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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 11, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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in your homes and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the foxbusiness network. have a good evening. then you for watching. lou: our top story president trump meets with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. it took no time for the leaders of the radical dems to insult the president in the oval office and again make clear they have no intention of securing the border, no matter the welfare of the nation. >> you have the white house and you have the summit and you have the house of representatives. you have - you should pass it. >> we do not have the vote, nancy. >> but no, in the house. president trump: excuse me, but i can't get it passed and house it will not pass in the senate.
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i don't want to waste - >> practice you can get it started that way. president trump: the house we could get passed easily but the problem is the senate because we need ten democrats to vote and they will not vote. >> that's not the point. the point is there - needs to be raised and were here to have a conversation so i don't think we should have this debate in front of the press. lou: should not have a rate in front of the cameras? the president is all about standing firm in being transparent. once again he will shut down the government and probably so if, if the dems do not help fund that wall. president trump: i am proud to shut down the government for border security, talk. the people of this country don't want your minerals and people that have problems and drugs pouring into our country. i will take the mantle and i will be the one to shut it down but i will not blame you for it. last time you shut it down it
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did not work. i will take the mantle and i will shut it down for border. lou: we take out the presidents ongoing battle for border security in today's shameful conduct of chuck and nancy with house freedom caucus cofounder jim jordan. congressman andy biggs among our guest and also google ceo on capitol hill today grilled by house members over his buddies anti- conservative bias. >> what does methodology have to do with the fact that 96% of the references to trump are from the liberal media? >> i know google's attitude and algorithm made a us to do it but i don't know that i buy that. >> i would strongly suggest that one of the crisis response tools you use is an investigation into the discourse of your employees on resisting the trump presidency. lou: arrogance was on full display whether intentionally or otherwise - he denied the
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obvious and documented bias of the company he manages. he claims google employees can't manipulate search results. >> is not possible for an individual employee or groups of employees to manage our search results. this includes many steps in the process. lou: since he took office president trump has stayed the course on china promising to protect the united states against china's fast theft of our intellectual property and technology and their predatory trade practices. presidents resolute stance paying off once again today. the chinese announcing their dramatically cutting their tariffs against us cars, another win for the presidents american first agenda. foxbusiness political analyst ed rollins joined us to talk about the presidents winning ways and use of the nations that prevent the radical dems and rhinos are dead wrong when it comes to
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trade policy. our top story tonight, remarkable event in the oval office today, radical dem leaders, pelosi and schumer debating with the president on camera in full view of the american people. they talk about the president's demand for border security and construction of that border wall. pelosi and schumer showed us why it is not a fair fight. they did so a number of times. as they tried to move the debate into a private setting away from those trying cameras and prying megaphones. president made it clear that the discussion was all about transparency. >> we came in here in good faith and we enter into a climate of a discussion in the public view. president trump: it is not that, nancy. full transparency. lou: transparency. president made it clear he will settle for nothing less than a border wall as part of his border security plan.
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after those cameras were shut off the president said progress was made. president trump: believe it or not, it was a friendly meeting. you saw the beginnings but it worked out to be - i did pretty good. i have like them for a long period of time and respect them both. we made a lot of progress. lou: a lot of progress. joining us tonight congressman andy biggs, serves on the house judiciary committee, science space and technology committee and member of the house freedom caucus. congressman, good to have you with us. what do you think of that very public discussion among pelosi, schumer and the president? >> lou, a lot of people asked for judgment presidency and they sure got it. this is first and a great discussion and president trump made the point, very clear, we have a drug problem and a national security problem on the border and it's the republicans
