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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 4, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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congressman andy bigs and harmeet dhillon among our guests. good night from new york. president trump's long-time confidant roger stone invoking his fifth amendment rights saying he's not going to provide the senate with testimony about potential russia collusion. the reason he's not going to testify, mr. stone wanted everything out in the open. he called it far too overreaching and long ranging.
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joining me trump coauthor "trump's enemies,"" i believe in the public's right to hear about this. apparently some on the senate judiciary committee feel otherwise. just a couple days ago james comey was in the same same position. he said i will not come before the house committee because i don't want to go behind closed doors, i want a public hearing. roger stone is taking the same position. he doesn't know what the scope of the investigation is. and he's seeing mueller try to catch people in these perjury traps. those are big and real concerns. but i do have to say that roger
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stone, if you get the opportunity to go before the committee in public, you should take it. there is nobody who can tell your story better than you. that will come out and the american people will understand. trish: i think he's understand reply concerned in this environment, you say one thing and you are off by a day, a month or hour, and suddenly you were drinking white russians and it's all over. >> let's talk about michael flynn since he's in the news. trish: tell me. >> mike flynn was in an interview with peter strzok, the fbi agent who has been fired. but peter strzok claims he gave peter strzok different answers thann a previous interview. and that's why michael flynn
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ended up pleading guilty to a false statement. trish: michael cohen said in the first go-around donald trump was talking about maybe building a tower in moscow and those conversations ended around january, 2016. forgive me if i'm off by a couple weeks because i don't want to get in trouble. but it turned out the conversations were til going on through june of 2016. >> the issue is from donald trump, jr.'s testimony, there were multiple conversations about multiple issues with multiple people. and don junior could be remembering a different period and a different person. both of those things can be true. i believe this whole thing is hogwash. there has been no evidence of
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russian collusion. michael cohen pled guilty to tax he vision and wire fraud it had nothing to do with the campaign. the same thing -- trish: they are trying to get him on anything they can. do you think it's the the same thing with general flynn? >> it's terrible to see what they have done to michael flynn. my heart goats out to him and his family. but you can't lie. and that's what everybody needs to understand. if there wasn't any question, there wouldn't be any issue here. my problem is, and we see prosecutors -- overzealous prosecutors do this all the time. they try to pinch you and try to get you to sing from a song sheet they are conducting. >> then you start composing. >> you are composing instead of
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telling. trish report other big story. you have mourners paying their respects to president george h.w. bush. the media has turned what is a somber moment for this country to an attack, they turned it into an attack on president trump. i want the viewers to see this and i want your reaction. >> i can't help but wonder if there was a thought bubble or donald trump's head just now, what he was thinking as he stood there. >> i have to imagine he was thinking how much longer do i have to stand here. >> he signed into law the environmental clean air act. this president is trying to unravel everything he did and obama did. >> can we not focus on trump?
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we are honoring a great president. >> what everyone is getting at is the office of the presidency has been debased in a way that's unimaginable for people who served, every past president. trish: i understand political differences. but there is a time and place for these things. at the funeral that's happening tomorrow. i'm saying it's not appropriate. for joy behar to get on the. > -- on"the view" and argue witn mccain and say do we have to make everything about donald trump? fan joy behar exploded. it strikes me as poor taste. >> it's sad. these people all have trump derangement syndrome it's true
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that they can't let a day go by. they can't bury the 41st president of the united states without an attack on this president it's shameful, it ought not happen. i worked for -- we saw the images today of senator bob dole, the former majority leader. i worked for him in 1988 when we were running against george herbert walker bush for the nomination it was the last time in american history two world war ii veterans, heroes, were running against each other. it was a tremendous time for america. ththe greatest generation. trish: he stood up to pay his respected, as challenging as that was for him. you are right. there was a time and place in america where you understood and respected the will of the american people. the will of the american people
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was they chose donald trump for president. at a time when we are supposed to be honoring a man who served his country as well as george h.w. bush did, to turn it around to a criticism on trump is beyond me. >> it shouldn't need to be said. people like myself, ardent trump supporters. we respected barack obama when he was president, there was none of this. trish: people said to me, you were respectful, but you were direct and you were tough in your interview with president trump. but struck out to me is respect. not a lot of journalists are respectful. i said it doesn't matter if i am interviewing bill clinton, hillary clinton, donald trump. they are taking on a big commitment and giving a lot of
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themselves to pursue a political dream. and they deserve a certain amount of respect. let me ask you. not everybody is so respectful of the president. and they happen to be surrounding him right now with the subject of your new book titled "trump's enemies." who were his biggest? >> one of the things the president talks about in our book is the mainstream media. one of his biggest accomplishments in his own words is educate the american people about what the mainstream media does to him and to america with the fake news every day. trish: do you any there are members of the administration that really do not have his interests at heart? the anonymous. we assume.
