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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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will be changing rules and regulations going forward. >> this is happening a few days before christmas. folks are just trying to get home to see their families. that does it for "bulls and bears." have a good night, everybody. president trump: illegal immigration costs our nation $275 billion a year. 10 known or suspected terrorists try to gain entry into our country every day. 2,000 illegal aliens try to cross our borders. we get most of of them. it's hard without a wall. 10,000 illegal children are smuggled into our country. criminal aliens charged with or convicted of 100 assaults.
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30,000 sex crimes, and 4,000 murders. it's rough stuff. liz: stocks selling off on a cascade of news. house republicans scrambling to rewrite a spending bill. this after president trump threatened to veto of the prior spending bill. but the new version still may not pass the democrats in the senate as lawmakers leaving for the holidays are being told to fly back to vote. this after republican congressman mark meadows told trump to fight back. democrats sang christmas carols on the floor and nancy pelosi danced. a massive global hacking campaign that lasted a dozen years, we are on the china trade deal fallout.
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these countries including the u.s. say they stole blue prints from aerospace, defense companies and military worldwide. including the u.s. navy. facebook's terrible, horrible, no good bad year. facebook caught in a bottomless vortex of scandal. facebook is trying to fight back pretty hard against the "new york times" latest expose'. james mattis is stepping down as defense secretary as part of the fallout from trump's decision to withdraw from syria. general mattis says the president deserves a secretary whose views are more line with his. the media had a bad year. we bring you the swings and misses. the bloopers and absurdities. grab the popcorn for that.
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thanks for joining us. thank you for watching. money, politics. we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. the dow dropping to october 2017 levels. the s. & p has lost $200 trillion in market value alone. this is over concerns of the economy worldwide, rate hikes and a shutdown. let's get to blake berman at the white house for the latest. reporter: president trump says certain principles are worth fighting for and now he's following through on his threats. he says he'll not sign the bill to keep the government open
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through february 8 because it does not include funding for the border wall. president trump: any measure has to include funding for the border security. reporter: the president is modifying the word "wall" and saying it could be steel slats. >> when it comes to securing the border on behalf of protecting the american people, we have to make sure we are willing to make a bold statement. we need an exit plan for what this looks like long term. but this is a hill we should be willing to die on. reporter: democrats have been clear saying the president does not have the votes for any legislation that would involve a border wall and national security -- border security. liz: the justice department
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indicting two chinese elite spies working with chinese intelligence. they were accused of a 12-year campaign of stealing secrets from u.s. companies, the u.s. navy and hacking various countries. reporter: we are seeing two distinct paths emerging against the chinese to protect intellectual property. the well-publicized arrest in canada of the huawei cfo. and the indictment today against two chinese hackers who worked with the approval of the ministry of state security in china. they are accused of stealing from 45 companies and state and government agencies stealing everything from aviation to space and pharmaceutical information. then you have the trade side. the president setting a march 1
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deadline to see movement on that. china understands the continues between these two paths. >> we have been clear from day one that cyber is an issue. we have had discussions with them. this was discussed when we were there. i think you know we said this isn't about buying soybeans and buying energy, though they will buy a lot more of both. this is about protecting u.s. technology. reporter: you see mnuchin saying there will be face-to-face talks between the u.s. and china. he says they are on the phone with each other on a regular basis. liz: the house just did a test vote on government funding and it did just pass. this is a rule vote that opens the door for the fine vote tonight. we may avoid a partial government shutdown. we'll stay on that developing
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story. house judiciary chair bob goodlatte warns 397,000 illegal immigrants were caught trying to cross the border in this fiscal year alone. just in october and november he said more than 102,000 were stopped there. this as the u.s. and mexico announced a new groundbreaking deal that will let border agents turn back migrants illegally crossing the border between ports of entry to turn them back to mexico. reporter: the department of homeland security and the mexican foreign ministry simultaneously made the announce to the overhaul the asylum process. homeland security secretary nielsen says the policy is effective immediately. >> the united states will begin the process of invoking the immigration and national act.
