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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 11, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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were being discussed, who could corroborate his version of events. he was hazy. but if there was any opportunity to put >> i don't see anything good this this week. unfortunately nothing on the horizon. maybe it will l be technical but fundamentally not seeing at all. >> what we did see was a wild day for stocks as trade arers worried about brexit in disawe ray concerns over these new china trade talks. >> dow down more than 500 points yesterday but it managed to close higher. up 34 in the end. >> taking a look at futureses this morning, here is the story. we are mixed and basically flat. maybe investors breathing sigh of relief this morning dow is down 11 s&p down three quarters of a point nasdaq actually higher one and a quarter. >> in europe stocks open higher after yesterday losses still trading to upside, the cac in
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paris and dax gaining 1%. >> stocks in china pegging hire after or that u.s. and china trade talks underway tuesday night in beijing. and it is the hit that keep on hitting. >> no one on the radio we need to get experimental. ♪ do it again. how many more do you want? >> how the film put queen on top of the world. fbn:am starts right now. >> 5:0 1 here in new york thank you for starting your day with us i'm lauren simonetti. >> news overnight u.s. and china kicking off trade talks with a
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90-day cease-fire in their tariff war. china's vice premier on the telephone with secretary steven mnuchin and trade representative robert lies highser and they discuss their views on how to move the negotiations forward and about also a timetable for the new stage, the next stage of talks. we get latest right now from our or very own lawrence who is in washington. >> good morning lauren and cheryl to put this in draft materials china is on the clock u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says march first is firm deadline to meet u.s. concerns on trade or 200 billion or dollarss in chinese goods will go from 10% tariff to 25% tariff. unite wants china to protect intellectual property of u.s. companies also open markets u.s. goods and stop the the force partnership with chinese companies. and representative steve ska is lease on energy and commerce committee says this is a perfect
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time to level the trade playing field. >> it has all been about china when you talk about allies they know china is real big fish that you have to catch if you're going to get free trade so fact they have this 0-day talk hopefully that means they're getting closer i don't so see tariffs used long-term. and markets try to work out if this will lead to actual deal, the chinese have been forced to sit dun and talk because their economy continues to weaken since meeting between trump and president xi chinese government released new regulations on qhald constitute stealing intellectual property also a host of consequences for doing it. we'll see if the follow through is there. back to you. bail hearing for detained huawei resumes in canada today the daughter of the founder she was arrested in canada earlier this month at the request of u.s. government. she's accused of misleading banks about -- her company's business in iran, in order to avoid u.s. sanctionings on that country.
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meng facing possible extradition to the united states beijing called her her immediate release threatened the pus with grave consequences if that doesn't happen. more drama across the pond in britain. after the u.k. government postponed today's scheduled vote on its plan to leave eu we have with more on that story and drama from ashley webster in london for us. >> good morning to you today was supposed to be about day of reckoning for theresa may's brexit deal with a writing already clearly on the wallet. u.k. prime minister decided that best cause of action was no action. take a listen. >> if we went ahead and held vote tomorrow the deal would be accepted by the army. we will therefore defer the vote scheduled for tomorrow. >> so brexit vote in parliament is on hold as mrs. may travels back to meet with eu officials and try to renegotiate a sweeter
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deal but it will be no easy task. the eu is is already stated as no interest in renegotiating and says that deal we gave you is the deal you get. so as mrs. may fights for a better brexit deal she could very well be fighting for her political life. guys back to you. >> political chaos in london and in paris where the french president manuel macron is now promising to cut taxes as well as increase minimum wage. he addressed the nation yesterday with his first public comments following four weeks of violent protest. over his economic agenda, macron admitting he's partially responsible for these demonstrations led by the yellow vest protesters. they took to streets with high per fuel taxes also government changes aimed at improving french economy well that plan to hike fuel tax that started all of this that plan is still on hold. meanwhile back here at home, the federal government is moving closer to a potential shutdown.
