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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 7, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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before the judiciary committees. they are going to ask questions to which i'm sure he'll provide the most of responsible >> we know that huawei is a bad actor and we will proceed. a lot that happens in 80 or so days it's up to the chinese side. lauren: worries over china trade talks sent stocks plunging. at one point dow trails were down 70 opinion and climbed down on news that the fed might consider one rate hike. cheryl: how about one and not three? futures volatile overnight. right now futures are down but not by a lot.
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dow down 68, s&p down by 8, nasdaq 3 and three quarters. lauren: europe stocks looking for a rebound, we have one, ftse is up 1 and a half percent, same percentage increase requester cac in paris. why is microsoft calling on governments around to world the regulate facial recognition technology? fbn:am starts right now. cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york, friday december 7th, good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: happy friday, good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. federal reserve reportedly considering a wait and see approach after interest hike later this month, that's expected. we will see. federal reserve officials are
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becomeing how fast for rates. cheryl: economists are estimating 200,000 jobs created last month but that's down. we will see how the markets react. unemployment rate to hold steady at 3.7%. average hourly earnings to jump from a year ago, that's inflation story. we will have complete analysis on mornings with maria, job's america special. lauren: president trump is expecting optimism that trade deal can be reached with china. last night the president tweeted, statement from china, teams are having good conversations can each other, i agree, okay. trump's trade adviser peter navarro is taking a much more
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wait and see approach, listen to what he told trish reagan last night. >> so the question is china going to follow through on 142 items it promised on, in order for them to be a good member of the international trading associate. -- society. lauren: china and trust have agreed to 90-trade truce. cheryl: despite arrest of executive, chinese telecom huawei. she faces extradition to the united states, embassy in canada in particular is demanding that she be released. the justice department has provide nod details on the arrest but in washington,
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lawmakers say that huawei has been a concern for some time. >> knowing the history of huawei it's concerning but we have a case to be made, the right thing to do is to charge her and the right thing for canada to do is extradite. cheryl: detained saturday in vancouver, she has a bail hearing today. lauren: american steel industry is growing after the trump administration imposed tariffs on most foreign steel, u.s. steel ceo david on after the bell for exclusive interview with connell mcshane praising the president's trade moves. >> we actually see these tariffs as being enduring for the foreseeable future. look at what the results have been with this president. he's getting a lot of things right here certainly for steel, it's a very good thing, taken courageous president a lot of support from a lot of people to do the right thing, get us a
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level playing field so we can have fairer trade. lauren: domestic steel production has risen 5% this year alone. cheryl: well, is morgan stanley getting special treatment from the new york stock exchange? lauren: tracee carrasco joins us more on that and the other headlines making news this morning, this could go to sec, tracee? tracee: new york post report that is the new york stock exchange gave special treatment to morgan stanley broker who asked to trade large blocks of stocks for several minutes after the markets closed according to post last friday exchange officials looked the other way and gave the broker until 4:08 to complete last-minute transactions, neither norgan stanley and nye had any comments, right before the meeting between trust and china in argentina. lauren: timing is everything when it comes to trading, this is interesting because we all feel or fear that regulation on
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tech companies is coming but microsoft is actually asking for regulation. >> yeah, that is right, microsoft urging governments around the world to adopt regulations for facial recognition technology next year that would require independent assessment of accuracy and bias and prohibit ongoing surveillance of specific people without a court order. this as microsoft's rival facebook and google face the increasing backlash for their privacy practices. microsoft is up 27% this year. cheryl: they know the rules but what are they going to do with it i think is the bigger question for microsoft. ipo, bright spot, yesterday good news, what is it? >> yes, set to make stock market debut on the nasdaq under symbol mrna, biggest initial public offerings for biotech companies, moderna shareed $23 a piece.
