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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 14, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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helpful instead of violating? a rhetorical question. we just don't have the time tonight. that's it for us tonight. >> china's economy is it's in trouble, it's only in trouble because of me. lauren: industrial numbers coming out of china pacing global pick hour on global growth and that's weighing on stocks this morning. cheryl: yeah, take a look at futures, down for the dow 277. loss of more than 1%, nasdaq down 91 and 3 quarters. lauren: in europe stocks are also lower, dax down 160 points, 1 and a half percent in the downside. cheryl: afters weak economic data in china, that affecting all of the markets there, this is the trade war, folks, as you
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can see the major market down more than 2%. lauren: good morning, amazon giving customers giving customers a very special gift. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york, friday december 14th, good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. what a day? cheryl: what a day? and looks that the tariffs of the u.s. are starting to take a toll on the economy of china, november retail sales slowed in 15 years, rising but at slowest pace in nearly 3 years. lauren: latest down of weak economic data putting more pressure on china to reach deal with the united states. let's get the latest from edward lawrence. >> good morning, lauren, and cheryl, olive branch to farm nester the u.s., the chinese
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bought more than $500 million worth of joy beans in 24 hours, this will do little to improve trade deficit. china trying to show president trump that they made changes and will buy more u.s. products, they do not want to see tariffs on $20 billion of goods go up and raise tariff of 25%, the president saying today that the policies brought china to the table to talk. >> look, i have great respect for president xi, i will tell you this, china's economy is in trouble and only trouble because of me. we've taken in $11 billion worth of taxes that i taxed china, $11 billion, we haven't made any money with china, we lost money with china. >> chinese proposing changes to made in china 2025 plan. drops tech dominance and access
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to foreign companies. critics want to see what the final plan will look like to make sure it's not just window dressing. president trump confident a deal may be reached. canada -- china wants canada to release her. some call this interesting coincidence, thank you. lauren: three working days to avoid government shut do you know, congress is out on break until wednesday, that leaves little time to come up with a deal. cheryl: glad they didn't get christmas shopping done and there's this, just days after saying he would be proud to own a shutdown over border security, president trump is now saying he doesn't want one, here is what he tweeted. let's not do a shutdown, democrats, do what's right for the american people, but in the same tweet he posted a video calling democrats hypocrites. >> they've always supported fences and walls and partitions
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but you know what, they only don't want to do it because of me, they have to put the people ahead of politics. we need to have the wall. we need border security. cheryl: so parts of the government will shutdown after november -- excuse me, december 21st, if a new funding bill isn't signed into law. so it's just certain sections of the government. lauren: historically we've had a turbulent stock market but historically the market takes the shut down in stride. a new day that we are in recently. british prime minister theresa may got pretty good reception, trying to win concessions on brexit plan. cheryl: not sure it went well for sure, ashley webster.
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lum nis that was murdered jamal khashoggi. >> war power to challenge we will not have military posture dictated by a murderist regime in saudi arabia. cheryl: votes were largely
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symbolic, if become law the laws would have to pass house of representatives where republicans leaders blocked. lauren: dems have control in january. in an interview with fox news trump questioned gm ceo's strategy. >> you said i want to talk. >> yeah. i told her to tell me a couple of weeks before christmas that she's going to close in ohio and michigan, not acceptable to me and she's either going to open fast or somebody else is going to go in but general motors is not going to be created well. lauren: trump suggested also that the new trade deal with méxico and canada makes it very uncomfortable for the company to build its cars outside of the united states. they will have to pay workers in méxico more money.
