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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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david: she has the job of a lifetime. she should work 24/7. we thank you for watching us, and we'll be right back tomorrow. hope you can join us. >> we have other ways we can get to that $5 billion that we'll work with congress if they make sure we get a bill passed that provides funding for the wall. but there is a piece of legislation pushed around that democrats voted 26-5 out of committee to provide roughly $26 billion in border security. including 1.6 billion for the wall. we have been clear with members of those republicans and democrats, the house and senate on what we want to see, and we want them to work with us at the end of the day. we don't want to shut down the
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government. we want to shut down the border from illegal immigration to keep drugs from coming into our country and know who is coming in. liz: the white house appears to signal it could support $1 $1.billion so long as it gets other funding to get to that $5 billion the president wants. this ahead of a fed rate hike tomorrow. we have more on the democrats plans. medical and firefighters unions plan to fight bernie sanders, medicare for all. new york democrat jerry nadler contradicting himself on the grounds for impeaching a president. we'll show you what he first said about impeaching bill
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clinton and what he is saying now. the media not downplaying the border crisis but insist republicans are talking to each other in a bubble about it. the border patrol discovered a secret 50-foot tunnel dug under the border in arizona. a judge delaying michael flynn's sentencing. you won't believe what jim comey is saying now. thank you for joining us. thank you for watching. money, politics. we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to "the evening edit." let's get to edward lawrence. he's down in washington with
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more on whether there is a deal in the works to avoid that partial government shutdown. >> there have been many deals they started to put forward. the $1.billion. democrats keep saying no to whatever the senate republicans are putting forward. chuck schumer is saying it's up to republicans as to how long this shutdown will be. >> our preference is the two proposals we made. if republicans can't agree to those and propose a short-term cr, we'll look at it for sure. but as to how long it is will be up to leader mcconnell. reporter: representative chris van hollen said he would like to find a way to keep the government open. >> we just want to focus on trying to resolve this issue, not shut down the government.
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one way to do it would be to have a short-term continuing resolution. it's not my preferred result. >> senate republicans are work on this on all fronts trying to make this happen. the house doesn't come back in until tomorrow. the president changing his tone and softening it from harder tone of a partial government shutdown later this week. >> it's too earl to say, sara. thank you, everybody. reporter: he said he'll see what happens. maybe he'll try and find the money in other government departments, other government agencies. it might be tricky because it does need congressional approval. but in the next 48 hours, it will be very telling. liz: the dow closing up 83 points on the eve of a likely
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rate hike from the fed. the president had choice word for fed chairman, jerome powell. reporter: the president once again publicly urged the fed not to raise interest rates. tweeting at one point earlier today, i hope the people over at the fed will read the "wall street journal"'s editorial before they make another mistake. stop with the 50 bs. feel the market. sarah sanders is saying the president is simply speak his mind. >> he talks about the fed. is he genuinely worried if there is a rate height to be that the economy will slow down. >> the president is stating his opinion that he's within his right to do so. that's one of the reasons people like him because he does that and he does it regularly.
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he understands the fed is an independent agency. that doesn't take away the president's right to state his opinion on a particular matter. reporter: the president will be heading to davos, switzerland for the economic forum. border security said they discovered an unfinished tunnel under the border wall in arizona. >> these tunnels are the discovery of them are a fairly regular occurrence along the southern border. in tijuana many have been discovered over the years. this one was in nogales, arizona. as the customs and border agents always do. they have secured it and will fill it in with concrete so it cannot be used in the future. but more of this to tunnels will
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inevidence iably pop up as they d -- will pop up. they are seek information about the death of a 7-year-old guatemalan girl. she and other immigrants were first discovered in the desert. she was first held at a remote operating base. they have critical word for conditions at both facilities. >> what i saw in this facility is unbelievable. and unconsequencable. the spca would not allow animals to be treated the way human beings are being treated in this
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facility. reporter: near tijuana, what was a unified migrant ca caravan has become the tale of two tent cities. at the original encampment. there are around 600 or so migrants who still will not leave that location, do not want to lose sight of their ultimate aim of crossing the border. a second much larger facility 10 miles south has been set up by the mexican government. they are being given food, water, i.d. badges and access to job fairs. the mexican government appears to be doing what it can to try to per said them to stay here in mexico and build a life rather than pursue their american
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dream. liz: fred barnes, great to see you. another tunnel dug under the border in arizona. your take? >> i don't think that will have any effect on what's happening in washington and i don't think it will spur their being a shutdown of the government. we already see the president back away, and for a good reason. the idea that a shutdown would help put pressure on democrats is faulty. lit just put more pressure on republicans. liz: the "new york times" reporting the republicans are not showing up to vote. they may not show up to vote on the partial government shutdown. basically republicans swept from the house in the mid terms, and they are unsure that they may not even return for a vote. >> they lost 40 seats.