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president trump is meeting with top democrats today to try to avert that the president demanding 5 billion dollars to fund his proposed wall but democrats earmarked one and a half billion for general border security. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeting this our country can cannot afford a trump shutdown especially at this time of economic uncertainty. this holiday season donald trump knows full well that his wall proposal does not have the votes to pass the house and senate and should not be an optical to a bipartisan agreement. well the deadline to void a shutdown is december 21st merry christmas. >> getting ready to grill google ceo about the company date of election alleged political bias. nfnlgt his prepared testimony he says he will tackle allegations head-on saying, quote, i e lead this company without political boys and work to make sure our products operate that way. to do otherwise would go against
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our core principle answer our business interest. one of the questioners today will be house majority leader kevin mccarthy he told maria bartiromo what he wants to find out. >> what about the privacy of americans? how long do they keep those searches that are supposed to be private that you go through. how do you get the -- what are you doing with data that you're finding because they know almost everything about us. >> well just yesterday google announced that shutting down its plus network because of a glitch that exposed user data fox business going to have live coverage of the google ceo hearing 9:30 eastern time we're taking those live fireworks maybe -- firework. glad he's showing up. playing ball. well china is is slapping restrictions on apple iphones after a sphiewt with another major tell come. >> tracee carrasco has that story is and other headlines making news this morning. a lot of disputes to talk about in general this morning. >> yes, good morning ordering
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apple to sell older models after discovering it infringed one related to photo editing and other to swiping on a touch screen device and doesn't report are to the new ones this year but filed to reconsider its decision apple is up slightly year to date. >> all right facebook wants to teach use percent about -- about privacy over hot cocoa. >> yes. so we will see this concept works but this thursday facebook will open a popup kiosk in midtown manhattan where facebook employees will answer questions about its data sharing practices. teach users how to understand its new privacy controls and give out free hot chocolate it cools of a year of scandals that have really hurt the company facebook said wanted to have the opportunity to connect with with people face to face. facebook is down nearly 20% year to date. >> all right.
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so what a is besides hot chocolate which sounds good actually so cold outside. right, what is the most streamed song of the 20th century we have a hint at the top of the show. >> yes. well the song has found new popularity since release of the freddy mercury last month here's your hint. >> no one was theirs on radio we need to get experimental. ♪ >> do it again. one more -- how many more do you want? >> according to universal music group queens bohemian rams did i most streamed song from prestreaming era and most streamed classic rock song of all time. it has been streeled more than 1.6 billion times globally upon various streaming services. >> all right. so i guess that's a new way streamed to say most played song. always a hit. actually makes you want to shoot a movie it looks really good
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before all of our, you know, that generation was kind of -- before us. so looks fun. tracee thank you very much. >> thanks. thanks after yesterday's pretty volatile day of trading future this is morning searching for direction oh they just found it. dow is up 46 s&p up 5 nasdaq 22 so quoit a turn of events we started this show ten minutes ago but more uncertainty is in the cards for investors. here in the u.s. and overseas after theresa may's brexit u-turn. >> yeah. >> if we went ahead and held vote tomorrow the deal would be rejected by significant arguments. >> we're going to take a look at what is next for theresa may and the u.k., and why is the grinch plowing snow in north carolina? keep smiling -- sir you're watching fbn:am l.
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>> all right well markets have been taking their cue these days from number of pending problems take your pick here china, brexit that's two of the issues. the fed another one the dow industrials closing slightly heyer tumbling 500 points during the session yesterday and look at this we have seen really in just the last few mommies big turnaround for the futures and we're going to dig into this right now to figure out exactly what's going on now but up 69 and s&p up nasdaq up futures
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were down at the to of the shows that was 13 minutes ago we were in the red on the the dow and s&p. what is happening let's bring in jonathon a hedge fund manager scott managing director of tjm europe and scott we're all sensitive right now to anything on brexit as theresa theresa riw is in brussels she's meeting with eu officials ahead of this, you know, trying to stop the process at least or delay it. is there something going on we need to know about right now, scott? >> i think it was -- i happen to like theresa may i think she's been the prime minister in most difficult time to be a prime minister to this group of 28 and they're not going to like the fact that you're leaving so anybody who has that job has a difficult time an basically they hate you on pretty much every issue right so yesterday by her climbing down and delaying that vote, and admitting to parliament that it would be defeated by a pretty significant margin means that she's got to go back to broses and shore up the size of that thing that most of her band of
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brothers bnld her don't like and i think that's going to be very difficult, however, if you're really taking a look at thingses the alternative here is labor party, with at part of the reason she's been such a success is they're so bad. so if it wasn't for them being so bad we would have a different story but there's no clear outcome here except for one thing if you do extra yourself from the european union, the 50 cost of that is much more expensive than to leave. >> that's a good point jonathon what do you think? >> cheryl. i think the impact for us on other side of the pond is concern is uncertainty you know u.s. investors are looking at what's happening in europe. specifically in britain but also in france and just seeing this slow of entitlement state and in market u.k. stocks are down almost 20% year to date and i think the result for us cheryl, ironically has been a benefit because investors look around world and they say i don't british pounds or euro i want u.s. dollars and u.s. assets
