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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 3, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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oil meantime bouncing higher to plus side, opec said to meet this week but cartel losing long time member next year qatar withdrawing january the first what that means to market ahead. and honoring a political icon, and war hero -- >> he was a great individual in my opinion a great president. he loved his family. he loved his work he loved the country. >> president jorntle h.w. bush will return to washington one last time teed. as the nation says farewell to our 41st president. we take you to houston later this hour. >> and we also check in within alaska aftermath following that earthquake, schools closed in anchorage many staying home from work after that magnitude destroyed a key roadway we have the latest on the recovery efforts there.
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plus amazon is goes big, the retail giant reportedly expanding its cashierless technology beyond its convenience store, and amazon go all of that and so much more coming up this morning, about partners for lee carter is here, and partner mitch rochelle and advisors market strategist michael buck pleasure to have you here any day but particularly today, to our producer tammy when i was talking to her about 45 minutes ago. i said lee and mitch and mike are also so thoughtful particularly today as we remember and honor george h.w. bush it is a real pleasure to have you all here. >> so great to be here. what a legacy he left. >> i think he passed away friday night it gave us us a weekend to think about not only his legacy. but how we can em you late him in materials of dignity, respect integrity and commitment to serving this country. >> i have a great quote here from -- from the president. where he said american dream
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means giving your all. trying your hardest to accomplish something and then it adds to that, with giving something back. no definition of a successful like can do anything but include serving others. >> we would be remembering him and thinking about him and talking about his legacy. we've got paul rove on among others to share some stories and right now we want to get to our top story futures are serging this morning on positive trade news coming out of the g20 summit the united states and china agreeing to postpone additional tariffs on chinese goods to give the world two largest economies about two months only three months of negotiations to work out their trade disputes. president trump tweeted this last night on confessions made by china writing, quote, china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on automobiles on cars coming into china from the u.s.. currently the tariff is 40%. and mitch i want to get into
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this. this tariff went to 40% just a few months ago. that china actually had reduced from 25% to 15%. its import tariff on u.s. cars coming into china and then when the trade dispute erupted over summer it shot up to 40 so if it comes back down it is where it was before potentially. >> which was protectionist by nature at the times it'll be interesting but that's all. listen that tit for tat wasn't helping any economy and certainly wasn't hing ours so just are stopping that isn't the bad thing as a start. >> i'm going to ask lee about language about that but welcome our guest financial ceo alfred what do you make of what you heard over the weekend clearly investorses were or anticipating good news on fridays and like what they see and hear this morning can it continue? >> i think they love when they see we're seeing markets really rally. we have three things holding market back in my opinion and we have some serious volatility in october, and touching on
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november, and they were the fed, elections and, obviously, the trade tariffs. chairman powell gave us something to be thankful for on thanksgiving now president trump -- with this truce is really helping us feel positive about rest of the year. >> can this positivity continue, mitch? >> only thing that concerns me as we get closer to 90-day deadline as 116th congress does or doesn't do what investors want them to do it could be back in volatility zone but i'm curious what your reaction would be you know three months from now or if we haven't accomplished much? >> let's just take it a quarter at a time next day is is pivotal looking at fact that we're going to remove the threat for 90 day that's a huge thing for market right so. the market likes to know serving things and it wants certainty so certainty is not escalating fight for next 909 days. that's a huge stock for lots of
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positives and factors as well. >> hey alfred one thing i noticed looks like you're a holder of general motors here and general motor had had big news recently with closing some plants in north america question about their product mix. so is company under big microscope, obviously. do you think that, you know, really that -- you know getting trade deal done with china and perhaps other trade deals is that going to solve all motor problems? and issues or is there something deeper there that you're looking into? >> we don't thinks there's a magic wand but demonstrated character that we look for had is high sensitivity to overall market but also correlated to the market meaning it moves more in the same direction as market does. and that's what we with look for so we've in our 100 other 99 other companies just like general no tores with characterize. : you see the move in general
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motors but that and correct me if i'm wrong is china, and they -- they have a bigger market in china than all a in the -- other u.s. automakers. so if this just cools tensions between the u.s. and china, that is good for gm. >> there's no doubt there's a -- definite short-term uptick. i think you know lowering tariffs on american cars in largest market is going to naturally have a big boost you know to your stock in the short-term. >> well i would just point out to mitch earlier that we actually the tariffs used to be china cut its tariff on u.s. non-u.s. imported vehicles from are 25% to 15% in july but then within days it raise tariff on cars made in the u.s. to 40%. [laughter] and retaliation so if we get back to original lower level that would be, really where we're going with that tweet. >> again, you know 9089-day truce is a wonderful thing for
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the markets to digest while both administrations kind of work out the details. i think ip is a really big issue. you're going to see a lift in technology stocks again we've got all a of the funds, so those stocks that have gotten there, their butts kicked in last couple of months should feel pretty good this week. >> president trump telling reporters aboard air force one saturday that he plans to cancel northern free trade grement and commander in chief saying it would give congress as choice of the newly negotiated u.s.-mexico canada agreement or the framework before nafta. but "the wall street journal" editorial board commenting on this and a in an article titled nafta suicide note writing mr. trump needs to current nafta in place as insurance incase mrs. below seen and house democrats defeat or perhaps fail to take up the new nafta deal democrats only too happy if mr. trump blows up old nafta
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before a new one passes i want to get your reaction to that one alfred. >> you know, i try not to pick any nose in politics sometimes but it is hard what it effects you know your -- >> not a political issue but an economic one as well and a market punch. >> sure. look, we expect better things to happen from the new -- mca deal rather than nafta deal. if it gets good for industrials, i think it will also be a benefit to some energy sectors as well. i think energy this quarter certainly now with -- with the discussions between russia are and saudi arabia energy is beginning to see a lift we see energy up across the board. so it's -- it's a sector play. it's industrials will be good for industrials, and that's how we see it. >> rhetoric of the president, though, when he makes a statement like that. you know that it is going to make people nervous and know that markets will respond. you know when we talked about china in the past the way he's done all of this is not typical
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of before and i know this uncertainty can make us nervous. how do you react to that kind of thing and keep it in perspective so that we're not overreacting in the market or underreacting how do you react? >> well, one of the benefits of being a quantitatively driven is that we do exclude a lot of headline it is from our analysis. so we try to listen to what the market is telling us from price action. and that's the most important thing so how are are stock and sectors really spopgding being more less sensitive to overall market that's how we build our strategies. but it's very hard to avoid, you know, sensational headlines and certainly the president has proven if nothing else, to surprise us, and i think what he's done with china is helping us right now. he's stood up to china he kind of demonstrated that he was not going to fold and i think china has blinked and which is a benefit for us for now. >> a truth is good news and see it in the future alfred thank you so much great to see you
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this morning if. alfred coming up, a nation paying tribute to former president george h.w. bush as he returns to washington for final time today. more on his life and legacy coming up. plus oils rebound. the price of crude taking higher as qatar withdrawal froms i long-standing with opec what that means for the market. straight ahead. over 100 years ago,
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we were talking about the model t. now here we are talking about winning the most jd power iqs and appeal awards. talking about driver-assist technology talking about cars that talk and listen. talking about the highest customer loyalty in the country. but that's enough talking. seriously. that was a lot of talking. back to building
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>> saying farewell to president george h.b. wush in houston with the the very latest good morning casey. >> good morning dagen. yeah boy it is going to be a very busy week, and everything starts right here a little bit
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later at the funeral home back here in houston where the family will be gathering and then they will escort the flag drape casket carrying the former president over to elleington fold andfully aboard air forces one on special mission to d.c.. and we have got a powerful image to show you one that is really breaking the internet this morning. sent out by the president's office showing former president george h.w. bush service dog sully keeping watch over his master one final time. wow. the caption reads, mission complete, here's neil bush one of the presidents sons, reflecting on his dads storied life. >> he's had such an incredible impact not because he's a lecturer or trying to tell us how to may behave but he led asa roll model he's probably the best man i know in terms of
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everything -- he would want in a man. he's a great husband, amazing dad. >> you can hear him fighting back tears, this has been extremely emotional he was by his father's side at his home only friday when he died. later today the former president will lie in state at the u.s. capitol and all day tomorrow through wednesday morning. wednesday is that national day of mourning, and the state funeral will be held at the washington national cathedral from there it is become to texas where mr. bush will lie in repose at st. martins church around corner from us here in houston. thursday morning, a second funeral service will be held there. finally, president body will be taken by train from the houston area up to college station and as presidential library where he will be laid to rest. dagen. >> okay thank you so much for that casey until hugh ton so lee
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let's look at thed photo on instagram of sully bush. this is president george h.w. bush service dog he got sully can we get through it without crying because i tried to cry it out last night so i didn't get it all out. so sully bush went to -- on president bush's side of june this year after his wife barbara died in this spring and he was loyal, trusted servant i think that the that this image resonates because it xemp i if iing the president's commitment to service and caption on this photo was mission complete. >> we were talking about this at the break when i saw this am i crazy that i'm crying looking at this. because it does speak so much more than just -- amazing that the relationship clearly they have built over the short amount of time. but really i think it is saying something so much more about the
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president. as you say it's about his service it's about the kinds of feelings you have to hmm he inspired loyalty and when we look at -- the kinds of relationships and built relationships with clinton and obamas that the president is going to be speaking president obama will be speaking at his funeral so much about him that he created something that most people can't in a lifetime. i think that we have a longing for more of that in our lives. >> what's interesting that americans with stabilitied act passed under bush 41, and he did that with -- all legislation without having republican control of two chambers. >> that's right. so it was a different era and different kind of pleks in america. >> ting gave us a weekend as nation to reflect on what he represented and can we be better people moving forward? quite frankly and that's anybody and everybody i don't care what your political affiliation is. so we'll pull ourselfves together. we're going to talk a lot more
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about president george h.w. bush and talk to karl rove i think i'm paraphrasing he tweeted yesterday, he tweeted out an article about president bush's life and he said, he got the texas fast as he could. he was in new england and went to college there at yale. which i used to go in there college after he, of course, joined the navy after he turned the age 18 and -- it was a pilot during world war ii so we will cover his legacy, his life, and all about george h.w. bush tune in 7:30 for maria exclusive interview with former vice president dan quayle markets will be closed on wednesday for the national day of mourning. fox business will be live all day as a the world remembers president george h.w. bush. coming up, the the texans honor that special texan. houston paying tribute to president george h.w. bush before yesterday's game plus
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doing what is right. a fedex driver stops his route in order to pick up a fallen american flag. the amazing video coming up.
