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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 18, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a great evening. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. former national security advisor general michael flynn's long delayed sentencing turned into a judicial carnival. the federal judge in the case, emmett sullivan sounde sounded e like a member of the witch hunt than an ash tore of justice. judge sullivan tore into the retired general declaring flynn had sold out his country, saying he was disgusted by his actions. sullivan lit up the courtroom with hyperbolic fireworks only after days after he questioned the fbi's conduct in their questioning of flynn.
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but nothing today in any way vaguely suggestses in any way russian collusion. here's congressman peter king. >> nothing that koi came out toy reflects anything involving russia or president trump. one of the things that the judge was critical of is that general flynn was not more honest with the trump administration itself. lou: and james comoi admitting to withholding his concerns from president trump that michael flynn might pose a national security risk. we discuss the transcripts of the comey congressional testimony. sara carter, powerhouse attorneys, greg jarrett, joe digenova and victori victoria tg here tonight. president trump frustrated with capitol hill looking to the executive branch departments to assist in funding the wall. the democrats not cooperating in
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any way. we take up the embattled trump presidency, the globalist elites, radical dimms who stymied the trump agenda. ed rollins, political columnist radio host david web among our guests. the top story tonight, the federal judge who has delayed sentencing for general michael flynn until at least march. at the hearing judge emmett sullivan questioned whether flynn may have committed treasonning a serving for a lobbyist for turkey. sullivan withdrew the remark. before the hearing president trump wished general flynn good luck on the outcome, flynn was interviewed by the fbi in a dodgy fashion. >> the things that may have taken place, again that's for the judge to make the determination, whether he
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engaged in something inappropriate. what we do know that was inappropriate by own self admittance of james comey is that the fbi broke standard protocol in the way that they came in and ambushed general flynn and in the way they questioned him and in the way they encouraged him not to have white house counsel's office present and we know that because james comey told us that and he said the reason they did it was because the only reason they did it, it was the trump administration and they thought they could get away with it. lou: nothing from today's hearing in in way suggests any wrongdoing by the president nor does it display any collusion with russia. it is time for the mueller witch hunt to end it. our first guest tonight, sara carter, investigative reporter, fox business contributor. great to see you. i have to say, in reading the transcripts in all of this, the judge in the case seems to have gone for a moment completely nuts. what happened? >> it was one of the most con
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contentious court hearings i've ever been in my entire career, lou. it was incredible. for at least the first 40 minutes when the judge came out, he was really pushing, asking questions over and over to flynn, do you want to withdraw your plea. he made it very clear that he was very concerned about the sentencing memorandum turned in by flynn's lawyers. this is where they disclosed the fact that there were no attorneys present, that mccabe basically kind of as viced flynn not to have an attorney present with the other fbi agents that were interviewing him, peter strzok and the other agent as well. there were concerns about the 302s, whether was exculpatory information being withheld and the judge kept pushing say, i'm dwifg you agiving you an opport. do you want to withdraw your plea. do you want to seek thed a vice of other counsel.
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i will stop this hearing right now and allow you to speak to separate counsel. he kept saying no no no no no. and then everything went haywire. that's when the judge became visibly confused and upset and started lobbying allegations. remember, yesterday is when the mueller counsel actually -- the special counsel turned over the documents on the former primary in flynn's intel group, his former partner. so everything was kind of set off kilter already. lou: but most people were thinking his requesting to see the 302s, every document involved in the flynn case and then the mueller team giving them the 302 that was an impression of the interview rather than the original 302 which ultimately got what, at 6:00 last night. everyone was thinking that he was going to be taking up the
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misconduct of the special counsel legal team, instead turning today on general flynn. >> turned on general flynn. he turned on the prosecutors as well after they took the 25-minute break. lou, right before he gave that 25-minute break today in the courtroom, he turned around and said, do you realize -- and this is when, after flynn had said no, i'm not withdrawing my plea, that's when he said, do you realize that these charges are very serious. what you're saying is that you lied to two fbi agents in the west wing of the white house. and then he stopped. and he said you're still cooperating with the special counsel and that's when the special counsel admitted that. he gave the opportunity to postpone the hearing so he basically told flynn look, take everything i'm giving you right you. but you're absolutely right. i was stunned. that judge sullivan didn't at that point also chide the prosecutors on the 302s, the
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failure to turn in the correct ones, also their behavior on how they questioned flynn. it was really disturbing. at the end of it all he's getting a march 13th they've indefinitely postponed it but they're going to meet on the calendar march 13. lou: i can't imagine we're going to take up tonight whether this judge should be sitting on this trial period with our attorneys here tonight. this is -- it's stunning to me that this judge who has such a reputation of holding prosecutors to a high standard would suddenly decide he is a member of the prosecution. and to claim that general flynn had committed treason. utterly absurd. what was his democra demeanor we withdrew the comment? >> he came back out and said i want to withdraw that comment.
