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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 17, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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your home and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening.♪ ♪ [music] ♪ [music] >> good evening everybody. our top stories tonight, red storm rising. both russia and china continuing their dangerous encroachment in the western hemisphere.still going on notice by the national left-wing media. d.c. lawmakers, even the presidents national security apparatus.instead of trying to thwart the rising threat in those nations, the state department meeting with the taliban, trying to broker a deal on afghanistan. negotiating with terrorists and what is likely to be a futile effort to end what is been to this point, a never-ending war. why are our leaders tossing the
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monroe doctrine and failing to secure this hemisphere? we take it up tonight with fox news senior strategic analyst, general jack keane. also, fired disgraced former fbi director james comey acting like he is starring in a movie back on capitol hill. once again, frustrating house republicans, refusing to answer questions on what he knew about russian collusion from its very origins. james comey using the appearance to grandstand, to transfer responsibility for sullying the reputation of the fbi. request fbi reputation has taken a big hit because the president of the united states has lied about it constantly. and a whole lot of good people that watch your network believe that nonsense. that is a tragedy. lou: we take up the tragedy that is james comey and his return testimony. the latest for you on the correct deep state ongoing
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effort to subvert this president and his all-star lineup here for you tonight. former department of justice attorney, -- and former fbi assistant director, james carlstrom, former prosecutor sidney powell all with us on today's broadcast. the president refusing to budge on his threats to shut down the government. over congressional failure to fund the border wall. congressman jim jordan today saying it's time for republican leaders to stand with the president. >> we got to get $5 billion for the wall. this is a central promise made to voters in 2016. everyone knows good common sense, we should be able to secure the southern border. we need to stand firm and get that done. i think contrary to what nancy pelosi said the think their votes in the house to get it done. i just of leadership puts that on the floor, the full 5 billion for the wall. the president was very clear
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about that last week in the oval office pay less stand with the president and get this done. lou: and the president's efforts to follow through in his campaign promise to build the wall. to protect the american people, counselor to the president, kellyanne conway with us. also tonight, and other volatile session on wall street, the dow down more than 500 points on the day. we took up the latest in the market struggles here tonight. our top story, the intrusion by russia and china into the western hemisphere and it is being roundly ignored by the left-wing media. congress, the presidents national security team, at least publicly. russia has taken the bold step announcing it plans to establish its first ever military base in the caribbean sea just of the coast of venezuela. only 1350 miles from the florida keys. if this installation, russia planted to keep nuclear capable bombers, the same bombers that over flow the caribbean last week with the venezuelan air force. as russia plans for a base in the hemisphere china's 2021
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agreed takeover of israel largest port. they may squeeze the united states navy out of the post which routinely posts drills. u.s. officials privately concerned that sensitive infrastructure matters have not been properly vetted by israel's full national security cabinet prior to approval. and let's not overlook the united efforts of both china and russia when it comes to the national security. according to the reports, those two countries are working together on experiments to modify the atmosphere which could turn weather into weapons. creating natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. that is the goal. the frequencies generated by the weapons would also affect human brain function. and what may be most concerned to the government accountability office, the united states tonight, is unable to defend against russia
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and chinese hypersonic weapons. they report finding quote - china and russia pursuing hypersonic weapons because of their speed, altitude and maneuverability which may defeat most missile defense systems and they may be used to improve long-range, conventional and nuclear strike capabilities. and these are the chilling words. there are no existing countermeasures in the u.s. arsenal. joining us tonight, retired four-star general, fox business chief strategic analyst, general jack keane.general, great to have you with us. that is quite a litany of threats posed just in this hemisphere, your thoughts and your concerns about the absolute failure of the past two and ministration to respond to the intrusion on both russia and china particularly in central and south america. >> i spent a year on the
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commission looking at the national defense strategy. and we just issued our report a few weeks ago where we clearly, this initiation has correctly identified russia and china as part of a big competition that the united states has engaged in. but the reality is, there military capacities have closed on ours. and in certain areas, you've identified one of them, there are others as well. they exceed our capabilities. and when you look at what they are doing, in terms of their geopolitical strategy, dominate their own region, expand globally in terms of their own national interest, they are seeking other countries to be dependent on them and they are also seeking domination.they are clearly clashing with u.s. national interest in our own hemisphere, in the pacific and ineurope and actually , also in the middle east. there is not a major area where
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we are not clashing with russia and china at least one of them in some cases, two of those countries.lou: and the national security advisor, john bolton also announcing the africa initiative. after last week. but at the same time, no public, at least strategy announced of any kind to defend the u.s. interest in this hemisphere and to preserve our region of influence which seems like a fundamental proposition for any national security foreign policy. >> no, i agree with you. we did not have a strategy to deal with africa in the previous and ministration. this one has finally pulling together. we have to give bolton and the national security team credit for doing it. i think the strategy is right on the mark. it is not about more troops in africa, it is about using economic engine to influence it and break the chain of dependency that china and russia is imposing on those nations.
