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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 20, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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dobbs is next right here on the foxbusiness network. have a good night. lou: good evening. president trump tonight standing tall and showing congressional and senate leaders just who is president of the united states. mr. trump bowed not to sign a funny bill unless it contains money for the border wall. president trump allowed the radical dems such as chuck schumer and rhinos like pauline and to understand clearly tonight that he is running the country and not they. the lame-duck speaker had to cancel what would've been final press conference to meet with the president. after the meeting it was clear the republican rino leaders were subject to a presidential tongue lashing.
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>> we will go back to the house and work with our members because the president said he will not find the bill. we will go back and work on adding more security and keeping the government open because we do want to see an agreement. lou: the we do nothing congress and the do-nothing leaders finally push the president to far so that he had to fight to get the wall. president trump: for decades washington abandoned this commitment allowed millions and millions of people to enter our country illegally and over the objections of the american people. the safety and security and sovereignty of the united states is the most important principle of all. if we don't stand strong for national borders and we cease to be a nation. we betray our commitment to the loyal citizens of our great country. i look forward to signing a bill that fulfills our fundamental duty to the american people. it is all about and i say this
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in any way they want to hear it it's all about america first. we have to put the country first and put our people first. you have to put safety first. lou: we take up the president's unwavering commitment to border security to america first, white house press secretary sarah sanders house freedom caucus cofounder, jim jordan among our guest. president trump also resolute on his decision to withdraw troops from the war-torn region in syria from the moment he ran for office. he has been telling the american people he wants to focus on america. and to move away from nationbuilding and fighting never-ending wars. radical dems and rhinos alike fame shock over the president's decisions and they forgot the president's consistent message of america first and senator lindsey graham even forgot his
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friends are and who is president is. he called on president trump to reconsider for crying out loud. >> it is in our national security interest not to withdraw at this time in my view. as to the decision by the president. i don't know where it came from but it needs to be reconsidered. i don't know how the decision was made but it literally came out of left field. it has rattled the world. i can promise the president if you will reevaluate the decision will have a lot of support across both sides of the aisle. lou: both sides of the alfred radical dems and rhinos on either side of that aisle. the very people who have obstructed and are be skated throughout the two years of this presidents service in office. we take that up with republican political strategist ed rollins and all our guest here tonight. it was another rough day on wall street. the markets continued to slide.
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jerome powell may now realize this market has gone from being the true market to the powell market. we take up the fed's misguided efforts and their ignorance in avoiding and ignoring the presidents warning about what would happen. james freeman will join us and former congressman jason among our guest. our top story tonight president trump refuses to sign the senate stopgap effort to avoid government shutdown because the bill doesn't find the president border wall. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts during this tonight and is more on the days extraordinary developments. reporter: good evening. earlier this week president trump received to back off his stringent demands that congress given billions of dollars to build a border wall. after the senate left him empty-handed last night today the president was back on the hard line.
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at a white house ceremony to sign the farm bill today president trump down a garment to congress demanding any bill to fund government needed to include money for border security. president trump: i made my position clear. the measure that funds the government must include border security. it has to not for political purposes but for our country and for the safety of our communities. reporter: there was a certain amount of politics to it. president trump initially demanded by billion dollars for the wall then the white house said liking be okay with 1.6 billion if he could find the rest of the money elsewhere. after the senate gave him nothing the presidents based demanded he get something so president trump summoned 12 house republicans to 1600 pennsylvania for a frank discussion. >> him for rescue not find the bill came up from the senate last evening because of his legitimate concerns for border security. >> present said what the senate sent over is a kicking the can
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down the road. we want to solve this problem. reporter: the white house when a state with a minimum requirement for border security is in a senior imagestation official telling fox news only let's see what the house can pass. president is insisting he get some money for a border barrier. president trump: essential to border security is a powerful, physical barrier. walls work. whether we like it or not. they work better than anything. >> on border security is moderate his language a little bit and now calling for the construction of a steel flat barrier instead of a wall. hoping that language might be more palatable to moderate democrats who oppose the idea of a concrete structure along our southern border. lou: joining us tonight white house press secretary sarah sanders and sarah, great to have you with us tonight. i can sincerely say this.