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raising 64.3 and valuing the company at 7.5 billion. lauren: they make burn medication? >> i believe, yes. lauren: thank you very much. cheryl: another wild swing, the dow reboundedded sharply yesterday. it was stomach turning, at one point the dow slumped as much as 744 points, reversed early loss, finished with gain, futures right now slightly lower, dow down 62 in premarket, s&p down slightly predicted to open lower. chief strategists of trading, todd, seems like there's a lot of confusion in the markets and rightly so whether it's mixed messaging from the administration, whether it's what the fed is going to do, what they are saying, what they are indicating the report changing the game yesterday, how do you handle volatility right now? >> good morning, cheryl, i mean,
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you are correct, the market is in extreme confusion and that's known as consolidation, when markets start to consolidate as they have done now, basically you look at the dow 24,000, so we run to these levels and we turn and go the other way which creates volatility, uncertainty, and as investor you kind of close your eyes and trust that market goes up 8% year over year and ignore volatility. as trader you become sler at top range and bier at the bottom. cheryl: a lot of viewers are average investors, you look for buying opportunities. maybe you you would get apple when it's 10% on the downside. let's talk about that, do you think we bottomed out this week? do you think -- >> no. cheryl: no, okay. there you go. >> no, i don't think -- i think we are going to test bottom end of the range eventually we will break out one way or the other.
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i think you're seeing concern from the fed which is why they made adjustment yesterday. cheryl: let's talk more about the fed, less assured of their intent when it comes to raising interest rates, from the wall street journal yesterday, that's what turned things around, do you think that the fed is hurting the economy by these some say too aggressive hikes? >> i don't think they are hurting the economy, i think you're making dramatic mistake typical federal reserve, they have never gotten it right in 105 years, they never make right move in key time. they are showing no clue of how the markets function and process works, they should let the free markets decide interest rates and demand for money and there's big demand for money. all you have to look at is outside lenders, they are lending like crazy at higher rights, the market can sustain higher rates but the fed continues to fall to wall
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street's desire to have the money so they can leverage up. at the end of the day if they would let markets trade themselves we would see a much clearer picture and we wouldn't have swings based on the federal reserve, it's a sad thing when you're worried about what the federal reserve does -- cheryl: how the markets interpret all of it. todd horowitz, great perspective, going lower, i hope you're going. good to have you on the show. lauren: going lower this morning, breaking news overnight in entertain kevin hart's gig as oscar host, gets complicated, bowed out after homophobic tweets he wrote years ago, he said academy gave him option to apologize or step down, well, he tweeted this, i'm sorry that i hurt people, i'm evolving and want to continue to do so, my goal to bring people together and not tear us apart. cheryl: tweets were from years
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ago, once they were out, you can't take it back if it's on twitter. lauren: they tried to delete many of them. cheryl: you can't take back what happened yesterday, right now futures lower, dow down 85, nasdaq down 24. still ahead, the arrest of huawei ceo is stoking new fierce of retaliation from china, throwing potential wrench in the trade truce. >> we have laws and extradition treaties, if somebody violated the law you cannot say we will not charge them or hold them accountable in justice system because of geopolitical matter. it's not a white house decision, the justice department. cheryl: how can this complicate tense relationship between china and the u.s., plus the war on christmas has a new target, candy cane, you can't make this up.
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lauren: move could have major repercussions in tense negotiations going on right now, we bring in dean chang, good morning, happy friday to you,
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dean. >> thank you, good morning. lauren: i want to talk about the timing because we had suspicions that xi was and the company was skirting sanctions. why did we act now? >> may be opportunity. she was changing airplanes in china, if she had made it back to china, highly unlikely that we would be extradite her, for example. lauren: tool kit goes way beyond tariffs or crack-down on china and their abuses. other countries might be siding with us, we are learning that japan my restrict some of huawei's technology, same for uk, if huawei has aahold of 5g, smartphone, driverless car, we want to decrease power, can that
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work? >> huawei is not -- has been complaints that has led to ongoing trade clashes and the imposition of tariffs, china's lack of respect and espionage. lauren: how do you expect them to respond in. >> the chinese formally protesting wanting to get ms. mung back. american businesses to face harassment in china and business executives anything from a parking ticket to more serious issues are likely to find themselves being scooped up by chinese police in quote, unquote law enforcement situations. lauren: does this end the way it ended for zte? they paid a big fine and it's
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done? how does this end? >> we haven't had announcement of charges. if she's being charged over her activities at skycom before her position at huawei, apparently they were trying to cur curve vent sanctions to iran. this may not be something that she can skirt or waltz out on. lauren: finally, the markets sold off on the news, why do you think that is? >> well, the possibility of a further deterioration, u.s.-chinese trade relations is going to absolutely increase volatility. lauren: dean, have a good weekend, thank you, sir. >> thank you. cheryl: let's take a look at futures after yesterday's roller coaster ride. dow is down 90, we are slipping
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a little bit more, nasdaq down 27 and 3 quarters, question will see if job report changes that, coming up the day-to-day in washington, robert mueller expected to drop new details of russia probe and sentencing documents against paul manafort and michael cohen, lawmakers to grill james comey on the hill. >> everything, integrity, memos and you can add to that all interviews he has done since separating from service. cheryl: will we finally get answers about hillary clinton's e-mail probe, you are watching fbn:am. this scientist doesn't believe in luck. she believes in research.
