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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 4, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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trish: crazy times. they are killing everything. rudolf, little purchase maid. kennedy: calls for no prison time for michael flynn. reporter: this memo was posted 30 minutes ago. it had guide lines that the federal government says should be followed in terms of sentencing. they say they do not believe michael flynn should get any incarceration based on his level of incarceration.
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also talk about his service to the country. what is interesting in this report, it's supposed to have posted in it. but this is what has been publicly posted. it's highly redacted. but again this does show the russia probe is continuing and there is vital information that he has given to us. for the national security advisor. but highly redacted as to what specific things he helped the special you counsel with. something they don't want out in the public. the bottom line, michael flynn will get no jail time because of
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his substantial help to the special counsel. kennedy:
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i am sure there is quite a bit more than that. we may never know much because of all the redactions. kennedy: it's frustrating. here are a series of documents that will have to make their way to the courts. i think this country has shown we are big enough to make decisions for ourselves. it seems tonight is -- the theme tonight is opacity. it seems we are apparently -- they are trying protect a murderer. will they get away with it or will our lawmakers have the go hahadd the --have the gonads to.
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a number of senators said the evidence clearly implicates the saudi arabian crown prince in the killing. senator bob corker said a jury would convict him in a half-hour. today senator rand paul said americans are deliberately being kept in the dark. >> the definition of a deep state is when congressional leaders, people elected by the people are not allowed to hear the intelligence. i haven't seen the intelligence, it has not been offered to me. when intelligence agencies keep things from the elects officials and continue to act, their power grows and grows.
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so there need to be checks and balances on the intelligence commit community. kennedy: some in the deep state continue to insist the saudis are our friends, but they are not. today on "outnumbered" i explained why not. >> we fractured the relationship and we are so far up in the saudis business that wheat kowtow to the regime. we should not be investing in foreign wars like the one in yemen that is killing civilians. we should not be exporting weapons of death to regimes like this who don't have our interests. jordan and israel are our allies in the middle east. saudi arabia exports a form of islamism that is toxic to the
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west. will the deep state continue to protect this so-called murderous ally? >> let me try to lift th -- lift the veil on the way the cia works. they make conclusion with low, medium and high levels of confidence. we don't get to certainty, we may get to near certainty. intelligence doesn't operate the way the senators are sayingthe t to which we want to incorporate human rights into our foreign
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policy. there are competing rights. kennedy: we need to get the roadblocks out of the way so we can see what they are talking about. why don't you shed light on some of the intercepts the cia has between the key operative for mbs and the crown prince himself? >> we have a system for briefing characteristics a intelligence. i testified on capitol hill with the intelligence committee. the reason why it's secure and limited in scope is to protect our sources and methods. if we don't protect our sources and methods we don't be able to collect the intelligence upon whip our national security relies. kennedy: the intelligence
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agencies use sources and methods as a cloak that no one can penetrate. >> there is a tension we have, and following the church committee hearings in the 1970s, we established oversight. but we are interested in protecting those sources and methods. kennedy: why are we interested in protecting saudi arabia. >> we are protecting individuals spying on our behalf as well as technical collection methods. kennedy: i don't have a problem spying on salman * when he's murdering journalists who have an ax to grind with this regime.
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we are better than that and we can stand up for that. that's why the freedom of the press is enshrined in the first >> right, and i think you're right on the policy debate that we should be having. go back and look at a couple of examples where we really were challenged to incorporate human rights in our foreign policy; rwanda, genocide in 1994 of a hundred days, a hundred -- i'm sorry, a million individuals, civilians, were killed. we didn't do anything about that. after 9/11 we allied with pakistan in fighting terrorism. pakistan was being ruled under martial law. so there's -- it's a tension. and i think the debate should take place at the policy level, as you're doing. i just think we need to be respectful of the intelligence community -- kennedy: and the intelligence community also needs to be respectful of other branches of government that do provide
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oversight. they are not free from accountability, because we know when they aren't accountable, that's when you see the abuse of power. there has to be accountability, and there have to be answers here, and i share the frustration of senators graham and paul and corker and some of the others, because we do deserve answers. dan, i have to move on, but i want to thank you very much. >> all right. have a good night. kennedy: thank you, you too. americans continue to honor president george h.w. bush tonight as he lies in state at the capitol rotunda. just moments ago the bush family met with mourners at at the capitol, and earlier today an emotional moment with bob dole. as you know, he's 95 years old, he is wheelchair-bound. he ran for president, a former senator, the former president ran on his behalf -- rather, endorsed him, and he stood up to salute the 41st president and fellow world war ii veteran. another moment sure to pull at your heart strings.
