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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 3, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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the past that were hopeful on and they did not pull through in mexico. hopefully this one will see the light and do the right thing for his people. >> we have to leave it there. lou dobbs is up next. thank you for watching the evening at it. here's lou. >> lou: good evening everyone. our top stories tonight. president trump, the chinese president agreeing to a pause in the tariff increases for three months. the two nations to try to negotiate a comprehensive trade agreement. president trump meeting with the chinese government over the weekend and his trademark is optimism and his commitment to america first. >> the relationship is very special. i think it is going to be a primary reason why we will probably end up getting something good for china and
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cooper the united states. >> we look at the president's battle of ending unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property. our political strategist michael goodwin and dan von gino is with us. also the mueller witchhunt is under fire. as jerome corsi has filed an ethics complaint against the special counsel and his team of 17 angry democrats for trying to force corsi to give false testimony against president trump and roger stone. what this means for the special counsel and mark meadows joins us here tonight. sidney powell is with us and committee chair, jason chief it's. also, the body of the 41st president of the united states, george h.w. bush has arrived at the u.s. capitol, where
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president trump, lawmakers, dignitaries, and the public gather to pay their respects as his remains line stayed in the capitol rotunda over the next two days. our top story, president trump in the chinese president agreeing over the weekend to postpone tariff increases for 90 days. president trump wants a deal with the nation. our trade deficits with china have reached record highs this year. as president trump has said, there can be no deal that unless it ends the theft of intellectual property and technology. for more will turn to the chief white house correspondent, john roberts. >> there is a lot riding on the relationship between president trump and the chinese president during their meeting on saturday night. how it would all play out.
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the early indication is that the meeting yielded some results. >> president trump has a new trade relationship with china after it's been described as a breakthrough dinner meeting on saturday. >> it's an incredible deal. if it happens it goes down as one of the largest deals ever made. a deal between the united states and china, and by the president of china and myself. >> the keywords is, if it happens. they have been down this road before with china, only to see it end in disappointment. >> the history of what china promises is not very good. however president of china is involved. >> he wants to reduce and remove the 40% tariff that china puts on cars. and reclassify fentanyl as a
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controlled substance the first time from china that the agreement will have specific dates. >> china has pledged to discuss the authority issues, intellectual property theft, and property transfer. president trump has put in charge of the negotiation, u.s. trade organization, robert white heiser. >> there is nobody better than him in the business. i am sure he will try to keep china on track. >> president trump began keeping up the drumbeat with the mueller investigation. tweeting, bob mueller who is different than most people think and his out-of-control band of anger democrats don't want the truth, they only want lies. the truth is that very bad for their mission. the president treated a quote
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from roger stone saying, i will never testify against trump. president trump adding, nice to know that some people still have guts. he took a swing at michael cohen who asked a judge to suspend present time. citing his cooperation with the special counsel's office. president trump tweeting, he makes up stories to get a great and already reduced deal for himself and get his wife and father-in-law, who has the money? he live for this outcome and should come in my opinion, serve a full and complete sentence. >> lou: back on china, those who are in the meeting with china describes it is nothing short of remarkable. they say it is the first time the president of china himself has gotten involved in the trade talks. as with anything, the proof will be in the doing. >> john, thank you very much. joining me now to discuss the mueller witchhunt, fired xpi
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director -- fbi director. we have the chairman of the house, freedom caucus with us. >> it's great to be with you. >> lou: let's turn to the letter you have sent questioning the foundation of the john uber investigation that we thought was supposed to be progressing at a better rate than the mueller witchhunt. >> obviously, we sent a letter. if you recall in some of your viewers recall, many months o ao we call for a special prosecutor. he said if we will have a special prosecutor look into president trump, that we need a private entrance special prosecutor to look into the clinton e-mail server, the clinton foundation. yes, what we found just recent
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recently, we have some whistleblowers that gave information to john uber over eight months ago. the first contact they received was last friday around 2:00 o'clock. i find the lack of follow-up to be extremely curious at best. very troublesome at worst. >> in one instance one of the whistleblowers, the fbi moving straight ahead against him as if he did not have whistleblower protection. as if he weren't an american citizen by some accounts. >> that's a different whistleblower. unjust data week now we had the weehearing set up this week on e clinton foundation. a number of allegations about improper use of 501 c3 exempt status. about misappropriation of funds. they are all allegations.