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>> well, those in a pinch to ship christmas gifts are in luck right now. lauren: are you done christmas shopping? tracee: i am nowhere near done. amazon extending fro shipping with no minimum purchase offer to all customers with 4 days, amazon is giving shoppers a little extra time, the last day to get free standard shipping on amazon orders is tuesday december 18, doesn't mean if you're prime or nonprime member, for prime members amazon same day and free-one-day shipping has been expand today more than 10,000 cities, amazon 42% year to date. cheryl: merry christmas. lauren: more good news coming out of starbucks? tracee: yes, starbucks will soon deliver coffee across the country through uber eats, uber began testing in miami and
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starting earlier next year 2,000 locations, strategy to reach more customers, starbucks is up 15% year to date. cheryl: we will see how hot my coffee is during new york winter snowstorm. tracee: i want to know how they will keep it warm. lauren: how much delivery fee on top of 7-dollar latte. cheryl: let's get to oprah, she's not pulling her weight at weight watchers? tracee: reportedly worried that oprah winfrey in marketing campaigns weight watchers has slimmed down despite large stake in company. winfrey is more investing in promoting other ventures than being a spokesperson for ww, shares have cut down in half of $103, ww is up nearly 10% year to date. lauren: tracee, thank you. cheryl: let's take a look at
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futures and we actually have red arrows. ecb ending buying program. that's affecting u.s. futures, s&p down and nasdaq in red as well. china retail sales do show country is feeling the blow from trade fight and president trump said you can thank him for that. >> nobody has ever done what i've done, i said, look, we are going to tax all of your product, america is paying for 4% and china is paying for 21%. >> is their economy in trouble? >> it's not even affecting us. cheryl: is it? our november retail sales show that we are winning trade war with china. talk about christmas bonus, drivers ditching their cars, yes, we are talking about you, new jersey, we will be right
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we've gotten from them on industrial production and retail sales for november in the country, is china now on losing end with trade war, john thomas brings us now, i want to point
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you to the futures, we were down almost 300, we are down 240 on the dow, getting breaking news, the finance minister in china says they are looking to speed up talks with the u.s. and also saying that they are going to be for at least 3 months suspending additional auto tariffs, looks like the news is bad for them and they are starting to really respond to our pressure. >> you know, that's wonderful news, we need to, you know, focus on the importance that both sides end up getting hurt with trade talk worries and we feed to understand that there really isn't a winner in this. tariffs hurt us and hurts them, bottom line is this is the time for us to work out a better deal in the long run, we are bargaining from a position of strength, our consumer is the strongest part of our economy right now and so we can afford to i think withstand the rising cost that is tariffs incur.
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we need a better deal long run. cheryl: i want you to listen to what peter navarro said to maria bartiromo yesterday and it was about china and about the tough talk we have been seeing, listen? >> is hold fast, stay tough and focus on the prize, the prize for this country and for the world and for china really is complete structural reform to put end to all of these practices which are disrupting the global economy and i think where we are now -- cheryl: disrupting the global economy, what did you make as part of the comment? >> that's just it, we -- in order for our multinational companies to grow, we need a china that is growing and we need to be able to participate there in china and so to me that's the most important thing it's not so much about what we are importing and the cost of what we are importing, it's our ability to do business there and export and grow in china and participate in extremely strong
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growth long term that china provides. cheryl: do you think that their promises that they will open up chinese market more to outside investment maybe and they are saying they are going to change the structure made in 2025 which has been able global economic dominance to be fair, do you think that would be good for the american economy and the market because of a lot of worries right now for the market? >> it's crucial for our economy and, you know, we need to be able to play on their fields and we need to be able to -- our technology here in the united states is -- is really our -- is all we've got, we don't manufacture nearly as much as we used to. if we cannot export our technology to china and participate in their growth, then we are not -- we will suffer long term. it's crucial that we get a good deal right now, now is the time.
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seems like we are making some progress and that's positive. cheryl: yeah, no, i think that you're right, futures are reflecting that right now in the premarket and, again, you know, especially with the luxury names that might get the effects like tiffany they may having problems if this continues, maybe not, john, thank you so much for being here, we appreciate it. >> thank you. lauren: news this morning is not good, looking at futures, decent week but it's in jeopardy right now. dow down 1%, 1.1% decline for the nasdaq this morning looking at futures, well, coming up, the tech sector may seem like it's on santa's naughty list after beating this quarter but is it time to add those battered tech stocks to your christmas list, we will discuss that. when you think of scents, smells let's you know it's that time of the year, you probably think of that christmas tree, ginger bread, roasted chestnuts but what about fried chicken?
