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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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that can be important for gals producers. thank you so much for watching. that does it for bulls and bears. evening edit starts right now. >> what is being said in this chamber -- [laughter] >> for what is being said in this chamber and out of it from members much all sides. from listening to those views it's clear while there is broad support for many of the key aspects of the deal [laughter] on one issue the north ireland back stop remains widespread and deep concern. if we held the vote tomorrow the deal would be rejected by a significant far gin. liz: total political chaos in
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britain triggering a triple digit drop in the dow. this is triggered by pemmaraju theresa may announcing the decision on the brexit vote to howls of laughter. why would the brits wants to stay in the e.u. democrat socialists here want to bring our fiend chaos to the united states. case in point. here is what else is going on. hundreds of thousands are rioting big time in france over the bad dead in the water economy and double digit joblessness there. president emmanuel macron tried to calm the waters with promises of tax cuts and wage increases.
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it didn't work. our panel will discuss whether it will be enough to stop the protests. germany's economy is starting to shrink. here at home, the democrats ignore the good economy and increasingly claim trump committed impeachable offenses over the michael cohen finance violation. jerry nadler, the incoming chair of the house jew dish rarely and adam schiff are making that case. we are going to point out why the democrats' case may not be as strong an argument as they may think. thank you so much for joining us. thank you for watching. money, politics, we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. theresa may delaying the brexit vote. ashley webster is live outside the parliament with the latest. reporter: for the longest time leading up to today the prime minister said we are going forward with that vote, the brexit deal. but she wasn't close to having the number of votes she needed. she finally admitted earlier today in the house of commons saying i know this can't win, i will defer the vote. now she has to go to europe and brussels and try to renegotiate a deal that will be acceptable to the law makers in the u.k., and that is no easy task. nigel farage stopped by here and said mrs. may be go to brussels and try to renegotiate. but he says she is wasting her time.
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take a listen. >> we could be stuck indefinitely inside the european union's rules. she said she'll go to brussels with all the 27 leaders of europe and seek assurances and reassurances the deal won't be permanent but not change the legal document itself. that means this deal is dead and her premiereship is very center near its end. reporter: somebody is speaking in my ear right now so it cut out the audio. all i can tell you is mrs. may will try to negotiate or renegotiate in europe but we'll have to see how successful it is. i think she is also fighting for her political life, lizy. ' back to you. liz: joining me, the director of the heritage foundation.
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>> i have to say, it is a stormy day in british politics and humiliating day forker reelsa may. she would have been absolutely thoroughly defeated in that vote so she backtracked. she said she'll try to renegotiate her very weak brexit deal with the european union. i don't think she'll get any concessions whatsoever here. the e.u. already said -- has declared her not going to renegotiate anything in this deal. i think theresa may is going to come back to london with no concessions whatsoever. she hasn't outlined a clear-cut strategy for moving forward. i think her leadership so far has been extremely poor on dwsh
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on brexit and shy is running out of -- and she is running out of options. liz: there is a big push by 50 economists in europe. he ignored all of the government welfare programs in income inequality to arrive at his fraud conclusions. they want to enact a $920 billion tax in europe to fix the problems there. how do you think that will go. that's breaking news. did we lose nile? we'll jump ahead. we'll get to edward lawrence. this is a developing story we have on what is going not u.k. a lot of stuff happening there. they are talking about nearly a trillion dollar tax hike to fix the problems in europe on the heels of the unrest. 's u.s. setting a hard deadline
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for a trade deal with china. beijing says the u.s. should withdraw its arrest warrant for the huawei executive. reporter: you talk about a billion dollar tax hike. look what happened when they tried to raise the gas tax in france. so now they are going to try to add another tax across countries in europe. that may not go as well. a number of sources told me they expect a trade delegation by the end of the month. after the president's meeting at the g20, it seems a tone change happened. still the u.s. postponed the increase in tariffs to march 1. u.s. trade representative said
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that's a hard deadline. white house economic advisors believe the markets are reflecting normal corrections and the pressure on china will produce a deal. >> it's a high stakes negotiation with china. president trump like he did with usmca. markets will celebrate. reporter: the chinese seem to be moving forward with the trade talks. the u.s. tried to impress upon them that a law enforcement action is separate from a trade negotiation. beijing is demanding -- her release. she is asking for bail before the extradition. these talks will start again.