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i hardly know where to begin. it's been such a news filled day. it's wonderful to have it with us and bent and asked ordinary day at the white house. let's start with resignation of general matus coming suddenly. the general making it clear that the president deserves someone who's more aligned with him. i suspect the nation agrees with the defense secretary that the president does deserve that. >> absolutely. lou, great to be with you. thank you for having me on. general matus has served president trump's administration for almost two years by the time he completes his time as defense secretary. he will have been there two years and served our country for over four decades and served with distinction. he's an in car but i can't look, the president and secretary matus have agreed to disagree on a number of topics but continue to have a good relationship and i think that this is probably
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something that will be made into much bigger thing in the media then it will be in the white house. they will continue to have a good relationship and he has served the president and the country well. i have a great deal of respect for him. an incredible person. lou: incredible marine and asked ordinary public servant. the president was gracious in his thanks. it's been apparent they have not always agreed but the president is the commander in chief and this is another thing we won't hear from national left-wing media. i think he's been an extraordinarily gracious in the way he's dealt with the issues the number of times the general made it sometimes - in my judgment, made it clear he did not agree with the president. >> will, again, only one person was elected to be
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commander-in-chief and president of the united states. that was done on trumpet secretary matus was selected to be a team and his voice his opinions on the president listens to his thoughts and opinion and advice but at the end of the day it's the presidents decision to make because he was the one selected by the american people to lead our country and on exactly. sometimes they have of have not fully agreed and other times they have. that's how government is supposed to work. that's why it's been a good relationship and the president is thankful for his service. lou: absolutely. let's turn to and advancing wall funding bill in the house. rules committee approving it by a significant margin and your thoughts on whether the president will have his bill and funding for the wall tonight? >> better question left to congress and whether or not they can get that approved. i can assure you that at some
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point this president will get the full funding that he wants for the wall because he said he will do it and he's never not gotten what he's set out to do. we see that every single day. he's been delivering since day one of taking office and seen him continue to fight for what the people elected him to do and that is border security protecting american citizens. we have to stop the flow of illegal drugs and stop human trafficking and terrorism from coming across our borders. lou, you know as well as anyone in your one of the president biggest and best supporters that a country without borders is no country at all the president will continue fighting and not stop until he make sure we have full border security that we need to affect our country. >> i hope chuck schumer and nancy pelosi can hear what you and i can hear after the president decided he would not proceed without border security funding and that's a hallelujah chorus. can you hear it in washington? [laughter] >> i'm southern baptist and we
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always hear the hallelujah chorus. lou: god bless you. let's turn to the president's bill on agriculture moving a trillion dollars from america's farmers in agribusiness and this is another big day on that lev level. it hardly was mentioned on some quarters and you can see some wags and even cable television having difficulty in acknowledging the president had achieved another success. >> a major success. he signed into law earlier today but unfortunately, like you said it won't get coverage and we certainly will get a lot of coverage and questions about palace intrigue and likes you and what's the presidents mood but i doubt we'll get questions about the major compliments the president has delivered on the farm bill being one of them. he protected our farmers and
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ranchers just like he promised he would do and delivered like he said he would. secretary produce signed additional documents today major we were doing everything we can for work requirements and another major success for the president and his and ministration. lou: seems like the clever individuals here in leadership in both parties are in the senate and house underestimated the power of the presidency and this president. like the one preceded him using of bone and pen to serve the american people. i do think there is another big deal that deserves a lot of attention and i want to take a moment to highlight that if we made. that is this new enforcement of the immigration and naturalization codes and focus on the fact that asylum-seekers will now have to wait in mexico instead of the united states where they often get lost in simply went into society. they have to stay in mexico as
