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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lou: president trump set to pay his respects to george h.w. >> i don't know whether this is going to take a few day or week to implement. but there was a specific agreement on that. and again, this is
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german automake reverse visiting washington, d.c. for trade talks today the ceos much both and cfo of bmw meet with u.s. officials they include trade representative robert lighthizer and larry kut low the european union is criticizing this meeting that says white house is reaching otodirectly to the car companies in an effort to undermine their trade negotiations. well president trump has threatened to impose punitive tariffs on german and european cars if the eu trade talks didn't progress. >> meanwhile, general motors ceo mary barra heading to capitol hill tomorrow for a meeting with two ohio senators. this comes after she announced that gm plans to close five
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plants in north america including one in ohio next yore and flash up to 15,000 jobs that was reported over a week ago and senators and sherrod brown are expected to press bharara to save the ohio plant as many gm employees wham. company's decision -- >> they're taking money from the american people and they're giving a small portion to other countries to build products to bring back the u.s., and if they just let the american people build these products, the american people will be a lot more excited about buying them. >> well shares of gm are down 7%. so far this year, stock to watch today. >> we do want to tell you after gm move the white house is seeking to end subsidies for electric cars as well as with other items including renewable energy sources. white house economic advisor
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larry saying it will end but democrats take control in the house in january are unlikely to agree to end this. ivelg well, morgan stanley is predicting what will become of one of the country's top automakers companies. >> this is a very interesting story. their prediction of who is going to be number one well tracee carrasco has some answers for us joins us with more on that and headlines making news this morning. >> ford 11 billion restructuring could result in 25,000 job cuts. but much more than general motors ford hasn't announced any job cuts but in a note to investors morgan stanley analyst adam predicts cuts could be larger than gm. most of the job loss will come largely outside of north america ford is down 23% year to date a federal judge is -- >> well that's your next story. okay yeah federal judge is raising concerns about this health care merger and this is a little disturbing lauren and i were talking about this this
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morning m >> because they started to merge now judge is saying wait it involves cnn and etna. >> district judge richard leon a key figure in at&t merge we are time warner now questioning the justice department decision to approve cvs69 billion dollar acquisition of etna judge leon is concerned justice department hasn't fully addressed the potential competition issues raised by the merger. these ordered cvs to stop integration and reviews merger cvs is up about 10% year to date etna up 38% year to date. >> a little late for this judge to be about weighing in that was lauren and i's point this morning. popular social media blogging site is soon going to be under severe restrictions. what's going on? >> online blogging site tumblr says it will start bang images and videos that contain what they're calling adult content
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including pornography and sex acts. the the company said it will make exceptions for nonsexual content including breast-feeding photo and health related situations. announcement comes weeks tumblr mobile app removed after material related to child sexual abuse was found on the site. >> a lot of news tracee carrasco thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. thanks. >> well stocks definitely rally yesterday on word of the trade truth between washington and beijing but now it looks as if investors are giving it a second look we bring in jonas cofound per as well as a fox business contradict tore good morning johannes what changed between yetdz and today? >> lack of detail i think would sum it up just i think only tangible not tangible is that the move in autotariffs from autos made in united states exported to china which went from 14 to 40% believe it or not which had a big impact on bmw and mercedes that's supposed to
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go down but we don't know to what extent or how much lower they're going so vague at this point. and that's taking away some of the bump that we got from its which was primarily because it was supposed to gets were and it doesn't seem took getting worse but we don't know if that's true either. >> we don't know anything. we know that china hawk and hardliner robert lighthizer will lead these negotiations do you think that is affecting the market this morning? >> i don't think levels they're at this trade war is significant enough to cause a major impact on stock market anyway so it's not like that's going to cause a crash because we're going to not go away of the 10% rates we're currently at until it spreads to other countries i don't see it as being a major market event because at the end of the day we're not in recession and tariffs in a strong economy is in mid-my can handle. >> but we're seeing signals that we could be headed towards recession to a couple of things to talk about now. first of all tenure treasury
