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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 7, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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anyway. a lot going on. we'll continue covering all week, live from financial capitol of the world, have a wonderful evening, kennedy is next. >> james comey, tomorrow, is your day of reckoning. you will finally admit you tried to tip the scale for hillary clinton. he is scheduled to testify tomorrow in front of house judiciary committee. earlier today, on fox news, arizona g.o.p. congressman andy bigs said that republicans plan to read him the riot act. >> authority when he wrote his
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exxonration letter, we need to know about the leaks he issued. how he manipulated appointment of special counsel. with statements he gave to senate, there is a lot with more mr. comey, then move to personnel with who he worked with, and he chose mueller to get to special counsel his relationship is rod rosenstein. there is a whole host of things that mr. comey knows, he made statements on, some of them have not been consistent. we need to get to the bottom. kennedy: congressman bi biggs wl be among those tomorrow. we'll get a trip.
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>> and so we'll sit in the dark, republicans agree, i am free to talk when done. this is the closest i can get to public testimony. >> jim. now there is also a troubling report on infamous fisa warrant application that initially lead to spying on trump campaign. reportedly they knew that evidence was shaky before the investigation began. so, should we believe what comey says when he appeared in capital tomorrow, joining me now, former deputy assistant to president trump, dr. sebastian gorka rejoining the show, welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: look. also author of why we fight, we just spoke about that book weeks ago.
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talking a little bit about james comey, his connection to special counsel, leaking memos he had written. made their way to public sphere. what do you want some of these committee members to push hardest on? >> well, this might surprise you, i am less interested in his cull bill tie in giving hillary a walk, we have to concentrate on crimes this man committed, he knowingly leaked the briefing he gave to the president elect, president trump, to his friend, who was not only a so-called professor but was a special employs of fbi. and leaking that private briefing to the "washington post," then afterwards taking what he deemed to be his private notes but he wrote on a
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government laptop on government time, and treating those as if they were personal, this man has all kinds of things to answer for, not even starting to discuss his cupbility with botched investigation of hillary. >> it was an abrupt ending to hillary clinton investigation who trump investigation began. there are several outstanding questions in particular with christopher steel, if that was bases for the fisa warrant and application that fbi put forward, how to they know christopher steel was not gathering information from russian agents illegally. >> not only that. if john solomon a reporting today is accurate, this individual, is in serious legal jeopardy, he is in that e-mail chain of communications whereby the doj and fbi recognize how
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dubious the steel dossier circumstancis,which means, jamew that there was exculpatory evidence that file should never have been used for surveillance warrant, and lied about when they filed steel as an asset of the fbi, they told us he was leaking to the press after we got fisa warrant, john sullivan says that is a lie. kennedy: it was press report that were pieces for -- basis for th fisa warrant that createa circular reasoning, fbi on its face with basic investigation should have scen seen, that thew it the question that i think they should press james comey, on what role did bruce ohr play
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in this and when. >> absolutely, and have you the fbi investigators, allow, allow people who are suspects in the hillary case to actually act as counsel to hillary, then -- this is unheard, the fbi was ordered to destroy hillary as laptops, on what basis? that decision had to have come from 7 floor of hoover building in washington, that might lead too very desk of former fbi director james comey. kennedy: does that mean he has commit perjury in some of his congress app testimony. >> yes! kennedy: now we're hearing when democrats takeover the critical committees, including the intelligence and judiciary committee, they will hand over some testimony of jared kushner and donald trump jr. and others,
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it is not fair they do the same with james comby an comey and hs testimony. >> absolutely, let's see who committed perjury, including clapper. biggest question, is when did the surveillance operation on trump campaign begin. who initiated it? right now if you follow writing of lee smith, sarah carter, john solomon it looks like john brennan with a international sting in australia dip pat in papadopoulos start the a hold chain told james com comey on oa file in america, if that is the case, perjury is all over the map, cia, fbi, doj. kennedy: and see if national security was compromised in any of this. because as with hillary clinton, and you know her server scandal, that is the biggest issue.