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their cases are adjudicated. that is an amazing display of partnership as well with the new government of mexico, is it not? >> absolutely. monumental shift and a historic moment to see mexico and the united states working together and coming to this agreement with secretary nielsen and pompeo did an amazing job working to get the agreement together with government in mexico and it will have a dramatic impact on the number of individuals coming into our country illegally and those seeking asylum can still do so and there will be a more orderly process but it will be a major transition for illegal immigration and should cut down on large number of illegal immigrants coming into the country and staying and not having real asylum claims and facilitate those that do and bring them into the country and help those. lou: one of the most promising developments historic in and of itself, the enforcement of our
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code but also working in such a level of partnership with the mexico government to put it in some context 780,000700 or backlog of 780,000 immigration cases and literally millions who are in this country illegally who simply want to do - walk away from a proceeding and promised to come back but they don't keep their promises. it's encouraging development. i have to ask you, sarah, millions of americans want to know how you keep your great sense of humor and demeanor through the assault by the white house press corps? >> never let your critics get you down. stay focused on the good things and working in this white house. there are good things that are happening in the president has done a tremendous job and honor
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and privilege to work here and work for the mac people in about get to be a part of it. lou: we are proud of you and proud that you're serving the american people and the president well. sarah sanders, great to have you with us. >> always a pleasure. lou: grace, which in class. the west wing national media and dems are imploding over the president to stance on securing our border. just like he promised everyone for the past two years. >> donald trump folding in the face of his face. >> the president is a flailing about. he's desperate to distract us. >> we should not act as though the way this is proceeding is routine. >> i don't know if he's suggesting we come down to parlato to negotiate on the golf course but wrong on this. >> if you are serious, conservative trump supporting senator you say this guy is out of control. >> this is not just about the
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wall but about what he needs the base to do for him in the coming months and years. that is protect them from the increasingly message on impeachment. lou: they can't save the american people or the united states. they refer to the base which is just about every american when it comes to border security and the sovereignty of this nation. amazing. amazing people those left wing national types. a revamped expending bill within the hour. we take that up and work with congressman jim jordan on the issue when w
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lou: jim jordan joined this answers on the bose judiciary and oversight committees and cofounder of the house from caucus and has been calling throughout for the funding of the president border wall and today this president making clear he will accept nothing less your thoughts tonight as the president is frankly reminding chuck schumer he is the minority leader and that if the policy is frankly nancy pelosi. >> lou, good to be with you but you are exactly right. this president is about doing what the american people he would do and doing what they
10:21 pm
elected him to do. just last week nancy pelosi sat in the oval office and that there aren't the votes in the house to pass funding for a border city wall. i think in about 15 minutes will go to the house floor and you will find out there are the votes. it will move to the senate and negotiate there. let's get it through the first up and do what we said in the presence been clear about that today. i'm glad we will pass this bill and do what the market people want to do. >> to see the vote out of the rules committee to suggest there would be passage and there are votes this and is to shake nancy pelosi to her roots. this is - chuck schumer, i so guess i just have a natural aversion to left-wing democrats or left-wing republicans. they are imponderable and i hope
10:22 pm
soon, irrelevant. lou: the leader of their campaign said she wanted a borderless hemisphere. a number of democrat senators and members of house and said they want to abolish i.c.e. they don't want to build the board the wall and get control of our border and address the problems. the gang problem in human trafficking and all the things you can help deal with and reduce and hopefully stop if you build the border security wall. that's what were trying to do with the point is to passes through the house and prove nancy pelosi wrong and stand up for the american people. lou: it looks as though i think the language is a full and frank discussion when the president invited the dozen to the white house today. am i correct in inferring that is the case? >> the president was clear from the get-go. we will get this done in the
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president was strong right from the start of the meeting and had a discussion on how we would proceed in québec to capitol hill and rounded up the votes. in a few minutes there will be majority of house of representatives support this measure passed by billion dollars for a border security wall to begin to do what was one of the central messages and central promises of the 2016 campaign. the last few months we've seen the soul caravan deal unfold over the last several months and this is how you begin to address that fundamental problem. this is are you deal with the appropriate money and build that wall like we should and hopefully we will see that get started here in a few minutes. lou: we will cover it, i assure you. this is a historic moment and i have a hard time contemplating the politics of this. as you have pointed out repeatedly it has become without any doubt the jordan mantra, that is, do what you promised.
