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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 14, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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her own show, talk exclusively to conservative author jerome coarsey. if you saw last interview, you cannot miss it. have a great night, thank you for watching, kennedy begins right now. ♪ kennedy: david thank you. >> robert mueller is playing dirty, now a judge is calling him on it, could the tide be turning? last night's federal judge ordered mueller team to turnover documents related to their questioning of president trump's normer national security adviser michael flynn, after a report, they pressed flynn not to bring lawyers to interviews, claiming they were just having casual conversation, that was not the case, the feds reportedly used those interviews again him. flynn has pleaded guilty, one count of lying to investigators,
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today in a interview with harris faulkner, president claims this proof that flynn is getting railroaded. >> they took a man, a general, a reported person, a nice -- respected person, a nice man, i don't know what he said about me, maybe they scared him enough, i have a feeling he is a toucher kintougher guy than cohy took a general, that did not lie they convinced him he it lie, they are embarrassed they got caught. kennedy: today, this week james comey admitted he bent rulings when invest grea investigating r three-star general. >> something i would not have done and gotten away with in a more organized investigation or the administration, in bush
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administration for example or obama administration. there would be discussions and approvals, i authority it is early -- thought it is early enough, let's just send a couple gees over. kennedy: yeah, let's go ahead and violate the love, i love abusing that power. keepy sayin comey saying he wout have done this in obama or bush administrations, that just proves he is not the patriot he claims. what do you think of those comments that james comey made. >> it was disturbing to hear him make those comments and people laugh and aflawe applaud them, u don't' high law enforcement officials or low, saying i wouldn't do this to a rich
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person but i would to a poor person, and or i wouldn't do this to a white person but i would do it to a black person, this is, i you'll not do this to someone i liked but i would do this to my enemies, i hope that americans hear this, say that does not sound like justice in america. kennedy: when you hear things like, that those who have access to christopher wray in future pressed him on this i am stunned by james comey's lack of self awareness. and things he says, things he claims, he makes statements that betray the opposite in his nature. and he is essentially bragging about abusing power. >> yes, and this is another thing that is bad, i don't think that anyone is holding him or anyone other people who abuse power account able, you take a look at these you know larger investigation, it involved a lot
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of criminal leaking, a lot of letting your friends get away with anything, making sure your political opponents are persecuted to fullest extent of the law i -- when you see that people have trouble trusting law enforcement agents that not good. kennedy: people talk about hillary clinton and james comey, they say, well, she didn't win the election and he is no longer fbi direct or, as if the rule of law no longer applies to you, that is like saying harvey weinstein is not head of weinstein company any more, should we really be pressing the sexual assault cases. >> and we're still having after effects of what happened under his administration of the fbi, with the flynn case, you have all sorts of examples of them abusing their power, doing leaks to set someone up, ve comb.
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that mike flynn was in no trouble. and then a few hours later they interviewed him to try to put him in a perjury trap, he is dealing with that now even though hillary clinton is not president. >> i want you to talk about comparisons and contrast between clinton investigation, and trump investigation went the fbi. of course, -- within the fbi, they gave immunity deals to everyone in hillary clinton's inner circle. and you know that was one tool, where with trump investigation, they rely on surveillance, because, those powers are far too vast for any institution, including the fbi. so, do you see a mark difference there between immunity versus surveillance. >> in case of hillary clinton e-mail investigation, well you who began with a reasonable
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assumption there was a violation of the law. anwhat fbi did is given immunit, handing it out like candy, whether they had multiple people on false statements up to and including hillary clinton. and russia probe, there is nos every, and course of investigating this you wring up everyone for process crime, investigation itself produces a crime, oh, you lied to us when we asked you tricky questions, they go afternoon everyone no matter -- after er everyone. you have broad prosecutorial i didiscretion but i you want to apply it evenly. kennedy: any el, interesting in hillary case in a were giving get out of jail free cards and
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in trump case, they throw everyone in jail. you know, we have to have a different form of metering out justice. because it should be fair. and it should be equal. but in this case, it is not in jameses comey proves it over and over again. mollie hemingway thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: president also spoke with harris faulkner about his former fixer, personal attorney michael cohen who received that three year prison sentence yesterday in exchange for his kind of cooperation. but despite laundry list of crimes that michael cohen admit torkd presidenadmitted to, prese is in the clear because cohen acted on his. >> he is a lawyer, a lawyer who represents a client is to do right thing, that is why you pay them money and et cetera. he did bad things, and income tax evasion, i heard about taxi cab, i heard about a lot, i'm
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not reading about it what he did, he made a deal to embarrass me. kennedy: president attempt to distance himself from cohen's actions took a hit today of nbc news reported in 2015 trump in room with cohen and pecker while they discussed hush payments that were allegedly made to karen mcdu mcdougall. but the president does not remember it that wa. >> i don't think we made a payment to the tabloid, nobodyic except for me would be looked at like this,. nobody , what about congress, they have a slush fund, millions of dollars made out each year. >> for wrong doers, scam artists and perverts. is this really the beginning of the end, as in a have been saying since the beginning.