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we need to do the same thing now, with our own hemisphere. and that is why i think the national security team has been down there visiting. but we have got to fashion a western hemisphere strategy that can front russia and china's influence. lou: this is for present to identify the weakness in sustaining r&d and building weapons, building out our navy and replacing the remarkable aged air force fleet of war jets. but at the same time, this is a perfect region for the president to exert his leadership and his influence with his energy and his capacity to bring his vision to all of -- all of north and central and south america. >> yeah, it has to be a comprehensive strategy. these countries, some of them
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are not as strong as they were a number of years ago. they are economically challenged, some are moving toward socialism with very much we are aware of. we have got iranians, hezbolla , also in central and south america. these nations have seen this as fertile ground to advance their national interest and just a footnote about military technology here. with the chinese and the russians have developed with these hypersonic weapons.lou: right. >> and you're right there is no defense according to the gao and the defense department has said as much themselves.and the commissioner was part of, we certainly affirm the same thing. lou: right. >> these weapons could take out our carrier battle groups before they could send a single missile. they can reach all of our bases in the pacific where we currently have our fighters and take them down before we would ever launch an aircraft.
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they can reach all of our airbases that we currently have in europe and do the same and stop a carrier battle group from coming into the baltic sea. this is a significant military advance that they have made. now, we are fast-moving to do something about it. certainly, the trump buildup will be very critical to achieving that. lou: two contracts, substantial. about $1 billion have already been put out on contract for r&d and development of hypersonic weapons and the expression, hypersonic, it is five times the speed of sound. or higher. which is an extraordinary obviously, extraordinary thing. >> remarkable technology. >> well, all the more remarkable if we can get caught up and certainly, as you lay it out, there's no choice here. but to get caught up and quickly as the president fully
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intends. general jack keane, as always, good to see you. thank you so much. >> good talking to you. thank you. lou: stocks sinking in today on concerns the federal reserve might again raise interest rates. we'll find out pretty soon, part of the reason the dow fell 508 points today. it is because the fed begins a two day meeting tomorrow in which it will determine whether or not to raise rates as has been planned for some time. by wednesday. the markets are voting no right now in case anybody wanted. the s&p 500 is down 54 points. the nasdaq down hundred and 57. all three major indexes in negative territory for the year. the dow jones industrial plenty more than 3000 points. since october 3 when the fed chairman, jerome powell, vowed to raise rates without evidence of inflation or excess demand in the economy. perhaps, this will teach the chairman a lesson. we will be taking up these markets later in the show. with chief economist, one of
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our guest. also coming up, paul ryan leaving his post and perhaps leaving washington.where he is always found time to try and aggrandize himself and undercut president trump. quinn said that the fed is on the right track. i think he is trolling people, honestly. we talked about inclusive politics which tries to unify. does president trump practice those kind of politics? >> sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't? do i support impeachment of rod rosenstein? no i do not. >> obvious you cannot do that. we do not want to have a shut down. i don't think there is interest in doing that. bob muller has been left alone. he will continue to be left alone. but we still ran on this better way agenda. we put it into place, we put most of these things into law. >> as a result of the better way agenda becoming law? people are better off. >> there are no words.
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no nice words. to describe his ego, his incompetence and his disloyalty. did i mention his ego? just waiting to hear what he is trying to take credit for now. up next, lawmakers frustrated for a second day by the fire deputy director, james comey. we hope they are about through with him. it is about all anyone could stand. we will have more right after the break. and we will be right back.
