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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 13, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, when when when. that's what this president does and no matter the woman men tear or persistent turmoil or turbulence that his enemies stirs up, the president wins. the president per vailing against the witch hunt's uforts to destroy mr. cohen's law breaking as if it's mr. trump's. and it's not. caravan migrants demanding money to not invade america. >> the caravan has exposed
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problems along the border. we need to address those problems. after the caravan the question is do we need more security money or less. i think most people would say more. i think it's an unreasonable position for them to take that $5 billion is too much wasteful when they voted for a lot more than that in the past. what's got me so inne energizedr is we've done in the past more than what the president is asking for. he's not the bad guy here. lou: the bad guys are identified as rad school dimms in the house and the senate. despite the president's demand for $5 billion to fund the border recall, house rinos are pretending they have the votes to support it. those votes do not exist in the senate. i repeat, they do not mean anything as i know the bill is dead on arrival once it does reach the senate a as it would
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lack the 60 votes needed to stop a filibuster. and secretary of state pompeo setting the record straight on the president's progress and balancing trade with china. >> the president is very focused on making sure americans get a chance to sell their products into china. it's a big market and the president is determined to get a level playing field. i truly think we'r we closer. lou: we take this up with the dean himself, ed rollins. on the border, what do you do with the central american migrants who audaciously are demanding tribute from america to not cross our border illegally and what price do you suppose they're demanding from the mexican government? we'll have the latest on the caravan and the corrupt congress that inspired the migrants awesome sense of entitlement. talk tonight with former acting
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director of i.c.e., tom holman. our top story, president trump's week of winning. president trump has made positive gains in trade with china as the chinese agreed this week to lower tariffs on american made cars as the president claims the moral high ground on the border wall and a transparent display of strength yesterday with radical dimm leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. demant ling the fake news report slapping down reports he's struggling to replace his chief of staff as he is in no hurry to do so. being right about brexit of course, the weak french president and the european union. the european union has joined with this president in seeking balanced trade with china. the strong week comes to spite a
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week of dimms, an assault like we've never seen. they're sharpening knives over recent sentencing memos provided by the mueller witch hunt. and today's conviction of the president's former lawyer for making hush payments and lying to congress. >> does it look to you like donald trump knows that he's bleeped? >> i think it definitely looks like he knows he's bleeped. >> it is also a message that people around the president are going to prison. >> this is a criminal guy. what is going to destroy everything that he's built and his children is a 30-year dishonest criminal enterprise. >> the president's attorney is going to jail. i know that we've all go kiefnef gotten numkind ofnumb to the chs administration, but this is huge. >> are.
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>> we are in touch with his counsel. lou: what turmoil, what nonsense and they just gin it up without so much as a blush. what are those leftist cable networks, what are they failing to mention here. one of the things they're failing to mention, take note of at all, no sitting president can be indicted anytime they're in office. they failed to account for any single mind in the country that says the special counsel office seems to be out of their minds and have yet to prove any collusion or wrongdoing on the part of the president of the united states. >> so if he gave a million dollars to two women as hush money, there would be know crime. if he directed his lawyer to do it and would compensate the lawyer, he's not committed a crime. >> there's not a shred of evidence of trump-russia collusion.
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>> no, paying for somebody to quiet about something that was done or aleje alleged years befs not a campaign experience r expense. >> i've yet to see evidence of collusion from mr. cohen and that's what started the informatioinvestigation to begi. lou: it's well outlived his original charter. joining us is andrew mccarthy, united states attorney in the southern district of new york. he worked in that office for 18 years. he knows it well. he's a fox business contributor. andy, great to see you. let's start with this relationship among the special counsel attorneys were the southern district of new york, the manhattan da. this looks like a network of hack left wing attorneys at various levels of government who are working to assail the president of the united states, not to bring anyone to justice.
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>> well, i think, lou, that you do have different groups of lawyers who are certainly have their sights set on the president. i think that the mueller investigation is continue to look at collusion and obstruction of justice. the southern district of new york investigation is clearly targeting the president in connection with campaign finance violations. lou: you're talking about with michael cohen. but the very simple matter is, you have noted this in your columns, michael cohen's crimes are his, not the president's. there is no cul culpability of y kind of the president. that was construction of a hyper bollic group of attorneys attacking the president through his once attorney. i mean why can't people be straight about this?