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liz: let's get back to nile gardner. nile, you wonder what the democrat socialists are thinking. what would margaret thatcher do? >> margaret thatcher was firmly against high taxes and big government solutions. she strongly opposed socialist-style policies. she used to say, the problem socialists governments is eventualitily they run out of the other people's money. that's what's happening across the european union. so this idea of raising $800 billion in additional taxes for the european union is a monstrously bad idea. the last thing the e.u. needs is tax hikes. this is anentity that -- this
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an entity with' huge unemployment and unfunded pension lie the business. macron of france is symbolic of the huge problems the e.u. faces today. 17.4 million britains voted to leave the e.u. liz: there is a top-heavy bureaucracy all over europe and flat lining growth. it's going upside down rapidly. the debate dial is socialism is about envy and jealousy. the fear is it's coming here. nile, here is the important point that charles moore, thatchers biographer, he said that margaret thatcher told him when politicians are in office they often do votes like remain in europe. but when they are out of office,
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all these politicians right our left say we should leave. we should be about britain sovereignty. what's your take on that? >> i think it winds of change are starting to blow across europe and brexit is just the beginning. european publics are starting to reject the european project. they had enough of this huge vast entity that suffocated national sovereignty in terms of determination. so the british people are blazing the trail forward for self-determination in europe today. it's just the shape of things to come. it's why the e.u. elites are fighting brexit so hard. that's why they are being treated by bureaucrats as some sort of punishment beating to warn other e.u. member states into leaving the e.u.
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liz: u.s. crude falling erasing deals upon cutting output. oil and gas is down 61 days straight. deadly winter storms hitting the southeast. north carolina raleigh durham seeing an entire winter average of snowfall in just one day. brian is live in asheville, north carolina. >> hurricane florence, tropical storm michael. now a winter storm two months before the start of winter. asheville, 30% of the economy is
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service related. restaurants and tourism. >> when you close, that's a lifeline, a direct line to them. that could be a month's payment for rent or car payments. it's difficult for them to recover. reporter: this storm impacted five states in the out, but no state harder than north carolina. 35,000 tons of salt laid on the roads to prevent icing. it was 260,000 people without power. now that number is down to 75,000. the big concern is ice on the roads. they are telling people to stay off these roads. liz: let's get to the caravan and the border. we are getting news that migrants are basically trying to climb over the wall. but they are also trying to dig
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under it. steve harrigan is in mexico with the latest. >> we have been seeing some remarkable images that show the desperation some central american caravan members are feeling. friday some pictures taken showing a mother and father with an 8 month old baby boy, the father pushes the baby through a hole, the other catches the baby on the other side. they turn themselves in to border patrol, the father stays here to continue to work. last week we saw parents dropping their children over an 18-foot wall. after a 2,000-mile trek, the numbers here show people are leaving. the government-run shelter in tijuana has gone from 6,000 down
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to 1,000. some of those people returning home in defeat. others working here in tijuana. you can get a factory job fairly easy. it's about $75 a week. and several others crossing the border illegally. 51,000 arrests for illegal crossings at the southern border. it's up 78%. so the migrants have come to tijuana, now they are dissipating. some going back home. but some clearly crossing the border illegally. >> we'll have more on the border with a shaffer from arizona later in the show. first google ceo will be grilled on capitol hill tomorrow on the company's alleged abuse in collecting user data, also allegations of anti-conservative
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liz: we had another weekend of violent rioting on the streets of paris. emmanuel macron is responding to the yellow vest protesters. reporter: the french president acknowledged the emotion of the people in the streets without condoning the violence against the police. >> i feel the anger. give us another chance to -- the couple to wake up in the morning and have to travel a couple hours to work far away from their home. give the single woman, the
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single mother the chance to make ends meet. we have to take this into account. reporter: paris has been burning literally for weeks. protesters have been hurling missiles, putting today fit are you on national monuments and looting shops. 2,000 protesters have been arrested. president macron announced wage increases, tax cuts for fence aires and said he would not put the fuel tax into effect. it would have been the equivalent of 30 cents more per gallon for gas. he did blink on the gas tax. he still said he's going forward with reform. he was elected on making france
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more competitive. 30% of the french work for the state. he says he wants that number to be lower. he's also work on worker protection. it's very difficult to fire someone in france. he promises to cut red tape for businesses. france has a brain drain. the best and the brightest leave and go to new york or the silicon valley. and he talked about repealing the wealth tax. he says he does want that tax repealed, but high earners will have to pay their fair share. the violence will come down based on the concessions, but they have a long road ahead. liz: let's get to the panel.
