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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 7, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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decision to cut oil production by 1.2 billion barrels a day. gold up, copper relatively flat. and that is it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend and good night from new york. trish: breaking right now kind of details pouring in after special counsel robert mueller issues a series of memos in connection with his russian investigation. plus so far no apparent proof of collusion with russia. robert mueller now alleging former trump campaign chairman paul manafort repeatedly lied about a variety of topics including his contacts with trump administration officials and a suspect of russian operative. meanwhile federal prosecutors against michael cohen recommending president trump's former attorney received four years in jail even though he corporate it with the prosecutors. here is mueller's so-called
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biggie. the filing says michael cohen provided crucial information about new contacts between the trump a campaign and fresh including as early as november 20153 joining me right now attorney nick the maurice and legal analyst -- and former assistant director of the fbi and attorney chris swecker. good to see you all. i'm going to start with the filing which reads around novemberer fifth teen, 2015 mr. cohen got contact information about a russian national who could quote off for thet campaign synergy and synery on a government level. they were talking about a possible meeting between mr. trump at mr. putin but here's the thing. chris i will start with you. that meeting never happened. it never happened and cohen never reached out to arrange the
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meeting. we live in a l global economy ad this is disinformation. it wasn't even acted on so let me ask you why is mueller suggesting a level of gold because someone has a contact in the rolodex? >> i really don't think the special counsel has much interesting cohen. i don't think he had much interest in the beginning. he pitched the case up to the southern district of new york and came in with a recommendation that he get jail time. i think cohen misrepresented and overstated what he had and he was the only person saying he had anything at all other than some of the mainstream media. trish: do you think that's why they are giving him such a hefty sentence? >> yeah i think he was promoting himself as he needed the deal that he wanted to deal. he was auditioning for a deal to the press and i don't think mueller had much interest in him at all.
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he may have some mildly interesting stuff for them but they sure did go to bat for him today. trish: let me turn to you and having read throughout these documents do you see anything in here that really shouts s out russian collusion to you? >> nothing. again trash this is an accident documents where there is new information but nothing that links trump to russian collusion with respect to michael cohen here resell the fdny go after him. the federal prosecutors in new york took a hard line but interestingly enough mall or a little bit taking to michael cohen although it did make a recommendation for no jail time but he didn't recommend anything he didn't say that there shouldn't be leniency. yet again looking for something, anything in the trump administration. trish: apparently i joke about it but i'm serious don't be
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caught drinking a white russian. i'm making light of it but in all seriousness mercedes they are talking about cohen come you can't lie to prosecutors. he cannot lie the doj and you can't lie. it under oath to congress and all of that is serious but when they piece together what happened in 2016 and the theory going into this from the left was somehow that donald trump works to liberally with the russians to steal the election from hillary clinton. i just don't see when i read through what came forward today. >> michael cohen is supposed to shining at least that's what the lead-up was. here's the one they flipped. this is trump's lawyer and he hashe all this information. the fact that he was given almost a maximum under the recommendation today under the sentencing tells me he wasn't given all that information. the only information shows
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collusion. didn't give informatione to the point that prosecutors would come forward and say of course we have to give leniency against him. his level of cooperation with implements the sentencing. the sentencing obviously it didn't help in terms of moving the ball along in terms of establishing collusion and the information he gave wasn't that particularly helpful. trish: chris, what do you make of this overall at where we are in it? >> yeah i can tell you this. i served under mueller and what gets people upset is the contrast between his aggressive investigation and the non-investigation of hillary clinton's foundation and the e-mails. i don't think as many people would be complaining about thela special counsel if comey had gone after those e-mail investigations and the foundation with the same enthusiasm shall we sayay in the same heart, the hard approach to it but within the bounds of the
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law. i think mueller is moving toward something. might just be a report in a the mite be another indictment. it would be hard for me to believe its investigator who knows how things operate behind the scenes that some of these deals would be cut in so much corporation solicited not just from manafort. trish: let me ask you because you work so closely with mueller she had said you know when someonend is put in charge of something like this as robert mueller is there's a desire to come forward with something. the public is saying go for it and you have this blank check to go for it and if you don't come back with proof of collusion or conspiracy between the russians and donald trump you feel like you fail. is there a certain pressure for prosecutor here? >> is that for me? trish: yes, chris because you worked with mueller. >> i served directly under him
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for two and a half years. i'm as conservative as anybody and i don't want to see anything bad happen to this president but i will tell you mueller is a fair man. he is a marine and someone gives them a mission. he will go after that mission with everything that he has. trish: mercedes i'm wondering what the heck actually happened with the whole russian dossier and how it connected hillary clinton and her cronies paid for opposition research that somehow wound up in the hands of the fbi and somehow wasn't good enough to get a fisa warrant and by the way they never told the judge where that research came from. it was funded by hillary clinton and her team. why isn't robert mueller looking at that mercedes? >> mainly because frankly as a federal prosecutor and we have representative clients in the throes of a federal
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investigation, it gets much bigger. we don't know whatve maneuvering mr. mueller is doing in the background of frankly to your point he should be looking at everything. he should be looking at anything that could establish innocence,, anything that could lead to further investigation and further investigation but to ignore information -- trish: he's trying to prove someone on trump's team was talking to russians which apparently they were talking a little bit or at least exchanging contacts that got michael cohen and so much trouble but he's not looking at the other stuff. i feel as ani american we all deserve answers and i just want to know why it is fisa warrant based on opposition research. this is a slippery slope for americans and -- . >> that's where there seems to be such a dichotomy here. why are we going down that road?