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from $999... intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. how smart is that? smarter sleep. to help you shed those sugar cookies, get a running start on the holidays, and take it all in with the patience of a saint. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. one of opec key members is leaving the oil cartel. cheryl casone has the details good morning cheryl. >> surprise decision from qatar overnight announcing their decision saying they want to focus more on natural gas production instead of oil production and say that qatar will lead organization come january, that ends a 57-year membership. qatar one of opec smallests oil producers but one the large oil producers of natural gas company says that decision is not driven by its feud with saudis which joined other opec nations
6:23 am
imposing an economic boycott on qatar that boycott has been in place since june of 2017. so few things going in that move. well a tornado tore through naval base in georgia injuring four people touching down in the county yesterday slamming the kings bay naval submarine base and dumping heavy rain across that region a flood watch now in effect for south georgia until at least this afternoon. and then there was this fed accident driver going above and beyond making deliveries out of respect for his country's flag. baltimore posted this video to facebook picking up american flag off the ground he folds it and he returns it to her porch. replied it is the marine way i couldn't just drive by and do nothing. well fedex got wind of the story so now recognize aring king. here's the quote we have commended a service provider
6:24 am
employee who went above and beyond to properly care for fallen american flag while on his route. share of fedex are down 8% so far this year but a feel good story for the company and, of course, dagen they honored him. as they well should. >> good for him. you know, you could have just kept driving. off and he didn't. >> it's the small thing that are in very good deal. thank you so much cheryl what is your thought for this. again -- i'm going to display what a marshmallow that i'm deeply most offed by this. but again it is so small gesture. >> i'm so moved by this. you love to see poem who respect their flag love our country. and -- you know, who make small sacrifices every day that's one example that we can all be inspired by. >> on a lighter side i would like them to not leave my packages in the rain. [laughter] >> what diewpght them do take it
6:25 am
away? >> places in my house that aren't covered but right by the garage when it is raining just -- don't. >> are you sure that's not ups? >> not pointing fingers at any one of the three that come to my house on daily basis to deliver packages all three seem to just leave it out in the rain. >> i'll give you the floor which we would be watching markets today and this week because you know what i was looking at i don't mean to pivot but i'm so fascinating if you look at how major market games did in month of november it was your dow transports up big time up 6% i wonder per that doesn't give indication that it is on more solid footing than people thought say in november, in october and november, mike. >> yeah the transports took a little beating you know during the selloff you know couple of months ago they did have that rebounding i think they're still interesting here. fedex, obviously, going into its heavy season with a lot of consumer delivery going on and
6:26 am
ups. a lot of travel going on. but you know i'm looking at that sector i do think a lot of money will keep flowing into tech. it was left for dead a few weeks ago everyone was saying on apple i think that's gipping to cam back. part that have is but part is a reality where you go for growth it is going to be in some of the groups in tech. >> we'll talk about that as we move on this morning. and coming up, talking about being ready to talk -- fired fbi director james comey comes to an groament over subpoena to testify before house republicans we will discuss and amazon expanding again. the online shopping giant ready to test more cashierless technology in even bigger stores. numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand.
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>> welcome back i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo it is monday december third your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. a temporary truth, president trump and china's president xi jinping meeting at the g20 summit over the the wednesday and leaders did agree to a halt on any new tariffs for the next 90 days. our 10% tariff on 200 billion dollars worth of chinese imports will not go up to 25% not on january the first it won't. the markets big reaction 473 point gain on the dow futures right now. this after all of the major market gauges finished with their best week since 2016. the dow and nasdaq pickings up more than 5% the s&p 500 add aing almost that amount 4.85%. the dow s&p 500, and nasdaq all higher for the month of november. that they're all high per for the month of november.
6:31 am
last week actually pushed a lot of those gauges into the green for the month. it was the transports, though, that were big winners in november. a 6% gain on the dow transport. in europe let's check on the market action there. gains across board in england, with france, and germany and in asia overnight we have gains to report as well to biggest winner shanghai up 2.5% along with hank sang and hong kong crude oil as qatar announces its leaving opec on january the first. after 57 years, what this means for oil moving into the new year. and tribute it an icon, the houston texans honoring this late former president, george h.w. bush the president will be laid to rest this week at his presidential liberal in texas but first he's coming to washington, d.c. he will lie in state at the nation's capitol. those ceremonies kickoff in washington this afternoon.
6:32 am
and getting back to normal, students in paradise, california, return to school today after those wildfires. we have the latest, and more cashierless -- amazon looking to branch out its technology checkout technology to bigger stores. we will explain how it works. but to our top story this half hour all things legal. google ceo expected to testify before the house judiciary committee state funeral for president george h.w. bush delaying his appearance this week maria bartiromo talked to house judiciary committee chair on sunday morning futures, here's what congressman had to say about that testimony. >> you've got ceo of google testifying in front of your committee telling me about this and what you want to get from him there's speculation these technology companies who are now more powerful than they've ever been before are censoring
6:33 am
conservative conversation is that your main issue? >> that is one of a number of issues. there are also trust issues that are also issues related to how google and other social media companies raise are their revenues based upon what -- what they put in front of the viewer they're also privacy issues i expect that because of president bush's state funeral on wednesday that we'll have to put that off. until next week, but we are expecting that to occur, and it is very, very important that it do occur. >> joining us now judge andrew napolitano when he does show up in d.c. what do you expect? >> you heard one of the busiest people in washington because he won't be the chair come january third. and he's trying to get a lot done at the republicans did not
6:34 am
do in the past two year while he was chair about which or more in a moment but with respect to google, i mean very little that they can do about censorship of political opinion because the first amendment does not regulate google. but in order to point this out, and perhaps get google to be a little bit more open about opinions with which its dominant culture disagrees they'll do something about antitrust and privacy. privacy in my view is very important because the the eu whose privacy laws are stricter more protect arive of privacy of the individual, has been aggressive and beginning after google, and i think that bob would like to go down that's the chair of house judiciary committee that maria just interviewed, i think bob would like to go down that paths. >>interesting, though, to see wt happens because these technology
6:35 am
companies the employees they -- , obviously, lean left and they -- the technology companies certainly behave more favorably towards democrat it is than they do qeivetives. and being for all. >> you're being correct dagen. i don't think that bob good replacement is jerry knadler a opposite in many, many respects i doubt that he can care at all about the suppression of conservative opinion. but he certainly cares about antitrust an he certainly cares about privacy. now whether addressing antitrust and privacy is a suppressing conservative opinion or whether it is a real serious antitrust issue, i don't know. it is a privacy issue that i can tell you. >> well we know there's a story that doug weed the presidential historian told where youtube owned by google he tried to buy an ad to promote an interview he dp on fox business, and it was individuals at youtube who got involved.
6:36 am
and said they wouldn't run the ad and eventually suspended doug's account because the crawl at the bottom of the screen was a quote from president trump on twitter calling mueller investigation a, quote, witch hunt people within youtube being that hate speech that's what they were so there's a lot that goes on that -- i hope some of this come out when he testifies. >> two arguments here. one is -- they're the only game this town. that's not literally true but they are so big and so thorough, and so efficient everybody, everybody uses them and therefore they should be more receptive to views with which they disagree other view they're a private bulletin board to suppress whatever opinion they want and. you don't like opinions they suppress you can get some money together i realize it is a huge barrier where to entry a lot of money, and start another search engine. so those are the two arguments i don't know that they're going to be made in the house judiciary committee but one is in favor of
6:37 am
interfering with their business model one says that government can't interfere. >> i want to move on toe sorry i want to move on to this to give it plenty of tell a closed tore hearing -- yeah, fired fbi director james comey reaching a deal on closed door testimony. with some trainings transparency what he said grateful for hearing to protect my rights without being in contempt which i don't believe in so we'll sit down -- we'll sit in the dark but republicans agree on freed to talk when done and transcript release in 24 hours this is a close as i can get to public testimony. your reaction, judge. >> i thought that the application to a federal judge to have the the circumstances of the interview chain wases frif frivolous witness does not get to decide venue person serving subpoena does. i'm in favor of openness but again will the me make both arguments.
