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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 13, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and e-mail kennedy at you know we have enjoyed every single moment every morsal of hot freedom you allow us to serve, to you good night, and good love baby. lou: good evening everyone. top story tonight, whatever happened to the monroe doctrine? government today focusing on the challenge of russian and chinese influence in africa. they ignore the more approximate threat posed by the two authoritarian states as they encroach upon the american theater of influence, the western hemisphere. it's long been the clear region of us influence in clear dominance. politically, economically and when necessary militarily. tonight we examined the little reported and even less discussed geopolitical access that has formed over the past half decade and which is now directly in
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opposition to us interest in american historical sphere of unrivaled influence. that is, north and south america. and surrounding seas and oceans. russia and china have quietly merged and energized elements of their respected foreign policies that at first insinuates both countries into this hemisphere and second, establishes new relationships to directly challenge us policies and interests. russia in league with venezuela, china partnering with panama, a strengthening challenge to the world's only superpower and a challenge that can no longer be ignored without paying a heavy price. we take up the rising possibility of competition between the united states and china and russia in this hemisphere. gordon chang joins us tonight. also, tonight president trump
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continues his fight for american business and consumers demanding an end to china's unfair trade practices and theft of us technology and intellectual property. president trump: we cannot continue to lose $500 billion a year to china. i had a fantastic meeting with president xi and this was a four hour meeting where everything was agreed on and now if we could get it on paper that's another story but i think we will. we have great strength. no one has done what i've done and i said look, we will tax all of your product. by the way, if you saw the study that just came out america is paying for 4% in china is paying for 21%. lou: i discussed the top in ministration to end china's mercantile as trade policies and commerce secretary wilbur ross joined us here tonight. the mueller witchhunt expanding. that is right. expanding. mueller's struck out on collusion and now he is intent upon gratuitous harassment of the trump presidency as he wants to investigate middle eastern
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efforts to influence american politics. president trump fighting back against what is clearly the most politically and morally corrupt persecution of any president in history. president trump: no one, except for me, would be looked at like this. nobody. what about congress where they have a slush fund and millions and millions of dollars paid out each year. millions. they don't talk about campaign finance. have you heard campaign finance laws? have they listed that on their campaign-finance sheets? no. lou: we take up mueller's expanding never ending witchhu witchhunt. washington times opinion editor charlie hurt and are and see committeewoman and attorney, are among our guests. top story, china and russia moving rapidly with the weight and quickly brought in their influence in this hemisphere. national security leader seem publicly to lament their encroachment and expansionary policies elsewhere in the world.
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whether middle east or africa while china and russia challenge us influence here in this hemisphere. venezuela russian nuclear capability bombers capable of carrying nuclear missiles carried out a ten hour training exercise with the venezuelan air force over the caribbean sea. the exercise comes as the chinese investment in central america winning contracts for example, in panama and ecuador among other nations building ports and convention centers, bridges over the panama canal. china taking effective control of the canal establishing death traps across the region for economically struggling small central and in south america nations. why are our intelligent agenci agencies, state farm, defense department and president's national security council seemingly ignoring all of these developments, at least publicly?