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let's go back to what this is supposed to be. this is supposed to be the issue about whether orig not there was foreign interference in our election. we got down the road of indicting people for personal financial crimes in the context of the investigation. how are we not looking into vice awards based on information that is fictitious? that's something we absolute should be in trump's new nominee that may take over for whitaker, he has spoken about that before. there are other avenues that aren't being explored. trish:h: i want to talk about ts coming up because chris the house democrats are saying they are going to look into some of this stuff. they are so interested in having these investigations into for example whether or not there was bias that the fbi and we certainly know there was. look at their romantic or not so romantic texts back and forth piling on how much they hated trump that there was bias in the democrats don't care.
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is there a political component and i knowwa you'd like bob mueller and i know you worked for him and you think he's a standup guy but is there a political aspect to this which is dangerous? >> under comey there was three dead in her circle was clearly bias, it was corrupt to the core and that's part of the bigger problem here. the inspector general i think is looking hard at fisa abuse. i think he produced a credible report on mccabe and i think we will see mccabe in and i did for lying and for trying to frame others for his lies and his leaks and ifry you read both of the -- inspector general reports i've got to think that he is looking very hard at the fisa abuse. he's he's been behind the scenes working. we haven'tea heard anything abot it. he is not leaking but i'd be very surprised if he didn't find some fisa abuse their and just told her talking about the dossier forming the basis for fisa opposition research
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improper, inappropriate. trish: i don't care what side of the aisle you're on the idea that somehow a judge is presented with this dossier and nobody bothered to tell the judge that it was funded by hillary went in and her team, i mean that is not the america we know and love or want to live in , right misty? >> you've got at risk am absolutely. trish: resave these good to see you and chris as well. always a pleasure. the breaking news at broughtwe o last night was the blowers revealing hundreds of pages of evidence that proves the clinton foundation misused funds. three whistleblowers help their as well as this whole quid pro quo promises made issue of secretary of state. straight ahead newly-elected democrat is socialist alexandria
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ocasio-cortez believes it can be the vehicle to economic social and racial justicece plus ignorg and outright denying any acknowledgment regarding all that bias at the fbi. i'm going to set the record straight once and for all. i will see you right here after this. so a tree falls on your brand-new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation.