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joining me from daily caller, he serves editor in chief, also author of the art of the donald, -- it chris bedford welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: who do you believe. >> awkward for the president, first he said, he didn't know about the payments, then he said maybe he did, but there was nothing wrong, this is embarrassing, but was it illegal? and it certainly was not. at least very likely it was not, right now, he is dealing with an overzealous new york prosecutor who made it their mission to go after the president, and attack anyway. kennedy: you know, let's talk about subjective inte inter-- i.
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>> interpretation. if you turn on msnbc or cnn, they are screaming their hair is on fire. we are literally a day away from pence administration. >> it is pretty obscene to watch some other networks, no matter when you turn them on, some shrill coverage saying that end is near, and every now and then, they get a resignation they are like a broken clock claiming to be correct, they are right for that minute. it suv often wrong, and over wrought. this is them on steroid, everyone has known, because president before he was president would leak it himself to to bto betabloid, he has bees
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and carried on affairs, he lived this life, no one said holy smokings, i am not voting for trump because i find out he schremp witslept with a playboy. kennedy: why then the money. if there was known, what could the women say that would hurt him, why put your campaign and future presidency in possible jeopardy for that? >> my guess, to save his family embarrass am. embarrassment, his young son and wife, i can't know that for sure. but a huge overreach by democrat and some prosecutors, only time that contribution to paying a woman to not talk when an affair in past have gotten to court, they decided this is not in contribution that was john edwards using donation to his
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campaign, this is president trump using his own money. kennedy: i don't understand what the line is. if the line is well, if something embarrassing, it has to to with your campaign. but, i made that point last night, if you have plastic surgery to cover an embarrassing forehead or you know, bump on your nose. >> or gym maybe or hair dye. kennedy: right that should all be reported. >> there is an unending list, that is one reason it will not hold up. and thing he bright up in his interview, if this is a stafnard of anything that can cause you embarrassment, is possible violation, there are huge on capitol hill, who use taxpayer money to pay for things they admitted to, sexual assault, harassment discrimination. kennedy: you know, if the
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president did cross the line, if there something there, then, robert mueller obligated to release that report publicly, it should not be a private scif read. >> he should, but i don't know if that would bridge closure at all -- bring close our at all unless president trump's head is handed on a platted platter, democrats will not be satisfied, i feel fu funny for mueller he s jumped on the president trump clown car. he ended up with with rodger stone and his friends. kennedy: oh, mercy. they would be fun to go to a circus with. >> i bet they woul would -- wout they would go with you. kennedy: i may have to wrangle everyoning it chris bedford, give my love to katy bedford. >> i will. kennedy: thank you.
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>> coming up president trump said his new trade deal with mexico will save enough money to build a wall. but wasn't mexico supposed to by for it from the beginning? i will talk with congressman matt gaetz. he is next.
