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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 6, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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before the judiciary committees. they are going to ask questions to which i'm sure he'll provide the most of responsible answers. [♪] trish: tonight, president trump calling the mueller probe presidential harassment. also a man who says this probe has gone too far. jerome corsi filed a criminal and ethics complaint against robert mueller and alleging the charges mueller has are completely fraudulent against him. a state-run newspaper in china says we the united states have enacted a declaration of war against them by arresting with candace help a chinese he low come executive.
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the woman who is the chief financial officer of huawei may soon be extradited to the united states and face a federal judge in court. peter navarro is here on that tonight. also breaking right now. foxconn firming three whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence of potential wrongdoing against the clinton foundation, including the misappropriation of fund and allegations of quid pro quo. we are digging into that. arizona officials bracing for the possibility that migrants may storm the border the way they did in tijuana. "trish regan primetime" begins right now.
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a conservative author in the cross-hairs of mueller's probe says mueller's team is trying to bully him and want him to admit that efforts to lie to him up to two months before the document were dumped. here on set is none other than jerome corsi. you have been through a lot. >> it's been a tremendously horrible persons for me and my family. i have to admire my wife. she stood me. my family, is grandpa going to be arrested and in prison for christmas. trish: you have got an amazing story of what happened to you in all this. walk me through the moment when you first went on the fed's
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radar and subsequently what the questioning was like and why all of this brought you to now file this complaint. >> it was two fbi agents who came to the door august 28. knocked on the door. unannounced with a subpoena. i came in with my attorney. we wanted to cooperate. we brought in -- i brought in my laptops, my apple time machine. i turned over the emails, all my password. all the user names. i helped the fbi download my twitter and google accounts for double verification and i wanted to cooperate. but the questioning started almost from day one with this attempt to make it a memory quiz. first day i forgot two emails and suddenly they are threatening to send me to federal prison for the rest of my life. trish: were they significant emails? >> they were important.
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one was an email i passed on to roger stone that i forgot about. i said i didn't want anybody to see assange. trish: you turned ove over the emails. >> then i came back and amended my testimony. they have an 8-inch bind were my fame on it. trish: they said you lied. >> i didn't lie. saying i knowingly and willfully presented false information with an intent to deceive the special prosecutor. that never happened. i didn't want the plea deal. i was offered the plea deal to get me off the media. i was at the door of nbc ready to go into the media.
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they offered the plea deal aiptd's fraud lint. the one count was the mistake i made on the first day, not the amended testimony that they allowed me to give. i'm not going to go before god and a federal judge that i knowingly, willfully gave them false information to deceive them when i know in my heart i did not. trish: a lot of people have. >> that's up to them. trish: michael flynn, michael cohen. a lot of people have gotten caught. many of the things they got on them had nothing to do with collusion. they are getting people on these kind of technicalities. for example, you forgetting something. even though you amended your testimony, they say too late, you lied. >> that's ridiculous.
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it's a game that's nonsense to play. i said i'm here to help you. let's look at things. trish: you had your theory on it. >> i wanted to explain how the dnc computers work. i can prove the rugs did not steal the emails. they don't want to hear anything. they don't want to hear about huma abedin or hillary clinton. they only wanted to know how i connected with assange. trish: how did you? >> i didn't. i never met julian assange. i never talked to him, i have no intermediary. the special prosecutor refused to believe that i figured out that i sawng had podesta's emails. trish: how did you figure that out? >> i had a sears who knew the democratic servers very well.
