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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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regulation. there is a lot of deregulation. thank you for rolling with the punches. i appreciate you sticking with us. thank you for watching. we'll see you next time, stay with us. liz: this is high stakes drama. this is sausage making in real-time. senate lawmakers scrambling to pass a bill with funding for the border wall that the president wants. this is all before the clock runs out at midnight. they are going at it tooth and nail. it looks like what you would see in the u.k. parliament. the government could go into a partial shutdown tonight. we are just hours away from that. the receipt i can is really heated. vice president michael pence just broke a 47-47 tie in the senate just on a motion to
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proceed to the house approved spending bill with 5.7 billion for the wall. the vote was 48 will 47. mr. pence's ballot came in. but watch this. this is now the longest vote in senate history. senator doug jones voted yes. senator jeff flake, he also voted yes. let get back to the action. >> they had the senate, they had the house, they had the presidency for 22 years. republicans have had it for 8 years. democrats have had control 22 years we have have had it for 8 years. democracy's finest hour, the right to talk your head off. the opportunity for extended debate has benefited our side democrats could say more than our side. so why should we be the ones who
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try to change it? in 1995 after the big republican sweep, one of us in charge and the people get tired of us and they put the other one in charge. in 1994, a big republican sweep. the republicans in charge of the senate and a democratic senator said let's get rid of the legislative filibuster. every single republican, even when the republicans were in charge of the senate voted no. liz: president trump and senate democrats in a standoff. the president blamed democrats 7 times in a five-minute stretch at a presser this afternoon. chad pergram is with us from capitol hill. reporter: they actually got on to this bill which was the next step that had to happen. bob corker, the republican
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senator from tennessee who said there won't be any test votes until they get a global agreement on spending. corker had been here all day and he i am told helped mediate an agreement to get this on to the floor. this came in on the phone the past couple minutes. senator corker smenlt the afternoon meeting with mitch mcconnell, chuck schumer and white house officials including vice president mike pence and mick mulvaney and jared kushner. under the agreement the senate voted to proceed to the house-passed bill which is what happened last night where they added the wall funding. there will be no other votes cast until president trump and the senators have an agreement. it was important that doug jones, the moderate to conservative democratic senator from alabama, he voted yes. that got it to 47-47.
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mike pence had been up here all day to see if his services were needed to break a tie. i was told by a senior house republican source that there is a sense of optimism. they are look at adding a little bit of wall funding, then doing bills for the entire fiscal year. not stop gaps through early february. these will be spending bills that have been worked out and they fund all parts of government through september 30, 2019. liz: they are trying to take on the whole she bang right now? for the entire fiscal year with just hours away? that's stunning. reporter: these bills were supposed to be worked out on september 30 of last year. they moved five. this is the fastest the senate has moved in 20 years.
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so this would be a global agreement, that's a term of art that bob corker used on the senate floor. liz: you seeing fireworks. i'm watching lamar alexander. he usually has a retiring way about him. i have never seen him his heated before. reporter: the president woke up this morning and one of the tweets indicated he wanted the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option to establish a precedent to lower the filibuster from 60 to 51. the democrats changed it in 2015, then mitch mcconnell changed it for supreme court nominees. that's only reason the two nominees have gotten on to the
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court. mitch mcconnell told me on multiple occasions there is not the support to do that in the senate. it doesn't just apply to this bill. you established a new precedent. the senate rule book is that big. liz: here is senator mitch mcconnell. >> my friend agreed it would have to be the clarence thomas nomination for the supreme court. >> i would agree on that. and we could get into a lively -- liz: here is the other thing, chad. how much money are they talking about now for the border wall that the president wanted? we heard $5.7 billion. what's the number now? >> they were talking about going from $1.3 billion to $1.6 billion. but we have not seen a piece of
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paper. the senate appropriations office, they were buzzing with activity. they were moving out furniture and cripple trees and they were working to get something done. liz: in your estimation would he veto a bill that comes in with $1.6 billion. >> he said he would veto anything short of that. the republican source said they were trying to get clearance from the white house. that's partly why mick mulvaney and jared kushner were here. what can the street bear at the white house. liz: we'll take it to one of the most of esteemed members of the "wall street journal" editorial board. he's a former speech writer for
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presidents. bill mcgurn. this started in the 70s when richard nixon started to get more control of the budget process. and since then we have had government shutdowns every other year because congress can't get a grip. >> the power of the purse is among the most of important scong congress has. for years they have done a slip slot job of funding. in this what it's coming down to is the president made a bluff, and they are calling him on it, and we'll see. liz: was that a rookie mistake? >> it depend on whether you win or not. liz: do you think he's right on the border funding, the $5
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billion? >> i'm not as big a fan of the border wall. i understand it was his number one priority. so he has into sift on it. so there is going to be a big loser in this. liz: let's back up. since the mid-70s congress only spent four house appropriations spending bills on time. many * made an arch pointed criticism. he said i guess you democrats go home and you keep your front door open all night when it comes to border security. he was citing all of the crime. the border is chaos. it is mayhem. it's unfair to our border people. >> that's a substantive campaign promise. the question is does he have the votes to get what he wants.