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and president trump they want to do something about it. if the other side that doesn't. we have to get it done. lou: have to get it done. i have to tell you, again, as we examine what happens with the democrats that examine first what is happening in two years. paul ryan refused to build a wall. he refused to give the president additional money. [inaudible conversations] $.6 trillion for something called border security. and a more disturbed than that nothing in its ambiguity. we are talking about a republican party that sold out to the open borders interest of the business roundtable, chamber of commerce, cook brothers, wall street, you name it and the western growers association. come on. this is really appalling to watch. >> lou, i will tell you something. one thing was said by nancy pelosi that was really true and i don't think she meant to say it but president trump responded because she said we had the
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house and senate and we should have done this. i don't disagree with that but we should have done this 1.5 years ago. i have a bill sitting out there right now signed to seven committees that would build the border wall. we should put that up clean and see what happens in the house. lou: have you talked to the speaker? >> yes, i have. lou: did he tell you to go to hell out right or light your face? [laughter] >> he said we would have the fight now. i'm able to fight in trying to urge him to put this to the floor. lou: he's betrayed the president and the american first agenda which this president was elected and lied to the president and lied to the conference and lied to the american people and been in office for eight months beyond his resignation announcement. i mean, how much sorrier can one man get then paul ryan? >> well, what would be . lou: by the way, the other part
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is how dumb can any, to be to put up with it? >> well, i've given you this technology before but if someone is not telling you the truth but keep believing them is not that person's problem but the folks who believe in. i think what we have to say is i turned this back to mark meadows and praying that he becomes the chief of staff. whether he wants it or not. he would do great. he can help the president with the conference number one. number two he will get people around him that will help him facilitate moving that agenda forward. we are moving to a real disadvantage because if we don't do this by january 3rd at noon and don't pass a border wall by january 3rd at noon the odds of us getting something done are not good which is now why we moved to this crisis point where now we are talking about shutting down the government. lou: and who will notice? the principal beneficiary seem to be the estimated 22,
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32 million illegal immigrants in this country. who was of the real beneficiaries leaving this open? is not the american working man or woman. it's not the entrepreneur who depends on government. who the heck is the beneficiary besides the elected officials, including yourself, congressman? who benefit from the paycheck and nice comfortable office in the nation's capital. the american people in poll after poll after poll are saying they've had a bellyful of what is passing for a government in this country. >> right. who can blame them? seriously. lou: i don't blame them. >> right, i look at it and say we have not delivered what we promised. anytime we do that you lose election. lou: your member when rights previous, failed chief of staff, he conducted a survey of the election of 2012 which mitt
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romney and did i mention paul ryan were thrashed in president obama's reelection efforts. that autopsy, as they called it, revealed all the weaknesses of the republican party. there should be an autopsy of this congress and the republican conference because my god, at least if it will be a corpse at least it should be understood what happened to it and who did the damage. do you agree? >> i don't disagree. we need to find out what happened. you need to take honest stock, look in the mirror, is it mine in any big stock? are now moving into a scenario where the american people trust us to continue. that's what it is but they did not trust us to continue because there were promises. lou: absolutely. they undercut this president and threw away, in my opinion, 40
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seats that could have been one in a house that could've been controlled by the republicans. congressman andy biggs, thank you for being with us. always good to talk. >> thank you, lou. lou: of neck, aunt lucy and chuck schumer have a exciting adventure. they went to the white house today and debated the border wall in front of cameras and microphones but the president demonstrated while it is first of all, not a fair fight with the two of them and all about transparency. >> we came in here in good faith and we entered into this climate of a discussion in the public view. president trump: it is not that, nancy. full transparency. full transparency. transparency. transparency. lou: just what our theme is but we take out the president's call for transparency.
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lou: trump in ministration seeking an urgent response tonight from the us supreme court seeking to overturn a lower court ruling against the president of phylum band for
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immigrants entering our country and appeal has been committed to justice they get taken. she's asked for a response by monday. this is coming in 2300 migrants remain in a camp 14 miles from the us, mexico border but thousands more have chosen to stay in makeshift camps and tents near the city of tijuana. joining us tonight top strategist for great america former reagan white house political director and box analyst ed rollins, good to see you. let's start with the presidents i thought rather his schooling of schumer and pelosi and he is exactly right. transparency at its best. he declared that he wants that wall and this is his priority in the closing days of the congress there's no reason to not give it to him. nancy pelosi made it clear that it was a moral issue for her.
