting robert mueller's out of control witch-hunt. very frustrating. lou: frustrating. he is an irritant. along with adam schiff, we can only imagine what the escalation will be. this is, schiff already saying who will be leading the intelligence committee, he will go after the money of the chum organization, and, you know, he doesn't want to acknowledge that this has been a democratic investigation, for just about two years now of this president, on the issue of collusion and any other quote, unquote, offense they could find. it is stunning to listen to the,
7:58 pm
to the raw, brazen, ignorance of adam schiff and this congress as they prepare to take power in the house of representatives. >> well it is very worrisome. you know lindsey graham had the statement during the kavanaugh hearings on another topic how greedy the democrats were for power. he said, boy, i hope you don't get it. they got it. we are getting ready to see them use it. i think there is a silver lining. i always say that people giving control of the house back to the democrats is like boeing back to an old boyfriend you broke up, when you get back you realize why you left him in the first place. i'm hoping and praying that the american people will realize, that they really don't adam schiff and nancy pelosi, and all those people to be in charge. i think we're in for a rough ride. frankly one of the things the republicans ought to do over the next few weeks, make sure they have funding and provisions in
7:59 pm
place to help protect all these people who are going to be subjected to to enormous legal s and enormous attacks from the democrats. i wish i republicans in congress do that before they lose complete control. i'm not holding my breath but i wish they would. lou: i'm sure paul ryan is talking with all the lobbyist friends, koch brothers, claim before commerce, business roundtable, doing that, the right and decent things to do. >> they're not worried about the people. lou: no. >> that is the thing the president said today, he was worried about all the people whose lives the mueller investigation is ruining. i know many of them and it's true. it is outrageous. this isn't the way our system is supposed to work. we're not supposed to have mueller investigating people, looking for a crime. that is the opposite of what we're supposed to be seeing in america today. and the outrage as you say, that left-wing media has just
8:00 pm
completely abdicated its responsibility to hold the government accountable in the form of robert mueller are. lou: great to have you with us. we appreciate it so much. >> great to be here. lou: thanks for joining us, good knight there will be no evidence of collusion. at best they will have the president on technicalities like they have gotten everyone else.


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