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we'll find out. that's why this is so exciting, because there is going to be a big winner and big loser. liz: it feels like the d.c. media echo chamber goes into overdrive without telling the american people this has been happening everybody other year. this is a political costume drama. >> the difference this year is it's over one issue. we had this before earlier this year. chuck schumer threatened to shut down over daca. kids brought here illegally. he said he wouldn't settle for the full daca and by monday he was crying uncle because his members abandoned him. the democrats know they are
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coming into the house with the majority. they are also in full resistance mode. i think nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are cooperating. what is the best way to check the president. most of of conscious's powers are negative. they can't always get done what they want, but they can stop things. the question is whether the republicans can be united. it looks like they are coming around now. liz: mitch mcconnell made the same point, too. we started out the year with an immigration shutdown, and we are ending the year with an immigration shutdown. the president just signed a reform bill, moody's credit rating agency saying this will have limited impact on the economy. because it's about a third of the government will be shut down. social security checked and
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unemployment checks go out. so, you know, that's how you frame it. this is just -- i don't want to say histrionics. but there is a lot of grandstanding going on. you guys made the point on brexit that the labour party spent a lot of time talking in front of the cameras and not doing nuts and bolts legislation. and that's happening here. >> i'm hoping republicans hold firm. it will be a big victory for one or the other. president trump says he wants $5 billion. you go through this for that amount. but if he got $3.5, $4 billion. that's a pretty big concession. i think he's that kind of deal maker saying i will take this then come back.
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liz: i don't want to get into the language fight. i wish both political classes could agree there is a problem at the border. democrats used to agree to that. you voted for 700 miles of fencing. let's get on the same page and fix this. >> we had teddy kennedy working with us and it blew up because there were some on the right opposed to any kind of deal. on the other side, barack obama played sneaky role in put something poison pills in there in were labor amendments and things, he didn't want a deal. a lot of people on the democratic side, for years i think they calculated. better to have a broken immigration system and accuse the republicans for being racist
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than to have a solution. some of the republicans think with the caravan immigration is going to be our big winner politically. each side has to give a little. >> it's cynical and immoral to call people racist if you want border security and safety. >> that's one reason why donald trump was elected. people are tired of not having an argument but having name calling. liz: you want to go back to the senate floor? again, and again we see this. chuck schumer trying to say the stock market chaos is because of the border wall fight and the shutdown. that's not what we are hearing on wall treat. wall street is saying oil stocks are cratering. that's partly why the overall market went upside down.
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>> you know a lot more about the market and why they do what they do than i do. but i think chuck schumer is in this position now, he wants to make sure the blame is put on president trump. in fairness to him, i don't agree with almost anything chuck schumer does. but what was surprise being this is a week ago when the president said i will take the blame for a shutdown -- liz: now he's blaming the democrats. >> since you have the house cooperating with him. there is a better case. is chuck schumer going to force this? it confirms what president trump said in that oval office meeting. mrs. pelosi kept saying you don't have the votes in the house. he said the senate is our problem. at least now with the republicans, i think they still might have it with some
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democrats. a lot of democrats don't want to vote against. what that oval office meeting was about was president trump implying the democrats were against the wall. not everybody comes from a liberal safe district that wants to vote that way. liz: we'll be right back. we are staying in breaking news mode. heated action on the senate floor. >> it's an especially important step going into the next congress. look, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150.