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were lives ever at stake, was government power abused to obtain politically damaging information, so far they have not achieved their goal of pulling down the president, yet, they are still working furiousry to connect the dots, we'll keep our as on it, thank you dr. going to worka. gorggorka . >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: today, final resting day for george h.w. bush. >> the burial service for president george h.w. bush here in college station came after the funeral service in houston, and one last train ride.
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a texas-size farewell for george herbert walker bush. gathering at st. martin's episcopal church in houston, remembering and honoring late leader. >> lord is my shepard. i shall not. reporter: song by country singers the oakridge boys. ♪ amazing grace ♪ reporter: and reba. >> ♪ as well as remembrances by former secretary of state, long time friend, james baker, praising his love of country. >> george bush was a charter member of the greatest generation. his wish for a kinder, gentler nation was not a cynical political slogan. it came honest, and unguarded from his soul. reporter: recalling his sense of humor. >> we would look at me, say, baker, if you are so smart, why
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am i president, and you are not. >> his gift as friendship. >> his oldest grandson recalling fond memories of his gampy . >> always the competitors. >> he always made time to help others. >> he left a simple pro found legacy to his children, grandchildren, and this country. service. reporter: after the funeral, last leg of former president's journey made by rail, only 8 presidential funeral train, first since eisenhower. custom-made union pacific locomotive, numbers 4141. and painted sky blue as air force one, train slowing for thousands who came to pay their
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final respects it carried bush's body 70 miles to college station, his final resting spot. his presidential library, he was privately buried next to his beloved wife barbara and wife robin. per their request, the final good-bye was private, theirs alone. >> alicia thank you for that report, speaking of late member, a member of his white house, may be a part of trump white house, sources tell fox news president trumpments to nominate bush 41 former attorney general william barr to be his new attorney general. other names remain in play. matthew whitaker, and tom rat cliff, and former new jersey governor, chris christie, whoever the nominee, they will likely face a difficult confirmation hearing, and a lest political pressure surrounding the russia investigation. last year, barr weighed in
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perceived bias on mueller team, telling "washington post," i would have liked to see mueller have more balance on the group, and wrote firing of james comey was understandable. so is barr the very best pick, how could he impact russia special counsel. joining me now, shannon breen. >> thank you. kennedy: things are moving for this a g nomination, what do you hear about william barr and his chances as frontrunner. >> interesting, he is not someone that is part of president's inner circle or legal team of his past. he is someone that president looks at him. he likes, he is well respected and a former attorney general, but he also has broad experience in all kinds of advising companies and corporate law, government relations, and a lot of respect on capitol hill.
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so, you do have to think ahead, to whole confirmation battle that process, president will want to think about something he can get into slot, they can get the votes they will need, and a lot of folks think that bill br is do that. kennedy: he is not without his critics. there are people who say, he worse than jeff sessions. >> yeah, you have to think what they mean by that there were people who did not like the way he handle russia situation, walking away, recusing from, that if that is what they are talking. with you to wonder. you pointed out interesting things he said, probably gotten president's attention, said that mueller's team could have been better balanced and problem at wicproblematicwith prosecutors,w
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attention, how this potential attorney general would view the entire mueller situation, but people pound out bar -- pound ot barr because not have a personal connection with the president or loy teal, there is a lot to consider. kennedy: president has made a shift in -- we'll talk about this later. toward softer gentler view of criminal justice reform. chris christie does not share that. and it is not just going to be the russia investigation that encompasses so much time and energy for next attorney general, who are other names, where do they fall on that law and order spectrum. >> interesting point. because attorney general former, jeff sendings wa sessions was np
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with the president on law and order stuff either. he was not a big fan, there is so much else that attorney general has to do,. you look at others like matt whitaker, who is in position now, he is lesser experienced than some others. but congressman ra radcliffe, tomorrow he will sit down with james comey to talk about and probe comey give him a testify time, republicans chose him for a reason. so, you have to think he may be in line with the president, chris christie would just be a lot of fun. kennedy: he has real glitches. >> just admit it. >> you know reclassifying certain substances. there might be people who watch this show who are interested in
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those areas. >> do tell. kennedy: i can't, because it i will be stopped an risked -- shannon breen thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. if not for phony witch-hunt, he would be one of most popular presidents ever, does he have a points, we'll discuss it, that is next.