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get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ♪ trish: new tonight's three whistleblowers now coming forward with hundreds of pages of evidence of potential wrongdoing by the clinton foundation including allegations of quid pro quo promises made to donors while hillary clinton was secretary of state. all of this according to the chairman of the house oversight committee congressman mark meadows who was set to hold a hearing on the case next week. joining me with rich and ed ryan ceo along with former congressional candidate and former miss america mallory haggen. good to to see both previous allegations of improprieties that have been out there for years and years and years all kinds of stuff. i could pick them off that basically the premise here is to
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get paid for actions that if he just turned over a nice check for charity to the clinton foundation suddenly things were getting a little easier for you. >> we have talked about the uranium one situation that one situation but what happens and then discusses the fact between 20102012 clinton state department approved $165 billion in commercial arms deal to the 20 nations that are given donations to theha clinton foundation and the thing that is unusual about that trish that basically double the number sales to the same countries is under bush's second term. there are a lot of questions about where did this money go and what was being used for? when he look when he looked up to 2014 otted of the clinton foundation they had trained and 32 million assets that they only gave out 3% in grants. trish: never good. what is your reaction as a
11:18 pm
democrat to these charges here, that the right is leveling on her? >> my reaction is this isn't a partisan issue at all. if there is wrongdoing and there has been criminal behavior investigation is to take place in if the allegations or chew the allegations are chewed on should be held accountable. i don't think there's a partisan argument for that but to me what it seems like is this was a well-timed allocation and investigation into the clinton foundation based on what's happening with our president. trish: i'm kind of surprised it took so long. it's one of those things that really irritated me. i think it was the atlantic at rope is the massive amount of money that her husband received in speaking fees from united bank of switzerland ubs and somehow that coincided with the state department letting a whole bunch of ubs clients off the hook for tax evasion.
11:19 pm
so you pay bill clinton one giant check in mysteriously dozens and dozens of your clients get off the hook for tax evasion. it just kind of seems inappropriate and there such a thing as a chinese wall for a reason. >> that's right and i think the other thing trish the fact that they are raising so much revenue while she was secretary of state for foundation and a drop to 26 million. clearly donors decided no gain some are they going to pay? the biggest question isut do we believe their institutions and individuals who are too big to fail or do we believe in the rule of law and this is the big question. i truly believe the clinton foundation is a charity fraud. people go to jail for charity fraud or congressman -- just got 10 years for charity fraud. trish: listen if in fact it is
11:20 pm
or was than they deserve to pay the price for a pretty hairy on the timing and everything mallory is just been out there for so long. i have covered some of these cgi effects and cgi for example in the international one-day one they hold here in new york city. i'm really struck by how many sketchy folks are there. mallory, you get it right? you get this order free pass. mallory if he were still with us do you have any perspective on the whole cgi event itself on the amount of money they charge of people coming from all over the world. theoretically that's a good thing but sadly you are getting a stamp of approval that you are paid for from the clintons. >> i c think that's a charity events work.
11:21 pm
people pay a lot of money usada have dinner with celebrity guests and people who are of some sort of importance in some way or another this would be absolutely no different trading mentioned the rule of law and people not being above it. the one about us and that takes place here today, people are saying that donald trump should be held accountable for some of the things that were done in hillary clinton should. this is an issue. people are doing something wrong and specifically people in position of power -- trish: i want to pursue that with you a little bit and we still have net joining us. mallory said things he should be held accountable for what i'm trying to figure out what exactly the left really thinks happened. what is your gut feeling mallory and c maybe it's not yours. maybe he can speak for your party as to what donald trump effectively dead with the russians that mueller is so key to investigate and all this news
11:22 pm
that memos regarding sentencing recommendations areva quite relevant tonight. >> i think what he has done as he escalated to what we are going to see -- . >> give me proof. >> whether it's the clintons are donald trump and investigation has to take place. trish: so he has colluded? by the way you can talk to anyone you want w, we live in a very global economy. if you are building real estate or licensing an infrared state projects, moscow is a great place to be. that unfortunately is the reality of the world that we live in. it's actually great. we are in a global environment. i think you are coming in and out. but ned lets finish this up with you.
11:23 pm
mallory says coalition is the problem and somehow there is collusion. what is collusion? what exactly does that mean? >> the basic argument that left has been making for over two years is somehow donaldre trump the duly elected president of the united states coded withia russia. we have seen nothing over the last two years with the mueller investigation that has pointed to any proof of collusion. i think it's just a fairytale that i've had this conversation with you. there are no facts to back it up. trish: if theremi were republics conspiracy to commit a crime that they would be talking about something. so far there's no evidence of data no evidence tonight of any of that. >> alan dershowitz made this point really quickly trashed the only thing he's been found guilty ofio because of the muelr investigation process crime, no crime in any way pointing to collusion. i don't think you'll ever see evidence because it never
11:24 pm
happened. >> mallory hagan thank you. incoming house judiciary chairman democrat jerry nadler vows to and investigations into the fbi and the doj. the democrat claiming there are no political biases at the fbi. congressman nadler did you see the hundreds of text messages between former, i hate that word but peter strzok and lisa page, the ones that clearly displayed their hatred for president trump how are you out there saying there's was never any bias. the one where they vow to make sure the now president would never make it to the oval office there's a whole lot of why is there but i'm setting the record straight for you on why this must continue. don't go anywhere.
