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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 21, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tomorrow. thanks for joining us good night. ♪ i think clearly you have a situation here with a market has overabout reacted to the fed's comments, and you see program trading taking over. >> computer this is charge, how the markets react to government shutdown as house and senate need to find common ground over funding a border wall ab partial government shutdown very real about possibility. >> futures on friday we have bearish sentiment dow down 105 s&p down 12 1/2 nasdaq down 34. >> oil priengs plunge to 17-month low yesterday up barely 6 pennies 45.96 a
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barrel. >> europe stocks oer, as you can see, a lot of global worries weighing on markets there ftse, cac 40 dax in the red. >> in asia, biggest lover down more than 1%,. >> in japan, there is outrage over the form nissan chairman carlos goesen is rearrested you will not believe what japanese government is doing, we start right now. ♪ ♪ . >> in new york friday, december 21 weekend before christmas is upon us good morning, everyone. i am lauren simonetti. >> good morning. i'm cheryl casone if you thought you were going to have a quiet trading day today, well you are not. there is so much news going on, as we approach the holidays, the house, a bill that would fund the federal
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government through early february 5 billion dollars for border wall increases chance of a partial government shutted. >> hours after president trump refused to sign a bill passed by senate did not include border wall funding. >> i have made my position very clear. any measure that funds the government must club border security, has to not for political purposes but for -- for our country. >> now, president trump is throwing the temper tantrum creating the trump shutdown of the government. >> president trump tweeting thank you to great republican members of congress for your vote to fund border security and wall final numbers 217 to 185 many said enthusiasm was greater than they have ever seen before. so proud of you all, now on to the senate, will they find common ground. >> the president sticking to what he promised on the
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campaign trail, there you go. other big news, is breaking defense secretary jim mattis has announced his resignation. mattis says his views no longer align with the president's. the president trump ordered drawdown of all troops from syria many from afghanistan this could be part of the reason mitch mcconnell issuing a statement saying i am particularly distressed mattis is resigning sharp differences with president key aspects of america global leadership. >> kirstjen nielsen praising secretary jim mattis. >> an incredible partner of ours, he certainly has been very supportive of our border security mission, the counterterrorism mission as we faif terrorists abroad so they don't come here complete admiration respect for him. >> the president tweeting this, general mattis a great
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help to me getting allies other countries to pay their share of military obligations, new secretary of defense will be named i thank jim for service who has chops to lead the pentagon. >> fox news reporting therer a couple candidates in theworks we will get to that later on, china, strongly denying that two of its intelligence officers were spying on united states, as trade talks continue between two countries, let's get the latest now from our very own. >> good morning lauren cheryl two paths with china emerging enforcement actions against the chinese to protect intellectual property stop a -- the arrest in conditioned of huawei cfo justice department unsealing entitlement dooipt of two chinese hackers, the indictment accusations them of stealing intellectual property of 45 technology companies,
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that is information from a dozen u.s. state government agencies, stealing everything from aviation space pharmaceutical information then trade, issue the president setting a march 1 deadline to see if movement, steve mnuchin with u.s. trade representative will lead talks with china says china understands the differences between two paths. >> we've been clear from day one, that cyberis a an issue this was discussed when we were there i think you know we've said this isn't about boying soybeans energy although they clearly will buy a lot more of both, this is really about about protecting u.s. technology. >> mnuchin says face-to-face talks between u.s. and china in january, he says, that they are on the phone, and on a regular basis. >> developments on former canadian diplomat held in china for allegedly harming
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national interest rioters reporting he is held in secret location cannot see a lawyer not allowed to a turn light off before he goes to bed other canadians have been detained, a lot of -- businessmen earlier this month cnn receipt beau tun tit-for-tat for arrest of huawei executives in canada earlier this month. >> all volatility, that we are seeing in markets, nasdaq is trading, right now very near bear market territory we are a half percent away, after the market closed down nearly 20% yesterday, from its record close in august nasdaq futures pointing to a lower open for the tech-heavy index advisories president and founder joins us you have to won if capitulation. >> surmise feels like feels like it brought about by fed action you've got problems in