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kelsey, this is socialism that's unsustainable. nower in talking about nearly a trillion dollars in tax hikes to fix the problems going on in france. it's a top-heavy bureaucracy that's smothering that economy. >> i think this is going to be too little too late for president macron. he has been ignoring the concerns of everyday french citizens. instead of putting forth solutions to help the economy free businesses from massive regulations, the massive welfare state, he's imposing minimum wage hikes. france has an unemployment rate of over 8%. increasing the minimum wage will only inflate that.
6:24 pm
president macron has a difficult road ahead of them. liz: they are talking about a $920 billion tax hike all across europe. we have protests spilling over into belgium as well. people are furious. they have had it. >> people are furious across the continent. but france is unique in that it's not the first time nor will it be the last for the french people to rise up for violent protests to communicate with or respond to something 0 the government has done. i lived and studied in france for nearly a year. in the post gallist french era after world war ii we have seen a lot of socialist leaders in france. the french people are unrealistic from what they want from the government. they want lower tax and higher
6:25 pm
wages but they refuse to agree to work more than 37 hours a week. liz: it's liberalizing your economy. you have to make that leap of faith as to what works. general jack keane said this earlier today about the collapse of european economies. let's listen to general keane. >> these social democracies formed after the end of world war ii are collapsing due to their own weight. the problem is they developed welfare states and they asked their citizens who are their taxpayers to bear the burden of all of that. and they are flat fed up. liz: we have it here. we have medicare, social security, we have all sorts of insurance programs across the u.s. economy run by the government it's here, kelsey. >> absolutely.
6:26 pm
i think a big warning sign for any of those who are concerned about climate change is climate change need to be solved in the free market. they certainly are not being solved in socialist states. so people who care about that should look at what's happening in france. liz: our welfare state, we have got it here. we are talking trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. >> there is no yes question we have solvency issues. liz: fdr under his administration, they called it a socialist program. i understand what you are saying. but capri, there is paper sitting there, unfunded liabilities in social security. final word, kelsey. >> just look at the streets of france. it's not working for the
6:27 pm
everyday citizen and there is no reason to believe it will work here. liz: thank you for your insight. the search on for the next white house chief of staff who can champion trump's economic agenda. who is that person? fred barnes is up next with his top pick. and what this means for your household finances. amazon seller scams continue to affect the company. amazon said it will not permit it. google critic and foe harmeet dylan is coming up after the break. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry?
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site. it has 3 million businesses selling stuff on its website. amazon has been dealing with seller scams. scammers coming on the site to sabotage their rival's businesses by attacking their rivals products with negative reviews. amazon said if we find bad actors we'll terminate their selling account, deleting reviews, withholding fund and taking legal action. amazon fired u.s. workers who released internal data to help these scammers. the google ceo is testifying tomorrow. harmeet, your take on amazon first. >> the type of skullduggery is on a digital platform, but it's as old as time.
6:33 pm
i think amazon is responding appropriately in trying to cut this down. but we have tools outside of amazon, prosecutors and civil parties can file lawsuits and indictments in regard to this fraudulent behavior. hopefully that will take place to put an end to it. liz: tomorrow the ceo of google, sundar pichai is testifying. we continue to see more evidence that that is happening. there is anti-conservative bias. also surveillance of users and their location data. what will you be looking for from the hearing tomorrow? >> i'm not looking for any movement to be made tomorrow. this a choreographed dance. members of congress will read out some questions that their staffers are more adept at technology.
