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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 17, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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this after sharp selloff on friday, once again major indices down 2% on session of friday on global growth concerns, dow industrials almost down 500 points at the close, nasdaq down 160, two and a quarter percent lower on nasdaq, in europe the trend continues, markets are edging lower, ftse 100 down quarter percent, cac quarante down half percent and the dax index down fraction this morning. in asia overnight, mixed performances, take a look, nikkei average in japan up two-thirds, best performers, others fractionally move. legal blow to obamacare to report. a federal court ruling that the legislation is unconstitutional, the judgment likely headed to supreme court, democratic congressman tim ryan told me on sunday morning futures say it is -- says the ruling seems problematic. >> for us to give help to families with health care i think is a mistake for our country, it allows us to be
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healthy, competitive, helped business in a lot of ways, i think this is a mistake by the court. maria: republican lawmakers already grappling with their response to the ruling, we've got the fallout this morning for you coming up. criminal charges for goldman sachs, malaysian authorities seeking billions of dollars in fines tied to one ndb scandal, we have all the details coming up on that with goldman and malaysia. a christmas crunch for amazon, workers going on strike threatening gift deliveries over a week before christmas. all the stories coming up this monday morning, joining me to break it all down fox business dagen mcdowell, mitch roschelle and president of maslansky + partners lee carter, good to see you this morning. >> great to be here. maria: welcome. >> could there be a slow news day on a monday, no. maria: i know, another busy day and we are waiting on federal reserve two-day meeting. dagen: even if nothing was going on you have the president, the
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weekend and twitter. and that is enough to make some news. >> there you go. maria: not to mention jim comey back on capitol hill, faced with the judiciary committee and the oversight committee, darrell issa speaking to him. texas congressman medical doctor michael burgess is here, fox news contributor newt gringrich is weighing along with former arkansas governor mike huckabee here. plus the president of lincoln is here, we've got a great new lincoln on the plaza this morning and ceo of bookings holdings, glenn fogel and holiday season. markets are really flat this morning. quiet begin to go a week that we are waiting for the federal reserve as we watch these markets trade very fractionally. nasdaq is up 7 points. wall street journal is out with article today titled u.s. stocks need a sanity -- santa claus
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rally. typically we do get santa claus rally. talk more about markets and investing today chief equity market strategists phil orlando, phil, good to see you. tough year for markets? >> it's been a tough 3 months for markets. we had a nice period up until august-september period. nasdaq and small caps are down 16% yet you've got an environment where corporate earnings are up this year, multiples contracted 3 points from 18 to 15 over the space in the last couple of months. sentiment is terrible but seems as if the market is trying to price in a recession for next year. we don't see it which means that this will reverse, but the question is when does that reversal going to come and this becomes the sentiment versus fundamental tug of war. maria: is it all interest rates that's bothering markets so much or the trade story, uncertainty
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over china? >> yes, impressive wall of worry right now. you look back over the last couple of weeks and there were a couple of sign postthat is we were looking for, starting jay powell's lunch that you and i were at a couple of weeks ago, we got exactly what we were looking for out of the lunch, the fed gives us acknowledgment that the u.s. economy was slower, global economy was a little slower and the fed would not be as aggressive in raising rates which was excellent. we would follow up with the meeting today this week, hopefully that's good. the second thing is g20 meeting that weekend. we were hoping that trump and xi would have a sidebar dinner in which they didn't throw knives at each other and allow people to work on the details over time and that occurred. we have the opec meeting the following weekend where we are hoping for million barrel
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production cut out of the russians and the saudis, we ended up getting 1.2 million-barrels, all the things that we needed to see to prop up sentiment has happened and the market is now responding. dagen: in terms of sentiment, the week prior they were down 8%, last week, another 4-point -- 4% loss on transports. the month to date, the dau transports have shed 12% just in the months putting it on track for its worst month since february of 2009. that might be good but that was still in the middle to have bear market coming off the financial collapse but it was toward the end of it but, again, if you want an economic gauge watch transports and it's been horrible for those stocks. >> there's no question, on the other side of the coin, labor
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markets have been solid, relatively upbeat on consumers, christmas would be pretty decent. no question that the housing market, auto market have slowed here but consumers accounts for 70% of gdp and that portion of the economy has been relatively solid. we don't see a recession in the united states in 2019. maria: federal reserve has 2-day meeting, begins tomorrow. we are expecting the fed to raise interest rates on wednesday, mitch, big impact? >> i think that's baked in although there are handful of folks that are betting on the fact that they won't do it but smart money is that we see it. the real question to you, phil, what happens next year because this sort of massive selloff, bad couple of months all started when words came out of chairman powell's mouth. >> exactly. >> hasn't turned the market around. action that is the market is looking for and what are your
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thoughts on interest rates next year? >> what's ironic is powell made the same sort of rooky mistake in october that bernanke made a few years at cocktail party, so he's attempt today walk that back at the meeting a couple of weeks ago, we will get more of that this week, now, the issue the dot plots, not the rate hike, you look at the set of dot plots, one hike in december, 3 more hikes in '19. another hike in 2020, that will take to 3 and a half percent, in our view, when i think the markets view generally it was too much and push the economy in a recession. so what we expect to see, what we hope to see at this week's meeting is the board of governors generally pulling their dot plots back in such that i think the fed is going to skip march because of the imposition of the trade between the united states and china as well as the brexit deadline is
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coming up at the end of the month. maybe we get a quarter point hike in june if the economy bounces back a little bit but i think that's it. maria: increasingly people are thinking, one, two tops. dagen: the conversation will surely turn to reduction of balance sheet which i argue is more important than even the short-term interest rate hikes because, again, we don't know how this is going to play out unwinding this unprecedented stimulus through the bond buying, you know, balance sheets before $4 trillion, $50 billion, a month is rolling off and stephanie, we give her so much credit for everything she's said this year, i think the surprise for 2019 isn't that they pause raise hikes but they pause on quantitative heightening or pause on balance sheet. maria: form of tightening. dagen: i think the conversation turns to that as well. >> i think you're spot on, if we
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were having conversation a quarter or so ago, conventional wisdom the fed would reduce balance sheet to a trillion and a half. we are doing 50 billion a month as you mentioned. i think the fed will cut that off higher. so i think maybe you end up with 3 trillion-dollar balance sheet and, you know, 3% or lower fed funds rate, that becomes the new neutral, i think the market gets confidence. maria: look at all expectations for the economy, lee, nbc if i understand 33% of americans think the economy will worsen in 2019, what does this tell you? >> i'm not surprised. everybody is talking about the fact that it has to slow down, the expectations on growth are going to slow and we can only do so much. maria: how slow does it go? >> we have 2.9% gdp estimate for this year, we think the first two quarters will be slower but the back-end of the year will be okay.
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we think we end the year at 2 and a half percent. will be slower, 19 over 18, absolutely. maria: what about 2020. that's the year in debate whether or not we will see 1.9% or 2%. >> in terms of the recession watch, we -- we are comfortable that we are not looking at a recession until the 2021, 2022 period but you're absolutely right. there's not a lot we can point to right now that's going to give folks any confidence in 2020. and i think that's the question. all right, if 2019 is just slightly slower growth, what about '20, does the economy roll over and die at that point? maria: sounds like you're buying stocks. >> we are basically there right now. it's not a question, what's the catalyst that will reverse that. you've got possible government shutdown later in the week that's weighing on people, the china trade thing, brexit, you have a lot of things that are worrying investors right now but in terms of the fundamentals, the fundamentals are still
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decent. dagen: one thing i want to point out because the santa claus rally story is buried but what's on the front page is the fact that the s&p this year, total return including dividends is roughly flat because s&p 500 companies have paid record amount in dividends this year and $421 billion just through november, so watch those dividend payouts because if the economy slows dramatically if companies are getting pinched they will cut dividend payments, those dividend payments have gave comfort probably worse if not for the dividends. >> if the country will increase dividend, doesn't want to turn a quarter or two or year later and cut that. that generates confidence that management has to sense what future looks like. what we are dealing with here is a situation that we've seen before, 18 -- 1984, 1984, the
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following year in each was pretty strong year for markets, we are thinking that next year will be up 15 or 20%. we think it'll be surprisingly good year in 2019 for stocks. maria: s&p up 15 to 20% in 2019? >> correct. maria: big call, phil. [laughter] maria: 15 or 20% in s&p 500 in 2019, phil orlando. >> merry christmas. maria: thank you for what you're doing for autism, autism speaks, phil orlando. >> thank you. maria: obamacare debate, controversial ruling has congress divided this morning, we will discuss that coming up and impact. goldman sachs in the hot seat, why the banks are facing criminal charges back in a moment right here. thank you so much, phil.
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maria: welcome back, goldman sachs facing criminal charges. cheryl: that's right, maria, in connection with 1db scandal, misappropriation of 2.7 billion from the malaysian fund. goldman arranged 6 and a half in bonds for fund 6 years ago which 2 billion was allegedly stolen. goldman made $600 million in profits off of the bond sale, goldman plans the fight charges, taking a look at stock in premarket. well, nissan's board is meeting for the first time since firing chairman carlos goshn last month. he was arrested on november 19th, still detained in japan, he's accused of financial misconduct for underreporting salary, nissan is hoping alliance partner renault will listen to the company's
6:17 am
explanation. and as nissan is looking for a new chairman the company is accomplishing a special committee for improving governance, they will examine potential failures according to reuters nissan wants to boost members. health care back in political spotlight, a federal judge in texas ruling late friday that obamacare is unconstitutional. president trump praised the decision tweeting it was great news for america, but even some republicans agree with democrats that the judge went too far. >> there is widespread support for protecting people with preexisting conditions. there's also widespread division for individual mandate. >> we believe it should be overturned, it's an awful, awful decision. we have divided house and senate, i think the courts have to be the best way to go. cheryl: the president called on congress to pass new law which
6:18 am
could protect those with medical conditions. maria: big story, a lot of big stories, on obamacare, your thoughts, can't be constitutional if there's no way to punish you if you don't have -- if you don't have insurance, right? dagen: another blow to the republicans. i would argue because -- again what helped democrats win a majority in the house and it was that they ran on health care. >> absolutely. dagen: ran on accusation that the republicans want to dismantle obamacare and want to get red out of preexisting conditions coverage. this open it is door which is a mistake for democrats for them to run on medicare for all. let's call it what it is, it's medicare for none, the way the bernie sanders bill is written right now, gets rid of not only private insurance in this country but medicare, so i think the republicans need to bone up on what the democrats really want to do to our healthcare system. lee: the republicans come forward to the plan, health care is number one issue to americans, democrats absolutely
6:19 am
took the house in large part of messaging on preexisting conditions an medicare for all, it's a very popular message and if the republicans don't have alternative you're not going to win on this issue, they've got to get something done. they've had long time to think about it, 8 years under obama and 2 years under current administration and they are being held accountable for this. maria: they ran that they will fix things in new congress, isn't the onus on them to come up with a plan. >> i think the onus is on them except everybody knows that the republicans have president and senate. they can put forward ideas and they keep getting swatted down, everybody will blame republicans and not the democrats. maria: we will keep watching that. a pub explosion in japan injuries dozens leaving a building smoldering in pile of rubble, details, we will take you to japan and tell you what happened. revolt at amazon, christmas orders at risk this morning after workers go on strike, the fallout coming up.