6:38 am
when these hearingses are open -- they're a dog and pone missouri show, and the member of the committee are playing to the camera they want their 15 seconds of fame. when the hearings are closed, you get more aggressive more boring deeply into the subject type of questions. this to me strikes me as a fair compromise the hearers closed question will be serious, and we'll see a transcript in 24 hour. personally i would rather see look on his face and see him sigh and look in his eyes rather or see his reactions to allegation it is that are going to make about political influence in the doj a lot of that doesn't come across from dry page of a transcript. but a transcript within 24 hours is better thanking no. it is certainly better than republicans leaking their version of what happened and democrats leaking their version of what happened and american public we pay all of their salaries left in the dark as to what truely happened. >> i want to challenge you on something, though, essentially
6:39 am
referring to members of congress is show boat. but i call -- i call -- what else is new? i called jim comey, though, the law enforcement -- in the the legal community he is ready for his closeup 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. so also prevents him from basically trying to sell his book ahead of the holiday quite frankly so he can be effective witness he can also turn people off. i mean, very, very experience prosecutor he believes we knows what audience wantses to out of the mouth face of a witness i thought it would be fun from my end of the world you know i get paid to watch this stuff and comment on it and explain it. and fun to wech and i wish i could be a fly on the qawl so i wish i could be in that room but not beginning to happen. >> hire a jim comey impersonator. when do we get out of it, though, and by the way that ig report we're still waiting for that. >> hey, here's the subject matter. the subject matter is the
6:40 am
exoneration of mrs. clinton. the subject matter is why did you make that decision in when you're just an investigators but subject matter is why did you big foot your superiors why did not not go to attorney general what happened in the meeting on tarmac? did she disqualify herself if she didn't why didn't she those are are profound question that public has been asking for two years now. >> questions about dossier because again what he set down with bret baier he abouted leak he didn't know source or who paid for it. remember that? >> i do remember that. he wasn't under oath then but he's underoath now. so we'll see where it goes. >> the republicans they'll hit him with every question that they've got. >> prior to this republicans didn't serve subpoenas. they negotiated -- now in the death throws of their time as majority in the house they finally learned how to serve a subpoena guess what witness shows up takes oath and answer as questions.
6:41 am
>> long time coming. andrew napolitano the the judge great to see you, always. municipal treacherous roads alaska officials telling resident it stay we after 7.1 earthquake destroyses a main highway. and amazon going big, the retail giant reportedly ready to expand its cashierless technology beyond its convenience store amazon go. so a tree falls on your brand-new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation.
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a powerful earthquake causing major damage to roads and alaska cheryl casone has more details good morning, cheryl. >> good morning dagen a lot going on in alaska on friday. a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked that state. take a look at the damage caused by the quake it was centered about 7 miles north of anchorage really close anchorage says you know as a population of 300,000, officials there urging everyone to avoid damaged roads in particular more than 80 schools in area are closed at least for this week maybe longer. and experts say stricter buildings codes in state did help structures withstand powerful quake over 1,000 aftershocks have been felt since the quake's hit on friday afternoon. with a degree of normalcy for students in paradise, california, three weeks into the deadly camp wildfire scorched
6:46 am
destroyed their community this students returned to school today. the fires, though, did destroy most of the schools forcing many of those 32,000 students to attend classes in other cities including vacant store in chicco mall and school supplies including backpacks have been donatessed officials expect half to return today because of the amount of families that are still displaced. well amazon reportedly looking at expanding cashierless checkout technology. the systems already new at 7 amazon go stores, now the journal is report aring that they be tested in company bigger stores public threat retail the technology is hard or to roll out spaces with high ceilings and more product but there is speculation that the technology could eventually be used in amazon's whole foods stores. share of amazon maria, dagen higher in premoorkt by more than 4% but you know again, those are jobs. those are american jobs that may be going away. >> i don't mean to think about
6:47 am
on the spot but technology work exactly in the the stores. >> it is all -- scan it is scan technology all based on the phone and it is also a there's a lot of infrared sensors within stores and very complex. but that's why high ceilings are a problem and those are very small so sensors can pick up everything but bigger you get the more they are concerned about theft that's what they're thinking about right now. >> thank you so much cheryl if i want to point out cashiers that whole foods lovely people so -- >> i have to point something else out here i apologize for anyone having breakfast right now. but i have to say this -- if you have to apologize in advance what do you -- >> maybe we have to ask yourselves maybe wait -- share this. [laughter] >> so it has been done own touch screen at u.k. and they're not very clean. we have to ask ourselfves whether we want consumers touching a lot of things a lot of time. >> we live in new york city. no problem. in the city, i posted a photo of
6:48 am
like the street in new york city, just with garbage from curb to edge of the from one edge the sidewalk to other and i said this has how new york city decorates for christmas. >> democratic party in action. so i'm not, thank you mike, coming up, a tribute it an icon, the houston texans honoring president george h.b. bush when a sports fan what a lover of all sports he was. more on that, plus, shown the or door. green bay packers coach mike mccarthy fired after 13 seasons with the team the outrage plus a full sports round you. coming up.
6:49 am
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we've just about reached final quarter with then of nfl regular season jared max another exciting sunday lots of developments. hey, jared. >> start to finish in sunday night game was just like many played earlier wild come back and right down to the the wire steelers at home blew a 23-7 halftime lead against chargers and louisiana 9-3 chargers win 33-30 michael with a 29-yard field goal and steelers lead in afc north down to half game over baltimore. time is expired on packers head cope of mike mccarthy and missed a time field goal an lowly cardinals with four game to go in season. green bay fires head coach of 13 seasons mike mccarthy great friction with aaron rodgers now joe, one time packers head coach offensive coordinator is interim
6:53 am
head coach. other nfl head coaches may be on hot seat, coming off loss of sunday 6-6-panthers with ron, rumored that impossible trouble. chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes joins brady to throw 4 touchdowns more yesterday and beat raiders 40-33 now when patrick watched video of his now former teammate star running back karim hunt physically bowsing a woman in february he said we don't do those things karim takes blame and a tells espn says they were right to release him i regret everything i'm going to to take time to better myself, learn from this get some help if needed talk to people and really just take this -- really serious. once again, nfl taking it seriously, coming under fire for its lack of response to domestic violence situation this occurred in february but not until tmz leaked surveillance video late
6:54 am
last week has been taken strong stance. >> george herbert walker brush would have been proud to see houston texans yesterday won ninth game in a row. 29-13 as a moment of silence was observed in houston yesterday for the former president always a staple at the a houston sports scene such a treat to get to see former president bush and a also the first lady barbara at the super bowl just about a year and a half ago back in february in hughes houston so condolences. >> mitch i think one with of the reason ares that americans had had -- and have such a connection to president george bush is because of his love of sports. he was the -- he played in first college world series and journalist tweeted over the weekend he said that during an interview in the oval office, i asked president bush since he was known as a fit glove man whether he knew where his first baseman mitt was he gave a strange look and opened
6:55 am
door of his desk and pulled it out right here -- how awesome is a that -- greatest past time. >> you remember owning texas rangers all a you have the houston sports a great loss. prvelings no question with about it. and he was just that kind of guy. baseball is all american, and there's nobody more all american than george h.w. bush. >> you should go read are that, that some of those tweets from ron and read the article. that was something that happened over weekend these articles were passed around. really quickly -- that nfl even "the wall street journal" has an entire article that nfl again is facing questions about why strict punishment for player who assaulted a woman camel only after the the attack was disclosed on video. >> there's a report which says that nfl told that chiefs don't start investigating this. why is it to take tmz look between 2000 and a the the time ray rice had his there were 84
6:56 am
cases of domestic violence nobody seem to be anything it took seeing video before you say wait, wait oh this really did happen. and it happened again and how does nfl get through this? >> nl has an opportunity here they need to stand up and they need to stand up against domestic violence are, obviously, become politicized -- >> they missed their opportunity 25 times over. they missed that a long time ago. >> and they -- last year, i remember they have a rice response and clearly didn't hire right person this is not the way to handle that somebody to kill his pregnant girlfriend back in 199 and what has really changed in the report. >> they're not proactive by cya active that's what nfl is. >> jared max his sports report fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 114 we talk to fox sports college football analyst joe clat and heisman contenders basically run for college title what happened to ohio state, and
6:57 am
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, december 3rd. your sto top stories at 7:00 a.. eastern. trade truce, the united states and china holding off on raising tariffs in january. markets returned the world are soaring on the news. here in the united states, take a look at your futures across the board, a 445 point gain on the dow futures. president trump tweeting that china among parts of this agreement, this trade truce, the u.s. is not going to raise tariffs from 10% to 25% on that $200 billion of chinese imports but the president tweeting that china will also start reducing
7:01 am
the -- removing tariffs on automobiles. we will talk about that as well. that news sending auto stocks soaring in premarket trading. general motors' biggest market is china. you're seeing the big upside move there. but ford up 2% along with fiat, chrysler. gm adding more than 3.5%. in europe, we have stocks up across the board, gains in england, france and germany. germany being the biggest winner at the moment and gain of more than 2%. asian markets the first to react. it was buying across the board as well, in japan, shanghai, hong kong and south he korea. opec is set to meet this week. we have a gain on oil of more than 4% at the moment, up more than $2 a barrel, $53.07 at the moment. the cartel will be losing a long-time member next year, qatar is with drawing on januar. we have an opec meeting later this week. what all of this means for the
7:02 am
market. and honoring a political icon, a former president and war hero. >> my view, his legacy, maria, was accomplishments. he got things done. when he left office the economy was growing like 5, 6%. the berlin wall came down. eastern, central europe freed from the joke of communism -- joke oyoke of communism. dagen: the nation says farewell to our 41st president. he will lie in state in the nation's capital. there will be a funeral service at the national cathedral, another one as he returns to houston. he will be laid to rest thursday at the george bush presidential library and museum. markets will be closed on wednesday for a national day of mourning. fox bills will be live with full coverage -- fox business will be live with full coverage on
7:03 am
wednesday. then we move overseas to paris on fire, violent riots breaking out, the worst since the late 1960s. the fallout for president emmanuel macron ahead. richard branson aims for the stars on a tight deadline. he says people will get people to space by christmas. all that and so much more coming up this morning. lee carter, mitch rochell and market strategist michael block, always fantastic to have all of you here. >> great to be here. dagen: measured and uplifting in your comments, whether it's about president bush's passing, but about anything, so i'm very grateful that you two are here. mike, we talk about -- let's talk about markets quickly. if you look at just a lot of the stocks that are up, it's technology, it's-if you look, grain prices were soaring with -- you see the futures here, grain prices were soaring
7:04 am
because exports from here into china have fallen off a cliff in the first nine months of the year because of the trade fights. you see soybeans, corn and wheat up more than 1% this morning. >> there's a lot of hope out there for the potential for a trade deal. there is investor positioning. risk was off, so-to-speak. we're seeing shorts being covered and everyone's looking to put risk back on, whether in technology stocks or in commodities. you'll notice that the nasdaq is outperforming this morning and folks are going to go where the beta is. the easiest way to -- dagen: you have to explain what that means. >> beta means you want the stocks that will outperform the market in an up tape. we had our first guest on the top of last hour talking about how he seeks out high beta. if someone has a beta of two it will move twice as much as the underlying market, the s&p 500 dis that means more -- dagen: that means for downside too. >> people are piling into the beta right now. dagen: thank you for the
7:05 am
explanation. we'll continue to talk about the trade cease fire. futures surging after the u.s. and canada -- excuse me, china agreed to postpone additional tariffs. the world's two largest economies now have about three months of negotiations to work out their trade disputes. president trump tweeting last night on concessions made by chachina, writing china agreed o reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into china from the us. currently the tariff is 40%. joining me now is former florida congressman, retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel allen west. good to see you this morning. what do you make of this truce? again, it's a truce, a 90 day negotiation. there is much to tackle for the united states including the forced surrender of technology by china, the theft of intellectual property. it's notic not just about tarifd the trade deficit. >> it's good to be with you and good morning, dagen and everyone on the panel. well, the thing that we have to
7:06 am
come to understand and it's pretty interesting that we're remembering president george h.w. bush, because during his tenure you had the collapse of the soviet union, the wall came down. that was an economic collapse. what china learned is if you're going to be a chinese country, you must be able to compete in the free market, free enterprise, economic system and you can bolster yourself. what we've seen china do with forced transfer of technology and the theft of intellectual property is that they are using free market principles but he yet they're building up their military and so i think china has found out they have a president with resolve that is confronting them and realizing they're a hostile adversary. they want to be able to come to the table to solve this. we have -- resolve this. we have to resolve this with china. dagen: the wall street journal writes about the i at that points in our re-- irritants in our relationship.