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that was not accurate. he had assumed -- it was really strange. it's like he was off on u all of his time lines. he assumed flynn was still working as a foreign agent or working on contracts during the time he was with the president and then he had to say i'm withdrawing the comment. what i'm asking here is questions. i'm not asking you to take everything i say literally. i'm trying to figure out where we're going here and what the prosecution and defense are taking us to. at that point actually sullivan was backtracking and it was very confusing for the people in the audience as well for the attorneys both standing up there in front of judge sullivan. it with us a really tough day and you could see the demeanor of lieutenant general michael flynn. it was just disheartening. you know, he came in one way and after the 25-minute break his whole body language just changed and then they took the postponement. lou: it's a shame. this judge, no matter -- the
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utter inexplicable bizarre conduct on the judge today. he had such a good reputation as a stickler for procedure and the rights for defendants in the face of seemingly all powerful federal prosecutors. >> that's right, lou. he was trying to find the predicate. he kept pushing on the question. like what was the criminal predicate, what was the predicate for questioning flynn. what was the crime. lou: it's a great question. >> and the answer was completely different than what comey delivered to congress, you know, the owe day. when i'm going through the transcripts of what comey said, he said because he heard the vice president and what the vice president said wasn't the same as what flynn had said. and when he was questioned on that, why didn't you just tell the vice president that what he's saying isn't true and have the vice president question flynn, he said well i guess i could have done that but i didn't. but then in the courthouse today
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they started talking about the logan act. i'm telling you right now, lou -- lou: the unprosecutable logan act. >> that's when everybody laughed, even the judge. there where two different stories here. nothing is making sense and there are still a number of questions regarding why these two fbi agents went to question flynn in the white house without an attorney present. lou: there is one constant in all of this, and that is that it remains a witch hunt. and prosecutors without sense of proportion or any comprehension of the proper conduct on the part of a nonpartisan prosecutor instead of a political and very partizan persecution of an administration, a presidential administration. sara carter, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next with no evidence of collusion, the left wing national media working overtime
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to tie michael flynn to president trump. here we go. >> the flynn-trump relationship seems to be the beating heart of the mueller probe and the obstruction case. >> this is where you get to have a baghdad problem if you're the press secretary. you can't say this has nothing to do with the president. the whole investigation begins with flynn. >> why is donald trump still treating michael flynn with kid gloves. >> why did general flynn lie. if he was directed to have those conversations with the russians by mr. trump, that would be a pretty good reason to lie. >> he was warm to russia. the idea that the trump campaign is not under investigation with russia, is completely in line. lou: they forgot thant see can'e can't to it all, president obama
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unmasking his political opponents and spying on a candidate for the president of the united states. more on today's hearings and courtroom drama and comedy if you will, right after these quick messages. we'll be right back.
