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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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transactions. does it look like political persecution to you? please be with us. thanks for joining us. good night from the important thing is we are making we're making some progress. >> progress in the u.s. china trade relations. translating into gains for u.s. investors. taking a look at what happen yesterday after rising 157 points right now look at this. we have a pretty tame market which the first time we've seen that this week. it's up by seven. nasdaq up 17 and three quarters. stocks are opening slightly higher. and no trading slightly lower. a lot of news coming out of britain. thersea may will meet with eu
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leaders today after she survived the critical no-confidence vote yesterday. in california lawmakers are considering another tax on something you do every single day we start right now. it is thursday, december 13. thank you for joining us. something we do every day we watch your markets and your money. and investors are showing a little bit of optimism now over u.s. china trade talks. china has made its first u.s. purchase of soybeans since they reached the trade deal earlier this month. let's get details now from edward lawrence.
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good morning lauren and cheryl. a significant tone and change from the chinese since president donald trump. china started taking internal actions with the market reaction. the white house is cautiously optimistic. were obviously eyes wide open here. in the meantime the signals are good. they agreed and let's watch the process play out. the important thing is. they would look at changing their made in china 2025 plan. in the tech manufacturing.
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the market is adjusting to it. always adjusting. and despite the trade-off. there is some tensions. it's been investigated. british prime minister thersea may. the brexit deal. after a critical no-confidence vote. maybe what happens.
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yes uk prime minister. surviving a vote of confidence in her leadership. the final count 200 to 117. not exactly a ringing endorsement. and it shows. but after the vote of the prime minister called on all politicians. in building a better future for this country. it delivers on the votes people gay. it protects a jobs. security and the union. it brings the country back together. that's here and westminster. politicians on all sides
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coming together. today mrs. mate will travel to brussels where a two-day summit begins and yes they will try to meet with the european leaders. but by all accounts it's going to be an uphill battle. they face their own no-confidence vote today. it follows weeks of protests over the economic policy specifically a plan to raise the fuel tax. the government also suspending the controversial fuel tax for six months. he is not expected to lose the boat but he is not popular at the moment.
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those protests have been incredible. >> the clock is ticking at home for a potential government shutdown. house republicans are crafting a short-term spending bill that would keep the government open and give 5 billion and border wall funding. the president is serious know about shutting down the government. i played poker with him right now and i didn't have the cards. they were going to be having heart attacks they could vote as soon as today on what the plans are. they are making some big investments here at home. that will be built near the already existing facility. apple said 5,000 more jobs will be added. they are also announcing a
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plan to cut and opening new offices in seattle, in san diego. adding more than a thousand employees at each of those new allocations. taking a look at shares of apple. the date yesterday on the trade optimism. they are in dell computer company by opening up in austin. it may not be a done deal. we are joint with more on that and the other headlines making news this morning. the district judge is reportedly likely to black cbs block cbs from combining with aetna. sources telling the new york post that judge leon is expected to issue a note injunction order to break up the 69 billion-dollar deal which would then start a process that might delay the merger for months. the department of justice cleared the deal back on november 28. what is california now
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planning to tax. they are planning to charge them a fee for sending text messages. proposing a monthly fee based on a cell phone bill that includes any fees for text messaging services. in phone service for low income residents. a lot of the phone carriers protesting this. they want to do good things with the money. seems like there's a little bit of an overreach. what are some of the most googled words of the year. and the top how-to questions how to vote how to register to vote.
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and how to play mega millions. very important questions there. >> i did not google any of those. thank you very much. we do have a quick programming note. here are futures this morning. and again and get a say somewhat of a tame but higher start to our markets and thus far. nasdaq up to 26 and a half. the volatility might just stay away today. there is more still head. we're going run to run out of
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screen shots. you are watching fbn:am.
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>> welcome back on what's happening now. taking a look at futures. we will see what the day brings today. the dow up there need too. nasdaq up to 25. a frantic manhunt is underway for 29-year-old who opened fire in a christmas market in strasburg france. he was on the list of suspected radicals and had extensive criminal records. police searched his apartment yesterday. they detained at least five people with alleged ties to him. nancy pelosi has agreed to serve no more than four years.
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the agreement will be voted on in february. she is expected to be named speaker when the new congress convenes next month. in the former san antonio mayor. they have announced he is forming an exploratory committee to look at a potential presidential run in 2020. some people might say that it's early but i believe you have to be decisive. i know where i'm leaning for sure. they may have to take on fellow democrat who is not leaving in the polls. taylor swift knows if you're in trouble when you are walking in. she is employed racial recognition -- facial recognition software.