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director james comey attempted to try to deflect blame for his conduct and the consequences blasting republican then president testify nearly 6 hours before lawmakers. >> another day of hillary clinton emails and the steele dossier. this, where the president of the united states is lying about the fbi, attacking the fbi and attacking the rule of law in the country. how does that make any sense at all? republicans used to understand that the actions of a president matter. the words of the present matter, the rule of law matters and the truth matters. lou: well, june is now james
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klosterman, serve nearly 30 years with the bureau. good to have you with us. it used to matter who ran the fbi. your sense of, what is going on in the fbi and its leadership, still. and the performance of this disgraced former fbi director. >> james comey is just -- i don't know, if you know, you look to a picture of someone who is a narcissist, that would be the picture you have in a book. the guy is just out of his mind. the notion of the fbi 's reputation has been soiled, not because of him, but because of other things. i mean it is because of him and it is because of the other five or six or 12, whatever the number is, people around him.
7:19 pm
the mccabe, peter strzok and the rest of these people. lou: everyone associate with him has been soiled or disgrace. whether fired or resigned. >> educated nimwit. i think he felt he was still the imperial wizard. the guy is just out of his mind, quite frankly. what he has done criminally, the federal violations that he has put himself into. and the bureau, you know, he is, he has zero support. for nearly a year before there was special counsel, it is unclear to anyone right now, why, how he got away with it. and why there was not some check because as far as we
7:20 pm
know, no other fbi director in history, has done that. >> he got away with it because he was a lieutenant in obama' intel army. he was a lieutenant in the army with others, brennan, klapper you know, this whole conspiracy. first off to stop trump and if by some miracle he was elected to make his administration worthless. >> i think back every time we talked about the intelligence apparatus of the obama administration unleashed on this president. i can recall vividly when the president said that he was being wiretapped. and the national left-wing media mocked him and said no, ridiculous! no evidence, blah blah blah. turns out it was worse than wiretapped. it was persecution, it was surveillance, it was spies with in his own campaign organization. there was nothing that they did not resort to to try to destroy this man as a candidate and then as a president. >> look at the timelines, meeting at the white house, he goes to new york to brief the
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president on certain things. he stays behind. and he mischaracterizes the still document. then he lets cnn ahead of time know that he was going to do that. then he signals okay, it is okay, cnn, you have the hook. you can do your show. i mean the whole thing is just -- it is disgraceful. totally disgraceful. and what he did to general michael flynn. it is just disgusting! and tomorrow, there will be a sentencing, and for what? sentencing him for what? >> what they did to general flynn was just an absolute, total outrage. the american people should be know, what they did with him, they bankrupted him, made him sell his house and do all kinds of things over
7:22 pm
nothing. over grudges. lou: and then they announced today that they are going after his two business partners. >> right. lou: foreign lobbyist. i hope judge sullivan throws the case out. i hope he chastises everybody involved in this witchhunt. i mean they were out of control what they did to him. they were in violation of the constitution. there in violation of the privacy regulations. the unmasking spirit we haven't even talked about that. lou: and i know in your view, that is a bigger scandal than all of the rest. >> hundreds and hundreds of unmasking, the evidence of where the obama administration. they've not seen the light of day yet. who knows what the number is. maybe it is 1000. but it is all part of the scheme that was hatched in the white house. the national security team and guys like james comey. lou: i'm sure that if we looked at the new york times or "washington post" and other cable networks, we will see the story about it tomorrow.
7:23 pm
i am just kidding. we will not. nor have we to this point. great to have you with us. >> nice to be with you. james kallstrom, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. did he think the new military base of the close of -- off the coast of venezuela is that abandonment of the monroe doctrine? cast your vote on twitter, like me on facebook and instagram @loudobbs tonight. up next the president proven right and interest rates. putting more pressure on the fed ahead of the final meeting of the year. will they have the guts to do the right thing? will they have the principal? or will they repeal to that phony nonsense of independence? how about good management? we will have that after the break.
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something that none of us want to discuss. that is a market that is selling off and selling off hugely! the doubt today down more than 1000 points. over the last two trading days only 508 points. the s&p and nasdaq, 52 week lows. s&p down 54, the nasdaq down 157. and picking up shares on this beautiful monday in america. crude oil down nearly 4 percent dropping below $50 a barrel for the first time since november. gold and silver up half a percent. copper lost and a half percent. if you want to figure what's happening with commodities, this is the place for you tonight. i reminded to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. journeyman, the chief economist managing director at moody's, great to have you with us.
