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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 21, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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occupant of it, let's secure our country. elizabeth: yeah, both sides should agree on that. sheriff daniels, thank you so much. and thank you at home for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on on the fox business network. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm david asman. lou has the night off. the government is heading for a partial shutdown in less than five hours because the obstinate rad call the dems and rinos in the senate continue to stand in the way of the american public from's will to build a wall. >> as we said to president trump a week ago, his wall does not have 60 votes here in the senate, let alone 50 votes. that much is now clear. >> what i wanted to do with not proceeding is to demonstrate that not all republicans would be for the house bill either.
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there is no path forward for the house bill. david: meanwhile, president trump today making it or very clear that any shutdown is the responsibility of the democrats in the senate. >> it's really up to the democrats, totally up to the democrat as to whether or not we have finish democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown. i would say the chances are probably very good, because i don't think democrats care so much about maybe this issue. but this is a very big issue. they've devoted their lives to making sure it doesn't happen, and that wasn't for what should happen, that was for political reasons. it's up to the democrats. so it's really -- the democrat shutdown. david: and as the senate continues to negotiate, we will be following the very latest developments from capitol hill throughout this hour. we'll take it up, all up with political strategist ed rollins and house freedom caucus member andy biggs. also in another instance of
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judicial activism, the supreme court has denied the trump administration's request to enforce it new asylum policy. the ever more left-wing chief justice john roberts joining with the court's leftist wing to stop the administration from enforcing a process that would curb illegal immigration by only allowing asylum claims to be made at a port of entry. and is the mueller witch hunt close to wrapping up? a new report suggests the special counsel's tying up loose ends and may issue his report in february. we take all that up tonight with former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york andy mccarthy. and the red storm rising, china and russia continue their aggressive posture in an attempt of global intimidation. russia is testing hypersonic weapons that putin declares have no foreign equivalent while chinese subs make progress on their nuclear strike capability. asia expert gordon chang with us tonight with what america can do to respond. we begin tonight with our eyes
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on washington where a deal has yet to be made to avoid a government shutdown. senate lawmakers, however, clearing a procedural hurdle this evening to take up a spending bill approved by the house and continue negotiation between republicans. the dems and the white house. chief white house correspondent john roberts joining us tonight with more on the president's strategy. >> reporter: david, good evening. it had been a high stakes game of brinksmanship that had gone on most of the day. that now has turned to negotiation. president trump had dug in his heels, insisting that he get some money for a border barrier, whether you call it a wall or a steel slat barricade, it doesn't really matter. but now the question is can he get an agreement with congress before the midnight deadline of a partial shutdown. as he did yesterday with house members, president trump huddled with senate republicans this morning trying to find some way to get money to build a barrier on the southern border. >> tremendous enthusiasm for border security. and i think i can speak for them
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very strongly when i say they want to see something happen on border security. >> reporter: the house last night passed a bill with some $5.7 billion for border security. president trump today claiming just making that happen was a victory. >> we've done our thing. when nancy pelosi said you'll never get the votes in the house, we got 'em, and we got 'em by a big margin. >> reporter: but as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tried to muster the votes just to bring the house measure to the floor, the minority leader shut the door on the president. >> there are not the votes in the senate for an expensive, taxpayer-funded border wall. abandon your shutdown strategy. you're not getting the wall today, next week or on january 3rd when democrats take control of the house. >> reporter: president trump dispatched vice president pence, his incoming chief of staff mick mulvaney, and jared kushner to meet with senator schumer to try
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to hammer out a deal. president trump also did a 180 on the blame game, tweeting this morning that democrats now own the shutdown. to which senator chuck schumer was only too happy to remind the president what he said ten days ago. >> in our meeting in the oval office, president trump said, quote: if we don't get what we want, i, president trump, will shut down the government -- >> for border security, chuck. because the people of this country don't want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country. so i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. >> reporter: as the clock ticks toward a midnight deadline, the white house indicated the president may be willing to accept less money than is in the house measure. earlier this week he appeared willing to take $1.6 billion in a proposed spending bill that was scrapped. but if congress gives him no money for a border barrier tonight, fox news is told he will let the partial shutdown
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happen. >> it's possible that we'll have a shutdown. i would say the chances are probably very good because i don't think democrats care so much about maybe this issue. but this is a very big issue. >> reporter: polling shows that the majority of americans will blame the president and the republicans if there is a partial government shutdown, but what president trump really cares about is how his base will react if he does not stand on principle on one to have central promises of his election -- one of the central promises of his election campaign. david: john roberts, thank you very much. joining me now is congressman andy biggs of arizona, he serves on the house judiciary committee, the science, space and technology committee, and he is a member of the house freedom caucus. he voted yes to fund the government and president trump's border wall, and it's interesting, congressman, that senator schumer didn't remind the president nancy pelosi said such a bill would not pass the house. she was dead wrong on that one. >> yes, she was. and we proved it demonstrably yesterday with a magnificent vote.