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this is george h.w. bush's service dog, sully, capturing the nation's heart as he said his final good-bye to the former president. president trump and first lady melania trump also visited with the bushes this afternoon. it was the first public interaction between the two families who have had their differences since the president's inauguration. we will continue to see washington set aside their political differences as we honor george h.w. bush's legacy. joining me now, "fox & friends" cohost and host of the brian kilmeade radio show, brian kilmeade. why are you not in studio? are you too important? >> this is closer to my house, kennedy. [laughter] unless you could come here. i mean, why is it always on me? why is it my fault? kennedy: well, brian, you are the author of many books, one of them being andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans. it is currently top five on "the new york times"' paperback list. it is a fantastic book. you are a veracious consumer of
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history. so tell me as we pause and survey the life of the 41st president, how will history guide us, and what will his legacy be? >> well, i thought it was historic today. just for us now to have president trump and president bush, i found out they met for the first time today face to face. george w. bush and president trump have never met face to face. we -- we knew they were both at the inaugural together, but they didn't have a chance to talk. and we know they've been critical of each other, more president trump on the bushes, the iraq war, 9/11, jeb bush, we know about the interaction there. president trump made an offhand remark about thousand points of light, but they seem to have put it aside. kennedy, i have a feeling this is burying the hatchet, because president trump has done all the right things, the bushes have done all the right things, and anything you know about bush 41 is it's put petty politics aside
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and disagreements, especially parties. and i think it starts today. i think that we're going to go a long way before either side criticizes each other. it's not like the bushes, and i think trump -- if he feels the respect -- he's going to leave the bushes alone. ken e ken and that's a really good point. all you have to do is look at the words that president bush had for president reagan when he passed, when he memorialized him and also the letter that he wrote for president clinton when he assumed the presidency. george h.w. bush had tremendous respect for the office of the presidency, and it would be natural for him to want the occupant of the white house at his funeral. how big of a mistake would it have been to exclude president trump from these proceedings? >> well, we saw, you know, senator mccain never got over it. there was a lot of friction up until even through his death. he made sure president trump wasn't invited. however, the word is over the summer the bush family made it clear whenever it happens -- and, sadly, they expected it to
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happen, that president bush would pass away -- that donald trump would be invited, and they wanted to make it clear that he'd be invited, and there would be no negative terrorist at the ceremony -- negativity at the ceremony. there was a lot of anger directed at president trump, and it hasn't happened yet, and it's not going to happen tomorrow, and i believe that at the blair house today the hatchet's been buried which i think is good news for the country. and on a minor note, it's great news for the republican party. i think they really came together over the kavanaugh nomination. bush wanted it, bush worked the phones for president trump and the nomination. you know finish. kennedy: and he, and george w. bush was the one -- yes, and he was the one who nominated brett kavanaugh for the federal bench. so there is somewhat of a partnership in that regard. as a writer, how jealous are you of the way george h.w. bush was able to express himself in some of those poignant letters? >> not only that, some of these,
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kennedy, some of these letters have not come to light yet. but evidently, he has 57 years' worth of letters out of his diary that we have not read, and i think they're going to come to light. i did go through jon meacham's book that he wrote with bush 41. i found that tremendously enlightening. can you imagine what's around the corner for us? and he is not somebody to brag, he's just the opposite. very self-depracating, always giving the other guy, the other woman the credit, and i think this is going to be really insightful. i think his image is only going to grow -- kennedy: yes. and i think -- yeah. i think that his legacy will be much more than people assumed in the short years after his presidency and because he was able to live so long and such a full life post-presidency. that will only bolster that. brian kilmeade, thank you so much. >> go get 'em, kennedy. ken e ken you got it. coming up, a bunch of freshmen house democrats have a message for their future leader, nancy
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♪ ♪ kennedy: we've got some bad news for trump haters who are hoping
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to find an impeachment in their stockings on christmas morning. 46 incoming democratic house members wrote a letter today urging their party leadership to prioritize the passing of legislation over investigating the president. what? real work? the letter reads in part, quote: while we have a tooth to exercise oversight -- a duty to exercise oversight over the executive branch, particularly when the administration crosses legal lines or contravenes american values, we must prioritize action on topics such as the cost of health care and prescription drugs, our crumbling infrastructure, immigration, gun safety, the environment and criminal justice reform. so are the freshmen right? bet big on legislation, or is this a rookie mistake? joining me now to debate, founder and ceo of american majority and former speech writer for president george w. bush, ned ryan is here, and host of the richard fowler show and a fox news contributor, richard fowler: welcome, gentlemen. >> good to be with you, kennedy. kennedy: yeah.