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u.s. stocks so ironically i think all of the turmoil in europe and with brexit in particular has actually helped the u.s. because where the safest of all of the sinking ships. >> on european market stronger as well in particular the cac 40 and paris, dax both up more than 1% right now. let's move to other issue, obviously, which is china. scott you have this it shall monday evening tuesday morning in china call, between the chinese vice premier and steven munn chin and lighthizer again hardline where it comes to china. our investors applauding fact that it looks like we may get a road map at least of what these negotiations are going to look like. >> always positive when they finally do sit down i think markets taking that way. but if you go look at the different market especially one of the things that they talked about was buying some more of the u.s. agricultural and things our market hasn't moved on back that have but equity markets are happy that they're sitting down. but those little intricate city and what china will get back
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involved with haven't den a lot. so we're still going to need more details and i think they get something done ultimate with a fed back down from all of those interest rate hike next year and at the same time get something done with china you can read tea leaves where i think things are going. >> investors are putting their money in the bowl leaf if there's a deal and you saw soybean contractor shoot up after a g20 an days that followed that at the same time there has been a lot of volatility one wrong, you know, comment from larry kudlow, for example and we're selling off. i mean, how much do you believe? >> or for the president cheryl. that's impacting markets as well you know it was last monday a week yesterday markets were up big after the president tweeted promised essentially a resolution to some of the trade tariff. you know companies in october spent 6 billion dollars on tariffs that's american companies cost them 6 billion dollars so whether it is now. whether it is couple of days from now i think we were told these were negotiating tactics.
5:18 am
costing u.s. companies a lot of money sooner they can resolve these issue ors with china i think more stable the market a to come. >> we're looking at a stablization this morning. again, dow up 65 in premarket s&p seven and quarter a quick reversal in last few moments we'll see what the day brings. jonathon scott, guys, with thank you. >> sure. >> and after the weekend's bruising snowstorm in the south thousands are still without form fox team meteorologist janice dean has the forecast plus a powerful team inside one air force. you're watching fbn:am.
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>> okay check this out maybe this is why the grinch hates christmas so much. this is going viral. the grinch gettings out the snowplow this video taken in north carolina where there was an intense snowstorm over weekend clearly the the man behind the mask isn't a fan of all of the snow. as we approach christmas time -- so the grinch doesn't like christmas or snow -- before you head out the door let's get a look at the forecast for this tuesday morning fox team meteorologist janice dean is here and loves the snow an loves christmas. >> i do like snow and i like to do first snow angel of the season. let's fake a look at it not a lot of snow here looping the coastal northeast and we've got a big storm is that's going to develop starting in the the west that's going to traverse the central u.s. and then eventually east coast as we head into thursday and friday look like it is too warm for snow, though, let's take a look at it. winter storm advisories for
5:23 am
northwest we're seeing heavy snow across the intermountain rest, and a rockies and then heavy rain along the coastal areas, and some of this energy is going to combine with a gulf low that comes out on wednesday and thursday and brings a potential for very heavy rain and even potentially some severe weather and this is eventually going to move across the east coast on the weekend so we have to watch for it. i think too warm for a big snow event but certainly something to monitor here's your forecast today that system that brought all of this snow to north carolina is offshore. cool temperatures, of course, across the northern plains, the upper midwest and great lakes area and there's our next storm system moving into the northwest. we will keep you posted ladies. back to you. >> i see a lot of happy skiers out west in coming day. janice thank you very much. >> all right guyslet get you caught up on what's happening now. futures are looking decent this morning. we have -- dow higher by 63 points s&p up 7, nasdaq up by 30 after volatility in a world wind of a
5:24 am
session yesterday. five marines missing after midair collision off coast of japan now declared dead. as u.s. marine corps. has suspended its search a refueling plane collided with a f-18 hornet fighter jet late last week. weapons systems officer in that jet dejected and did survive. the pilot also ejected but was pronounced dead later on. well mexico is promising to pump 30 billion dollars over next five years to help slow migration. the change in policy comes as more than 5,000 migrants have gathered in teeing wan that with many hoping to claim asylum here in the united states. meanwhile dozens of state pleersd arrested at a love nose no borders protest going on in san diego. more than 300 people from churches, mock and synagogues marched. the activist demanding that u.s. military be pulled from the border the u.s. respects the human rights petition for asylum and deportation of illegal
5:25 am
grants and the group also calling for defunding i.c.e., and border patrol. >> and finally we bring you this touching moment that is going viral. travelers at the busy nashville airport pausing to honor children of u.s. service members that have died in combat. watch. that part of the airport at a stand still those kids leaving for all expensive paid trip to disney world how beautiful cheryl. >> that is a touching moment there. well we have a quick reverse until futures to tell you about this morning we came on air 5 a.m. eastern time we were actually lower with the dow the s&p now look at this. dow up 73. s&p up 7.5. nasdaq up 31.25 looking at a lot of event this is morning around the world.