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the big dump of emails against debbie wasserman-schultz. podesta's were missing. i knew the server had podesta's emails on it. that had to be what assange had in reserve. i figured that out. it was speculation. the pegs prosecutor said you couldn't have done that on your own. and i said i did. trish: they are saying you couldn't possibly. as we piece together this logic. it's a logical conclusion. you and i talked about this. so they had all these emails, but he wasn't there so that made you think -- >> it made me think basically the special prosecutors were not underred in my testimony. they had a preset narrative. if i gave them what they wanted, they were happy. but if i couldn't, because i
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don't know assange, and i can't connect roger to assange. suddenly imgoing to prison for the rest of my life. >> they could walk in right now and arrest me. if i get indicted. i'll fight this to my death. because this is not justice. this is not america. i went in to cooperate. i told them the truth. i'm 72 years old. i never committed a crime and suddenly i'm look at prison for the rest of my life. my crime is i supported donald trump and i did my best to get donald trump elected. now i'm a criminal for having done that. i filed a complaint with the department of justice against mueller and his entire group of henchmen. they objected to my writings. they don't like what i write. they don't like me because of my
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political views. the law is intentionally and willfully gave them information i knew to be false with an intent to deceive. and i will not swear in a court of law that i did. trish: this is scary stuff. >> it should be. trish: it's so disappointing to think, they have got their answer, and i guess they don't care who this the way. >> they want to run over me with a truck. trish: did they meet their match? >> i'm a weird duck. i came out of harvard and i am saying jesus christ is my lord and savior. i am not going to swear before a federal judge a lie. they are requiring that i lie to save my hide from going to prison. i won't do that. they required a deal that i had to be quiet for years.
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swear to a federal judge that i committed this felony which i did not do. i had to wait for a year to be sentenced. during that time they weren't going to let me report to my regulatory agencies. you can't tell the understand agencies you are a felon. we are going to seal that. i said wait a minute. you just told me to violate a law. you told me to get this ply deal demand i lie and violate a law. they are the criminals. trish: that's absolutely wild. you have got a book coming out. >> we are going to do the e-book right away. it's called "silent no more." it will be out later this week. what this horror show felt like to go through. it reads like a horror story. trish: carry stuff.
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stay brave. jerome corsi. straight ahead. national security advisor john bolton saying he was aware of the arrest of china telecom giant huawei's chief financial officer but the president was not. tonight the editor of a chinese-run newspaper calls our actions an act of war. later on, arizona officials bracing for the potential that migrants might try to storm the border the same way they did in tijuana. it's all coming up. i'll see you right here with peter navarro next.
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trish: a chinese state-run newspaper says the arrest of a chinese telecom executive at our request is a quote declaration of war. the chief financial officer of the chinese telecom called huawei. it's the largest in the world. she is the daughter of the
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founder. she was taken into custody by canadian authorities on the request of the united states of america. it unfolded on the same night as president trump and his counterpart xi jinping sat down for dinner in argentina and agreed to a 90-day''. >> this is something we get from the justice department and these things happen with some frequency and we don't inform the president on every one of them. trish: is this all part of some negotiation strategy? joining me now, peter navarro, assistant to the trade and manufacturing policy. >> that clip from ambassador bolton.
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my understanding is npr had to retract that. neither the president nor ambassador bolton were aware before the dinner. trish: neither were aware. >> correct. the justice department acts independently when it comes cute felonies. and that's the d when it prosecutes felonies. trish: were you aware? >> no. trish: mr. kudlow, was he aware? >> no one on the team was aware. prior to sitting down for dinner we met several times as a group. secretary pompeo, ambassador light highs her, jared kushner. this never came up. i am just telling you, we don't
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need this to be an extended conversation. we were not informed of that by the justice department lane's nothing wrong with that. the justice department does these things independently on its own and that's what happened. trish: was the president made aware before the arrest happened? >> i understanding -- you are saying the arrest happened the day of the dinner so no. trish: doesn't it seem like that's something the president should be made aware of? he's in the middle of this gigantic trade talk and potential deal and 90-day moratorium. wouldn't you want the guy negotiating that deal to be aware of a pretty significant arrest? >> not in a democracy where the justice department operates independently on these
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particular matters. it's an interesting coincidence. to me it speaks to the problem we are having more broadly with china and their bad behavior on any given day in america, the federal government, one agency or another will take some kind of action against china. we have had numerous actions against china. we had the fbi make announcements about previous espionage. what's important for this country is to talk more broadly. trish: chain of command, you are negotiating a big deal one want as much information you can have. particularly about a big arrest like that. is the president mad that he wasn't made aware? >> you would have to ask the