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yield since september back below 3%. that's number one. also, if you look at the tenure -- the difference the spread between 10 and two -year yield curve not inverted yet but it is narrowing the most in other a decade what is this? what flashing signs is this signaling to you? >> well good news is mortgage rates are going down bad news is you might not have a job to pay for your morming that's what it yield verge is and it happens typically before a recession mean shorter term rates are longer than long-term rates typically higher because a lot of reasons namely because there's inflation. this is -- i think, not such a big warning sign out of recession at this point because there's so much money in the bond market that keeps buying bonds when rates go up. that's why you saw it get too complicated around five year went lower. that's where bond funds are investing lower duration so
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excess demand and federal reserve probably got a little too hot those hawkish which wases president talked about. it probably should have raised rates slower with shorts rates coming up so fast that investors don't think there's inflation therefore without worrying about a return on it and global stocks down, still this year, it look look a very safe yield to earn a lot of big banks are coming out the saying it is a great return. lock in cash and longer yield term. so interest rates potentially going up. economy slowing down. what's a going on with china. and ping investors are thunderstorm warning are responding but i know they might change their mind come to close. right thanks for trying to make sense of it all to us. we appreciate it this morning. [laughter] nice climber on bond market too. we appreciate that. >> getting into the bond market later on in the show actually with one of our best economists let's take a look at futures right now. right now we are under pressure
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in premarket this, of course, is of a we rally nearly 300 on dow taking some of that back this morn down 156 s&p down 14 and three quarters nays dock down 51 and a quarter. still ahead message received. thousands of people violently protesting tax hikes in paris. they may now get their wish. the major announcement expected today. and millennials they are known for killing a lot of things. bar soap, marriage, yeah. movies now they're targeting a mainstay of the american lunch. potato chips. stand by for this one. one of the reasons will thank you. thank you millennials. you're watching fbn:am. once i started looking for it was a no-brainer. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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well the american people beginninged process of saying their final good-byes to president george h.w. bush today let's go to doug live in washington for those tributes. good morning, doug. >> good morning to both of you the body of george h.w. bush will lie in state at the re -- welcomed night long it was
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sparsely attended given wee hours but there was one unexpected pair of visitors frump melania and she placed her hand over her heart and bowed their heads and said a brief prayer. there were no words spoken in the largely empty building at that time. but earlier in the often there were some very touching remembrances from -- leaders of the executive brnch branch and leaders of both houses of congress. >> he was known as a the quiet man. not for lack of nerve or dare and president bush never lost his love for adventure and he never failed to answer the call to serve his country. >> today this hero returned to capitol a final time he kept us flying high and challenged us to fly high per still. and he did it with modesty and kindness. as americans, we have no more
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solemn duty than laying a great patriot to rest to the bush family, on behalf of the whole house republicans and democrats, we are profoundly sorry for your loss. and we are honored to celebrate this wonderful life with you. >> president bush's body will lie in state until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. at which point it will be transported to the washington national kat central to be official state -- funeral procession there will be no procession as is -- generally the case for these kinds of state funerals there's something that president bush did not want to see himself. on thursday the body will be transport ared back to houston lying in repose at st. martins church before the burial service before close friends and family at the george h.w. presidential library in college station. back to you in new york. fling he'll be buried next to his wife and daughter.
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thank you doug for that live report. married more than 70 years. checking on future this is tuesday morning, what a difference a day makes after a near 300 point rally yesterday for the dow, dow futures are down 140 points nasdaq down 47. we want to remind you that fox business will be open tomorrow but markets will be closed for a national day of mourning for president bush. >> coming up this morning, a terrifying crash caught on camera state troopers shoved a man out of harm's way but wait until you see this video of what happeneds next. and christmas miracle thanks to another secret santa. >> it is really are hard i'm a single mom of five and i've been really upset about christmas and not able to pay it. >> incredible act of kindness that will make your morning and maybe your holiday season. you are watching fbn:am. i am a family man.