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lou: she says that about everything. >> but think about this. how will she have an honest dealing with the president if she thinks morally you cannot build a wall? she said economically we don't need it and safety . lou: do you think she ever told barack obama that - that you should not have a wall or stop illegal immigration? i don't think she ever had that forthright - >> i doubt she did but the president declared with transparency in an open mic session . lou: i love that by the way. >> yes . lou: every meeting should be with cameras rolling. [laughter] >> they challenge them today and they should challenge them right back right to the last day make sure they pass that wall. lou: 21 of december president made it clear he is prepared to shut down the government and now
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schumer and pelosi have to decide what the calculus is. can they get away with obstinately refusing to work with the president on border security in the wall? and risk a government shutdown if they refuse to fund the wall. that's what they have to decide. >> if not the whole government but 25% of the government including home insecurity but it's enough to get attention and is a statement of something that he needs to do because this is the last time he'll have majority of the house and senate to do it. he has to live up to the commitment and promise. most sacred promise he made. lou: it also is the foundation for what will happen in 2020. this president with the wall moving ahead on delivering his promise. in my opinion, this is all but a shoe in for 2020. you will have to do a few other things like bring the chinese to their knees on trade but other than that i think that is where he - by the way, we have to
7:19 pm
acknowledge this president has got the chinese attention and he has talking at least with light heiser and steve mnuchin in a phone call today talking about reducing their obscene tariffs at 40%. by the way, do you notice everyone railed about president trump raising tariffs to 10% and cheering the chinese when they drop theirs from 4215. the business press in this country national left-wing media cannot figure them out unless it's an abject hatred of this hatred. there is an abject hatred and - >> i will hold out hope that is just ain't so. >> i hold out hope that he gets this government shutdown or come to a good deal but they will not come to a deal so he may have to go to work and that's what we need to do. lou: and you would think some people right now would be smart enough around europe and china
7:20 pm
should join with the president. and working for a balanced trade relationship among all countries in the world. that is absolutely required if they don't believe that look what germany is doing with and what france is doing and they are in real trouble because the mercantile - >> right now the leader of france is weak and people in the streets to demand everything from him and he will probably only give it to him. lou: he is a bomb trader. an investment banker before he became president but more of a bond trader because as soon as those people hit the streets and burning up parents he flipped. you want lower taxes or bonuses at the end of the year? how about a shorter workweek? whatever you want, two cars and a check. >> he's a socialist and a socialist government. what more can they give them?
7:21 pm
[laughter] lou: if he does he will offer. ed rollins, great to have you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight, radical dense, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, more obsessed with insulting the president and blocking his agenda than fixing america's open borders and immigration system? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs and follow me on twitter on facebook and instagram. up next, we will show you just how little regard the left-wing national media has for truth and faithful, honest reporting as they attack our president over his meeting with schumer and pelosi. see if you can connect any reality at all to what they claim happened at the white house and what they reported. >> event me as an american this now the way the white house is being treated. it's a ludicrous stage for squabbling. >> 's is the first - >> the president is equating
7:22 pm
people with brown skin not for mexico or central america people you are not the of the border as terrorists. >> donald trump is fixated on the southern border and not about securing the border but about xena phobic a racist, bigoted belief he holds. >> donald trump blew up negotiations that were proceeding over a vanity project. lou: that was the man called the - and every time you see if you understand the presidents nickname. that and much more right after this quick break. greg jarrett and victoria join us to take up the witchhunt and all the rest. stay with us, we'll be right back. give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions
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lou: secretary of state pompeo calling out russia by twitter after russia sends strategic bombers, are you ready - to and
7:27 pm
as we let yesterday. the estate wrote - not exactly the perspective i would be expected from our secretary of state but i would it expected something more like this. get the hell out of this hemisphere in day out. earlier this month president madero of venezuela met with president putin and the two agreed to ramp up the oil production by 1 million barrels a day. secretary of state apparently believes a strongly worded expression of concern for the funding by two corrupt governments is the best way for the states who enforce the monroe doctrine. we should be doing a lot better than that.