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liz: let's take a check of futures down triple digits as the senate scrambles to avert a partial government shutdown. interest rate hikes, slow growth, negative data coming out of china. global growth worldwide. fears that interest rate hikes could tip the u.s. into a recession. that's a palpable concern on the trading floors of wall street. traders are telling us the shutdown is a temporary problem. the dow jones, the markets look
6:21 pm
6 months ahead. they are worried about global growth and what they are per receiving as weak economic indicators. let's get back to chad pergram. >> they are on the house-passed bill to fund the government. we don't think that bill in its current form is what they will ultimately vote on. we learned in the last 20 minutes that bosch corker brokered a deal with chuck schumer and vice president pence and mick mulvaney, the incoming chief of staff to get this vote on the floor. they were able to do so with vice president pence breaking the tie. now comes the hard part. they are trying to put together spending bills. all 7 of the outstanding bills, run them through the entire fiscal year. this could be a matter of hours,
6:22 pm
not days. they might slip past the midnight deadline. but wee hours of the morning saturday they work this out. what it will always boil down to is if they have the votes on the house and senate floor to advance the final packages. liz: you are one of the best washington reporters out there. reporter: thank you. liz: you are an astute observer. you are a great journalist. from where you sit, why do they wait until the last hour to do this? reporter: congress is not proactive, they are reactive. think how many times they punted this. there was a big dispute with the omnibus in march and they said we'll punt it to the fall. then president bush died so they punted to it almost christmas. congress typically does not act
6:23 pm
until they are right up against it. liz: thank you very much. you will be on standby for us. the fighting is something it's a rare moment in u.s. history week watch senators going at it tooth and name. ned, i want to read this quote for you and get your reaction. it's from senator mitch mcconnell saying get real, democrats who don't want more border security. he mitch mcconnell saying i suppose you leave the front door of your home open all night. let me read it for you. he said it's not a radical concept that physical barriers play an important role in achieving security. unless there is a caucus of lawmakers who go to bed at night with their front doors wide open that i'm not aware of. that was a pointed attack. >> it's insane that we are even
6:24 pm
having this debate. we have democrats fighting tooth and nail saying we shouldn't have security borders. what self-governing nation that's wants national sovereignty doesn't believe in having physically enforced borderers in saying we want to know who is coming in and why they are coming in. it's the moral responsibility of every political lead tore say we have to have this conversation, we have to secure or borders and i think we should keep having this debate and say we need a merit-based immigration system much like canada and australia. liz: the president is being attacked for being racist for want a border wall. your take on that. >> it's insane. it's not racist at all. it's common sense.
6:25 pm
the insane thing is to continue down the path we have been on for decades, and quite frankly because of democrats and republicans refusing to address this issue. as chad was just saying. they have a nasty habit of kicking the can down the road and refusing to confront and make hard decisions because they are experts in self-preservation. and they are concerned about making a hard decision that might endanger their reelection. the other staggering thing about this, we are talking about $5.4 billion out of a $7 trillion annual budget. this all about politics. they don't want to give trump a win. and democrats realize this. they vote for a wall, their blaze be furious with them, especially the open border times. liz: marco robeio said those who
6:26 pm
voted for the stimulus plan under barack obama, why can't you get it. >> the fact is that legislating, which is what we do. you state your case. that's what the house republicans will do if they have the votes. but there are no votes in the house, majority vote for a wall. liz: these keys up what we can expect more effect year. nancy pelosi saying flatly there were no votes for the wall when there were votes there. >> back when trump signed that god awful omni tbhus march, he was promised by leadership, and i have to assume he was referring mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, we'll get you funding for the bordered wall before the end of the year, then they said
6:27 pm
we'll have a continuing resolution and we'll do it in february. oh, when nancy pelosi will be leading the house? trump was right to call their bluff. you have the opportunity to give me my funding you promised me back in march. with nancy pelosi leading the house there won't be any funding for this. you can guarantee that. liz: we are staying on every breaking news development tonight from the senate floor. we are less than 6 hours away before time runs out for a partial government shutdown. we'll be right back. stay there. i'm snow. and just like you, the further into winter we go, the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you, your roof struggles to support the heavier me. [laughter] whoo. [crash] and your cut-rate insurance might not pay for this. so get allstate, you could save money and be better protected
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6:32 pm