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nothing new about china's rushing agenda belligerents and the department of justice just issued a report finding more than 90% of federal economic espionage cases are linked to one nation and that is china. over two thirds of the doj theft of trade secrets in this report linked to, again, china. how is the pentagon defending against the chinese and russian flexing of muscle in this hemisphere? not bite military deployment but just to put this in effective we have about 200,000 troops employed around the globe and fewer than 2,000 of them in central and south america. joining me gordon chang, columnist, attorney, author of the book, the coming collapse of china, gordon has been almost
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two decades working in shanghai and hong kong. great to have you with us. let's start with the africa prosperity, prosper - this initiative enunciated by john bolton the president security advisor seems it could not have been more poorly timed or more poorly - then africa, for crying out loud. >> poorly executed as well because it's on resource. bolton has said two african nations you got to choose between china and russia on one side or united states on the other. with china dumping so much money in there that's an easy question for those countries who will lose that one. if we go to challenge the chinese and russians let's do it in a way that we can prevail. we've got other priorities right now and that is certainly much closer to home because you have russians cooperating with the venezuelans and chinese putting venezuela into a death trap and clearly you have both moscow and
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beijing challenging us miles from our borders. lou: and without apparent a response. this is a curious, if you will, bifurcation of interest, us interests. we are focusing suddenly on africa. chinese for the past, at least decade and a half, been investing, buying and controlling commodities and whether it be rare earth or metals and whatever it may be. they have such an advanced in the region of the african continent that unimaginable that there would not be a strategy and as you say, resources articulated by the administration if they come up with some sort of african initiative. >> most important thing in terms of our security is what's happening on our southern border. you have all these people
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leaving their countries and the reason why because those countries are doing very poorly. this will be a continuing problem but the united states, and ministration in and out have neglected latin america. you can think back to granada in the reagan administration with that the top of our foreign policy priorities. lou: in panama which we invaded and to look back on it is unhelpful, i suppose, at this point. we watch president after president ignore what is an appropriate strategic response, it would seem at least to me, rather than investing trillions of dollars and now, by the way, clever us multinationals are understanding it's time to about of china because that promise will not be fulfilled. even the denizens of corporate america starting to awaken. they also lost the opportunity of investing in south america, central america and building up this region and creating marke
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markets. it is the most - it has been going on - by the way, i've been saying it for 20 years, this is just wrong headedness driven by a divided loyalty among us nationalists. >> when you go back millennia, country secure the borders first before they do other things. we are the opposite. [inaudible conversations] think about it, november 2013 john kerry, secretary of state, says were abandoning the monroe doctrine. the monroe doctrine is - this is the doctrine that the united states says were opposing colonialism in our region. why would we want free and independent countries in our regions to be colonies of foreign powers? i don't get it. lou: we are beyond now colonization that we are talking to world powers that are now in the summer here in saint it's
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pretty clear. there has not been so much as a riposte in the most subtle, nuanced or even big way on the part of the united states to their initiative to assert their influence and direct opposition to the united states in this hemisphere. what are we to do? >> first of all, we have to have leadership on the part of the white house to make sure that multinationals understand the importance of investing in our region. president trump has done something like that by trying to get supply chains out of china. if we get them out of china we can get them into our region and tie their economies more closely two hours and a number of the problems . lou: often that escapes the attention of the national left-wing media that the president policy balanced trade, reciprocal trade, bear trade, are already driving us multinationals who have invested in offshore and in china.
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though supply chains are moving quickly to vietnam and other southeastern nations. as to russian nuclear capable farmers, to in this instance in venezuela we know the iranians also have interest in venezuela and we also know that ecuador is a victim of a chinese debt trap that is now come due. and they take an effective control of the canal. they are dominating panama without any question whatsoever. the us response in terms of the military presence of russia what should it be? >> we go back to 1962 and the kennedy administration did during the missing cries of it in cuba you have a number of installations which are one soviet and may now be russian and there's hints that the chinese are coming back into cuba and listening to our phone conversation and traffic.