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facial recognition software. she joins us now. rebecca, good morning. great to be here. stocks were higher yesterday i don't want to jinx it but futures are tame this morning with the get your read. neither she nor the brexit plan we are not in the clear. whether we get a deal between brussels in europe and the united kingdom or not. i was just there this past week in the uk. it talks about a lot of kate people. they do not like a lot of non- uk benefits. very similar to our border toxicity.
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the markets like stability. even though they haven't been able to deliver the deal. she clearly knows it's very clear now chic you run for reelection as well. they have to be negotiated with. and the worst is going with no deal in getting out anyway. let's move on to china where we are seeing signs that there is progress being made. i want you to listen to something that the former told us yesterday. the trade environment as part of the source of our volatility. were playing a little bit of a game of chicken as well.
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they are leveraging positions. i think that's part of our uncertainty about the future. he's calling it a game of chicken. i think they blinked more but do you think all of the concessions that they had promised to make a real or just window dressings. the chinese government is going to outlast trump no matter how many years he serves. the chinese government said they can play and eventual waiting game. they understand that now. i believe they weren't really taking him seriously when he first came into office. they did take them seriously now. we are seeing some concessions. this is a game of chicken that they are losing to this point.
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in the market is liking that. and we are liking a lot. and so are the trade sensitive stocks. they are playing ball with us right now. thank you for your insight. in markets certainly markets certainly reacted to all that right now. we're seeing that continuation. it kicked into high gear as present trump is that he that he is not backing down. trump well soon realize that his position will result in that. as for heart attacks at a stroke. >> if you've ever dreamed of taking its trip to space. he could be one step closer to making those dreams a reality. you're watching fbn and.
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cheryl: insurance claims from the deadly fires have topped $9 billion and it's growing. the campfire and paradise accounts for the bulk of these claims making it one of the most destructive in state history. and probably the most expensive. more than 20 thousand structures. it's gonna cost at least $3 billion just to clear the debris. a major winter storm moving across the country this is a storm indefinitely. will it bring a ton of snow.
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it will be mainly a rain event. some of the energy coming in from the rockies. and then we have a lot of moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. as will well as strong and severe thunderstorms. it will cause travel delays if you're traveling certainly friday into saturday. north of florida up towards the southeast. and the winds well cost upwards of 60 miles per hour and some areas. that's can be a big concern. the rest of the country pretty good. in the southeast especially friday into saturday. ladies, back to you. gina, thank you. >> let's check the market this morning. we have them up just 29 points.
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this could be a date where the trading range is much more narrow the trade news. maybe we've turned the page. we all know what he thinks is his biggest accomplishment since taking office. what happened to the economy of the united states. what do the american people think about the trump economy. and could you give up your smart phone for an entire year one beverage company is betting big bucks that you cannot.
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president trump well soon realize that his position will result in a trump shutdown. he is as serious as a poor heart for heart attacks and stroke. >> it is serious. the clock is ticking. as republicans raced to get the votes needed for the border wall. how would investors react to government shutdown. after surviving hundred 57 points. they are still up this morning. and taking a look at europe. a lot obviously coming out today. thersea may is meeting today with eu leaders to survive that no-confidence vote. they have a no-confidence vote today. it's all higher.
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in the index. it's up one and one quarter percent. how much money would it take for you to give up your smart phone for an entire year. the path might be beak but can you do it. good morning everyone. it has been a volatile week investors are looking for some sort of a santa claus santa claus rally they may not get it. let's bring in some gas. albert, that really is the truth. folks are looking for some kind of miracle it doesn't look like we can get it i would agree. i think the best we are going to get is a see you next year
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note. and not a lump of coal. let's talk about the concerns with investors right now. of the three things what are you putting the most rate on. >> my greatest worry is on trade right now. i think the market concerns regarding a potential recession are really overblown. we think it's in very solid condition i think they had mapped it out. for the upcoming year. it is trade that i think that worries me the most. >> did you feel a little bit better about it it seems that they are making their buying other crops from the u.s.
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and maybe kind of come up with a different plan and open up china to foreign investment. do you believe the chinese really. i think this is a long game. and were in the early stages of this. they are going to do what they think is in their best interest. but i think we should not be fooled that they have aspirations for world hegemony. it is seen and the big in the big player as that regard. i'm heartened by what i'm hearing right now but i think it's too easy and too soon to make it and call. a couple of things we are watching right now. we are seeing some pressure in the small caps. back on friday august 31. that's one thing that seems to be a negative concern. they are going to be meeting next week and all bets are off
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with the fed and what they're gonna do. i would be very surprised if they do not hike next week. the market expects that. if they were not to hike the market would really be left scratching its head. i think it be really tumultuous. shutdown, good or bad? >> i think the market will shove -- shrug it off. thank you very much. good to see this morning. >> as we come to the end of the year voters still divided on president trump. i knew fox a new fox news poll shows 40% they disapprove. that figure is up a tick. but it has barely budged all year. to the the government shutdown change that. in the republican strategist magma mac mccoy back to discuss all of this.