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cheryl: welcome back let's get you caught up on what's happening now, take a look at future, down on job's friday, we will see if the report changes anything. nasdaq down 32 in premarket. cnn's new york offices have been given the all-clear after the building was evacuated last night because of bomb threat, calls came to time warner center around 10:00 p.m. claiming that they were 5 devices in the building, don lemon taken off the air because of evacuation air. back in october suspicious packages addressed to same building and one to headquarters in atlanta. special counsel robert mueller releasing more details regarding russia probe. mueller's office will summit memos of alleged campaign chairman paul manafort violated plea agreement by lie to go investigators. lauren: separate sentencing memo for the president's former personal attorney michael cohen, cut a deal last week after admitting to lying after trump-moscow real estate
5:23 am
project. he's been interviewed 7 times by mueller's office. foinlly, elementary school teacher in nebraska has banned candy cane. j-shape of the candy, jesus, red, put on administrative leave. cheryl: you have to be joking. lauren: you can do that with just about everything. the war on christmas. [laughter] cheryl: take a look at futures right now. s&p is down 11 and a quarter, nasdaq down 31 and 3 quarters, coming up next, will they or won't they? would today's job give green light on interest rates.
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>> i think that the next 80 days will be an important period of time, but look, the president is doing exactly what he needs to do on trade and it's a great thing for the american people. he's going stand tough. lauren: president trump may stand tough and so will the chinese as they react to the arrest of top tech executive. cheryl: worries of china trade talk sent plunged 700 points at one point and climbed back on the news that the fed may be reconsidering next rate hike. lauren: down 105, s&p down 11, nasdaq falling 33.
5:28 am
cheryl: in europe stocks tried to rebounded opening higher as theresa may weighing plan to postpone the brexit vote, looks like investors are liking the news, all higher. lauren: mostly green in asia as well. nikkei gaining nearly 1%. cheryl: are your the real deal or fakes? fbn:am continues right now. ♪ cheryl: coming up at 5:30 a.m. in new york, 30-degrees outside. good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti, thanks for joining us, everybody. let's get to job's report because it's coming in a few hours from now and economists estimate that 20,000 jobs were created last month an unemployment rate expected to hold steady at 3.7%, how could
5:29 am
the numbers affect the fed's decision on interest rates, joining us now francis. thanks for joining us. >> hi, thank you. lauren: the reason markets are volatile is because of trade, is because of the fed, what do you think the fed will do after the report on the job market today? >> i actually think fed will hold steady can rate hike in december and consider what happens next year. i think the volatility in the markets, we have obviously news, the rates are hitting a little bit faster and -- than anticipated but the job's number is lagging indicater, won't affect the job's number for quite a while and we have tech selling going on in the markets, the fed will raise rates in december. lauren: on annual basis that's expected to be 3.1%, i know
5:30 am
that's a good thing, people are making more money, right, but sometimes it's a bad thing and the fed has to act to counterinflation, ho do you -- what do you think happens here? >> absolutely true, we will see pressure on wages, 9 trillion in outstanding debt is more difficult to service. companies like ge are at risk for becoming instead of good credit rating a junk credit rating and you will see a lot of pressure when corporate debts come to some reconciliation. lauren: seems like economists are worried about the future and at the same time a lot of them will tell you that the present is healthy, what do you think? >> true. we are in unprecedented times as the fed has never tried to unwind $4.5 trillion balance sheet. they've never tried to unwind something quantitative easing, from historical perspective
5:31 am
rates are still low, remember it's affecting a whole lot of money in the system. lauren: the economic clouds are darkening, if you look at credit card delinquencies as indicater. >> exactly. indicate they're the debt in the system is getting harder to service and the first time we have something in credit markets the credit shuts off that further constrains the money supply and then be in bear market until that flushes out of the seasonal. lauren: do you think we are heading in bear market? >> yes, i think we could be in bear market, the more the fed raises interest rates and the fact that they are taking money out of circulation via balance sheet, the minute you see major credit default, the equities will have a tough time and equities will probably go down until credit defaults get flushed out of the system.