9:21 pm
richard, is this the beginning of the democratic version of the freedom caucus? [laughter] will this group of 46 be able to pull some serious weight in the house of representatives now that they have the majority? >> i wouldn't say they're the freedom caucus, i think they're more solution-driven. ing i think they will do what democrats, what democrats should be doing in the next two years, something i've prescribed from the beginning when we took the house over is insuring that we do what the american people sent us to congress to do, fix the issues plaguing america; fix pre-existing conditions, properly fund public education, criminal justice reform, making prescription drugs more affordable. now we have a chance to go to congress and actually legislate on them, so i'm happy they wrote this letter finish. kennedy: well, at least they have an agenda, and that's what they're putting first, which i certainly commend them on that. ned, what really happens to people who don't march in lockstep with the ice princess, nancy pelosi? >> well, first of all, i have to say, kennedy, i'm impressed that
9:22 pm
they sent a letter instead the of texting their demands. [laughter] these nearly four dozen freshmen, or as i like to call them america's future back-benchers, think they're doing to dictate priority to the leadership, let me tell you how this works in the house. they're going to find themselves in the equivalent of the siberian gulag. we're getting reports, kennedy, that democrats are lining up to be in judiciary because they think impeachment's ion go to happen. -- isn't going to happen. and i swear adam schiff is starting to twitch, he's so excited about being able to keep that investigation into the russian collusion fairy tale going. so, no, i think there's going to be a lot more investigations than legislation, and the other thing, the harsh reality is, kennedy, first of all, they don't want to give trump any victory, so what are they going to pass through the house that will actually pass through the senate -- keep ken well -- kennedy: well, that's a really good question because there are
9:23 pm
a couple of things where they could find agreement with the president -- >> infrastructure. kennedy: believe it or not, infrastructure and criminal justice reform. the environment, no, that's not going to happen. gun control, also not going to happen. but the other three, yes. richard, go. >> here's the thing, i think ned is watching another democratic party. today what we saw happen was senator van hollen -- kennedy: there are two democratic parties, let's not pretend you guys are unified. >> he introduced a bill that would properly fund title i which helps fund low income students, and there'll be a corresponding bill in the house. that's what we're going to do in the next couple years. ned wants us to go down this investigate, investigate, investigate, but we're going to legislate, legislate, legislate -- >> they're going to. kennedy: i don't know, man, i i do commend people for, i commend people in your party for that. i don't have all the faith in the world because i don't think those are the types of people who are running your party, number one -- >> that's right. >> i don't know about that.