5:26 am
also, the ceo of google is about to get grilled on the hill today. and may be coming up. >> when they put up news they're beginning to put up opinions that are news. >> all right we're going to tell you what lawmakers are expecting to hear from and remember crazy rich asian a lot of money being spent well, we have a real life crazy asian wedding tops everything you saw in that film. we'll be right back. i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and everyone i've opever loved away from if making my detox public is gonna help somebody, i'm all for it. >> we have to see if we can get this momentum from the move off the lows today to follow through into tomorrow. >> well there is follow through investors have positive momentum this morning after wild trading day for stocks yesterday. will a new round of u.s. and
5:30 am
china trade talks help lift stocks? >> yeah there's theresa may speaking the dow sunk over 500 point yesterday but we with closed higher at 4 p.m. eastern time by 34 so -- smg future this is morning are up as well. dow futures jumping 69 nasdaq up 29. and europe stocks actually opened higher after yesterday's loss a lot of discourse is hide brexit as you can see the cac and dax 40 in green right now. >> stocks in china they did edge higher after latest round of u.s. and china trade talks got underway. and then there's this. >> the latest move by delta, what is the airline have against your furry best friend? fbn amy continues right now. 5:30 a.m. here in new york and tuesday it is a busy tuesday it is december 11th good morning
5:31 am
i'm cheryl casone. >> good morning everybody i'm lauren simonetti. well with another issue for wall street investors this week and today is what happens in washington next week with two things happening federal reserve meeting expected to raise interest rates again and also a potential government shutdown let's bring in jon nays max cofounder fox business contradict tore as well as david with the ceo and investment strategist at irc well gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. >> david i want to start with you and fed do you think they still hike next week and then also how many times do you think they hike in 2019? >> well i think it is mick jagger always says, sometimes you don't always get what you want but you get what you need the market needs rate increase next week, and then potentially one more next year to calm the markets fears that the economy is not slowing too much. and so the fed ping will next week, yes. >> do question need another
5:32 am
interest rate hike well maybe december is already baked in but how many do you think we need in 2019 because you don't want to choke off any economic growth and during the obama recovery, one of the things that we saw was that private borrowing wasn't helping us out because rates were sort of high and we don't want to get into the same trap this year you want borrowing by private corporations to be robust. >> mick jagger said you can't get no satisfaction basically i don't think federal reserve so going to raise rates next week and even if they do that will be the end and then we're going to be pausing and reason why is federal reserve is not going to raise rates in cause even -- a curve to go steeply inverted which would be a problem even if it isn't real and a pattern happening in last they don't want to lead to panic event with stuff in the background that is potentially scaring investors from china trade war. brexit et cetera, et cetera so i --
5:33 am
to your point there's not a lot of borrowing going on longer term rates why interest rates have come down months ago they were going up, and i think longer term rates need to go back up if you see the tenure back to three then maybe federal reserve would raise a quarter and start selling portfolio faster and drive up longer rates to keep positive normal and yield curve to keep everybody relaxed about the growth won't turn into a black tail black event later this year. >> see next week which one of you is right. but we have to switch to another -- cause of confusion, frustration, panic for investors that is david that we could have another shutdown based on border wall funding. next week, do you thinks there's an appetite for a shutdown in washington and on wall street this time around? i don't think this time around. i think next time around president trump relishes a fight
5:34 am