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>> the entire purpose of this investigation is smaller. there >> the entire purpose is to cast aspersions on mueller produced no evidence of why is it the end fbi or any of this nonsense. trish: , on, really? judiciary chair and democrat jerry nadler saying he will dismantle the investigation to the department of justice's actions in 2016. lawmakers have been trying to figure out of course whether there was a deliberate effort to undermine the candidate and then president trumpnd. as i reported here last night for you the fact that the fbi investigator never told the judge the dossier was paid for by the dnc when they went to get the warrant that is kind of a problem, very big problem.
11:30 pm
and understandably should be investigated. the public has a right to know what the heck happened. jerry nadler says nothing to see here a just keep on going. they are actually insisting that there was no bias at the fbi, none. it takes gumption to sit there with a straight face and tell america there was no bias at the fbi. tonight i'm setting the record straight. come on representative. i don't care what side of the aisle you are on here, there is no possible way that you can sit there and say and say there's no bias unless you don't know what that word means. the only look at the text between peter strzok and -- page. they wrote peter strzok omg trump is an idiot. ms. page's response hillary should win 100000000-0.
11:31 pm
if that's not the definition nation of viasat not sure quite what is mr. nadler. politics aside those two i realy didn't want president trump to win. this is just a small sample here across more than a year and 50,000 texts between lisa page and peter strzok use another for you. lisa page, trump is not ever going to become president, right, right? no, he won't. we will stop it. by as much? us be clear to the american people deserve, absolutely deserve to know what motivated these fbi officials. i don't care if you don't see any dais mr. nadler. the rest of america does. so do your job, find out what the heck happened and stopped being so political and biased yourself. here with me right now to react rnc spokesperson kayleigh
11:32 pm
mcenany. caylee and i get that you are the rnc spokesperson so you have your agenda and it is political but i'm going to sit her there and tell you that there is no way anyone could possibly see those tax and sit there and tell you that there was no bias. there absolutely was. jerry nadler is just going to ignore it all? >> he is going to ignore it all. it's truly incredible and laughable to claim there's no bias at the fbi. you just put up all of those tax there's another one where peter struck said we are going to raise and plan against this president and andy mckay mccabe the number two at the fbi. there's a whole lot of lies that you just named and democrats don't treat us like we are stupid. if you don't want to do the investigation say it that don't produce like we are stupid and say there's no bias at the fbi because alvos text you just read proves otherwise. trish: i want to know not what was going on with the fbi derail
11:33 pm
or destabilize the president's success come ultimately successful campaign but i also want to know what actually happened with that whole dossier. it is presented for a judge to get a fisa warrant that no one bothers toer tell the judge to y for that research. >> what is the motive of democrats wanting us to investigate that? the dossier as you noted tayfour by dnc, paid for by hillary penton pastor bruce orem whose wife was with fusion gps. it's a means to spy on american citizens and not just american citizens for someone working in the trump campaign. trish. trish: let me turn to the news breaking tonight and that's mueller coming forward with more
11:34 pm
of these memos but as i pored through them and you maam have a legal background, i don't see anything that would take me say okay collusion, definitely. the president and his team colluded with the russians. there are definitely some instances of michael colin for example having ave conversation here at their and there is also lying which is never good and that is of course an issue but the actual or let's work with the russians to steal the election from hillary clinton, that is not fair. >> it is not there. with a regard too the present there's no wrongdoing and i will quote the person who began the segment with peter strzok. there is no there, there. those were his words after two months of investigating. here a few years later a lot of taxpayer dollars wasted in a lot of effort put into this but still know they are, with regards the president.