9:24 pm
kennedy: and the minority who is just clamoring, they're frothing at the -- >> kennedy, i beg to differ. look who just -- [inaudible conversations] look who just won the chair of the democratic house caucus, hakim jeffrey, someone who worked with the white house on criminal justice reform. kennedy: sure. i like that. >> we are about action -- kennedy: all right, action jackson. ned, last 20 seconds. go ahead, ned. >> the fact of the matter is, kennedy, the forces behind the democratic party today, the money and the grassroots have been clamoring to get their pound of flesh out of trump for two years, and do you think that somehow after two years and getting the house back that they're going to somehow say, oh, we were just kidding, we don't want to exact a pound of flesh out of trump? kennedy: they would be smart to do that, i share your skepticism -- [inaudible conversations] gentlemen, we know what the right thing to do is. we also know they're not going to do it. you're saying i'm fat? okay, thank you both very much. great to see you both. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, everybody's
9:25 pm
favorite socialist says she just found a new way to pay for medicare for all. unfortunately for her, she's got the math and the facts wrong. once again. we'll fill you in on her $21 trillion mistake. so much fun. the monologue is next. ♪ ♪ (toni vo) 'twas the night before christma, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers the dads and the drivers. there are doers of good and bringers of glee.
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♪ ♪ kennedy: alexandra ocasio-cortez is the face of democratic socialism, and since her brain is as empty as the promises of unfettered statism, i am absolutely fine with that. every time she makes another gaffe, it only highlights how horrible the system is and how the bubble-wrapped, utopian pipe dream that has been sold like florida swampland to gullible college students will ultimately implode from its own deadweight. aoc supposedly has an economics degree which i imagine she got through the mail by clipping box tops off her panda puff cereal,
9:30 pm
because she certainly didn't have to sit through classes or some nuggets would have seeped into her brain. she misread an article from the nation where an economics professor documented $21 trillion unsported accounting dollars from the department of defense. that means money was moving mysteriously in and out through an opaque budgetary system, and it's impossible to see what cancels each other out. of course, alexandria's reading comprehension is as solid as her basic math, so she took that to mean the pentagon was hiding $21 trillion in a camouflaged steamer trunk, and if she could find it and pry it open, it would almost single-handedly fund single-payer insurance. he tweeted, quote: $21 trillion of pentagon financial transactions could not be documented or explained. medicare for all costs $32t. that means 66% of medicare for
9:31 pm
all could have been funded already by the pentagon. and that's before our premiums. oh, dear. that's not how it works. the total pentagon budget for the 17-year period the study covers was only $9 trillion. and that's a lot of money. but there's not some magical stash you can trade for band-aids and aspirins in the cellar. my problem isn't with how ms. ocasio-cortez looks or what she wears or how she talks, it's that she has been thrown so many softballs, leftist interviewers are getting group rate discounts on tommy john surgery, and she never corrects her fundamental flaws or does basic research to fix her fuzzy math. democratic national committee chair tom perez called her the future of the democratic party, and i hope -- like this recent flirtation with diet communism -- that future is short-lived and soon corrected, and that's the memo.
9:32 pm
♪ ♪ kennedy: alexandria ocasio-cortez not only misunderstood that study at the pentagon, she used her false info to try and push the disastrous behemoth known as medicare for all. so should we forgive her for yet another gaffe or be concerned that she's actually in congress? joining me now on tonight's party possible, kristina partsinevelos, comedian and head writer of this very fine show or at least this very show -- [laughter] and associate professor of economics at the kings college, brian brenberg. let's dive right in. it's sad, because there's a real issue here with pentagon accounting, and we should be, certainly, concerned about that. but the fact that she thinks
9:33 pm
there's $21 trillion just sitting around shows how she has so little understanding -- >> well, yeah. and, you know, everyone's calling this a gaffe. it's only a gaffe when you didn't mean to say what you said. she meant this. this went a gaffe, this was honesty. this is the truth about how she thinks we can pay for all these programs. if you look back at all of her comments, there's always some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow whether it's the rich, the pentagon, whoever it is. wall street's going to pay for this. that's not how it works. this is actually her economic theory. it's not a mistake. kennedy: no, it's not a mistake. she tried to walk it back and say, well, there's no oversight at the pentagon, but there's so much oversight in medicine. >> this is the danger of electing someone to congress who ran for class president, you know? free pizza on friday. but she's not dumb to me for tweeting this, she's dumb for pushing medicare for all period. just take a look at the v.a. who looks at a system where people