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but that person should have stood up and said i do not want to be part of this administration and had the courage to leave. the "new york times" said they had to go and verify who the person's identity was. we wouldn't have to do that to a lot of the inner circle. you know, whether it's comey, clapper. the agents trying to defeat the president during this campaign. never in american history has somebody with a badge tried to defeat a presidential candidate it's never been done and it ought not happen again. trish: congrats on the book. former fpt george h.w. bush is lying at the state capitol. and we have edward lawrence at
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the capitol. >> the line is 2 1/2 hours long. people are standing out in the cold to come and pay their last respects to president george h.w. bush. there are tens of thousands of people coming in through this rotunda to pay their respects. george w. bush and laura bush as well as the rest of the family came in to be there in the presence of their father bush 41. president bush shook hands with everyone there. the first lady went to blair house to be with the bush family for 20 minutes. last night the president paid his own respects to bush 41. there were a lot of notables who came through the crowd. most of notable was form senator bob dole.
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he student and saluted president george h.w. bush. they ran against each other in a republican primary. former ci tax chiefs also paying tribute as well as the current cia chief. interesting scene there with john brennan standing shoulder to shoulder with gina haspel. former governor jeb bush said his dad had a way of bringing people together. >> my dad was a unique special guy, and my mom's passing similarly brought -- hopefully it's not the end of an era. reporter: he says his dad fostered civility and compassion and that's the thing about george h.w. bush, the stories he heard from the people who have known him. he had come passion for the other guy. but a strong man in his own right because of what he did in
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his lifetime. trish: democratic newcomer' accused the pentagon of' misusing $21 trillion in funds and saying that money could be used for medicare for all. i am going to tell you why it is down right irresponsible and impossible. she is all wrong on that one. you are looking at a brand-new video that just came in showing migrants really going to extremes. this is hard to watch. they are dropping small children over an 18-foot high border wall in arizona. france halting a fuel tax after weeks of silent fuel tax. it's only emboldening the
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sleep number 360 smart beds. ends monday. trish: socialist darling alexandria ocasio-cortez under fire for tweeting out a completely false factoid then refusing to admit she was wrong. she contends incorrectly $21 trillion from the pentagon could have been used to fund the socialist dream of medicare for all. the end tire budget for the pentagon since 1795 has not equalled $21 trillion. you just don't understand math. then again, socialists repeatedly seem to have a little problem with math. here with me right now. steven bearman and deneen
8:19 pm
borelli. she is doubling down and refuses to say i screwed up. i was way off with my number. i clearly have no idea what the size of the pentagon's budget is. i think this is dangerous in some ways. when you embolden people that don't have any sort of grounding in resource or reality or facts, and they are out spewing them off and everybody is retweeting them and talking about them, it sends us into a place that's not good. am i right? >> you are absolutely right. where the credibility, responsibility and accountability by alexandria, clearly she doesn't have a grasp of basic economics or how the real world works. even the "new york times" was critical of her tweet.