7:07 am
there's high you priorities for the pentagon and national security officials here which aren't on the u.s. negotiating agenda and show little prospect of near term resolution, even if a trade deal is reached. it's hard to separate the economic versus the military because they're tied in together. >> you're absolutely right. we can't separate those. as a matter of fact china right now is seed testing its first domestically built aircraft carrier. they're starting to build their second aircraft carrier. you talk about the islands they're building in the south china sea, they're fortifying those with military weapons and one of the important things is they're using surface to ship missiles that are being put there. that's one of the major sea lanes of commerce where they're putting the islands. that's going to affect he global economic transit. dagen: mitch rochell is here. >> good morning. one of the things. >> good morning, mitch. >> one of the things that's mentioned in the statement that came out from the administration deals with north korea and i'm
7:08 am
curious to get your sense on -- from a negotiating perspective, what are some of the things that may be on the table for trading back and forth, negotiating around north korea and have the chinese continue to help there? >> well, without a doubt we know china has been violating a lot of those united nations sanctions against north korea and they're continuing to provide them trade. north korea doesn't exist without china support. we know that firmly. we need to make sure that the chinese understand that the threats we see em fate nateing -- emanating out of north korea have to be gone as well. dagen: let's remember an american patriot, colonel, president george h.w. bush will be flown from houston to washington, d.c. later this morning. the president's service dog, sully, will accompany him for the flight, taking one last journey with the former
7:09 am
commander in chief. this photo of his devotion to president bush posted on instagram last night. colonel, your thoughts about president bush's service and what his passing means for the country. certainly i saw people really coming together over the weekend. >> well, it's incredible, because president bush's passing represents the passing of the greatest generation. he was one of those world war ii warriors, such as my dad, who fought for this country back in world war ii. and as a young captain i was stationed in fort riley. he was my commander in chief when we went to operator desert shield, desert storm. we felt comfort in the fact that we had a president who knew what it meant to be deployed and knew what it sent to send people into harm's way. >> one of the things i think -- you're saying farewell to a generation. we're also saying farewell to a man who brought people together. he was able to reach across the aisle. he wrote amazing letters.
7:10 am
i think we were talking earlier about how his letter to president clinton went viral because it was so moving to us that he was able to put his own interests behind that of the country. and i just wonder, do you think that this moment in time, we talked about this a little bit after john mccain's death, that this moment in time will make people especially in politics really re-evaluate the way they treat each other and the way our rhetoric is and the way we reach across the aisle and try to work together, do you think there will be any change after we reflect over this period of time of mourning? >> i think one of the most important things is to realize that those men and women who raised their right hand to say they will support and defend the constitution of the united states of america against all enemies, foreign and domestic, those are the folks we're looking for to be in elected office. they have put their lives on the line for the country, not for a political party, not for their own self interest. so i think that's one of the things that president george h.w. bush represented as well, a man that had deployed and fought for his country and understood
7:11 am
what it meant to take an oath to the constitution which is a binding document for us all. dagen: i want to point out something, that the u.s.s. intreainopenintrepid, the air ms in new york city, in the hudson, they have president bush's plane that h he flew in world war ii. i don't know if it's on display right now. it was made in 19 1942. again, there's all these ways we can still remember president george h.w. bush, but kind of think about that level of service, colonel. >> no, that's an important thing, and again, i believe that almost 50 years ago when you look at the people that were in the house and the senate up there in washington, d.c., about 75, almost 80% had served in the united states military. and i think when you look at today, when you have i think 13 to 15%, that represents a big
7:12 am
difference than what we see in the politics of this country. we need to have men and women that understand service, sacrifice and commitment. that's what president george h.w. bush represented. that's why i think so many people are touched by his passing and also the passing of his wife, barbara bush. dagen: he never wrote an memoir in an age where former politicians and former presidents get eight figure book deals and in the world where people need to share their every inner most thought, president george h.w. bush never wrote a memoir. i know his library started releasing -- he kept a diary starting when he was a teenager and also was a prolific writer of letters, so the library released e excerpts of his writings. i hope we get more of those in the coming days, to remember him and remember what his generation represents. >> absolutely. and my family and i, we had the pleasure and honor of meeting
7:13 am
him at a texas a & m, lsu game, he and barbara bush. we visited his library in college station. i recommend all americans get to college station and visit his library. he has a great story to tell. dagen: thank you. yes, sir. always a pleasure. take care. come back soon. >> thank you. dagen: coming up, protest erupting in paris, the aftermath of the city's worst riot later this year. and what qatar's split from opec means for oil prices, ahead. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today.
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7:16 am
you'll only pay $4.95. ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate. dagen: marriott still coping with -- dealing with that fallout from the huge security breach involving half a billion starwood guests. cheryl casone has the details. i did not mispronounce that. cheryl: no, half a billion is
7:17 am
right. big oops there, dagen. marriott says the hack of the database began in 2014 and went undetected until this december. experts believe marriott missed a huge opportunity to stop the breach a few years ago. they say a more thorough investigation into the smaller breach that happened in 2015 could have possibly uncovered the same hackers who were able to lurk in the reservation system up until now. marriott's stock is down 15% year-to-date. a lot of of information was stolen. let's talk about apple. apple is reporting to delay the launch of a 5g iphone until 2020. that news broke this morning. sources say apple waited a year before rolling out previous iphones for earlier generations of mobile technology because they wanted to avoid problems like spotty coverage. it could help samsung attract buyers for its phone that's going to connect with these faster networks. the phones have got to keep up with the faster networks around
7:18 am
the world. shares of apple are higher in the premarket. we're seeing more than 3% to the upside right now. a major media deal now official. next star media group will buy tribune media for $6.4 billion, including a lot of debt. it will create the largest tv company. they own and operate 42 stations in major markets. tribune media shares are higher in the premarket, up more than 11%. next star shares are up more than 5% so far for the year. major deal there. and then this is one of those great new york stories. the nypd helped out a couple after their engagement ring fell through a grate in a times square marriage proposal. police saturday night posted a picture of the recovered and cleaned diamond ring on twitter in hopes of tracking down the mystery couple. one woman from the u.k. found out, says it was her ring that slipped off of her finger. that was her. the nypd says they're looking to confirm the ring is hers and
7:19 am
send it safely to the u.k. but you know, new yorkers get this reputation for being hard and uncaring. new yorkers shared that video all over the place, through sunday, to try and hunt down the couple. they had already gone back to england, by the way, without the ring. dagen: love it. thank you so much, cheryl. coming up, all eyes on opec, the outlook for oil pricings as qatar says it's leaving the organization. plus, the space race, the latest as richard branson says virgin glacgalactic will send people to space by christmas. that's ahead. ♪ don't listen to a word i say. ♪ the screams all sound the same. ♪ the truth may bury us, this ship will carry bodies safe to shore. i am a family man.