7:29 pm
this is a heck of a time to have this discussion but, what we are watching in this market right now, you can almost make a case for deflation, certainly, disinflation with all of the talk from the fed about inflation. what in the heck is going on in that? >> the feds still believe in the phillips curve but the phillips curve has not been in effect at things since the 1970s. by the way that means that as the unemployment rate drops, inflation rises. it has not been happening. the opposite -- lou: according to the phillips curve, you have to raise rates. jerome powell. i've said this in the broadcast before. janet yellen had learned her lesson is fed chair. one of the reasons that they should have been a superior choice to jerome powell. but now he is hopefully learned his. we will find out over the next two days. because in the fed open market committee meeting, they're going to decide the direction,
7:30 pm
they are supposed to raise rates again because jerome powell pounding his chest saying he is a fed chairman, it is independent and the president was wrong about rates. the president was right, right and right. and he was right from the beginning. >> is incredible. the president even did a better job forecasting makes the most wall street economists! lou: he knows more.he is a businessman who's built a fortune and preserved it. >> that is correct. and what made it happen, if we have a rate hike on wednesday, i don't think it is certain anymore. they may just hold off. lou: is there any doubt in your mind that the fed doesn't understand now, empirically, looking at these markets, looking at the yields, do you look at the 10 year, the two year, five year, a flat curve inverted actually today. to whatever degree that is a forecasting tool. it would be insane to raise
7:31 pm
rates. >> and that's right the flat curve is telling the fed, the market is telling the fed that the rates are too high. so it is about time to go ahead and halt rate hikes for the time being. not that long though they would talk about a rate of three percent, the end of 2019. now the market is telling the fed, no way. they may be no higher than 2.4 percent. >> just for fun i went back and looked at some of the business reporting and some of the publications in the country. on october 3 after jerome powell had assured everyone he was going to raise rates for a while. they are nothing but -- even though the target hadn't been reached and there was no inflation anywhere it was exactly as it was the first interest rate hike after janet yellen took over. and, there was no suggestion that perhaps this was premature. perhaps we should wait for the markets. perhaps he should look for economic evidence. for the necessity.
7:32 pm
meanwhile we have lost trillions of dollars in this market because a few fools at the fed didn't listen to the president! >> the latest rate hike of september 26, the market value of common stock is down by $4 trillion. lou: unbelievable! >> is a lot of money and it does a lot of damage to retirement plans. lou: it is and i'm not really very appreciative of hearing a bunch of ignoramus walking around saying we are normalizing the conditions and the economy and they've no idea what they're talking about. did you hear -- >> i don't know what normalization means. the rate of interest, interest rates fluctuate. they move above, every point he wants to disagree with the president he is wrong. ryan is wrong. and you know, -- lou: if they could get rid of every fool like him in washington they could smartly move ahead under the president's leadership. let's talk about how we will move forward here.
7:33 pm
a fed that should be properly cautioned now, chastened, humbled by the idiocy of the decisions they've taken. given the market and economic reality. the american people need to have confidence that the fed will do no further harm. they've taken $4 trillion out, enough already! now get some back. >> that is exactly right. that very well might be the case. don't be surprised, this might be a replay of 87, 98. we are in a strong economy because of the weak equity market the fed eventually cuts rates, and in response, equity prices recover. lou: and every voter out there is going to remember this. that this president had over $7 trillion in appreciation in the equities market. those were the trump markets. since october 3, this is the feds market. and that is where the blame lies. >> the ball is in the feds court at this time. in all likelihood i think the fed is going to handle matters properly.
7:34 pm
though it may take a while. lou: it may take a while but i'll go with 1987, you know -- september 1987, the fed hikes rates, what happens in october 1987? you remember that. lou: i remember very well. >> black monday. lou: believe had black monday, black tuesday -- [laughter] the good news is, we were pretty well on the way to recovery by february 1988. >> yet, but it was relatively quick. lou: so there we are. all of that sunshine and candy rock mountain. i think that's a good place to stop.>> that's right and keep the unemployment rate moving lower. don't worry about the curve, don't get all upset about inflation because some average joe that gets a three percent increase in their hourly wage represents the price stability.