chinese spies working for china with stealing our most classified military secrets, our most classified defense and commercial technology from american government agencies, from our military, corporations and a dozen other countries agreed with the u.s. because china has stolen from them too. let's bring in a topnotch expert. he's a foreign affairs expert who served under presidents reagan, george h.w. bush and bill clinton. he's with the hudson institute, he's the author of the hit book "100-year marathon," we welcome michael pillsbury. great to see you, sir. >> thank you. elizabeth: what's to your reaction? that's all you got, you're selfish and arrogant? >> well, to understand this, i think, liz, you have to look at the chinese view of themselves. they now believe they are the dominant power in the world. they believe these world bank statistics, at least a couple years ago, that the chinese economy has now surpassed the
6:33 pm
american economy when you use the so-called purchase power parity measure. they also believe that the cyber attacks they've gotten away with in the past, that they can promise not to do this again -- which is what they told president obama -- and they'll get away with it. there'll be no punishment. so they've got some reason behind what they're doing. they're essentially scolding us for sticking up for ourselves and bringing our allies, as you mentioned, along with us. they also told me this morning that the americans accuse them of having hundreds -- elizabeth: wait a minute, forgive me. what do you mean that they told you, who's "they"? >> by phone. elizabeth: who? >> chinese in the think tank community in beijing are a saying just to indict two hackers, that's all, when we say there are hundreds or even thousands, this shows american weakness. and they're quoting back to me, i did not know senator chuck schumer or and nancy pelosi made a series of speeches in the past
6:34 pm
year that they fear trump is going to be weak on china. he's only going to have a symbolic agreement. they're positioning themselves -- it's very strange -- they're positioning themselves as tougher on china than president trump -- elizabeth: meaning what, that china is saying, hey, we are cracking down on what's going on inside our borders? is that what they're saying? >> they say they never did anything. they deny the whole thing. elizabeth: even though there's proof of it? >> that's right. there's a lot of chutzpah in china, to mix metaphors. they're not just going to surrender. they also make fun of our view that they're weak, their economy's in so much trouble. they laugh at that. they think they're growing twice as fast as we are. they used to grow three times -- elizabeth: well, what do you think, sir? >> i think we're headed for some really tough negotiations, and i was quite surprised -- i looked up these speeches by schumer and pelosi thinking the chinese were just lying to me over the phone.
6:35 pm
it's true, there are a series of speeches by the two of them, also sherrod brown, dianne feinstein last week. the democrats are positioning themselves to say, look, trump is in bed with wall street, and he's not as tough as we democrats would be. now, this may not be true, but the speeches are there. elizabeth: all right. so china's really watching that. let's get -- i'd like your reaction to defense secretary mattis and the story with syria. what was your take on all of that? >> secretary mattis represents in many ways the washington establishment. that's why he's praised so much. he's a solid citizen, does not go out of the box. president trump is a very different candidate when he ran for office. i was surprised when president trump selected general mattis. i think that the nickname mad dog may have been a little bit misleading. so i think secretary mattis' letter is quite accurate, president trump deserves a secretary of defense who reflects his own views.
6:36 pm
elizabeth: are you worried about abandoning allies in syria? >> i don't want to see the kurds be massacred, that's a problem. the kurds need more advice, more weapons. they need to reposition themselves. that's really dangerous. elizabeth: michael pillsbury, thank you so much, sir. appreciate you coming on. we will be right back. we are monitoring news that's coming in fast into the studio. stay right there. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: left-wing filmmaker michael moore now out with a red alert warning that the tax cuts are, quote, an act of terror. watch. >> this is, this tax cut, in a sense, an act of terror. because it's going to make the people who are already struggling to get by that much harder to get by. and what are they going to do? what are they going to do? and to alleviate their pain, how many more of those opioid trucks are they going to -- drugs are they going to need? elizabeth: okay. 90% of americans got more money.
6:41 pm
job openings are at record highs. business confidence at record highs. the u.s. government has collected more in taxes than ever in its history. michael moore wants you to believe him that the tax cuts are as bad as isis, i guess. we welcome democratic strategist kristin han. this is a little overrigged, isn't it? >> it's not just that, it's irresponsible rhetoric. it's the type of rhetoric we've come to expect from michael moore, and it distracts from, you know, what's actually true about this tax bill. it was a purely partisan bill that was passed that added nearly $2 trillion to the debt and didn't do enough for, you know, middle income and low income americans. elizabeth: but what? here's the thing, and here's the fact, madison. i hear what kristin is saying. 60% of u.s. households get more in the way of government benefits than they pay into the system in federal income taxes.