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maria: just before christmas amazon is facing an employee strike, lauren simonetti with all the details right now. not great timing, lauren. lauren: okay, you have to remember u.s. is biggest market for amazon but germany is their number 2 market and they have strikes going on 8 days before christmas two major distribution centers in germany. the name of trade union that's protesting here is called verde, better pay, better working conditions but they ordered frequent strikes at amazon going back to year 2013 and amazon
6:24 am
wins every single time because they make the argument, hey, union, you want to get paid as retail workers but working at the warehouses, logistic workers so we will pay you accordingly, that's the argument going on in germany but this could and very likely will get bigger and encompass more warehouses in germany, like i said 8 days before christmas will amazon be able to get all of those customers their christmas presents in time for december 25th, here at home i want to tell you about a wall street journal report because it's impressive. amazon ships everything and every single business not only wants to be on amazon but arguably needs to be on amazon, the journal is reporting that they have a plan internally at the company called crap can't realize a profit, for those items that are heavy like bottled water, for instance, cost a lot to ship but you can't make much money because how much can you actually charge for water, this is what amazon is
6:25 am
looking to do, this is coca-cola, for instance, they used to charge you about $7 for 6-pack, the changes that amazon is making so they can make more money you can no longer get a 6 pack, four times that but pay more than 5 times for the amount, so you automatically get charged for 24-pack, this is how amazon could make more money and they are also asking sellers to change packaging to bring down costs a little bit so they can become comfortable. maria: what cosco does, buy in bulk. >> enormous can of tuna. here is a nugget 2.90, average cost of input for shipping. lauren: okay. >> think about it, 4 charging cables for 10 bucks and 2.90 to ship them when you're a prime customer, that's the real issue, they can't continue to afford and folks, the marketplace can't continue to afford to allow free shipping, doesn't work.
6:26 am
lauren: amazon has muscle and size that they can demand from sellers, they charge a fee for all of this, they get 15% cut of the item and fee on top of that for warehousing the item for them. so amazon makes out. dagen: mailing costs could go up if president trump continues to put pressure on the u.s. postal service to charge amazon more. >> the good thing fuel costs are going down and could offset a little bit. dagen: for now. >> for now, this week. maria: it's been about a month and a half where fuel is down. great stuff, thanks, lauren. take a short break, when we come back jim comey on the hot seat, will face questions over michael flynn's confession, facing the oversight and judiciary committees this morning, we have the details coming up. referendum shutdown, british prime minister says they'll be not be another vote for uk to leave the european union. back in a moment
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, thanks so much for joining us, happy monday to you, i'm maria bartiromo, and it is monday december 17th, your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. uncertain quiet beginning for the week this morning, dow industrials, nasdaq and s&p 500 fractionally lower this morning on the kickoff of a week where we get the federal reserve raising interest rates likely, major indices took roughly 2% losses a piece on friday, s&p down almost 2% and nasdaq with 164 point selloff down 2 and a quarter percent on friday. all of the major indices finishing lower for the second week in a row as you can see there, two weeks straight losses on stocks. in europe this morning not a different story, we've got weakness across the board, ftse
6:31 am
100 down a third percent. dax index in germany down a third of percent as well. overnight in asia, markets finished mostly higher overnight, hong kong, hang seng down fraction and best performer was japan, nikkei average up 3 thirds of a percent. no vote, british prime minister theresa may expect today strike down a second referendum on uk's exit from the european union. latest from uk this morning. massive gas explosion in japan, dozens were injured in blast that lasted more than 5 hours, details coming up. mortal engine, we will tell you who cleaned up in theaters this weekend. all the stories coming up this monday morning, top story this half an hour, jim comey returns to hot seat this morning, set to testify in capitol hill for second time today, questions over treatment of michael flynn and the mueller probe, watch.
6:32 am
maria: last time he came before your committee he said didn't remember or didn't recalled 245 times, how are you going to get him to be honest this time? >> he made a comment not lo ago that they never would have gotten clint in a more organized administration and now that judge cull van made it pretty clear that in layman's terms violated miranda rights, tricked him into not having a lawyer when in fact, he was not only a suspect but a target and they had transcripts, this kind of conduct we haven't seen in a long time and i would not be surprised a bit that the conviction of flynn is overturned because of the justice department and the fbi's misconduct and that in fact, we go potentially all the way to supreme court with new protections when the fbi and the department of justice lies to somebody and tricks them into making statements and then charges them with a lie that they entrapped them in. maria: you don't think this was
6:33 am
entrapment at all? >> , no entrapment has legal meaning, overbearing somebody's will. if somebody resists committing a crime, you try to persuade them, pleas and so on, giving somebody the opportunity to commit a crime that he's otherwise incline to commit is not entrapment even if it sounds unfair or looks unfair. maria: what about the mueller probe, what are your thoughts on where we are and what this looks like in the new year and with new congress? >> we are where we were before. there is -- mueller was put in place only because it was necessary to have somebody to have an independent counsel to investigate the question of whether there was a criminal relationship between the trump campaign and the russians. there has been no showing of any such connection, russians have been indicted for hacking, people have been indicted for crimes that have nothing to do with russians. cohen has been, manafort has been but nobody makes that
6:34 am
connection. maria: you want to break news this morning in terms of what you will be calling for in the new congress to try to get your arms around the stream of information that the american people have yet to see, tell us about what you're going to be calling for in 2019. >> our investigation is essentially over. we have everything that we need. what we are lacking now is we are lacking declassification by the president and for various reasons the president or his staff doesn't want to do it therefore i think it's important if the president doesn't hands on it, we have to have somebody, some office that will look at all of the issues and all of the documents that need to be declassified. i think the president was to create some type of office like this, i will be working with my colleagues to -- to work on and send some example over to the president of transparency-type of office so that the congress, the american people, others can put in requests of documents or issues that they want
6:35 am
declassified, that way the president doesn't have to take this full burden -- full burden on and the congress has somewhere where we can go to to ensure american public is not kept in dark. maria: mueller investigation has cost more than $25 million so far and we continue to wait for any resolution, dagen, i don't know in we will get it any time soon, a know a lot of people say mueller is almost done, why would he be almost done, he has the democrats in the majority, he's probably going to continue fishing? dagen: there's clearly based on the original investigation and have gone down roads, michael cohen information was handed to u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york but that -- therein lie it is most troubling
6:36 am
thing, the reason the investigation was opened in the first place, far field from the original mandate of the investigation and if you count it back to jim comey, the president keeping jim comey on in a job as fbi director when even the wall street journal editorial page said you should not keep this guy around and seems like -- and i'm raising the issue, was this his goal from the very start, jim comey to trigger a special counsel investigation because -- maria: insurance policy, dagen. dagen: what were the democrats upset about? president trump's tax returns, where were they? they were angry that he was elected in the first place and more and more it seems and i'm speculating, seems like a set-up. maria: peter strzok wrote to lisa page we need insurance policy and likely to be a lawyer breathing down the president's
6:37 am
back trying to find some crimes, you know, and as one person put it on sunday morning futures, you don't find the person and look for crimes. >> that's right. maria: viewers react today michael cohen and president trump, talk about that. >> it was fascinating to watch how republicans, independents and democrats are reacting to the same information. there's a lot of chaos out there right now. a lot of coverage saying that everybody is piling on trump and say let's indict him, let's see how people react when they are watching interview. republicans are in red, independents yellow, democrats blue. maria: first is hikal cohen. >> he was trying to hide what you were doing, correct? >> correct. >> he knew it was wrong? >> of course. >> and he was doing that to help his election? >> he -- you have to remember at what point in time that this matter came about two weeks or so before the election post the
6:38 am
billy bush comments so, yes, he was very concerned about how this would affect the election. maria: lee, tell what you say the lines means? >> what this says to me democrats are buying everything that cohen is saying but independents and republicans are not. the yellow line was right there with republicans, independents were basically saying you know what i'm not so sure i trust this guy, he's acting like he's earnest, they don't buy it. they have right to be skeptical and want more information and not sure why they should trust this guy. maria: let's look at what president trump's reaction to what cohen said, walk us through these lines, watch. >> he's a lawyer, he represents a client, i never directed him to do anything incorrect or wrong and he understands that. look, he did some bad things unrelated to me, maybe related to his other clients, i wasn't his only client, he had other clients, he did some bad things and income tax evasion, i heard
6:39 am
about a lot of things. i'm not reading about that stuff because what he did is he made a deal to embarrass me. >> republicans are on the side of the president. independents, though, they are not necessarily what trump is having to say but not rejecting him either, they are really out there saying, i'm not sure what to believe right now. there's a level of disengagement independents have with the president. they are not sure -- not necessarily supporting him but not necessarily hating them in the same way you might expect if you were to watch other media. we have to take a step back and help people understand what exactly what it is that they are looking for. people investing in criminal and not the crime. a lot of people are saying is this -- what are they going after, are they going after trump or something they are really, really going after here.