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president. trish: are you mad you weren't made aware? >> no. the president is an incredible chief executive and he's the smartest guy in the room when i'm with him. trish: what i'm maring through the grapevine, there are people who are worried the president doesn't have the best relationship with the doj. they are worried this night and talk the trade talks. and the trade talks are really important. >> here we are in the swamp. i don't believe anybody kind of whispers in other people's ears in this town. trish: there are people not in your town. i'm in the financial capital of the world and there are a lot of people who would like to see a resolution to the trade talks. >> all the more reason i wouldn't believe anything coming
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out of wall street. there is a lot of chatter in wall street trying to steer our trade policy in a different direction. it's a serious question. this happened. the president was not aware of it, and there was no yoan he needed to be. the justice department is pursuing a serious felony case, and huawei is a bad actor. so we are going to proceed. a lot of this what happens in the next 80 or so days is really up to the chinese side. it's the chinese side that's engages in forced technology transfer. these are things they need to stop. trish: has president reached out to xi to talk about this issue? >> i don't sit in the oval and watch what the president does. i'm trying to create jobs for
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the men and women. but we have a great team that serves this president. it's distinguished by the fact it has different points of views that are sometimes argued sharply. but never in anger. he makes the best decisions that way when he has competing viewpoints. trish: i feel for you guys, you are going into these negotiations. peter, you are going into negotiations, you want to get some kind of resolution. you want to stop china from stealing our intellectual property. this particular woman, this executive, is the daughter of the founder. it's the biggest telecom' company in the world. she is arrested just as you are going into the negotiations. the timing is peculiar and nobody told you it was going to happen. >> when you talk about the
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negotiations or we can talk about huawei as a bad actor. both of those are interesting topics. you can take your pick. you are the about here. trish: it just surprises me that you were all not made aware of that. it seems like kind after pertinent thing to know. and this is like the left hand not talking to the right hand. >> i want to be clear. this is not that. this is the justice department it operates on an independent track when it deals with felony prosecutions. it had no obligation to inform anybody else what it was doing in this particular matter. it just happened. let's move on' to the next 80 days or so. trish: are you going to get anything out of china? declaration of war is what the chinese state-run newspaper.
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>> if i believed everything i read in the chinese press, i might be in despair. from the president of china himself in an extraordinary president to president, they have a very good relationship it's unprecedented for the head much state of china to sit there and present a deal to the american president who speaks with the strength of this president here in america as well as to the relationship those two have. the question is, is china going to follow through on the 142 items it promised it would make progress on. is china going to follow through on all the structural changes it needs to make for them to be a good member of the international trading society. what i can tell you is this. at the end of that time period, if we don't get what we need for
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the american people, particularly the working men and women who work with their hands, president trump will do what he needs to do. trish: stay tough. we are their number one customer. >> this is a tough president. and he has a good team. what he has done on trade is unprecedented with any president that precede him. they said we couldn't renegotiate nafta and we did. they said we couldn't get china to the table and he did. trish: can you envision a scenario where the president is able to do for china what ronald reagan was able to do for the ussr? there is a lot at stake and you have to unravel thousands of years how the chinese have been. but what do you think? >> i think the next 80 days will
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be an important period of time. but the president is doing exactly what he needs to do on trade and it's a great thing for the american people. he'll stand tough. trish: get the doj to keep talking to you guys. keep you in the loop. we have more questions about the fake dossier our justice department used to spy on the trump advisor to the 2016 elections. i am going to set the record straight on all of this. also coming up. fox can confirm three whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence of potential wrongdoing in the clinton foundation including misappropriation of fund and allegations of quid pro
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>> every american should not want the fbi being weaponnized as some have claimed by the democratic party, the dossier was used by the fbi to get a warrant from the fisa court. these are things that should concern every american in terms of pretexting their civil liberties. trish: that wassed the fbi talk about the theory that the fbi was weaponized to take down president trump. you think about what the fbi did. we combed through 400 some odd pages of this fisa application
8:32 pm
and its supporting documents. though the fbi mentioned things from the dossier, the dossier that's was floating out in journalist circles and nobody, not even the "new york times" reported on any of this. because nobody could confirm this. you don't report what you cannot confirm. but somehow the fbi didn't care. they never told the judge as far as we can tell, that they got their information from a piece of clinton or dnc-funded opposition research. this thing. they never bothered saying who paid for this thing. don't you think that's relevant? >> i think as a journalist, who my sources are. then you have to check and cross-check and this is what you do. i would think that the fbi would do the same thing. right in the they did tell the