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literally, the whistleblowers have been doing patriotic duty. i look forward to learning more. we have thousands of documents we are reviewing. hopefully the fbi will be following course on that as well. >> lou: why don't the american people know more about john huber? what he is focused on, where he is working, what he is taking up? there so little comparison. you can argue that the mueller and investigation leaked like a sieve. >> i think you have two different standards. one that applies to president donald trump. that means every single bits of media attention goes to bob mueller and what he is doing. yet, i would suggest tonight that there is more evidence of wrongdoing potentially on the clinton foundation than what we
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have with regards to the russian trump collusion. there is no collusion. yet, we seem to focus on that. you are right, he's from utah, he is not a household name. i have never met him and i have been actively involved in oversight for going on six years now. >> lou: how do we explain the bizarre, absurd, farcical nature of the special councils? whichever side you are on, whether democrat or republican, this is idiotic. you have a special counsel who with the foundation of almost one year of fbi investigation has not been able to produce the evidence on collusion and continues to take up 12 russian entities, individuals who will never be brought to justice or any accounting in our judicial
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system. the next thing we know, late-night phone calls with roger stone and the president. this is the idiotic nonsense that is at least boiling over or leaked on purpose from the special counsel. >> you have two and half years of an investigation that has produced nothing. we want to say, while there have been people who have been indicted and have lied to the fbi, even some of those charges, and we will have a sentencing of mr. flynn in the coming days. even with all of that, what they do is they leak out enough information or put out enough of a press statement, or indict this person, 12 russians that will never be brought to justice. just enough to be the narrative and keep it going. i think the american people are tired of it. they need to end this mueller witchhunt. they need to make sure that what happens that we turn democracy
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back to the people and let them decide by themselves. >> lou: as you point out, to me this is and appropriate question, what in the world are you doing john huber? why isn't there some accountability here? i have no idea what in the world kind of government we have right now. it doesn't make sense to me. there is no accountability, no oversight. there seems to be no authority being exerted over either special counsel. >> there is not. we need an attorney general willing to oversee this. that's why john huber was put in by jeff sessions. more portly i want one message to come clear, there may be wonderful work going on. i believe there is significant work going on in little rock,
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arkansas as it relates to the clinton foundation. we have been given a task to this individual, john huber, he needs to give us updates to congress. we have that from the special prosecutor. >> if neither party or special counsel gives a report to congress as required or is being overseen by congress as is the constitutional responsibility and if the attorney general's office doesn't seem to hold anyone accountable or set limits, we are in a hell of a mess. i have to go here. >> we are in a mess. this time we have one standard for donald trump and the same for everybody else. >> lou: absolutely. congressman, great to have you with us. still ahead tonight, the left-wing national media and the dam still using the mueller witchhunt to attack president
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trump. >> you say there may be a case for collusion. >> the trump administration is not experiencing something that we have known for a long time. sometimes it's not the crime, the cover-up. >> he has leverage over the president. >> the president continues to dangle a pardon for paul manna four. >> with this white house that seems not to be able to go a day without inaccuracy or able to tell the truth, anything is up for grabs. >> lou: did you catch the line there? if true. at least have some regard for the truth. we take all of that up later tonight. formal prosecutor cb is among our guests. up next, the president is
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finding almost two thirds of noncitizens are on welfare. according to a 2014 u.s. census survey, 63% of noncitizen households were using welfare programs. nearly half are illegal immigrants according to the cis. illegal immigrants in new jersey may soon have the right to legally on their driver's licenses. the bill introduced would create a new license category. radical dem governor phil murphy and steve sweeney. they are supporting the measure. they said the law will make it safer for all new jerseyans. apparently the roads to new jersey are not safe now. with the illegal drivers. i can imagine what she meant. joining me is the latest on the efforts to secure the border to stymie the ambitions of china,
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whether it's stealing our stuffer simply running up the tab through massive trade surpluses with united states. top strategist and fox business political analyst, ed rollins. also foxbusiness contributor in a pulitzer prize-winning contributor. >> let's start with the presidents in buenos aires with the chinese president. they have come up with the deal to talk about a deal which doesn't mention one thing at all which was all of that stealing to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars by the chinese. >> the chinese will tell you whatever you want you to hear. basically they never do anything. if this president isn't careful he'll have a lot of promises
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made. >> he understands there is not a deal made. the business press is running hard with this deal. i'd love to see larry out there in front of the microphones trying to explain it. >> he does like those microphones. >> my sense, obviously the bush funeral has taken the attention this week and trying to get things done. i think democrats will try to run the clock and i think very little is going to get done on important issues with the wall. >> and though we have the matter of a government shutdown, in two weeks the democrats and republican agree not before shut down. what you make is the 21st of december is a deadline? >> i think xi jinping has no intention of giving away anything he really wants. he is the president for life. donald trump has two more years
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so they intend to wait him out. >> can you imagine a group of fools running around resistance. >> they wouldn't last very long. >> but to your question, clearly the calendars overfilled, the time is short. >> you're talking about a republican congress and control. >> how will you know the difference between a paul ryan lead congress and to nancy pelosi lead congress? >> one is benign neglect. >> lou: you didn't think that was active. >> i don't think it was capable of activity. i think nancy pelosi will happen on an agenda and it will be resistance.