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i want some more what's he doin? please sir. i want some more
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more? he has asked for... thank you well he did say please yes he did and, thank you (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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lauren: let's get you caught up on what's happening now. china's economy with warning signs, dow down 240 points, nasdaq giving up 78, it was, it was a winning week for stocks before today. to france now, 29-year-old, who killed 3 people and injured several others in festival in
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strasbourg, isis claiming responsibility for that attack. the white house is pushing back on a report from the wall street journal that federal prosecutors are investigating funding for president trump's inauguration. prosecutors are reportedly looking into whether big donors gave money to inaugural committee in hopes of buying policy influence. well, the white house says they have no knowledge of the investigation and this, the justice department and the fbi have missed the deadline to provide information about investigation for hillary clinton, the clinton foundation and the uranium one controversy. senate judiciary committee chair chuck grassley asked doj and fbi to explain why agents rated a whistle blower's home, neither has responded. finally, check this out, cash literally spilling out of security truck on highway in new jersey causing chaos, guys like that guy jumping out of the car
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to grab bills, this resulted in multiple accidents unfortunately as well as heavy traffic during an already hectic morning commute. happened right outside of metlife stadium yesterday, right outside of new york city as all the suburban folks tried to get richer. cheryl: taxes have been going up in new jersey to be fair, they needed to money. [laughter] >> that's true. taking a look at futures, we were down almost 300, down about 250. we have maybe positive comments from the chinese ministry, that may be helping a little bit but we are still in the red. nasdaq down 82, still ahead, the new york stock exchange pulls a fast one on snapchat ceo evan seagal, the video it wishes it would disappear. talk about pulling a fast one, russia, they beat a robot that can walk, talk like a human because, well, it was a human.
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>> they changed the whole model to general motors to all electric, it's not going to work. cheryl: president trump says things will not go well for general motors after announcing strategy, plant closings and layoffs. lauren: investors worried about global growth, futures in the u.s. down 1% across the board, a little bit more on the nasdaq, 1.2%. cheryl: over in europe stocks opening low, weak german auto sales that pressuring the whole group, the ftse, cac, dax all in the red. lauren: in asia sea of red as well. china releasing weak retail sales but right now chinese
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foreign ministry trying to reduce rhetoric a little bit. cheryl: speed up talks, if you want your house to smell like fried chicken, kfc has a great idea. fbn:am continues right now. ♪ cheryl: friday december 14th, she calls it friyay. lauren: i have a name for every day of the week. good morning, i'm lauren simonetti, it's also the christmas crunch right now. just a few weekends left, a lot to do. cheryl: don't remind me. lauren: volatile stocks, check out nasdaq, so we ask is it finally time to step in here and buy the tech sector, shawn ohara of etf might have answers for us. sean, you like specific tech stocks, which ones?
5:29 am
>> yeah, we have a fund that uses free cash flow yield as a way to screen broad indexes and we think have long-term possession of cocaine and when you look at the screen part of the technology sector that pops out is not what we call the soft squishy side, the fang stocks, the big 5, the backbone of the internet, hardware and software and chip makers that screen really well. so we think there's a big long-term macro trend that is pretty robust. we have built autonomous vehicles, we will have to build out e-commerce, everybody thinks everything sold it's dominant force. it's expect today grow to 20%. big growth there. the last one is streaming, we all think about netflix when we think about streaming, everybody
5:30 am
is getting into streaming to compete with them. if you believe in long-term trends, we buy the backbone as opposed to squishy side. lauren: makes sense. what else did you recommend? >> broadcomm and f5 networks, interesting name. security guard for networks in technology side. when you start to hear big stories about marriott's recent announcement, we always find out afterwards about data breaches and those things are liability long-term for companies either public image wise or real liabilities. and that's really where fi specializes. lauren: we only have one minute and i want to talk about what the president said about general motors, it's unusual to hear a president to attack another company but maybe not this
5:31 am