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kennedy: president trump has a magic plan to make his approval rating great again. get rid of bob mueller, accusing him of pulling down his great poll numbers, saying without phony russia witch-hunt and all that we've accomplished in last two years, my approval rating would be 75 percent rather than 50% just reported, that is call the presidential harassment. just when you thought you he could not put you through any more harassment. he coins a new one.
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poll is from rasmussen, average rating is 43.3%. but is president right to say hueller is holding him back, if show what will help when special counsel makes like queen elsa, and has to let it go? joining me now, cat with host matt welch. republican strea straddlist -- straddlist? i would like to see that. welcome, let's talk about this, i think he is right, if mueller investigation did not exist. that is the commonly serves course at democratic buffet, he would have a little bit higher numbers.
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>> let me try to straddle this for you, i think that trump is blaming low poll numbers on mueller investigation, it could be trie drew, i will say, i am in a weird way think that the mueller investigation has ramped up support from his base, they feel they need to rally around and protect him, they view him as under dog, and everything that mueller investigation doing they proved they say there not, russiancluding, so they are on a witch-hunt to get him, #witch-hunt on his twitter, i feel this is pretty much solidified his base to take up for him and protect him. kennedy: she is right about that, republicans in his corner. cut me mick. >> polarization is not worse thing for him, low poll numbers
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are toxic for any other president, but for him, it is not worse, why? >> that is what he depends on from the beginning, he is a ipo will -- pol polarizing figuringe wants to provoke a backlash, especially in media, republicans all agree how much they health media, poll numbers were lousy worst of any president of history of modern polling, his approval numbers in january, february, march, april, before robert mueller was appointed. kennedy: normally presidents come in office they have a honey mean period. they start high go down, that is case with prob president obama. >> yeah, bill clinton is not that loved at the beginning. but he has been underwater his whole presidency. kennedy: is it presidential
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harassment? >> no, harassment is like when i am minding my own, like crying at a bar, and a dude with 19 chins and pit stains, insists on hugging me, that is harassment. kennedy: that is love, that what that is. >> not last night anyway. >> oh, my god. >> it has been difficult for him, there has been revelation that some people involved have political bias against him. but, a legitimate investigation, with goal of protecting the iny it great -- integrity of our elections is not harassment. this is an investigation. if you care you should support it you can be angry at certain figures that have shown political bias. kennedy: i can be mad at comey, and mccabe, and coursey and cursey. >> not the whole thing. kennedy: i can be but i'm in the going to, i don't want to live
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that way. >> me neither. kennedy: i want to be the guy with the chins and pit stains trying too hug you. >> a heck of a wednesday. kennedy: luckiest person i know. the panel, is returning about after the break, we talk about president trump's criminal justice reform plan. has democratic hopefuls in a pickle, we're doing pickle backs. they are being shameful. next. ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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kennedy: too many people are incoarsincarcerated in this cou. with 181 thousand federal inmates, the cages busting with
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people, their bodies would do better working, than the polka would sense fewer criminals away for life for 3 strike violation, this country believes in redemption, about damn time we had a system this reflected our ideals, who would not top ease e inmates to our society. people whose outdated heavy handed verse of law and order within out of style like crockett and tubbs. like warren, and kamala harris, want to stick it to the president every chance they get, not in the gooey fun spin the bottle way, this is where country would be better identify with a bipartisan coalition
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tackling a real problem, solving some injustices. they know the president is thinking his shift for the boater, even inacted would make things worse for those who they claim to serve, denying president's victory is more important from blesset fallout from this, 4 thousand inmate could be eligible for releasing on passage of this bill, that is why u.s. chamber of commerce, and are clamoring for more bodies to join workforce, instead of deed dead mef men was of prison.