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what do you think the president's approval rating has been a relatively stable relatively stable all year. despite all of the goings-on whether it's michael cohen or russia or the economy is the economy that we are still relatively doing well. as we start moving through the stuff. i think does or can it definitely expect -- extended to the ratings. speaking of the shutdown. the president said he would be proud to shutdown the government and if you remember the last government shutdown in january the republicans seem to own the messaging of it. what he think happens this time around. the recent history is the side that seems to be less
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reasonable. they have a really overturned the tables here and changed the game. he feels like building the wall is something that not only the country needs but that the majority of the country supports. they take over january 3. the speaker elect. has the boat to pass the clean continual resolution. you may have the government shutdown it's only about a quarter of the government. and then she's gonna try to reopen it. just don't know what the endgame is. somewhere between $5,000,001.6 billion on the wall. even everybody wants to avoid it. they are contemplating bringing legislation to provide that.
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what happens in the senate. i don't think it will pass the house. there's so much up in the air. nobody wants to shut down. and to enter the second part of your question once it gets to the senate. if they were to pass it out of the house i think it would go through on the senate side. the washington examiner is reporting that the rest of the border is up to 50% this year. does it give it more money to what is. to protect america. i think it does. and i it should. i trouble understanding why some democrats are not in favor of additional border security. they kind of act like there's no problem.
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a couple dozen people were arrested. over 100 were able to legally injure. we can't guarantee public safety. it doesn't mean we want to have a wall of the entire southern border. we will see. i think eats each of the last six years he wants to about that here. think you guys for your time this morning. what a day yesterday despite recent volatility worries about the opening price on it. we saw a strong market debut shares of the music -based company. this year's opened at 14.15% spared almost 9% above the initial public offering
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price. it is one of the largest by a chinese company take a look at where they treated yesterday. ten-cent music up sent music of about 7% yesterday. they might see some protest at airports today. what's going on. they will pick at it this morning. this protest is one of about 16 planned around the world. it does not expect the demonstrations to impact any flights united is up nearly 33% year-to-date concerns here over the safety if they do cut any flight attendants from international flights. it's not a surprise. united and continental is still that kinks been worked out.
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how much money would it take for you to give up your smart phone for a year. there is no way. >> i don't know that i could do it. but vitamin water and the new contest will give if you think you can do it. without your smart phone. why you think you should take a break from your smart phone. details are limited on how and they will make sure that you want using your phone. they do say there's gonna be a lie detector test. this is serious stuff. thank you very much. let's check futures this morning.
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>> the las vegas raiders are coming in 2020 and so is something else. >> just five months before the oakland raiders went to begin play in their new home in las vegas the 2020 nfl draft will be held in las vegas. the oakland raiders as of now do not have a home for next year. the quarterback said yesterday it's crazy the team does not know what it's good to play. it looks like it will be somewhere in the golden state mark davis is open various locations. also nearby is berkeley, and also in san diego and option they don't have the chargers anymore. the los angeles chargers have won nine of ten games as underdogs. in kansas city against the 11 into chiefs.
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so golden state will warrior star steph curry said he was joking when he made comment on the recent podcast. it seems like he didn't believe that astronauts landed on the moon. they re-signed starter jake cap. he just helped the red sox. 462 career home runs. they bought the games dirty secret public. now he wants to join the trump administration. are you in need of a bash brother.
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he has a secret reorg plan already. now where you're looking more like a twinkie every day. yes we can saco. josé canseco. character and sports. pink you jared. you can catch the report. jenna 115. taking a look at futures right now. it could affect the president.
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speak let's get you caught up on what is happening now. they are hanging onto a 30-point gain. the boy scouts of america is considering a bankruptcy filing. they have a number of cases that date back to the 1960s. it would sap litigation and
5:49 am
stop litigation and allow the organization to negotiate with those. they had broken with president trump set to vote on a resolution that would end the u.s. support. trump has repeatedly said he would stand by as saudi arabia calling the country and important ally. the national security advisor is set to unveil the african strategy today. they are trying to counter russia as well as china's growing presence there. they will be considered an anchor country. they are sending the rocketship to the edge of space today. it will mark a milestone. and his ambitions to offer the can commercial space flights to the public.