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we really took, carried that across the line. and mr. schumer, senator schumer, he's, i think, in error here. it is his fault. i think that the democrats are going to own this, and they should own it. david: so now to bring it up-to-date, what happens if the senate passes some kind of bill with wall funding in it that the president can accept? would the house then accept that? >> well, it depends on how much that money is. i mean, look, we -- a lot of us swallow toed and said we've got a c.r., but the border wall is so important. it's a national security issue. and if they come up and say we're going to spend $2 billion for it, that's really not enough because it doesn't even get this thing going and off the ground. we still end up repairing what we've been repairing. we need the full $5 billion, i prefer $25 billion which is closer to the actual cost. so we have to wait and see what the package looks like, because we're hearing rumors, innuendos, all the things that make for good theater, but we haven't
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seen anything that the senate's going to do yet. dare david you know, people want a secure border. it's as simple as that. they want a secure border, and yet it's not secure. our facilities along the border are overrun, our border agents are overworked. we need to do something. has anybody on the democrat side claimed that the border is secure, that it's not a problem, that no money has to be spent? >> no. what they did is a few years ago most of them voted for a wall and funding -- david: that's right. >> but now they've changed their position, and they prefer an open borders policy, and they're using this as a wedge issue. in reality the problem is magnificent. i mean, i called border patrol agents just the other day to get an update, and we're seeing at that time there was something like 64 people in one group caught and half of them going to hospitals. another one a border patrol officer was, a border patrol agent was assaulted, his head split open by a rock by a
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honduran, illegal immigrant. these are the problems that they face on a daily basis where thousands are crossing the arizona border and all across texas, arizona and california. david: what do democrats say when you bring up -- i mean, you're from arizona, you're from a border state. you have plenty of examples. you hear them -- you're an eyewitness, probably, to some of these examples. what do they say? what excuse do they have when they refuse to fund any kind of securing of the border? >> they focus on the issue of migrants and we get it that some of the places they're coming from are very difficult. some of them don't have great jobs. but that's what they focus on. they don't focus on the problems that arise here. and i'm just telling you from a humanitarian point of view, there are literally hundreds of people who die every year trying to get across arizona, texas and california's borders to come here. and i believe a barrier, a wall, would actually deter people from coming. and we know that because when the san diego wall went up, illegal crossings decreased by
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85-90%. david: that's exactly the point that, you know, it's amazing how word travels fast, particularly among potential immigrant communities. if the word gets out that things are easy up on the border, you'll get a rush of people going to border. if the word gets out that there's a wall, it's very difficult, people won't make the trek. it's not an easy trek. it's a very difficult trek. we don't want to underestimate the difficulties that these migrants go to, but they won't take that trek if they know that it's going to be almost impossible to get in. >> that's right. there's a grapevine that goes all the way down to central america. they know -- every time congress even begins talking about any kind of amnesty, we see a surge at the border because they think, oh, if we get here, we can get this amnesty. but you saw a decrease in border traffic when president trump came out at the beginning of his term, and he's talked real tough on the border, people were very nervous. they were concerned. they quit coming. but i've tell you, you've got cartels, human smugglers, and
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these people are taking their live into their own hands, and we need a border wall to deter that. david: they're giving me the wrap, but do you think there will be a partial government shutdown, or do you think there's going to be some kind of deal? >> i believe there's going to be a shutdown, i hate to say it. david: and will it be long, as the president suggests it might? >> i believe it might be a number of days, yes. david: congressman andy biggs, we appreciate you coming in. thank you very much. >> thanks, david. david: coming up next, anticipating the end of robert mueller's witch hunt with a new, coordinated mantra. take a listen. >> the walls are closing in. >> the walls are closing in on the president. >> the pressure is definitely tightening. the web is coming closer, and the walls are closing in. >> the president is always on the attack especially when the walls are closing in. >> the walls are closing in on president trump. >> the walls are closing in. >> seems like he's in a
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full-blown panic here. the walls are closing in. [laughter] david: such original thinking, huh? we're going to take that up and much more after the break with former assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers the dads and the drivers. there are doers of good and bringers of glee. this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,250 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event. ♪ coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple.