6:40 am
maria: especially since we know that there was fisa abuse, information withheld when the fbi and doj went to the fisa court to get a warrant to spy on someone from the trump campaign and so the fact that robert mueller doesn't look at places where we know that there was wrongdoing puts the whole thing up in question. it's a total partisan thing. dagen: inspector general is conducting own investigation into what launched the russia investigation at the fbi in the middle of the election year, however, more it looks like ig report might come out in the middle of next year, that it's going to take months and months and months. a million dollar -- a million documents dumped on the ig and congress telling inspector general more and more, you to look at this, you have to look at this, this is from somebody who used to serve in congress. maria: meanwhile we know that
6:41 am
one of the phones was wiped clean of robert mueller by peter strzok, many more texts that have been wiped clean from the phone and we will never see them because robert mueller decided, well, okay, you're leaving and now we have done this, we don't need to see these anymore. it's extraordinary the way they've handled one investigation with white gloves, the clinton investigation and with donald trump he's facing investigations in every corner of his life. >> there's no question about it and his family is too. and the question is coming are they trying to go after totally something. dagen: fixated on tax returns, nancy pelosi. maria: they are looking for a crime. dagen: people have told me bob mueller would clearly have the president's tax returns in the investigation.
6:42 am
the issue is -- i've heard people democrats not moving to impeach him and try to get as much information to embarrass him and try and ensure that he doesn't get reelected in less than 2 years, they are using what happened to the republicans as the playbook for what the next two years looks like with clinton. maria: if you have 2 years of bluster and 2 years of claims of wrongdoing with no evidence, the american people are probably going to side with donald trump again because we've seen it in 2016, we've seen it throughout the last couple of years, people want plans for themselves, they want to feel like the politicians are fighting for something for them and economic, betterment for them, do they have a plan? tim ryan was on the show, he was excellent because he has a plan as opposed to calling for investigations, i think 40 democrats wrote letter to leadership, we don't want investigations, we want legislation, we want to work for the people. dagen: yeah, but what is that,
6:43 am
medicare for all which would bankrupt the nation, 15-dollar minimum wage which many employers pay way north of that, so, again, does their plan resinate with the american people, watch the economy, that's how it will influence how people vote. maria: for sure, reduce today rubble, dozens of people injured in gas explosion inside of crowded pub, we will tell you what happened in japan. no votes allowed, british prime minister theresa may shutting down calls for second referendum to european union. coming up next.
6:44 am
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maria: welcome back britain's prime minister blasting calls for another vote on britain's plan to exit the eu. cheryl: according to release from office, theresa may will reject calls for second vote on referendum to exit the eu in address to parliament today. she will be there this afternoon. pressure has been building on her to hold a new vote as members of her own party are offering competing plans to break the political impasse. may will tell parliament today that a second vote would undermine britain democracy. well, an explosion in a pub in japan has injured more than 40 people overnight, at least one person in serious condition.
6:48 am
police are investigating the cause of this which hit city, reports officials cite today propane gas outside of pub. well, spider-man into the spider-verse swung to the top of the box office this weekend. [laughter] >> in your universe there's only one spider-man. but there's another universe. >> sounds like yours but it's not. cheryl: estimated 35.4 million, the largest opening ever by the way for an animated film in the month of december. second place was the mule, just over 17 million rounding up top 5, the grinch, ralph breaks the internet and financial disaster mortal engine. the movie could lose 100 million and big lump of coal for universal for the holiday season. tough time in the box office, maria. maria: comping up world of
6:49 am
e-mothers and travel, we will talk with trends, company of priceline, kyak and open cable. that's all next. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck
6:50 am
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6:52 am
maria: welcome back, we are talking travel right now and e-commerce, census bureau estimated third quarter of sales of $130 billion for use retailers, joining us right now booking holdings, travel website priceline and kyak, glenn fogel is here. >> thanks very having me.
6:53 am
maria: vantage point telling us how you're seeing, how is business? >> hotels are filled. people are enjoying traveling as long as economies are strong people want to use the cash and wanting to travel. maria: what do bookings look like in horizon? you would see it in your bookings if that were the case. >> we gave guidance a month or so ago and it was fine. we look for long term, as long as the world economy is growing long term people will want to travel more. we are happy with it. we know that they'll be volatility here and there but in the long run we will see more travel. maria: you're all over the world including asia. >> sure. maria: tell me about the business in china. >> we have almost a thousand employees. in china we have dozen offices in china, we have call center in china but we really are around the world which benefits us, one country is not doing so well it'll be picked up in another
6:54 am
place. maria: what are you seeing in china right now? >> we read the press and talks of slowdown, you still are talking over 6% growth and people -- as soon as they have the money to travel, they want to. when you look at statistics pretty amazing, less than 10% of people in china have passport. 90% of the people are going to have enough money to travel they'll start doing it. maria: gives you expectation of runway in your business and runway in terms of travel and economic growth thanks to china because of all of those people who have yet to join the party in terms of travel. >> it's around the world. anywhere you look, any of the areas where people used to be too far to travel, as the per capita and gdp goes up, the first thing people want to see some place else. maria: book travel on cell phone. let's talk about technology and how that has changed business.
6:55 am
>> we believe that we are a technology company. we are using technology or leveraging it so people can find travel as easier to get around. the way it used to be done it's frustrating. it's still a little frustrating, we are using technology to make it easier and whether it's making sure whether you have ground transportation when you get off plane or making sure hotel recertify vagues, open table 2 is set up right, all the things put together makes it easier for travel. maria: you're attracting an increasingly younger audience with things like open table, right, you've got -- it expands generations. >> it really does. one of the interesting things about that, when you look at hotel business, instead of staying in hotel, somebody wants to stay in up and up and -- apar condo, we want to have kitchen for our kids. we believe in that too. maria: you have
6:56 am
competing with air bnb, was sort of a big splash, tell me how the two differ and where the growth comes at >> air bnb is a great company, 5 million listings to say and we are proud of that, but more important is the difference our site and their site. on our site when you book to get something, it's immediate and automatic, you will not going back and forth with host and finding out they don't want to give it to you, that's happened for me actually on air bnb, i like the instant thing. the other thing is you can get hotel and apartment on the same page, the search results put them together so you can compare and contrast and the last thing very important, we don't charge people a traveler's fee at the end. end check out and be slapped on a fee, that's not the way to do it. maria: very good. how is business there? does that tell you about traveling public right now? >> as we said in earnings call, our home area is growing more
6:57 am
than core business. maria: glenn, thank you for being on the show. google is getting bigger, major real estate expansion in new york city, next hour in mornings with maria, stay with us. (clock ticking) (bell ringing) it's time. time for a new kind of cloud. the ibm cloud. the cloud that proactively protects your business from threats, instead of just reacting to them. that lets you modernize and move more of your apps without re-writing.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 17th. your top stories right now, 7:0. stocks are edging lower this morning, dow industrials down 27 points, the s&p 500 down 2 points and the nasdaq down four and a quarter. we have a fed decision on wednesday after a two day meeting which begins tomorrow. we're expecting the fed to raise interest rates again by a quarter point. that's what they told us to expect. all of this after a sharp selloff on friday. the major indices all down about 2%. the nasdaq was down two and a quarter percent, the dow down better than 2%, all on growth concerns about the global economic story. in europe, markets are edging
7:01 am
lower. fq100 down 33 points, cac down two-thirds of a percent and the dax index down a half a percent, 50 points lower there. in asia overnight mixed performances, best performer was japan, nikkei average up two-thirds of 1%. shutdown showdown, we are four days away from the of government closing over the funding for the border wall. this will be a partial shutdown. democratic congressman tim ryan told me on sunday morning futures yesterday the near term effect will be limited. >> i think the impact won't be huge to be quite honest with you. but again, it's a sign of the dysfunction in washington. we've got to figure out how to come together here around some basic budgets. maria: we are taking a look at what's next for the budget battle and the border wall. plus, google's quiet but major expansion, the technology giant offering new details about how many jobs it will be adding and it is in the thousands. we'll tell you where as it expands in new york city. how the mighty have fallen,
7:02 am
today marks the first anniversary of bitcoin hitting an all-time high. today the cryptocurrency is trading at a fraction of that record. we take a look at what's behind the slide. all those stories coming up this monday morning. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, mitch rochell and lee carter. great to see you this morning. >> great to be here. gosh, a lot to talk about. maria: yeah, a lot. >> you mentioned the shutdown and if you go back to '76, most of the shutdowns have done really nothing for the march he k this could be the one exception because this market is anything that happens, any kind of news, the market seems to overreact. maria: much of the funding has already taken place. >> 70% of it is -- maria: it is just a partial shutdown, the nonessential piece they call it, who is nonessential and essential? >> i think it's the dysfunctionality of the market that the market could reoverreact.
7:03 am
dagen: it's the holidays and it's christmas. there's plane p at this of blame to go around. >> -- plenty to go around. >> sheaf had a lo we've had a lu about shutdown. a lot of people are okay with the shutdown happening. some people are saying you shut it down if they're not going to agree to border security. the democrats are really concerned. but i haven't seen this kind of sentiment where people say you know what, stand up for it. if you promise us you're going to do it, then do it. maria: this story about carlos ghosn in the wall street journal, dagen, you're right, what a story. page one story and the issue behind him going to jail is really in my opinion shameful. this was the guy that was celebrated hugely throughout japan but of course his plans to merge nissan with a french company, renault, was not going over well with employees. wasn't going over well with the japanese government so he sits in a jail cell, day den.