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welcome back let's get you caught up on what's happening right now a reversal fortune and have a lower open dow is down 134 right now s&p down 12.5. nasdaq down 44 and quarter we're coming back a little bit, though, on this futures. violent protest forcing french president emmanuel macron to make a u-turn on fuel tax reports say his government will announce a suspension of the tax which sparked so-called yellow vest protest. and macron said that tax was necessary to combat climate change and protect the environment. ambulance drivers joined movement joining emergency vehicles to block french national assembly building protesters are calling for
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macron resignation well lion air canceling orders from boeing two companies in battle over responsibility for a 737 that killed 189 people an late october when it crashed. lion air has 22 billion remaining orders with boeing highlights stakes surrounding the investigation of that deadly crash. in florida, surveillance video capturing the the scary moment a small plane crashed into a building. the plane skidded town the fort lauderdale street before catching fire pilot and passenger inside the plane both died. one person inside that building was injured. ntsb is investigating. "the wall street journal" bumblebee and chick hadden the of the sea saw a drop of consumption since late 80s who prefer fresher option and can't bother to open a can once executives say millennials don't own can openers. they're killing everything bar
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soap, marriage, tuna and can openers. it is cold outside. here in new york city 38 degrees. and in dallas texas, a a cool 35. >> janice live with the tuesday forecast. >> are you looking at my maps before me? telling the temperatures like a boss. [laughter] >> sorry janice it's all yours if >> i love it. i love it when you help me out look how far that cold air has sunk across portions of texas. sank, sunk okay so it is cold as far as south as gulf coast let's say that. across the great lakes that's where we're seeing some lake effect snow and frontal boundary stalled over north florida to bring potential for shower and thunderstorms an next weather maker coming into the west. rain and mountain snow, the the gyre are a nevada, a couple of feet more of snow good snow pack across the west so far. with several systems and that's the storm that's going to make it across country later this week. otherwise a pretty good
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forecast, lauren you can help me out any time you too cheryl. back to you. >> we're here for you. >> you are. janice see you ahead. >> investors this morning over u.s. trade truce with china but if the white house is concerned, they are not show it. >> your good will and again, president xi is amazing presentation to president trump saturday night. in that positive optimistic spirit, we have strong expectations. >> and looks like big tech has high hops after popular stocks that pummeled what is next for them and you no longer have to wait for your sugar fix a new breakfast items sure to wake you up i cannot wait. you're watching fbn:am.
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>> this is first time there was a commitment from china that the agreement will include specific dates, specific targets, specific action item its. this is not going to be just kicking the can down the road. where will that road go? there's questions about the details in timing, of a trade deal with china. that's got investors worried this morning. >> pus futuring are down across the board dow futures sinking 121 points after yesterday's near 300 point rally for dow industrials. >> also worries about what signals the bond market as flashing about -- well potentially a recession the tenure back below 3%. >> in europe a mixed open, the paris is down half of one percent as reuters is reporting that france will suspend fuel tax increase that sparked violent and deadly protest. >> over to japan, the nikkei giving up monday gains down, 2.4%.
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shanghai small gain. >> marlboro meets man marijuana fbn:am continues right now. 5:30 on the dot in new york it is tuesday the 4th 6 december good morning to you i'm lauren simonetti. >> good morning everybody i'm cheryl casone. well, with u.s. stock index futures trading lower this morning, after the big jump that we got yesterday, the u.s. china trade deal isn't right one for america and investors seem to be putting up a cautious tone this morning about this situation with the two countries. wells fargo senior economist joins us now as we fake a looking at futures mark. look there seem to be doubts about this. there were reports in asian papers especially the south china post that -- you know chinese wanted all they wanted was an extense but that they're going to delay and delay, and delay why the concerns about the u.s. and china coming to an agreement?
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>> well i think that initially there was sense of relief that things are not going to intensity or jack up tariffs more on january one. pane i think that's why markets rallied yesterday and today and really even by mid morning yesterday folks realize there's a lot more wood to chop this it not yet and we have a way to go but i sense that this is more positive of the markets realize right now. i remember when i realized that trump had a very good shot at winning after he won the republican nomination i went out and bought art of the deal. probably should have read it before hand. but as you look at the art a of the deal and look at trump and trump negotiate stance, i sense a pivot here and i sense a change from using sticks to carrots. >> add new news is lighthizer he's a hardliner he's not playing around when it comes to chinese but what about economic
5:32 am
sietdz this have. you're the economist not me, mark. if the u.s. economy is continued to be strong, if gdp reads continue to be strong and unemployment continues to stay low, doesn't that give the u.s. a better negotiating spot against the chinese and they're one that are under pressure they're ones who are going to see a gdp drop not us. >> that does give us a better negotiating stance but that's where we were, and if you look at the more leading indicators on the the economy particularly things like capital goods orders, motor vehicle sales, with home sales they've all weakened so -- i think that fourth quarter gdp likely to be strong two and a half percent not about about to fall off a cliff. but i think that our advantage there may wane a little bit if we don't start making some progress and so, i think that that's one of the things that is caused the tone to change a little bit. but you know, our own survey that came out, comes out this morning new the first time i'll say it on small business confidence is all time high 129 highest it has ever been in