6:42 pm
that includes a lot of middle income. we understand, madison, that you want to get middle income families, their numbers up. but if it's an act of terror, madison, then i guess you can call chuck schumer, ted kennedy, dick gephardt, all the men and women who voted for tax cuts over the years, ted kennedy and chuck schumer voted for tax cuts and so did joe biden in 1986-87, madison. >> liz, i'm horrified by these comments. i just got back from israel where i spent time with a terror victim's family. their son and brother died in a terror attack. people who have actually been affected by terror cannot stand to hear comments by that, and i was appalled along with many of his other comments. let's just look to the middle class families that have averaged at $2200 in tax cuts since the tax cuts and job act passed. $300 billion repatriated back into the american economy. this has been good for the middle class. it, at the very least, is an
6:43 pm
incredible start because they were not in a great place when president trump took office in 2017. elizabeth: you know, you're both making important points and, you know, the tax cuts are coming into the economy in different ways, kristin. we've got in all 50 states something like 134 utilities have cut energy and utility bills for americans across the board. utilities themselves telling the sec and in their filings, yeah, it's because of the tax cuts. kristin? >> yeah. i mean, i was one of those americans that got the utility tax cut, or the utility break from the tax cut. and, you know, this might be a good start, but i think even the republicans in the house acknowledged that it wasn't enough when they, when they talked about it's just -- immediately prior to the midterm elections, actually, looking at another tax bill to focus on middle income americans. you know, there's a reason why no republicans really campaigned on that bull. it was wildly unpopular. and, again, it adds $2 trillion to the debt, and nobody seems to
6:44 pm
be talking about that. i have every confidence though that -- elizabeth: that's estimated. that's an estimation -- >> yeah, it's an estimation over -- elizabeth: -- [inaudible] revenues coming in. >> right, it's over ten years. right. elizabeth: why do they go to the nth degree, madison, by using a term like terror? and let's listen to what nancy pelosi said, doling out financial goodies to workers. i just want your reaction, madison, why does the rhetoric go off the rails on the hard left? let's watch. >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on so so pathetic. elizabeth: not pathetic to families enjoying the tax cuts, right? why is the rhetoric so off the wall? why are we talking about tax cuts as an act of terror? why do they go there? >> i think they're trying to take away from the facts, and
6:45 pm
the facts are that people did benefit. of course, yes, we can do better, and we can pass a second round of tax cuts, and i know republicans and democrats have talked about that, and that's something i expect we will see moving forward. but when it comes to that $2200 tax cut for middle income families, $1000, that's christmas. that's a year of school lunches, that's so many things that's so very important. so that's not crumbs to people to where i come from in ohio, across this country who struggled for many years and just needed that little extra to get ahead. elizabeth: kristin, madison, thank you so much. we will be right back, dear viewers. stay right there. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: now the government shutdown is just hours away. they've still going at it on the senate floor. i should actually go that way. [laughter] let's get right to chad pergram. chad, is there an update, is there money for the border wall? >> is this a number there? >> reporter: nothing yet. and i think that's probably several hours away. this might drift past the midnight deadline. but, again, there's not a lot of federal work that gets done in washington. this really wouldn't impact most people until next wednesday. this would be a partial government shutdown.