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>> you forgetting about the better way agenda. >> i don't think you'll hear much about the better way ever again. >> that in and of itself is an award. >> in the subpoena power now shifts. that's what we will read about every day. >> we will hear the same on various networks, is going to be the same except one thing. we have already seen this movie. this man has been under democratic investigation from almost the moment he stepped into the oval office. he has had the special counsel and fbi on his tail every minute. trying to undercut him and severed his administration. what you think nancy pelosi can do that will be more? >> nothing to bring new evidence to the forefront and then it's harder for him to drive an
7:23 pm
agenda. >> lou: asked the president, he has the levers of power in both hands. he can't make life justice tough for the democrats in the house as they make for him? >> that's what he promised when i had an interview with him. he was preparing a devastated counterpunch. >> 's wouldn't you? >> i think between robert mueller and the democrats in this issue of time, all of the airtime and the momentum will be sucked up by those two things. i think the president will have a rocky year 19. >> the country may have a rocky or two. do you know where xi jinping is tonight? he's in panama to do deals with the panamanian government. that is already underway.
7:24 pm
some 26 deals and investments and takeovers. we are looking at a takeover in part in large part of central america by the chinese, nobody's paying attention nobody is paying attention in congress or in the senate, the white house had damn well better wake up to what is going on. there is nothing benign about what is happening. >> they have already done that in africa with great chinese efforts in africa. my senses they are on the move. they're basically business invaders. i think we need to have our guard up and be careful. >> it's a cold war with the enemy not being the old soviet union. >> a lot smarter and a lot tougher. >> we are watching the takeover of infrastructure of the
7:25 pm
political direction of latin america and south america. it is time for the trump administration to act. >> underfunded bios the chinese. >> 's trillions of dollars. we just thought redistribution was over. it's always good to see you. be sure to vote in our poll. the question is, do you believe the president's delay of higher tariffs on chinese exports to the united states is a potential breakthrough in ending chinese theft or a deferral of a confrontation over those issues with the chinese? cast your vote. like me on facebook, up next, james comey and loretta lynch will soon have for hearings on capitol hill.
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>> lou: former president george hw bush's body is laying and states in the capitol rotunda in washington. his casket will be on public view until the funeral on wednesday. president trump is designated wednesday a national day of mourning. former fbi director, james comey reaching a deal with house republicans ending his subpoena fight. comey will testify friday behind closed doors. he tweeted this quote, hard to protect my rights without being in contempt, which i don't believe in.
7:31 pm
so we'll sit in the dark. republicans agree i'm free to talk when done in transcript released in 24 hours. this is the closest i can get to public testimony. almost public when you test right behind closed doors in washington. >> joining me tonight to discuss the closed-door testimony on the surefire revelations that will come with the transcript, sidney powell, author of the book license to lie, exposing corruption the department of justice. good to have you. let's start with the comey deal. what's going on? who cares what he wants. what is the deal? >> i don't think we have to worry about protecting mr. comey's rights. he seems to be well protected by all of washington. he can take care of himself. >> the idea that congress would
7:32 pm
get engaged in this, "the art of the deal" on the cheek. i don't get it. help me out. >> i don't either. i am glad they are doing it behind closed doors. it will eliminate some of the grandstanding by mr. comey and members of congress. releasing it the next day is the best way to proceed. we will all get to read it but it will cut down on some of the drama of the proceedings themselves and hopefully make it more efficient and productive. >> why did it take them so long to insist on his testimony? it's not even the twilight. it's the 11th hour in the 50th minute of republican power over the house of representatives. >> i have no idea. we should have had it ages ago. >> as we watch the republicans
7:33 pm
going to the sunset, what are we going to miss with nancy pelosi? >> it's going to be a circus. were going to see more more histrionics and drama by the democrats. the president is going to be under increasing pressure from all of the baloney they will throw at him. i'm sure he is preparing a strong offense in return i will go on offense instead of defense, as well he should. the molar investigation needs to be done and over. it's ridiculous. instead of a team of angry democrats it's really a hit squad. it's targeting people instead of seeking out crimes. >> lou: i wonder about the younger generations who are watching this.