8:33 pm
judge whoever funded christopher steele was look for dirt on donald trump. they just didn't bother to tell them it was hillary clinton's team. i guess they weren't so keen on telling the judgment was clinton funded opposition research. maybe we ought to think about that research and triple economic that research ourselves. if i were the fbi i would have sent someone to russia and said check this out and check it again. you don't go issuing fisa warrants on people unless you have a real firm foundation and belief that you have reason to do so. the steele dossier, this thing was research, opposition research funded by opponents and somehow we are using this to issue fisa warrants? that is as goodlatte says, a
8:34 pm
kind of weapon --izing of our government. we cannot use government resources to take down political enemies. that's the concern here. is that what our federal government did? and if so we have a real problem. here top react. host of "the next revolution," steve hilton. this worries me. it's one slippery slope. if you allow the government to use' one kind of opposition research, they will be able to do a whole lot of things with opposition research and fisa warrants. steve: trish, you used the word fears early on. this is frightening. what we are seeing bit by bit is
8:35 pm
more and more evidence that tour security and justice services at the very highest levels, the fbi and the justice department and the cia colluded with the clinton campaign to interfere in our elections. we don't know about that for sure. but there is increasing evidence pointing to that. and at the very least we need an equivalent investigation into those investigations just as we have the mueller investigation going on. if this is true, it really is frightening. trish: if i were robert mueller, i would want to know where this came from. i would be concerned my fbi had been played. i would be worried opposition research, let's call the ex-spy in the u.k., christopher steele, and he'll be able to call his
8:36 pm
old cronies in russia to dig up dirt. but i would assume some of the cronies he was calling in russia might have been connected to the kremlin. who's to say putin couldn't have fed this document into the hands of the fbi himself. >> we need to know. this bits integrity of our democracy. what about our own government trying to get involved inappropriately in the election process. talk about cronies. the thing i worry about, never mind the russian cronies. the closeness between mueller and clapper and mueller and the gang who were all there. with more and more evidence suggesting they were plotting and colluding to get involved in the election. there is all this evidence growing. trish: this just breaking right
8:37 pm
now. week confirm three whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence of potential wrongdoing regarding hillary clinton and the clinton foundation, allegations of quid pro quo. we heard about a lot of this stuff before. there have been concerns if you give a lit to the clinton foundation maybe the sick to would help you out on something else. this has been out there. now we are getting word there are whistleblowers saying this was a problem. quid pro quo was indeed problem. what's your retook this breaking news? >> isn't this the ultimate hypocrisy. days ago they were up in arms about the trump tower in moscow that never happened and whether that would influence the incoming president. the clinton foundation raking in cash from saudi arabia and other
8:38 pm
regimes we have problems with. multiple millions of dollars pouring into that foundation. there was evidence about her engagements and the meetings she had and the overslap between clinton foundation donors and the meetings she had while she was secretary of state. this is totally outrageous but nobody in the establishment seems to care because it's not donald trump. trish: straight ahead, arizona bracing for the possibility migrants could once again storm the border. remember what happened a couple weeks back in tijuana? officials are take nothing chances tonight. they are preparing just in case. they are afraid the migrants are going to pull this stunt again. we have a full report for you
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you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. trish: u.s. officials in arizona bracing for the possibility that migrants could storm our southern border again. last week hundreds of migrants stormed the tijuana border. nancy pelosi flatout rejected the idea of approving funding for the president's border wall in exchange for protection for dreamers. kind of crazy, right? she could have had this protection for dreamers which she talks about all the time being so important. but it would have meant funding a border wall to protect our tboard and she won't do it?
8:44 pm
i guess she doesn't care about the dreamers as much as she wants you to think. let's go to amber smith. if i was nancy pelosi i would like getting the deal done. when push comes to shove, if she is not willing to give the money for stronger borders and an actual wall, she is willing to forego the ability of dreamers to have a path forward? >> it's a little surprising. democrats were more reasonable even 10 years ago. but since president trump made building the border wall one of his priorities. we have seen democrats doing everything to block his agenda. and that means even running over one of his priorities to prevent
8:45 pm
president trump from being successful with his wall. trish: the concerns tonight in arizona. people who work for border patrol are engage in preparation drills to make sure she can handle an onslaught of people stampeding the border. what is the fear here? >> the fear is we'll see what we saw in tijuana which is aggressive and hostile acts from a large crowd of people looking to rush border agents. we saw them throwing rocks and rushing in large quantities to overpower and overrun border agents. and we saw them have to respond with a necessary use of force to protect themselves and prevent further chaos. what we may see in the future in arizona.