5:32 am
lauren: tough time this week, broader market is down over 2%, francis, thank you very much for your insight this morning and more insight and complete coverage analysis on mornings with maria, starts at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, cheryl. cheryl: all right, well, the arrest of huawei ceo has put america's tech companies in cross hairs of trade war, apple, google already struggling to increase market share in china, microsoft too, the attention likely to make that more difficult if the chinese react. good to have you here, you wrote pretty extensive note the morning after g20 dinner between xi jinping and president trump, do you still believe it's a good thing that will remove near term overhang that were in cross hair, semiconductor space will be benefiting, have you changed your mind based on other news that has come out this week?
5:33 am
>> look, we haven't changed our mind, you come out of g20 and take a step back and investors were looking to see to see a step in the right direction in terms of these sort of overhangs getting removed. there's no doubt this week with huawei as well as increase worries, that's what investors are focused on, apple, semiconductor stocks, right now still we will have near-term resolution, ultimately, if we don't and 90 days comes it would be a major black cloud over the sector. cheryl: we were looking at apple and morgan stanley cut price target on the stock, apple's biggest problem is slowdown in china, what do you make of that? >> oh, yeah, 25 to 35% incremental growth comes from china, so it's not just from the demand perspective but supply perspective in terms of foxconn
5:34 am
and facility there, if you had incremental tariff and/or supply chain disruption, apple is front and center, for tech investors this is a pivotal white knuckle period. cheryl: she has bail hearing in canada, we will see what happens, it's 1:00 p.m. today. xi jinping seem today protect huawei when she put merger and the deal died because it looked like he was protecting huawei so this is an important company to him. >> oh, it's all 5g, 5g is the center, from national security and i think that's when you look at broadcomm and qualcomm --
5:35 am
cheryl: i hear you on that one, real quick before we go, china is tough on patents and the issue of intellectual property and theft, we are angry about it, the united states is but this is a bigger part of xi jinping's 2025 basically takeover of the world, that's what he wants to do. do you think that the negotiations are going to be fair? >> look, i think that's why navarro and others it's a big focal point, look, you talk to tech ceo, outside of apple it's been successful in china it's been a wrecking crew in terms of what we have seen from tech trying to penetrate china, this is a front and center issue and key 90 days in terms of the negotiation i think a line in the sand. cheryl: there needs to be at this point, dan thank you for getting up early, appreciate it. all right. lauren: we have good news from motor city. cheryl: finally tracee carrasco, what is it?
5:36 am
>> yes, fiat chrysler reported to open a new assembly plant in detroit, report to detroit news the company will revive a plant that has been shut down since 2012, the new plant would make the 3 row grand jeep cherokee for model year, fiat chrysler down year to date. cheryl: fake sneakers, is it kicks? lauren: another way of saying tennis shoes. tracee: i thought they said kicks. cheryl: you know how uncool i am. tracee: u.s. customs and border recently seized counterfeit, from china, the shipment contained more than 9,000 sneakers that were on road to chino, california.
5:37 am
lauren: never boring when you're talking about the boring company, what's the latest on elon musk's company and underground tunnels. tracee: he tweeted, more than a tunnel opening will include moted but fully rote transport cars and ground to tunnel car elevators, delay from initial december 10th target date for opening of long-awaited test tunnel, they'll be elevators to transport cars at both ends of the mile walk tunnel, a way to beat traffic, that's what elon musk wants to do it. cheryl: he wants to do it, will he do it, thank you very much, appreciate it. lauren: 2% losses for stocks so far this week and what more losses this morning, dow is down 83 in remarket, s&p is down 9 and a half, in thursday night if you believe it was the tennessee titans against jacksonville jaguars with record touchdown run from henry.