6:50 pm
and it's not unprecedent that we've seen them if miss that deadline on a friday night, into saturday when we've had these types of friday deadlines. so they might get past the midnight deadline so long as the office of personnel management doesn't get a message saying, hey, we need to shut down, that's the key. kevin mccarthy just came through, there was a sense of optimism from what he was expressing, indicated that he thought the government works best when there's compromise. elizabeth: chad, thank you so much for your reporting. now this story for you. outgoing moderate democratic claire mccaskill took a parting shot at the hard-left liberal wing telling npr that god love alexandria to casio cortes, but this demand for purity, a recipe for disaster for the democrats. will we ever get to a majority in the senate again, much less to 60 if we do not have some moderates in the party? let's bring in chris bedford,
6:51 pm
great to see you, chris. >> great to see you. elizabeth: does senator mccaskill have a point? >> she does. ocasio-cortez has got that classic new york city syndrome where you don't understand that there are people outside of your city who work different jobs and have different thoughts. and there's a weird close-mindedness to her. she's been leading the radical wig of the democratic party. -- wing of the democratic party. we've seen it in both parties. the republican party has gone from a party that has more liberals to a party that's leaned more conservative, and as a result, the democratic party has become a lot more liberal. part of that's the primary process, the voters having more say. elizabeth: and california governor jerry brown, he's also exiting, he's leaving. he actually also is calling it like it is. he's saying, yes, state democrats in california, they want to spend more, tax more, regulate more. watch. >> democrats are a big tent with many different points of view. having said all that, i think
6:52 pm
there will be a tendency to pass too many laws and spend too much money. elizabeth: too many laws, too much money, chris, wow. >> and governor jerry brown is one of the first radicals of the democratic party in modern time, even the dead kennedys had a son making fun of him in california. and he's saying there's too many laws right now, and that's true. if the democrats, if they spend their time in power just talking about russiagate, just doing deals with the environmentalists and forsaking their union constituents, then they're going to alienate a lot of working white voters and a lot of working voters, and they're going to find themselves without a base very quickly. president trump has managed to talk talking points and media on their head. elizabeth: thank you so much. have a merry christmas, chris. >> you too. elizabeth: los angeles is a sanctuary city. the new sheriff is making good on a key campaign promise, he's going to block i.c.e. agents. the details next. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:53 pm
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: i.c.e., the federal agency there, it is facing more opposition, this time in california. los angeles county sheriff alex villanueva said this week he will physically remove i.c.e. agents from county jails. finish now, the sheriff there is coming off a recent election victory last month. he campaigned on doing just that. he also said he plans to further limit the list of crimes that lead federal authorities to
6:57 pm
cooperate and all authorities in that area to cooperate with i.c.e. joining me now is the sheriff out of arizona, sheriff mark daniels. what's your reaction to this, sir? >> well, good evening, liz. disappointing, to say the least. you know, as the chairman of the border and immigration committee for the national sheriff association, we've worked hard over the last two years to have i.c.e. work within our jails so these violent criminals are not released back into our communities, but turned over to the federal authorities to be deported. and to have a sheriff come out and say, hey, i'm not going to work with our federal partners is disturbing. and the consequences are going to be quite great for the citizens of l.a. county. elizabeth: tell me about the consequences, sir. >> well, what we concentrate on with sheriffs, over 3,000 sheriffs in this country, we concentrated on how we can keep these violent offenders, these rapists, these murderers, from getting out of our county jails once the state charges are adjudicated instead of just releasing them back into our
6:58 pm
communities. the federal i.c.e. would come in, pick 'em up and deport them out of our country. with the federal agencies not working hand in hand, and the culture in california by a hands-off approach with federal agencies, the consequences are great in the fact that you're releasing people into community that are going to harm them. they're going to harm these citizens. and sheriffs take an oath to protect our citizens. i think that's in conflict to our oath of office that sheriffs throughout this country take. elizabeth: you know, switching gears, thomas homan is former acting i.c.e. director, he talked about this today on fox news. i'd love your reaction to this. let's watch. >> i think it's shameful. i think he ought to take that badge off his chest and put it in his desk drawer, because when he made that comment, he stopped being a law enforcement officer. he took an oath to defend his communities. and to knowingly release a public safety threat back into the public when they're already here in violation of federal law, it's just dumb. elizabeth: your reaction, sir. >> liz, i 100% agree with tom on
6:59 pm
that. we have to work together, and the complexities of the world today and in our country, local, state and federal law enforcement -- which is apolitical as law enforcement officers -- we have to work together to enhance that quality of life in our communities. and when a sheriff or a police chief or any community leader says it's okay to ignore the laws, to just ignore public safety, i have a serious problem with that. elizabeth: you know, your reaction to the supreme court upholding a ruling that blocked president trump's new asylum restrictions. do you have a reaction to that? >> well, i do. you know, it's -- once again, i mean, politics are getting inserted into all these scenarios, all these questions and rulings, and it scares me, it truly scares me. after three decades of serving in law enforcement, serving communities and seeing politics inserted into this, it's scary. you know, we're dealing tonight with the wall, same thing. it's like take the politics
7:00 pm
occupant of it, let's secure our country. elizabeth: yeah, both sides should agree on that. sheriff daniels, thank you so much. and thank you at home for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on on the fox business network. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm david asman. lou has the night off. the government is heading for a partial shutdown in less than five hours because the obstinate rad call the dems and rinos in the senate continue to stand in the way of the american public from's will to build a wall. >> as we said to president trump a week ago, his wall does not have 60 votes here in the senate, let alone 50 votes. that much is now clear. >> what i wanted to do with not proceeding is to demonstrate that not all republicans would


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