8:20 pm
but these are scary times because she'll be in office in congress next month. trish: great. she's not giving you guys a very good name, nathan. what does it say about your party that someone like her has such a blatant error and can't admit she is wrong. she isn't a congresswoman yet. even our sitting president can't back down. trish: this is about her. she is talking about more money than hat has been spent in the entire history of the pentagon. that's the problem with socialists. they think money falls out of thin air. they will make up any facts and figures to convince you of that it's irresponsible and simply
8:21 pm
wrong. >> you are right. her number is wrong. however, medicare for all has a lot of benefits. a conservative on my show last week was talking about how much waste there is in the pentagon. trish: $21 trillion is a fictional number that does not exist. but unfortunately there is the hard reality of how do you deal with this and how do you pay for it. apparently no one attended a math class. >> and she didn't have any of those answers either when she was running for office and she still got elected. this is propaganda. she has a lot of followers hang on her every word because they love her in the democrat world. she is being i are inton or words and actions she is putting
8:22 pm
out there. >> michael avenatti says he is not running for the oval office in 2020. yesterday he was saying how his notoriety would make him a better candidate. cnn's president jeff zucker says he's not ruling out running for political office. maybe just a little bit of a conflict of interest since he's running a news organization. does that explain why they have taken that hard left turn over at cnn. robert mueller's russia proper was launched 18 months ago and there is still no end in sight. it's not healthy and why are we giving these prosecutors blank checks? that's next. (roger) being a good father
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>> show me the man and i'll show you the crime. that's the ina news quote from josef stalin's police chief. we are getting word that general flynn will receive his sentencing tonight. of course, you heard of michael cohen. he said he's taking the fifth when it comes to the senate judiciary committee. this just keeps going on and on and on. the cost of this investigation millions of dollars so far. and it has nothing to do with productivity. why has there been no oversight by anyone close to the president? you think about all of us in life. this show, for example. the graphics and video that go on the show. i have seen it all and i talk to people about what's going on. you have some oversight of something. that's how the world works.
8:28 pm
in this particular case the president has no oversight. you have bob mueller out there with free rein. jeff sessions recused himself from having that oversight role. it's not clear how much of a role he has in watching over this entire thing. so you are left with bob mueller trying to prove something. it's not really clear what. i keep saying what would be the collusion? i think you have got to prove that donald trump and his team conspired with the russians deliberately to deliberately hack into the emails, john podesta's emails and release them to wikileaks. let me tell you that won't move the needle. that had nothing to do with hillary clinton being a flawed candidate. nothing to do with the fact hillary clinton didn't bother to
8:29 pm
go to pennsylvania to campaign in a state her own husband said, you have got to go. did donald trump actually steal this election from hillary clinton with the help of the russians? is that what bob mueller is trying to prove? he has done down a path which i would argue is increasingly becoming a distraction. the productivity costs associated with something like this, i will gift administration credit because they have gotten a heck of a lot done. but here is the risk you run. this risk was articulated by supreme court justice bret after thank you in a minnesota law review article? 2009, he wrote that the nation would have been better off if the president hadn't been
8:30 pm
distracted by the paula jones sexual harassment case and its criminal investigation offshoots. brett kavanaugh spent years and years dig into clinton. i am not saying any president is above reproach or off the hook for anything. but i could question an investigation where there is no oversight and they say just see what you can find. they will just keep digging and digging until they find something which may have nothing to do with what the original scope of the investigation was. joining me with her thoughts, trial attorney misty morris. we are waiting on the sentencing of general flynn. roger stone says i am not talking to the judiciary committee. and michael cone has struck some sort of plea deal with bob
8:31 pm
mueller and his team. >> the question is where are we supposed to start? this is supposed to be about identifying whether the russians interest tbeertd election in the united states. now it seems to be about can we catch donald trump in something. think about the indictments we had with trump associates. they have nothing to do with election interference. many of them have to do with personal financial crimes. trish: paul manafort, that was a whole while back it doesn't excuse the fact that he didn't do the his is and cross his ts. aren't we looking for proof that manafort or michael cohen or donald trump worked directly with the russians? and so farther not leading us down that path. >> that's what you need to show
8:32 pm
collusion, some sort of conspiracy in has to be more than extraneous noise. nothing to link the trump organization to any sort of collusion. trish: to think someone said go out and see what you can find. let's not forget the political motivation. there is a political component. a lot of people were not happy with donald trump winning. so now you have got a whole bunch of people who say you have got to catch number something. what does that say? i look at this and say we run a risk of being no better than a banana republic if we are trying to lynch the person who comes into the white house. >> the way the investigation is playing out, especially with what we heard from corsi and roger stone, it's trying to find a link using perjury traps.