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kennedy: tick, tick, clock is ticking today a government shut down. woohoo. president trump released a video saying it could be avoided if democrat step up to the plate, and do what they know is right, watch. >> fact is they have always supported fences and walls and partition, but they only don't want to do it because of me. kennedy: so sad. no one wants to be person no one likes, today president hit back at allegation that having congress fund the wall would break his campaign promise in having mexico pay for it. i stated one way or the other mexico will pay for the wall, this has not has not changed, nl with mexico and canada is better than old nafta deal, just by the
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money we save, mexico is paying for the wall. we can't afford not to to with that that logic. thigh postponed a vote t vote ol to fund a wall, at a time whether everyonwheneveryone is y for the wall, perhaps could bigger question is, will there be a wall, with me now, florida congressman matt gaetz, you were at white house. >> i had a discussion about trade with peter navarro, an exciting opportunity for president to take trade lessons we learned in renegotiating nafta and apply them globally. i am grateful for chance to go to white house chat policy. kennedy: was anyone talking about the wall today? did you overhear any good
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conversations. >> i have not heard any on the wall but i had plenty with president, even before last election, he was serious about seeing congress prioritize border security, he is frustrated. he knows that nancy pelosi will never pr prioritize border security, we need our republican leadership to show one last gasp of political courage. kennedy: let's talk about vote that happening next week. do republicans have the votes to pass a wall fund? >> i'm confidence we would be able to pass funding for the wall in a clean vote on that question. but, one of the frustrating things about this place we can never vote on one thing at a time. this week, we voted on a farm bill rule that also restricted our war powers relative to yemen, like it shows, you would never be able to explain on main
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street, why restricting congress' powers to declare war in qulem e yemen would be linkem subsidies and crop insurance, that the silly way we do things, if we had a clean vote on the wall i think it would pass. -- prior congressings democratic ven voted for 25 billion in wall funds it shows, gives credence. kennedy: that is president big claim. democrat are hypocrites they have voted for you know boosting the wall, and drones. and partitions and more border security, he said they are only obstructing him, do you agree with that. >> i do, why would they not support border security now if in the past? this more about sitting stage for their policy goals going forward than actually getting
12:22 am
something done with time we have now for american people. it is rewarding to see a lot of technology this president's administration has deployed from virtual reality technology, working to help us catch people that are involved with cartels and human traffics. y on the border if we get money, we will get the. result. kennedy: we have talked about this before, you know you hurt cartels, you take away their marketing. >> how about, that we could do responsible adult cannabis reform here, and then there would not be a profit to move this plan across the bord icialg and haver andhave beam die peop. we'll get more young people elected to congress this is a generational issue. wild get stuf we'll get stuff d. there are a wit a lot of reasone need that wall beyond narcotrafficking. kennedy: wha what happens?
12:23 am
>> as president loves to say, we'll see, i think he is really serious about it he knows there is his last chance, to get something out of paul ryan before his speaker ship concludes. kennedy: you are not going to miss paul ryan are you? >> i don't know. i guess now, like people who dislike he in leadership will be members of other party not my own. >> that more fun. >> no fun fighting with your brothers and sisters. matt gaetz thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: we cover a lot of ground, i am proud of us, on thursday. >> we can move on a thursday. kennedy: right, thank you. >> all right coming up, senate voted to the withdraw u.s. support for brutal civil war in yemen. defying president trump, i'll explain why we should celebrate senators finding their backbone, my monologue is next, stay here. i'm snow. and just like you, the further into winter we go, the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you,
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate. kennedy: interesting coalition of liberty mined and dirty
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hippie senator voted to fly the bipartisan bird in saudi arabia face. 56-41 vote could stop u.s. military assistance in yemen civil war, which has become a brutal and immoral proxy battle. dying of starving a and disease, and conflict, u.s. has no place sandwiched between two freedom hating terror funding regime loss can afford their dumb war without our guns and bomb, first time since 1973 senate voted to curtail unauthorized military incursion rubber-stamped by successive administration, and senate taking back long usurped power diminished. you see odd bed fe lows like
12:29 am
bernie sanders and mike lee standing shoulder to shoulder to protect our freedom and our democracy, something that saudi arabia despises. no matter how growingly president after president speaks of the monarchy. >> lindsey graham, the murder of khashoggi. he was speaking truth to a brand of represen -- wretched power, 0 children staff t starve to death day, with this level of slaughter causing bissist humanitarian crises to planet, and a tribalist sunni on shia blood bath there is no need for u.s. to be involved. good for senate for taking back some of constitutionally codified power, and for also