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♪ i want to hold your hand. ♪ i want to hold your hand. ♪ i want to hold your hand. ♪ oh, please -- dagen: opec losing one of its oldest members. qatar announced they will leave the cartel after a 57 year membership. this comes as the country looks to boost gas production, ahead of this week's opec meeting. joining us now, steven shork. what do you make of this move? what happens at the opec meeting later this week? >> certainly the move by qatar is absolutely symbolic and symbolic only, being that this is the first persian gulf country to ever leave the cartel. we've had other countries leave, come back, suspend their membership. qatar is the first persian gulf. we have to keep in mind, the country only produces or produces fewer barrel of crude oil than the state of new mexico. given the relationship, the
7:24 am
frayed relationship with saudi arabia, given that certainly the country produces 2% of opec's oil production, they are under saudi's thumb, so you leave opec, you focus on lng, natural gas. the country produces about a third of the globe's production. you get under the thumb of the saudis and you focus on your future many the future is not crude oil, it is natural gas. dagen: what do you make of saudi arabia and russia making a deal ahead of the opec meeting, unclear how much russia will curb output. the wall street journal has an article out saying will the cartel make the same mistake they did in 2014 where they didn't curb production enough and you had a 2015 slump that rippled across not just the commodities markets but the stock and debt markets as well. >> of course, it wasn't just in the market in 2014, in 2015i was the entire industrial metals
7:25 am
market. it was a slowdown in demand, growth. when it comes to opec, we want to focus on supply many we always seem to forget about demand and demand is certainly stronger. the economy is stronger than it was three, four years ago. i'm not too concerned about this. we have to keep in mind, dagen, i've been saying this on the show for the past four, five weeks, that crude oil is searching at a bottom. we have to keep in mind that the pullback over the last two months in oil prices from about $75 to $50 was an implosion and a bubble that was promoted by wall street at the end of the summer with regard to iranian sanctions. remember those? two months ago wall street's best and brightest were telling us oil was going to rally $25 from $75 to $100 a barrel. they got the $25 right. unfortunately, they got the direction wrong. we came off $25, demand is much stronger now. we're coming out of seasonal maintenance. demand by refineries picks up. demands by motorists picks up.
7:26 am
if oil is going to find a bottom and move higher, this is the starting point. dagen: what is a reasonable price and accurate price? can you throw out a number? >> absolutely. when we're looking at-where we're at as far as refinery economics, production economics, we're at the bottom, $5 below, $55 is more of your comfort range. you don't want to see oil prices below where we are you now, $50 a barrel. a number that would be good for the entire industry, $65 average for the year. dagen: steven shork, always a pleasure. thank you so much for the insight. we'll see you soon. coming up, remembering president george h.w. bush. we reflect on his life and legacy. america's 41st president. stay tuned for maria bartiromo's exclusive interview with former vice president, da dan quail, n. -- dan quayle.
7:27 am
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for
7:30 am
maria bartiromo. it's monday, december 3rd. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. a truce for now. president trump and china's presidenagreeing to halt any nes the next 90 days. the markets having a major reaction. taking a look at the futures this morning, a 446 point gain on the dow futures, these markets here in the united states are coming off their best week since 2016. in europe, we have gains across the board as well. in england, france and germany. and then in asiaover night the european markets following through on gains there, all of the four major markets in asia to the plus side. shanghai and hang seng and hong kong up more than 2.5%. saying farewell to george h.w. bush. hillary vaughn is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, dagen. the passing of george herbert
7:31 am
walker bush marks over a decade since america has had to say good-bye to a former president. today, air force one will carry president bush's casket here to the nation's capital, the first leg of its final mission for the former president, from the lone star state here to washington, d.c. the mission is called special air mission 41. lifetime friend jim mcgraph tweeting this picture of bush's remains draped in an american flag with the caption, mission complete. president bush's casket will board air force one with family and friends by his side in houston texas. it will make its way here to the rotunda of the u.s. capitol to lie in state this evening starting at 7:30 p.m. the former president said his final words friday evening and today marks a week where americans will mourn, honor and remember the former president.
7:32 am
dagen. dagen: thank you so much, hillary vaughn. that image of sully bush, his service dog, really saying a lot about the president's service to this nation. in celebrating the life of former president george h.w. bush, maria bartiromo sat down for an exclusive interview with bush's vice president, dan quayle. maria: mr. vice president, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. maria: my condolences to you and his family. share with us what you remember of president h.w. >> well, you said it all in the introduction. george bush was -- he's just absolutely the best. he was a great individual, in my opinion, a great president. he loved his family. he loved his work. he loved the country. and it was such an honor for me to work with him every single day that he was president, i was vice president, for the american
7:33 am
people. and a lot of folks, they ask what's the legacy. i said you know, that's a tough question. historians will sort that out. but in my view, his legacy, maria, was accomplishments. he got things done. when he left office, the economy was growing like 5, 6%. the berlin wall came down, eastern, central europe freed from the yoke of communism, apartheid in south africa was eliminated, success in putting saddam hussein back into iraq, noriega apprehended. so many things in a short period of time and the domestic front as well. so accomplishments. he did so much in four years. maria: he really did. he left the country in a better place than when he arrived and when he first chose you and his running mate, you wrote an op ed in the journal, george bush be prepared and be loyal was the title of that. you talked about after yourself and the president were
7:34 am
inaugurated on january 20th, 1989 and he discussed ronald reagan a bit to you as ronald reagan left, why did you choose those words, be prepared and loyal. he said that to you. >> he did. we talked about what the quayle model would be. i said i like the bush model. he said you have your own model, you'll do your thing, it will be different than mine. i was very, very fortunate to not only work with him as a great individual but he had been vice president for eight years and he knew the good things about being vice president and the not so good things about being vice president. so that was a blessing from my perspective. but what he said to me on the steps of the capitol as we said good-bye to ronald reagan and nancy reagan, he turned to me and sort of his low voice, he says that man was very good to me. and i can say that today, that man, george bush, was very good to me. maria: oh, how wonderful.
7:35 am
you were just 41 years old when you first were in the job but you had been in congress for a long time, since were you 29. so you had a great perspective in terms of the congressional dealings. how did president bush deal with the congress in terms of the different fractions and determinations on each side of the aisle? >> it's interesting, because we had a democrat congress. so we had to deal with speaker foley, we had to deal with majority leader george mitchell. we had to reach across the aisle to get support for what we wanted to do. look at what we d we got budgets passed, a comprehensive clean air legislation, disabilities, and then the resolution from the congress particularly in the senate, the house was easy, to go and take saddam hussein out of kuwait and put him back in iraq. we had to pick up 10 democrats in the united states senate to support us to get a majority
7:36 am
vote. and we had the majority leader, george mitchell was opposed to us, we had the chairman of the senate armed services opposed to us. we had a lot of important people in the senate that were opposed to us on this resolution. we had to work hard to get democrats to support us. sometimes divided government works. it clearly worked in our administration. you can get things done if you reach across the aisle and work hard. maria: even on a personal level, he did things without theatrics or drama. president bush died seven and-a-half months after his wife of 73 years passed. not long after his mother passed, i had the opportunity to talk with george w. bush and laura bush about the bond between the elder bush couple. watch this. i love th the fact that he was married to her for 73 years. >> he was by her side when she passed. maria: i have a love letter she
7:37 am
wrote to her that we've been talking about this morning from world war ii in 1943, penned by your father, it's going viral this morning obviously and it says -- it reads in part, this may sound dramatic, but if it does, it's only my inadequacy to say what i mean. have you made my life full of everything i could ever dream of. my complete happiness should be a token of my love for you. were they a love affair all the time? >> it seemed that way, you know. >> they really were. they were a great example. maria: they were best friends, weren't they, mr. vice president? did you sigh that as well -- did you see that as well? >> actually, one of the last times that i saw the president and barbara together was two years ago, up at ken ebunkport. i had lunch with them. they have lobster and white wine, it was a wonderful lunch,
7:38 am
just the three of us. the last time i was there, barbara was carrying on the conversation, the president would chime in when he wanted to but they were -- you could see the love and the sparkle even though he was having some physical difficulties, she was fabulous, he was great. what a couple. maria: yeah. and you know, it's incredible to mention the economy and the growth that we saw almost 6%, more than 6% at one point during his president sigh and yet it was only -- presidency and yet it was only one term. >> that was unfortunate. a lot of blame to go around. i'll take my fair share. ross perot got 19% of the vote. there was a perception that the economy wasn't doing as well as it should but yet it was growing at 6% when we left office. you also had a little bit of perhaps republican fatigue. they had been in power for 12 years. the american people like change. it was a hard-fought campaign, looking back on it.
7:39 am
i think we could have won three or four days before the election, i think we could have won three or four days after the election. guess what, you have to win on election day. therefore, i was a fairly young retired former vice president of the united states. maria: president trump yesterday in argentina said he will be -- he comes home which now he is home, he's sending air force one back to pick up the casket and then bring george h.w. back to texas at the end of really the celebrations this week of his life. let me get your sense of what's happening today, because you say that people want a change, they certainly voted for change in 2016 with donald trump. here we are, game on into 2020 with the democrats lining up for their candidate. how do you see the state of play, if you will, today? >> well, today i think that president trump would probably be the favorite but there's three unknowns, maria, three.