7:34 pm
they are going to think it is perfectly all right, traditional, unsurprising to have one party viciously assault the other, the presidents of the united states to subvert him. this is ignorance. the national left-wing may being complicit coordination with third left and the radical dams assaulting a president. will we ever come in your judgment recovery? our court system already has its political divisions already established. it is politically corrupt as any department of the government. is it recoverable? >> i think it is but it will take the appointment of a new attorney general that is ready, willing and able to clean house and prosecute people who committed the real crimes. for at least three years we have had serious crimes committed by
7:35 pm
the democrats both in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal and the cover-up of it. the lengths they have gone to to try to frame this presidents and commit the fisa warrant. >> lou: i do not hear a lot of hope in your voice that any of that will happen. >> i wish i have more hope. it has to happen or we will not have trust in the department of justice. >> lou: we should not have trust in the department of justice. there is no way any american should trust this justice department until it is cleaned up. no one should trust the fbi until it's cleaned up. it is a hell of a long way from either of those realities. it's good to see you. >> thank you lou.
7:36 pm
>> lou: up next, jerome corsi filing an ethics complaint against robert mueller with the justice department. we take that up and more. stay with us, we will be right back. to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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7:40 pm
last week, corsi told us he would never lie before federal judge in order to target the president. >> if i have to die in jail over this, to get the point across to the american people that this is not standard of justice, i will die in jail. >> jerome corsi, taken the battle against the special counsel to a formal justice department complaint. an ethics in criminal complaint. joining me to take up mueller's witchhunts and to turn witnesses against the president, former secret service agent, we urge you to buy his book and read it. dan, good to see you. first, the issue with corsi. he says this flat out. he was being blackmailed for the
7:41 pm
special counsel trying to force him to commit perjury against the president of the united states. >> prosecutors at the federal level, or whoever it may be trying to push witnesses hinted testifying is nothing new. here's the problem. what are they trying to get him to testify to? nobody has pled guilty to the actual conspiracy charge yet. what the democrats and liberal media in the swamp rat types and rodents in d.c. have been telling us for months is there is a big conclusion conspiracy between trump and the russians to impact the russians. nobody has pled guilty to the conspiracy charge. people get arrested for things all the time. what are they going to get someone who has some knowledge
7:42 pm
about the collision he's talking about. >> what are they going to wise up and know the republican party is working as hard against this as the democrats are. if mcconnell and ryan had stood up and said it's over, it would be over. it's stunning to me to watch what the country is tolerating the name of partisan politics. it's disgusting, palling, and there is going to be hell to pay. there will be payback, don't you agree? >> of course. not just on the republican spineless jellyfish amoebas on this. moeller is the most powerful man in america right now. he has no oversight right now. the president is subjected to impeachment. congressmen and women could be voted out of office. nobody cares.
7:43 pm
jeff flake loves them. the democrats think he's the greatest thing ever. the media celebrates the sky. he is conducting the biggest scam in modern american history. this witchhunt garbage investigation into a conspiracy that doesn't exist. it's the first conspiracy case analyzing this work nobody actually pleads guilty to the actual conspiracy. we will have people pleading guilty to jaywalking. people are falling for. republicans were involved also in the scheme to target trump. not just targeting for mueller but it is laid out in my book and others. the republicans are involved in this to. >> lou: absolutely. that's why said it would be over if the leadership of the
7:44 pm
republican party had any cuts or principles. >> we know the democrats if this was them, i am no fan of liberal ideology but the democrats would have shut this down six months ago but the republicans let it go. biggest scam in american histo history. >> how did you say that, spineless amoebas? there is a very good likelihood in the republican party that robert mueller will still be in office of the special counsel a decade from now. unless somebody takes action. dan, it's great to have you with us. up next, president trump wants to sent his legal bills to someone who sued him. we'll tell you who and what his thoughts are getting paid. jason is with us next. stay with us. we will be right back.
