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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 28, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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-- six american executive held hostage right new in jail there, wild update you on that story and more from vice president of. >> thank you. >> government may be shut down but president he is not. he is fired up, ready to go. today he went on offense blasting democrats for standing in way of his big plan for a beautiful ball, this morning, president trump tweeted -- do the dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are democrats? a few hours later, he followed up with, this is not about the wall, everyone knows a wall will work perfectly. in israel is works 99.9 percent, this iso only about dems not
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wants donald trump and the republicans have a win. we have the issue, border security, 2020. democrats said there no way they will give the president money to build a border wall. he announced it on very day he began his candidacy. if he fails to deliver to that promise, it could cause big problem for his reelection. tom petty. >> very possible when democrat take control they will try to sense something that has zero money for the wall. i have talked to the president, i have looked him in the eyes, i can tell you you, he believes border security and making our community safer is one of his constitutional mandates, when you have a constitution at mandate, it hard to go against that no matter how compelling
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the reason. kennedy: so with government shut down and democrats control now one week, how will the president keep his wall promise, what happens if he can't? joining me now former campaign manager, cory lou endow lou lewe back. >> i see this a win for a president. we don't have to look further than no night in northern california, an illegal immigrant, gunned down a police officer during a traffic stop. this president, has a job and obligation and a duty to protect all citizens gain enemies foreign and domestic, though means those illegal aliens are on south were towarder from killing americans, that is -- border from killing americans thank is his job. kennedy: what is more people
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come in by over staying their visa? >> look. we have to revamp our immigration system. we're the most generous country in the world, we have to have a system that when people cam they are staying for the duration of the visa. we have seen today, thousands of illegal immigrants released in new mexico and texas. nobody, not our government or any of the leftist can tell us within a million people how many illegal immigrants are in the country is it a million, 10, 15? i'll take the bet with anyone -- we're argue maybe it is 10, it could be 40, we don't know. we need to do a better job. kennedy: congress needs to do a
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bitteabit better job, this is ae that will never get solved because neither side wants to solved there is a lot of rhetoric from both. republicans and democrats are pretty close to each other on some main issues and sticking points. what should democrats do? how should they approach the president? what should say seek in return for wall funding? >> look, you know, republicans failed for two years to fix this problem. kennedy: i know that, they did not gif give the president the victory he desired, near the democrat to president obama. >> right, but democrats if republicans' to make it a political football. they want to keep kicking the can, donald trump offered something, a lot of concern nation or conservatives, giving those people so-called dreamers
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access to become citizens, because they were supposedly here 3 no faul here through no f their own, the democrats would not accept that. kennedy: if they restart the talk. do you think that democrats particularly nancy pelosi will approach president with talk a daca deal. >>, not, bottom line that democrats don't want to solve the problem, they want cheap labor, and cheap votes, and cities and state like california, who are allowing illegals more and more rights, including right to vote and drive are giving path forward to keep democrats in power no those state for a long time, they have no invested interest in solving the problem. kennedy: okay what about the northern border. they are so hyper focused on
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southern border. so why couldn't terrorists and gang members try to speak in up stairs. >> we had a large border issue there, which has worked on both sides, canadians did not' people crossing their side, we didn't want them crossing to our side. we have a great relationship with northern border partners, but also harder to get to canada from overseas, they do a better job with vetting process than mexico, mexico has become a haven for haven individual to come into the country and tunnel their way. kennedy: i know that. that is a little bit of fear mongering, most people did not
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get here through tunnels. >> no they came by over staying their visas. but the mexican government has turned a blind eye to it. kennedy: we need to have -- i'll talk about that. there is one substance in particular who is crossing his dropped 78 hers i% in 5 years, t right now economy, you agree the economy is great. >> yeah, growing over 3%, hottest economy in world. what we're doing to china is putting them under a box because of this trade situation. kennedy: you are right, you agree we have more immigrants than ever? >> there no question. kennedy: do you think there is a correlation between able bodies and people eig ar eager to parte
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in american dream. >> i can tell you, i know our grandparents or great grandparents they trieds to assimilate, they did it legally, that is what immigration system is about, opening our arms, making sure we're welcoming right people in, they are contributing members of our society, we can't just take everyone in, and whowz did the o work. kennedy: we should encourage who want to come here, and work. who want to break through a wall, in order to make america bet ei don't think that federal government has a great system for, that i don't think our vetting system is good, there is no much bureaucracy, i have not heard a lot of solutions from either side. thank you very were cory. >> thank you. kennedy: mm-hmm. >> may the economy continue to
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grow, here, here. it still anyone's guess how long the shut down the last. congress people met on capitol hill but they met for a grand total of 6 minutes before leaving this afternoon scalise said there are no more house votes t this week. with each side dug in deeper than an alabama tick, which side has the upper hand? the panel. a new fox news cryp krist crypt- contributor lawrence jones. and met welch is back. >> hey. kennedy: let's talk about shut down. no one knows where this is going, how long can it last. >> it will be a while.