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david: new reports tonight that special counsel robert mueller will be finishing up his investigation as early as february, then submit his report to the attorney general. mueller's presented no evidence to suggest president trump colluded with russia after a nearly two-year probe. our next guest says with respect to collusion, mueller does not have a crime he's investigating, he's investigating in hopes of finding a crime which is a very different thing. joining me now is andy mccarthy, the former chief assistant u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york. he worked in that office for 18 years, now a national review contributing editor, fox business contributor. it's those articles in national review that i really look forward to and read voraciously every time i yet 'em, andy. first offirst of all, there aref people who think -- our friend rush limbaugh has said this on air, that as long as president trump is president, mueller will be around to investigate something because he is searching for a crime to get this president out of office, to which you say what?
7:17 pm
>> well, i think rush is right that there are no parameters to the investigates, and that -- to the investigation, and that as long as it goes on, it will be an unlimited hunt for something. but where i disagree with rush is that, to the extent that he thinks it'll go on as long as the trump presidency goes on, i think that what we're seeing is mueller winding down. i think he's right that the conventional wisdom in washington that this is about to come down any second is overblown. i think that there are still cards for mueller to play, but i do think, dave, that if he were planning to extend this, you would not be seeing people start to get sentenced now. and i've always thought that if he was building to a larger investigation, the way you build a larger investigation is you get the main guy or you get your cooperators to come in and plead guilty to the big crime that you're trying to pin on the big
7:18 pm
guy. instead what he's done is plead everybody guilty to false statements. and you don't want to build a case by showing the jury that all your witnesses are liars. david: but that's exactly what he's doing. >> well, that anticipates that he doesn't have a big case at the end of the rainbow. that's my point. david: yeah. well, one of the things that he's working on is obstruction. and you write a terrific piece in national review that suggests he doesn't exactly understand obstruction as a charge. can you explain? >> well, i didn't say -- i'm not so much saying he doesn't understand it. what i -- the article was about a memo that president trump's nominee to be the next attorney general, bill barr -- who was the attorney general, by the way, in the bush 41 administration, so he's a very accomplished guy, formerly head of the justice department's office of legal counsel which are the lawyers' lawyers in the justice department. so he writes a very lawyerly,
7:19 pm
scholarly memo to rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, saying that if the public reports of mueller's theory of obstruction are true, then that obstruction theory is not viable under federal law because it's an extravagant extension of it. what it would say is that instead of traditional obstruction, which is things like tampering with witnesses, tampering with evidence, destroying evidence, things that are innately corrupt, evil acts to try to undermine a proceeding, mueller's theory would apply to any act of the president, even legitimate exercises of his constitutional prerogatives if a prosecutor disease decided that they were improperly motivated. and what barr says is that is not a viable extension or expansion of the obstruction statute.
7:20 pm
david: andy, it just seems like mueller is stretching so far, stretching the law in so many different directions in order to make a case against this president. it's like his entire reputation hedges now -- hinges now upon making a charge against the president that will stick. instead of the search, the blind search for the truth. this is, this is trying to -- >> well, i don't know, david. he's filed two, he's filed two indictments against groups of russians that seem to preclude the possibility -- david: yeah. >> -- of complicity by president trump. he hasn't charged anyone in any case that even hinted that president trump did anything wrong. i know people are impatient with the investigation, i'm impatient with the investigation. but at the same time, you know, you can only look at the bottom line of what he's done, and what he's done so far is he hasn't even hinted that president bush bush -- that president trump did anything wrong. david: by the way, bill barr who has been nominated to be the
7:21 pm
next attorney general by the president, he wrote this piece. it's i somehow the media's trying to turn it into an accusatory, some kind of evidence against him as being the next attorney general when, in fact, it was an offer, it was an 18-page memorandum to kind of help the justice department through understanding what the mueller investigation was about. did you think it was a good exercise? >> yeah, i really did. i thought it was a very good exercise. and if i were on the other side of this argument, i would take comfort in the fact that barr comes out expressly and says that we all know that a president can be cited for obstruction. he doesn't take the extreme position that the president is above the law or the president can't be guilty of obstruction, and he never comes out, comes close to saying that mueller's investigation is not legitimate. this is strictly an article that is about a very narrow but important legal issue which is, is the obstruction theory as we understand it that the mueller investigation is pursuing one
7:22 pm
that is viable under federal law and under the canons of construction of statutes that the justice department traditionally employs. david: incredible that it's gone on this long though. and you think it is wrapping up, you think maybe by the end of february we may have the end of the mueller investigation? >> dave, one thing i would say is that mueller is not on anybody's time clock but his own. david: that's for sure. >> and i think he's going to finish when he's good and ready. there's good reason to think he's winding town, but he's also still got a grand jury open, so i wouldn't put a clock on it right now. david: andy mccarthy, great to see you. >> thanks, dave. merry christmas. david: do you believe rinos and radical dems will endlessly oppose trump to protect america'ssoeverty? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. like him on facebook, follow him on instagram.