12:30 am
passing a resolution that condemns saudi responsibility in the khashoggi assassination, about time we stand up for our own ideals instead of waiting in cesspool -- >> ha is th that is the memo. >> bernie has more than his fair share of kooky ideas but what he is right, he is right. >> i want to thank all of the senators who in a very bipartisan way have come together to say, that the united states will no longer participate in the saudi-lead intervention in yemen which has caused the worst humanitarian crisis on earth with 85 thousand children already starving to death. kennedy: is there any reason to
12:31 am
keep supporting saudis or war in yemen in joining me now, iraq combat veteran, kfi radio host in glorious los angeles california. john suits is back, suits. >> thank you for calling me. kennedy: back too saudi arabia. how -- okay, i'll rephrase, how right am i? >> you are right, a horrible barbaric war. kennedy: barbaric ! >> barbaric, but the thing asking on ugly, the end result that saudi ghts ar saudis are wd iranians are losing. if sep yeah, the woul senate wot 6 hours, they would have seen a
12:32 am
ceasefire was today, houthi coalition is losing and saudis are winning. pompeo could have called iran and said let's cut and run from both sides, but the fact that saudi have been indiscriminate, you are correct, using our weapons their money. kennedy: they bomb a school bus, full of children, who were coming back from a field trip and fro 41 of them died, it wasa lockheed-martin missile, last i check not made in saudi arabia. >> problem is if you stop immediately right now you just pro long the suffering, what better end it now, resolve it, saudis win, houthi coop from 5 years ago, the rock 'n roll
12:33 am
houthi coop. that started whole thing, i worked in that part of the world, this is a long running yemeni issue. that the iranians injected themselves into and saudis don't want it on their border this is on saudi bored sneer bored bo . kennedy: there no way that united states wins any part of this, saudi arabia sells billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of oil, tell them to make their own damn weapons. >> they will fight the war with or without us, they are not dropping american equipment and buying russian, they are beholden to us, that was by dispiedesign 30 years ago, it ia loathesome regime, it just
12:34 am
aslowing som loathesome now. but women can now make the bad decisions too, they are more important today than they were 30 years ago because they are the buttress against iran that is their mortal enemy. kennedy: i have to switch gears talk to panel, i want to ask, how much of a blow hard is ted lieu. >> i am in his district right now, i can feel his hot bs breath on my neck yes he is a low hard. kennedy: he smellings like ravioli. >> go cooks. >> there there are bruins. >> yesterday, my california can think congressman, ted lieu. >> i would love to be able to regulate contend of speech, first amendment prevents me from doing so that a function of the
12:35 am
firstm amendment. kennedy: private ted lieu wants to recessio regulate. congressman lieu clarifying his remark, he sounds kind of like an idiot. did he slip up or making a point that congress would evolve to a bunch of mini tyrants if not for the constitution. jessica char -- is here, and robby swafy, and face turner. welcome to you. >> yea. kennedy: ted lieu, democrat, they hate free speech, they want
12:36 am
to regulate contend of speech they disagree with. >> a lot of people do, president said he would love to do it as well, no doubt a terrible moment for ted lieu. i think he realized right away he had said, and it would have helped if there was anything like, we have more of a conversation, i am concerned. that would have been better than just straight up, i would love to regulate speech but i can't. kennedy: he betrayed what he feels. >> i almost never disagree, this might be care, i thought he was being dramatic, i might say, i wish i was dictator of the world, and i could make you do whatever bu but i can't. no doubt democrats often do' to regulate speech, republican as well. it is a huge issue. >> i agree with robby, i take my
12:37 am
point back, he was both smart. kennedy: ted lieu is not smart, he is not a very good congressman. but we're at a point where people equate speech with action, people feel bad words are same of balled up fists. >> that is sad, you make a great point, people slip up, reminds me you have pelosi, trump and schumer, you had people not reading. what did you say, they have to see something,. kennedy: that is my favorite part. you get an answer, smtsd sometiu talk things back. sometimes that is the vibe we get on the right, that is. >> that christmas songs instead of rap music. kennedy: should always be
12:38 am
christmas songs. >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas to you took war on holidays. i agree with you about pelosi and schumer. he sits with his dumb glasses and reads a paper and pla blah blah about. >> and people in left have to worry about new understanding of speech, and violence, you tro to talk on a college camp ughts, c. this can happen to liberals to, a normal speech, some subset of the university say no these words are violence, you cannot say that. kennedy: like sf s-- snl comic. >> they wrote to me, please refer to him as former snl . >> there are people around fox
12:39 am
family, like ben what shir shapa hard time going on campus. i had a great time on his show. >> we have more with the panel coming up, we'll talk about whether or not you can trust robot, artificial intelligence ceo of google says probably not. is it wise too fear a robot invasion? and if we can do anything about it probably not, it makes it that much more i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines...