9:34 pm
are dying on line to be seen and say we should add 300 million more people to this line. kennedy: i'm glad you brought that up, because one with of the gaffes in the past, we're not even folding in the savings on funeral costs as though people are going to stop dying if we have -- >> no. we're going to cut down on death. kennedy: it's not going to work the same here as it does in someplace like denmark. >> smaller population. kennedy: yeah. >> stuff like that. healthier lifestyle. but let's throw it to a canadian, hold on. [laughter] >> i haven't even said anything yet, and i'm just going to point out the facts. she just used one report, the nation, that put out this statement. she didn't fact check it at all because the pentagon's budget is around $9.2 trillion, and that was from 1998-2015, so clearly cannot pay for that $32 trillion that you mentioned. however, what about the fact that this is a bigger issue, that the pentagon money just goes flying, never audit it. kennedy: well, that's the thing,
9:35 pm
she stepped in it, and now we're talking about the fact that she can't carry on a conversation with herself. >> however, how often has the president of the united states made incorrect numbers in his tweets and inaccuracies? kennedy: it doesn't excuse what he did or what he said. >> we can't let that pass and then say, oh, should we apologize or excuse her when we let it happen so many times with the president, unfortunately. kennedy: okay. but here's the problem, what she is talking about is a system of government and the means of production concentrated within the hands of the government that is responsible for killing 100 million people. socialism is actually a very deadly venue. it's not something that's coarse, it's not something that is impulsive. it is something that culls people. and -- kills people. and that is the absolute, out end, and -- ultimate end, and that is why there are a few freedom-loving voices that speak out against this. not because we don't like her style, but because we know the ultimate conclusion is so wrong,
9:36 pm
and the premises are so flawed that we will not allow anyone like her to engage in that syllogism. jim? [laughter] >> i was going to say all of that, so it's kind of like what do i do next? [laughter] no, to that point, exactly. it's destructive. and it's pure emotionalism. >> that's politics now though. >> but it's disgusting in how it's corrupting her side because this goes back to -- she did the same thing with unemployment, you know the problem, everybody's working two jobs. 5 of the population's working two jobs right now. kennedy: actually, she was talking about 6 million people have two jobs, 148 million have one job. >> to be clear, this is the economics that has captured the imagination of the democratic party. this is not the fringe. the party has moved in her direction, in bernie sanders' direction. if you're looking for ideas from democrats on the economy, it's this. and at the end of the day, the one thing all of these things have in common is nobody knows how to pay for it except if it's
9:37 pm
some imaginary thing like this imaginary pentagon budget. >> [inaudible] tax on speculation, and it's wall street that's going to pay for it. >> you wonder why people are so upset about are we going to get growth in 2019. this is the economic system ideology that's moving into the hands of power in washington. tell me where the growth's going to -- >> i think the growth that we're seeing for 2019 is not because of this. we're already seeing signs of slowing growth, and we cannot attribute that to the democrats taking over the house at all. >> i'm not saying, but ask yourself -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: passing that on, $779 billion, and passing that on to future generations. >> right. kennedy: so that's the immoral thing. it has nothing to do with the -- >> i agree with you on that. kennedy: -- being controlled by democrats. it's the fact that this unsustainable spending and compounding that with a $3 trillion a year medicare for all program --
9:38 pm