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that's a lot. that can certainly weaken any chance of republicans exerting their will. liz: why aren't the republicans feeling the urgency about what's going on at the border and showing up? where is the leadership in the republican party? >> there is leadership. i just think it's faulty leadership. the president, andrew miller, his domestic policy advisor talks about a shutdown as something we'll do. it's extreme, but it's a winning strategy. republicans have never won anything by shutting down the government. democrats can look at them and watch them and laugh. you have to remember, stopping trump from building the wall is a badge of honor for democrats. that's crazy, but that's the way they look at it.
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liz: the discussion of slush funds. there are slush fund that you can call all over congress and the federal government. this is really kind of interesting timing by chuck schumer to come in here and use that negative ma overtough term. >> there were a lot of slush funds there. president trump used them. it was smashed some drawer somewhere. the president could do that. but the media and democrats are going to fight that like crazy. and they do have more power now that they have the house of representatives. or will. liz: the republicans are in lame duck mode. why not use what you have until the bitter end. >> they are even lamer than they
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should be because many of the 40 republicans who lost their seats in the november election aren't going to come back to washington to vote. i talked to several like that. and they are just going to ignore it. liz: what are taxpayers paying their salaries for. >> that's a good question. i would think they shall only good it come back, and that doesn't mean they are going to in noise punishment for them if that happens. if there is a way out and there is a way out of this mess now, that ways they always do. they kick the can down the road. i think we'll see that with short-term spending bill. liz: this is the what it is in d.c. the pew research found the congress has only gotten the budget appropriations bill on time just four times since 1977,
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fred. love having you on. thank you so much for joining us. let's get back to your money. oil settling down 7% below $47 a barrel. as we head into the holiday weekend, gas prices falling again. the national average now just under $2.37. look at this. u.s. package delivery company fedex lowering its 2019 forecast citing weakness in europe. its shares are trading down. msnbc going after the president and big time the president's family. mission to off limitsage w limie are on it. jerry nadler first said one thing and then said another on what constitutes grounds for impeaching a president.
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liz: jerry nadler took the floor
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20 years ago to argue that president clinton should not be impeached after he lied over sexual misconduct. >> perjury is a serious crime and if proven should be possible dmiewtd a court of law. but it may or may not implicate the president's duties in office. perjury on a private matter. perjury regarding sex is not a great offense against the nation. it does not threaten our form of government. liz: he said impeachment is reserved under the constitution only for abuse of presidential power that undermine the structure and functioning of government. now jerry nadler calling for president trump's impeachment for actions he took before he was even in the oval office. >> they would be impeachable
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offenses. they would be impeachable offenses because even though they were committed before the president became president, they were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office. liz: he went on to say it was unclear whether that could be enough to bring impeachment charges. joining us, ford o'connell and kevin wally. why is perjury in office not impeach act, but an alleged campaign violation prior to becoming president, why is that impeachable? >> what a difference 20 years makes. it's not based on principle or constitutional dudey. he admits essentially campaign
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finance violations are not the basis for shy crimes and misdemeanors. if jar -- if jerry nadler and os want to impeach him on that, that will earn him another four years in office. >> president clinton's approval ratings actually went up when the republicans tried to impeach him. november was a wake-up call. we won 40 seats. it's clear the american people want oversight of this administration, but it's not clear if they want impeachment. liz: labor unions including construction and firefighter labor unions are fighting bernie
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sanders' medicare for all. here is bernie sanders praising it on cnn. >> medicare for all build on the affordable care act. but we can't move toward medicare for all when there are assaults on the healthcare system every single day. liz: multiple states said no to single payer medicare for call because they found it would bankrupt their states. the labor unions saying don't do single payer or medicare for all. it will crush our healthcare. >> i think she doesn't understand. voters want the costs to come down, particularly as it relates to prescription drugs, their premiums and deductibles. the one thing people care the
6:22 pm
least about is insurance for every one. liz: democrat senator elizabeth warren wants a new bill that would ask the taxpayers to pay for a new government-run factory to make generic drugs. this seems wildly out there in outer space. >> it's an interesting idea. i think it's out there. 90% of prescribes drugs in this country are generic. there is huge monopolies in the way our drug system is priced. she is bringing this up as an idea to tackle that. i don't know if it many the right prix fo d the right preden for this country. liz: a trump organization
6:23 pm
attorney says the a.g.'s statement is list misleading and the trump foundation was syncing to dissolve anyway. then arizona governor doug ducey appointed martha mcsally to the senate. he's resigning after being appointed to fill the seat of senator john mccain. coming up. we have got the debate on the mainstream media. they are going after president trump's children and hard. later in the show. religion in decline. studies have increasingly shown that we bring in two men on a mission to save america's empty
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churches and the communities they serve.