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world u.s. stall wart our economy so strong, underneath that a strong consumer strong wages fed looked at that differently saw strong wages, and strong economy, and they see a potential inflation threat what they are looking at though what not looking at is plunging oil prices around the world, riots streets of paris potential brexit could cause uncertainty in financial markets in europe escalating clooinz trade carr talking about espionage people jabbing at each other ignored all that focused on the data points of the u.s. being strong, will become signing handedly bringing that down i think an ill advised advantage. >> the global story i think is really interesting so focused in the last three months, on the tit-for-tat with chinese you mentioned hacking that they have been accused of at the same time all walls of worry we are looking to climb
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when one to you is most concerning is it the trade talks with chinese possibly that seems to be really hurting, global markets in general. >> we have a concern du jour ask me tomorrow might have a different answer the fed is the giant in the room, jerome powell most fluinfluential in markets we need a fd governor or jerome powell to slightly walk back concerns as big as trade tariffs taxies are we were doing fine when tariff skirmish started fed was accommodative market was fine the issue is interest rate worries fed could encourage slower economic growth around the world by recent actions. >> a qualitative tightening you are talking about i made this point yesterday markets so used to easy money loving
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it so much like picking away -- >> yeah, but, you know, raising rates just to have dry poud to have counter cyclical action next downtourn breaking up because you want to make up with them the fed the fed is single-handedly causing this raising rates to have dry poud i don't go for that argument i think let free market take place. >> glad to have you with us to kick off the show you the. >> good to be here. >> former nissan chairman ghosn he arrested again tracee carrasco has that story. >> unabout blooefb. >> carlos goes 9/11 custody more than a month rearrested this morning in japan on suspicion of aggravated breach of trust, he is suspected of using these funds to cover million of dollars from
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derivative trading in 2008 prosecutors have 48 hours to question goes onnen over latest allegation could face another 10 days in detention. >> layers of that story incredible, all right nike. how they do last quarter. >> that this controversy involuntarying the colin kaepernick ad didn't seem to hurt this last quarter sales rose 10%. five billion dollars during quarter shares of nike sharply higher trading in premarket. >> a lot of kids probably sided with kaepernick. >> tried to down play his role. >> right. >> in the ad. >> you might be buying nike but we're buying at -- the
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cheaper stores dollar general those stores doing well. >> more people are shopping, at dollar stores not because they need to, but because they want to, according to a recent survey by npd group 3 % earn more than 100,000 dollars a year traffic including dollar general, dollar tree family there are a increased 3% last year compared with 2% increase interior before modern 40% he shoppers planning to shop at dollar stores during holidays have name brands cheaper prices. >> what does it sigh about consumer woreisome. >> stay tuned. >> that is the next segment. >> a really tough week nasdaq down 40 points at close nasdaq down 40 points in a bear market. dow futures down 130 president
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trump signs partisan farm bill democrats already vowing to fight, like this one. >> able-bodied adults without dependency have to work look for work in order to receive food stamps today's action will help, americans transition from welfare to gainful employment. >> democrats push back on plan would help americans and save taxpayers billions of dollars. and today might see shortest day of the year winter solstice has a lot more in store for us tonight, beautiful. beautiful shot, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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good friday morning futures pointing to the downside another rough ride ahead dow off 120 s&p down 14
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nasdaq off 36, i don't know if we can get -- there is hope one way london gatwick airport is open, after a day of chaos by droens still searching for a operator that flew near a runway disrupting trips of more than 10,000 people police say operator could have been an environmental activist. president trump signing 867-billion-dollar phone bill yesterday providing reef to farmers factored by trade war with china some democrats say they will fight a rule by fda fight tightening work requirements. >> facebook reportedly developing a cryptocurrency for messaging app whatsapp reportedly a county tied to u.s. dollar being developed to allow users to transfer across the app, today is winter solstice the shortest day of the year.