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once i am plummets individuals entering the united states from mexico illegally or without proper documentation may be returned to mexico for the duration of their immigration proceedings. thought they will not be allowed to disappear into the united states. reporter: dhs says this will help reduce illegal immigration. age said some migrants exploited asylum loop holes at an alarming rate. she cited 678,000 cases. the president said it's time to come together for the safety of the american people before politics. a federal judge in british
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columbia struck down the president's policy. today's new policies could face legal challenges. liz: let's take this to fox news contributor, liz peek. there i mayhem at the border. >> there is mayhem at the border. if people come to the board, they ably for asylum. they get a court date. 90% of them never show up. so they are basically in our country pretty much forever. democrats are having a hissy fit about this whole thing. in 2006 they voted for 700 miles of fence. now we are having an argument about fence versus wall. we need an adult in the room. the department of hopedland security says there were half a million apprehensions at our
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southern border last year. 50,000 to 60,000 people a year trying to cross into our country. it's an unconscionable' situation. we get fix eight on a caravan of 3,000 people twhant' -- and that's nothing compared to what's going upon each date year. liz: we were told they were peaceful and not violent, then they stormed the border and attacked our border agents. four agents were injured. there is a disconnect in this country about the information flows and what the american people are hearing. >> if you had a fair-minded media they should sit down with chuck schumer and say what's wrong with the wall? what mapped to the care strand? we reinforced the fencing.
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that's what the army people were doing down there. they couldn't come in. what happened? a lot of them went home. what's terrible about that? nothing. liz: they were coming here for jobs. that's not a reason for asylum. >> they were looking for a better life and mexico offered most of of them asylum and a lot of them were turning it down. that tells you they weren't just looking for a better life. i think it's good we have this arrangement with mexico. i hope it holds up. we are giving them aid to further that cooperation. mexico can definitely help us in this situation. but i think president trump is totally right to draw a fine the sand and say this is what he campaigned on more than any other single issue. he said i'm never going to spend another bill without this funding. if he had signed this kind of
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kick the can down the road continuing resolution with no new border money, i think people would have been angry. >> homeland security secretary nielsen. he was saying the trump administration would have let jesus christ die as a baby if he faced our border as it stands today. >> come on. this is the kind of hyperventilating going on on the left. it's so ridiculous. chuck schumer keeps talking about the trump tamper tantrum. that's his new catchy phrase. the real tragedy is we were close to a deal. that toys say, president trump came up with a very reasonable offer to protect the daca people and in actually greater numbers the democrats asked for in
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return for getting rid of the diversity lottery which nobody likes. everyone agrees it's a terrible program. the democrats walked away from it because they don't want to solve this issue. this is an issue they feel drives hispanic voting every sickle, and they know they are beneficiaries of that cycle. they are trading on the really uncomfortable situations all these young daca people are in. they should be held to account for it. liz: what did you think of the lawmakers singing christmas carols. >> i love it when anyone sings christmas carols anywhere, any time. but they should not be celebrating that the president is not able to security our border. liz: we understand his tweets and personal attacks are problematic. but what he's doing is good for
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the country. >> that's right. liz: imagine averages are down for the day. the oil price plunged on oversupply fears. it's the lowest setup for oil in 17 months. as we head into the holiday travel weekend. gas prices falling again. the national average around $2.56. a bombshell mc"new york times" report about giving user data to 150 companies including amazon and netflix without our permission. will facebook's latest defense work? to the media's terrible, horrible no good year it was the year of the media meltdown. personal attacks. we'll be right back. stay right there.
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liz: facebook's latest defense after the "new york times" bombshell piece showing they shared your information with big tech companies without your
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permission. media reporter joe concha. facebook is saying, "new york times," you got it wrong. they are saying when netflix and spotify, if you are on netflix and spotify, and you want to say i like this movie or song and you message it via facebook that's why they see the messaging. what do you make of their explanation there? >> they appear to be saying this is voluntary by their users. a lot of folks out there won't trust facebook because so much other information has been exposed. personal information in many cases. this has been a horrible year for facebook. their market value is down $215 billion. so then you kind of draw back to perhaps will this be the same situation we saw with steve jobs with apple? i don't know if a lot of people
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saw the movies or read the books. but steve jobs was removed as the founder of the company. the company created in his garage. his own ceo got the board to vote him out. he eventually came back and saved the company. it turns out mark zuckerberg has 60% of the voting power because of a dual class structure that weighs certain shares over others. for home who think zuckerberg can get kicked out, probably not. liz: remember mark zuckerberg said, january, i'm going to fix facebook. executives quitting or being forced out. and this apology tour by zuckerberg and sandberg that they are going to do better. where does it end? even if you break up facebook,
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there will be people flocking to facebook. i am not sure how it end. >> i'm not sure either. in my case i'm not allowed to leave. my relatives would kill me. where are the pictures of the kid. so it kills a lot of bird with one stone. but mark zuckerberg when he created this company -- when he stole the idea for this company some would say back in harvard in 2003 in a room web was just an ideas guy. i can give everyone a facebook way to share their history and thoughts. he never was a businessman. liz: people aren't buying this altruistic kind of talk. when you walk by a store and all of a sudden you see on your facebook an ad pop up.