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lauren: powerful winter storm has millions of people from new mexico to north carolina in its path. cheryl: janice dean is here, she has all the latest, here we go,
5:41 am
janice. janice: here we go, possible travel delays and the storm originating from southwest, mixture of rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow depending on where the cold air will settle in. winter weather advisories from new mexico to oklahoma and texas and kentucky and tennessee depends on where the line will set up, mainly rain event in gulf coast but we could see significant icing where we could not only see ice but accumulating snow but flooding potential in southeast texas, that's the big story and there will be travel delays, travel delays if you're not affected by the storm, will cause ripple effect across the country in terms of flight and travel. cheryl: here we go. janice: have a good weekend. lauren: sad news in sports, fatal car accident in venezuela
5:42 am
has claimed the lives of two exmajor league baseball players, jared max has details. jared: 33-year-old luís and luis castillo killed after they played in caracas, winter league, developing story, reports say the vehicle that they were in either hit rock or swerved to avoid falling rock, buena played in mayor, released and valbuena, indians, mariners, castillo with the giants, pirates and astros between '04 and '08. carlos rivera also in cash, he did survive, horrible story. henry, one of the greatest games ever by running back. not only scored 4 touchdowns in win over jaguars, ties tony nfl
5:43 am
record from 1983 for the longest possible touchdown run, 99 yards, he set franchise record with 238 rushing yards and titans improve 7-6 beating jaguars. family of severely injured alex smith asked for privacy as smith deals with infection caused by surgeries trying to repair fibula and tibia. another if you believe league is coming. we had alliance of american football, fxl, ricky william and terrell owens, spring and summer football. cheryl: is there appetite for that? jared: from what i see there's a market, market for alternative to the nfl. [laughter] cheryl: that's interesting. jared: leagues are coming. some things will change. they are trying to say how it's
5:44 am
going to be different. the heisman tomorrow will be fun to watch. lauren: thank you. cheryl: good to see you on friday. lauren: you can catch on fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115. cheryl: take a look at futures, we are trading lower this morning, not by a lot. we will see if job's report changes. right now down 59 and nasdaq down 18 and 3 quarters, a vote on theresa may's vote affect markets next week, we will talk about it, opec fail today get a deal on production cuts, have they lost power? you're watching fbn:am. ♪ there's no place like home ♪
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lauren: let's get you caught up on what's happening this friday morning, dow is down 69, s&p down 8, nasdaq down 22. series chairman has offer today buy series out of bankruptcy for $4.6 billion, 500 of remaining stores, the acquisition would keep 50,000 series employees working. former nissan chairman carlos goshn reportedly indicted monday for financial misconduct, prosecutors reportedly also want to charge nissan for not preventing the alleged underreported salaries, goshn has been held in custody since november 19th stunning the auto industry. today president trump is expected to tweet his pick for u.s. ambassador to the united nations and sources tell fox news he will have states
5:49 am
spokesperson nauert. will take over for nikki haley who expect today leave at the end of the year, 77 years on surprise attack of pearl harbor, killed in horrific assault in hawaii, memorials across the u.s. today including moment of silence at pearl harbor museum in honolulu, american flags will be flown half staff. cheryl: happening now as well, investors looking closely at what is going on with brexit. the vote is scheduled for december 11th next week, reuters report that it's going to be on schedule. there's been some talk that theresa may was trying to delay, obviously it's a market story and big concerns as well over trade war, the fed's rate hikes, all of that can feel more volatility, let's bring in jason, halo investing president,
5:50 am
shanna, guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> jason, let's start with brexit, are we worried about the impact on global markets, you know, there's talk that the british would stay in the eu, the parliament is against exit for them, that's crazy. >> yeah, there's certainly a lot of uncertainty there and a lot up for air, i agree with you i do think there's a vote that happens on tuesday, technically they could pull the vote as late as tuesday morning but i do think that they are going to have a vote. i think the vote will be no and kind of where do we go from here and technically another referendum. cheryl: there could be. remember when brexit first happened it royaled markets, u.s. markets and shawn we are watching what's going on with china and trust and potential trade war, we have a lot of news that broke this week after g20, arrest of the executive from huawei, we are down more than 2% on the dow, s&p and nasdaq are red for the week, how do you
5:51 am
play this right now? >> well, i think you to keep your head a little bit here, all of the short-term news stories will continue to create volatility in the market, you know, rates up, rates down, trade war, brexit, all of this stuff, the fed what they are going to do, the longer-term strategy, it's going to cause short-term volatility because the market hates uncertainty but what i think investors need to do is look longer term, the estimates for next year on the s&p 500 are about $177, if those come in and we trade at 16 to 17 times those next year's earnings the market has 6 and 10% upside from here and people need to keep in mind and try to do as best as possible keep the short-term -- cheryl: i like the bullishness. jason, i want to go back to the issue of china really quick here because the president tweeted about it and you're watching tweeter feed on what he will say
5:52 am
about negotiations. statement from china, smooth communications and good cooperation with each other, we are full of confidence that agreement can be reached within next 90 days, is this enough for the markets to turn around? >> hopefully they don't take britain's approach and wait till last minute to start negotiating. i think with the u.s. i do think that we will get something done, you know, a lot of people have been focusing on the short-term rally in soybeans which is interesting to look at where i think that, you know, some of the pressure has been eased but we can't get too confident about the commodity markets in the united states and about talks, in short-term volatility as we were just referencing. cheryl: agriculture was positive from g20, something with etf's is that something that you're looking at, what looks good in portfolio? >> well, we focus on something that not a lot of folks focus on which is free cash flow yield,
5:53 am
high free cash flow ve lat i have to enterprise value. as we go forward, what that does position portfolios with companies with high free cash flow to deal with uncertainties, maybe wage growth or interest rates going up. the companies that have free high free cash flow. cheryl: well, again, i like the fact that you're doing the move but there's an opportunity. jason, shawn, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you so much. cheryl: all right. lauren: instead of luís castillo it was josé castillo, the baseball player involved in fatal accident in venezuela. he was 37 year's old. we do want to correct that for you, coming up opec meets but they fail to push up the price of oil, we will be right back.