12:32 am
>> president trump campaigns on a tough on crime platform, he has thrown his weight behind this bill. >> working with my administration over last two years, they reached a bipartisan agreement, did i hear bipartisan? >> there you go, did i hear that word? a nice word, bipartisan agreement, on prison reform legislation known as, the first step, that is what it is, a very big first step. >> can a get i bipartisan out of that by, ha rumf. should senate get it through. party panel is back, what do you think about that. no, it does not go as far as
12:33 am
kamala harris and warren claim, it called first step. >> right. finding that is a good first step. not perfect, i would like to see it go further, i would like to see where all drugs are legal, and everyone freed who commit aa victimless crime, that not going to happen, i would support this to make it better, like you order a sandwich, and you want tomato, and they forget your tomato, you don't throw the sandwich away, you eat it, it better than no sandwich at ale,, they should eat the sandwich. kennedy: better to eat a sandwich than an entire big. >> true. it is welcome for kamala harris
12:34 am
and -- not for kamala, she is a prosecutor, she is the problem about criminal justice, she has been jeff sessions in a dress. kennedy: how come people don't realize that. she is so -- awful. >> she started too change her tune, they want their democratic candidates to be good on this issue, they are playing with fire in not doing this. it is a good idea, this is a demonstration project that says no matter what happens, fact that president campaigned to big law and order, and appointed jeff sessions of all people on this planet, he had his mind changed on had issue, and was willing to do this, we can do this is a apri federal level, dt get in the way of that. >> there is redemption in this country, we cont lose sight of that. kennedy: that does not make he a damn dirty hippie, i am sorry.
12:35 am
>> here is what i have to say on that. sad when you know this would be a really good bill, but because we are playing politics, it would let politics get in the way, republicans democrat, they are not going to working in, if ware in-- warrens and harris back anything that trump put out, they will be seen as taijtetainted and helping trumph his agenda, i doubt we get going bipartisan. some democrat campaign on not doing anything than impeaching trump. >> this is not happening because of mitch mcconnell. kennedy: cocaine mitch is blocking for a setback. setback. >> ironically enough. you think he role b would be all
12:36 am
free wheeling. all right, panel is amazing, and beautiful, let's talk about stock market, get on your banana boat, it has been a wild ride for stocks, investor panics after a report that cfo of chinese telecommunications firm huawei was arrested in canada, financial time report that u.s. is seeking extradition of the executive in a criminal probe, allegedly selling equipment to iran, stocks started tumbling, adding to growing fears that a u.s. and china trade deal could chance, dow got close to dropping 800 points before the news came out fed is slowing down rate hikes, dow closed 79 lower after that big come back, and an hour ago, president tweeting statement from china,
12:37 am
saying they are fill of confidence that a trade deal will get to finalize in 90 days, is it time to investor bury yore your money in the yard with those -- i'm not going to say anything, i am going to edit myself, i would get a sterning from my senior producer victor. jonathan hoenig, what is contributing too the market madness. >> wow, just wow, the moves, today, the reversal in dow, monday we saw a rise in value of stocks. back you've tuesday, then volatile day today, last night they opened electronic trading they had to use circuit breakers to slowdown velocity of market
12:38 am
tumbling, we saw market rise. precipitously when president promised some the trade war perhaps reached a trade truce. that turned out to be a little bit in jeopardy, you saw market tank, and talk of being tariff man the market tanked more. >> i think he realized the affect he can have on market, maybe that is why he had a rosier tweet tonight, saying u.s. and china will reach a deal. do you think they will? how buzz that huawei arrest affect their relationship and tariff war? >> president has been quick to want to interchange issues of national security and trade. interesting thing, tariffs were always talks about add negotiation tech sneaker just threat -- technique. threats to bridge klein t chinae
12:39 am
table. but a lot of u.s. companies are losing quite a bit of money. auto companies. but also firing a lot of the executives. and your point about arrest of chinese telecom exec. chinese state media calling this an an oage act of war. in a take it seriously. kennedy: interesting, there are a lot of people with a lot of money, they want so snap up those bargains the moment the market tanks. >> that is a pretty positive outlook. if you want to buy a stock on a bargain, i want to put us in context, we're in year 9 of an historic 9 year expansion in market and the economy. what is worrisome to me, looking longer term, not just some over value shares, we have talked about facebook and threat netflt
12:40 am