7:04 am
dagen: i think the most telling line is for months a group of nissan executives secretly gathered information on carlos ghosn, laying the ground work for a november 19th strike against that executive and a top aide, greg kelly. greg kelly who was lured to japan along -- to be there when carlos ghosn was there and carlos ghosn still sits in a jail cell. the only thing he's been charged with is failure to disclose compensation. maria: like he was supposed to be doing his compensation in a vacuum. where was the board? where was the cfo? so it's just -- the whole thing is really in my view shameful that they have locked this guy up because they didn't like his plan. you should have just told him or fired him or something but to lock him up like this is incredible. dagen: it is. there was sentiment building against him with nissan. the journal reports that the ceo of nissan held a town hall and they assembled employees, they broke into applause about what was going on and that the
7:05 am
sentiment against carlos ghosn at nissan had been building, quote, like a vol cay know. again, you -- volcano. there was a lot transpiring. clearly, carlos ghosn was not really keyed into what was happening within nissan. maria: he didn't understand the fight that he was about to have. we'll keep following that. our top story this hour is the spotlight on health care. a federal judge in texas striking down obamacare in a bomb shell ruling on friday night deeming it unconstitutional. the decision coming hours ahead of saturday's open enrollment deadline. keeping the issue at the top of voters' minds as we approach the 2020 election. tim ryan on sunday morning futures weighed in on the decision. your reaction to this ruling? obviously it's going to go to the supreme court. the question is, does the supreme court rule the same way as the federal judge and are you and your colleagues going to be able to come up with a new health care plan for america in the new congress? >> well, i'm very concerned about it. i represent an area, maria, that has a lot of people that work
7:06 am
really hard, put in 40, 50 hours a week and still can't afford health care. and for us to lose any kind of universality or help to give these families for health care, i think is a mistake for our country. it allows us to be healthy, competitive. it's helped business in a lot of ways. so i think this is a mistake by the court. maria: do you think there is any overlap in terms of commonality between the republicans and democrats to come up with a new bill, new legislation in the new congress to actually create the right health care plan for americans? >> i don't think so. i mean, it's just the republicans have wroted 60 or 70 times to repeal the affordable care act. so i think it would throw the health care system into a tailspin. maria: wow, joining me right now, texas congressman, medical doctor, michael burgues. thank you for joining us. your reaction to what you just
7:07 am
heard? >> well, look, as a practical matter, nothing changes because obviously this will continue to be litigated. it's going to be appealed and we were here before in 2012, we were here in i think it was 2014 with king versus burwell, lower court said the affordable care act has real problems. the supreme court said let's just -- said looks just fine to us. will that be the eventual outcome? i don't know. i'll tell you one thing that does intrigue me about this. of course, we in the house -- on the house side two years ago really did try to fix some of the more egregious problems in the affordable care act. number one was it was not affordable. we tried to work on ways to make it affordable. the senate would never come to a conclusion. so now the democrats do control the house and your previous guest, mr. ryan, exactly right, the house is not going do be inclined to do a lot of the things that the last house did. but the senate is going to have to step forward and the senate
7:08 am
is going to have to put their ideas forth and maria, that never would do that over the last two years. as a house person, that's what was so frustrating to not have willing partners in our party over in the senate who were willing to take these tough questions on and they are tough. make no mistake about it. you can find people who were helped by the affordable care act. i've got a ton of people in my district who been hurt badly because of the cost, the complexity the affordable care act brought to them so they're rejoicing the fact that a court has said let tas another look -- let's take another look at this. maria: the wall street journal raises the question this morning, if this could backfire. the editor call board is writing that this could backfire for republicans. there's a write-up titled texass action obamacare blunder. they are sayin-- this is what hn conservatives fall into the
7:09 am
liberal trap, thinking they can use the courts to achieve policy goals that need to be won in congress. what do you think about that? >> i would reference my previous comments about the united states senate. it is a worry they will be too quick to come -- to move left on this issue which my opinion would be a mistake. look, there are some great opportunities before us. the issue that i hear from people continually is this system is too complex and it is too costly. so help us with the cost and the complexity and nothing that certainly happened in the affordable care act did anything to help the complexity. it made it worse. and i've got to tell you, there's a lot of other stuff in the affordable care act besides just the health insurance stuff. the bureaucracy that was created in the affordable care act is really just absolutely mind-numbing. the fact that you would have an opportunity to dial some of back, that would be a wonderful thing. maria: just to be clear, the
7:10 am
law stays in place while this is litigated in the coming months. do you expect that there's going to be let's say the supreme court rules the same way, will there be a replacement in 2019? >> well, that's always been the difficult question. remember, 2012, when the state attorneys general brought their suit, and i thought for all the world that they were going to pull the rug out from under the affordable care act. we had to be ready. we had to be ready with things like kids until 26, pre-existing conditions, donut holes. i prepared legislation in 2012, the day after that edict came down, to be prepared to get to work on those things. it never happened. i was prepared and the supreme court said no, we decided it's a tax and it's perfectly lovely and you can keep it, thank you very much. maria: it is a tax. you've got to look at it like a tax. before you go, we've got a
7:11 am
deadline on the horizon, the clock is ticking. looks like we're going to see a partial government shutdown, four days away. do you agree with that? and can you walk us through what that means? the president is demanding that congress provide $5 billion in funding for the border wall. the democrats are showing no signs of budging on this. so a partial shutdown on the way. what closes? what are the nonessentials in terms of who works and who doesn't? what does it mean for a partial government shutdown, sir? >> first off, i think the president is right. he does need the money for the border security that he has requested and the congress should provide that money. whether it's a republican congress this week or a democratic congress two weeks from now, the congress needs to provide the president the money. maria: yeah. >> i do not think government is going to shut down. maria: you don't? >> i wouldn't rule out another short extension that goes past christmas and come together before the end of the year reach liss particularly, do the democrats want to start the first of their term dealing with
7:12 am
this leftover problem, i don't think so. maria: you would think not. we're all focused on china as the u.s. and china are in this fight not just about trade, devin nunes detailed his committee's investigation with me on sunday morning futures. watch this. it's actually very troubling. >> what we found is is that they're moving in first with leverage like loaning money, building infrastructure, i think concerning is when they get ahold of the electrical grid, get ahold of the banking system and they go in withs companies like huawei or zte and they offer basically free infrastructure, so free communications infrastructure and my warning to a lot of our allies in the countries that i meet with is, look, there's nothing for free. the chinese are doing with that, they're ensuring they control the communications infrastructure so they can monitor for economic purposes those businesses and others they
7:13 am
may want to get involved in, so they have total control and manipulation capability over those countries and governments. maria: this is so extraordinary, congressman. i know john bolton has said to africa, african countries, that russia and china are enemies, be careful. that's what china is doing. your reaction to this? what should the u.s. do? >> i was in el salvador in august of this year and the government there made a decision to move from taiwan to communist china as their principal ally and friend. i thought that was a terrible mistake for all of the reasons that chairman nunes just outlined. look, of course that's the decision that those countries are making but they need to make them with the full knowledge of what they're actually inviting in and what they're entertaining. to tell you the truth, the thing that i've been really concerned about in our country for a long time is the amount of fenc fentl that comes into the country from
7:14 am
china. was grea grateful when the prest said i worked on an agreement to limit that. maria: that is another issue. great to see you this morning, thanks so much. coming up, google expands, the tech giant creates thousands of jobs in a major american city. we've got the details. it's a big day for bitcoin, not the kind you would want. the cryptocurrency celebrates a special anniversary, back in a moment, right here. ♪ real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. it's proven quality sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts... so you can get a running start on the holidays. and now get free delivery and setup on all sleep number 360 smart beds.
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about nuplazid. maria: this just in, saudi arabia is pushing back on american lawmakers. cheryl casone with the details here. what a story. cheryl: it is. here's what's going on, maria. the saudi foreign ministry is denouncing a u.s. senate resolution which condemns the crown prince for the death of jamal khashoggi. the kingdom says the vote is interference based on, quote, untrue allegations.
7:18 am
a group of senators voted to blame mohammed bin sal man for the cu murder of khashoggi insit the u.s. consolate. back at home, looking at google. they are looking to spread their wings here in new yor new york a pretty big way. they're laying out details of a $1 billion expansion plan. the new google campus will be in manhattan's west village, because there's so much room there. the company's announcement comes on the heels of amazon's decision to locate a new headquarters in new york and apple's announcement of a second campus they're opening in austin, texas. taking a look at alphabet, the stock is actually down slightly for the year. all right. it is the one year anniversary of bitcoin's peak when the price soared to more than $19,000. in the last year, that price has, well, plummeted. it's now close to $3,200, that's an 83% drop. many investors still bullish
7:19 am
about it. some say it will be wildly used in three to five years, so stand by. maria: i don't know if a lot of people are surprised that bitcoin dropped from the highs, but it certainly did. thank you. coming up, major blow to obamacare to report. we detail what's next for the law. the white house shake yup, president trump makes key change toss the administration, we'll talk about that, right after this. ♪ i'm learning to fly. ♪ but i ain't got wings. ♪ coming down. ♪ is the hardest thing. ♪
7:20 am
7:21 am
...i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. ...and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway.
7:22 am
which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. maria: another white house staff shakeup to report. president trump named mick mulvaney as acting chief of
7:23 am
staff, after announcing john kelly's exit. he announced ryan zinke will be out by the end of the year. joining us right now is the former presidential candidate and former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. it's good to see you this morning. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much, maria. merry christmas to you and all the panel. maria: and to you, merry christmas. we looked at the chart of all of the changes in the trump administration. does it feel like it's higher than typical or do you think this is sort of par for the course? >> well, i think it may be a little higher than normal but there's always transitions going on in the white house staff. more so in this case for two reasons. one, this is a tough president to work for and not because he's a difficult person individually, but he is very demanding and very few people can keep up with him. he may be 72 years old but he's got the vigor of somebody who is about 32 years old and he
7:24 am
absolutely is just without the capacity of exhaustion. i've been with i' him on the campaign trail. i was shocked with his stam sta. the other part, this is a white house under siege, it's attacked by the democratic party, it's attacked by virtually every political operative in the nation and it's especially attacked by members of the press. so it makes doing a job very difficult because of all the distractions. i think people just grow weary of it. maria: i think that's a good point, he is seriously under attack. >> governor, one of the things that concerns me is in replacing some of these positions, knowing that the democrats are going to be in control of the house and knowing that they have the ability to send subpoenas, is it going to be hard to fill some of these positions, because somebody from either the private sector or elsewhere in government just doesn't want to be under siege with subpoenas and document requests and the like. >> mitch, that's a great question. the answer is yes, they're going to be reluctant.