7:28 pm
senate minority destruction versus kamala harris will get to keep her spot on the judiciary committee after all. the republican leadership mysteriously were considering reducing the size of the committee which would have illuminated harris but somehow schumer and committee chairman grassley came to some agreement about how harris will keep her seat. even after her outrageous conduct during the confirmation hearings for judge brett kavanaugh. a federal judge today ordered porn star stormy daniels to pay president trump almost $300,000 and an additional thousand dollars in stations for bringing a frivolous lawsuit and those fees come in the wake of the judge dismissal of her meritless defamation lawsuit. trump's attorney prays the decision is quote - lou: joining us tonight victor victoria, attorney general for the criminal justice department
7:29 pm
in washington dc lawford. how did he get - i will have to ask victoria about that. greg derek, fox legal analyst and author of the new york times best seller the russia hoax. good to have you both here. victoria, let's begin with you. these crazy sentencing mammals in which the national left-wing media has used as a predicate to attack the president as an imminent danger of being invited and impeached and whatever nonsense they can conjure up. your reaction. >> michael cohen do not pay taxes on about $4 million and made statements to institutions. by the way, they came up with a campaign finance infinite which most people, most learned people say is not even a crime for michael cohen. the southern district accused a person of embezzling millions of
7:30 pm
dollars and jaywalking into a sentencing memorandum that says we care about the safety of the street. it's embarrassing for the southern district they are out of control but we've always known that it those of us who been at the justice department, they need to get under control. lou: it's incredible. victoria is right. these sentencing mammals as a predicate for left-wing attacks in the national media against this president as if they needed a predicate but the sad to their bombast and propaganda and blitz against the white house. >> one common denominator to the sentencing mammals. not a shred of evidence of trump russian collusion. by the way, it's not even a crime but the southern district of new york actually forced michael cohen, a liar and a taxi, to plead guilty to non- crimes. lou: pretty good prosecution.
7:31 pm
>> well, he wanted leniency so he wouldn't sign his name i am cary grant. yeah, i'm cary grant. cannot be trusted and will never call him as a witness. it is not a campaign contribution. if there is a secondary purpose and hear the payments were made equally for personal and professional reasons and it's not even an illegal campaign contribution. >> the test is what existed with expense existed irrespective of the campaign and both of these accusations occurred way before trump even announced and greg - i love you because you did such a great job in your book but why isn't hillary clinton campaign division to gps which were disguised as - being looked at? >> i brought this up in the book. i identified the crimes that i think she committed relative to that and was paying for russian information and fed to the fbi
7:32 pm
and apartment of justice as to damage to and she did not properly reported. if anyone committed a crime it was clinton, not trump. lou: so many unpunished crimes as a result of the russian hoax. i prefer to call it witchhunt but indifference to you and your - >> book i will call it . lou: the president is right. no collusion but no standing with two terrifically legal minds here tonight. tell us why this thing cannot be brought to a conclusion ended because you got peanuts and nickel, diamond nonsense on the part of the mueller witchhunt getting off to the southern district - by the way, what you have when you have a bunch of left-wing ideologues, radical dems in a network between the special councils team and the southern district team and the manhattan da team going after one man.
7:33 pm
is there no limit to the political persecution of the president? >> this is not legal but political. all these people know each other and go back many years just like many of us from the reagan justice department and andy mccarthy and - they are all conspirators against the president. lou: why is it going up? wife is not someone have the guts to say in authority with standing this is it. you are done. john roberts is in charge of the visor courts and in charge of an effect of the entire federal judiciary and why does he not say stop at? >> you should have ordered the presiding court judge to hold a hearing into hall in these people that sign off on the visor weren't knowing they were presenting faulty, line evidence to the court and will them accountable but i am hoping that once confirmed bill barr, new
7:34 pm
attorney general, will take action to wrap up this probe and to take action against individuals at the fbi and doj who broke the law. >> it's clear jeff sessions and rod rosenstein did not want to touch this thing one bit. >> rosenstein was covered up his own wrongdoing. which is why he was objecting congress. lou: obstructing congress, obstructing everything except one part here and that is his own complex are now being covered up but it's not even a question and no one in the american bar association and this is my question - with all eutrophic attorneys why does one person acting up and say, stop it now? from the aba or wherever it may be. >> if the political not legal. lou: speaking of political, not legal, if covering up all sorts of crimes is with a payoff is
7:35 pm
illegal what about those folks on capitol hill who have a slush fund to do just that? will they go to jail or will we see a incendiary sentencing memo from the southern district on them? >> so your viewers know you're talking about the fact that over 250 members of congress have made payments to accusations of sexual harassment in other matters. what about that? if these payments - by concocting a crime the southern district has now unwittingly left in all these members of congress and who else knows how they will react. lou: i may owe the southern district an apology and my thanks. if that works. >> the feds have tried to prosecute a case similar to this. john edwards in the field. they have already gone down this road once before and know they
7:36 pm
can't when a case against trump but they will try anyway. lou: maybe they could reopen the case against the president who settled for $375,000 of electoral regulations. victoria, thank you. greg, thank you. we'll be right back and
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lou: members of the house judiciary committee question google ceo today and focused on the anti- conservative bias that
7:40 pm
is google's and concerns over data collection. he denied any bias and claimed google employees are unable to manipulate search results individually. he downplayed a censored search engine the google is building for communist china. >> i leave this company without political bias and work to ensure the products continue to operate that way. it's not possible for an individual employee or groups of employee to manage our search results. we have no plans to launch in china. lou: during the testimony democrat accused google of an anti- liberal bias. >> this weekend i was on msnbc four times. and yet first thing that comes up is the daily caller, not a liberal, well-known group. then rollcall and breitbart news and memphis business journal and breitbart news and breitbart. like you are overly using conservative news organizations on your news. lou: you don't suppose that was orchestrated in any way do you?