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this year solstice has a lot in store tonight, first a cold full moonlight up the sky those in northern u.s. could see a meteor shower roughly 11 meteors blazing by every hour begins 5:23 pm on the east coast, get ready. >> meteor showers to real assures heavy storms wreaking havoc as holiday travel rush kicks off. cheryl: about to pull up weather app i don't have to guess who is here a taylormade forecast. cheryl: you look so good. >> that is my christmas present to you, you know what if you are traveling across the eastern half of the country, eastern third of the country there are going to be travel delays we have the big system going to be a rain event brought even tornados to parts of central florida yesterday, so heavy rainfall gusty winds going to be kind of lingering throughout the day saturday is better day for travel look at all this
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moisture i mean if there is good news to this it is relatively warm out there, above average as front moves through we are going to see snow in the back side of this, along the appalachians great lakes out of here on saturday more rain in fact forecast next 12 to 4 hours looking for snow on christmas heed out west to the rockies there you go. >> janice dean merry christmas merry christmas. >> not coming -- going to go skiing a look at futures right now, we are down 134 -- 135, nasdaq probably going into bear market territory down 42 and one half right now coming up one day after pulling u.s. troops out of syria president trump wants to send soldiers fighting in afghanistan home, not every one is onboard. >> mr. president you have a chance to change course, you
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dollar store says rich fox are visiting the discounters, is this more proof economy is slowing down? charlie o'shea at moody's might have have answer what do you think. >> good morning, and thanks for having me. >> i think that -- i don't know that i agree with the belief that because more high-income people are shopping at dollar stores the economy is slowing i think that it is embedded in our dna as americans i think we are always looking for a deal, how many of us have said, you know you are not going to believe what i found, how much i paid for it, all that kind of stuff. so i think, i am not surprised
5:22 am
at all, with this data, nor was i surprised three years ago when walmart announced roughly same number of shopping base made over 100,000 dollars as well americans want value they want to stretch dollars nobody likes to waste money stores upped game several years lauren: good for the economy, if high end consumer is not slowing down or economy is not slowing down we are hunting for a bargain awesome. >> if you look at this stock up 46% year-to-date. so many companies are looking at this saying what the heck how did they do this. >> they have got a great assortment interesting, i actually spent time i spent a lot of time in stores period. but i like the dollar stores i like going in there seeing what they have, see what value there is, what deals there are, they do a nice job stick to knitting hit that point
5:23 am
well agreement assortment they keep prices low it works. >> who are you worried about in 2019? >> across retail landscape i will focus on list what we consider distressed he retailers jay crue, neiman-marcus concerned about any retailer that is getting caught up in ongoing price war, between amazon and walmart i can almost pick anyone there, and there is worry and there is from our perspective, where can someone get beat up a little bit cause concern with respect to to our rating when you look at the retail landscape i have used a couple different terms for it, aifrng teeter-totter makes sense the strong guys sitting on the ground, and you've got small walker guys legs in the air doesn't look like bigger guys are getting smaller walker puts pressure on weaker
5:24 am
smaller retailers those that don't have financial flexibility to keep up so there is the a whole lot of retailers in 2019 we've got eyes on, 35 names, in the b3 category and below. which is about where we normally are, but we've got this wall of maturities coming up 1920 and 1921 need to be addressed one question for us how much liquidity will there be in markets to handle that maturing debt for retail segment we end on good point. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot of -- that is very concerning. all right this is going to concern you as well. futures are escalating sell-off a real volatile week nasdaq next shoe to drop likely into bear market terrorist dow transports up there, as you can see, watching the markets this morning, off this.
5:25 am
treasury secretary steven mnuchin warning that markets are overreacts to fed's latest rate hike some analysts zbragre who is right. >> investors hoping for a christmas miracle. >> man i am coming to town. >> oh, my god santa -- >> is santa coming to wrote a in? are will investors get big lumps of coal in stockings this year. >> you are watching fbn:am. ♪ ♪ well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone?