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lou: does not been a single public response to those embassy personnel who were hit by some sort of sonic weapon and many of whom had debilitating consequences who are still injured as a result. >> and because we do not do anything on the sonic attacks, chinese has now done in quando against us. lou: gordon chang, thank you so much. time for the american people to be alert to the threats whether invasion of a caravan or central american migrants or whether it be the presence of nuclear capable farmers and russian bombers in our hemisphere or china that fully needs to dominate, not just natural hegemonic, sphere of influence but the whole world. >> colonize is the world. lou: china's colonization of
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latin america. whatever you call it it's a contest that is becoming extraordinarily much more critical every day. thank you so much. up next, after two years of a never ending assault on his character and on his person, on his policies the president has decided to spend christmas with his family and the hell with the national left-wing media. we will take that up in more right after this quick break. ed rollins joined
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lou: good for the president, he canceled this year's white house christmas party for members of the media. the president and his administration have endured relentless attacks and will forever more from all the left-wing news organizations but left-wing media sold the white house says it will arrange tours for tours of the media who wish to see the white house. this is my favorite line of all. the white house holiday decor. oh my goodness. former president obama's ego trip which is never-ending to a
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stop in new york city last night and accepted the robert f kennedy human rights award. you know he would. then proceeded to talk about your not going to be surprised, himself. >> i miss ethel tonight. that's my girl. and i like to congratulate tonight other honorees. my former ambassador to germany, governor phil murphy. i love you too. i'm not sure if you heard but i've been on this hope kicked for a a while now. i gave a big speech on hope. i ran a couple of campaigns. hope is my kind of thing. the man made a poster of me with hope and i'd like to thank all you for officially validating my hope essentials. i have seen it. i have lived it. if it is okay with you i, for one, will be sticking with hope. lou: i have to tell you that's
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an impressive performance. even by any narcissistic standard. the most divisive president in modern american history went on to say many people no doubt the very notion of common ground in our political discourse. i'm sure you know a couple. but he's always - well, so hopeful. new box poll numbers show strong republican support the president trump. are you ready? 80% of the vote against voters approved of the job president trump is doing in washington. joining me now former reagan white house political director, foxbusiness political analyst, ed rollins and the dean of political strategists in this country, great to have you with us. we think of any of that i've attempted to ask you about obama but let's not - >> he was humble his successful was clinton but that did not quite work out so well.
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lou: he will stick with hope. he cannot have overworked that word a bit. let's turn to the very idea that we will ignore what the chinese and russians are doing in this hemisphere and subtly as investor bolton the national security advisor said today we will talk about africa prosper and in some initiative i can't fathom at all when you got - approximate threats to the national interest. >> bottom line is we will never compete with china and africa. we need to compete here in the service here and do it again to make this hemisphere stronger with our investment and military and what have you. president reagan did that and president kennedy did that the 100 and ministration and up with neither a defense secretary, state department state secretary, a national security
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advisor focused on what is happening at the border. the president is talking about it every day and talking and focusing on the southern border and the threats whether drugs or terrorist or chinese coming up for a visit from the panama canal or the russians and the iranians in venezuela back it goes on and on. >> neighbors are susceptible and the threat is high. from our perspective they don't focus on and out will focus on it big-time in a short period of time. let's rebuild the semester and focus on the border and basically get border control there and then we go help the country's laws and make them trading partners and what have you. lou: this president has done so many positive powerful things in his first two years in office. none, in my opinion, more powerful than calling upon the world community to balance free and fair with typical trade to
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balance trade relationships around the goal. european union is now, god bless him, stood up and demanded the chinese and this president is beginning to develop allies for his world view and for his perspective and his philosophy. this is a big moment in time. >> it is. we should never underestimate the china is still a commonest country. largest by far, in this country. susceptibility to that philosophy and south american countries. socialism which is another version so i think we have to be focused on front and center and good for us and good for them. basically we do have our military here affecting our borders be one and the morons in the - babel scheduled for wednesday when they return and they are just about out of time. there is a great debate that the
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republicans don't have the votes for the border wall and they will be voting on that wednesday evening. they certainly will not have the votes for the as the president pointed out to pelosi and schumer. it's one of the most pathetic possible conclusions to the republican control of the house and senate. >> as a republican, i would still make them all stand up and find the name and raise the right hand and say yes and those who don't let us know who they are. do it once and for all. lou: if you have in our next your name and on capitol hill you are highly suspect in the minds and hearts of most americans. good to have you here, ed be sure to vote on our pull type in question is do you believe the trump national security team should be paying far more attention to russian encroachment in this hemisphere and asserting that monroe document? castro at lou dobbs. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagr
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instagram. up next, a rarity we want to share with you. radical dem leader nancy pelosi speaking truth. >> i wish the president spend more time on what we need to do here to meet the needs of the american people instead of warning allegations against the president. lou: wow. there is hope yet. thank you, mr. obama. we take up the latest in the ♪
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lou: breaking news tonight. federal prosecutors in manhattan are now investigating president trumps inaugural committee could prosecutors, two years later, looking into whether the committees misspent more than the $700 million raise from nations and other donors gave money in exchange for influence
10:29 pm
in the incoming trump and ministration. white house spokesperson sarah sanders says investigation has nothing to do with the president or first lady but apparently was the best that another set of left-wing federal prosecutors had come up with to persecute the presidents. according to a new report special counsel robert mueller is preparing to reveal how the middle east interfered in the 2016 presidential election. mueller reportedly will show how some middle eastern countries, namely the united arab emirates, saudi arabia and israel all tried to interfere in 2016 and later attempt to exert influence over the trump administration. wow. we've come a long way from collusion, haven't we? by the way, i should point out mueller has yet to provide evidence or the prospect of a scintilla of evidence or a sca scant, scant suggestion of any evidence of trump, russia
10:30 pm
collusion whatsoever. but now you will get to hear about the middle east apparently. joining us tonight, managing partner and board member of the room of the national lawyers association, rnc committeewoman, for the great state of california. and charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, fox is his contributor, thank you for being here. may i start with you? you are the attorney. it looks like a band of left-wing radical dems who happen to be prosecutors in manhattan and southern district of new york and - the attorney general of the state of new york and of course robert mueller and the doj combined with deep state are doing everything they can to persecute this president. when in the world will somebody step up and stop it?