7:40 am
one, we don't know who the democrats are going to put up. will they put up bernie sanders? elizabeth warren type person? we'll have to wait and he see. two, don't know what the state of the economy will be in 2020. it's good now. we're a long way away. nobody can really predict what it's going to be in 2020. the economy is obviously key. president trump ran on that, bringing jobs back to america, increasing wages to the workers. it's good right now. what will it be in 2020. the third unknown is the mueller investigation and investigation in the southern district of new york. we just don't know. those are three unknowns that you will be examining and others will to determine who the president will be in 2020. maria: you make a good point, particularly on the economy. because a lot of people now are predicting that things will slow quite considerably, perhaps even tinker with recession come 2020. that's when people will be going
7:41 am
out to vote. >> if the economy slips, it will be a real challenge for president trump. the one thing, and his strategists know that, he does have to expand the base. now, how he goes about that, we'll have to wait and see. but the base is firm. it's strong. it's solid. but it has to be expanded, in my opinion, for him to be successful. we don't he know about the economy and the economy's always important. obama proved to us that you cannot have a good economy and still be successful. when he ran in '12, unemployment was, what, 9%. maria: that's right. >> 9% and he got reelected. so we'll have to wait and see. every election is different. maria: really important points you make. it's a pleasure to see you and have you on the program. thanks so much. >> thank you. dagen: markets will be closed on wednesday for a national day of mourning. fox business will be live as the nation remembers our 41st
7:42 am
president. we'll be right back. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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♪ ain't nothing like the real thing, baby. ♪ ain't nothing like the real thing. ♪ i play my game on fantasy. dagen: major cleanup efforts underway in paris after violent protests there. cheryl casone has the he details
7:46 am
on why. hey, cheryl. cheryl: this is fascinating. the cleanup comes after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the french capital, look at these pictures. they're protesting rising gas taxes and the high cost of living there. they were in some nice neighborhoods in paris. they torched cars and looted stores. more than 100 people were injured and 400 folks have been arrested thus far. this puts french president emmanuel macron economic overhaul to the test. verizon reportedly expanding the search for revenue beyond advertisements. the company is looking at such things as paid subscriptions to post news, for example, or yahoo sports along with e-commerce things. this comes after they missed revenue targets by selling digital ads on yahoo and digital
7:47 am
properties. shares o of veer verizon little. the suez rocket making its return to space. >> throttling up, and liftoff, we have liftoff. cheryl: three astronauts from the united states, canada and russia are aboard the spacecraft. it's on its way to the international space station. this is the first manned flight since the rocket had to make an emergency landing after taking off back in october. the astronauts said they are confident in the russian rocket. and then some more space news for you. this is interesting. richard branson making a bold claim. he says he expects to send astronauts to space by this christmas. branson told cnn business that his space venture will send a first test pilot to space without tourists on-board but eventually he intends to be the
7:48 am
first passenger of many to tour space aboard space ship-2. passengers are prepared to pay up to $250,000 to secure a seat. or you could buy a vacation home or a house somewhere. anyway, those are your headlines. bask to you. dagen: coming up, kicking off the college football playoffs, the final rankings are in. joel klatt weighs in with this year's bowl game predictions. oh, and the heisman trophy, we'll talk about that, coming up. ♪ ...i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. ...and i found out that i'm from the big toe
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7:51 am
dagen: college football countdown. the regular season coming to a close and we're breaking down the biggest post season
7:52 am
matchups. ohio state defeating northwestern in saturday's big 10 championship. it didn't score a bid to the final four. the universit university of ala, clemson, notre dame and the university of oklahoma, those sooners squeaking in, they're the top four teams competing for the national championship. here now joel klatt. good to see you. >> good to be here dis what do you make of the final four competing for the national championship? >> the committee, we've got 13 people that sit in a room and they give us our top four teams at the end. they're supposed to give us the four best teams. in this case, i feel they went with the path of least resistance. the undefeated notre dame team, alabama and clemson and oklahoma who never suffered a bad loss their one loss on the season was a 3 point loss to their vi riva, the university of texas in the red river game. when you look at the other two team that's were vying for the fourth spot, georgia and ohio
7:53 am
state, they had 20 plus point losses. that's why they went with oklahoma. dagen: i understand why georgia missed the cut. it was 12-0 for noter dame. how did ohio state fall down to the sixth spot. it was 12-1. >> that's the frustrating part for people in my industry is that there wasn't any consistency via the committee. so the committee clearly chose oklahoma over georgia because of not only the record but also that oklahoma had a conference championship. they won their conference championship. if that was the same metric being placed on he ohio state and georgia, then ohio state should have been at the fifth spot. arguing between who should be fifth and sixth doesn't matter because they're out of the playoffs. at the same time it does bring up what i would feel like is one of the main frustrations in our sport, is that it turned into somewhat of a b beauty pageant, because it's so subjective at the end. there's no criteria you can put
7:54 am
down as an anchor and say this is why a team is ranked in a certain spot. >> it's sounds like lie onization of the s -- lionization of the s.e.c. >> georgia never had one of the top end wins. if i was arguing for ohio state, i would say their win against michigan, they beat them badly, they scored 62 points -- >> i'm going to be fine. i'm going to be fine. >> at the top end, and here's what's interesting. in business i think you guys would ultimately -- you rate people on how they do at the touctop end, what is their potential. we seem to rate teams at their floor and oklahoma had the highest floor of those three teams and i think that's why they got the fourth spot versus ohio state and georgia who had the 20 plus point losses. >> how much of it is also
7:55 am
schedule? because who they play and -- obviously they had to play games in the conference. they also play these other teams and if you don't blow them out by enough, then that hurts you. >> i think that ultimately hurts you. although georgia's strength of schedule overall was far greater than ohio state and oklahoma and that didn't win the day for them. so again, the criteria, it's all over the p map and it's a frustration for college football fans. but i think at the end of the day, the committee ultimately said we're going to take the path of least resistance by putting the team in that didn't play its worst and again, i would go to the floor and at that point it was oklahoma. dagen: in the semifinal match ones you have alabama versus oklahoma and clemson versus notre dame. who of those two matchups, who do you think looks the best? >> the top two teams, alabama and clemson, they're far and away the top two teams. they're going to be favored probably by double digits in those games, clemson over know e dame, alabama over oklahoma.
7:56 am
notre dame of oklahoma, i think oklahoma has the best chance to stay close because they've got historically great offensive production, led by a heisman trophy candidate, kyler murray, who is a phenomenal player, may win the trophy next saturday. it's going to be a tough task for either of those teams. clemson and alabama are historically good. dagen: let's talk about kyler murray and the heisman. tua tagovailoa, i practiced this. he's got an injury right now. do you think kyler murray takes the heisman? tua i think has to have surgery on his ankle so he'll be out two weeks for the orange bowl. >> that injury i think is going to hurt his chances. ultimately, voter, i'm a voter myself and our ballots are due by 5:00 p.m. today and i think voters ultimately want to see how you play in your team's most important and biggest games, the biggest stages, and tua did not
7:57 am
play well at least got hurt in the s.e.c. championship game. i think kai letter has a chance. dagen: tua tagovailoa, i said it. joel klatt, much easier. great to see you. after the game, come back. >> i would love to. dagen: fox sports, the latest college football coverage, the highlights, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to.
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>> good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 3, your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. trade the u.s.-china hold off raising tariffs in january u.s. trade representative bob lighthizer reportedly will be in charge over negotiations in the new year markets around the world, soaring, hearing this news here in united states futures on the dow up 448 points, apple set to lead dow hire set to benefit from this. apple stock up more than 3%
8:01 am
apple iphones a made in china supply chain gebt on china had not yet been hit, with any import tariffs so this is at least a peek for ninety days or so europe stocks up across the board in england, france, germany, germany biggest gainer of three markets, adding more than 2%. asian markets first to react sharp begins a across the board, in japan shanghai composite honoring showning south korea. >> opec to meet this week cartel losing a member next year qatar withdrawing january 1 but stephen shooter short pointed out new mexico produces more oil than qatar. >> george h.w. bush -- >> he was a great individual, in my opinion a great president loved his family loved work loved the country.