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it's about your location. that's creepy. they can find your location via your internet protocol address. would you pay facebook $5 a month and say, you know what? i what an ad-free private experience. i want my information locked down. would i pay them monthly? >> if i could trust they would keep my information locked down? $60 a year? maybe. i think because the relevance and the pressure them would be overwhelming. the location services you are talking about. you have to keep them on every time you put a picture up they what to say where you are. $5. i think a lot of people walk away from it. the minute you put a price tag on it. suddenly they don't love it as much.
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some competitor comes along and says we'll do it for free all the things you are describing. great to see you. let's get to other headlines. if you are planning on traveling this holiday season, you and 45 million travelers. you may have trouble. the east coast and northwest, you can expect thunderstorms, lightning storms. you may see flight delays. keep on that. we are talking a lot of flight delays. here is another story when you are at the airport. you may see the tsa using 3d scanners. there are 4 dozen machines already in use at airports. tsa is planning to roll out 200 more not year. let's get to -- more next year. this is the second largest airport in england, gatwick, it will remain closed until
6:24 pm
tomorrow morning. officials shut it down after somebody launched drones to interfere with flights. it grounded 110,000 passengers who expected to travel on 750 flights. the police called in the military. it was industrial-level drones. here is the real head scratcher from amazon. somehow 1,700 audio recordings of a couple that came through an alexa device were sent to a stranger. those audio files were sent to another stranger in germany. that man requested access to his own data and amazon shipped the audio files from another couple to him. amazon is blaming human error. but only after the man questioned why he got those audio files. the media unhinged. it was a year of bluster,
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opinions reported as fact. get ready to sit back as we break out the year's biggest media bloopers. later in the show we'll bring on a former general who will talk to us about the implications of that massive chinese global hacking scheme and whether it should be a wake-up call to silicon valley to be on guard and knock it off when it comes to working with totalitarian regimes like china. just like yo, the further into winter we go, the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you, your roof struggles to support the heavier me. [laughter] whoo. [crash] and your cut-rate insurance might not pay for this.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate. liz: welcome back. to the media's terrible, horrible, very bad no good year. the bomb shells that turned out to be duds like brett kavanaugh
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may have once thrown ice in a bar as a teenager. or trump radicalized more people than isis. we welcome the "washington times" opinion editor. let's get your reactions to these clips of bloopers in the past year. let's listen to what the mainstream media was talking about, michael avenatti digging through garbage in russia. >> her attorney michael avenatti is with us tonight. >> that's michael avenatti, attorney year stormy daniels. >> michael, it's good to see you. you can learn a lot from an organization from the rubbish it those out. are you a russian incidents troll? >> it's amazing.