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kennedy: what do you moon a mean by a -- mean by a while. kennedy: will furloughed workers still be off work filling out their ncaa brackets? >> pro probably. >> the president was prepared to cave last week, his supporters got on him. kennedy: and so did rush limbaugh and an culture. >> he has dug in his heels, nobody wants to fix this issue, i am frustrated with both sides, you have one side clearly add vo abdicating for an open border policy, then the right, they just to want to talk border security, both sides have to come to some reason able solution. kennedy: they are all a bunch of
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goldilocks, too hot, too cold, blah, blah, blah. >> over summer they worked to create a com comprehensive immigration reform bill. and republicans did not muster the votes in house to pass that deal, president di did not weign on that, now a fight over 4 billion, he vehicle got 25 -- he could have got 2 25 billion over the summer, this is a manufactured fight, that happens in washington. kennedy: who loses? >> tsa ages, they don't get paid. kennedy: they do g. >> coast guard too. our coast guard is working they are not being paid as well. kennedy: matt. >> i am crying deep tears for
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all of our federal government employees. look, let's talk about them for a second, same job that you have in federal government have you in private sector you get paid better in federal government. kennedy: and more days off. >> and it is much, were harder to fire you, i know the 25% of federal government workforce it happened every year, because congress does not know how to legislate, and president does not know how to president or legislate. on these issues. this is has as are o hazard of k this happens. >> they get back pay. kennedy: they're not fired. they have agency to tell them to petition landlords and banks too have deferred payments for cars and homes. >> southern district of new york is closed except for forfeitures. >> this lasts as long as trump wants it to, they talk to house
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republicans, what you are doing? i don't know, waiting for the president. >> a question of leadership, there 435 members of house, and one president, his job is to leave, all we see him do is tweet. >> this is not on the president. all 3 branches of the government. >> true -- president should not be issuin issuing executive ordt is congress to craft. >> he could bring them back to washington. >> they are on vacation. they work 130 days a year. >> he created shut down, and he should resolve it. >> and congress does not know yohowing to responsible, they ae wait figurwaiting for the presi.
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kennedy: chambers hate i've each other. >> i beg to give o to differ on. >> you don't have to beg. >> trump pulling troops from syria, mike baker will join me in moments with analysis. i am not for colds. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal. ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help.