6:34 pm
google ceo from pichai will read out a sanitized version of facts that is not reality. and everyone will accept it. what i hoped would happen is hard questions would be asked, why do they ignore the national labor relations act with respect to its workers talking to other people. i know why they do those things. but it would be nice to see our legislators and administration stand up to them and do something about it. liz: they have tremendous power over what we see and what we read. they have a line right into our wallets. tell us about the culture behind the scenes at google. >> what's going on is management is freak out about critics among
6:35 pm
their employees daring to talk to the press about project dra dragon fly where they will help the chinese government spy on its citizens. there is also labor unrest. google under pays wrap workers. it does not fay women equally to men. rather than address those underlying issues and the conservative bias, google is choosing to respond by punishing workers who talk about these issues. there are employees who have been fired or harassed and put in fear of their careers and lives which is protected by american labor law. even liberal friends of mine who work there have described it as an oppressive place. if you are not singing kumbaya,
6:36 pm
you are affected there. liz: next up. after documents were filed last week in the michael cohen case. some democrats once more calling for president trump to be impeached. how strong is their case. we'll do a reality check with napolitano. weekly standard's fred barnes is with us with his top picks to replace chief of staff john kelly. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christma,
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holiday inn express. book now for at least 20% off during our annual sale. liz: the search continues for the white house chief of staff to replace jean kelly. reporter: the list could be pared down by the end of the
6:41 pm
week. nick ayers will not be tapped to the job. he says he couldn't tonight to serving through 2020. mark meadows said in a statement today serving as chief of staff would be an incredible honor. he's the leader in the proverbial clubhouse. others are acting attorney general matt whitaker, and there are others including u.s. trade prepare bob lighthizer. and david bossie, he would love to have an opportunity like this. then there is andy levine. he says he hasn't bin contacted about a chief of staff job and he's happy with the job he has. but there is a concern that his departure could impact the holdland security secretary
6:42 pm
kirstjen nielsen. now, back to you. great to see you. let's bring in "the weekly standard" executive editor, fred barnes. who will be the best person to replace kelly? too none of those. kelly has been under rated. he's a pretty good guy. but you need another dimension from what he has. he's been a military guy who has gotten rid of all the chaos at the trump white house, but he's not a political strategist. and you need one in that job. the best one i have seen in the years i have been writing about this stuff is jim baker under the first president bush, then he was secretary of state. but he was a great chief of staff because he had both those traits. he could run the place, he was
6:43 pm
tough, and he was a good political strategist. liz: who is that guy now? mark meadows is known to be a skilled brawler. what about jim jordan? who is the jim baker of today? >> i will tell you who would be good, tom cotton, the senator from arkansas. he's close to trump. he's very smart, very conservative, and i think he spent a lot of time in the army, afghanistan, iraq and so on. i think he would be good. and even the losing republican governor of wisconsin, governor walker. people were tired of him after two terms. but he's so good on political strategy. changed the political climate wisconsin. and a great manager as well. there are people out there, but they are probably not the ones
6:44 pm
you think. i don't think you necessarily need somebody who spent the last 35 years of their life in washington. that can be deadening. liz: according to a source close to the omb director mick mulvaney, he's not interested in the position. you need someone to push the trump agenda forward as they battle taken onslaught of trump foes. the trump voter likes to see trump tweeting. they like the transparency. but the mocking sweet that came out earlier doesn't do him any good. i don't know who that fern can be to help president trump say don't be so quick to tweet. >> nobody said it would be an easy job. it's the hardest job in washington, maybe in the world. you have to forget about the battle over tweets.
6:45 pm
trump has won that. you don't want to break your figure arguing you have to stop tweeting. just hope he doesn't tweet self-disr d -- self-destructively. liz: we take on the democrats' talk of impeachment. this is coming out of the recent michael cohen news. judge andrew napolitano is up next. >> there is a very real prospect on the day donald trump leaves office the justice department may indict him. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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>> if it's proven are they impeachable offenses? >> there is a possibility the day he leaves office the justice department may indict him. >> donald trump will be, must be impeached because of the crimes prosecutors say he committed in the michael cohen case.