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liz: like all presidents, they are fair game for the mainstream media. that's certainly true of president trump. the media really going after president trump's children as well. watch. >> for a long time i thought the only way to get to trump is if you go after his kids. if you put his kids in legal peril it's the only thing that will shock him out of his lying, deceitful, cocoon. liz: amber, nice to see you. here is the back story to what's going on. ivanka trump was work for the trump organization and involved in negotiations for the president's inaugural committee.
6:29 pm
but this rhetoric is pretty heated. >> it's kind of sickening to see a group of so-called reporters, members of the media celebrating an encouraging the idea of going after a president's children. i understand ivanka is obviously a white house advisor. but the joy they took when they were discussing this is gross. but that's expected to someone like joy reid who made homophobic comments in the past then lied about it and said she was hacked. it's shock she still has a show on cable television. liz: ivanka trump at that time was working for the trump organization, not government. >> she was working for the trump organization and she was involved negotiating prices for inaugural committee events. so far there is no evidence she did overcharge which is what
6:30 pm
they are claiming, and these people are screaming "lock her up" like a deranged payback for hillary clinton. liz: jennifer ruben took his shot during an appearance on msnbc. >> republicans are kind of in their own little world. so donald trump who goes out and loves the applause of the crowd, goes out to red states and gets a lot of applause says the people are with us. liz: they were talking about the border wall. awol here are the 140,000 criminal illegals arrested this last fiscal year for rape, assault, robbery, drunk driving and more. >> also awol is jennifer ruben's apparent conservatism. she is suppose to be the conservative columnist at "the
6:31 pm
washington post." the media has taken their anti-trump red rick to such an extreme they cannot see the reasons behind anything this president does, let alone it might possibly be a good thing. april ryan was taunting former press secretary sean spicer as he walked into the white house. it's unprofessional what these people are doing. they are revealing their bias and the american people can hear them loud and clear. we know that elijah cummings tried to have 64 subpoenas against the white house and the republicans batted them away. what do you think of the rhetoric going forward? >> it's huge mistake. democrats are getting over their skis and playing their hand. the president is making a mistake backing down on the
6:32 pm
border wall. they should let him fall into that trap. instead they are going over their skis and push subpoenas and impeachment for the entire time they have control of the house. and the american people are going to respond accordingly. liz: tv legend and director penny marshall died due to complications from diabetes. she rose to her role in laverne and shirley. she was director for films like "big" with tom hanks. the first woman in history to direct a film that grossed $100 million. she repeated that with the smash hit movie "a league of their own." she also directed the movie "awakenings." she is survived by her older sister ronnie, daughter, and
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liz: we are going to bring you a brand-new story. we are talking about the decline of religion in america. since 2000 we know the number of catholic con grow gaitions have fallen double digits and the number of evangelicals and lutheran congregations dropped double digits. in many cases churches a struggling to pay the bills. but we found two men who are on a mission to save the churches. larry duggan and pastor mitchell boone. great to see you both.