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kennedy: u.s. troops stations in syria are not expected to leave for another month, but russians are alreadyplexing their military --ple flexing their military muscle. russia has backed al-assad for
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years, they stan to gain most from your exiting, they are telling other countries, including turkey to say out, yesterday compute putin over a y of a hypersonic missile. he has sent nuclear bombers to our backyard. military base, on island off coast of venezuela, is president's withdrawal making putin boulder, joining me now. mike baker is back, you are back baker. >> hello, happy christmas. kennedy: why is christmas kick-starting another arms rice. >> well, it is putin, doing what putin does best, trying to reclaim some semblance of former soviet union. we have known, and monitoring, tracking, observing this
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development of what termed hyper sonic missile capability. kennedy: do you believe all of the claims they are making? >> you know, full disclosure, i have not seen intelligence on it yet, that would be spec like on my part -- speculation on my part, i would take what putin and russia military say with a grain of salt. but this indicates they are not backing down, they are saying, we don't care whether we're violating the treaty we'll keep going. you know hyper sonic missile development that note something new, but they claim -- >> to w do we have them. >> we have been working on the process. i don't think it proper if talk about it on the air. -- >> that okay. >> let's say, that technology is not beyond our capabilities. it is idea of defeat any you know ground defense system.
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but, look this is -- you know this is what putin does best. as far as -- >> why would he do that? is that an admission of economic failure, as almost better for russia, they make money selling gas, and price of oil tanked, and russia economy is in trouble. this says something more than just, we're in a missile swinging contest, and we have the biggest. >> you are right to point out problems, but this is what putin does when he has problem, he found a boogeyman, typically the u.s., he has beat too nationalistic drum when he feels not really threatened but realizes that economy is shaky. i would not read to too much, in
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we just take putin at his word, collapse of soviet union of greatest catastrophe was 20 century, then what he is doing makes sense, we should never look at putin and say, oh, there is a guy we can align our interest with. kennedy: i file th feel the samm turkey and saudi arabia. >> what do you make of that. >> russia, has been a long time as is iran, long time allies of syria. what is -- what we're saying we have 2000 troops in northeasten part of syria. before we went in there, before the ar arab spring and threat an
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assad we had no live leverage, if we takure our 2000 troops out, we're not withdrawing from iraq, we have a lot of capability in iraq. if we pull out of syria, what happened? russia and iran still are primary influences. kennedy: what about hezbollah taking a big chunk of si syria r them systems? >> they -- i mean, iran has been a long time ally. this did not result from the trump administration. iran and russia will face difficulties of their own in short order. if you think that reconstructing syria, machin imagine the 200 ps
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billion dollars, neither russia or iran have that. kennedy: they are tearing it apartment you know those lift standing get to decide who gets big pieces. i have said it before, i can't wait until we're off oil. >> i would argue also, we have to always look, very mercenary, is if in our national security interest to be in syria or afghanistan. kennedy: no. >> i agree, we can do what we need to do against the islamic state without keeping 2000 troops. kennedy: we can deal with rational people who want to make money and buy our stuff, and import stuff, and greatness from free market, we don't need to kill people to do it this is ridiculous, a fool's errand. >> sometimes you need terj terme people whose interests are
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hostile toward ours. kennedy: i have been told we have to terminate in segment, happy new year, merry christmas. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, we'd is wees legal in california. so why is golden state still struggling to cash in the green? taxes and regulation. why the different flied the govk you've in my minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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kennedy: you think california would be a natural laboratory of lem.for cannabis. lack of banks is killing dispensary owners, that has brought in 40 million. california has triple markup of syntaxes that adds up to 34% staggers amount on excise taxes. everyone has their sticky finger in weed cookie jar, and they have crunchys for -- munchies for customer crumbs.
12:28 am
alaska has no excise tax on weed, only tax on growers selling to dispensary, is that so pardon jerry group, you fiddling fuss budget. hopefully incoming governor gavin newsom will be more thoughtful. thoughtful. as you know marijuana still scheduled as a controlled substance considered dangerous and addictive as heroin, growers and dispensary owners cannot deduct the cannabis expenses from their taxes for business. they have to hire legit thugs to guard their stashes and caches, legal cannabis should mean
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freedom, it could be a perfect green wall again narcoterrorists. the still thriving black market surge cutting suppliers by offers cheaper tax-free products making legal gains go up in smoke. >> it still rapidly growing, a 10 billion dollar a year industry. and that money is cutting into cartel profits, my a study shows, drug king pins have all but stopped trying to smuggle the devil's lettuce through our southern border, confiscating 78% less marijuana this year than 5 years ago in 2013, mostly due to legalization. so what would happen in legalize weed federally, and does the logic extent to other harder truth trucks -- drugs.