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>> if i may on that. lou: sure. >> look. there are two campaign finance alleged offenses to which cohen pled guilty and in which he's implicated the president at the behest of the southern district. lou: when you say implicated. that means a lot of things to attorneys and one thing to the rest of us, the great. >> no, lou. i don't quantity to -- i'm not looking to hide what they're saying here is there a conspiratorial relationship in violation of a criminal law between cohen and trump. and what i am saying is it remains to be seen whether this was actually a crime or not, even if it happened the waco hen did. i was quite surprised just a few minutes ago watching judge napolitano on the program right before yours say a federal judge had ruled that this was a
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campaign finance violation. that's not what happened at all. what happened was the southern district charged what is very dubious alleged to be an in-kind campaign finance donation and cohen elected, i think for strategic reasons, to plead guilty to that charge without underlying the profound legal question about whether it is an in-kind contribution of not. the judge didn't rule on that. when a person pleads guilty in federal court, that doesn't mean that the judge has ruled in the government's favor on every single conceivable objection that somebody might make to that. what happened here is the judge accepted the guilty plea but that is not binding on president trump. were he ever to be charged, he would have the ability and the opportunity to argue that is ths
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is not an in-kind campaign contribution -- lou: you're talking about the president? >> i'm talking about the president. right. cohen's concession on this point is not binding on the president in any way. and the media is going to continue to say again and again and a number of other commentators are saying there is a crime here and trump is implicated in it. and what i'm saying is the fact that cohen chose to plead guilty to this allegation does not establish for all purposes that it is a crime. lou: and what you're articulating is precisely why i raised my concern about the use of the word implicate as to the president, because implicate imin what? and how could michael cohen have any such presumption that he could do so. only at the behest, as you
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noted, as the special counsel and the southern district of new york would he be asked to do so. it's showing you what a -- you know, if i'm going to go down a legal rat hole with anyone, i want it to be with your guidance, i assure you, andy mccarthy. tbbut this is so straightforwars to me, as a lehman, a straightforward preposterous, absurd and villainous attempt on the mueller team, perhaps as well as the manhattan attorney's office. we know the attorney general of new york is now going to join in what is a mob rule in our justice department, it seems to me. can you give us your insight as to why we should tolerate such a network of partisan legal prosecutors in three levels of government going after a sitting president without any basis?
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>> well, let's start with where we're at. the president hasn't been charged with anything -- lou: right. >> low pressur -- by anyone yet. lou: if i may, andy, he was charged with collusion. that charge has sincely ultimately -- it's either been removed of its own weight from the charter for this special counsel but now moving on to all sorts of absurd distractions and possibilities and hypotheticals. and frankly it's a tiresom tirek that we should have to witness when we should be, it seems to me, whether you're a u.s. attorney, whether you're the chief justice of the united states supreme court, you should be saying end it. >> yeah. well, look, lou, as you know. my objection to this at the beginning was that the justice
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department owed it to the president and frank by t frankle country to identify a crime that the special counsel was being authorized to investigate. and to my mind the crime at the beginning was an allegation of a cyber espionage scon spearcy. once it became clear that they didn't have the evidence of that, i think the investigation should have been shut down in the criminal sense. it's perfectly fine in the fbi wants to do an investigation of russia's threat to the united states election system, that's something that ought to be done. that's what we have an fbi for. lou: there's not been a commission to examine. >> as far as the criminal investigation is concerned, once they don't have evidence of the crime that was the rationale for opening the investigation, then the investigation should end. and in a normal prosecutor pross office, you don't have time to keep investigating if you don't find a crime.