6:31 pm
after the 2016 election i thought we had seen the worst of it. boy, was i wrong about that. once donald trump won, it's like the insanity went on hype per speed and it's gotten progressively worse and worse and worse. the more jawt land dish the accusation the better. in an environment like this you get a crew collar la and like michael avenatti, if you go through that man damage of the ard mat -- go throughthat montal avenatti. when you turn off your b.s. detector off and become a machine for attacking the president. liz: president trump's tweets
6:32 pm
get people angry. he personally attacks people. it gets people emotional in the media. gq reported that trump radicalized more people than isis. and that michael cohen's phone calls were being recorded when they were not. and it was taken as truth. >> only in the are they on a jihad of their own against the president. but the blythe manner in which they dismiss a threat to the country like isis tells you where these people are coming from. it's a terrifying moment. our republic does not stand without a strong honest, and trusted fourth estate. without them, we are toast. liz: brett kavanaugh was a big
6:33 pm
target saying he might have thrown ice in college. even the "new york times" asked law professors to sign an open letter against the supreme court nomination. i don't think we have seen a newspaper do that before. even the first lady has been ruthlessly critiqued. he has adopted this we is me attitude. >> you would think in her rare public appearances that some terrible wrong has been done to her in this country. i'm surprised by that air of grievance. >> they are the first family, first families:get a lot of attention. >> she continues to whine about a situation she is part of and it's a great honor to be first lady. liz: i said this about first laid yesterday michelle obama. i said this about all first ladies. first ladies are off the limits
6:34 pm
because they don't enact policy. they don't write legislation. traditionally and historically in d.c. they are off limits. >> or at the very least they would get some semblance of respect. but you have newspapers like the "new york times" or "washington post" in the past they have had a liberal bent. but they have abandoned all pretext of being fair arbiters or truth tellers. as far as melania trump and donald trump. i hate it for them because they deserve better. but they did get into politics. but there has never been a more disgusting episode than the way the "new york times" and "washington post" went after brett kavanaugh because he was nominated to the high court. he had a sterling reputation before he got nominated.
6:35 pm
he got dragged into the girt and these people tried their best to destroy him and it's despicable. liz: late breaking developments on china's elite spy operation. we have breaking details coming up on how that massive scheme got so big and so global. we are going to give insight on how china did it. that's next.
6:36 pm
>> it will take bipartisan legislation. we offered the president a continuing resolution with 7
6:37 pm
bills tonight. yesterday the united states senate past passed legislation overwhelmingly. i'll yield to the distinguished leader in the senate to talk about that. the president is doing everything that he can to shut the government down. you have to ask the question. why? does he not believe in government? dose not care about the american people? doesn't he know the economy is uncertain? hasn't he followed the stock market that he likes to brag about? there is something wrong with this picture. especially in the holiday season. and so if they make the bill bad enough they are able to get maybe enough votes on the house side. but for a shameful bill that's unworthy of this house of representatives and certainly of the american people. up offer the distinguished
6:38 pm
leader from the senate. >> thank you, leader pelosi. today's events made one thing clear. president trump is plunging the country into chaos. the stock market is down another 500 points. general mattis is stepping down and we know he has real disagreements with the president on syria and on the wall. and now president trump is league temper tantrum and creating the trump shutdown of the government. last night the senate passed by voice unanimously a pill proposed by leader mcconnell, all speaker ryan has to do is put it on the floor of the house, it will get a majority of votes, and the president can sign it and avoid a shutdown. but unfortunately, president trump was attacked this morning
6:39 pm
and last night by the hard right and fearful, he backed off his commitment to sign this bill. republican leaders told us yesterday that he was ready to sign a bipartisan bill that passed the senate unanimously. every democrat and every republican to avoid a government shutdown. the bill contained neither dem kraiblght nor republican demands. it said to the american people, we have a way to keep the government open. and leader pelosi, leader mcconnell and myself are done everything we can to avoid a shutdown. but president trump wants one. he's asked for one 25 times. and he said in front of us he would be proud to shut down the government. it's nothing to be proud of. the bottom line is simple. the trump temper tantrum will shut down the government but it will not get him his wall. the bill on the floor of the
6:40 pm
house, everyone knows will not pass the senate. speaker ryan, leader mccarthy have cynically put it on the floor of the house knowing it can't pass the senate. everyone knows it can't pass the senate. it's a cynical attempt to just hurt innocent people and do just what president trump wants, even though they probably know it's bad for the country. so, bottom line is very simple, there is still hope. leader pelosi and i put two proposals on the table. we have not taken them off, that would avoid a government shutdown and get a majority of votes in the house and senate. leader mcconnell has put on the floor last night a proposal that would avoid shutting down the government. it is a shame that this president who is plunging the nation into chaos is throwing
6:41 pm