12:30 am
let me ask author of that. david beer with me, welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: so, let's talk about for people fans of show niarch niarchos. regardless of the drug war. what has legal, and recreational marijuana done to some cartels. >> for 80 years, border patrol has been justifying the basketball, highin highing hirie agents, and deploying drones to border, building fences, to stop a drug trafficking and human traffics on the border, none of it has worked. it has not made a difference. we have seen that only since legalization that you saw this
12:31 am
78% reduction in drug smuggling marijuana. along the southern border, between the ports where border patrol is controlling. they have not made a dent until they started legalizing. kennedy: what is conclusion you draw from that in regard to other substances and about whatd a process look like, look as sta firstics, a half -- statistics, a half million people have died in the drug war that is a staggering number. and you know you talk about journalists, a lot of innocent civilians and children and families. if there is still importing crystal meth and heroin and other drugs, how do you legalize
12:32 am
that. and allay people's fears about society calling apart. >> you to look at models that work. importanportugal decriminalizedl drugs many years okay, society is far from falling off a cliff, if you look at drug use rates, a cato institute study analyze those, they have not gone up. if you move smog ou something of shadows into the market, people are not looking for fentanyl. they are being put in our cocaine supplies, because it easier to conceal, so much meree to 10, hav poe potent.
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>> knee-jerk react is we have to stop it. to stop the supply. but we really have not had the kind of honest discussion about demand that we have to. and it is interesting. as you point out inverse often times happens. i will be curious to see what that sort of logic actually bleeds into government, do you foresee marijuana being reclassified or rescheduled in coming year? something has to shift. you know, regulatory situation is un10abltenable with investmen cash, california having fully legalized the product. national prohibition is not working, no one think its working. so really up to congress to make the shift, and so, we'll see, but, i don't see it chairman --
12:34 am
changing in short-term. kennedy: maybe it will happen quickly. >> thank you. kennedy: president trump unannounced visit to iraq as come under criticism from some in media, soledad o'brian suggested that he visited troops because he was shamed into it. she missed fact that it was planned months in advance. her former network make a big stank about president signs hats for troops, president tweeting. going craze about my signing for maga hats, if the brave young people ask me to sign my hat, i will sign, you can imagine me saying no, we brought no hats. panel is back.
12:35 am
kennedy: i knew this was going to happen. >> they did it with everything, if there is a shooting of more than 3 people, oh, president did not see him. no matter what, because he is donald trump he will act weird, doing something strange and inappropriate and funny. >> would it be weird if he didn't say exphg abou somethinge walmart visiting -- wall investing a military base in iraq. >> this is a cycle of stupid, who cares, does not matter if he golfs or goes to a ribbon cutter ceremony, nothing matters, people like relief pressure like popping a zit with their hatred for the president. kennedy: lifing criticis life rg
12:36 am
criticism for not attending a cemetery in france, he within to visited troops. >> i am happy he finally went, it took two years to get there important, you visit troops in active duty. that is very important for a president. when you make decision like pulling out of syria,. it would be wise for president before to make the decision to pull out of and cop bli conflico visit the region, and understand what is shaping tes happening t. highwahopefully he will reevalu. kennedy: live that. >> knock it off. did you see those military men and women, they wereo -- excited. they were so anxious for him, let them have their moment, this is not you or me, this is about
12:37 am
giving soldiers to look up to, when we comes home we can push him on his foreign policy. if bubble -- if organizations form again they will come from there, i would like to challenge him a little bit on that, but that is not the time, they could not wait a moment, he would come home that night, you could have started this back up. >> you are civilish. selfish. >> he said he said that america should not be world's cop. kennedy: he is so right. >> to say that simple truth, a true thing to say. he will too whatever he is donald trump, i am glad he said that. kennedy: i like his antiinterventionism, that is fantastic, i have been waiting for a president to say, why are