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you don't find a crime in the case assigned you close the case and move on to the next case. lou: but of course. if the person who has recommended firing the fbi director is also the deputy attorney general of the justice department and he decides at the behest of a democratic senator and a democratically constructed fraud o around a fisa warrant, e decides of his own independent judgment to go with a special prosecutor and refuses to recuse him, in which he is a witness, in which he is a prosecutor. my god, how rank and rancid the corruption in one place. that's the deputy attorney general office of the united states justice department. do you not agree? >> i think the president is the head of the executive branch. so if the president actually thinks that what went on here
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with rosenstein is corrupt, then he should fire rosenstein. but he should look the american people in the eye and say look, this is what i found, this is what believe happened her and i'm willing to be judged on that. he's got to run the executive branch. lou: he does have to run the executive branch. and you and i both know if he made that decision, it would not be a legal decision per se. it would be viewed as -- we've been quoting and showing you the video and listening to the sound bites of the left wing media with their hair on fire over an absolutely contrived absurdity, nothing but an ar a corrupt med. we can continue this. it's been an interesting voyage down the rabbit hole and when we emerge again i hope it will be
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soon. thanks again for joining us. up next, who could forget chuck schumer's response to the president's travel ban. memorable. >> this executive order was mean-spirited and un-american. lou: mean-spirited. surely crying chuck schumer has no experience being mean-spirited. we take that up -- oh, there he is. that looks a little mean-spirited wagging your finger and slamming your fist into the palm of your hand when you're speaking to the president of the united states. mean-spirited. my god. we'll have much more. we'll have much more. ed rollins joins us ♪talk and they will hear you...
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top strategist for great american pac former reagan white house political director, the savant of all political strategist in this country, ed rollins. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's pick up with andy mccarthy's statements. it should be over and no one in the judicial system of power, whether it's the chief justice or whomever, has the guts to call it and say come on. >> andy did a superb job of
4:21 am
laying that out. the bottom line is the president is being persecuted by cable television. every other channel and sometimes people here are laying these false accusations out there and quoting false charges. there are no charges. from the start of this thing, no one has come forth with a crime that they're charging the president with but yet they're treating him like a mobster. i heard people say it's like the mob, it's like the mafia, we better shut them down. lou: they're right about the construction of the mob because that is a mob across cable television, "the new york times." they call signals and everybody starts blocking and tackling with a ridiculous predicate like the sentencing memos for a former attorney of the president who by the way just happens to be going to jail for tax fraud. >> and he was an idiot. the bottom line is, if there's anything the president is guilty of, he had some bad people
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around him doing his bidding before he became president. there's not a sij person that's come forward that's said here's what this president has done since he campaigned or since he's been president. lou: and speaking of quote unquote bad people. nikki haley today talking about, mr. president i need you to do something unexpected and surprising and unpredictable, please, because we're trying to negotiate a deal. i mean you would think she was making u.s. foreign policy. what is wrong with this person. >> she goes out and basically says i had to tell these people we have a crazy president and if you don't do what he says do, he's going to go crazy. that was the message today. my god. the presidents i worked for, she would have been fired in a heartbeat. lou: she jumped the gun and resigned. and to that point. >> nobody ever leaves. lou: i mean, you're right. who are these people who will not leave. paul ryan, nikki haley. you would have thought she was
4:23 am
an international relations scholar from harvard or yale, not the former governor of the great state of south carolina. it's absurd. >> i agree. lou: let's turn to the wall funding where are we going with this thing. yoyou've got kevin mccarthy thought about funding the wall. pretty late. i guess nobody is paying attention to what the president is said to nancy pelosi and summer. >> we're not going to get anytime the senate but i think the president forced the republicans in the house to move forward in the legislation and at the end of the day here, if he has to shut the government down for a couple of days, go do it. i think it's so important to his constituents and so important as the hon done rare run they are s money and we won't cross the
4:24 am
border. lou: you have the entitled, misguided, unfortunate central american migrants knocking on the door in tijuana after having been promised by left wing nonpoft that they would be able to march into the united states and get what hay wanted. >they want.>> and if they can'ty want 50,000 dollars. lou: how have the presidents ignored latin america and south america and all of the problems, economic and societal that they have. and now we're looking at the chinese that own both ends of the panama canal. they're now, well, inserting themselves into south america as well as central america. the russians have two bombers in venezuela and everybody is talking about saudi arabia, for crying out loud. >> why aren't we having these problems on the canadian border. we have a great relationship there and good enforcement.