5:50 am
no successful launch would make them the first to send humans to space without support from a government based agency and -based agency and that is a big deal cheryl. >> maybe they should take seth curry with them. michael: get a three year sentence for multiple crimes committed. making him the first member to serve time. the time. they are downplaying the political legal implications on the president. democrats are saying hold on. for the president to have his personal attorney in his campaign manager all charged with crimes. and now his personal attorney sentence. they have steadfastly insisted that there is nothing to worry about.
5:51 am
someone has gone after. he seemingly seems to be implicating the president and federal crimes. nonetheless crimes. there is another story that comes on the heel of this. i want to get to that. but yes or no. in your opinion as an attorney is the president has he been implicated. do they see something on the horizon for president trump. let's start here. a very different part than
5:52 am
collusion. we are talking about campaign violation here. there are arguments to this for donald trump. number one it could be argued that this is for personal reasons to protect the relationship with the wife. he's also getting advice from an attorney. he is the one that should have known that this is a violation and has to be willful on the part of the president. icy defenses. this is not collusion. thank you for answering that. >> this is issue number two and topic in topic number two for you this morning. he admitted that this principle purpose in working with the national enquirer and paying them off was to suppress the stories about the affairs. but is that something else at the president that the president should be worried about. again, this goes to the campaign finance law. and let's be clear. they had been convicted of the federal law. it is the federal law. it's not just civil. it does recall -- require the
5:53 am
evidence. in the agreement it met with him in another campaign official. if that is true then it means that there could have been some conspiracy to get around the campaign violation of law. >> i want to ask about michael flynn. these are bombshell allegations but basically the fbi brought him in in 2017 and discouraged him from bringing and an attorney with him. did the fbi break a law here. >> that is the job of the police and in i say this all the time rule number one for any investigation get a lawyer and have a lawyer with you.
5:54 am
timing is questionable here. he has already pled guilty. the government is not looking for jail time. why in the world is us coming up now. it should've been done prior to that. there is a lot to unpack here. thank you for going through everything with us. the british prime minister teresa mate she survives another year does that help her chances of sealing the deal on the brexit. . .
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lauren: another twist and no, your honor brexit story. the president of european commission, there's no room whatsoever to negotiate brexit deal. let's bring no scott shellady, joins us now, scott, what can theresa may hope to accomplish at meeting in brussels today if they are not going to renegotiate? >> well, that's coming from someone who won't say anything different. i think she's going for clarity and making look like there's an effort, but let's be clear, this is a job that nobody wanted and nobody wants, right? they have their own version of the swamp here in britain. probably sounds nicer. [laughter]
5:58 am
lauren: don't want her job either, they want to do political grand standing which we are all familiar in washington. it stinks all around. she has nowhere to go. she's on political hiding than nothing. she's trying to go up there to apiece people. cheryl: she seems to survive anything. what are chances with no deal brexit, what are the chances for that? >> you know, it could happen, you have to listen what they say of bank of england projections and what is government will do as far as growth if that's the case. the scare mongering is amazing out there. i don't think that will happen because of all the scare mongering and ultimately you will see guys in the swamp to vote something to get through so we can vote getting out of europe and get britain on its own. lauren: scott shellady and the swamp, thank you very much.
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we have to get ashley webster to pronounce that for us. cheryl: you know who is proper, maria bartiromo, she looks fabulous, i already see her in the monitor. maria: so do you, cheryl. thank you for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, thursday december 13th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. apple has a new place to call home, technology giant expanding, investing a billion dollars in new campus, we will tell you where. futures this morning look like this, volatile week and right now we are looking at markets not too far from where they closed down industrials up a fraction, nasdaq up a quarter percent, 17 points higher after gains across the board yesterday. all said and done dow industrials finish up on the session, two-thirds of 1%, nasdaq is up 66 points at the close yesterday. that's almost 1% higher.
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in europe this morning it is set to be the end of an era for the european central bank, mario droghi expected to announce bond buying program. take a look, others fractionally lower as well. in asia overnight, markets were higher at the close, best performer there was hong kong, up 1 and a quarter percent. shanghai composite up one and a quarter percent. sign of easing trade tensions with china. making major soybean purchase after china is reported to increase access to foreign companies. new fox news polls, we will tell you how americans feel about the state of the economy right now. coming up at the end of the year, plus put me in coach, joée canseco volunteer to go take the job of white house chief of staff. details on what he's offering to president trump


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