5:33 am
history of the survey main street, main street employed half of the workers in america. >> that's american jobs that's the economy mark, no and that's a very positive sign hopefully that kind of news what you're piengsding at wells fargo will be good for these negotiations. i want to ask you really quick that we're looking at the tenure treasury we're below 3% right now. there's that seems to be kind of a concern -- recession, i mean, this is a word that is being bantered about mark. what do you say? >> it did come up at a dinner last night. i don't think there's a recession right around the corner. there's one thing that does concern me and that is that the most cyclical parts of our economy -- are weakening right now. spending automobiles commercial construction residential construction and business equipment they make up 20% of our my they account for 100% of the drop in recession, and three of the four are weakening right now. so that's a little bit concerning. but we have very strong momentum behind us. i don't think we're going to see
5:34 am
recession in 2019 two percent of that growth or better. >> thank you for being here appreciate it. >> no recession looking at the gifts under my christmas tree but we also saw tech stocks rebound big time yesterday on words of the trade truth between washington and beijing amazon jumping about 5%. a physical gaining three and a half percent we bring in tech analyst ian he's the founder creative director of big wish and good morning. why the the big rebound for tech yesterday because as tech goes often so goes the the rest the market. >> it seem this is way but i think specifically with china tariff deal, tech is effected in respect to the fact that, the intellectual property and fact that china can create other social networks or search engines or alibaba in terms of the e-commerce but the entire tariff situation much more of a agricultural issue. i think naturally tech is is becoming the future of everything and then that is even investors are affected so when
5:35 am
temperature is cool and everybody cools out a little bit tech is better. >> tech is a major part of maden china 2025 plant as they move to compete with our big companies. it's just that truth, it is a temporary resolve between two nations do you see these trade talks going anywhere to change some of the bigger structural reforms ip theft and other issues? >> naturally they want to have the most freedom and open border pals and make sure it is the one. even when we compromise liberties into the countries the companies ratter be there than nots. i think the ip theft is a real issue. but they rather have the the doors open and any sense to be able to monetize them to be too concerned. we with tend to out innovate in a way to copy us and that seems to be okay. the real issue here -- is understanding that president, and he is teachermental so stock market reflecting that. >> stock market is a good
5:36 am
measure in his eyes of his popularity so he certainly wants it to go up, and it did yesterday. we'll see. i want to look now at the market cap of some of the major tech companies apple amazon, and microsoft they're all above 860 billion dollars and every day, you know we with change who is number one but apple was number one for long pest time but now it seems like apple change rules of its own game it won't report yiewnt sales and given amazon and microsoft an opportunity to catch up. >> yeah, i was noticing i think the entire idea of fang is hurt microsoft because my kro soft wases original tech company i don't know if there's karma bill gates doing all of the this chair to bewe forgot about microsoft the tech company so they're back in the fold. i think as history, the fact that apple was first company to hit a trillion is more of the marker that we look back on in history and right now this is just a little race between all of them matily big earning season and what happens with holiday spending will be indicator of where they end up.
5:37 am
>> right. for microsoft what an incredible act ian wishing grad thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, this q and a site may be need to explain themselves to millions of its users. >> i'm curious tracee carrasco joins us with that story and other headlines making news. hey. >> good morning, the yes and answer website cora said hackers got into its network and gain access to data belonging to 100 million users. the company said the hack percent gain access to uses names e-mail traceses and direct messages. cora detebted hack become on friday still investigating the incident. last week they have jewel labs but now they have their sites on another company tell us. >> marlboro maker in talkings with marijuana producer over investment deal that looks for ways to get into the pot industry just a month ago it was
5:38 am
reportedly in talk with another marijuana producer. apria according to financial times it also held talks with pill ray all of this as the company explores new smoking categories as you said just last week, "the wall street journal" reporting that altria in discussions with jewel lab it is down near 22% year to date. >> so they need to get into the pot industry just from that chart. [laughter] all right two beloved brands are in the work to transform their sugar treats sugarpalooza in to what? >> sugar cereal you can buy it inspired by your favorite who is honey buns cereals will be widely available starting in january. but you may see some of the boxes on store shelves right now. news of the inspired cereals come after they team up with nestlé to produce snowball and
5:39 am
twinkie flavor ice cream earlier thissier and have your favorite treats all day long. >> i'll try donuts. >> i'm online board but i want we wanted to be healthier when it came to cereal? >> no. other people, not us. >> thank you tracee. >> well we are getting a little bit healthier with where are markets this morning. right now future pointing to lower market but we're coming back a little bit. dow is only down 107 right now. s&p is down the.5. nasdaq down 35 and half and markets closed tomorrow. fox business will be, of course, open for business and looking at oil up almost 3% on expectations of a production cut later this week. we are up about one and a half right now. okay coming up, it was "monday night football" and it was a must win game for eagles squared off against redskins with highlights and it is official. with finals for heisman trophy are now jared max has all of the names. we'll be right back. so a tree falls on your brand-new car and totals it.