4:25 am
we have not had good enforcement on the southern border. lou: ed rollins, as always, great to have you with us. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is do you find it incredible the senate and the national left-wing media are giving saw da saudi arabia theil attention in lateen america. you can't, as say they -- you could make it up, i suppose but it would be far-fetched if it weren't reality. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. we want to hear your vote and see your vote. we'll tally it up tomorrow night. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram on lou dobbs night. up next, the left wing media continue to operate outside reality using yesterday's white house meeting with chuck and
4:26 am
nancy to bash president trump, you know, mr. transparency. >> the expression taking candy from a baby. >> yeah. >> comes to mind. >.this is the first time in dond trump's political life that he's actually had people talking back to him that know what they're doing. >> all americans were hugh mill rated by the buffoonery of it all. it was shocking to watch. >> the republicans have no reason to feel good other than they're putting ait lot of faith in the bluster of the president. >> with everything that's going on, including the shift in power on capitol hill, he's a lame duck. the strump presidency is effectively over. lou: we're going to have rolling that video for the next six years and having a lot of fun with it. we'll be right back. former federal prosecutor sydney powell joins us after these quick messages. stay with
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today to three years in prison. u.s. district court judge william paully called the case a smorgasbord of criminal contract. he said as a lawyer mr. cohen should have known better than to cheat the tax authorities and to lie to, among other people, the fbi. joining us now, former federal prosecutor sydney powell, former president of the american academy of appellate lawyers and the bar association at the fifth federal circuit. great to have you with us. also of author of "license to lie." you've had a boost and assist here from the department of justice with its latest rounds of toxic corruption. good to have you here. first this using the sentencing memoranda as a predicate, a basis for the false charges
4:32 am
against the president, even though it's innuendo, it's insinuation on their part but they do it so dramatically and hyperbolically that it can't help but stick in the minds of the sometimes rushed intellects of the left-wing cable networks. >> intellects is far too joan js generous a word. but the sentencing memo was drafted in complicity with the special counsel's office. because michael cohen is not even guilty of the election law alleged violations they krft there. thoscraftthere. those are made up charges. they're not valid election law violations. i don't think anything like that has ever been charged against anyone for the private settlement for nuisance value of private matters. lou: we're getting use to the nuisance of a special counsel
4:33 am
witch hunt, now in league with the southern district of new york and perhaps the manhattan d a's office, now the attorney general elect latisha james weighing in. she's going to start a case. is there some sort of law against left-wing -- a network of left-wing prosecutors and partisans attacking a sitting president as if they were some sort of mob? they look like organized -- if it's not organized crime, it's organized persecution. >> well at some point it should certainly be considered an abuse of their power. we're looking at an unprecedented abuse of authority and coordinated effort to attack this president and relentlessly -- lou: can he sue?
4:34 am
can his attorneys do something? they seem to sit around very quietly sitting on their hands. and occasionally getting inspired to ask for a review by the supreme court, you know, if enough people raise the issue. i mean, i can't get what they're doing right now. >> i'm not sure either, other than i think they feel absolutely ham strung by the relentless assault, particularly from the department of justice and the fbi and -- lou: but it belongs to the president. why can't he grab them by the throat and say, listen up, fellows. you're working for me. come on. >> i know. but i think it's the threat of obstruction of justice charges. that's why he hasn't. fired mr. rosenstein. lou: let me see if i understand this then. >> it's appalling. lou: let me see if i understand this. you're positivin saying he's aff
4:35 am
being accused of on sphruks of f justice by the justice department and the special counsel against him who, accusing him of collusion with the russians and if he interferes with what is obviously a fraudulent and horrific case of political persecution, not prosecution by the justice department, by the state governments, you name it, then he would be accused of obstruction of justice. that doesn't sound very just, sydney. >> there's nothing just about it, lou. and i think it's worse than that. i think he's been threatened with obstruction of justice charges if he discloseses the documents they classified to protect their criminal conduct. which is why i've been screaming for months that he discloses that information because disclosindisclosing the truth st
4:36 am