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sentencing hearings have been delayed four times for general flynn. today another delay until march 13th. and joining us now to talk about today's outrageous courtroom drama, if you will, greag jarrett, fox legal analyst, author of the "the new york times" best seller "the russian hoax." a moment that i don't think anyone quite comprehends, the erratic nature of the judge and what was transpiring among the prosecutor -- the judge questioned the prosecutor's conduct initially and then unleashed himself against the defendant, general flynn. >> it started out well enough, lou, when the judge, emmett sullivan said he was deeply concerned about the fbi's conduct in their interview of michael flynn without a legal
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basis and deceiving him. and he also was puzzled about what was in the 302 documents, these interview summaries. lou: which he requested from the prosecutors who had not proooh vieded iprovidedi.d. to -- and y concluded that flynn was telling the truth, he didn't lie. juks pose that to the guilty plea. the judge was puzzled by that. he gave flynn every opportunity to withdraw his plea. almost as if he was begging flynn, withdraw your plea. when flynn wouldn't do it suddenly the judge turns on him in an outrageous way, a bizarre accusation of treesen. lou: the prosecutors had to explain to the judge that there's no basis for a charge of
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treason. at one point the judge wanted to be part of the mueller witch hunt. >> yes. and it wasn't anything to do with russia. it was an uncharged conduct of flynn as an unregistered -- lou: let's stop. nothing in this witch hunt has to do with russia. >> so he focuses on being an unregistered agent for turkey and accuses bizarrely flynn of treasonness behavior which is ludicrous if he knew the law. he takes a break, examines the law and comes back and says, i withdraw that comment. the prosecutors said treason didn't apply. the judge was wrong on the facts. he had flynn as a lobbyist for turkey while he was at the white house. lou: by the time he gets through apologizing, how can this judge possibly still sit on this case
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because of his outrageous conduct today, as i discussed with sara carter this is a judge who had a terrific reputation, and thing up for defendant's rights, assisting on appropriate conduct on the part of the prosecutors. and me went the other way today. >> yeah. he sort of self destructed in his own courtroom. i'm not sure he had actually studied the case thoroughly. the prosecutors had to correct him on the facts. lou: the investigators are falling by the wayside because they're the ones who it turns out are the corrupt actors in this witch hunt and the trump administration. >> comey, mccabe, strzok, the whole gang. lou: seven of them taken from the top of the fbi. there may be more cocome, certainly at the justice department as well. now where do we go. a judge that has compromised his courtroom with his antics.
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flynn, we still don't know any better, at least i don't, why in the world did comey ever go after flip. what has. >> to get trump. lou: what was the predicate. >> it's very clear. lou: i understand what the real purpose is. i want to know what the phony purpose is. what is the basis, the pretense, the pretend predicate for the actions of this fbi. >> well, insofar as flynn is concerned, they were using the logan act as pretex. lou: why wouldn't any judge not just laugh and throw that thing out. >> sullivan did actually laugh and others in the courtroom. the logan act, as you pointed out earlier, has been on the books for more than 200 years. only two prosecutions which were dropped in the 180 #s. it's an unconstitutional law and a joke. comey didn't care. he was looking for an excuse to go and trap, or let's use the
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term just trap because it's not legal entrapment -- lou: why isn't this being throw the hell out of court. at what point is it appropriate for american citizens to say to the judiciary, to the leul profession, cut the nonsense. this is awful awful pretense. an absolutely disgusting display of political partizan ship. >> yopartisanship.>> a good jude looked at the facts and the evidence of the law and said this is not justice, this is not fairness. the conduct of the fbi was corrupt and i'm going to fix it by throwing it out. lou: next chapter to be written. >> okay. lou: that means get to work on that book. all right. thanks so much, greg. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you believe the radical dimms, globalist elites and
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rinos are purposely trying to tear down the strongest markets and economy in deck kaisdz? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on instagram. up next, more shocking conduct from the national left wing media at today's white house press briefing. we'll have that and much much more. ed rollins joins us when we continue. stay with us. hey. i heard you're moving into a new apartment.
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lou: the left wing media continuing its assault on decorum in the white house briefing room. a fellow by the name of andrew feinberg of breakfast media shouting at secretary sara sander as he walked away from the podium at the conclusion of the briefing. well, they complain when she
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doesn't hold a briefing, they are unprofessional when she does. and there you have it. joining us now former regal white house political director, ed rollins. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's not bother with that nonsense in the briefing room. let's turn to mike flynn who now has to wait until march 3th, five delays now in his sentencing. finally they had it where they wanted it, the mueller special counsel's office. and the judge went just a tad rogue i guess is the expression. >> you don't control federal judges unfortunately. this was a case where the prosecutor and the defense all came in with a recommendation of go home and live a good life. and poor general flynn tonight has to be sitting there seeing my life in ruins and not knowing what the consequences are. the judge saying to him, i don't care what they're going to say, i'm going to put you in jail. lou: the result of this -- i
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wish i could credit the judge with having the original intention of revealing how absurd the prosecution's case was, how absurd the fbi's conduct was and how ridiculous it is of fired fbi director james comey to have dispatched these agents over to interview a three-star general who's going to be the national security adviser. it's just -- it is, to me, repugnant, the whole thing. and why wouldn't it be to a federal judge. >> equally important, it came out today that for four or five months before, i saw one of the people for obama, they had flynn under investigation and obama made a recommendation to the president not to hire him, that think had been investigating him. at a minimum they would have said this is what is going on and we want to ask you some
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questions about it. you should have your lawyer. lou: at no point was the fbi's interest in flynn to help the president or to in any way guide him with their concerns. >> no, absolutely not. lou: it's repugnant the conduct of the fbi and its fired director throughout. let's turn to the impasse between the dimms and the white house and the republicans on the issue of wall funding. the threat of a shutdown of the government, at least part of the government by friday midnight. your thoughts about -- who is right now in the lead on political advantage in this nonsense? >> well, unfortunately half of the republicans, 40 of the republicans are missing in action. they got defeated and they're not strung up. you're right. you don't have a majority of votes when pelosi said that to the speaker.