8:33 pm
a prosecutor is supposed to only bring a case if they believe they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. i think mueller is look to create a political document that could serve as a basis for impeachment. trish: that's unhealthy and that is wrong. i hope that's not the case. if it is, it shows you, every american should be concerned. you heard about the disturbing videoed of migrants going to extreme lengths to get across the border. there is video of small children being dropped from an 18-foot high -- this is hoicialg, horrible. something need to be done. this needs to stop.
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trish: breaking news. bob mueller's sentencing memo is just coming in. we are just going delight. mueller's office is recommend together judge that michael flynn not receive any prison time. part of this memo reads -- i will share the with you. given the defendant's substantial assistance and other considerations sentenced below. the low range that does not impose a term of incarceration
8:39 pm
is appropriate and warrant. the charge is he provided false statements to the fbi specifically related to his conversations with a russian ambassador and any sanctions. joining me with more, we have arizona congressman andy biggs. mueller's office saying they are recommend nothing time in prison given that michael flynn has been cooperating with bob mueller for about a year. >> i think that's the appropriate measure. i don't think there should be jail time or probation. i think the fact that mr. flynn was prosecuted on this is a travesty in and of itself. trish: you echo what we heard from our last guest. this is par for the course. they are going after people one
8:40 pm
by one, anybody that was closely associated with the president. and getting them on technicalities is not the right legal term. inconsistencies. you can't lie. if you get caught, you are going to find yourself in a bit of a corner as michael flynn did. >> that's true. but you have to realize mueller is not looking for a crime that's already suspected of being committed. he's looking for people to prosecute. that becomes a witch hunt exactly like the president said. so you get somebody like michael flynn and he's put between a rock and hard place. as far as he knows, no crime has been committed. trish: remember the martha stewart situation? remember all that? it's not always the crime itself. what's tragic about this, it is such a distraction.
8:41 pm
it's a drain on productivity from this administration. i have got to hand it to them, they have got and lot done. even judge kavanaugh wrote back in 2009 as part of a law review piece that he regretted what he and ken starr and the team did to bill qulin on because it distracted him from going after mohammad bin salman. salmano -- -- going after osama bin laden. i think most of people would curl up in a fetal position with this investigation ongoing. but he's able to get something possible different for the country. but we could do so much more if we weren't battling these investigations as process crimes like michael flynn's here. trish: do you think bob mueller
8:42 pm
is going to come up empty handed? >> if you spend millions of dollars and 18 months with a host of process crimes. no relationship to his original scope, the reason we have this. i think you look bad. and it's pressure on the mueller team in and of itself. trish: bob mueller is saying michael flynn did provide first-hand information about first conversations between donald trump, the transition team and russian government officials. wasn't the original idea to prove collusion during election. didn't the election -- didn't the russians steal the election because they were working with the trump team? what does the transition team
8:43 pm
have to do with this. is this just something they are getting him on because they don't have anything that leads to collusion. >> we thought he was looking to see if the election was altered because of russian participation with the trump team. during the transition team when flynn is doing what he's supposed to be doing as a potential cabinet level position trying to get in touch with perhaps, and we don't know that -- trish: i don't know, maybe they didn't do it the right way. maybe their channels and protocols you were supposed to go through. but you would think if you are part of the transition team and you needed a relationship with the russians, i wouldn't think you would run away from that. but i don't know if that leads to us suddenly think collusion
8:44 pm