be obstruction of justice. they are the one what is have obstructed justice. it's an outrage. it's criminal on their part. it's criminal from the get-go as mr. comey just testified to in his congressional testimony. lou: appreciate it. we got to i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas
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march into the united states consulate in tijuana, mexico today and they took with them an
4:40 am
ultimatum. they want not only a free pass to enter the united states of america, they want 50,000 dollars each if they decide to turn back and go home. it's called an ultimatum np, as it appears tonight, the u.s. and america can governments don't know exactly what happened to about 3500 of the original caravan members. you can't say much more than oops at this point. joining us tonight is tom holman, former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement. tom also a fix business contribute and great american. great to see you. >> how are you doing? lou: i'm doing all right. trying to get any sense of humor. just when i think it can't get wrs you've got central american migrants who have been encouraged to come to our border and think they can cross with impunity, and by the way some of them are finding out that they
4:41 am
can do that. i don't know what the percentage is. now a group of them have been told they can expect 50,000 dollars from the united states government. i can see some of the geniuses in congress and the senate going really, that's a good idea. just give it to them in cash, we wouldn't have to string this out in the form of education, public assistance programs. i mean this is just about as crazy as it gets, don't you think? >> look, it's ridiculous. i had to read the story three times to see if i misunderstood something. lou: can i make one caveat to protect both of us. we should acknowledge very quickly that as we sort of chuckle at this, it might happen. who knows. as crazy as this government is. >> it is crazy. we saw a lot of craziness yesterday. good luck with that. we're not going to pay these folks to not violate or laws. this is ridiculous.
4:42 am
if they want the money, they need to go to organizers of the caravan, the one that sold them a false story, told them how to beat the system. you can't tell me 6 or 7,000 people decided independently to join together and form a caravan. you're not getting a dime out of this country. lou: i hope you're right. that would be capper on it all, as we've also, these 3500 apparently we can't account for. we probably know what did happen. they probably successfully got across that border in all likelihood. why don't we have a relationship with the mexican government that says secure your southern border, take responsibility for your northern border with us, we'll each share a mutual responsibility to secure the border against terrorists, drowg dealersdrugdealers, the cartels.
4:43 am
the cartels have for some time run a considerable portion of the mexican federal government. >> absolutely. and people don't want the talk about it. first of all, you and i talked about a month ago, we thought mexico would do the right thing but they didn't try very hard at it and now they're complaining that they've got all of these caravans here. they should have done what they needed to do on the southern border, same as we do. it's just not mexico. look at what happened with trump when the president said you're not going to claim asylum if you enter illegally. the ninth circuit says you can't do that. the president had the caravan go to a port of entry and what the aclu did is sue to enter illegally, putting them back in the hands of cartels and we bank roll the organizations that smuggle these people. these criminal organizations smuggle people have to pay the cartels a tax to work through their areas. it's all about criminal organizations.
4:44 am
congratulation to the ninth circuit and aclu for putting people these people in harm's way. lou: and thanks to this president who attorneys are now appealing directly to the supreme court to get that ruling straightened out. always great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> have a good night. lou: you too. be sure to vote no the poll tonight. do you find it incredible the senate and the national left-wing media are giving saudi arabia their full attention while they ignore chinese and russian intervention in latin america. kat your vote on twitter @loudobbs. teresa may survives a kfd vote. we'll tell you what that means for brexit, the european socialism. and they now want china to practice balanced international
4:45 am
trade. another one
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teresa may surviving a vote of no competence winning 200 to 117, one vote better than the previous time. parliament can't challenge her
4:49 am
leadership for another year. as a result that means it's up to may to negotiate the brexit deal with the european union by january 21st. good luck. and sick tear of state pompeo confirming communist china was behind the huge hack of marriott hotels, saying that china is quote conducting espionage operations here in the united states. the marriott hack stole the information up to half a billion people. i believe the third largest cyberattack in history. joining us now, fox business national security and foreign policy analyst. good to have you here. fred flice. wally, let's start with you. this is the secretary of state saying that china is conducting espionage against the united
4:50 am