7:35 pm
that's not the case. lou: didn't want me near one of those damn fools talking not. if anyone ever be grudges working men and women with higher wages, i will -- i will cry for help. anyway, john, good to have you. >> appreciate it. lou: john lonski. lame-duck speaker paul ryan, spending his final days in washington doing what he does best self-aggrandizement , taking credit for the president's achievement. instead of working with congress to move ahead with the president's agenda. in one of his last moms of self-indulgence, paul ryan releasing this trailer. a video about yes, himself. about his efforts to pass tax reform. >> our tax system is punishing all the qualities that make america was
7:36 pm
political suicide. >> it was what needed to be done. most members were really uncomfortable. >> like anything else the speaker delves into, the planning doesn't go on for weeks or months. it goes on for years. lou: my gosh! i don't want to hear those words again. we will be back right after the break. counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, she is next. stay with us, we will be right back. ♪
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runs out friday at midnight. december 21. the partial shutdown according to some estimates would lead to an estimated 400,000 federal employment working without pay and the range of 50,000 furloughed. the agency protectively effective, -- agriculture, housing and urban development. joining us tonight, kellyanne conway, counsel to the president. and good to have you with us. a shut down looming, various stories coming at us from all directions. how likely in your judgment is the prospect of a deal that would forestall any shutdown? >> the ultimate dealmaker in the oval office, i believe that there is a much better chance
7:41 pm
of getting a deal than not. but the president wants to keep the government open. he just does not want the border to remain open the way they are. he wants there to be full funding for the government but that funding must include adequate funding for border security. i don't know if he could be any more clear on this issue. and not enough we can see and were exits from democrats who voted for the secure fence act. including helen clinton, barack obama, joe biden and chuck schumer. they see them -- they need to come up and vote. lou: we have a video clip of chuck schumer on meet the press. responding to the president's demand for funding for the wall. here he is. >> president trump should understand, there are not the votes for the wall in the house or the senate. he is not going to get the wall in any form. even the house, which is a majority republican, they don't have the votes for his $5 billion wall plan. lou: your reaction, counselor?
7:42 pm
>> my reaction is very simple. chuck schumer keep saying wall, wall, wall. trying to make a dirty word all the while not realizing it's about border security. it includes the wall and it includes also enhancements and improvements in fencing that the customs and border patrol telecine to be able to do their job to keep us safe and, the same type of funding that the senate passed in july. 10 of the 15 democrats on the committee voted for that package in july. and chuck schumer then and now, the minority leader in the senate, made joyful noise is about it. he's being disingenuous when he standing talking about wall and meanwhile it includes border security and other things as well. lou: hip errantly has such time available to him as minority leader that he can count votes in the house. i thought that was interesting. the mueller witchhunt goes on. leaks suggesting that they
7:43 pm
still want the present to sit downwith special counsel for an interview. really gianni , the president's lead attorney -- rudy giuliani saying that it would be over his dead body. your thoughts? >> let's get rudy giuliani some vitamins and keep him alive then. and let's hope that he is speaking -- but he is right, this is so when it came in as the presidents personal attorney and said, i think i can meet with the mueller team and see what else they need from us. maybe wrap this up. just goes on and on and on. the other thing, don't forget the president has submitted answers to the questions, they were submitted with counsel. that hasn't already been done under oath. and i think what happened today, and these people giving james comey a platform against taken grand storm. he's a proven liar and leaker. grandstanding talking with the future and truth and the constitution. lou: i want the president to fire him again. can that be done? >> in that case, --
7:44 pm
lou: not when it comes to james comey. >> he was talking about the flynn investigation, he came out and does what he always does. talk to the press i guess he is selling the next book but no one is buying it. lou: turning to again, the wall itself. that wall is so fundamental. to remind everyone to the president, his campaign, his promises and he alone, understanding the urgency among all of the presidential candidates, to secure our borders, our ports and to remind people that most, nearly all of the marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth amphetamine. >> fentanyl. lou: coming across the border. 70,000 overdose deaths a year. and people want to debate a wall and securing that? that is where the dimms are.
7:45 pm
that's where the rinos like paul ryan are.>> and i would remind them that walls work. you see them in arizona and california, they work. they do deter people from coming over and poison from flooding ever borders as well. all of the cocaine, heroin, fentanyl etc. the cost to this country, the cost of our heroin addiction and misuse disorders, that alone would pay for the wall and border security many times over. lou: and there is no price on saving all of the lives and the devastation to our, particularly our young people. >> this is very simple has an economic component and safety -- lou: the president will move ahead with this come hell or high water. >> the president said last week and has not changed that he will get the money one way or the other. remember, the 1.6 billion from the senate already from the summer, that is a great start and the president said he will make good on a promise.