president. listen to what he told harris faulkner. >> all electric is not going to work, it's wonderful to have percentage of cars, going into the model that she's doing is a mistake. lauren: is he right? >> he's probably right. it is an unusual for him to do things that other presidents have done so that's a true statement, we wouldn't own gm based on one simple thing, they have gotten negative free cash flow. they don't generate free positive cash flow and i think long-term gm has structural issues that millennials are not car buyers, they are ride-sharers, the future of cars may go down and for those reasons in addition to some others like, you know, higher input costs, those are potential negatives for company like gm. lauren: the president saying all electric that plan is a bad idea but i'm not necessarily sure
5:32 am
that's where general motors is going, they want electric to be more of their path forward in addition to the other things you mentioned but, yes, it's open for debate. gm stock getting hurt, sean ohara, have a good weekend. >> thank you,.lauren and cheryl. cheryl: slowest retail sales and industrial output numbers that we have seen, we haven't seen the numbers in years out of china but countering all of this there are reports right now that the saudis plan to cut exports starting in january but have they been flooding the market ahead of that cut, let's bring in fill flynn, price futures group at cme, interesting moves by the saudis, phil, good morning. phil: good morning, you bet they have, they were flooding the oil market ahead of opec meeting and that was message to opec
5:33 am
members, if i want production cut you better cut on board because we still have the ability to flood the market but they have definitely reversed that initial surge in production and we are hearing from tanker tracker firms across the globe that the oil exports out of saudi arabia have basically dropped almost zero, zero, so they are serious about this, they want to send a message to donald trump that, hey, you know what, when you -- when we raise production to help you out in iran sanctions it never happened, you pull that back from us, we will get each. >> look, average output for iranians right now is a little more than 1 million-barrels a day but that's a really new low for the iranians and you mentioned donald trump, remember when he tweeted back in december 5th about opec and trying to pressure them, here is what he said, hopefully opec will be keeping oil flows as is, not restricted, the world does
5:34 am
not want to see or need higher oil prices. are the saudis going to anger the president, though? >> i think they can but i've been amazed that president trump hasn't tweeted since then. that was actually tweeted right before opec made official decision to cut production and we didn't hear back from him. the reason whyic we haven't is because i think president trump has been hearing from the u.s. energy producers that are saying, hey, quit tweeting about oil, you may be bringing down prices but you have doing it in a manner that can actually hurt u.s. producers so i think donald trump may back off some of tweets right now and kind of let markets settle down and find its own way. cheryl: i'm glad that you brought producers up but it'll be interesting to see what happens with valero, chevron, marathon, all the big companies, they could be hurt by this but the bigger question seems to be where are we going to get our oil from. we still need to import, is it
5:35 am
méxico, is it canada, is it venezuela, i can't believe i'm saying that, where are we going to get our crude from? >> yes, our u.s. refiners love venezuelan crude and i hate to say they love saudi crude. here in the u.s. we produce a lot of crude but the light, sweet stuff, it doesn't produce a lot of diesel fuel, our refiners like heavier crude, actually we would like the swap field, bring heavy stuff and send out the weak stuff. as far as electric cars, he's absolutely right. you know, if we replace every car in chicago with electric car we would bring down the power grid, i guaranty you. cheryl: chicago will never stand for that. phil flynn from chicago, thank you. >> thank you, dear. lauren: tried to impress snapchat parent company but now exchange may be wishing the attempt would just disappear. cheryl: there's always video tracee carrasco and that can really burn you, what is this story?
5:36 am
tracee: new york post reporting that executives at the new york stock exchange ordered dozens of staffers down to trading floor so it would look busier than it really was, elaborate plan to impress snapchat steven seagal. never toured the nye or trading floor prior to snap's ipo. cheryl: they'll probably be video if he did. this time it's a fake robot. tracee: this is a bizarre story, yes, high-tech robot being shown off on russian state tv for his abilities to walk, talk and dance, well, turned out to be just a man in nearly 4,000 costume, take a look, robot boris, forum for kids, however, those watching were not convinced, photographs later came out showing the very
5:37 am
obvious neckline of the person inside the robot costume, the organizers of the forum say that they were not trying to pass the robot off as real. lauren: what were they trying to do? cheryl: entertain the kids. tracee: i don't know,. cheryl: i'm trying to find a reason. tracee: leave it to kfc to make a fire log that does smell like fried chicken, limited edition, 11 herbs and spices fire log is made with 100% recycle materials, can burn up to 3 hours and as they are saying may result in craving for fried chicken and attract bears or neighbors that are hungry, you can get this online, $19 but you may be out of luck as of yesterday the fire logs sold out within hours. cheryl: every chicken flavored-smelling thing that they come up with sells out in hours. lauren: good stocking stuffer.