6:38 pm
can you tell us what you are doing? >> we are using the facilities of the church to be able to connect with the neighborhoods more deeply than churches have done in the past. >> absolutely. we at white rock we are facing a story that's similar across the country. our church was in decline. our congregation dwindled 10 in worship. it was no longer sustainable to do church in the same way. liz: what are you doing differently? >> we are look at repurposing our space to meet the needs of a community. we are look at our physical church building and inviting the communities to take up space in
6:39 pm
the church. the mission of wisdom foundation helps churches to be able to think through different ways to use their facilities to bring community members together. we teach about bringing people together around their workplaces or around food, around schools, around affinity groups that need to be together. we converted parts of the churches to make these activities possible about. we have a co-working space in the basement where people do the jobs they would otherwise do in a coffee shop or out of their homes. liz: i always thought that starbucks should be charging rent for the people who sit there all day on their laptops. but you are saying they can come to what you are doing in refurbishing churches. you can hang out all day long
6:40 pm
and do all sorts of different things? is that what you are saying, pastor? >> that's it. we want to create space for the community who to engage the church seven days a week. that looks like creating a pace and putting a community garden on a parking lot and inviting buddhists to take up space on our second floor. we are committed to creating an atmosphere at our church where the community knows they can follow whatever they are passionate about. in that regard the church in the neighborhood flourishes and we work together to create this space of hospitality and opportunity for east dallas. >> we have a situation where people think of a certain way of gathering together. they think they have to be in
6:41 pm
forward-facing pews listening to mitchell preach. he does that, but maybe there are other ways we can come together. liz: you guys are great. good luck. we enjoyed having you on the show tonight. coming up. while lawmakers are debating border funding in d.c. we'll take you to the border where illegals are committing crimes on the actual border. house republicans reveal what former fbi director james comey told them behind closed doors. we'll bring in catherine herridge for the latest. -size p. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again. 'cuz only the ford f-150
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>> the delay is something between general flynn and the courts. what we do know that was inappropriate self-admitted by james comey is the fbi broke standard protocol in the way they came in and ambushed general flynn and the way they questioned him and the way they encouraged him not to have white house counsel's office present. we know that because james comey
6:46 pm
told us that. he says the only reason they did it, it was the trump administration and they thought they could get away with it. liz: judge emmett sullivan delaying general michael flynn's sentencing after a rebuke from the federal judge, emmett sullivan. let's bring in catherine herridge. great to see you. you are such a great journalist, great to have you in. the judge said michael flynn committed treason was a bit much. catherine: i was inside the court and i am glad you raids that. that was an important moment. it came an hour into what was an extraordinary hearing. he said to the government what amounts to treasonous behavior was the definition under the law. one of the special counsel lawyers came back an answer said
6:47 pm
based on what we have seen of michael flynn and the evidence we have no reason to believe that he committed any treasonous acts. there had been a pause in the proceeding. that the judge had seen some of the headlines and the twitter traffic about his questions about treason and he came back and said i need to clarify things. my questions were never meant to i am bly michael flynn was guilty of treason. my question is a legal question. what else it and does it fit this case. liz: fit, giving aired and comfort to an enemy in a time of war, bringing it up, critics are saying the judge is vindictive. we know michael flynn may face prison time. >> there was so much tension and drama in the court. i have been covering these cases
6:48 pm
for two decades in washington and i don't think i have seen anything like this before. the first 30 minutes the judge asked flynn's legal team, do you want to withdraw the they will plea, do you have questions regarding their interview. you did not have a lawyer, did you neil was entrapment. he gave limb multiple opportunities to with draw the me plea. at every turn flynn and his legal' team refused. and said about flynn understood when he was questioned by the fbi in the west wing any false statements would be criminal and punishable. then we had a turn in the proceedings and the judge put the special counsel on the hot seat so said was it in fact a crime when mike flynn talked to the russian ambassador. he wanted to say no which was the answer. he said it could have been a
6:49 pm
violation of the slogan act which is the unauthorized communication between a citizen and a foreign. the prosecution said it could have bent logan act. the judge said' no one as ever been prosecuted on the logan act. he said i have concerns, i keep asking you if you want to withdraw the plea, and you keep say nothing you are resisting to knee there was displeasure from both sides and they pushed it down the road at flynn's request. liz: let's get to the james comey transcript from the second dine tap hill. catherine: we are still going through the transcript but on flynn there is an interesting exchange with congressman jim jordan and mark meadows. both house republicans. they say to comey, if you