7:41 pm
there's a leading radical dam on the committee, jerry nadler himself soon to be chairman. bending over backwards to defend his corporate overlord. >> , first dispense with a completely illegitimate issue which is the fantasy turned up by some conservatives that google and other online platforms have anti- conservative bias. as i have said repeatedly no credible evidence supports this right-wing conspiracy theory. lou: he left out fast. it would be a vast right-wing - anyway, with just a forgive the expression google search of our own we did find that last year pressman nadler received more than $26,000 from google's parent company. now that support and obviously they got what they paid for. google is also a major employer in nadler's district find an office building this year in new
7:42 pm
york city were a total of 2.4 billion, small price to pay, for his support in congress. joining us now a man who is in today's hearing, conference jim jordan, serves on judiciary and oversight committees and cofounder of the influential house freedom caucus. congressman, as always, great to see you. jerry nadler was very active in defending google and you don't suppose there is a direct correlation between that contribution, do you? almost too much to imagine. >> here is credible evidence that there is bias. how about - the head of multicultural marketing at google who the day after the 2016 election wrote a four-page e-mail to all the top executive at google where she says this. we were trying to get out the latino vote in key states and in another sentence she says we tried to get out the latino vote by paying for rights to the poll in key states. in that e-mail they were in key
7:43 pm
states which means they were trying to influence the vote in competitive states. they were not doing this in texas and california with the largest latino populations reside but no, in what states did she mention? florida and nevada. later in her e-mail she says we wanted hillary to win. that is as strong a bias as you can get in yet sundar pichai would not admit to that basically said he disagreed with what she was writing and said it did not happen even though we have the e-mail there where she said those things. lou: quite a performance by ceo of google. he's not lacking in confidence, is he? as he sits before the congress of the united states and spends up perspective. >> three points, remember, 3.5 billion searches done a day in the vast majority of those are done on google platform. if there is the bias that is why
7:44 pm
this is important and why this matters. when you have the head of multicultural saying we are trying to impact the elections and get out the latino vote and paper rights to the bowl in key states and credit of states that means something and that's what we had this hearing and that's why you been talking about and other sematech about and it's why it's so important. lou: issue of political bias on the part of all platforms, social media, search, you name it is an extremely important issue. far too little has been done about it and it's great to see you all focusing on it. let me ask for your thoughts and your colleague mark meadows making it clear he would be honored to serve, as he put it, accident as chief of staff. your thoughts about that. >> no finer gentleman than mark meadows. super guy, respected, we do an outstanding job and i hope that
7:45 pm
is who the president selects the only concern i have? is my best friend on d-uppercase-letter to see them leave capitol hill but for the good of the country and adapt to the president wants, he would do an outstanding job in my judgment. lou: i thank you are exactly right? meadows would serve the president extraordinarily well. hope he gets the job. congressman, great to see you as always. next take care. lou: up next, british lawmakers submit letters of no-confidence in prime minister theresa may. with good reason. i'll take it up with doctor sebastian gorka coming up next. stay with us. be right back.