10:31 pm
>> well, maybe when we have a new attorney general in place. hopefully, very stupid he has the authority to stop the southern district of new york from its witchhunt but he does not have the authority to stop the new york attorney general from doing so. we may have to see something happen in the courts with refusal to comply things based on exhibit a privilege and so forth. lou, to your point, there seems to be no long objectivity and clearly we have prosecutors running wild looking for crimes to pin on the president because they don't like him. it's clear and disgusting. lou: charlie, what do you think? counter suit with abuse of power and go after all of them? this is crazy what we're watching and i don't want to hear nonsense from the left about we've got to let the thing work its way through to a conclusion. we had gone well past the conclusion. no damn evidence, get out of town, robert mueller short answer is they will never stop.
10:32 pm
they will never stop because donald trump presents a absolute accidental threat to everything this town works in the way the sound operates. obviously, there's no evidence whatsoever that the inaugural committee has been under donald trump was bought off or anybody paid access to be a part of it. it's like the scene in casablanca when the detectives winnings are provided and my goodness, people have been paying for access in the sound since the beginning of lobbying. lou: there is no doubt the corporate america would be escorted out of town in handcuffs and doing purple walks because that's all they do is spend money to buy influence. >> exactly. it's all they've ever done. suddenly, you get some crook and some terrible lawyer like michael cohen and e-mails or
10:33 pm
recorded conversations between him and someone else and want to make a federal case out of it which is fine. but the bottom line is and the fact remains you still have a guy like michael cohen - by the way, how is he still a boy or? the president makes a good point about this. lou: he needs all the standard of conduct. >> he will lose his license now that he's pled guilty to these crimes. >> will he? lou: they did not move too quickly on that. >> at the very least he provided terrible advice to his client because by his own admission in the way he handled this was an absolute violation of everything he was supposed to be doing for the president. lou: very quickly - harmeet dhillon very quickly, we've got all the folks in the fbi, corrupt, politically corrupt and we've got just a legion of
10:34 pm
evildoers that have been exposed primarily as a result of the house intelligence committee and some credit goes as well to the office of inspector general at the department of justice. there's not a single solitary - what happened to conferences for fusion gps for customer steel and the author of the fraudulent dossier in the collusion with the dnc and hillary campaign? harmeet dhillon where are the consequences for being insidious and awful and a lawbreaker? >> lou, the dirty secret is at the beginning of this and ministration advisers to the president gave him very, very bad legal advice about the lawyers to hire around him including the parting of justice and otherwise. doj was staffed with people who were adverse to the president and people like george conway, who is one the most viral and
10:35 pm
critics of the president on twitter with someone who they advised him to hire. that's what happened when you put the people in place unfortunately the president can't intervene in the investigation and fire them without risking obstruction of justice. that's what happened and maybe moving on with rod was assigned should have decency to resign himself but did not. lou: the pertinent question then is what? why hasn't the president declassified all those documents and why hasn't he fired the rules at the corrupt fools in the us justice department? with that, i say charlie, i'm sorry we are out of time. we will continue if it house that? >> some good. lou: charlie hurt and harmeet dhillon, thank you both at president trump without the paris climate record is not working out so well for the people in paris which is pretty bad if you got an accord and
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10:40 pm
sparked riots all across france. president trump when in today on macron's political crisis of his own making. president trump: the paris accord is not working out too well for paris because of the paris accord that whole country is burning down. lou: you can't put it any plainer than epic journey me national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality. good to have you with us. washington times columnist and fox contributor, quickly, what happened to the paris accord? by the way, that looks really bad for the environmental and those burning cars. >> that smoke is awful. tires pretty. we are both laughing because i love the president. i love that man. it's hysterical and he's correct. it is not looking too good for paris. he warned emmanuel macron and was marked for warning him and