5:38 am
tracee: gag gift maybe. cheryl: tracee, thank you very much. lauren: we are not thanking wall street this morning, it was a good day for the dow yesterday, rose about 70 points, look at this, dow futures are down 233, s&p down 24, nasdaq down about 75 this year, forced a nail-biter in thursday night football as battle with kansas city chiefs and la chargers goes down to the wire and bad news for the philadelphia eagles and qb carson wentz. you're watching fbn:am i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lauren: thursday night football on fox quite a match-up and lived up to hype. jared: kansas city chiefs involved in one of the amazing thursday night games on fox. 11-2 chiefs led chargers 14-0 last night. mike williams catches score makes 14-7, late in third quarter, williams would run for touchdown to get the chiefs within 21-14, chargers rather, casey led by two, william scores third touchdown of the night, that would tie the score, mike
5:42 am
williams, no, they will go for the win, check out 2-point conversion. >> touchdown chargers. >> this is likely the final play that matters and end zone, wide open, what a night for mike williams. jared: and the chargers walk off 29-28, november 18th when casey lost to rams by 3 and thursday another for chargers, tied. expect nick foles to start against the rams. executed team trade yesterday in hospital bed being treated for blood clots. carlos santana going back to cleveland, traded to one-time team and first baseman jake bowest from the tampa bay rays.
5:43 am
nba last night, great match-up, lebron james and the lakers going up against james harden, lebron was not the start of this one, james harden scored 50. hey, congratulations to dirk nowitzki, move over kobe bryant, kobe played 20 seasons with the the lakers, dirk began 23rd season with mavericks, longevity and loyalty. cheryl: great guy and it's been a rough year for him. jared: they won it without carson wentz. we should have great ratings and two-team battle in afc west. cheryl: going to be fun. lauren: sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 115.
5:44 am
cheryl: the could be good thing, we are only down 219, we will see how the markets open, nasdaq still, though, down 70, a lot we have comments from the chinese finance minister seem to be helping a little bit and the senate rebuking president trump over saudi arabia. >> i think the main thing for us quite frankly was to do sanctions next year that will stop arm's sales until things change in saudi arabia. cheryl: how will president trump respond and what the future of our relationship with the saudis and the rock and roll hall of fame announces who is getting in. ♪ ♪ cheryl: oh, yeah, stevey knicks, she's one of the picks, you're watching fbn:am.
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cheryl: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. take a look at futures, dow down 226 in premarket. positive comments from china about trade really helping a little bit. s&p down 24, nasdaq down 72 and 3 quarters of a point. customers of pg&e who pay some of the highest prices of the country may have to fork over more money. hike in prices will be used to cover damages. expected to have sparked the deadliest wild fire in california's history that killed at least 87 people.
5:49 am
well, google will be introducing screen time limits and other parental controls to chromebooks through family-link app, parents can have bedtime restrictions or site that is they don't want children to visit. teenagers still have freedom, parents will be notified if you do, kids. virgin galactic took giant step with historic test flight yesterday, the spaceship climbed more than 50 miles in california, grazing the edge space, the launch makes first company to send humans to space without support from government agency. face is virgin territory, well played. finally, we have 2019 inductees into the rock and roll hall of fame, here they are, stevey knicks is on the list, janet jackson radio head, the cure, roxy music and zombies are
5:50 am
officially part of rock loyalty. enters the halls as solo artist, inducted in march, what a list. i will be going. thank you producers for playing me stivie knicks this morning. lauren: cheryl is reliving her earlier years. action considered blow to the president who has refused to condemn's the kingdom's crown prince over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> historical importance of today not only moving the united states out of that horrific war, but is having the country see that their elected representatives are about to take back their constitutional responsibility on the issues of law. lauren: what message does that send to the president, we bring
5:51 am
in former white house adviser brad blakeman, brad, do you think this means donald trump weak on policy? >> not at all, more of message to saudi arabia. look, we have a division of our government, we have 3 coequal branches, one of those branches, part of it, the senate made it very clear as to what their feelings were on yemen and also the behavior of the crown prince with the death of a resident journalist so i don't think this is a rebuke of the president at all, i think it's more of a message to saudi arabia, they have to change their ways, something that president trump realizes and supports. president trump has said he is not satisfied with the prosecution of the war in yemen and also said he is troubled by the behavior of the killing of an american resident journalist, so i don't think this is a rebuke, i think this is a sense of the senate nonbinding that
5:52 am