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5:56 am
lauren: we are looking at the price of oil falling once again today, opec cannot reach a deal to cut production, let's go to exchange where phil flynn of price futures group is standing by. what do you make of all of this, what's going on? >> you know, a lot of drama in opec cartel right now, most traders thought that we would have a deal yesterday, that they
5:57 am
were going to agree and that the meeting was rubber stamp on something that was agreed on but leave it to opec to give us drama going into the meeting. they actually ended yesterday with no agreement to cut production and the main sticking points were how much russia is going to kick in on this production cut, that's number one and number two, whether or not iran should get a waiver because they are under sanctions and production is being restrained because of u.s. sanctions, all of that drama kept us guessing, so it's going to come down to today, alexander novek flew to russia to talk to putin, hey, can we get a deal done, how much production can we get done and we will find out today if they can get it together. cheryl: phil, reports that russia is the main problem and they are willing to make some kind of deal, cut 2,000-barrels a day if opec cuts a million barrels, that doesn't seem fair to me but that's the report.
5:58 am
>> yeah, doesn't seem fair to me either, right, the russians are saying, listen, we are in a better position right now. saudi arabia needs cut more than we do and the russians aren't really that negative on the global supply situation. they really think in the first quarter of the year everything is going to be hunky dory and it's not like saudi arabia where you can flip a switch and basically shut off production, it takes months and weeks to get that production to shut down, the russian oil companies are saying, listen, you're going to want us to shut down in the middle of winter which is very difficult for us and then, you know, a month from now we will have to ramp up production so from a logistics viewpoint doesn't make sense. lauren: phil, do you see any other opec members leaving the cartel? >> there is a lot of speculation that iraq would like the leave, iran wants to leave but i think that's premature speculation.
5:59 am
iraq, of course, they are feeling that they could be the next saudi arabia, they could raise production in coming years and be the biggest producer in the world but being part of the opec cartel they are being held back somewhat. i think it's premature to do that but traders are speculating on who is going to be the next country to bow out after we just saw oman get out. last meeting today. cheryl: real, quick, phil, obviously -- there's impact on the united states because you've got production that's really ramped up and kicked into gear. does that affect the shell producers in the u.s. with the opec move now? >> it really could. if opec fails agreement, oil falls below 50, shell companies that are in trouble. the one thing that's said about opec today, i want to talk about u.s. oil exports hit for the first time ever we exported more crude than we imported. that was big news yesterday, forget about opec, let's talk about u.s. cheryl: good.
6:00 am
lauren: prices are up this morning, phil flynn, thank you. cheryl: let's go to maria bartiromo who is in washington, d.c. good morning. maria: thanks for joining us it is friday december 7th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the button east coast, stocks under pressure this morning, take a look at futures indicating decline at the start of trading despite the fact that markets cloaked off of the lows yesterday, it was a wild one on wall street yesterday, plunged earlier in the session in the arrest of huawei ceo and china relationship and report from wall street journal on federal reserve taking a wait and see approach on raising interest rates lifted stocks from the lows, the market actually ended lower but well off of the lows to have session. at the end of the day it was mixed, take a look at the numbers, dow jones industrial average almost down 80 points, third of a percent. s&p was also negative by 4


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