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coming up next, president trump reminding nancy pelosi that he never had a doubt that wall funding would pass in the house. >> when nancy pelosi said you'll never get the votes in the house -- >> there are no votes in the house, majority votes, for a wall. no matter where -- >> we got 'em, and we got 'em by a big margin, 217-185. david: we take up the latest in the president's continued efforts to secure a border wall with political strategist ed rollins. he's next.
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david: we are getting word from chad pergram that a partial government shutdown will start just after midnight saturday because the house representatives has adjourned for the day. the house returns saturday at noon eastern. at least a short one.
7:28 pm
chief justice john roberts joining the liberal wing of the supreme court to deny the trump administration's request to immediately enforce new asylum rules, bark asylum for anybody crossing in the u.s. outside an official port of entry. justices kavanaugh, alito and thomas and gorsuch side with the president to allow the ruling to goin effect. for more on what's going on at border we turn to william lajeunesse. >> reporter: immigrants seen here crossing the border illegally still have a right to claim asylum. a new ruling allowed them to only seek asylum at ports of
7:29 pm
entry. immigrants jumped barriers in the arizona desert. the president wants $5 billion for 215 miles of barrier to reduce illegal immigration. >> isn't mexico supposed to pay for it? wasn't that the campaign prom cities in no, that's another lie. >> they could not stop him from erecting another kind of barrier, requiring the asylum seekers to stay there while the u.s. processes their claims. the u.s. apprehended 260,000 illegal immigrants in november. >> the numbers will go down substantially. if you need asylum you can get tonight mexico. if you need a job, you can get a
7:30 pm
job. we are only talking about a small portion who will feel like they need to get asylum in the united states. >> i'm going to ask for asylum and i hope the law or measure being taken is not true. reporter: today's supreme court ruling suggests it's not likely to happen. david: joining me, mr. ed rollins. it was a 5-4 decision. if donald trump gets another supreme court justice we are unlikely to have these split decisions. >> i think roberts will be in the cam with conservatives. today was about process and he wanted to slow the process down. we need to get this to the court
7:31 pm
and have the court reinforce the president's powers. david: what just happened insures we are in a government shutdown. we'll be at 12 midnight tonight. the bottom line again, i know the president has been talking about it, i don't think enough republicans have been. it comes down to security. it's the most of important thing a government can do is to make americans feel secure. that's beyond anything else our government does, that's at the heart of wait should do. is donald trump winning that argument? >> i think he'll win the argument. equally as important. we are spending $700 billion on defense to defend other people, other countries. not necessarily our country. the idea that you can't spend the amount of money we need to basically build a wall here is absurd. we need it and the quicker we get it the better. the shutdown will probably cost $3 billion to $5 billion if it's
7:32 pm
down for a couple weeks. let's get going here. david: it's clear the issue of border security is not what the democrats are underred in. what they are interested in is preventing donald trump from gaining a victory. ed: i think he did the right thing here. i'm reminded of george h.w. bush who broke his tax pledge and lost 27% of the republicans and a third of the conservatives when he ran for reelection. david: the house did the right thing as well from the president's perspective. i am wondering if it's an impossibility in the senate when you have people like jeff flake edrequire many an impossibility when you have the stupid 60-vote rule. you need to make a majority rule in both the house and the senate. david: was the president close to make something kind of deal
7:33 pm
that his political base would have deserted him on? was tuesday or wednesday a make or break thing? ed: i think that's true. i don't think they had a good strategy going into this. i think they underestimated the feedback that would come from the base. i think the president was arguing in good faith and he thought he would get some kind of deal. they promised him a deal. david: was it because they were caught between chiefs of staff? >> that's part of it. jar owed kushner knows how to deal with democrats, but he don't know how to deal with republicans. once we get the team together and move forward, the new chief of staff knows politics. david: and he knows the budget. ed: he's a superb choice.