6:50 pm
confirmed you thought flynn had lied to the vice president and other people about his contacts with russia. that on its face is a national security risk. why didn't you tell the president you thought someone close to him may pose a national security threat. and director comey said i chose not to because we had an ongoing criminal investigation and counter-intelligence investigation. the reason that matters is the fbi directors job is not just to build evidence and prosecute crimes. he has a duty to warn for anyone who is a security clearance holder and may pose a risk and may have been compromised by a foreign government. these lawmakers are okay, why was he hanging on to this? was he hang on to this because the goal was to go after anyone or was it simply because he didn't trust the president with that kind of information? liz: we have jim comey claim it
6:51 pm
was the republicans who let president trump restaurant fbi. >> i knew if anything came of the interview, fit advanced our investigation, the afraks the trump administration would be an obama oldover engineered it. so i had to make the decision separate from her. to my shock and horror they tried to burn count fbi to see you excellence people in this building. lilts * he admits to breaking protocol. democrats representative james cohen says comey, you reopened the investigation into hillary clinton. can you wrap all that up, catherine? catherine: what i would say, i followed about comey throughout his time at the fbi. there were situations where information he should have
6:52 pm
shared with the justice department or other entity he kept at close hold and kept those decisions upon himself. in laymen's terms he was coloring outside the lines. that's the criticism of democrats with the the hillary clinton case and the cite civil of those who are the target of the russia investigation. you have the year in 2016 where beth parties are very dissatisfied with the leadership of the fbi director and failure follow proper protocol with the inspector general called insubordination for lack of a better term. coming up next. we'll take out border. breaking news on the new tunnel just discovered under the bordered wall in arizona.
6:53 pm
more and more illegals committing crimes. that story next. stay there.
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liz: welcome back. while lawmakers on both sides of the aisle duke it out over funding the wall, law enforcement at the border facing an onslaught of crimes committed by illegals. about 140,000 criminal illegals arrested this past fiscal year,
6:57 pm
the highest in four years. and now a man deporteds in 2014 went on a rampage in california's central valley, shot and killed a california gas station attendant, two more strangers, car jacked a truck and took cops on a 100-mile-per-hour chase. he was killed in a wrong way crash. the president of the border council joins me now. this case illustrates why president trump needs money for the border security. what's your reaction? >> the fist question that we have to ask is where is nancy pelosi and chuck schumer on this issue. why is this just a blip on the screen. why aren't we discussing this a little more. the fact remains that all of the people crossing or border illegally are doing it because of the liberal policies inviting them in. the blood of the american citizens that we put at risk, that blood is on the heads of the democrats that continue to allow these people to thumb
6:58 pm
their nose at our laws and to continue to break our laws. we've got to do something to put an end to this and that's exactly what president trump is trying to do in his border security push. liz: breaking tonight, they just uncovered a secret tunnel running under the border in arizona. there's probably many more tunnels out there. we don't know if it's for drug contraband or human smuggling. >> part of the problem that we face is if we don't get the funding for the wall, we're going to continue to fight too many battles on too many fronts. what we have to do is control certain areas that we can control and we have do cut off the cartel's ability to use all of the different avenues. if we can control illegal borded crossings, we can work on the tunnels. if we give the criminal cartels
6:59 pm
too many avenues, we're behind the eight ball open it make makt difficult to do our job. liz: what is the biggest threat they face today? >> the cartels. all criminal activity on the border, whether it's human smuggling or narcotic smuggling, all of that criminal activity is controlled by criminal cartels. and if congress does not step up and do their job and pass the laws that are necessary for us to secure the border, give us the funding that we need, these cartels are going to continue to flourish and the american public is going to pay for it. liz: we'd love to have you come back on soon. you're making really important points. and you just put anytime the light of reality that i think the viewer appreciates. we certainly appreciate your service to our country, brandon judd, president of the national border council. thank you so much for having us.
7:00 pm
and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a great evening. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. former national security advisor general michael flynn's long delayed sentencing turned into a judicial carnival. the federal judge in the case, emmett sullivan sounde sounded e like a member of the witch hunt than an ash tore of justice. judge sullivan tore into the retired general declaring flynn had sold out his country, saying he was disgusted by his actions. sullivan lit up the courtroom with hyperbolic fireworks only after days after he questioned the fbi's conduct i


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