insurance companies and companies that tariffs were supposed to help bikal -- like alcoa, steel producers, a lot of companies struggling. kennedy: i like caution but i like phone, ta ton ca. >> coming up a new report suggests that les moonves lead too invest oa investors that cot him millions of dollars. we have reaction from attorney goldstein next. i can't believe it. that grandpa's nose is performing "flight of the bumblebee?" ♪ no, you goof. i can't believe how easy it was
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kennedy: stunning new report revealing les moonves intentionally destroyed evidence while company was investigating sexual misconduct allegations again him, he could lose his severance package, could he end up in jail? weighing in brook goldstein, we've seen this story play out time and again, including here at fox, you would think someone as wealthy as les moonves would see these other instances and be a little bit smarter. >> i think he saw them, and scared and grasping at straws it looks like he attempted to defraud the company and try to lie to them, destroyed evidence, to get sovereign package -- sovereigseven--severance packag,
12:46 am
i think that company realized it not in company's best interest to pay severance package. kennedy: $120 million. >> they hired two outside firms, reputable firms, lead attorney former federal prosecutor, one i think u.s. attorney for southern district of new york engage in independent investigations, they have come to the conclusion, he could be fired for cause, that protects company. kennedy: becausely destroyed evidence or they found it that in and of itself -- what should he have done differently, just given over his laptop, and cell phone. >> he is obligated to. >> his son's, pad not his own. >> he attempted to defraud investigates ons, he was obligated, all reports said that the contract obligated him to comply with any type of
12:47 am
investigation, he had to turnover everything, he still denies to this day, from last report that i read anything happened, 17 women have come out, with allegations again him, but two law firms say, they are credible, that i corroborated. >> 11 of those are credible, and there is all sorts of details here. >> it is disgusting, i don't think we should go into details that is how disgusting it is the allegations, i think appalls is role of the agent, marve dower looks like he attempted to distort less moonves. kennedy: he said, you know my client the one you -- sexually attacked in 90s, she is making
12:48 am
noise again, why don't you getler on one of your shows and keep her quiet, moonves tried, she did not accept the offer. jim: > -- >> then you have potential -- >> wise up, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next, stay there. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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kennedy: custom officials busted a group of men, for trying to bring. >> nike in country. this is the tropical storm. -- topical storm. >> topic one, massachusetts car dealership. bringing in the big bucks. collect this out, stampeded threw a jeep showroom, cause 20 thousand in damage, a salesman said he is willing to let deer have it for 18 grand if he signs today. they don't get a lot of deer at dealership.
12:53 am
no surprise. you know deer, they are looking to save a little doe . that is funny. see what i did. massachusetts jeep dealer does not have a single cherokee to their name, and don't feel bad, neither does elizabeth warren. >> topic two, wyoming highway closed for 7 hours today, after it got rear ended causing's 10 car pile up, police are interviewing all 10 drivers and their seeing eye dogs. 7 hours in l.a., you could drive three miles in that time on the 405 at 4:00. this is interstate 80. that is 500 cases of bud light spilled on the road during the crash. authorities say a miracle nobody got hurt, geffen the aim of gear
12:54 am
consumed in clean up. good samaritans called for pizza before help. police call this biggest disarcher since clinton campaign, what happened? never gets old. >> nomination in for 76 annual golden globe awards, as we speak hundreds are writing anti-trump speeches, just in case they win, they do them now, hard to concentrate when they starve themselves for the show. dick cheney biopick, "vice" leads ale film all films with 6. "a star is born" 5 nom, "black panther" 3, producer hope it lead to bounce back in ratings
12:55 am
more people have seen loch ness monster than last year's golden globes. this is not only movie news much day, massachusetts company has started working on reboot of the deer hunter, yea. come on, no one wants to go shopping with a deer in the store. no. safer than black friday, i have seen tommy boy. >> -- this is viewer. darren said, she is so painfully moronic. enough about elizabeth warren, all right. >> and art, you are hilarious, i laugh so hard at you last night, i tore my stitches, it was worth it. he is a surgeon. that is very problematic.
12:56 am
real chief galespi, wow, will you please just shut up. you have no idea what in the world i are talking about. per iod . -- i don't know what acronym you are using but it makes me -- i'll be right back.
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kennedy: how lucky are we, thank you for watching the best hour
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