11:35 pm
yes michael cohen engaged in wrongdoing but the president did not. we have wasted a whole lot of taxpayer dollars. trish: i will hand it to the administration because they've been able to do a fair amount but ira would imagine in some ws it is loss of productivity because it's a distraction frankly and even judge kavanaugh said if you go back to one of his loved review articles back in 2009 heti said in some ways e regretted an investigation that he worked with ken starr on them bill clinton because he felt it took bill clinton away mentally away from going after osama bin laden. it's a waste of time and resources. >> this president is plugging right along. he's achieving at a record pace more legislative victories in the first year than any other president in's history. trish: kaylee, thank you and
11:36 pm
good to see you. investors uneasy about the ongoing treatment negotiations between the u.s. and china. let me tell you the president is doing what hee needs to do. in other words he's going out there and saying time and i'm going to put i you in your plac. no one else is bothered to do so at least publicly. he wants to make sure national security is not at risk and frankly long-term our economy is not at risk. if we don'tot do it now when wil we? we have one chinesese expert on the consequences of what happens if weth don't take a stand on china right now in democratic darling self proclaimed socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez says she is the answer to solving all the problems in the country. her outrageous idea, next. trust me you're going to want to see it the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you,
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>> the present and investor over where prior to the dinner. trish: neither were aware you are saying now. spat correct. trish: should they have been aware? >> it's in interesting collective and would speak to i thank to a me is the problem we are having more h broadly with china and the bad behavior. trish: that was the assistant to the president for trade policy peter navarro telling me the president and his team are totally unaware of the rest of the cfo of that giant chinese telecom company huawei. the arrest was made hours before president trump in present xi jinping agreed to a 90-day trade truce. news tonight that executive fraud accused of of attempting to evade u.s.-iranian sanctions for five
11:42 pm
years and now facing up to 30 years in a u.s. prison. china author gordon chang joins me right now and is at all a coincidence? i find it amazing that they are going out in arresting this woman who is at dig, dig deal to chinese t society and they never bothered to tell the president while he's sitting down to dinner with xi jinping. >> it could be a question's trish and the reason is china's challenges multifaceted than a response to beijing is also multifaceted and of course some of our responses are going to bump into other ones. as china poses more of a challenge this is going to happen more often. trish: they did the right thing in your view. my hunch ish it's not just sanctions that she was violating that you have concerns about intellectual property and espionage. >> clearly huawei didn't do a
11:43 pm
buy sell. still the technology of other companies in beijing purse did around the world. trish: to the tune of $600 billion a year gordon. >> it's hundreds of billions of dollars a year. wes don't know whether it's fou, five, six or whatever but the point is when you look at all of the surveys iney the study suchs the commission on intellectual property in the u.s. trade representatives report this march they'll point to hundreds of billions of dollars a year. trish: if we don't do with us now on we say okay we are going to keep allowing people to do business in china and a lot of the ceos don't care because its annual profits at so they want to show they are active in the chinese g marketplace marketplace. if we say hey guys not a good idea because 10 years from now it you may be out of business because they have stolen all of your a -- . >> the consequences we become a third world economy.
11:44 pm
that's completely acceptable. it's an existential threat to the american economy and by the way the chinese look at this and they say this is not an economic issue. they look at the whole concept of cooperative nationalen power. the soviet idea. if they attack our economy they think they are attacking our society and our military. trish: you brought up the soviets so let me ask you you think about what ronald reagan was able to calm push with the soviets, the dismantling of the soviet union. if trump is truly successful with china and it may take another four years for him to be able to accomplish so unlike us could we see some kind of equivalent? >> we certainly could. right now the chinese economy is fragile. confidence in china's really low because xi jinping is blamed for starting a trade war with the united states prematurely.
11:45 pm
he is in a difficult position and that means a lot of manufactures right now are thinking about leaving china. this is a consequential time and president trump needs to succeed. trish: gordon chang i think you and i would add to that they need us more than we need them. without us would have they got? >> fuel their economy because we buy all of their stuff but a lot of people tell you they hold all of our debt and yes they do but don't forget they want to get repaid. if they were to say okay we are not going to buy any more debt from you, what if they had to deal with us saying maybe we are not going to pay you the full amount of the debt. then what happens? then they are left with a whole lot of paper that is not worth a whole lot. in other words this is a relationship that works both ways. don't forget that, china could newly-elected socialist democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez thinks
11:46 pm
she has the answer to any economicin social and racial injustice. trust me, this is one you are going to want to hear. we are back in two minutes. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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trish: new tonight socialist darling incoming freshmen to congress alexandriaisco ocasio-cortez raising a few eyebrows. she said, wait for it, the way we get to quote racial and economic justice in america is you just have to fix global warming. i want you to see this. watch. >> it's inevitable that we are going to create jobs. it's inevitable we are going tor create industry and its inevitable that we can use the transition to 100% renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic social and racial justice in the united states of america. this is going to be the great society, the moonshot civil rights movement of our generation. trish:h: she doesn't bother to tell us how any of that would actually work though and the steps we need to take to get there as i have said over and over again. that's because o socialist dogma how to do math.