states. they've been doing it for 30 years. we know that. what kind of statement is that from the secretary of state. >> the chinese are literally crossing the red lines at this point in time. half a billion person's information has been taken by the chinese. the other matter is that china is expanding worldwide and it feels that it is now being met by two things. number one, it has to choose from capitalism and come nism but on the other hand it has the united states in another direction under president trump. lou: rationality began this week in all credit to the president talking with white house officials, specifically robert lighthizer as the treasury secretary mnuchin, china announcing they're going to
4:51 am
reduce tariffs on u.s. automobiles. the country went nuts when the president put 10% tariffs on chinese products and then started cheering when the chinese proposed to drop their tariffs from 40% on u.s. vehicles down to 15%. that's madness. >> well it could be a significant step forward. i think it's a result of president trump's tough diplomacy with the chinese, because of its predatory trade practices. but we have to keep the pressure up. the chinese are going to throw us a bone and try not to change their ways and the president understands that. lou: and the chinese, the russians, now they're sitting in venezuela with two bombers, the russians are. the chinese control both ends of the panama khamal and want to c. they want to own it. they well do so. they have loans coming due in ecuador for infrastructure. they're trying to do it in the
4:52 am
western hemisphere, particularly central america and southern america. why are we just now reacting? i mean we've got more people paying attention to saudi arabia than they are to venezuela, to panama, to this hemisphere where the chinese and the russians are making significant inroads. >> we've had president after president that did not take the chinese threat seriously. there was a hearing on capitol hill today where china was identified as the most serious long term threat to the united states. president trump knows that. but we've had president after president who did not want to deal with this threat. let china take advantage of us over and over again concerning trade. we've talked about this before, lou. this challenge to fix the chick situation is e formas. enormous. we're going to have to endure some main pain to fix it. lou: i do know one thing you said disturbings me mightily.
4:53 am
it's going to take a long time. this country has demonstrated and demonstrated again that we don't have patience, that we don't -- we're not good at long wars. ask anyone who served in afghanistan, who has fought the wars in iraq, who is engaged now in trying to contend with the chinese and the russians. long wars, we should fix them fast. >> one point, lou, is that china has two advantages. it doesn't have elections, doesn't worry about the opposition basically. and it is accord nailg coordinah russia and iran. our media should see much clear. lou: and these claims by the "washington post" that the president still has a rupture with the intelligence agencies. fake news. tell us what the deal is. >> this is a great story. greg miller of "the washington post" called me and wanted the talk about this problem between the president and the intelligence community.
4:54 am
i said this problem has been fixed. john bolton and mike pompeo, they've solved the problem caused by the political intelligence analysts who have been attacking the president, leaking intelligence. you know what john brennan was doing smearing the president over and over again. miller ignored what i did -- lou: clapper and comey. the list goes on. >> miller wrote a piece today that is 100% fake news. lou: 100%. you've never had that happen, have you? >> i've never seen anything like that before. lou: he said. great to see you. appreciate it. straighten out those fake news artists. up next, chuck and nancy, well they putter thei put theirn open borders on full stance. the president is a champion of transparency. something that chuck and nancy something that chuck and nancy recoil from.?
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lou: in our nightly question we asked you, if radical dimms are more ited in insulting trump than fixing our broken borders,
4:59 am
94% said yes. federal prosecutor andy mccarthy telling us why the mueller witch hunt should already been over. >> the justice department owes it to the country to identify a crime the special counsel is assigned to investigate. once it became clear they didn't have a cyber conspiracy between the trump campaign and the kremlin. lou: andrew mccabe said the quickest way to resolve an interview is not to involve the white house counsel. the latest left-wing lawyer to target trump, she says she'll use every area of the law possible to investigate the president and his business
5:00 am
transactions. does it look like political persecution to you? please be with us. thanks for joining us. good night from the important thing is we are making we're making some progress. >> progress in the u.s. china trade relations. translating into gains for u.s. investors. taking a look at what happen yesterday after rising 157 points right now look at this. we have a pretty tame market which the first time we've seen that this week. it's up by seven. nasdaq up 17 and three quarters. stocks are opening slightly higher. and no trading slightly


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