8:02 am
.d. >> president george h.w. bush returning to washington one last time today. as nation says farewell to our 41st president to houston later this hour. >> and arkansas, a buzz crash to report one child killed 40 people injured youth football team charter bus crashing we have the very latest, making a big call, on 2020 race -- why bruce springsteen my mother would say big ole democrat says president bush will win -- president trump will win a second term my apologies there, all that so much more this morning, maslansky president lee carter, mitch roschelle, market jaijt michael block quickly michael to blake burman, on -- on trade, but with apple for example, about you see grainy
8:03 am
prices soaring intelligent stocks soaring auto stocks way up broad-based euphoria cheer for what happened over the weekend. >> even we knew this meeting with xi and trump was coming there was pessimism until a week ago in markets markets left for dead tech left for dead every day another analyst downgrading apple getting bad channel checks on apple apple is done iphone is done no one buying ii phones lo and behold here we are we are fear going to be a 10% tariff slapped by the president on iphones coming into the country being produced overseas that seems out of water there is a lot of thingss aspiriconspiring to hel raise stocks higher nasdaq out performing here, tech is where to go. >> all three gages off best week since 2016, so major follow-through to start this week remember, as we remember
8:04 am
president bush markets are going to be closed, on wednesday. >> as a national day of mourning. moment ago president trump tweeting on the temporary trade agreement with china my meeting in argentina with president xi of china was an extraordinary one relayingss with china the dean a big leap forward very good things will happen dealing from great strength china like wise has much to gain if and when a deal is completed, level the field. blake burman is at the white house with the very latest good morning. reporter: lots of good feelings out of this you saw tweet from tournament trump go to statement over the weekend words like positive, constructive highly successful. coming out of that meeting between president trump, president xi of china their top as welcome during g20 buenos aires over dinner on saturday evening but you can simply call this at least for the moment, a trade truce. the president agreeing to hold off on raising 200 billion dollars worth of tariffs from 10 to 25% come january 1, in
8:05 am
exchange china will begin to buy more products from u.s., the dollar amount, not specified, the white house says over the next 90 days two sides will negotiate over the key issues, of forced technology transfer intellectual property protection nontariff barriers cyberintrusions cybertheft with services agriculture, if that is not resolved then the 25% levels will kick in, president trump saying in a statement over the weekend quote this was an amazing productive meeting. with unlimited possibilities for both united states and china, iment is my great honor to be working with president xi, however china's foreign minister did not reference that 09 daytime table table saying china willing to exexpand imports including am i correctable goods from united states gradually easy the trade imbalance two sides agreed to open markets to each
8:06 am
other gradually revollegitimize concerns of the u.s. opening up china president tweeted late last night the following, quote, china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars, coming into china, from u.s., no details there, dagen, and chinese government is not commenting on that tweet this morning, bottom line here dagen a trade truce for the moment, at least for 90 days it appears we will see at it end of 90 days may be before then if permanent, or temporary. . >> blake quick another trump tweet president trump was tweeting about that, their currently tariff is 40%, the tariff has been 40%, on u.s. imports into china since july. so it was 25 it went to 15 -- down to 15% then up to 40 in july, in midst of this trade fight so it is not like the 40% has been in place for a few months, if it goes back to
8:07 am
25, just back to where it was before the trade dispute. >> jea president xi this year as well said he would be working on tariffs on automobiles as relates to china no real details here on this one so we got to wait and see, you know what the movement is how this all relates to the bigger picture coming soon. >> we read president trump's tweets blake burman thank you so much this is another tweet, from president trump on china trade farmers will be very big beneficiary of our deal with china they tend to start purchasing agricultural products immediately make finest cleanest product in the world what china wants farmers, i love you. all caps, exclamation point, former senior adviser to president george w. bush fox news contributor karl rove your take away from developments over weekend with
8:08 am
china. >> a if substance follows that we have been told this is very good move forward, i mean the administration is focused on a variety of things i think too many things has what is our goal to have them buy more from us to have them abide by rules that are in place is it to -- is our priority to stop their theft of intellectual property? so far it sounds like we are making progress on all fronts, would i be very happy, if we simply made real good progress on intellectual property, the chinese have what are called trade related investment majors force american companies that want to do bits in china to give up intellectual secrets to chinese partners they have procurement rules that further that they have, sort of compulsory unlimited linesing u.s. technology to chinese partners all things involve transfer of things in which we have spent american companies western companies spent billions of dollars to develop technology then have to
8:09 am
involuntarily tarly was i transfer a to chinese should be number one priority. >> we've heard that over and other again this will play out, we will be reading language coming out of china on this, i want to move on to honoring the legacy of president george h.w. bush, air force one in houston for a special air mission 41 to bring 41st president's casket to washington, d.c., president bush will lie in state at u.s. capitol building before a service at national cathedral wednesday expanding the president "sully" bush his dog on instagram i read a tweet still makes me grin, you on twitter, you posted it was a bio, if you will of president george h.w. bush, you said he got to texas -- and i think
8:10 am
that -- this so much to talk about, just share some memory with us. >> well, it is he was an extraordinary person. he lived a life exactly as he wanted to live it meant turning his back an eastern upbringing in connecticut, phillips andover yale, his father a muckety-muck with brown brothers instead he lit out to the west started bairgsfield california oil field tool seemsman learned oil business odessa midland texas from bottom up, and that way he was like generation of americans before him lit out to west to create a new life incredible individual i was privileged to work with him four years in er 20s maintain a relationship with him entire life got a chance to november to go down to houston and thank him for all that he did for me and to -- you know, the statement about this everybody
8:11 am
several my friends sent me messages reflecting on his life saying rest in peace when he gets to heaven got to heaven there is not going to be a lot of peace there there is going to be baseball games, there is going to be tennis matches with his old pals paddle ball, he snubbing. >> i don't know how snuck a speed boat into heaven going to be puzzles, conversation, going to be gossip, and -- wonderful con vif hality. >> extraordinary moments. >> passed away i think when she was 3 of leukemia, that -- will change a person, and do you think that that carries through his life in terms of -- >> absolutely. >> kindness and respect, dignity integrity understanding value of life.
8:12 am
>> barbara bush's hair turned white overnight never got over in some sense loss of their daughter robyn turned that grief into a lifelong commitment to serving others, and in their i was in california this weekend at reagan forum leader of the director of the reagan library came up to be we talked about george h.w. bush he said he saved my life, he said when i was diagnosed with cancer he heard about it, got me to the front of the line at mdanderson literally saved my life, that is not the first time i have heard that, and efforts that they made to raise funds to -- and encourage awareness get people to get regular checkups early treatment was a really extraordinary and i think a lot of it goes back to the loss of their daughter robyn. >> karl do you think the sense of -- i personally felt a longing over the weekend for
8:13 am
this kind of respect and dignity to serving this nation president bush is remembered for do you think this can be lasting rather than fleeting in this current environment? >> i hope so, but it is going to take all of us to recognize that, i was really touched and i am sure he was touched by the message that the navy tweeted out on saturday. fair winds following seas served we have the watch, we all have the watch now, it is our responsibility those of us who loved him whoed a mired him to do what we can to emulate in our lives what he did in his which was to serve others, to love a neighbor like he would like to be loved yourselves to serve country put country above self, and it is it is a great lesson. i remember so many things that i learned and saw, when in those years that i worked for him as a young man mean i was 22 when i went to work for him
8:14 am
when i went back to work for him i was 25 years old he said i want you to run my prepresidential political action committee sounds like a big deal but the finance chairman was his brother johnny chairman a young houston lawyer jaim abibbinger iii for most 18 months i was the staff to be able to travel around the country with him most 18 murnz see him his relationships with people across the country, people that he knew from school, from college from the oil patch from congress from service in president nixon's motion leadership chairman of the republican national committee to see him up close like that was one of the most incredible experience if not the most incredible formative experience in my life not only a very great man he was a very good man. >> karl rove thank you for that for those memories thank you for the tears, come back
8:15 am
soon i have to have an opinion national championship. >> mr. president would appreciate that i am sure, karl rove godspeed mr. president. we'll be right back. once i started looking for it was a no-brainer. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. the geico app makes it easy to manage my policy. i can pay my bill, add a new driver, or even file a claim. woo, hey now! that's a win-win. thank you! switch to geico®. it's a win-win. and all through the house 'twas the night before christmas not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are stores open late for shopping and fun as people seek gifts or even give some.
8:16 am
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8:18 am
arkansas cheryl casone has details good morning. cheryl: good morning, dagen happened early this morning it killed one child, injured at least 40 people, this with us carrying a youth football team heading home to memphis from a tournament in dallas, police said buzz over tinder driving off 30, 25 miles southwest of memphis almost home played in a championship game in dallas over the weekend they were almost there, a surprise decision, from qatar announcing its quitting opec qatar says going to leave the organization in january, ending its 57 year membership
8:19 am
was to focus more on natural gas production qatar one of opec's smallest producers one evident world's largest producers of national gather says decision not driven by dispute with saudis, joined other opec nations imposing economic boycott on qatar in june, 2017. three men have been charged in connection with alleged scheme to defraud pentagon receiving 8 billion dollars account three executives accused of giving false estimates to completion of a warehouse to provide supplies for troops in afghanistan to win business "the wall street journal" says suspects are also accused of violate sanctions against -- one of the men and his wife donated to the clinton family charity all three men pleaded not guilty. >> ending on this one actor hamill, playing luke skywalker
8:20 am
in "star wars" weighing in on refer to of 21-year-old man in tennessee name is skywalker here he is arrested for violating probation for stealing dozens of street signs, the real crime is mr. and mrs. walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place, also headeded a #that skywalker is too short to be a trooper, love social media he couldn't help but getting in on this one. >> i appreciate that. thank you so much cheryl, love and social media president trump tweeted again. >> xi and i have a strong personal relationship he and i are the only two people they can bring about massive very positive change on trade, far beyond between our two great nations a solution for north korea great for china and all. >> so north korea that is more than just trade. again, our economic and
8:21 am
political and military relationships coming up calling all chocolate lovers deals on new sweet erin, severest than sugar doesn't have one single calorie a look at the national menorah lit in washington, d.c., last night a very happy hanukkah. ♪ habituate for sweet
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
tooth a new sweetener zero camrys aiming to be just as delicious as its competitors, john, good to see you. >> good morning. >> tell me about those origin of this new sweet ner how different from blue, pink idol
8:25 am
pack we might see. >> focus to make something with good none of the bad it is overwhelmed with colors most bad for you our focus to take something good natural like sugarcane instead of sugar from sugarcane making a zero calorie national sweetener good for you no after tasty competitively priced with sugar -- >> launches today where would consumers find it are you going to sell it directly to the consumer or more focused initially on food drink manufacturers getting in it their sfluts. >> very early we hope you find it in many products you use at home, everything from, a chocolate you might eat, a baked goods you might consume eventual selling direct to consumers here in u.s. we start direct to consumers in brazil, later in around middle
8:26 am
of 2019. >> can you coming up with thanksgiving i think i used a pound of sugar all stuff we made can you bake with it? just as easily as with sugar? distraught sugar substitute that way. >> our focus to make it feel just like sugar the whole idea of all the good none of the bad is to remove all the confusion from consumer experience, we want consumer teef something they can juice just like sugar, be as good as sugar, much severest than sugar but not have any of the bad, not chemical, about nationally derived in after tasty. >> i tasted it waiting to see if you make this pact color or not it is dwafl sweeter than sugar like, other sweeteners goes a long way congratulations john good to see you. thank you so much, new sweetener look for it come back soon google under fire
8:27 am
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glowing to need to be phased in some issues may need more detailed work, but the idea is there will be a real agreement and, as i said, this is the first time there was a commitment from china, that the agreement will include specific dates specific targets specific action items this is not going to be kicking the can down the road. >> -- >> i think the first part was to reduce the surcharge but yeah there have been specific discussions as to where auto tariffs will come down to i am not prepared to talk about the specifics at this moment. >> understanding is there an
8:32 am
agreement that that will talk about forge the agreement are there real terms that dictate -- >> there were very, very specific items so you know we have been working on this for the last year and a half this is the first time, we exchanged specifics on 142 structural items president xi laid out for president trump very clearly what they are prepared to do on issues the issues cover from purchasing more goods we've always talked about more importantly protecting intellectual property elimination forced joint ventures protecting u.s. technology currency big part of the discussion make sure they don't depreci currency to harm u.s. workers u.s. companies, very, very detailed discussions dinner over three hours. >> secretary --
8:33 am
>> removed the auto tariffs. >> yes, there was. >> mr. secretary what do you think americans will [inaudible question] long term -- good on word. >> well, in the very short term, there will be changes in agriculture so that is probably the easiest thing you are going to see very specific changes, right away. i am taking president xi at his word and his commitment to president trump. but they have to deliver on this, so i think the president has been very clear that he expects to move forward with a real agreement and reserves his ability to do additional tariffs if we're not successful. >> -- major -- major structural issues to talk about -- talking about -- i know you won't get into
8:34 am
private conversations but what happened at that dinner that suddenly china said major things okay. we are ready to talk ready to deal with it go forward with it what happened? >> well i think president trump strategy on tariffs were very fv i think it created a first time a real change in the willness to address certain issues, and i think president trump and president xi had developed a very important relationship i think two largest economies they both understand the responsibilities that we have. let me just comment also, you know, a big part of dinner was obviously economic issues fentanyl issue was a very, very big deal president xi said they are going to change major rule and regulations specifically because president trump asked him an understanding this is killing many americans. the results are very specific discussion on north korea, and the commitment that they will work with us to make sure that there is a nuclear free
8:35 am
peninsula secretary pompeo doing a great job, with real commitment from china, and there is many other issues, we have with china that we are going to work on but we discussed cyberissues, there was real commitment to across the board with very specific items we need to put in agreement. >> very polite now -- the opioid -- china language -- much more watered-down -- considered restrictions can you say declaratively china will crack down. >> i heard that commitment there, now there is work that they need to do to put that through. but yes, i heard a commitment from president xi to president trump that they will move forward with the things that they need to do on that issue. but, again, they have rules and regulations that need to be changed, but that was very
8:36 am
important to president trump, that is going to save literally thousands of tens of thousands of u.s. lives. >> on currency could you explain a little bit more what was discussed on devaluation of currency i think as you know r and d strebd considerably last year weakened last six months down roughly to the point where it was when the president was elected. and we are concerned about that, i have had direct discussions last several months with the governor of the people -- of china discussions we had with is very premier with president ze president trump strong commitment from china to make sure they deal with this issue make sure they don't don't to devalue the currency. >> a agreement to fully move them when did that happen. >> i don't know whether this is taking a few days or week
8:37 am
to implement there was specific agreement on that again this is going to see phase in for next ninth as the i think you are going to see progress on a lot of issues i mentioned agriculture -- >> the president -- take it or leave it -- now that it was -- [inaudible question] . >> i was with the president on air force one i think some of you were with us i think he was pretty clear, in that, i think this is a great agreement. i think that this is a major breakthrough, on lots and lots of issues not just issues on autos but, more importantly, issues are on are pharmaceuticals issues on intellectual property, issues on financial services, i think there is going to be a lot of support, in congress, but this deal is now been signed by all three parties and we expect it will pass if it doesn't i examine the president will terminate the agreement as he said? >> [inaudible question] .