will have an effect of where we go forward with saudi arabia. lauren: senators are sending with their vote strong message of american values, are they overlooking what the president might be trying to do? is there a yet to be unveiled policy where we need saudi arabia, whether it's for a broader, you know, israeli-palestinian peace plan in the middle east, is some strategy that this vote should it be taken up in the house could put in jeopardy? >> yes, depending on where the house would go with this. we have to be united in -- in the belief that we -- the last thing we need in the middle east is an unstable country. another unstable country. lauren: right. >> we have military relationship, we have a political relationship, we have an economic relationship and quite frankly we can cut off our knows despite our face and we want them to stand up more, we want to sell them arms so that
5:53 am
they can do their own defending, we are not there to backstop them and we are not willing to stand for themselves, they will look else canwhere, we don't need that, we need stable force, somebody who could be a responsible ally and there's a price to be paid for their bad behavior, absolutely. lauren: what is that price? >> well, i think it comes in the kind of deals that we will make with them economically and the kind of deals we will make with them militarily but we need their help in -- in yemen, in syria, in iran and in the grater middle east peace process with israel. lauren: so we need saudi's help. do you think the house takes this up or democratic house in january? >> if it's a democratic house in january they will overstep, this is exactly what they do. they're looking to punish the president and in reality they are pushing ourselves, we cannot walk away from saudi arabia and we have to put things in perspective and i think the
5:54 am
president has done that very well. lauren: and so have you in the segment, brad blakeman, thank you. >> thanks. cheryl: a lot more coming up this morning, british prime minister theresa may turning for eu to help on reaching brexit deal that will clear parliament. is she going to succeed in the big vote? we will go next to parliament to talk about it. ♪ ♪ guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!. cheryl: british prime minister's plan to win concessions on eu in the brexit deal didn't go so well for us, peter dixon, commerce bank joins us now, peter, look, you say theresa may is wasting her time but she tried. >> well, she has to try obviously but it was all effort, i think the eu will say, we've given you a deal, it's up to you to vote on it and, of course, the vote that was supposed to happen this week didn't actually happen and the vote that wasn't supposed to happen did. the eu will back down or think again if and when the deal is decisively rejected by parliament which is very likely to happen sometime before january 21st. lauren: so what's the upshot here, what happens to great
5:58 am
britain in the end? in your opinion. >> i wish i could find upside. it's a political nightmare. frankly the parliament has to work hard that we don't crash out of eu without a deal. that i think will happen, the question is how does it occur, the likelihood that the prime minister will have to go to european commission some time early next year and expand article 50 period to sort ourselves out. that's humiliating. cheryl: what about a second referendum and giving britains a second chance at this because seems a lot of people who voted for this didn't understand what it was going to mean and i'm sure they do now? >> absolutely, not a longer shot as you think, as time goes on the likelihood that that might be the only way out. i can't imagine it in the immediate short-term, it would be divisive but if time goes on it's certainly a possibility and
5:59 am
given the way the demographics are going with a lot of the elders passing on, a fair chance that the remainders can win but wouldn't solve the problem. lauren: we are watching brexit and we are watching china and trade and watching the fed and interest rate, we have a market except for today that tried so hard and sometimes does rally in the morning and often evaporates, those gains evaporate in the end. peter, thank you for talking with us this morning, we appreciate it. cheryl: once again big market news, theme of the week, maria. maria: good morning to you, happy friday and good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, friday december 14, we are looking at tough day for markets, stocks in selloff mode right now. weaker than expected economic data out of china as well as europe this morning weighing on investors, dow jones industrials average down 225 points, 1% on
6:00 am
the dow, 1% on the s&p and better than 1% lower on the nasdaq, down 73 points on the nasdaq right now. and the markets yesterday, well, they were lows yesterday at the close, the declines we are seeing now put the dow and the s&p 501 on track to erase the gains for the week, yesterday the dow was up 70 points, the s&p was down a fraction and the nasdaq was down about 28 points tat close yesterday. check the markets in europe this morning on the heels of selloff going on wall street, european indices are down across the board, cac quarante in paris, down 41 points, almost 1% lower and the dax index down 1%, 102 points lower on dax index this morning. nikkei average worst performer, down better than 2% in session overnight. we are taking a look at china, talking tough on china, president trump touting trade success in interview with harris


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