7:30 pm
and the speaker is putting a six series together on his story, his -- did you know that? netflix is running a six-part series. lou: naturally. >> they're not focusing on getting the president's agenda done. lou: isn't netflix the ones who brought in the obama? >> yes. lou: you've got a constant theme. >> the idea that the speaker has been putting together a -- lou: ayi've had enough. he's leaving and god speed. >> he's not trying to push the agenda through and my sense -- lou: neither is mcconnell. >> mcconnell knows he doesn't have the votes. lou: and the best part of this is that the president has to deal with this sort of nonsense. >> sure he does. lou: you have the governor of arizona appointing mcsally to be the interim senator. >> and before he does, she had to go to mrs. mccain and
7:31 pm
apologize for not treating john mccain properly. she has to run twice in the next two years and two years after that she's certainly never been a strong trump supporter. did a little bit during the scourcourse after the campaign. we're getting three or four people in the senate -- lou: you're saying she's not a trump supporter. >> not a big trump supporter and disoap is going to be a big swing state for the president next time and she has to run again so he's probably going to go further to the left and may face the prospect of the mccain daughter who wants that seat in running against her in a primary two years from now. lou: i don't know what's going on in arizona but it doesn't seem like a healthy development. great to see you. up next, the miler witch hunt scrubs peter strzok and lisa page's iphones, but only 19,000 of their texts. what were they hiding?
7:32 pm
when do the prosecutors go to jail for destroying evidence. we'll be talking with attorneys victoria toensing and jo digenova righ next. stay with us. n
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lou: on wall street stocks rebounding somewhat from yesterday's sharp selloff, the dow up 83 points, the s&p flat, the nasdaq up 30 points, volume
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on the big board 4.4 billion shares, crude oil pell 8% to $46 a barrel. that's the lowest level since august of 2017. the fed, well, the fed has started its two-day meetings and i wonder if they're going to pay attention to the price of crude oil because they were so concerned about inflation. crude oil by the way works its way through about half of the country's economy. gold and silver prices relatively flat, copper down 4%. that's another thing the fed might take some note of. i don't know what they're do with that. i know what they should do. a reminder toe listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. congress today releasing the transcript from yesterday's closed hearing with former fbi director james comey. in the hearing congressman jim jordan asked comey why he refused to acknowledge that the
7:37 pm
president wasn't under investigation in the russian probe. this is what comey said. quote, i wouldn't do it without the approval and the direction of the leadership of the department of justice. saying that publicly had significant consequences both in terms of creating a duty to correct and potentially be misleading. he is so precious, isn't he? i just want to stop sometimes and think about how, well, sweet his words are and how they float through the air. comey said he asked acting attorney general about a statement clearing the president saying, quote, he said in substance, oh god i was hoping that would go away. well, nothing seems to go away these days unless it's evidence showing considerable culpability on the part of the investigators at the fbi, the prosecutors at the department of justice or clinton e-mails for fo for exam. president trump is demanding
7:38 pm
answeranswers from special counl mueller after he reportedly destroyed thousands of strzok-page text messages. the president tweeted this, biggest outrage yet in the long winding conflicted mueller witch hunt is that the fact that 19,000 demanded text messages between peter strzok and his fbi lover lisa panel was purposely and illegally deleted which would explain the hoax. last week the inspector general announced it recovered 19,000 strzok-page texts from 2016 and 2017 bhp that'2017 claiming it e to wipe the devices clean in order to give them to other users. joining me now were victoria toensing, jo digenova, founding
7:39 pm
partners of digenova and toensing law firm. let's start with the antics of judge sullivan today. and your reaction to his words, his conduct and what are you thoughts? >> well, it's bizarre is the only way i can describe it. this is not the judge sullivan that we know who has decorum in the courtroom. this is not the judge sullivan who took the prosecution to task for their horrible deback wl the ted stephens case and even had a special lawyer come in to examine the misconduct by the justice department. this was weird. just plain -- i've been doing federal law for three decades. i have never seen anything so bizarre. and asking about treason, he showed a lack of sophistication in what that kind of word would do in the press.