8:38 am
>> chinese -- >> i can assure that you we are going to work with the contingency community dhthes has responsibilities i have responsibilities relates to financial sector i can tell you a topic we discussed at national security council we have tools to know what is going on what is not going on we are going to protect u.s. companies going to make sure they live up to these agreements it is very important to the president. >> -- [inaudible question] able to use once again -- some of the typically disputes -- and so on, and do you think that will -- >> i know there was an invitation that president trump extended to president xi to come back for a u.s. visit, and president xi extended a visit for president trump to come back to china there is no
8:39 am
specifics on the planning of this but my expectation near-term they will continue to have phone conversations as they've had. this was the third major meeting between both of them my expectation with all significant issues they will be meeting in near future what exact logistics are i don't know i am going to take one more question. >> a president repeated talking about u.s. banking billions of dollars because of tariffs the president imposed that is a fundamental misunderstanding how that works about when he comoefs tariffs american consumer pays more not government that makes money. >> treasury does take in tariffs the president is absolutely correct that we are collecting tariffs i think as you know kind of like real estate commissions sometimes today by buyer sometimes paid by the so he willer, some of these are absorbed by foreign producers certain cases passed on, to u.s. companies, but of course the president understands the issues, thank
8:40 am
you. thank you everybody, thank you. >> what is the time on -- >> that was a treasury secretary mnuchin after this truce that was called over weekend between united states, and china, on trade. staying on this topic president trump was tweeting on china as this was going on this gaggle, in washington i am certainly that sometime in the future president subsidy and i together with president putin of russia will start talking about a meaningful halt to what has become a major and uncontrollable arms race u.s. spent 715 billion dollars this year, crazy, explaination point, mitch to you first what you heard from the treasury secretary about it is -- with -- president trump also tweetings i think it was last night about there will be a reduction in 40% tariff on u.s. auto imports into china, maybe back to 25%, 15% is where it was lowered earlier this year before the
8:41 am
trade tensions took off what do you make of what treasury secretary was saying. >> rein forces the notion tariffs have been used as negotiating tool exactly what we are going to do in 90 days try to negotiate a deal if nothing comes of it tariffs are back on that is pretty clear i think the markets are responding to the fact, that we will be operating without the sort of the -- the shower of possibility that we're going to have tariffs that could be slowing down our economic growth our ability to trade. >> you are a expert not just a student you are a professional in language and messaging, and the good vooibibes not just fro our side of it fence not just president trump he traeshz secretary over the weekend president xi emphasized support in main draefrz at g20 for multilateralism china's growing demand for importsgone were references to infrastructure investment push belt road initiative took up
8:42 am
chunks of his address last two years so there is there is a real -- quite frankly coming together. >> i think the president tweeting about special relationship i think they do have something, between them a lot of people can't understand, and can't explain but when you see them coming together you see these kinds of things, i think there is going to be a big impact i think also important, for secretary mnuchin just now talking about there is going to be a phased in approach he talked about there is going to be a deal done next 90 days talked about how they have reached agreement from certain things so we had not yet heard about i think that was a really important message, that i think could give us more confidence this isn't just 90 days wait and see nothing is going to happen sounds like there is real movement there. >> china will be ramping up what it is buying in terms of our farm products you are seeing that, as -- exports from this country into china
8:43 am
down from soybeans down 44% first nine mince more than 60% for corn, so you are seeing move up in the futures, ins no commodities markets we will talk more about this we will keep discussing -- to see trade tensions u.s.-china hashing out temporary deal 90 days break down more detail amazon big the latest company reportedly expands cashier free zone. ♪ ♪ the hotel california ♪ you know the place, if you know the place ♪
8:44 am
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>> nation begins to say farewell to president george h.w. bush his life and legacys day former pennsylvania governor special counsel former dnc chairman ed rendell one of the last appointees of president bush your reaction to his passing? >> well, it was a fine man a good president i think one of the most effective presidents, you have ever had in the field of foreign affairs but most importantly he showed the country in work after presidency, what it was like when we come together what happened between he and president clinton, they became
8:48 am
joint efforts after katrina tsunami inspiration to americans frankly to people all over the world. >> i noticed in 60 minz interviews with president bush's son 43rd president also presidents clinton and obama president obama mentioned something "the wall street journal" editorial over weekend did as well in terms of overseeing trying to navigating demise of warsaw pact reinvocation of germany breakup of the soviet union won trust of mr. gorbachev in part refusing to boast about america's victory his cautious temperament experience helped negotiate a transition without firing a shot, few empires in history have fallen in such peaceful faction might have been overlooked but certainly remembered today. >> would be very useful for actions of the white house today to emulate, if president
8:49 am
bush had gone to germany as war was wall being torn down some advised for political gain it is possible that whole disillusion of the cold war would not the occurred he was more interested in results than credit. governor i will say that i think that both people on both sides of the aisle made need a big dose of civility reminder what respect is i see it across the board every day, not just on right not just out of the -- it is everywhere. but on that point i want to get your reaction to this so the boss bruce springsteen the boss a big old democrat claims president trump has great shot winning in 2020 because flats don't have a good account he spoke to times uk saying i don't see anyone out you there at the moment condition beat trump you need someone can speak same language as trump democrats don't have an obvious effective presidential candidate, what do you say to
8:50 am
that? do the democrats have an obvious candidate? are we overlooking it? >> well two i think so that, number one candidates aren't come out of the oven made in crucible of the primaries bill clinton every one said governor of arkansas? he won't play on the big stage he did he learned, but i think the most obvious candidate we have someone i think could beat president trump handily right now if election were right now is joe by hissen if he skiis joe biden if he decide to run. >> he is he can use salty language in a way might be effective i will say that he does understand blue collar workers as president trump does it was great to see you the thank you for memories for
8:51 am
your service. >> my pleasure. >> president trump tweeted on the border wall shifting from trade in china, to the border wall we would save billions if democrats would give us the votes to build the wall either way people will not be allowed to enter our country illegally we will close entire southern board if necessary. also stop the drugs. we'll be right back. this is not a bed. it's proven quality sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts... so you can get a running start on the holidays. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. limited time only.
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>> thank you so much lee carter mitch rochelle and michael block for spending morning with everybody. it is always a pleasure or particularly on as we celebrate the life with smile of president george h.w. bush that does it for us "varney & company" starts is right now. stuart take it away. stuart: good morning to you a very good morning to everyone you're going to like this. what a way to start a monday. log on to your 401(k) now and just watch it go. the dow is going to be up what, 400 points at the opening bell we're going to get real close to 26,000. which is getting close to the all-time record high. in other words, most of october and november's loss has been wiped out. look please at the nasdaq up 2% of the open. that's a huge gain. and i'll tell you now, that some of the biggest gains are in the technology stocks just wait until you see apple amazon and all and chip makers straight up. what's going on? a truce on trade with china. all right now look a


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