7:25 am
i've been asked on several occasions to look at posts from the president. i've just said no. i've done 30 years in politics, almost and frankly there comes a point at which it's almost like saying, yeah, why don't you come on over, take a huge personal pay cut from the private sector and when you get here, you're going to be under the level of scrutiny you've never seen your entire life is going to be bare in the front pages of the new york times and washington post and you'll be accused of everything from colluding with russians to maybe doing damage to your pets. it's just not something a lot of people want to go do and it's unfortunate. we're losing the capacity to get people in public service whether an elected or pointed position and that's really sad. >> governor, i know that we're talking about this is a very unique t president to work for d there's tough things about the white house in particular. do you think the reason that
7:26 am
zinke resigned was because of those reasons you mentioned earlier or was this something else? was this predictable or is this a different case than the rest of them we're talking about here? >> he was doing a lot of good things at the department of interior in terms of policy. the problems that zinke had, some were his own making. there were things like the private jet travel and there were some controversial issues, some of it is trivial, it's totally nonsens non--sensical, t doesn't matter. but it's a distraction. this is a president who doesn't need distractions. he needs people who stay out of the papers and out of the spotlight, not get in it. and so i think that's a lot of it. and the other thing with zinke, he knew and the president knew he would be a target as soon takes democrats took congress. and who needs that kind of grief? dagen: if you run on draining the swamp and you hire somebody who wants to basically start his own gator farm in d.c., that's a
7:27 am
problem. [ laughter ] >> it is a problem. [ laughter ] >> that's a real problem. make boots out of the alligator, make gator bites, it's good eating, gator is, but you don't want to make them your pets. honestly, that's one of the reasons that you've seen some transitions with agencies, whether it's scott pruitt or ryan zinke. good guys, did good things but forgot the spotlight was on them in a way they didn't need. dagen: they forgot they work for us, the american taxpayer and we don't fly on private jets. maria: there's a lot of that going on. how about the dueling banjos after if frantic call i made to you, i read on twitter. [ laughter ] >> well, i have to keep it lively, maria. maria: i love it. >> you don't want to be boring. maria: never boring. it's great to see you. merry christmas to you and family. thanks very much. >> and to you. maria: we'll see you soon. coming up, comey returns to capitol hill today, find out what lawmakers want to know from the former fbi director.
7:28 am
that's up next. and then facebook under fire, the social media giant faces new scrutiny this morning over a major data breach, details next up. ♪ sugar pie, honey bunch. ♪ weaker than a man should be. ♪ i can't help myself. ♪ i'm a fool in love you see.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 17th. your top stories right now, 7:3. a lower start for markets this morning, check it out. futures indicating a decline at the start of trading of 30 points, the s&p 500 is down 2 points. this after the major indices took down roughly 2% losses apiece on friday, down 500 points on the dow industrials on friday. s&p 500 gave up 50 points and the nasdaq was down 160, that was 2 1/4%, the second week in a row that markets were lower you across the board.
7:32 am
european indices lower this morning as well, taking a page out of wall street, as well as the weakness going on in the u.k. cac down two-thirds of a percent, dax index down half a percent. asian markets finishing mostly higher with the exception of hong kong as can you see there. facebook is under fire again, the social media network you apologizing for a bug that exposed millions of user photos. details coming up. then a robot has fallen. a deliverly bought at a california university catches fire and students are in mourning over it. we've got the latest. yes, it's true. plus, merriam-webster has released the word of the year, hint, it is really big with superheros. we'll bring you the word coming up. the bears beating the packers in history-making game this weekend, what a surprise proposal to tell you about as well. all that coming up in sports. stay with us for that. our top story this half hour, a lee l gal plea to obamacare.
7:33 am
a federal court ruled the signature health care law is unconstitutional. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reacting to the ruling this weekend. even some republicans think the judge went too far. >> there is widespread support for protecting people with pre-existing conditions. there's also widespread opposition to the individual mandate. >> we believe this should be overturned. it's an awful, awful decision. we have a divided house and senate. i think the courts have to be the first and best way to go. maria: joining us right now, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. good morning. your thoughts on the obamacare unconstitutionality decision. >> i think it was the right decision. you may say how can a lower court, a trial judge -- the supreme court found it constitutional. how can a lower court judge find it unconstitutional? the law changed. the supreme court said that
7:34 am
congress is without the authority to compel you to engage in interstate commerce, to force you to buy something. but it can tax you if you don't buy it. and that was the hook on which the court hung its hat. the chief justice, roberts and the four liberals voting to uphold it. when the congress under president trump removed the tax from the individual mandate, so if you don't have health insurance, if you don't comply, there's no tax penalty then there is no constitutional hook. this is a new challenge based on the law it exists today. i think it will be upheld by the supreme court if john roberts is intellectual honest. if he finds some route by which to uphold this thing -- dagen: here's another root, based on the wall street journal editorial, that millions of people now rely on obamacare subsidies and rules which argues against judges repealing the law by fiat, the so-called reliance
7:35 am
interest. in any case the supreme court's severability doctrine calls for restraint in declaring an entire law illegal based merely on part of it. >> let me explain it to you. dagen: they expect the judges will overturn judge o'connor's ruling. >> anybody can predict one way or another. dagen: i'm pushing back on your -- >> i share part of what the wall street journal is saying. here's their theory. when a large segment of the public has come to rely on a governmental benefit, it is unfair for the courts to take that benefit away. it's up to the political branches who will bear the heat for taking it away. the flip side is if the law is unconstitutional the law cannot permit it to stand. i don't know which way the courts will go. without the tax in there, and with the court already having ruled that congress does not have the you power to compel you to engage in interstate commerce, there's no constitutional basis. maria: it sounds cut-and-dry
7:36 am
because of the tax. dagen: but the taxis n -- the taxis no longer a tax but the individual mandate wasn't done away with. it was the tax part of it. there's a legal line -- >> a that's the only way the court upheld it. the original vote in the supreme court was 5-4 against. the chief justice changed his mind with four days to go before the end of the term. he walked to the other side of the courthouse to talk to his liberal colleagues and said how can we save this because we, the court shouldn't undo it. romney was winning in the polls. if romney beats obama the political branches will do it. they quickly rewrote the opinion. dagen: to avoid up-ending it. >> the reason the severability argument is interesting, it's 2700 pages, two pages of
7:37 am
individual mandate. if you take the individual mandate out, will i invalidate the remaining 2,698 pages? the court said yes, because without the individual mandate, there's not enough of a pool of money for the insurance carriers to pay pre-existing conditions. maria: that makes sense. >> the statute will collapse. maria: fired fbi director jim comey will face another round of closed door questioning today. will we get more information than we got the last time around, when he said i don't know, i don't remember, i don't know, 244 times. >> i'm shaking my head. i'm sorry to tell you, you already know this, i don't think we're going to get anymore information. why? he wants to run out the clock. because come january 3rd, nobody in the house of representatives will be harassing him. the democrats will be lauding him. again, i wish these -- we've been through this so many times. i wish the questions and answers were in public so we can view the looks on the faces and
7:38 am
whether -- maria: let me push back on that. in a public hearing, you can say i'm not going to answer that, that's classified. >> you're right, that's the argument. maria: he can hide behind it's classified. i want the private hearing rather than public. >> then he says he doesn't remember and he doesn't recall. unless he's at the 92nd street y. maria: what he said at the 92nd street y i think was damning. he said we did it this way with michael flynn but we couldn't have gotten you away with doing it that way in a more organized administration. i figured they were just so disorganized, let me send a few agents over there. >> it's almost inconceivable that fbi agents would be roaming the hauls of the west wing -- roaming the halls of the west wing. what were they doing there? if they didn't have a search warrant, they have no business there. maria: the journal called it entrapment. >> i saw your interview with
7:39 am
general mukasey. in my opinion, he's correct. those they trapped him, it's not entrapment. entrapment is when you resist, you resist, you resist and they push and they push and they push. maria: they did trap him. i agree with that. congressman darryl issa will come face-to-face with jim comey, he will be among the questioners. he thinks this is a legal precedent that could be set in the flynn case, michael mukasey, perform a.g. countered that. >> i would not be surprised a bit that the conviction of flynn is overturned because of the justice department and the fbi's misconduct and that in fact we go potentially all the way to the supreme court with new protections when the fbi and the department of justice lies to somebody and tricks them into making statements and then charges them with a lie that they entrap them in. >> entrapment has legal meaning, it means overbearing somebody's will. in other words, if somebody
7:40 am
resists committing a crime, you try to persuade them, please and so on, and giving somebody the opportunity to commit a crime that he is otherwise inclined to committees not entrapment -- commit is not entrapment. >> i wish general mukasey wrong. the supreme court has written the feds, police, prosecutors, can lie, cheat, deceive, threaten and coerce to flip a witness or to get information from a witness. maria: you better watch out, lying to them. >> yes. yes. are they morally superior to us? a that's the martha stuart case. dagen: the fbi shows up to talk to you, you say get out, bye, not talking to you, ever. ever. maria: unless you have a lawyer. dagen: they will lie to you. they will lie and they can. >> the martha stuart case, the same conversation where he she lied to them, they lied to her. the fbi agent got a promotion. she got a jail. maria: insiders are saying one
7:41 am
of the reasons he wanted this over with is because they were threatening his son. they said that they were going to threaten husband son, throw the book at the son, the son works in the consulting business. he was afraid for his son. and he's out of money. he sold his house because he needed money to pay his legal bills. that's one of the reasons he said yeah, i lied. >> they did ruin him. but was there a legal basis for bringing a complaint against the son? i don't know. here's the thing. his guilty plea was given under oath. if he retracts that, it's perjury. lying under oath. so he's really in a bind right now. the sentencing is this week. maria: they really ruined his life. good to see you. thank you so much. coming up, facebook under fire, the company apologizes for a bug which may have exposed nearly 7 million users' photos. details coming up. mourning the loss of a robot? find out how students at uc berkley when a campus food delivery robot suddenly caught fire and died.
7:42 am
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7:46 am
may have exposed photos belonging to up to 6.8 million people. the bug allowed third party apps to access user photos. the bug has been fixed. but facebook could be facing a multibillion dollar fine over the failure to protect user privacy in europe. a european regulator is saying they're launching an investigation into the company following multiple reports of the data breaches which have been plaguing the company. shares of facebook lower in the premarket, pretty much flat at this point. merriam-webster dictionary has selected the word of the year and it happens to be a favorite of superman. >> i believe in truth. i'm also a big fan of justice. ♪ cheryl: that's right. the winner is, justice. the editors say the word was constantly among the top 20 looked up by visitors to
7:47 am
merriam-webster's website. searches for justice are up nearly 75% this year over last year on a website that we should say gets more than 100 million page views per month. and then there is this. students at u c burkely are morning the loss of their robot. it was designed to deliver food. i erupted into flames on campus on friday. here are the pictures for you. the p company behind the robot said it was a faulty battery. students decided to set up a candlelight vigil for the robot. people expressed consistent co-lenses. don't -- condolences. don't mess with college kids and food deliverly. maria: a candlelight vigil? >> whether it's for the bought or the fact that insomnia cookies won't go delivered at 3:00 in the morning. maria: that's what the candles are for. >> that's what the candles are for. dagen: never underestimate the danger of a battery, the battery overheating. again, laptops on planes and
7:48 am
people complain about dogs, right. a dog's not going to catch on fire. >> that's right. let's talk about the word of the year being justice. that was surprising to me. as a word person, that's not what i was expecting to see this year. the most searched word was justice. i mean, looking into the administration. why? dagen: trying to figure out how to spell it. there's no "a" in it. maria: major win on the road, super bowl champs eagles with a crucial win yesterday t. highlights, plus a surprise proposal, right after this. ♪ and i don't want the world to see me. ♪ because i don't think that they would understand. ♪ when everything's made to be broken. ♪ i just want you to know who i am. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand.