10:24 pm
the house has refused to do th that. >> never hurts to keep your wo word. lou: it certainly doesn't. it's a lesson that the paul ryan and his rhino team have learned late but at least it appear learning to lessen. >> this is step one. if the senate does not take this and chuck schumer will not provide the vote make no mistake about it what they are saying is they will not allow the government to continue operating and stay open because of they don't want to secure our border. it is that by the middle. they are saying they are willing to shut down the government because they don't want to build the wall which the american people voted for and it's good common sense. it works other places with appropriate money to protect other nations why do we do the same thing for our great compa company.
10:25 pm
that's where we're at and this is so common sense. as the president said it's keeping our word. lou: and honestly, the president is the only national leader that stood up and said my first priority is its nation, its borders and people. strong borders to keep americans safe and that is that straightforward and the dems are saying they don't give a damn about protecting the american people, not one single damn, if i can put it that way. i apologize. [laughter] >> every subornation has right to control the borders and secure their border but that is all this is and everyone understands the democrats in washington dc so let's do the first thing and pass it and stand firm and have the negotiating take place in the senate but to get something done to build the wall. lou: congressman jim jordan, thank you for being with us. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. castor wrote on twitter at lou
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dobbs as soon as we get the ball will bring it to you. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. even if i don't have a poll when i thought i had a bowl will be back with a poll. in this hour, i guarantee it. we will follow that all-important vote on funding the president border wall here in about five-six minutes. the trump imagination making another historic deal with mexico. illegal immigration, this president is moving forward and he has to fight even within his own party and even within his own cabinet to get it done but get it done he is doing. we'll have the details right after the break and take it up with the republican strategist, ed rollins. ed rollins. be right back. all money managers might seem the same, ed rollins. be right back. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate. lou: president trump striking a huge deal with mexico to overhaul our broken selling process and help and catch and
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release homeland security secretary kristjen nielsen announcing today asylum-seekers will now be forced to remain in mexico while there cases are heard in the us immigration system. there is a backlog of 780,000 cases and this is going a long ways toward rationalizing our immigration system and fixing our broken borders. joining us tonight form and reagan white house and fox business analyst, ed rollins. great to see you. let's start with this deal with mexico. it strikes me as historic and hugely important. >> it is absolutely important. it makes more sense than anything we've done in a long time. basically, you will stop the erosion when people realize they can't walk through the doors. equally important is the mexico
10:32 pm
permit discouraging people from coming. if you sit there three or four months in mexico he might as well state where your home was. to get it moved. lou: president had to work or had to fight elements of his own administration to first move troops to the border and to actually enforce us immigration law and to actually secure the border. it is starting to pay immense dividends because he also had his secretary of state and jared cursor the special advisor in mexico working with manwell lopez, the new president of mexico to do just exactly this. to me, this suggests the partnership i had hoped for that might arise between the two leaders is now possible. >> it makes it easier on the border to do deal with this significant problem. averted final negotiation here did a superb job if it was
10:33 pm
jared, great, honestly the president's intent. >> mike pompeo was involved in kristjen nielsen who i personally think has been up until very recently she had to be almost forced to carry out her duties as secretary of home it's pretty but was involved as well. let's turn to general mattis, speaking of some dissidents in the cabinet. secretary mattis either fired or resigned whatever but he wrote a peculiar, i think letter of resignation and i want to share this with you. he said in part - you have the right to have a secretary of defense is use are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects. that is a hottie expression coming from a secretary to the president of the united states and more than that the commander in chief. >> with go through the history. we have built the president basically has got the biggest
10:34 pm
defense budget ever and over $700 billion. lou: fulfilling his campaign promise. >> we had three generals to start off the demonstration. we all applauded them and move heaven and earth to get because traditionally it's a civilian secretary of defense and mathis has served this country well. he clearly does not agree with the president and the president has asked for over a year give me another plan for afghanistan and they cannot come up with anything they been doing for the last 15 years. lou: this president said throughout his campaign and term in office the first two years that is unacceptable. nationbuilding, wars in perpetuity they would betray his nonsense and this is a country that has been in afghanistan for 17 years and the president has now made it clear he's