10:41 pm
the rest of the europeans about the negative impact of the paris accord and was doing it so that we would not be drawn into that maelstrom and doing it because he knew what would happen to fuel prices for anyone who is engaged in it. it's not like . lou: and their economy. >> clearly, their economies too. and now they're having to deal with that. for the world we have an interest in europe growing up and realizing this is not the way to behave. at the same time the way they do that is to take down some seriously and follow his advice and move forward in a direction that this country is moving forward in to save the collection of those nations. lou: there you have it. what do you think of the paris accord? will you before them tonight? >> no, i don't think so, lou. i've been in opposition to what we call the most regressive tax and attacks de facto tax on the poorest, most vulnerable population in any society be it in france or be up here in the united states. the uber rich can deal with these de facto fuel taxes but
10:42 pm
small businesses that want to develop, entrepreneurs want to build a business and working class are rebelling against it. it's a populist revolt. thank god. viva la from. lou: thanks for saying that. [laughter] the french people are not reacting and middle-class as well as teachers and professionals and it is a society wide revolt except for the elites who still think they know best. the french president and the us president could not be a much more stark difference between two leaders. unless you go north to canada and justin trudeau, pretty stark difference there as well. this president, today talking about trade with china and the national left-wing media and business press, none are being as effusive and, in my opinion,
10:43 pm
applauded tori as they should toward the president. this is a president to is succeeding in moving china and the rest of the world, including the european union, to balance reciprocal fair trade and tammy, deserves great credit for that. >> yes, he does. this is where the mac people we talk about even forget about the phrase, fake news, but wanting to get real reports about the nature of what's happening in the world and in order to do that you will be praising donald trump because of the good news in the world is coming from his leadership and his influence. it's a choice to not cover that because it'll make the president look at. lou: as a choice to send every left-wing prosecutor in the state federal system right after this president and his and ministration we will find out what's going on and what can be done about it. we will hear more from niger and
10:44 pm
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lou: on wall street today stocks closed but the dow gaining 70 points. smb lost the point, nasdaq down 20. big boards to be down from
10:48 pm
3.8 billion shares and oil just up half a percent, gold, silver and copper relatively flat. they trade that way all the time, it seems. earlier today president trump talked about any future fed interest rate hike, and he was not pleased at the prospect. president trump: look at inflation is low. hopefully the fed will not raise interest rates anymore because if you compare us as an example president obama had zero interest rate and anyone can make money with zero interest rates. lou: reminder to listen to my reports today, "coast to coast" on the salem radio network. president trump addressing three talks and intellectual property, theft, stealing technology, find the chinese economy is weakening and why . president trump: china's economy if it is in trouble, it's only in trouble because of me. that's the only reason. i placed billions and billions and be taken an $11 billion of taxes that i text china.
10:49 pm
$11 billion. we not made money with china but lost. in the last four months we've taken in almost $11 billion of texas. no one has heard of that or know it. people don't report on that but report on nonsense. no one went to china and said listen, you are stealing our intellectual property and you're doing all sorts of things that are wrong and taking out of our country $500 billion a year, not chilean but million but taking away $500 billion and you can't do it. lou: we are back now with niger, tammy and charlie. also back with us and take you all for staying with us. as we take up the mueller witchhunt and tammy, i want to go back to this manhattan prosecution now investigation. for crying out loud, it's the inaugural committee. one thing after another and on and on it goes. >> it is clear and i said from the start that it spent obviously these are political prosecutions and per per se.