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all right defending super bowl champs are alive "monday night football" in pfltd. jared max here in new york with highlights hello. >>ed good to see you in studio eagles can worm their way into the post season watch this. eagles entered monday night with a losing record 5-7 first quarter and golden tape scores
5:43 am
the touchdown, and then golden was celebrated by dancing to wariner -- and awesome. in good fashion. the injury continues to worm its way through the red skins quarterbacks and playing because alex smith suffered gruesome injury bang and now a broken leg as well for mccoy so mark sanchez tieing eagle win last night and they are 6-6 yards philly 28-13 behind dallas cowboys. heisman trophy college football presented saturday in new york, three finalists announce all quarterbacks to kentucky her murray in oklahoma and one from ohio state. boston red sox accept invite with president trump. at the white house manager alex cora a critical of the president say hi rpghts him and will use platform in the right way. the hershey there set a record
5:44 am
the other night their annual teddy bear toss. 34,79 bears. thrown on to the ice, first goal is scored and that did it beat previous all tally and they get donated to 30 organizations that help children in need. >> amazing story. now record has been broken and gwinn record and sleepless in seattle waiting for a hockey teal big vote today from nhl to award a new hockey team seattle washington. >> bring us the the deets. jared thank you very much. catch fox headline it is 24/7 siriusxm channel 115. s&p down just about ten points. congress agrees on a plan to delay a government shutdown. but will they agree to $5 billion to fund president trump's border wall? we will discuss -- and it is former new york mayor of michael bloomberg throwing his hat into the presidential
5:45 am
2020 ring. we're going to have his latest and pretty telling move. ♪ there's no place like home ♪
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argh! i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪
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happy tuesday let's get you caught up on what's happening right now futures selling off after strong is rally down 114 and nasdaq down 34. michael bloomberg headed to iowa as he considers a 2020 presidential run. he'll be des moines for premier on climate change called paris to pittsburgh. the title is critique of president trump meant when he pulled u.s. out of the agreement that he represents people of pittsburgh not paris.
5:49 am
well there's another speaker at wal-mart santa out there a person in colorado paid 45,000 to cover cost of all items on lay away. two other mystery shoppers recently did same thing at wal-marts in new york and in vermont. that is also news from many struggling families on the holiday season. shale. >> we are watching giving itself two more weeks to come up with a spending bill, of course, the -- after the death of president george h.w. bush in washington basically shut down while funeral goes on there. now leaders behind this scenes have reportedly agreed to push to december 21st president, though, is still amping up the pressure to get $5 billion for border wall. here's his tweet, we would save l bees of dollars if democrats would give us votes to build wall either way people will not be aloud into our country illegally and close the entire southern border if necessary. also, stop the drugs.
5:50 am
can there be a deal with democrats about to take control of the house in january let's bring in republican strategist john thomas and guys, good morning. >> good morning. all to a question here democrats are no longer irrelevant i want you to listen to what what mitch mcconnell had to say about change of the dynamic of congress. listen. we don't have it i'm sorry. paraphrase it then he said who is this is mitch mcconnell perceived as shutting down government role irritate the hell of the voters i don't think we'll duet to that point. mitch mcconnell is saying this isn't going to happen. smg right no i think this is going to to be issue that's perk lating and it has been, and for the president to -- throw a everyone iter tantrum say to lock down borders is -- wrong is not going to be good for economy, there's 41 billion dollars worth of trade that goes between the u.s. and mexico. and it's not going to be good for those especially in manufacturing.