which is what this is originally about. >> we have not seen an unredacted copy of the scope letter to see what mr. rhoden stein directed mr. mule tore look at. i suspect's very broad and mueller is way outside the channels. trish: that's a dangerous moment for america. we have got a lot more coming on this story it's very good to see you. we have more breaking news next. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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trish: breaking news coming into us right now. bob mueller's office is troamg the judge that michael flynn should not receive any prison time. they are citing his cooperation. saying he has been helpful to prosecutors in this investigation specifically as it relates to the transition time between the incoming trump administration and the russians. that was what was at question here. we have learned that michael flynn was not entirely truthful in his initial conversation with
8:49 pm
the fbi regarding his interactions with the russians and that's what prompted all of this. i want to go to the -- "the five" co-host, juan williams. what they are finding has nothing to do with the original scope and desire to find so-called collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. so instead you have a bunch of technicalities which is not the right legal term, but you have got this, that and the other mueller's people are getting people on by the doesn't get to what we wanted to know in the first place. >> i think it does. it tells us if there is collusion. michael flynn was found to have lied about contacts with the russians. what we are seeing with this sentencing memo today is that he is now extensively cooperating
8:50 pm
with mueller probe, so much so mueller is suggesting there is no need for jail time because of the level of cooperation. if you are building a case on the basis of collusion, that's substantial. trish: he's cooperating 2010 about the interactions between the trump folks and the transition team and the russians. that doesn't get back to this idea of collusion whatsoever. the heel idea, i don't know what you are trying to prove here. that donald trump hacked into the computer and stole the podesta emails? >> no, look at what michael cohen has done with his guilty plea. he's coming up friday. cohen said he lied about interactions, contacts with the russians with regard to the
8:51 pm
trump tower because he felt he had to be loyal to donald trump. trish: the timing is off by 6 months. when was the last time donald trump actually built anything? right? he just licenses his name to a whole bunch of buildings around the world. >> i don't know exactly how realistic it was. but he had bun pursuing for decades the goal of building a large property in moscow. what we learned is he wanted to give a $50,000 penthouse to vladimir putin. trish: if you are running a business and you agreed to stay on business while running a business. >> you wouldn't tell the
8:52 pm
american people, i have no business interactions, no loans. nothing outstanding with the russians, which is what candidate donald trump said at the time. trish: this is what michael cohen was saying. we stop talking to them in january, 2016. it turns out there was still some talks in june 2016. were those talks donald trump was having or michael cohen was having. >> after he has won the republican nomination. are you representing us or are you representing your business interests. trish: the rnc was in july. he had by that point he had the nomination in hand. he was the leading candidate all along, if you recall. he's saying i have no business deal weather russians. i am a separate entity.
8:53 pm
nothing. he said this on the record. trish: i don't care what kind of business he had with the russians. what i do care is if he was illegally conspiring with the russians to commit a crime. and that has gotten lost. what did he say, he said-she said. >> you are looking away from the idea -- roger stone says i plead the fifth. i'm not talking. and roger stone is doing what? trish: the issue at hand is trying to figure out whether there was a crime committed. >> this is a necessary step by a legitimate hard-working prosecutor saying that's what flynn got today. whatever he got is worthy of no jail time of. trish: that's for a military and
8:54 pm
public service. i love having you. we can have a spirited debate and still be friends. >> this is the best of tv, folks.
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>> when i first heard about this story i thought it was helicopter parenting and #metoo run amok. i sort of get it, right? trish: come on. i introduced you as a conservative analyst. wait a second. i thought liberals were suppose to be about that freedom in art and they didn't want to censor it. >> they want to censor songs from a disney movie.
9:00 pm
trish: crazy times. they are killing everything. rudolf, little purchase maid. kennedy: calls for no prison time for michael flynn. reporter: this memo was posted 30 minutes ago. it had guide lines that the federal government says should be followed in terms of sentencing. they say they do not believe michael flynn should get any incarceration based on his level of incarceration.

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