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maria: welcome back. huge upset in the nfl last night. jared max with all the highlights in sports. when news broke that eagles' starting quarterback carson wernts hawentz had a fractured e -- the eagles scored the largest upset in 23 years. they scored the super bowl mvp. it set up one of two rushing touchdowns. philly won 30-23. the eagles still alive, 7-7. the new england patriots have a rare two game losing streak. ben roethlisberger led the steelers to a 17-10 win. the pittsburgh half game better than baltimore atop the afc north. 402 consecutive passes, aaron rodgers had thrown without getting intercepted. but mr. rogers neighborhood was robbed sunday.
7:53 am
the bears eliminated -- the packers eliminated from playoff contention while the bears clinched a playoff title. charts lenow junior clinched ma trougmatrimony. watch this. >> will you? do you accept? do you a accept? i love you baby. >> jennifer roth accepts. he was so nervous, sh he asked f she would like to marry mr. charles. the co cowboys shutout. dagen: let me illustrate this. >> ouch. >> we were looking for cheryl's reaction. maria: i like your shoes. dagen: thank you. >> my take-away, look at that heel. dagen: you say you love the cowboys? that's what happens. >> those are colts colors, i
7:54 am
might add. >> the giants, the poor, poor giants. that was such a sad -- >> it was a bad day. >> freezing rain and watching the giants lose. >> again. >> again. >> i mean, at least they lost well. dagen:.dagen: this is what hap, it's called one game come uppance. >> the colts looked good. it was 14 point spread. nick foles just won the super mp award. it didn't shock me as much as it seems like the eagles won last night against the rams. >> how about the pats losing two weeks in a row? >> dagen? dagen: wooo! i'm too busy hating on the cowboys. >> you wonder if this year
7:55 am
they're fallible. bill belichick, blowing into his hands because he's so cold. >> maybe they'll be eating real food. >> i wouldn't challenge tom brady an the football field or in terms of his diet enterprise routine. the guy is like -- exercise routine. the guy is like 102. maria: catch jared's sports reports o. we're pretty much at the lows of the morning with the decline of 65 points on the dow industrials, quarter of a percent. s&p down quarter of a percent and the nasdaq down quarter of a percent. we've got a federal reserve meeting on interest rates, two day meeting on tuesday and wednesday. we're expecting the fed to raise rates. this would be the fourth time this year. >> and they're going to be listening to word. this reminds me of the days when greenspan would speak and they would hang on every world. we're back to those days. they'll hang on every word that comes out of powell's mouth.
7:56 am
maria: it's to give us some intelligence of what 2019 looks like dis it's not just what the fed does in the next year that has investors unnerved, it's about the global economy slowing down and the u.s. may be following the lead of germany and europe and france and japan. if you look at the financials are in a bear market as of friday and also the dow transports have lost 12%, just in the month of december, worst month since february 2009. that says something about more than just the federal reserve hurting the economy, i think. maria: transportation sector, it's indicative of the global economy. so we'll see about that. still ahead, trouble for amazon, workers are striking as the holiday shopping season hits crunch time. we'll cover that next hour, "mornings with maria" right here. stay with us. ♪ i set fire to the rain. ♪ watched it burn as i felt the
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning thanks so so much for for joining us i am massive passive. monday, december 7 your stop o stwrooirz 8:00 welcome on the east coast, stocks under pressure lows of the morning right now futures indicating a decline of 75 points, on dow industrials, opening of trading, a third of a percent lower s&p down quarter a paris 6 1/2 points lower nasdaq down quarter pastor 15 points legislator waiting on federal reserve decision on wednesday, two-day fed meeting begins tomorrow we are anding the fed to ray rates on wednesday, this after a sell-off friday indices swliegd 2% apiece dow industrials down 500, 2% lower s&p 50 point deadline nasdaq gave up two and a quarter percent 159 points lower on nasdaq on global growth concerns, in europe, this morning, markets lower there as well, the ft 100 down a half percent cac quarante in paris down three-quarters of a
8:01 am
poorz fax in germany down two-thirds of a poorz in asia overnight mics mostly higher best was japan nikkei average up two-thirds of one percent criminal charges, from goldman sachs, malaysian authorities are seeking billions of dollars in fines, from goldman, tied to one mbd scandal details coming up a crunch for amazon workers going on strike threatening gift deliveries one week before christmas, plus price of gasoline sliding we tell you what to expect before hitting the road for the holidays stories coming up monday morning joining me to break it down fox business dagen mcdowell mitch roschelle pet of maslansky and partners lee carter great to see you. >> great to be here. >> good show. >> quick two hours. [laughter] i know we are third hour. >> we are watching markets, quiet week likely, going into the holidays, in the following week, but the big news will be the federal reserve, and the
8:02 am
meeting on attributeinterest ra. >> all the eyes are on the message, and the remarks about how our economy linked to other xhes around the world. >> look at europe right now, you know, france on fire, you know, uk has issues, really, uk has issues in terms of brexit a lot of uncertainty there, germany election the economy we saw weaker-than-expected data there italy has budget issues, i i mean, europe is -- is falling. dagen: right how much longer than u.s. show continued strength with the world looking weak. one thing we talked about earlier in the show, the santa claus rally since 1969, s&p averaged gain 1.3% over seven-day period, around the last five sessions of the year if first two trading days, of the new year, so, again, if s&p 500 is going to would i finishing in the red for 28 --
8:03 am
2018, going to need that year-end boost down 2.8% year-to-date. >> again, it is flat, if you -- factor in the record amount of dividends paid giving serious to investors that is what we watch for past that fed meeting maybe you get a rally rally. >> government shutdown what are they going to do there come together or not is that going to have impact on markets. maria: i don't think markets care about a partial government shutdown. >> interesting earlier in this news environment where everybody is so sensitive gets reactions to everything might be different than you might expect otherwise, so got to keep eyes on it. >> is to pressure markets -- >> the market shook off virtually every news, especially, those around trade, and now they are hyper focused on everything. >> what is the difference one of the questions i have for folks why so different we are so sensitive now when optimistic before, what -- snapped? >> higher rates, and slowdown. >> jea but i think. >>. dagen: democrats won the
8:04 am
house, i am just joking. >> factored into the market, making a joke. >> i think people viewed the market as just this thing that kept going up, it was infallible corporate earnings so strong, and, this saw that there was one way line, and then all of a sudden, there was breakage people started looking behind it behind it behind it, finally things just didn't like -- >> i think some liquidity problems in the market recently unnerved investors bonds very hard to play very hard to trade, and that anything fixed income that happens like that shockwaves through financial markets not easily seen. >> that is interesting. maria: earnings were up 29% third quarter year-over-year a lot this hour joining the conversation former speaker with of the house newt gingrich is with us this morning lincoln motors president is here a big unveil, coming up on plaza wait till you see wheels host of "varney & company" stuart varney weighs in as well don't miss a moment a big hour
8:05 am
coming up, we kick off right here with a legal blow to obamacare, a federal court ruling the legislation is unconstitutional. causing even bigger defy in coning blake burman live right now at the white house with more, blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well back in 2012 supreme court ruled that obamacare the affordable care act was constitutional, because the individual mandate could be ruled as a tax, however, over the weekend on friday, a u.s. district court judge in texas said, because the individual mandate no longer exists, then obamacare should not be seen, as constitutional. president trump celebrated the ruling over the weekend. >> a big ruling, great ruling for our country for the big, big, big, finally -- highly respected judge highly respected in texas assumption that supreme court up holidays we will get great, great lieutenant colonel for people sit down with democrats to do it i am sure they want to do
8:06 am
it also. reporter: in interim nothing has changed the as result to the affordable care act and those who use it to obtain health insurance, this will make its way through legal system heading next to the u.s. cultural of appeals for the fifth circuit democrats call the ruling a mistake. >> and i don't quite understand it because talking about the individual mandate. which in many, many states, there is an individual mandate for car insurance that is something that has been done all over the country to say we know you are going to get in-car accident you need car insurance, you know you are going to get sick should you have to get health insurance if you can't afford it we should help pay. >> tweet over weekend president trump said one point mitch and nancy get the it done talking about need or his desire for republicans democrats to sit down hash something out as relates to health care keep in mind it was issue of health care, that was the top single issue for democrats if last election
8:07 am
that helped flip the house from red to blue remains to be seen what if any kind of compromise could be struck on capitol hill especially considering this is now likely to make its way through the legal system. dagen: . >> we will see about is that blake burman with the latest there president trump tweeted on obamacare, here is what the president just wrote, deductible comes with obamacare is so high, that it is practicable not even usable hurt families badly we have chance working with democrats to deliver great health care, confirming supreme court decision will lead to great health care results, for america writes the president former speaker of the house fox news contributor author of the book "trump's america," newt gingrich is here great to see you as also a thanks so much for joining us. >> -- glad to be with you pretty interesting time. maria: interesting, on so many fronts, let's start with the obamacare ruling, your reaction does this go to the supreme court? does this supreme court rule the same way? are they going to be able to come together what is your
8:08 am
take? >> i don't know i think, supreme court justice roberts now, has been hoisted on his own ruling, i think i at thought too clever the way they maneuvered around to pretend a tax the base of the whole thing if roberts sticks with original reasoning no longer a tabs, therefore, no longer constitutional, but that is not the important thing, that is lawyer talk could go on six months or a year or two years. the important thing is 46 democratic freshmen wrote a letter last week to speaker pelosi, saying they really came to legislate not just investigate. the president ought to reach occupant as he began in tweet, certainly by the state of the union he should have a serious proposal to fix the system in terms of access, in terms of preconditions, in terms of setting the stage for what
8:09 am
senator talked about as a dramatically less and have health system say to democrats i want to work with you, because health is more important than partisan infighting, and do they come back say no? we would rather let people not get insurance because we rather try to score points? i think that is a big negative, whichever party doesn't want to goernt health care i think is in a losing position. >> that is why kevin mccarthy reached out to those people who wrote that letter covered yesterday on "sunday morning futures" saying we want to work with you, it is interesting issue that you bring up because you got a guy like congressman tim ryan has national aspirations you know that, want to go do work for the manufacturing worker out here you know, wisconsin, ohio where he is from yet facing all colleagues just want to investigate president trump how does democratic party evolve in this next two years
8:10 am
when you've got people like ocasio-cortez others, really taking the party all the way radical to the left? >> sure, look i think three wings to the pelosi party, there is the left wing sort of fantasy wing there are the professional politicians want to investigate a pretty good bloc of far more than i would have guessed not just 46 freshmen but number with ryan others, number of more senior members, who are just practical want to legislate she has to say ride herd all three i think mccarthy did right thing reaching out i hope the president will reach out to same freshman and older mks, a bunch of older members who also would like to legislate, and let's see whether or not you can put together, a bipartisan majority that actually gets something done starting in january and february. maria: meanwhile, how
8:11 am
important this is partial government shutdown we are expecting is if we have four days away -- >> i am going on a limb. >> president wants five billion dollars to found the border wall reaction from yesterday "sunday morning futures" watch this. . >> what are you expecting in terms of a partial government shutdown, looks like we are going to see it. how are we impacted? >> well, i think over the holidays it will come down to you know, a national parks federal workers i think we could fix once we get a new government in january. so i think the impact won't be won't be huge. to be honest but, again, sign of dysfunction in washington. maria: newt how do you see it? >> i think it is pretty dumb to shut the government down at that point on christmas eve. i went through several shutdowns with clinton very tough one lasted a long time, but it was over the principle
8:12 am
of balancing the federal budget ultimately we got four executive balanced budgets the pretime i think fighting over would i hope to kick it into -- second or third obviously the president wants to get it done before the end of this congress, so the deadline probablyout to be on 2nd, i think doing literally christmas eve christmas day, for a lot of different reasons is not very sound. i also think ultimately, that the democrats will give him a lot more money on the wall. because i don't think they want to see the government shut down, and i think that in the end, what he is asking for us pretty reasonable, considering particularly the security implications of criminal coming in, and ms-13 drugs coming in i think kind of a losing hand to say, i would rather shut down the government than give the president the money to complete the wall. maria: you think the president wins here.