7:40 pm
but also a lack of knowledge of law. it's in the constitution, it's got to be time of war or give aid and comfort to the enemy pld does this work to the advantage of general flynn and his attorneyses? his behavior is outrageous. >> i don't know whether it works or not. it was a body blow to flip today. a terrible thing from a human standpoint. it was outrageous what the judge did. here's what the judge should have done. the entire record in this case establishes the totality of the evidence should shock the conscience of the court and the court should dismiss the case for government misconduct. this is not even a close case. the questions that the judge shoulshould have asked fsh of te prosecution team. mr. mealer, are you aware there was a meeting in the white house on january 5th with the president of the united states obama, the vice president,
7:41 pm
mr. comey, sally yates and ben rhodes and susan rice and they were discussing about what to do about general flynn and then susan rice writes on e-mail saying the president says if we're going to investigate him, it's got to be done by the book. right after that meeting, that's when sally yates floats the logan act as the flynn violation which is exactly why the agents went to the white house on january 27th. this was a frame. -uframe-up from dayone. >> a minute to explain, this whole thing started with a leak to the "washington post" by a columnist, really a typist for the democrat party. he does that and then in that leak the person who committed two crimes by telling him about the facts of the conversation with kiz lee yak an kislyak andl
7:42 pm
flynn who was part of it, unmasking and leaking his name, the person also gave him the tidbit about the logan act. putting out the logan act in that column then allowed sally yates and the justice department to say oh my goodee goodness, is what we have to investigate. it was very well-planned. lou: it's an absurdity and an insult to say they're prosecuting under the logan act because it's unprosecutable. and secondly their conduct with general flynn. this poor man has been -- the judge basically tried to gut this man today instead of defend him as a defendant in front of the awesome power of federal prosecutors. it is outrageous. >> that is exactly right and that is precisely why the judge missed a golden opportunity to at least inquire of the government about its conduct.
7:43 pm
the missing text messages, the failure to produce the original 302 and the notes, the failure to do evidentiary disclosures. this was the most bizarre judicial proceeding. the judge went after the wrong people. lou: he became part of the mueller witch hunt. >> unbelievable. lou: and it seems to me that the president who has been calling this a witch hunt from the outset, we can call it lots of things, but what it isn't is a responsible nonpartisan investigation and prosecution. it has -- it can only have one purpose and that is to attack this administration. it is a group of radical dimms assembled under the special counsel rubric and attacking this president from every corner. >> it was designed -- lou: why can't it be stopped? that's my question. >> it was designed to get flynn to get at trump. it was all part of a plot to
7:44 pm
frame the president of the united states and to take him down. the president needs a new attorney general so he can take control and supervise what's going on. and if necessary, end it. nothing is going to change until there's a new attorney general. lou: let me ask this, jus of you both. why is there this concern about the politics of deciding to fire the special counsel? because the dimms are not going to find themselves suddenly one day embracing the administration of donald trump. they're not going to be giving this president a great big hug because he did not fire a runaway special counsel. and the rinos and the republican party are not going to love him anymore. so why not end this absolute
7:45 pm
attempted coup against the president of the united states. >> i'll go back to what joe said. we've got to get bill barr in there. it's a distraction. if he fires mueller, it's a political distraction that this president doesn't need right now with all of the other things on his plate. get bill barr in there and have him get control of this out of control investigation. lou: and how long before barr can be in there? >> he should be in by the first part of february if things work right. even sooner than that. he's been confirmed three times by unanimous voice vote for three major jobs in the justice department. there's in reason he couldn't be confirmed by mid january. lou: so it means schumer will oppose him with every breath in his body. >> he already has. >> he's republican and qualified so schumer will vote no. >> he already has said it. >> schumer wants holder back. lou: oh boy. that's such a terrible thought. >> it is. lou: thanks for sharing it joe.