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>> eric: attorneys for president trump arguing that stormy daniels should play $345,000 in legal bills. that's due to aggressive tactics by her attorney in october.
7:49 pm
the district judge ruled the president is entitled to those legal fees. joining me now, jason j fitz, foxbusiness contributor and author of the deep state. how an army of democrats is protected barack obama and is working to destroy the chump agenda. let's start with the president on trade with the chinese. it concerns me even though there some reason to expect the president can work out successfully a deal come there is no mention of the theft of intellectual property and technology which amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. what you see as the prospects? >> the president has taken a tough line with america first. what donald trump says he means.
7:50 pm
i see the announcement as a huge win for the united states opening up the market more for automakers making other progress. i was with illinois farm bureau over the weekend. i think they would have to agree that this is a great good thing for the united states. there is a lot more to get our balance in line with china, particularly with the intellectual property theft and the americans to go after the chinese when they steal that intellectual property. >> do you know how much the chinese are worried about us? the trade deficit has risen to record highs. never before at this level. despite the president's level to balance. property theft by the chinese. nonstop throughout whether it's
7:51 pm
we cancer we have chosen not to, either way the answer is awful. we have to change it now. >> the chinese require you to basically hand over your blueprints to whatever it is you're doing. the market is so big and enticing. i also think american companies need to push back and say we want to do business there. a lot of these companies will willingly give the information. some is stolen but some is given and then there has to be a court system to. >> if we get to a chinese court you know as well as i do, the answer is already in. >> with whatever it is it's a condition precedent to any deal. the forced transfer of
7:52 pm
technology is astonishing. as this country and government is, the congress and senate, they are bought and paid for and you know this, by the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers on wall street. am i wrong? >> they have a huge influence. one thing most people don't realize, 100% of the goods coming into the country are supposed to be inspected. less than 2% are inspected. i have been to these chinese ports. they do not allow her customs and border control to inspect the goods. other countries they do. you go to china and they won't let you do it. those things i think donald trump could dramatically impro improve. >> with the dems and republicans both fighting him, this man is
7:53 pm
fighting 24 hours a day, seven days a week and he doesn't have a lot of people on his side. they are too busy gorging themselves on lobbyist money and being bought wholesale by k street and wall street. >> republicans have got to get the president the wall money. >> lou: 5 billion or 25 billion? >> at least give him the 5 billion. we will spend $4 trillion in the next 12 months. you can't find 5 billion? it's there. >> lou: and no doubt it will be there going to another enterprise more favored by the koch brothers than that wall. don't you think it's amusing part of the condition to get
7:54 pm
into a discussion about the trade deal is that the chinese would have to define fentanyl, the most deadly opioid in the world being shipped to us from china, defined it as a controlled stop i substance. not stop it or put in those who produce it but just define it as a controlled substance. >> that's why they have to make sure anything common in the united states is inspected. >> lou: what a novel idea. border security, port security. >> it's already the law. >> lou: it's not even about the laws. we have all sorts of laws. we only have one man who wants to enforce them. and he's getting killed by the establishment. up next, our viewers weigh in on the mueller witchhunt.
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stay with us, we will be right back. .. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
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7:59 pm
western hemisphere we are committed to maintaining our independence from the encroachment of expansionive foreign powers. president xi jinping by the way, is in panama. here is where we are today and what we are looking at tomorrow. john huber, special counsel, ignoring clinton foundation whistleblowers as the mueller witch hunt goes on. >> every bit of media attention goes to bob mueller and what he's doing. but i would suggest tonight there is more evidence of wrongdoing potentially on the clinton foundation than what we have with regard to the russian, trump collusion, because there
8:00 pm
is no collusion. lou: president trump set to pay his respects to george h.w. bush tonight at the toda -- at the capitol. trish: president trump demanding a tough sentence for his personal attorney michael cohen. he says bob mueller and his angry democrats are out of control. reports of migrants jumping the border between the u.s. and mexico as the u.s. increases pressure' on congress to fund the border wall. dr. sebastian gorka is joining me straight ahead. chaos in the streets of paris. violent protests are getting out of control as the french rage against the


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