with nancy pelosi. and he wants her to be in firm control of the house before he really starts ratcheting up the fight with pelosi he wants to really energize his base. he does have an a election in two years coming. so i see him being a little bit more strategic trying to push that fight off into next year. enches yeah history shows that the stock market doesn't respond too dramatically to shutdown but seems like we're more vulnerable this time around see if we get one. david thank you for coming on this morning. >> great for with you to rolling stone music for this next one right google ceo may not be getting much satisfaction today going on hot seat he's making his first appearance on capitol hill this morning. 9:30 a.m. eastern time, and he should be is ready to face some pretty tough questions about about privacy protection and alleged political bias by the company let's bring in tee i can of big eyed wish and that's the question is how tough these
5:35 am
lawmakers are going to be on and do you think this is first time to see democrats show their hand as to what they want to do with technology companies when they take the house in january? >> yeah. i think it should be a or very interesting -- there's really two parts to the whole situation. one of they will definitely has to do with the depression of conservative voices not that that's necessarily been proven but that the right has been working on. other thing is a privacy issue or and as a whole separate issue that kind of both people have a vast concern about. they talked about some vulnerabilities with their google plus network so that was kind of a social network that never took much of a foothold. they haven't had any breach that's particularly catastrophic where you're search -- 500 plus members, though, ian that's a lot of folks that have their data exposed. >> but that's not really what people use google for. they use google in social network sense in terms of a search engine those things haven't been exposed where i think no one would want to know what you google search.
5:36 am
>> well it is only a matter of time i mentioned facts they could be giving us a hingt of what their agenda will look like when it comes to technology companieses but it may be bipartisan listen to what he told maria what his concerns are about about privacy. >> there's no other company that has a greater control over the internet on searches than google and google has not been coming to any of our hearing whereas twitter, about facebook and others -- 90% of all internet searches goes through google. >> you've got a good point that they really haven't been on capitol hill like other companies is have. >> well, just to separate that that was more of a social media hearing since they don't consider themselves a social network that's why they weren't there per se. this is definitely their opportunity to shine or not shine and see how it does up there. >> other question here for him, obviously, i mean, he's engineer this really isn't his comfort zone is he's not -- i don't think it is easy to say not really politically savvy in all of this.
5:37 am
do you think he's prepared to answer what probably going to be a lot of tough questions about privacy? whether that's an issue of google or not a lot of times politicians don't care they want to go on the attack especially with cameras on. >> absolutely i think this serves to their benefit because he, you know, coming from an engineer background he's speaking about product piece it's not about being well trained but something nice and refreshing about a fresh face that hasn't been one of the lobbyist forever and knows ins and outs our president was not particularly a person that came from a political background and people find that refreshing i think they'll piepgd same thing here. smg really quick china, do you think that he's going to get grilled on china today? >> i think it is beginning to be part of it but i don't think that's much of a buzz to the american public and they will grand stand is here. naturally they need to grow and need to comply with the law. >> there will be a lot of grand standing thank you ian folks at home you can watch all of this today on fox business we will have live coverage of pashi
5:38 am
testifying on capitol hill out 9:30 eastern time. >> cutting jobs as it gets ready to launch 5g. >> tracee carrasco has that story and other headlines. trace. >> verizon said that more than 10,000 employees will be out of a job by mid-19 and what company is calling a voluntary separation. as part of the agreement they get a salary up to 60 weeks bonus and benefits depend on length of their work verizon says this is a cost cutting effort as it ramps up investment in its next generation of 5g verizon is up 10% year to date. all right well major changes when it comes to flying -- with our furry friends -- it isn't so, trace. >> delta is banning all emotional support animals animan flights longer than eight hours along with service and support animals under four months old on flights no matter the duration.