10:35 pm
withdrawing troops from syria and was trying our troops from afghanistan and as i said i hope he brings home every possible servicemember from all over the world because it isn't the american way of doing business. >> obvious, or in a different place that we were ten years ago and reality - my senses i give mathis credit for serving his country. if you can't become tubal - it's time for them to move on. no big deal. lots of secretaries of defense. i've been around the game a long time and i seen a lot of them come and go. lou: no indispensable secretary of defense no indispensable general in conflicts that are waged for 17 years without successful resolution. for god sakes were in talks with the televangelist and every military leader of this country who thinks that he or she should be given credit for brilliant military leadership without winning those days are over
10:36 pm
under this president. i honestly believe that's what this means. >> that's what the military would like to. lou: at rollins, thanks. lou: at rollins, thanks. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. and it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck,
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10:40 pm
has asked for and conveniently avoid a government shutdown the president said he will take credit for in order to defend the nation. it will provide this bill that is being voted on right now and provide more than $5 billion, by $.7 billion from the president's portable and will bring you the results as we have it. the votes progressing well at this point and we will see how it goes. 78 yea votes as i see it there. -41. justice - we'll be right back with that as we get close to the magic number. nancy pelosi declaring that it was not support for this and telling the president no support for the order while in the house of representatives. congressman jim jordan says tonight that will be the
10:41 pm
minority leader soon to be speaker will be proved wrong. justice department charged to chinese nationals with cyber espionage and violations of an agreement between the united states and communist china. the two communist agents hacked the department of energy. they hacked nasa and they stole social security numbers, dates and bursts for more than 100,000 us navy personnel. this comes after china had agreed to end state-sponsored cyber attacks for economic gain, as a style that in 2015. a holdover from the obama era and the trump error means they will enforce agreements and enforce laws and yes, act in the national interest. through me tonight is dean chang, senior research fellow at the heritage foundation's asian studies center. dean, great to have you with us.
10:42 pm
former senior advisor from the state department insight terrorism assistance program former lawn was an advisor to the republican national committee ever security expert, good to have you with us, morgan. dean, let's start with who knew we had foreign agents that worked in our society stealing our technology and intellectual property or that we had chinese communist trainees spies everywhere collecting as much as they possibly could from our ip tea and stealing it to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars every year. >> if we didn't know about it there's been a catastrophic failure in our intelligence. the reality is that this has been common knowledge among cyber security specialists law-enforcement et cetera but the problem has been trying to . lou: i've been reporting on it for 20 years.
10:43 pm
3500 companies from communist china. they operate for the specific purpose of stealing those hundreds of millions and neither republican or democratic presidential in ministration did a damn thing about it. >> until now. what is striking is that we are seeing an across-the-board set of efforts. these two people and recently arrested belgium extradited to the united states and a member of the chinese ministry of state security at the provincial level who is stealing secrets from boeing that we are finally doing something to say to the chinese what we have an agreement that you will not engage in economic cyber espionage. lou: we have an independent sovereign nation and morgan, it says right there, right there, by golly, if you want to pay attention to it that we should be able to defend the station against cyber attacks and cyber espionage and hacking and meanwhile, because dean is right, the obama in ministration
10:44 pm
thought we had to have an agreement that please, china, don't steal from us this would offend our sensibilities. hell, i can't understand why we were not go to war over this kind of nonstress theft. >> i talked about this and an article coming out in the hill this late talking about this and other rules have changed. in world war i we found out the data affects mustard gas and we said we will not do that. cluster bombs and there are enormous warfare but warfare is in cyberspace and the chinese are violating every single one of them. you can keep indicting all the people we want but it will take the pen is mightier than the sword. when you rest the cfo of huawei that is the niece of the founder and we take action and make it difficult for them to travel in the hpc so they will no longer underwrite . lou: they are stepping up here.