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taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so-what do you think? well i'm definitely thinking differently than i was yesterday. ask your doctor about jardiance- and get to the heart of what matters. . >> i think the market was disappointed in the chairman's comments but i would say if you look at specifics, you can't just look at the headline. cheryl: disappointing a new worry how word i should we be about a loom government shutdown jooir futures down, 150 points, nasdaq down 47 likely bear market territory. cheryl: good news for drivers looking at this taking a look at oil prices 17-month low yesterday, 45.58. >> european stocks down,
5:29 am
frechl market down worst of frontier 1 1/4% in the red. >> nike losing more than 1% automakers -- >> kneel young has a deal for you only costs two bucks a month fbn:am continues right now. ♪. >> coming up on 5:30 in the morning december 21 i am lauren simonetti. cheryl: i want to call it "fri-yea" but a tough newsday i do want to say good morning, everybody. i am cheryl casone. lauren: the tough use came last night defense secretary mattis resigning after president trump ordered drawdown of all troops from syria many afghanistan in a letter to president secretary mattis saying quote you have a right to have a secretary of defense whose views are better
5:30 am
aligned with yours, the vice president of national security foreign policy heritage foundation was this disrupt the in your opinion or did you see this coming. >> no, i don't think so, i think if you read secretary mattis letter of resignation kind of tells both sides of the coin one hand, i think his comlit criticism is right we saw in rollout of the syrian afghanistan decision the president can have unconventional that is fine but president of the united states, responsible for this what government does a poor job explaining how their decision look after america's interest support the strategy i think that i think he is spot-on, mattis spot-on you have to you know be consistent with allies and competitors. >> the other side of the letter mattis was not good future to this administration, and i think they did the best
5:31 am
they could. he was great in terms of going out and explaining the president's policies greatly trusted military advice was good, but mattis believed that he was the defense department number partisan he was democrat wasn't republican independent of the administration strategy policy as well that is not a good fit, it wasn't sustainable over time. >> this is going to be my final question to you i will ask now who is a good fit foster this administration, in that role? because two names being tossed around tim cotton general jack keane frequent quest on fox news told "america's newsroom" he disagreed with president's strategy to take troops out of syria. >> at the end of the day president will zie, mattis can go out with confidence, and with -- recognized about ability to defend the president policies the other thing you need somebody that can go and work with congress,
5:32 am
and mattis wasn't -- there is a big budget, next two years you got to doak up with senators, mattis liked to do that a really, really important for us somebody look at -- representative the president. >>. lauren: the president -- -- critical of recent televisions lindsey graham tweeted out american troops withdrawal high risk strategy if we continue on present course setting in motion, the loss of all of our gains, apaving toward second 9/11, i think a self inflicted wound by administration have not explained policies how to protect u.s. interests, so i think those concerns are fair, somebody said are we on right course i shrugged i said i don't know what course we are on we haven't explained what the follow-on strategy is in syria we have not explained
5:33 am
how drawing down in afghanistan makes us safer the president has his administration has an obligation, to do that, this have done a poor job. >> he criticized president obama for prematurely pulling out of iraq led to the formation of isis president obama didn't have benefit of hindsight president trump did still making decisions. >> they are different situations, the president's strongest moment gave speech on afghanistan last year laid out exactly what we're doing how it is in america's interest how going forward he hasn't do en that he has done a bunch of tweets has not prepared his administration to explain what his policies are really, the faults not articulating how leading america goes to the white house i think a fair criticism. >> have a good weekend and hollywood. cheryl: we are watching in your markets, the sell-off continuing this morning, after the fed, of course, raised interest rates for the fourth time this year on wednesday,
5:34 am
signaling more increases next-year treasury secretary mnuchin weighed in on "varney & company" yesterday. >> i am completely, i think that with theed a vent of computerized trading has such a big part of the market now, combined with volcker rule you can't have market makers commit capital you have bigger moves both directions i think clearly you have a situation here where the market has overreacted to the fed comments you see program trading taking over. >> let's bring in danielle, a former advisory to the president, president of deceiv deceived. >> of -- >> not at all. >> really is a lack of clarity in terms of what the fed is going to do, going forward, over the next 12 months, and companies right now are really reluctant to give good quality guidance forward because of