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♪ kennedy: robots are coming, beep, boop, beep. >> according to google ceo --py should be worried, in a interview with "washington
12:44 am
post," hurricane harve he hoo wr of articlefitial intelligence are very legitimate. he discussed need for government regulation, we all know that terrible idea, he far from only tech bot claims to be nervous. elon musk does. how long until west world becomings real world. participant el is back. -- dolf. >> sundar said it would be helpful. >> i saw that finding diseases in your a. it is mine blowing.
12:45 am
this is mind-blowing, but, i don't want regulation. i don't know what to do. kennedy: say nice things now. >> no. kennedy: that is it. >> i don't watch tv. >> they asum late everything, they know almost all. >> we don't need to be afraid. kennedy: you are right, there it is robby. >> you know what kills a lot of people cars driven be by people, machines cannot do worse than we do, more intelligent society and people core lights with human and peaceful behavior, humans have been killing each other for millenia,y started at such a low point, there are good odds that machines would do better. kennedy: there are still mean girls in harvard, i think
12:46 am
hermoine within there. >> didn't she go to brown. jim.kennedy: yes. thank you. >> right. >> okay. >> machines come for you first. >> i think -- >> remember jude law and ai. >> i remember jude law and everything that jude law has done. it scary to me but i work with ai in my other job, it is fascinating how you can predict everything even just getting 7 people to make decisions, i love your human point, since you opened this up on with a discussion are war in yemen. but i think people are going to have to pay attention to limits and boundaries. kennedy: that is why, i said, we have to be -- regulates from within, don't you think better to have tech companies getting
12:47 am
it to come up with a system in place. >> since mostly left leaning, i think that ai's. >> conservative bias is made up. >> well. kennedy: all robots will be in birkenstocks. >> we will win. >> that is grade. >> water destroys as someone in witness protection, i can't tell you anything about myself. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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kennedy: facebook banning user from discussing their sex lives in an attempt to cut down on harassment. only way to get screwed to facebook is to get them your data. >> topic one, phoenix, arizona, holidays are a drag. santa did not buy biggest marijuana bud groin. thagrown. this guy replacing a christmas tree thrown off ledge of camelback mountain, they are not used to people throwing trees off a ledge, thigh are use theyo sun fans throwing themselves off the ledge. 4 wins and 24 losses. >> camelback santa did reach
12:52 am
top. he sang christmas carols and higthey got in a fistfight, bece of his choice of songs. >> topic 2. organizer of russia tech conference unveiled a re-- unveil a robot, it was a human, fake android, named boris, in russian means milli vanilli, girl, you know it's true. reporter became suspicious, a photo surfaced of a man gets dressed in costume it was up in spoke like cigarette boris puffed between shows. video since disappeared from
12:53 am
youtube pai page and so has evey reporter who called out russian government. >> last month, a massachusetts company got caught pushing a fake native american to public, they got her from a russia tech company. >> topic three. bruce springsteen, the boss, will perform his final broad key show saturday night, tickets going for, $40,000 dollar -- come on, 40 grand to watch him sing pink cadillac for that dough you can buy a pink cadillac, a nice one. but if you go, you will see what it like to be dancing in the dark, you won't be able to by your electric bill next month. everyone will have a hungry
12:54 am
heart uand a hungry belly next thing you are gamble national attic city to may mortgage and end up on streets of philadelphia, talk about badlands, these are cheap jokes, but you can't afford expensive ones because have you been taken to cleaners by a civil proclaimed man of the people, what a brilliant disguise, bruce. >> time to salute away colorado man busted into a hundred pounds of dope in his truck. alexandria ocasio-cortez, jonathan miller was stopped on i80 after a state troop are noticed high mad he made unsafee change, and he was being tailgated by charlie sheen, that is not true, sh he was so high,e spent $40,000 on springsteen
12:55 am
ticketet. miller is bail, he got a hot stock tip on a new tech company. there company, dancing. not first time his money has gone up in smoke. >> topic 5, christmas is almost upon us, but not everyone is in holiday spirit. this is your mail. at kennedy nation, how many iq points do you feel you lost in last 15 minutes? i don't know, like 400. i got so many more than you, sucker. chris tweets, must be awesome to get paid to a, not be funny, and b, be an idiot, you should write a manifesto on it, and get paid more money, chris. criss, rhymes are pis -- moving on. william closes it out, you are garbage on mtv and continue to be garbage, you are oscar the
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grouch, you love my garbage, you roll in it like find whiskey on a tarp. a call back to a college party, i should not go into any further. we'll be right back.
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