5:39 am
the policy goes into effect on december 18th. delta said it amended its policy after reported incidents involving these service and support animals in 2016 and 2017. up by about 84% delta trading slightly higher year to date. >> doesn't like puppy and kittens, lauren. [laughter] >> sorry folks. you got them let's talk about a real life crazy rich asian wedding going on this week. >> yes, that is right. well this is -- asia's richest man oil and tell come mogul set to give away his daughter could be most expensive wedding ever. extravagant affair estimated to 100 million dollars it includes a private concert by begon say a vip guest list taken up at least 5 star hotels in the area and more than 100 charter flights to shuttle the guests. selects politicians, that's it
5:40 am
it shall just 100 million. that's it. well, a small little get together. e you should file that in the wedding plans. bribe to be. bride to be tracee thanks. here's what to be this morning. with your market look at this now dow sup 90 in market s&p up 9 and quarter nasdaq up 35.5 you watch fbn:am and fortunes change also things changed last night "monday night football" sea hawks against vikings and this game was not without a very controversial call. and then ask is yourself this question if you're 102 years old, would you do this? why this woman did during her long life.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
it was a strange game in seattle last night. >> jerry max sea hawks and vikings they didn't shatter scoreboard but still a lot of -- >> strange the way the score turned out to be in the controversy maybe they changed game if you tune to stay up until very end last half and russell wilson throws this very forgettable interception. as far as interceptions go for rustle wilson just gave away point career lowe but extended record for most wins by a qb
5:44 am
through 7 seasons. controversy third quarter down six and try a field goal bobby block it is but he committed what should have been a 15-yard penalty you're in the allow you had to lean to go over. no touchdown the first 57 a minutes. and then three in the final 253. strips sack mawk it is 21-nill cousins o'7 and sea hawks win 21-7 seattle 6-6--1 it wasn't only larry nasser, but who did just countless abuse to young gymnast it is what authorities did not do to prevent more abuse. the united states olympic committee appears far from innocent the organization fired chief of sport performance alan on monday 233 page independent report over 14 months released monday found no institution or individual took any meaningful steps to ensure appropriate safety measures were in place to protect young gymnast former ceo scott black resigned in february, he is also
5:45 am
accused of staying silent. did you hear that golden state warrior steph curry thinks astronauts never landed on moon sound like it. listen. >> ever been to the moon? no. they're going to come get us -- [laughter] sorry. >> if you believe they put a man on moon what steph curry you see within of those -- what do you think is that? >> nonbelievers. okay, jeff. we believe you. >> you know what will happen is he'll go to practice todays and get peppered about this question and it won't go away i predict. >> i predict you're right. thank you sir. jared max on fox news headline it is 24/7 siriusxm channel 115. dow futures up 808 points nasdaq up 30 looking pretty good this morning. after well, a winning day in the end after that -- that volatility that was yesterday in that huge trading range for stock. why some cbs board members are worried about the investigation
5:46 am
of former ceo les moonves we have that story coming up. plus tesla ceo elon musk called artificial intelligence more dangerous than nuclear bombs. if he is right there's a new study that's out. we'll bring it to you.
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
welcome back let's get you caught up taking a look at futures big reversal dow is up 93 in premarket and nasdaq up 35 and a quarter. cbs board members reportedly concerned about the illegal ramification of the investigation into lest les moonves sexual misconduct and details leak about internal investigation. and directors called for
5:50 am
investigating the source of the leak. accused agent expected to plead guilty to charge as of working for the russian government. accused working with russian official to set up back channel relationships with american politicians to the national rifle association. changing her plea for which she said she was not guilty back in july. well a new study says artificial intelligence will most likely make fuss better off by 2030. pugh research asked nearly 1,000 experts what they thought about two-thirds said that ai will help humanity. the big names in tech like tesla ceo elon musk are still not convinced he's warnedden dangers of ai, and finally there is this. this 102-year-old became oldest person ever to go skydiving. this is the third time in a row that irene has jumped from a plane on her birthday she started tradition when she jumped for the first tile when she turned 100. her daughter died of neuron
5:51 am
disease years ago and dedicate this year's jump to her daughter. and that's what's happening now. >> that reminds me of president george h.w. bush prove you are young when you are not. and top of president trump meeting with top democrats today china hammer out a deal but will fund for border wall get in the way of a deal? we bring in gop strategist ned ryan former speech writer for president george w. bush do you think we avoid a shutdown? >> well i think we need to start having a very serious conversation about this entire immigration system first of all i don't think there's -- that democratses have any interest in giving trump a win, and they've already said they don't want to give them the 5 billion that he wants and then i would point out 5 billion doesn't come l even close to what is needed to actually secure the southern border. but two, democrats aren't interested in fixing broken immigration system working well for them if you look at the chain migration system to bring in 7 to 8 million poem and they