7:46 pm
not because of the campaign promise but his first and solemn duty is to keep all of us safe. lou: weaver member why it was a campaign promise. because he was to make america safe again as i recall the motto from this president. kellyanne conway, always great to have you with us. >> take care. lou: kellyanne, it's terrific help to the present. and the witchhunt indicting two people close to michael flynn two days before he is to be sentenced. what's going on? the heritage foundation and former federal prosecutor, sidney powell will join me after the break with much more. stay with us.
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♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪ i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ lou: join us tonight, heritage
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foundation senior legal fellow, hans, great to have you with us. and former federal prosecutor, sidney powell. good to have you with us. let me start with flynn. is it your opinion, sidney, and i will ask this, i will ask each of you to answer this. was this a set up? and is there the basis in your
7:51 pm
judgment to be thrown out because of misconduct of the fbi? sidney, your thoughts? >> yes, it was clearly a set up in the beginning. mr. comey has admitted as much on national television recently. and given mr. mueller 's having the ball with evidence should have been disclosed to general flynn from the beginning. there is every reason to throw it out. he has apparently, disclosed one of the original three o2 according to information that came out a few minutes ago. for some of the judge sullivan orders this week. but we are still missing the notes from the original interview of general flynn. bristol missing the defense intelligence agency information and other information on top of that. lou: will find out whether the judge is satisfied because it isn't what his order demanded. your thoughts? >> i agree with sidney. it is important for everybody to understand and remember that there was no reason for the fbi to be interviewing michael
7:52 pm
flynn about the conversations he had with the russian ambassador.why? because it was nothing illegal about those. in fact, it is very normal for an incoming national security advisor, for a new administration, to be talking to foreign diplomats from all over the world as they get ready to take over foreign policy. so there was no reason, -- lou: there was no crime, no suspicion of a crime. >> exactly right. there was no reason for the fbi to interview about this to begin with so why are they still there? lou: nyc being sent is tomorrow when it is abjectly clear to everyone, that this man was set up, he was railroaded and the only crime is lying to the fbi. he would have been -- by the way the fbi agents that interviewed him as you both know, said, in their judgment he was not lying. this was a set up of the worst kind. but as jim said tonight, you
7:53 pm
know, the crime and all of this, the great scandal is the fact that the fbi said all of these people up. as part of the obama administrations unmasking through its national security apparatus and intelligence agencies, including the fbi, national security, the cia, the dni, james klapper. what do you think, sidney? >> i think was back to 2012. we need the fisa court decision into the private contractors are that mr. comey gave unlimited access to the raw intel. i think was fusing gps the other was crowd strike. they were accessing the nsa database probably for private profit. it will be the scandal of the century. we need to know who the people
7:54 pm
are. lou: we do need to know but to me, the real scandal is, that the presidentof the united states , made that unmasking possible if he did not directly order it to his intelligence agency heads. >> look, i agree. i think that is where everyone is overlooking. the worst corruption, the worst abuse here was the unmasking. why? because it was using our intelligence capabilities for partisan, political purposes. that has never happened in our history and it is corruption of the worst kind. lou: what you expect to happen tomorrow at scheduled sentencing for general flynn? you first, sidney. >> i'm very hopeful that the judge will throw this entire thing out for misconduct.lou: the final forecast? >> i hope it happens, i don't have confidence that it will but i hope for michael flynn's
7:55 pm
case, it does happen. if not, i think the president searcy needs consider a pardon for him. lou: hans von spakovsky, sidney powell, thank you both. we appreciate it. up next, days away from a government shutdown. unless congress delivers what the president has demanded to secure the nations borders. and the safety of our citizens. we will have more on the do-nothing congress when we continue. stay with us. we are coming right back. folios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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lou: last week our question was should congress remain in session during the holidays until they can fund the president's border wall and 9% of you said yes. the audacity to lecture republicans on values. >> republicans used to understand the actions of a president matter. the word of a president matter, the rule of law matters and the truth matters. where are those republicans today. i hope they will understand that. some day they will have to explain to their grandchildren what they did today. stand up for the values of this country. lou: the disgraced fbi director
8:00 pm
giving us a lesson in ethics. michael flynn to be sentenced tomorrow in a d.c. court. have a great evening, good night from new york. trish: president obama's legacy under fire for obamacare. a federal judge ruling the affordable care act is unconstitutional. this ruling may be the best thing to happen in our healthcare system because we get the chance to fix tonight a real way. provided the likes of cortez rsh * don't get -- likes of alexandria ocasio-cortez don't get their fingerprints on it. >> the fbi's reputation has taken a big hit because the president of the united states with


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