>> right -- you're focusing on medicare for all, but what about the spending that's been happening just over the past year and a half. kennedy: okay. name me one program that costs $3 trillion a year. >> i don't know any. i will admit -- kennedy: brian? >> it's not that -- look, republicans have responsibility for the fact that we have deficits, no question about it. ask yourself, are democrats in a position to do anything different about it? the answer is, absolutely not. they're talking about imaginary ways to fund imaginary programs that are not workable. that's a recipe for disaster. democrats have a responsibility to do something positive, to do something responsible. they're going in exactly the opposite direction. kennedy: yeah. statism is, it's wrong. it's immoral. and you know what it's like? the bobs from office space in the democrats brought them in to say, all right, let's rethink some things. oh, you know, millennials are so much fun, and they like free stuff, so let's give them free stuff. >> but they've become who they are trying to represent. like pie in the sky like
9:39 pm
manhattan teenagers who are just like, ask your dad. [laughter] that's become the democratic financial -- kennedy: alexandria ocasio-cortez when asked how she was going to pay for it, one of her answers was just pay for it. that's what you do, just pay for it. democrats were trying to unhinge themselves from her wagon. >> the elder statesmen in the party are trying to draw some separation between what went on. even nancy pelosi spoke out and said -- >> she is on the fringe. i don't think everybody, i don't think everybody agrees with her. kennedy: she loves -- [inaudible] because it tastes delicious. the panel joins us for more after the break. stay right here. [laughter] ♪ ♪ we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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♪ ♪ kennedy: oh, the dow taking yet another dive today. big one. it closed down nearly 800 points. couch, that's gotta hurt. 3.1%. it went into a freefall after the president
9:44 pm
tweeted, quote: i am a tariff man. no! he went on to say: we're either going to have to have a real deal with china or no deal at all. at which point we will be charging major tariffs against chinese product being shipped into the united states. ultimately, i believe we will be making a deal either now or into the future. china does not want tariffs. this all comes after the agreement of a framework of a deal saturday night at the g20, but talks with china have fallen through in the past. the panel is back. christina, jimmy and brian. brian, i go to you. are you optimistic here? are the markets just being a little yippy because everyone's overly sensitive? >> the markets are doing what they're supposed to do when you have this kind of uncertainty. president trump loves uncertainty. when it comes to negotiation, he wants a complete guessing game.
9:45 pm
one day he says we're close, the next day he says we're going to have tariffs until kingdom come. the chinese come to the negotiating table saying we don't know what we're going to get, we don't know what's possible -- kennedy: but they all walked away from that dinner in buenos aires are saying we have some real chemistry here, and we had a three hour meeting, and we got down to brass taxes. >> but i think -- tacks. i think the chinese are trying to speak it into existence because they have no idea. look, if trump gets anything done with the chinese, i do think it's going to be because there's so much uncertainty. kennedy: is met he pull -- is he pulling the north korea? >> they do understand strength. back to you point, it's very hard to look good when you're fighting a lefty -- kennedy: is he a great defensive fighter? >> no. he's kind of a sucker puncher, bite your ear. he'll fight dirty and get into a
9:46 pm
scrum. i do think he's getting a quiet kickback from manhattan bartenders tonight, because the market is closed tonight -- [laughter] kennedy: that's true. for the funeral of george hflt w. bush. >> that's a good point though. that's parking lot of the reason why you saw a selloff today, and a lot of it does have to do with bond yields. the fact that you're seeing this 10-year treasury bond not doing so well, falling, that hurt the financial sector today. so you did see some movement when he made that tariff comment, but today a lot of it has to do with this they technil analysis, a lot of these financial stocks. overall, he's doing these negotiations, china, i'm not stepping down. i was try thing to think of the song for scat man, i'm a tariff man -- i can't do it. >> wow. >> what they do know is they could agree, but it's not anything major. if you're looking at what china's saying they agreed to and what the united states is saying, it's already different. i don't know how confident i am -- kennedy: no, they left some
9:47 pm
important points out. >> enforcement. kennedy: -- like this is a 90-day sort of stopgap until a final deal is in place. >> but maybe longer, nobody's quite clear. again, it's the uncertainty point. and this is what markets are going to do all the way through this. because if the president's going to keep china on its toes, it means he has to keep wall street on its toes which wall street hates as much as china does. so you see it every day. one day you've got larry kudlow talking it up, there's something going on, the markets love it. the next day peter navarro's back at the dinner table -- kennedy: quick question, because we only have about 15 seconds. is kudlow the angel and is navarro the devil on the president's shoulders? [laughter] >> yeah. i think, basically, lighthizer's probably on the devil side, and mnuchin, i have no idea where he is -- kennedy: wearing little black gloves. [laughter] >> the devil has the power here, and you're going to see that reflected in stocks. kennedy: well, as long as my money makes money, i don't give