5:35 am
all this uncertainty, so we are sitting kind of in limbo stage where we don't know clearly what the future is going to look like, in capital, is willing to sit on sidelined until a better picture as to looks true the other thing markets seem biggest complaint, is this qualitative tightening, and fed saying they are not going to budge and -- high water going to be tightening selling off the balance sheet, are they missing something here? >> as to you know i think they are, you can't you cannot accept that quantitative easing was beneficial to the economy to the market by-product and say on the other side qualitative tightening is not going to hurt for every 200 billion dollars, of runoff we have on balance sheet, we are running 50 billion a month, it equates to one more rate hike so they can say that it is like watching paint dry and that it will be on you autopilot as
5:36 am
powell said in press conference quantitative tightening a tighter policy whether or not fed hits pause button. >> i think a lot of folks like that easing here we go, the other question you are approaching the year-end forget santa claus looks like lumps of coal the question is how much of this is basically especially volatility with week this week how much is rebalancing portfolio a lot of folks taking off next week for the holiday does that mean hedge fund managers portfolio guys and galdz are doing rebalancing adding to volatility that we're seeing selling this morning? >> look, we have said in the past without this clarity going forward, hedge funds mutual funds net redemptions there is a lack of buyers we have money sitting in cash hard for me to put that back to work when i i don't have a clear picture at least a
5:37 am
better picture what the future looks like go being forward. people leaving holiday weekends this is a rough week santa has gone away got better things to do right now as we get company earnings, nike example company earnings leading indicators through first part of january a clearer picture we can see thes stability keep back into the market. >> i saw santa yesterday, he has a lot going on right now, let's move on to back to what stephen mnuchin told stuart varney yesterday your reaction about u.s. growth the economy because really trying to drive home that point yesterday. with stuart listen to this. >> i would emphasize, u.s. growth a lot stronger than the rest of the world, u.s. business activity, continue to see pickup as a result of the tax act, we think we are going to continue to see a lot of capital investments so you know even fed said yesterday they see strong economic signs. cheryl: a lot of the market
5:38 am
moving for the first time -- of the year on strong u.s. economy earnings maybe that is not enough anymore? >> it is not so much that, as i think, that when the fed does something like about take down its estimate for gdp growth, next year, and year that follows, it is pretty difficult to apply into credibility of what their forecast is kind of feel like giving it talk, and that they don't really believe it if you listen to some of the more cyclical industries that tend to lead the economy, in and out of recession housing, everybody has been talking about chemicals, we are starting at to see slowing in manufacturing, after a lot of panic applying, ahead of potentially higher tariffs you are actually starting to s slowing i think paying very close to company guidance in this coming earns season. cheryl: maybe a good thing we can count on numbers i was surprised powell accountant bring up housing at all in press conference there you go,
5:39 am
new times thanks. >> have is it a happy holidays i know santa is coming to see you both. >> i can't wait grandchildren. >> upset and downs for campbell nienl making a major move to get out of this. >> tracee carrasco has to and headlines. >> good morning former ceo pinnacle feed mark klaus named as campbell's new chief of staff takes over following a battle with activist investor and hedge fund third point over the leadership and strategy. shares following announcement down 20% year-to-date. >> all right new streaming service giving super fans an exclusive experience. >> neil youngest laughing a music streaming service for his music only fans have access through the archive comprehensive web site app
5:40 am
1.99 a month or 19.99 a year, a superior listening experience young has complaint of quality of music foster long time albums still available on spotify apple music other services. >> what is new at taco bell. >> from december 27, through mid january adding things a payer of there are a burritos, chicken inch laddo burrito three chied burrito, customers can try buffalo chicken nachos, and cincinnati, potato, that is a there are a what a deal. >> americans need to know holidays more mexican food. >> post holidays. >> weight watcher stuff today. >> boy. >> all right wild week trading show you where we stand right now, look at this another