8:13 am
>> i think he will win substantially i think that he will get significant amount of money, and i think he will get it whether he gets it now or gets in early january but i think, in the end, if he is -- if he is prepared to be firm the congress will sooner rather than later have to give money your reaction what he wrote any time you hear a democrat saying you can of good border security without a wall write them off another politician following party line time for us to save billions a year have far greater safety and control, what about that? mr. speaker? because a lot of people say let's amp up technology the cameras, et cetera, at the wall that will suffice instead of wall that is what the president is talking about. >> -- you know, i know nancy pelosi had thing about the somehow a macho thing, the president sort of much -- i
8:14 am
tend same thing reverse to democrats why do you object to a wall what is the problem we know for a fact, that the wall around san diego works, issue you don't need to build a wall along entire country because sections of mountains sections that are desert, but certainly anywhere we have a large concentration of people trying to break into united states, walls work walls work in hungary in israel we know for a fact walls work why are democrats having this passion, over this issue which ultimately is a question whether or not you want to defend america, and whether or not you want to protect your neighborhood, from if ms-13 gangs. >> they don't want him to keep promises i guess it was a campaign promise they don't want him to have victories. it is politics i imagine, newt gingrich always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> final word what were you going to say. >> o i was going to say president as president every
8:15 am
signing time illegal grant kilz somebody will say democrats are blocking you, not protecting you bad position for democrats. >> newt gingrich joining us there, up next another blow to goldman sachs we've got the details on this lawsuit that hit the company, right after this. ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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calabria. it even shows the migration path from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at maria: goldman sachs facing criminal charges cheryl casone details. cheryl: that is right, malaysian authorities filing criminal charges against goldman in connection with one mdb scandal charges stem from alleged misappropriation of 2.7 plan from that malaysian fund, goldman arranged 6 1/2 billion dollars in bonds for them 6 years ago two billion has been allegedly stolen goldman made bucks off the traction, netting 6 hundred million dollars profits off bond sale goldman says it is cooperating they plan to fight if charges shares of goldman sachs down modern 2%
8:19 am
premarket, the stocks losing a little bit more steam, as we get closer to open of the markets monday, nissan motorists board met for the first time since firing ghosn they have not chosen who is going to replace him he was arrested november 19 still detained in japan. he is accused of financial misconduct for under reporting salary nissan hoping alliance partner renault will listen to the explanation of how ghosn allegedly got away with misconduct, folks at renault -- >> the company says establishing a special committee for improving governance, is it he going to examine failures according to rioters nissan wants to boost number of external board members. huawei defending against accusations in the crew states "the wall street journal" is reporting the company hired a team of american lawyers, to fight a proposal that would
8:20 am
bar small wireless internet providers using federal subsidies buying huawei equipment congress nunes told maria on "sunday morning futures" u.s. is worried about china's influence over huawei. >> my warning to a lot of allies in the countries that i meet with what there is nothing for free what chinese are doing with that is they are ensuring that they control the communications infrastructure so they can monitor for economic purposes those businesses and others that they may want to get involved in so they have total control, in manipulation capability. cheryl: huawei says equipment isn't more vulnerable to chinese interference and western firms that was interesting interview, by the way, yesterday on your show. maria: thank you, cheryl they just finished their report on china, in the intel committee, and you know a lot was classified, but did tell us right now what china is doing is offering free telecom service free telecom entrepreneur to any to any
8:21 am
country it is anywhere just the same way that putting up, military bases across the world, in -- a ton of places across the world nowhere near china, really troubling. >> collect a lot of data. >> yeah, spying on everybody we will keep watching amazon christmas crunch, workers going on strike we are on it making a comeback lynn motors resurrecting iconic feature for the 80' anniversary big reveal coming up.
8:22 am
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maria: welcome back, now this outlook for the new year as a
8:25 am
"the wall street journal" nbc news poll reveals one-third of americans think the economy will worsen in 2019 are gerri willis floor of the new york stock exchange looking at impact good morning to you. >> hey. good morning maria that is right boy could we use a santa claus rally about now, all three major indices in red last week, s&p 500 poised to finish in red for the year, about santa claus rally could deliver 1.3% gain traders hoping that happens we've got a week for that, this is the final trading week of the year market facing headwinds this week, we've got the fed meeting, general powell will have a lot to say traders focused on, government shutdown also possible we talked about that meanwhile, amazon, down in trading this morning, workers at two, dr. centers in germany are on strike, and that is threatens on time delivery of orders for christmas, also, the companies looking at can't realize a
8:26 am
profit or craft products may limit them they have a hard time making profit on 15 dollars or less heavy to ship bolted beverages, snack foods, so see if that happens i hope not maria, back to you. maria: gerri thank you so much gerri willis floor of nyse, what do you think here. >> have. dagen: about amazon i think they already discourage you from ordering these like bottles of water beverages things like that surprisingly take so long to show up when you order them like two weeks later your smart water shows up, i am just -- a conspiracy theory i know. >> just really trying to stick to it them by doing it now just and i hate that. >> absolutely. maria: coming up rude awakening how toxic workers that i affect your sleep cycle hear this one, then prices at the pump outlook on gas heading into travel season next good nice back in a
8:27 am
minute. ♪ .