10:45 pm
but frankly, i don't understand this. absent casualties and that is killed and wounded, this is no different than pearl harbor. we are watching the destruction of hundreds of thousands, hundreds of millions and billions of dollars every year. >> philosophical question. [inaudible conversations] >> is more than philosophy. when you talk about money were talking about jobs. talking about companies. how many companies have gone out of business as they have found their intellect property was being sold by chinese before they themselves could bring it to market them and how many patents are filed by the chinese before their rightful actual creators to file for . lou: we are way over time but
10:46 pm
morgan, let me ask you this simply. why would we put up with this over so many in ministrations and why did it take president trump to say hell, no, no more? >> it's been the economic issues. it's their power of owning our debt. we count out for them too long. were worried about what might happen and what if but were past the what if. the rest of the people, make it difficult to do business but the crib on china's expansion plans in their pocket book and start getting their attention finally. lou: we will find out. because this is without question war. it may be a cold war and it may ultimately be competition. it is a war and no one should mistake that. dean, thank you. morgan, thank you. a reminder to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe congress should do its job and believe on the
10:47 pm
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lou: a lot happening at this moment. james freeman jointly,
10:51 pm
foxbusiness do better. jason, former will begin commitment from utah, foxbusiness contributor. great to have you both here and i will turn to you first, jason. as we look at the vote here on house to give the president $5.7 billion that was my cue in the control room to put that out. there we have 194 votes yea. [inaudible conversations] 43 nathan and we are 96, 86, i can tell. it looks like this will pass. what happened to nancy pelosi? >> it will not even be close. getting over 200 and you will certainly win. the thing that was so infuriating to a lot of conservatives, both on this stuff. we make it way too easy for people to say i would and i would not but make them vote and guess what? the president will prevail by a good decent margin here on this houseboat. lou: this is terrific to watch. we are now taking a look.
10:52 pm
it looks like it will win. as you say a good margin. what is going on with the namby-pamby nonsense from the rhinos and radical dems talking stuff about votes that they don't have turned out they do have it and paul ryan most of all must be shocked to find out he is now funding the wall despite the present it's not in the better way agenda. >> i've been digging the president has the leverage here. we will see how this turns out and if it goes that way the senate comes next and we saw chuck schumer in the senate back down the last time they had a fight over immigration and the president once again has the leverage here. he's got all the . lou: dirty little secret is chuck schumer act like he's a majority leader in the minority leader and nancy pelosi is in
10:53 pm
between jobs. it will be fascinating to see here. where are we now? 208, it's fun to watch this. it's always want to watch - by the way, we are watching this vote the president must be thinking and never does get tiring to win, win, win. >> nancy pelosi was way out there on the ledge saying that there's no way they have the votes in the house and this is a definitive victory for the presidents. republicans . lou: i've always learned from one vote to pay attention to nancy pelosi very carefully. sometimes she misrepresents. i think of obamacare for example in chuck schumer and president obama. they had a few things screwed up to begin with and the national left-wing media - they forget that though they?
10:54 pm
>> yes, it may be a reality check that we read a lot about the chaos at the white house in bumbling and whatnot but i would say right now he's in a position to to get signatures. lou: that's big news. they don't know how to write a real story with real reporting with real facts. it's lazy nonsense. i don't. >> not only to the house up the number $25.7 billion but funding and therefore fire relief and disaster relief and now you have every single democrat going on record to deny the funding to fix california and these other places. lou: almost $9 million in disaster relief as well. where to be go from here? the president appears to have the vote and now on to the senate and will be find out that there is rational dems who care about protecting america and defending our borders? >> one thing we will see is if
10:55 pm
it doesn't get done by midnight friday will be a question of whether any americans noticed the government has shut down. lou: i suspect those employees and i know it's not a popular interpretation are thinking about a week or so off. >> they always get paid. remember the bills the past include the military construction and the ba on all that. lou: thank you for being here to interpret this moment in history. the president wins again and of course most importantly voters of the nation. james and jason, thank you for being here with president trump defending his decision to bring our troops home and pull out of it. and p
10:56 pm
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lou: the house of representatives passed the spending bill giving the president $5.7 billion to build the border wall. a big win for the president, for the government, and for the country and nancy pelosi is wrong again. that is it for us tonight. florida republican chairman joins us as does asia expert gordon chang. as we explore "red storm
11:00 pm
rising." thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: president trump warning he'll not sign the spending bill if it does not include border security. president trump: i'm asking congress to defend the border of our nation for a tiny fraction of the cost. trish: the house passing a revamped spending bill that includes $5 billion in funding for that wall. we have a full report. the u.s. striking a deal with mexico to keep migrants in mexico after seeking asylum here. they stay on that side of the border until we determine whether they can get asylum.


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