5:41 am
triple-digit sell-off dow off 110 s&p down 12 nasdaq down 33 scenario susan collins telling fox news about news received after she voted to confirm kavanaugh to the supreme court. >> the envelope said amtrak had a hada very difficult time. >> national ugly christmas letter day you won't believe deals that ugly sweater if you put one on you go out in public, you can save a lot of money. we'll be right back. ♪ it's the right time to rock the night away, jingle bell time, its the swell time
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it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!. cheryl: caught up on what is
5:44 am
happening right now, futures big story again this friday, markets never sleep dow down 118, s&p down 131/4 nasdaq probably in bear territory down 37 right now, robert mueller is reportedly reaching the end of his russian election meddling investigation news reports he is expected to submit report to the attorney general as early as mid-february. >> susan collins opening up for the first time about the harassment backlash she faced because of a vote to confirm now supreme court justice brett kavanaugh nau, spoke to martha mccallum. >> waiting for me in rain and dark i look around streets nobody else out, he follows me to my house, starts screaming at me, shining flashlight in my eyes. >> that was part of it also talked about staff, suffered
5:45 am
verbal abuse one had to quit because of a threatening phone call made to her. lauren: pharmacy benefit manager sealed 54-billion-dollar merge approved by justice department, today, is national ugly sweater day a lot of details had actually, for if you don an ugly sweater 0 bucks off pretty good those wearing ugly sweaters can board alaska airlines flights early ahead of the rush. i didn't get one. cheryl: you are getting one. stand by later today. >> take a look at futures this morning, how fairing as they close out week not good dow down 119 s&p down 13 nasdaq 136, altria anheiser busch in the's business mom and pop pot
5:46 am
shop a thing of the past the wild volatility on streets you are watching fbn:am. ♪ ♪ you really turn me on ♪ ♪ zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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lauren: manner industry changing buyering players involved bigger money involved joining us now is ron ceo of the high end, cannabis retailer, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, glad to be here. >> how big is this industry going to get. >> very exciting, this is an industry that almost surpassed in my opinion big alcohol, even big tobacco, future for cannabis, and even as hemp passage of the farm bill going to be exciting industries to watch in the future. >> talk about that president trump signing that into law the last night, people a lot of folks are uneducated on hemp how does this help farmers grow economy. >> going o to be great a handful of states that allow their farmers to grow hemp the problem hemp had shackes cannabis industry has the
5:50 am
federal illegal federally keeps them from being able to obtain standard bank financing a chking accountability the industry is held back biggest problem you have with hemp you can produce at relatively low price but then you have to process it processing plants are very expensive. see with federal legalization for the industry what exciting time this investment will flow into the market, will be competitive in in hemp industry worldwide. >> legal for recreational use 10 states medical use 32 states, 62% americans support making it legal do you think that happens in 2019? >> no i don't think it will be federally legal in 2019 for cannabis i think that road is longer i hope it happens in the near future as we see states, start to direct
5:51 am
themselves on regulation and prove it can be regulated properly taxed properly new states on line 2019 probably illinois, you will have new jersey obviously, you will have. >> accountability. >> new york. >>. >> yes, you will have new york, interesting that governor cuomo done a 360 on believes in cannabis that is great, the industry welcomes it, as more states come on, federal legalization inevitable just don't see it -- in the next year or two that tell me about diego your story you never thought you would be doing this. >> i did not, and i have been in the cannabis industry for 10 years, it was not a career choice it happened by lap sustenance as turns out really exciting i home from retail background family this industry i brand-new every day that you know i get to chart a direction no one else charted, the biggest difference between
5:52 am
diego and some competitors we strive a lot off customer service, usually in cannabis industry driven by two things, price and quality. for us, customer service is as important as the top two. >> your stores look beautiful showing pictures ron thank you very much. >> thank you lauren. >> title of that segment growing marijuana industry get it? you are not going to like this coming up we've had another wild day of trading on wall street that was your thursday get ready for friday treasury secretary mnuchin blamed computer trading when he spoke with stuart varney next guest says eh, not so fast. we'll be right back ♪