10:50 pm
when mueller took it on it was him a green to play a part in the politics of this. he did not take it on as some important political - >> does not have the decency to call it what is obvious the conclusion is no, i repeat, no collision. >> that was not the point. the point was to damage the president and that was simply the unlocked door. lou: should he be fired? why not fire him? >> attorney general is a new one can slow down and not approve of subpoenas and a lot of things that should . lou: let's just fire him to shoot straight out. is a sorry son of a gun but it's all politics - >> a lot of politics that can be done. short of doing more damage to the president it can be done in a certain way that the mac people will appreciate and also politics coming out of new york but must be confronted as such that they make people realize it's not fair to any of us. lou: american people got that
10:51 pm
message loud and clear, tammy. niger, your thoughts? can we please fire him? [laughter] >> i agree with timmy on this. a new attorney general - give a deadline to the sky. tell him that you got to do one or get off the pot. revealed the goods after the millions of dollars in after the petty indictments and it's time to show the goods on collusion. where is the beef? there is no beef. lou: let me turn to you, charlie. i know this is my last desperate effort here. >> you already know the answer. lou: i do. i'll go straight to - what the heck will be find out that the police want to influence presidential election now? so did every country on the planet. >> oh my goodness. i mean, we have a news organization in a country called russia today where the entire thing is russian propaganda.
10:52 pm
i don't like the idea and i don't like anything about them but the fact of the matter remains as long as you have a free society you have foreign countries trying to influence elections. no one got upset about it until now. lou: but mueller has a whole operation devoted to it now. now we find out exactly what the emirates really think of us. come on. if we - the vice president said it very well. most of wall street and corporate america and business roundtable and koch brothers and chamber of commerce are all unregistered foreign agents, lobbying against the president's policies on international trade, trying to not have tariffs. china, china, china. >> had, while were at it the federal government is doing everything they can to undermine what this president is trying to do. and i do think usually talked before but he should fire them along time ago that i appreciate
10:53 pm
tammy and niger point out which is it would be truly throwing diesel fuel onto a fire to do that especially at this point. it would be to political headaches. i do think in the meantime i have enjoyed watching the number of things that mueller brings back that have nothing to do with collusion or bust democrats and collusion they hands are completely dirty with. it's amazing to watch all that back in the new attorney general can put parameters along as well. lou: new attorney general - i'm telling you, it's always someone or something else. just fire them. niger, tammy, charlie, thank you so much for coming up next, we will hear from the man himself on trade. wilbur ross, secretary of department of commerce on what is going on with the chinese doctor on trade. we have the latest from the man
10:54 pm
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lou: joining me now, the president's point man and a lot more than trade policies. it's manhattan on christmas eve. china encouraging signs about
10:58 pm
balanced tried and prospects with china. the president moving the need until that direction. >> the important thing is the chinese have clarified the president's original version of that dinner down in argentina was correct. they are pulling back the auto tariff. which is a huge, huge change. lou: the president gets eviscerated for putting 15% tariff on trade but the chinese are applaud for dropping their auto tariffs from 40% to 25. lou: take over the world.
10:59 pm
they steal an estimated $6. >> 0 billion a year -- an estimated $600 billion a year interest in electric fuel technology, and we are asking them not to be horrible people. >> we are looking for not only a commitment to that kind of forbearance. but something that's verifiable and enforceable. just a piece of paper is not enough. >> huawei and all that is attended to that. are they done in this country? >> the subpoena for huawei was issued in august of this year. so it was not anything to do with the trade talks. >> it is about stealing our technology and building a company air and then running over us with it. >> sanctions to iran. >> do you think they might be
11:00 pm
helpful instead of violating? a rhetorical question. we just don't have the time tonight. that's it for us tonight. good night. david: showdown over funding for the border wall. but the house has adjourned and it isn't coming into session until wednesday. that's two days before a shutdown could happen. that would mean the earliest they could put the border funding bill on the floor would be 4 tight hours before the shutdown. migrants are crossing parts of the border largely unimpede. this is happening in arizona


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