7:34 pm
david: and he can make the numbers work. does anyone literally believe that pelosi or schumer would keep the border more secure? they claim the only reason we are against the wall is there are better ways to do it. but does anybody take that seriously inside the beltway? ed: their rhetoric over the years has been anti-any kind of control of the border. david: coming up next, merry christmas to you. china says cyber espionage is part of its national strategy. we'll take that up after the break as well as the latest on trade twawks gordon chang. but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor
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to help you shed those sugar cookies, get a running start on the holidays, and take it all in with the patience of a saint. queen sleep number 360 smart beds from $999. plus, it's the last chance for 48-month financing. ends monday. david: china says it sees cyber espionage as necessary for progress and they won't be ending their hack attacks anytime soon. this comes after chinese hackers breached u.s. tech companies to tell their trade secrets. china is testing a submarine nuclear launched missile. peter navarro warning it will be difficult for the u.s. and china to make a long-term trade deal by march 1 unless quote beijing
7:39 pm
is prepared for a full overhaul of its trade and industrial practices. navarro's comments came from an interview with a japanese newspaper where he added china is basically trying to steal the future of japan, the u.s. and europe. here to discuss, gordon chang. gordon spent almost two decades working in shanghai and hong kong. is navarro right? >> he's absolutely right. they are probably stealing more than $300 billion a year. this is artificial intelligence, 5g wireless communications. whoever is able to develop those and commercialize it will dominate the 21st century.
7:40 pm
david: we become so familiar with dealing with the chinese, people forget it's a communist country and the government is not reselected from taking anything it wants from any private company, foreigners who happen to be in china. >> xi jinping made the dominance in 10 of 11 sectors of technology, because that's the core of his plan, yes they have to steal more and more to meet their goals. it was already there, but now even more so. david: our technology is based on private sector development. we have nasa and other government agencies zoasmg technology. but over 90% of our technology is based on private sector development. theirs, it's a communist government, either it's totally controlled by the government or the government can reach their hands in and take whatever they
7:41 pm
want and very often that's means using high-tech technology for military purposes. >> they do have some tech companies. but the problem is xi jinping is trying to make sure state end prizes control those private tech companies. you are starting to see they are taking stakes in those tech companies. this is an attempt to dominate by state control and state ownership. this is total control. david: let's talk about huawei, the company we arrested the cfo of. you can't separate that company from the government's strategic interests. nowed the foreign based banks are restricting their deal wisconsin huawei. do you think others will follow? >> that will certainly be the case. the united states will make it
7:42 pm
clear that you either deal with the united states or you deal with huawei. you are dealing with a very willful president. that's important for the chinese to see. you look at the shutdown. you look at mattis in syria. you see a president who is going to get his way. the chinese have got to see this and understand that they haven't seen this before, david. but they are seeing it now. david: the chinese are always trying to do this psychology research on our leaders. you are saying they are look carefully how he is behaving during this shutdown process and that frightens them. >> i am sure it does. david: because of his backbone. >> because of his backbone. the chinese have to understand trump is getting out of the middle east and asia. that repositions the u.s. military to focus on the defense of east asia.
7:43 pm
the chinese might chortle saying the u.s. is withdrawing. i think it, repositioning on their doorstep. david: how does this affect their trade talks. the market was down 400 points today. that's a huge drop. a lot of it has to do with concerns about trade. does this augur well -- they are concerned about what a backbone this guy has and he won't give an inch. does that mean we'll win the trade battle with him? >> you look at the factors like trade deficits. all of those factors point to us winning. the only issue up in the air is political will. it looks like president trump has it. >> what about their political will? this guy named himself president for life. that's a nice phrase. but history shows a lot of people who name themselves
7:44 pm
president for life don't live as long as they would like. does he need a trade deal right now, even at the risk of giving up some of the technology that they were hoping to get their hands on? >> more than a trade deal, he needs to win. we say president trump, runs for reelection four years. joining ping is running for election every day. if he doesn't win, he's out. if he's out. it means not just losing power piptd moons losing freedom and maybe even losing more than that. he has to make sure he wins. and that will be a titanic struggle because you have two important figures. thank god we have the economic fact toarts in our favor. but this is an existential struggle because xi jinping is saying he's dropping hints china is the world's only sovereign state. it sort of sounded out of tune when president trump first said
7:45 pm
it. but now the chinese are saying you americans don't have sovereignty and trump is saying yes we do. david: coming you have next. we are headed for a partial government shutdown and it's all on the dems to couple funding for a border wall. we'll take that up after the break with gin d gina loudon. .'. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move. and all thro' the house. 'twas the night before christmas, not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers the dads and the drivers. there are doers of good and bringers of glee. this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best,
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david: while congress struggles to secure the $5 billion for trump's border wall, one american is taking things into his own hands. brian kolfage started a gofundme for trump's wall. it has raised $13 million due to donations from americans nationwide. good to see you. gina's author of the book "mad politics." one of the reasons president trump was elected clearly was the wall. it ain't for nothing he said it virtually in every campaign stop
7:50 pm
he was at. democrats know this, that's why they don't want to give this puddling amount, $5 billion for the wall. it's not just symbolic, this guy with a gofundme account. there are millions of americans who vote forward trump because of the wall. >> it's not just symbolic. the democrats need to understand it was mandate. people of this nation want to secure the borders. this is what happens. you get crime, you get drugs crossing the border. when you put this into perspective. you are talking $5 billion out of a $4 trillion budget. it's not that much money. the democrats will underestimate this issue once again like they did in 2016. david: and they are underestimating the intelligence of the american people to figure out what's going on.