another temper tantrum and going to hurt lots of innocents people. the trump temper tantrum may produce a government shutdown, it will not get him his wall. >> what happens next in the senate if this bill does pass the house? >> leader mcconnell said he would schedule a vote. it clearly will not come close to getting the 60 votes it needs. and then leader pelosi and i and probably senator mcconnell would hope that the house would then consider passing the bipartisan unanimously passed bill the senate passed. but whether they will do that or not, your guess is as good as mine. president trump wants a shutdown and they are so afraid that they are going to go along. we'll see. >> you told some of us that you were shaken by the news of james
6:42 pm
mattis. >> i was shaken by the news because of the patriot general secretary mattis is. everybody in the country should read his letter of rest is nation it's a letter of great patriotism, with respect to the president, but also a statement of his values, where he talks about the threat to our nation and the system of alliances we have. that he talks about we must be resolute and unambiguous in our approach to strategic interests are increasingly intentioned with ours. the different many a beautiful letter about our values as a nation in terms of our national security written by a patriotic american who was a comfort to many of us as a voice of
6:43 pm
stability in the trump administration. so just look at this week. the president taking troops out of syria without consultation with the national security leaders of his own administration. the president taking actions that encourage his secretary of defense to issue a letter of resignation. he's reversing his position about signing a bill. maybe he thinks a government shut down makes gosmg more comfortably. there is something very wrong with this picture. and this resignation is one you. like secretary mattis and cemetery poll pay pay oh and it was one week ago. our troops look to secretary
6:44 pm
matted is as a leader, and now he is going to be leaving them. it's very serious for our country. >> secretary mattis was one of the few symbols, the few items of strength and stability in this administration. everything that indicates stability and strength, everything that indicates knowledge, it's leaving this administration. general kelly, general mattis, so many others. mcmass term. -- mcmaster. there is chaos in this administration. this week was one of the most of chaotic we have seen in american government. and they want to close the week by shutting down the government. shutting down the government. now, we all know that secretary mattis had real disagreements with the president on sir why and on the wall.
6:45 pm
some speculated the president was going to demand that he start building the wall which he knows he can't do by law. and maybe that's one of the reasons he stepped down. >> if there is a shutdown over the president's veto of the cr. >> it's strange how our republican friends, the worse he gets, the more they rally around him. this just to refer back to what leader schumer is saying about the voice of stability in this administration and the people who have left, who have great lead horse left the administration in dismay, and the left rest of them have left in disgrace. and that's what there is administration has been about. we don't want to be fear mongers in terms of our country. liz: we still have charles hurt
6:46 pm
with us. charles, this is getting personal. nancy pelosi just said the worst he gets the more the right and the republicans rally around him. she said he's going to shut the government down and he'll golf more comfortably. there have been 20 government shutdowns since 1976. both sides of the political aisle have done it. what's missing in what schumer and pelosi are talking about now are the facts around the border crisis that the president talked about earlier. >> i'm sorry something like this is going to disrupt their christmas plans. but that's not too much of a big concern of mine. they want to talk about donald trump wants to shut the government down in ordinary tore get his wall on the southern border, the same can be said about them. they want to shut the government down to avoid building a wall on the southern border. the bottom line remains, ever
6:47 pm
since the original 1986 amnesty, congress does the easy work. they give the amnesty and never do anything to secure the border. 3 million illegals have ballooned to 11 million plus. the figures go way, way way higher than that. speculated figures for the number of illegals today. the bottom line is democrats and an alarming number of republicans in congress, they don't want to do the hard work of fixing the problem at the bordered. for schumer and pelosi to wander into the whole business about syria, the bottom line is, they care more about the kurds than they do the wishes of the american people who want sanity on the southern border. that's what the wall represents. liz: generals and republican critics said we should be protecting the kurds. you don't want iran and russia taking advantage of syria. i want your reactions quickly to
6:48 pm
chuck schumer and nancy pelosi saying there is chaos in the trump white house given the resignation of defense secretary mattis. >> there is absolutely chaos in washington. the chaos is a guy got elected on an america first agenda, doing something about the border that politicians from both parties refused to do. he got elected and came here and he's intent on keeping the promises that he made. he's doing everything he can to carry out those promises. that's the disruption in washington. that's what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, that's the disruption that's so upsetting about them. i do respect what she said about valuing our allies, the kurds in syria. but if they have so much concern about those allies. what about the concerns of the
6:49 pm
american people month voted for donald trump to get this thing done and do something about the border and these people have completely abrogated their responsibility to the american people. then went beyond. beyond chasing down network problems. to knowing when and where there's an issue. beyond network complexity. to a zero-touch, one-box world. optimizing performance and budget. beyond having questions. to getting answers. "activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast.