9:48 pm
a rip. thank you all so much. all right, topical storm is next. ♪ ♪ but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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kennedy: we've got some late breaking net of the music world, hootie and the blowfish have just announced they're going back on tour. so if you know any of their fans, please beep them and share
9:52 pm
the good news. [laughter] ♪ hold my hand -- because this is the topical storm. we begin tonight in florida where a biker gang has been thrown to the wolves. uh-oh. they call florida the sunshine state because it's looking more and more like the moonshine state. case in point, this video everyone else in the video sees it and wonders where he got the wolf. floridians wonder if this qualifies for the carpool lane. gotta get to the meth lab before last call. video has been shared over 80,000 times although it is florida, so chances are those numbers are going to need a good recount. topic number two, we head out now to a popeye's in texas where the holiday spirit is in the air, and this woman knows that christmas is all about giving, so she gave the manager her lunch tray. and she even threw in an iced tea dispenser for good measure because, let's face it, anyone can deck the halls, but it takes
9:53 pm
a real kris kringle to deck the cashier. ah, how brave. and, by the way, you know you're out of shape if you're watching this and saying to yourself, gosh, i could go for some popeye's. i'm talking to you, every guy in the control room! it's unclear what started the fast food fracas, but the woman has not been caught. if the cops do get her, she'll be sent where all criminals in texas go, to the dallas cowboys. [laughter] where's tony romo when you need him to save the world in topic number three, there was a street fight in arizona today, and we're going to watch it, because as new yorkers, it's refreshing to see a street fight that doesn't involve alec baldwin. these are two donkeys. one side wants to spend the next two years investigating the president, and the other side wants to spend it promising voters free stuff, so they dance
9:54 pm
around in circles until a third jackass named hillary gallops in and takes control. wait, guys, i'll tell you what happened. no, it's unclear what caused this latest battle along the arizona border, but the bizarre behavior has led some people to speculate they could be truck mules. [laughter] -- drug mules. ♪ ♪ >> topic number four. "hee haw"! yeah. [laughter] i'm moving on. a california couple is making headlines not because they slept on corduroy pillows, but because they held their wedding ceremony at costco. we would ask them why, but they're currently on their honeymoon attica bella's. it's going to be a real romantic week of hunting and fishing. back to the ceremony, julian and margo had a harry potter-themed wedding because, apparently, getting married at costco wasn't unique enough. and they looked completely
9:55 pm
smitten. if it doesn't work with out, the good news is you already have ten more engagement rings waiting in the wings, because he bought bulk. the welding was a smash hit, and afterward the bride even surprised her husband with some popeye's. no! wald mort was working the register, so it did not go well. oh, yeah. there was some language there. whoo! i'm going to have to clear my ears out with holy water. topic number five. finally, we shrewd a jedi knight who did not use the force although he did try to run from it. meet 21-year-old luke sky walker. yes, that's his real name! he was busted in tennessee for a parole violation. he tried to get his sister to bail him out, but she won't go anywhere near jail because she thinks she's a princess. oddly enough, mark hamill caught wind of the story and tweeted that the kid's parents gave him a terrible name. but it's better than his
9:56 pm
chubbier twin brother jaba the hutt. the cops seized his landspeeder, so he's been biking it back and forth to court. oh, that must be their family dog. chewbacca. i've never been good at that. oh, well, don't do it. i'll be right back.
9:57 pm
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george h.w. bush. follow us on twitter and instagram, e-mail, kennedy tomorrow night joe con cha, christian whiton and charles hurt. and, of course, you. thank you for being a part of it, and good evening. >> lou: good evening.we have a . our top story is a major selloff on wall street. the dow jones industrial, s&p, the nasdaq all falling more than 3%. the dow plummeting 799 points. bank stocks hit hard. bank of america, citigroup, all down more than 4% of the day. regional banks even


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