5:51 am
so those will hurt at the end of the day hurt american workers. i think yeah. >> go ahead. i mean go ahead respond to that. >> i think that presidents call shutdown borders, didn't mean legal entries i think he meant shutting down all-access except for legal industries but i think here's the challenge. president had two fundamental campaign promises that brought him into office. first, was grow the economy. which he's doing in states and second, it is to build that wall. he has to deliver on this, and honestly, these next couple of weeks before the next congress is sworn in is his best opportunity to do it. >> i don't know. look, this is a wall for dhaka deal but the president would -- and there's been negotiations we've heard from several in democrats they've been goarnghting behind scenes, behind the scene frankly during the funeral george h.w. but saying look there could be a million people that daca
5:52 am
dreamers if you will that would get citizenship in a deal cut that way funding for the wall i don't know if it is $5 billion but it could be something like that behind scenes. >> look there have been conversations i'm sure thafn going on, on the issue is that yes you're right. this -- who will have to happen within the next couple of weeks if they want to get it -- done quickly. the the question is also is why haven't they done something not comprehensive -- when republicans control all houses of government. >> mitch mcconnell said it as well democrats are not irrelevant. chuck schumer we saw him yesterday right next to mitch mcconnell at the ceremony at the rahtnuda a billion is on the table maybe 1.6 billion what the house put out but not from schumer i don't think 5 billion will happen. >> yeah. i think you're right. i don't think it is going to what in the 5 billion.
5:53 am
look, you know what have we need to do to make sure that we get comprehensive immigration passed, and done, you know, those conversations need to happen so it does get done. >> and also john, you know if you look at what's going on behind the scenes you know it seems to me that nobody has the appetite for a shutdown because they blame other seem like it is political suicide. >> it is in a way although after january third when the next congress is sworn in, it is a different animal it is a -- now i think voters will understand that republicans don't control all branches of government. that it can't easily get things done that it might, in fact, be democrats fault if they don't want to secure border. >> do you think president trump will shut down government right before kr*e78s? do you think they'll do that? >> no i think he's playing game of chick ton get something more. whether it is 5 billion i don't know. but 1.5 billion for a fence is not what trump wants. fences don't works. walls do. >> i don't know. that's a debatable topic we shall see. john thomas, gentlemen thank you
5:54 am
very much. big story and that is going to affect a lot of folks. thank you. >> thank you for having me. recent gas tax increases in france, not going over well with struggling consumers. many of them revolting and now president macron may change course get the reaction from overseas when we return. i am not for colds. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal. . .
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lauren: french government reportedly to do bout face over gas tax hike, joshua. joshua, looks like president macron is preparing to suspend the tax hikes. considered out of touch with the citizens. >> this is what macron vowed to stop to the top and people taking to the streets and getting what they want. the problem with it sees as tax on themselves and unlike progressive taxes where you see the likes of income tax, the high earners taxed more, hitting those who are relying on cars, particularly farmers for livelihood, something that people aren't necessarily going to stand for and as he understands he tries to move back from it. let's say he suspends for several months, probably come
5:58 am
down to table down the line. cheryl: bigger negotiating strategy. let's hold to britain. can britain hold another vote on brexit, what's going on? >> particularly interesting today. top lawyers at european court of justice essentially come out that if we decided to revoke article 50 it wouldn't necessarily be something that every single member of the eu would have to vote for, something that could be unilaterally. makes easier to deal with and essentially makes it something that appears to be viable option, we are away from it at the moment, if you're to listen to mp's in uk, seems like theresa may's plan for brexit is dead in the water. if she gets rejection, would there be german election, no deal brexit, certainly remain is something that people are touting as potential way to
5:59 am
result the rejection of a deal if that's how it plays out. lauren: as we look at what's going on in britain and france, there's real discontent in europe at the moment, we are looking at the currency board right now, how is what's going on in great britain with brexit affecting sterling? >> yeah, certainly, you know what, it's been volatile, wouldn't necessarily really gone that far recently, there's been a lot of volatility but not that much direction, that's because people don't necessarily know what's going to happen. interesting point in time when we get this vote on theresa may's deal, how that's going to play out is going to massively impact the pound and massively impact -- cheryl: joshua mahoney, thank you. >> thank you. lauren: all right, mornings with maria starts right now. maria: hey there ladies, good morning to you, good morning, happy tuesday to you, i'm maria bartiromo and tuesday
6:00 am
december 4th, the trade rally is fading this morning, futures indicating a decline at the start of trading after strong rally yesterday in stocks, of course, the major indices ending up in triple digits closing off sessions high with the dow industrials up almost 300 points, 288 points, investors showing optimism over 90-day trade truce between the united states and china, nasdaq up better than 119 points, meanwhile one concern is bond market, yield on 10-year treasury closing below 3% for the first time since september. we will take a look at that, 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning, interview with treasury secretary steven mnuchin as he walks us through the agreement over the next 90 days with china, steven mnuchin. the dax index down about 2


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