7:46 pm
thank you both. >> merry christmas, lou. lou: merry christmas. up next, china's president says their global expansion doesn't pose a threat to any other country. relax. be reassured. i'm sure that's president xi jinping's intent. we'll take that up after the break with the hill's david webb. stay with us.
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russia announcing a plan to build military infrastructure in the arctic as well as facility ons disputed island chain near japan. meanwhile, today chinese president xi jinping said china will continue to pump millions of dollars into developing nations using diplomacy to take part in global governance. now are we to interpret that as xi governing us? let's explore that. joining us now, columnist for the hill, fox business contributcontributor, radio talw host david webb. let's start with xi making these
7:51 pm
reassuring noises. do you think he's think in the neighborhood of 95% of 100% of global govern answe governance. >> let's look at what he's doing, the road initiative, the expansion, the loan of high interest rates to other countries. what he's down i done, he wantsp people in owing china. lou: he's trying to trap right now and some would say he has trapped panama, ecuador and is obviously interested in making new friends throughout our hemisphere. >> he's not interested in friendship. he's interested in control. the you look at what he's doing in the stans, it's about them not paying him back. no less than what he did in africa. lou: what happened to the monroe
7:52 pm
doctrine. i know joh john kerry got rid ot two years ago. shouldn't we leave some room to say this has been our region of influence and we're going to continue that. we're not hearing that right now from the state department, from the defense department. >> to be fair, that's a miss, i believe that's a miss from the administration. in the background from this, i have done some checking over the last few months, the economic leverage game that we're playing with china may be a way to bring them back. they're bound to us just as we are to them. lou: they who? >> china. and if in some way trump can lessen their economic capability, then maybe that will be used. lou: xi today made it clear that he will not be reformed. and was adamant in his statements and unnecessarily, let's say, strong as he emphasized that they will not be accountable. which really means that he wants to steal, in perpetuity.
7:53 pm
he will continue to run surpluses with the united states and the hell with this president. i think we're on notice. this president is engaged and he's going to insist throughout balance mutual reciprocal fair trade. xi and trump are headed for a collision. >> and they have to have the collision in order to have some change. nothing has changed and the leverage game is the only mechanism to force -- look at the auto tariffs right now. xi wrote a paper in a speech about four months ago and he's laid out the plans for their party control. lou: we've on -- we've been advised of the
7:54 pm
chinese expansionist policy for some time. we're now watching it work and we're watching this president do what should have been done by three leaders who preceded him in the white house and that is take on the challenge. great to have you with us. david webb, thank you sir. appreciate it. up next, past failure to protect the western hemisphere leading to russian expansion in the caribbean, no the arctic. we'll be back with much more on that. did i mention asia? we return in one minute. stay with us.
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lou: last night in our nightly question we asked whether russia's new military base off the coast of venezuela is a direct consequence of the abandonment of the monroe doctrine. 94% you of said why it is. today a fifth sentencing delay for michael flynn. judge sullivan turning on flynn, suggesting treason.
7:59 pm
later taking it back. >> what we do know was inappropriate by self-admitted of james comey is the fbi broke standard protocol in the way they came in and ambushed general flynn and the way they questioned him and encouraged him not to have white house counsel's office present. lou: congress releasing the transcript of former fbi director james comey's questioning in which he declined to answer whether the fbi had reason to believe president trump was working with russia when he was a candidate in 2016. lame duck rino paul ryan tomorrow delivers his farewell address. ryan's legacy if you can call it that ending with the republican party losing 40 seats. 22 of his hand picked
8:00 pm
candidates, only 9 of them survived. tomorrow we hope you will be with us tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: news tonight that the former head of the fbi didn't know and didn't care who paid for the now infamous so-called dirty dossier against donald trump. he didn't care and he didn't think the judge needed to care either. this is the real scandal. issuing a fisa warrant on an innocent american, total abuse of federal power. james comey never followed the money trail, but we are tonight. conservative author dr. jerome corsi is in the house exclusively.


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