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lou: joining us tonight director of the heritage foundation, thatcher institute, now gardiner security analyst and thank you for joining us. apparently a no-confidence vote to be taken against - i nearly said margaret thatcher, theresa may. she has no market better and i thank you would agree. she has screwed it up, brexit, i mean. what do you think? >> i agree absolutely, lou. theresa may is no margaret thatcher. her handling of the negotiations
7:50 pm
with european union have been disastrous and have been weak need and nothing short of a surrender to the eu and mandarins in brussels. concession after concession. lou: does this kill brexit? >> no, i don't think it kills brexit but what it means is her proposed brexit deal there is no chance of it getting through the house common and this does not kill brexit. brexit will go ahead and as planned on march 29, 2019 but were heading for a new deal brexit where by there's a hard exit for the united kingdom and simply revert to world trade organizations rules in terms of dealing with the european union. it will go ahead. >> let me turn to you, doctor gorka. what does this mean for the united states? i was talking about a hard landing but i'm not sure it's a landing but the eu is treating
7:51 pm
the uk basically like an enemy state. your thoughts? >> absolutely. i agree with niles. this is the absolute, abject failure. the swamp in action. british people made a choice two years ago and in the last two years theresa may and the elites have failed to implement the will of the british people. they thank you can stop the national sovereignty of a nation simply by meeting behind closed doors. the mere fact alone this is vote of no-confidence is almost at the threshold number 48 letters to create that vote of no-confidence. this was predicated on the fact that theresa may's government last week tried to hide the so-called legal reasoning for why they are creating this non- brexit, non- exit brexit. lou: the establishment in the uk does not want brexit. they're trying to stop this cold. we are a long way from watching
7:52 pm
the uk actually withdraw from the eu and what theresa may actions have been - he may be a incompetent leader but she has served her establishment well. let's turn to [inaudible] and the chief financial officer. they're getting out on seven and a half million dollars bail and did not put up her husband or children as she had offered to do to win her freedom. your thoughts, niall, and what has transpiring with china and the united states? >> well, it's important that the united states enforces the iran sanctions laws and any companies that are in violation, albeit sanctions must be held to account. senior officials must be held to account. i think any corporate entity on the world stage that is helping to facilitate iran's activities i think the united states must
7:53 pm
act against those entities. lou: your life well it's not a corporate entity. this is the government of communist china in the form of corporate entity violating us sanctions even as we are discussing north korea and denuclearization even as we were discussing balance trade relationships and the end of theft, doctor gorka, by china in the united states of hundreds of billions of dollars in technology every year. >> every day. this last one is important, lou. this is not a normal corporation. this woman, let's stop and talk about this woman for a second. daughter of the founder of huawei and this huge chinese it high-tech giant. lou: largest high-tech company coming in china. >> not only that but formers people officer of the communist regime armed forces and an
7:54 pm
elected member of the communist party that runs the country. this is not a private enterprise. this is the chinese state. lou: yes, what does that mean sebastian, for the relationship between the united states and china? what are the implications here? >> i think . lou: 30 seconds. >> yet, we may see retaliation. this is the flag and this is where the wake-up call for americans and for businesses that china has been at war with us economically for decades. that's a reality and it's time we woke up. lou: and seemingly, only president trump has been a week to the issue for some years. thank you very much. gorka, niall, thank you both. up next, rhinos in congress failed to defend the president against insurgent, vicious
7:55 pm
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and all through the house 'twas the night before christmas not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are stores open late for shopping and fun as people seek gifts or even give some. not necessarily wrapped with paper and bows, but gifts of kind deeds, hard work and cold toes. there's magic in the air, on this day, at this time. the world's very much alive at 11:59.
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lou: following up with nile gardner and sebastian gorka on the implications of the huawei case. president trump said he will intervene in the case against the huawei case and its chief
7:59 pm
financial officer if it would help close a trade deal with china. now turning to our book keeping, we are asking whether you are disgusted by the republican party's failure to defend the republicans -- the border. >> president trump made the point very clear. we have a drug problem. we have a national security probably on the border. and it's the republicans and president trump who want to do something about it and we have to get it done. lou: google's ceo, sundar pichai grilled by the house judiciary committee. he says there is no plan at this
8:00 pm
point to take a censored search engine to china. former i.c.e. director tim homan among our guests. trish: showdown in the oval office as president trump meets with top democratic lawmakers to get the border wall. they may just have enough votes to pass the $5 billion wall. the ceo of going until the hot seat amid concerns of anti-gop bias at his company. he insists he leads without political bias. don't forget it was his team caught on video totally distraught when hillary clinton


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