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in the vascepa clinical trials. cheryl: all right more on wall street dow industrials closing down 2% nasdaq could enter bear market territory today another 40 points. >> steven mnuchin blames computer trading. >> the advent of computerized trading such a big part of the market now, combined with volcker rule you can't have market makers commit capital you just have much bigger moves in both directions. >> achieve strategist joins us is that it? >> good morning cheryl no, not algo trading the best thing that happened to retail investor retail trader because cuts costs by 90% moderate markets tighter, remember the difference today cheryl i started 39 years ago 180 floor
5:56 am
trader, in 1980 didn't have ability to execute people had at a call exchange exchange called, broker broker called floor now sitting at hole get nervous. >> algo trying to replace market makers, they are not looking for two and three percent moves looking to make a lot of money, a little money on lots of trades, very nair range all that happened computer trading algo trading replaced market makers, that is really the story difference technology so much better, that we not only pick up the phone we can do it ourselves from our own office. >>. lauren: what are we buying, what are we buying right now investors looking for a stock a center that fe proof china proof what is it. i think that china has not really nothing to do -- i
5:57 am
think anything in agricultural space probably good buy if you are looking to ply now i think looking to oil sector, obviously beaten down oil more downside but some point we are going to start to see some stocks that are at the bottom well ahead of the market market has a lot more room on downside, but as i al tell everybody, about 2008 amazon 30 dollars in november market didn't bottom until march amazon 60 if you find something strong, good solid fundamental company you like want to own willing to ride out trying to pick absolute bottom top is a fool's game. cheryl: energy sector the biggest wore in a general sense issue with china, our trade negotiations, with the chinese. huawei still a major issue all of this now chinese reported are hacking into u.s. companies, cyberespionage on up swing with them, there
5:58 am
seems a negative, for 2019. >> i think there is a lot more negatives, i think that more of a negative for politicians lobbyists going on in china, i think if you look at actually price of products higher than six months ago higher than kwhoel thing started i think that a lot of -- those things have been going on difference is again, kind of like trading, is become they become proficient we become more proficient finding out doing it these are some issues, but headwind is going to be too much debt, higher interest rates because going to get them i can see, and those issues so i think corporate, that is morehead wind than anything else we have right now. >> there are a lot of headwinds, thanks for coming on show have a great weekend great holiday. >> merry christmas to both. >> merry christmas, happy friday to miss maria bartiromo. >> hey there thank you so much
5:59 am
good morning to you and good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. i am maria bartiromo happy friday, friday, december 2 stop stories before 6:00 a.m. east coast, look at futures another line to start of trading this morning, dow industrials down 90 points almost one half of 1% s&p 500 down, about 10 points nasdaq down a half percent 31 points lower after sleloff yesterday over government shutdown fears, stocks down across the board, take a look where major indices finished off they did finish off the lows, at the close, nasdaq on verge of entering bear market territory, yesterday down 108 points dow industrials yesterday, down 464 points, about the close yesterday. global markets this morning look like this european indices down across the board, ft 100 down 31 points half percent cac quarante paris down 39 points as well almost 1% lower dax index in germany down 42 points, in asia overnight mixed performances to tell you about hang seng kospi up, japan, sell-off
6:00 am
nikkei average down better than 1% shut down showdown once again, the stage is set, for a partial government shutdown after house passed funding bill that includes more than for president trump's border wall doubling down on calls for funding of that wall. >> at this moment there is a debate over finding border security and the wall, any murder that funds the government must include border security. >> has to. not for political purposes, but for our country for the safety of our community. >> that is not the only drama in d.c. defense secretary james mattis submitting resignation plus president trump now calling for troops to come home from afghanistan, that plan facing backlash after the syria announcement this week, carlos ghosn rearrested details on charges from japanese authority to keep the former nissan


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