7:51 pm
they come out with claims of compassion. we are compassionate for the children, for daca, the dreamers. what about compassion for the angel moms and the people who died from drug overdose as a result of the extraordinary amount of heroin coming across the border and other drugs that lead to the deaths of people. where is the compassion there? >> this is about action more than words. they can talk about compassion all day long. but they are the ones who voted against ending sanctuary cities. they voted against the kate's law. as moms are approaching christmastime, they are thinking about the angel moms who are forever without their children. the party that talks about compassion. where have their votes been as crime and drugs and murder pour across their southern border.
7:52 pm
david: i'm thinking schumer and pelosi believe if they are able to pin a shutdown on the president, that will be enough to destroy at least temporarily his hopes for 2020. i think they may be miscalculates. 2013, we had a shutdown blamed on the republicans. republicans picked up the senate in 2014. it doesn't always work the way schumer and pelosi say it's going to work. >> if there is a government shutdown over securing the border the trump rallies in 2020 are going to be bigger than anybody has ever seen. i want to piggyback on these votes. i know we are headed towards a government shutdown right now. what i would like to see the senate do, take up the house bill with the $5 billion in it. have them vote on it so we can
7:53 pm
have a record of people who truly stand for securing our borders and the people voting against that. if there are any republicans voting against that, let's just hand them switch card and tell them to switch to democrats. they were campaigning on these issues for years and decades. when it comes time to take the vote, if they vote no, they need to go away. david: gina, at midnight we'll be in a government shutdown. how long do you think this goes on? >> i think it will be short because this president is smart and measured and strategic. but the schumer shutdown is not going to reflect on this president no matter what. this will fall right on the hand of the democrats. let's remember, they are trying to make a big deal out of the shutdown. but every single president since ford has had a shutdown. obama's lasted 16 days.
7:54 pm
carters lasted 17 days. these things happen. so for people to predict 2020 elections out of this other than seeing the democrats for what they are. i don't see this falling on the president. david: on wall street, stocks closed lower. nasdaq losing 195 points. stocks closed lower to end the week. the dow lost nearly 7%. this is the worst week the dow has had in 10 years. the nasdaq losing over 8% on the week. listen to lou's report coas coao coast on the salem radio network. stay with us. we are coming right back. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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david: last night we asked you if congress should do its job and fully fund president trump's border wall, 95% said yes they should. the house has adjourned for the day. senators are attempting to reach some consensus.
7:59 pm
president trump earlier discussed what's at stake. president trump: it's totally up to the democrats as to whether we have a shutdown. i hope we don't. but we are prepared for long shutdown. this is our only chance we'll ever have in our opinion because of the world and the way it breaks out to get great border security. david: a new report that robert mueller is nearing the end of his investigation, expected to submit his report as early as the end of february. and the president saying china is trying to steal our technology. and navarro says it will be difficult to reach a trade agreement within the 90-day window.
8:00 pm
we hope you can join us on wed dave next week. "bulls and bears" every night at 5:00 p.m. on the fox business network. thanks for joining us. twrish * breaking right now. we are hours away from a government shutdown that's over $5 billion in funding that president trump wants to protect our borders and build that wall. a veteran not waiting on congress to get its act together. he's starting gofundme page to build that wall. you wouldn't believe how much he has raised to fund that wall. it's in the millions. my source are telling me


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