5:52 am
vote democrat because they want greater social welfare system. i think trump is actually justified when he talk about shutting down southern border, and quite with frankly lauren i'm not afraid of a government shutdown because we have to remember it means sepgding home nonessential government employees about 800,000 of our 2 million federal government employees are considered non essential. the basic functions, the absolute function of government don't actually shutdown and so, i think trump has to start taking a very hardline say democrats you've got to work with me i'll give you something that you want but you have got to give me what i want. >> is a shutdown bad look for democrats parly for nancy pelosi aiming ton house speaker again in january? does shutting down the government over this issue -- democrats in their 2019 agenda when they have control of the house? >> well i think look at what happens in the last shutdown reallies were very well prepared on the messaging front. and i think republicans take the time to really prepare thelses
5:53 am
and prepare the messaging and prepare what they're going to say to american people i do think it can look bad for nancy pelosi and chuck shiewm entire 2019. and at some point we have to have a wider conversation with the american people and trumple has that ability to do that to really lay out we look last week at some of these statistic ises in which 63% of noncitizens in the america are on some form of welfare at some point this is absolutely a grim economic future if we're not serious about this. so i would argue if we're well prepared let's have that shutdown and let's have a much bigger conversation with american people about what is actually happening. >> does this -- does this issue influence the president ned as he is trying to select is his new chief of staff? leader medicine meadows is running do you think it is influencing the chief of staff? >> well i would say this and heartily endorse mark meadows as next chief of staff he has
5:54 am
political skill, the hill experience, and again he's right on this issue of immigration. i would think it is probably part of that in which he brings in somebody again let's remember when we go on 2019 the trump reelect is going into overdrive. at the same time he's going to have to work with a very antagonistic house of representatives, obviously, with the democrats going to unleash all sorts of investigations and so -- i think there's a lot of issues that are going into this decision as to who will be next chief of staff i love the idea of mark meadow. immigration is key and top issue for 2020. >> one with of the reason ares trump got elected in 2016 and get reelected in 2020. >> you heard it here ned ryan have a good day sir. >> also happening rigs here up over 100 points for dow futures look at this. up 107 right now european markets all higher. britain, of course, potentially not going to be leaving the eu. but we're going to have overseas market reaction to everything
5:55 am
happening overseas when we return. was stirring, but everywhere else... there are stores open late for shopping and fun as people seek gifts or even give some. not necessarily wrapped with paper and bows, but gifts of kind deeds, hard work and cold toes. there's magic in the air, on this day, at this time. the world's very much alive at 11:59. . .
5:56 am
5:57 am
cheryl: quick programming note for you, we will have a google ceo sundar pichai, 10:00 a.m. eastern, you can watch it at fox business. lauren: fireworks, indeed. cheryl: probably across the pond, theresa may heading to brussels after postponing critical vote, here from london,
5:58 am
reversal, what do you think will happen here and do you think it's in disarray? >> it depends really if theresa may regains some sort of concessions from the eu which enables her party to gain comfort in the backstop which ultimately at this moment in time keeps the uk indefinitely tied to eu unless there's a broad agreement on future trade deal. my gut feeling is they will not offer concessions. this leads door open to vote of no confidence in government, potential for second referendum. i think a lot more chaos before things start to move smoothly again. lauren: i know those are the options, plan b's, do you think we see leadership change? is there an appetite for that at this point since uncertainty gotten so bad, does theresa may hold onto job?
5:59 am
>> backstop is really a deal-broker for so many people not just mp's in parliament but general public as well. cheryl: thank you for perspective, we will see what happens today. lauren: markets watching all of this and so is maria bartiromo, good morning. maria: big day today, thanks for joining us, it is tuesday december 11th, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. stocks extending gains, highs at the morning. dow industrials to open up better than 100 points, nasdaq 38 points, higher this morning after wild day yesterday on wall street markets were volatile lowest to end of the day in positive territory. big rally toward the end to have day taking the market off of the low. the dow down better than 500
6:00 am
points after theresa may delayed deal to leave the european union, by the close as you can see, markets reversed course. global markets this morning are also seeing a bid of a bounce, take a look at ftse 100 better than 1%, 69 points higher, and the dax index in germany also higher by 1 and a half percent, 157 points higher this morning. in asia overnight, markets little change, fractional move and mix. trade talks moving forward, u.s. and china holding negotiations last night. we have the latest on where that stands. coming together, president trump to set with house minority leader nancy pelosi and funding the border wall among top items on the agenda, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, offer to 1.3 billion but short of the president's 5 billion-dollar request. google's turn on the hot


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