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liz: we have breaking news. it's linked to that hack by chinese spies that stole value secrets from the united states. how did it get so big in scope? how did it last for 12 years? how did it hit so many industries in the united states. reuters breaking the news that china hacked into ibm and hewlett-packard enterprises. and what did china do? they hacked into ibm and hpe's client. that's how this got so big in scope. for his reaction. let's bring in retired major general robert scales. that's how china did it. >> i'm glad this is finally coming out. the only thing we talked about the last two years about hacking has to do weather russians
6:54 pm
interfering with our election. compared to the chinese, the russians are crass amateurs. they are incompetent. the chinese have this hacking institution that is so huge. what makes it effective are a couple of things. it's much larger than the russians'. and it's tied to the pla. even though a lot of the hacking is based on commercial information. the people running this are the military. here is the scary part. the hacking is occurring in this country as well as in china. a great many chinese immigrants are work in our industries and scooping up this information and sending it home. liz: it's happening in real-time. let's show the scroll of the number of industries that cover military to tech to banking.
6:55 pm
the fear is china built a lot of technology products and may be putting tiny chips in the products to infiltrate as back doors. we have had other big media including bloomberg, we have seen other tech blogs talking about this. think if the chinese managed to put a chip in one of you are anti-ballistic missiles or in a radar on a ship offshore in the south china sea. let me tell you another thing those of us it in have seen. we are beginning to see the manifestation of this hacking and the weapons they are deploying to include their cruise missiles and drones. if you look at their stealth aircraft, the j20. it has a lot of the obvious characteristics of our f22 and
6:56 pm
f35. they are so far snransd their sophisticated hacking that they are already beginning to build military products and weapons using our technology to compete against us. liz: chinese spies, chinese hack, the way they did it was to get into technology companies like ibm or hewlett-packard then hack their clients. we have the information that china planted a lot of back doors into data centers in some of the world's biggest companies like amazon and apple. the fear is, sir, you bring up the military technology. we have the corporate side of this. this all on china's march to be the world's biggest economic and technological super power. the made in 2025 march. >> the chinese leadership said the chinese military and the
6:57 pm
technological slides of its corporate structure are to be at parity with the united states by 2030. there is no way by following a due course process will the chinese be able to achieve that without extensive pervasive hacking of our technology. civilian and military. so much of the military today is dependent on corporate technology. particularly with microcircuitry. you can no longer distinguish between the two. an ibm piece of technology is the same technology being put into military computers and radar systems and early warning systems. so the day of having hacking program against ibm or hacking program against the u.s. air force, today they are essentially the same. liz: if you were advising president trump and robert lighthizer and wilbur ross, what
6:58 pm
would you tell the administration when it comes to the trade deal with china? >> i would say fight back. we are just as good as the chinese are. we can hack. we are pretty darn good at it. how many young men and women do we have in sill scon valley that could do this on a weekend. hack back at the chinese and do it in a public manner so it becomes sort of like a cyber war where either side can win. liz: would it escalate and make it worse? >> no. how can it get worse? the only thing they would be afraid of is for to us start stealing their technology. the second thing i would do is i would take a hard, long look at chinese students in our universities and those who are hired from china to work in our corporate structure.
6:59 pm
when i was in the army, i remember i visited china in 2000. i remember a chinese general bragging to me there were more pla officers in american graduate schools than there were american officers in american graduate schools and i don't think liz: china does have that law that says everyone works for the security of the chinese communist state. that their own security laws. >> yeah, and the other thing the chinese students and employees in this country what the government does skillfully is hold their relatives, wives and children parents and grandparents at risk if they don't toe the line and comply with instructions from china. liz: general, what a story. we just figure out why chinese cactus that's a big because they were hacking into ibm and hp and
7:00 pm
hacking into those companies clients. big story. ibm and hp not talking about it right now but will stay on that. the story from reuters. general, thank you. thank you for having us in your home thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next right here on the foxbusiness network. have a good night. lou: good evening. president trump tonight standing tall and showing congressional and senate leaders just who is president of the united states. mr. trump bowed not to sign a funny bill unless it contains money for the border wall. president trump allowed the radical dems such as chuck schumer and rhinos like pauline and to understand clearly tonight that he is running the country and not they. the lame-duck speaker had to cancel what would've been final press conference to meet with the president. after the meeting it was clear the republican


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