6:50 pm
>> people who could hold him accountable for us is us. that's not the department of justice's job, that's our job. liz: this is about the ups violation of campaign finance laws coming out of the cohen documents that the president directed hush money payments to women the president allegedly slept with. by covering up the affairs with hush money, the president misled the american voters. there is a ton of legal ambiguity here. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. someone will have to prove to the jury that the money came from campaign funds and the transaction were for the purpose of influences federal elections. he could say i'm trying to protect my family from shame.
6:51 pm
>> those are two different issues. did the money come from campaign funds or was the payment of the money from whatever source a gift to the campaign both of which would be unlawful. here is the issue. i want donald trump to succeed, but i have town intellectually honest. prosecutorsed have told a federal judge that the president of the united states before he was the president ordered and paid for a criminal event. they didn't have to say that. liz: that was before he became president. >> if twiewnlts talk about impeachment. liz: can they censor him for actions he took before office. >> impeachments is reserved for treason, bribery or other misdemeanors committed while in office.
6:52 pm
there is a line of thought in the they will communities that something that's a high crime or plifd in order to obtain office would qualify. if a president bribed electors to vote for tap judicial nominee or lied under oath. liz: this is causing a company to make illegal donations, from cohen to the company to make the illegal hush money payments. the john edwards campaign. they had a lot of those charges dismissed. we had obama there are campaign dough anythings down to multiple $100,000 fine. i'm not sure how this can be pushed to an impeachable offense. it's not right to do. if it's true, it's wrong what happened. >> you just quoted congressman
6:53 pm
nadler. impeachable offense is political. the congress will do what they think will help them politically. if they think there is an atmosphere to enhance their popularity with the voters they will impeach. if they think it's unacceptable to the american public which i believe it is, they will not vote to impeach. the southern in the southern district of new york doesn't operate that way. if they make an allegation they better have the evidence to back that up. one of the legal prosecution irrespective of its popularity, the other is impeachment which is a political judgment that cannot survive if it's not popular. liz: president trump said nancy pelosi and chuck schumer over the border wall, migrants trying
6:54 pm
to crime over and dig under the wall. we have that story next.
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6:57 pm
liz: migrants still determined to step on to american soil. they number now about 1,000. it's down from 6,000 at that wall at that bordering camp in tijuana, mexico. let's get to the county sheriff out of arizona. sheriff mark daniels.
6:58 pm
great to see you, sir. what about the news that the caravan is now numbered down to 1,000, a dramatic drop in numbers. they're leaving, turning back home. >> well, hello, liz. thanks for having me on the show. part of that is the message and the action of our president, secretary nielsen to our local law enforcement and border patrol sending the message that the border is not open. we have a secure border in this country. and you cannot just come in your country. so the efforts, the message that's been sent back is you can't just walk into our country. >country. liz: we're a humanitarian country, sheriff. there's the humanitarian endeavor to help migrants who do it legally, right. >> the key to that statement is legal. we have to do it legally. i've been in law enforcement 34 1/2 years. i like people, like helping
6:59 pm
people. and most law enforcements do that every day but we must do it legally. when we allow it to be done illegally, we have a problem in this country. liz: separate from that, sir, you and the people you have worked with, you see an awful lot of horrible things at the border that the media doesn't report enough op, right? >> that is very true. liz: the president is going to meet with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi says the border is immoral. your take on that? >> i think we need to go back deeper than the wall. we need to all first of all agree -- one thing that's bothersome to me, i work with our federal partners, our state partners, local law enforcement sheriffs throughout the country. we have to agree that we need a secure border in this country. that's what makes this country great. and we can't agree to that. before we get to the wall we need to agree on that. liz: we're going to have to leave it there. sorry.
7:00 pm
we ran out of time, sheriff. thank you for your service to the country. we're going to have you back on. thank you, again, sheriff. >> bye-bye. liz: thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight, radical dems and their allies escalating their attacks on president trump. a full on propaganda blitz against the president launched by the left predicated by their distortion and outright lies based on the special counsel sentencing members, including adam slif, fellow traveler, jerry nadler. they've been misrepresenting the memo's mention, construction of the

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