8:46 pm
they have been conducting tactical operation drills. role playing side by side bhilt to make sure they are prepared if it happens. trish: a liberal cnn host says he would never shake the president's hand even at president bush's funeral. he says the president doesn't deserve that kind of respect. maybe it has something to do with your boss wanting to run for office himself? i'm talking about jeff zucker's political aspirations. new clues elizabeth warren is eyeing a presidential run. she is concerned about comments she made. what she is regretting and how
8:47 pm
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8:51 pm
interested in politics. >> you talked about potentially running for politics. >> i am still interested in that. trish: he jumped out there to say that. cnn president jeff zucker. i wanted to make it clear he's interested in running for office. he wants to be in politics. isn't that a little bit after conflict? he does run cnn. and cnn has had a hard left turn in a lot of their programming. kind of makes you wonder if it has something to do with the political aspirations of the boss. maybe this is why his anchors feel like they can make comments like this one following the funeral of george h.w. bush last night. >> i don't think i would shake hands with him. i would just nope, couldn't do it. i'm not that big a person. here is what i would have done.
8:52 pm
come here, don. you are petty and small. >> i'm not petty and small. that's real, brother. trish: i'll hand it to chris cuomo. he's petty and small. he won't shake hands with president trump even at a funeral because he doesn't like him. an american hero died and yet don lemon can just talk about president trump. i want to go to fox nation host britt mchenry and scott bolton. good evening. this is primetime. did don lemon miss the points of
8:53 pm
what went on yesterday? did cnn completely miss it? >> i don't think see. don lemon has his own show and gives his own opinion regularly. don lemon keeps the president accountable just like a number of other news people. don lemon got attacked by donald trump when he did the interview with le bron james. he said he was dumb, said he was lightweight. trish: a lot of people up there including hillary clinton. they weren't warm and fuzzy. >> he attacks his own people as well. i understand don. trish: clearly don lemon does not understand. let's not forget jim acosta yelling out questions, holding on to that microphone in that one infamous press conference. appropriateness kind of matters,
8:54 pm
brit. >> i agree that it's his show. we can have opinions. but you also have to be factually correct. i will disagree with our other guest because there was scandal. don lemon said there was no scandal with the obamas. operation fast and furious and benghazi happened. but that was such a beautiful moment for me. i wasn't particularly the biggest fan of barack obama as our president. but i saw how he made the moment about george h.w. bush and all of them, trump as well, they are probably not huge advocates of the obamas. they put the moment and our former president above petty behavior. trish: do you think it has anything to do with jeff zucker's political aspirations that's cnn has gone so far left? >> absolutely. i think if you are asking his
8:55 pm
outlets. these people want to openly run for the presidency. >> hold on. trish, zucker didn't say he wanted to run for president. he said in his heart of hearts he wants to get into politics. he didn't say what he was running for. i am going to run for office one day. it doesn't mean i am running. >> there have been reports he's interested. >> that's mutually exclusive. they need to keep the president accountable. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture.
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>> i have put it out in public. 10 years of tax returns. my hiring records and dna test on the internet for anyone to see. i believe it is important to be transparent. that how public officials should be. trish: elizabeth warren on camera, not regretting taking that dna test, but off camera she reportedly is regretting it. saying she hasek presse -- expressed concerns about the dna test.
9:00 pm
anyway. a lot going on. we'll continue covering all week, live from financial capitol of the world, have a wonderful evening, kennedy is next. >> james comey, tomorrow, is your day of reckoning. you will finally admit you tried to tip the scale for hillary clinton. he is scheduled to testify tomorrow in front of house judiciary committee. earlier today, on fox news, arizona g.o.p. congressman andy bigs said that republicans plan to read him the riot

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