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8:30 am
maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for join us i am maria bartiromo. monday, december 17 top stories right now w8 am on the east coast, bears getting early start to the week, take a look we are at lows of the morning right here, expecting a decline of about 100 points on dow industrials in an hour's time market opens dow down 29 a third of a percent s&p down 7 nasdaq down 17, quarter of a percent lower european indices lower across the board take a look at ft 100 down 43 points, two-thirds of 1% cac quarante in paris down 37 three quarters of a percent, dax in germany down 78 points, three quarters of 1% lower as well, asian markets mostly higher meanwhile, best was japan, up
8:31 am
two-thirds of 1% president trump tweeted this about the markets and fed it is incredible that with a very strong dollar virtually no inflation the outside world blowing up around us, paris burning china -- the fed considering another hike take the victory the president writes. we are expecting rate hike wednesday as you know meanwhile, no vote british prime minister terter expected to strike down secondly referendum on u.s. exit from european union, school kids in ohio sending heartily felt messages to general motors yee mary bar what they want coming up you might have kroeshgz to blame how rudeness in workplace can affect sleep and health we don't know anything about that here, though we got to tell you about it. meanwhile, check price of oil this morning, 5140 light kweet
8:32 am
crude up a third of a percent, 60.66 price of gasoline is now 2.37 a gallon, that is down nearly 10% from where a month ago, joining us right now opus global headed energy analysis tom, good to see you thankings so much for joining us. >> good morning, how long do you think oil stays around these levels i mean this has to be good news, for consumers who are going to hit the road heat comes, with the decline that we've seen in oil. >> you know good news, and it will last probably early into 2019 i think looking at yearbookened withed low prices from the front end, and low pricey on the back end we will go higher, don't get used to numbers, in second and third quarters of 2019 we will go appreciably higher i want to mention two months ago, you had a lot of people out there, in the investment community
8:33 am
that were predicting 100 dollar barrel crude, instead this weekend price at pump in united states dropped below 100 dollars includes 70, 80 cents tax profit, and make-up so forth, so a lot of so call experts really wrong on this one. maria: um-hmm. >> good morning mitch roschelle as we enter home heating season, some people heat their homes about electricity some with diesel some national gas, one of the things we saw national gas prices up at the same time that crude prices, oil prices going down, is that dichotomy still taking place? if so why? >> i think it was taking place largely because people got stuck on different trades sometimes oil goes up because so many people that are long or short dollar, dollar makes oil move so there are a lot of people who were long oil and short natural gather got squeezed i am not so sure what
8:34 am
happened with natural gas based on on fundamentals but based on people having to get out of a lot of very, very unprofoundly trades the nature of the beast most action in the markets isn't necessarily based on fundamentals from day-to-day it is based on trading and particularly machine trading with 70, 75, 80% of the volume being done by algorithms black boxes. dagen: tom you said oil will be in second and third quarter of next year will be appreciably higher. is that because the world economy is okay? are we not are the maybe the stock market and other markets not reading what is going on, in the world are because, again, to have oil prices, a lot higher wouldn't the economy have to be stable? >> yeah, i think it is based on on a strong economy, most of the predictions are for global growth to increase by about a million and half barrels a day. opec, of course, is executing
8:35 am
-- cutting plus russians 1.2 million baerldz day i should emphasize right now crude oil in the united states, we are getting near that sort of death zone texas bad weekend cowboys shut out. >> yeah! about man. >> but the pertinent thing crude oil we see texas 42 or 43 dollars texas can't hedge that long, i mean, they are delusional if they think cowboys issue going anywhere. [laughter] >> have i think we have to get recovery in crude oil shale plays start to get crimped. >> there is some impact on for u.s. production, based on what is going on opec all this do you see increased production happening if we can get price stabilized more. >> i if i if prices stabilize in 50s wti, 60s brent what
8:36 am
we're calling for, you are not going to believe the numbers you are going to see for crude oil production from u.s. we are about 12 million barrels a day now be about 13 1/2 exiting 2019, believe it or not, in a couple years we may be producing 15, 16 million barrels a day of crude five or six million barrels a day more than russia or saudi arabia. it is price dependent if you see prices go back to 30 to 40 dollar range, all bets are off, but with -- somewhat moderate prices, we are going to see that energy dominance. >> when you look where price is what is the level that will sort of shut down production for some shale companies that we are relying on in terms of energy from the u.s.? isn't it a dangerous level where we are right now? >> yeah there is a dark side if to drop 10 dollars a barrel more it would throwoff all
8:37 am
those equations u.s. production, you know, rallying to 13 million barrels day so it is very, very price sensitive, and it is going to depend on a lot of things. >> you just said don't get used to prices around here going up again, what is your take in terms of the high end? >> well i think 2019 is going to look a lot like 2018. you will see, the high end of prices probably about 257, 285, much, much higher in the west. which is the way it continues to be right now, even at christmas time. the western states pay more than $3 but for the national price, i don't think we beat the 2.92 or 2.95 got to in 2018. we are at pretty much maximum demand. maria: you are talking about gasoline we are looking at light-sweet crude. dagen: before we go tom,
8:38 am
about this is -- let's point out giants played as badly as cowboys yesterday like cowboys didn't put a single pointed on the board. >> but we're not delusional as new york fans -- >> all right tom, final word thank you [laughter]. dagen: despite basically not having a quarterback still won yesterday. >> there you go. >> tom good to see you thank you so much, your speechless. >> merry christmas to you thank you tom, coming up deadlock in the uk what is at stake for britons exit from european union, is stuart varney the grinch why he says time for moderation this holiday season we catch up with him coming up. stay with us. ♪ ♪ smart bed, from $999 ...
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the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer. maria: countdown to christmas on we are over a week away stuart varney is feeling like the grinch than santa claus this morning host of "varney & company" hello stu. >> what is with moderation. >> a grinch moi, six kids nine grandchildren kidding me. >> correct me if correct me if i'm wrong i don't believe a drummer boy in manger years ago no ♪
8:43 am
as i recall i guess i am a grinch if i pick on that suggest that i am not real fond of secular and has music sounds like musak used to have in elevators i prefer christian music at christmas time or do we wish to abolish christianity from public skwa. >> i don't like mountains of presents under tree for young kids gone of a tar gross consumerism gross commercialism i would like a pullback. so having made two points maria, perhaps could you ask your people there am i indeed the grinch about to steal christmas. >> yes. >> [laughter] >> yes. >> -- sounds like a purist come on. >> don't you like to hear silent night, wouldn't even you like to hear that, hark the herald angels sing do we
8:44 am
want that and santa baby? santa baby? baby it is cold outside. >> there you go. >> from a list -- >> there is no greater christmas song than have yourself a mere little christmas sung by judy garland don't you dare, radar rain on their -- >> i could not dare, you want more i don't know if i agree with stack of gifts, doesn't have to be exattractive gant but fun to see kids opening christmas morning. >> after first couple it starts to drag. [laughter] >> cheap about plastic stuff come on. >> more eggnog that is the answer. >> the markets that work free markets that work, people want to buy. >> interesting a stirred a little argument here. >> a warning this argument if you will, is not going to fly with your children, or your grandchildren if you were up to something.
8:45 am
>> flies with my children now all grown but not grandchildren waiting a mountain of presents. >> st. nick over there. >> merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas! >> see you 15 minutes' time i know you will have a lot more "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" first work getting in the way of beauty sleep unpleasant coworkers may be harmful to health, we are doing big reveal making a comeback right on our plaza we will have it for you next. ♪ we may only have ♪ the morning sun your mine all mine ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud that proactively protects your business from threats, instead of just reacting to them. that lets you modernize and move more of your apps without re-writing.
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>> welcome back "mornings with maria" cheryl casone with headlines we are watching, british prime minister theresa may blasting calls for second referendum on britain leaving the european union according to release from office may will reject that idea address parliament today pressure building for a new referendum as members of our party offer plans to break the political impasse, may will tell parliament a second vote would undermine britain's democracy. well, students in northtown ohio hoping for christmas miracle from general motors ceo mary barra started a campaign to try to convince her keep open the plant slated to close next year this is a lot to take in i am constantly thinking about it lost the two friends their dad lost his job at your plant i don't want to lose 18 more friends, by moving away, gm announced plans to end production four
8:50 am
u.s. factories one in canada part of a major restructuring there have you had a coworker as this. >> the way you are honestly are time i try to do something fun, or exciting, you make it not that way. i hate so much about the things that you choose to be. >> turns out rudeness could affect your sleep insomnia study on negative effects shows disruptions could be caused if somebody at work ignores you pits you down con des sending to you, the company job to fix incivility at work also practicals meditation a hobby, frustrations could lead to better sleep as said earlier we don't have that problem we all work together. dagen: i have never felt more spovtd in a job than here i
8:51 am
assume many places have a regina george in midst or many, remember, well -- she has a long memory. >> no kidding 8 hours a night, all right we've got a lot more coming up might worn where maria is about to check out really hot wheels, we are reelings lincoln's continental center opening doors out on plaza with maria coming up. ♪ ♪ the hard work you put into lowering your very high triglycerides with diet and exercise deserves the hard work that went into the science behind vascepa. prescription vascepa. vascepa, along with diet and exercise, has proven results in multiple clinical trials. vascepa looks different because it is different. over a decade of extensive research and development
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♪ baby i love you ♪ ♪ ♪ he beep, beep, yeah! ♪ maria: welcome back from if plaza to bring back a classic lincoln celebrating 80th anniversary continental limited edition car iconic
8:55 am
center opening doors, right now before we get into this first on fox news, let's do bring in lincoln president, joy great to see you. thank you for joining us congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> we had the car in the plaza we wanted to do big reveal right now whee! >> gorgeous, gorgeous a lot of things you want to get to let's start one of the things you have been talking about with this limited edition is the legroom in the back. >> absolutely. >> that is -- >> get you in here so you can experience this. >> these doors open like this. >> very cool. >> technology go ahead. >> okay. >> you will see that we have incredible legroom with this vehicle. >> wow this is legroom. >> so a the edition back to 80 years ago 196 when you brought vehicle out like this, very excited, to do that. >> a lot of technology even back here.
8:56 am
>> you see you have extended consul you have some extra port for phone we know people back there -- >> um-hmm. >> unless this vehicle we have all of our drivers assist technology so we have our blind spot we have my favorite adaptive cruise control, we have precollision warning assist automotive emergency braking safety features. >> why call this sued door? >> that was something that became popular in the day we like to call it center opening door, if you will. >> like the way doors open cool. >> 90 degree turn you can see lots of -- egress-ingress room you can see the beautiful interior of this vehicle, so this will be available in our black label feature as well. you can see the luxurious nature. >> 80 units to commemorate
8:57 am
80th anniversary of continental driver's set a. >> that is correct a limited run there will be a number on the sale identifies which vehicles you have very exclusive. we've got really, car enthusiasts excited about this correct. >> today is first day. >> today first day contact your black allocable dealer if you want to get in only 80 of them sold, and this next year, and we will come out sell more but the only one that will be 80th anniversary addition. >> 100 her to dollars. >> north of 00,000 dollars vehicle one of the most xf we have the next one navigator selling well. >> are you aiming for this to be a car that was drivers driving other people in back like town car because of legroom. >> you can certainly see -- a big family. >> we think retail customers
8:58 am
will enjoy it delivery folks would be excited about this we want in hands also of people that are passionate about iconic style, comes with this vehicle. >> tell me, in 80 year celebration here, how the vehicle evolve in that how is it -- >> this is the perfect example form and function all the technology as i mentioned so it has everything thmodern car would need. >> technology coming up, you can put your phone in there you have all data as well. >> absolutely, if you plug it in, we do not share any of our data though we are very protective about that you have to opt-in, get close-up there you can about see how fabulous interior is. >> really beautiful, the legroom in the back is -- is significant. >> i don't think i have seen this much legroom. >> you haven't, most of any vehicle in the industry,
8:59 am
having we extended 6 inches to do door opening created that opportunity so you are right that is great legroom. >> in terms of competitors on the market, this is -- a sedan this is -- you don't see these kinds of doors anywhere. >> no the we are only one uniquely do this say we did this 80 years ago, so there have been others in the past but lincoln is the one put it on map was iconic lots of stars back in the day, abery help burn picasso wander to be seen in this. >> thank you for big reveal from lincoln we appreciate it congrats happy birthday to the continental dagen mcdowell mitch roschelle lee carter on set final thoughts how do you like wheels. >> i love them grandmother couldn't see over steering wheel would tip her hat to
9:00 am
lincoln. >> love the suicide doors awesome. >> different. >> new name for them. >> i don't love the name true. good morning maria. good morning to all of the glncht crowd back there and a let's get right at it how will markets perform this monday following friday whopping 5 point selloff lower across the board. but watch out. these sharp ups and downs have not gone away if it is consolation stayed in fairly narrow range are 24-26,000 that's the range recently. let get to the news background for today's decline. doesn't seem like these items are having that much effect on market but more and


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