11:51 pm
or at least their math isn't any kind of math that we know. author and conserve analyst adam johnson and advisory board member madison jesse also. they don't know that one plus one is two. they don't understand how to add >> to wonderful ideas, clean energy a great idea of justice for all, great idea. one does not equal the other and there is no way you can get there from here or here from there. don't tell her that. she just throws out allhr these wonderful lofty topics and getsl people excited. trish: she's really into the climate change thing. when people say this is the issue right now. not terrorism. it's not the safety of our country. not our economy. somehow climate change. madison was your reaction to that? >> i'm shocked by what she said. one of the most ridiculous things i've heard in quite a while. this is someone who is
11:52 pm
referencing many people new york , that's scary and a lot of young people and millennials look up to her and they shouldn't. she is clearly not educated on this in this is one of many things that she has other way off base. trish: the reason for her success as president barack obama. i blameme him because the econoy was in such shambles for eight years that these millennials that are coming-of-age they never really hadag a shot. they graduated from college and a lot of them ended up camping out on their parents couches because they couldn't get that same opportunity the american dream and maybe they are angry about it and maybe alexander cortés represents some sort of future for them but if you look at why we are in a place where an it's because the economy was so darned lousy.
11:53 pm
>> if you roll back to 2008 when markets were imploding and i was still a trader back then it was pretty scary and if you remember the federal reserve came in and bought bonds when nobody else would but they kept buying and they kept dying and then they ran up the deficit and the government jumped in. trish: barack obama subsisting business was bad. so now she is out there as well as bernie sanders and they speak the same languagefe and four whatever reason that is resonating with a lot of young people and it's scary. >> it's definitely scary but i understand where their frustration comes from. many of them are working hard to pay their way through college are coming out of college and not having a lot of opportunities after the obamah presidency. they complain and they voice their frustration but they don't take the time get the knowledge
11:54 pm
about the candidates who could make change. trish: it's not that hard today is to say that during the barack obama years but it's not that hard. lesson regulation make businesses understand that they do play a vital part in society. they are is all kinds of socialism concerns rightli now d i talked at length about the challenges that venezuela has. if you look at france for example obviously very different before the danes start going after me. >> are they still giving you a a hard time? trish: every now and then. france is not venezuela and venezuela is not france put but another way to look at the riots there in the streets. people are fed up and they think when you don't have a fair quotable system this is the reality. >> for the one of the reasons they are fed up as they government is trying to ram all
11:55 pm
kinds of regulations down their throats and the problem with that is the government doesn't have all the answers but remember ronald reagan we are from the government and we are here to help. people love him for that because what he was really saying is we want to unleash the power of america's spirit and that happens by the way and small business. happens in universities. happens with entrepreneurs. happens with what we are all doing here which is talking about the greatness of this country. trish: i love the idea that government should be herern to help it stay out of the way. look at france and low-income people in france have been negatively impacted by the policies. there was one woman who paid 1100 a month $ and 110 for taxe. trish: thank you adam and thank yout madison. and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake.
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you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. holiday inn express. book now for at least 20% off during our annual sale. >> if the north koreans follow trauma commitments they made in singapore president trump will deserve the nobel peace prize. he opened the door for them. now they have to walk through it. that's what we hope to make progress on at the next meeting. they have not lived up to the commitments so far. >> they have not lived up to the commitments so far. that's why i think the president thinks another summit is likely to be present. trish: nobel peace prize, what do you think? will president trump ultimately be able to get north korea to give up its nukes and if he does should he get the nobel peace
12:00 am
prize? tell me what you think. i always love hearing from you. can go to my twitter page @trish underscore reagan and of course you can buyan me on facebook @rl trish regan. i hope you have a really terrific weekendte everyone. . from the fox studios in washington d.c. this is "maria bartiromo's wall street." bre happy weekend from washington. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. joining this week from washington d.c.. we have another star-studded program this week. coming up in a few moments capital market ceo doug mcgregor will give us his take on what was another wild week on wall street. then later one on one secretary stephen mnuchin is just ahead. hurst davis standing by with the big headlines from everything from wall street to main street, deirdre.


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