12:38 am
these bases open, why do we pay so much for nato. >> not necessarily, nsaoy countries are not paying as much as we are. kennedy: that the point. there is a dispo portional amount that u.s. is paying to policing the world. >> a default of we'll take care of you so tea people don't takee of their own, he is on to something. >> he broke news, i want to know why he said, i told generals you have this time period to get it done, they came back said give plea mor me more time, they said give me more time, they said -- >> president trying to make something simple out of something complex. we went to syria to protect kurds, moment this united states withdrawing from syria, kurds
12:39 am
are pretty much dead, turks are on boarder ready to kill them. kennedy: they have said that. they make no difference. >> -- differenc differentiation. >> that -- 6 months they will kill the the kurds. >> let's talk about bringing. >> new year, 2019 is around the corner, with new year is resolution, top 3, according to a survey, that i want to start eating healthier, get mori exercise. focus on self care, reading more, making new friends, and getting a new job. does anyone actually stick to their resolution. >> i started my regula regular , get rid of stuff, i put 75 books out on my stoop.
12:40 am
get rid of it. do it but don't think too hard. >> i made mine with you last year, meditate more. kennedy: did you. >> i did. kennedy: well done. >> i don't do new year reading.. >> this is just my life plan. kennedy: february, the machines are open at the gym again. january is a nightmare. >> people pretending they know how to work the equipment. >> i get it. all right. >> panel thank you. >> thank you. >> matt, richard and lawrence. join me and pete, monday night 10 p.m., eastern, 7 in west, fox news channel, best new year's eve ever.
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coming up obamacare. that is no good. but a new study suggests president obama signature healthcare program may be killing people, i'll explain after the break.
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>> a great song, welcome back. road to hell 55ed with good intentions. lear, fore most obamacare expert. peter suter man. welcome back. >> glad to be here. so, hel hospital readmission ia big problem.
12:45 am
obamacare, had this idea let punish hospitals for readmissions then what? --then it happened, riyadh readmissions within down, and deaths have gone up, people who died in months after being treated by the hospitals, . period they were trying to avoid readmission, you had increase death from pneumonia. the results are not all that surprising, they paid for a result they wanted, they want the hospitals to not readmit as many people. you don't readmit people who were sick and in the hospital there will probably be adverse consequences. >> hard to land in the hospital any more. part of that, advances. in 80s, you have pointed out. there were same types of medicare regulation
12:46 am
>> what happen that was huge growth in medicare spending, they thought it was driven by people saying in hospital too long, they said we'll pay hospitals same thing you see here with readmission program, we pay hospital pos chic that you are people have -- make sure people have shorter stays. >> they got thrown out of the hospital faster or if not thrown out, instead they were put kind of in observation bed stuck in hallways not really in rooms, term for this, was that hospitals want to turn people out quick lea quicker and sickeg them like restaurant customers, make more money by turning more tables that was idea in hospitals. >> if you had a family member booted out of hospital too soon
12:47 am
it is disconcerts to have your grandma or uncle at home, when they are still sick, they still need round the clock care, but they do it. what do we do now. >> this is not only area of obamacare where we have seen the unintended consequences. >> trump administration has pulled back a little bit. they reajusted this program . >> through bureaucracy, and you know some ways it worked, but not the way we wanted it to.
12:48 am
>> that pretty horrible but we're also in business of predictions this our last show, of 2018, so, who do you predict happens with health care. >> man, i think that it is just a deadlock, it like a government shut dune we'r down, both sidesn their feet nothing happened. kennedy: hopefully no one will have to go to hospital from this government imposed sickness that we're suffering from. there is so much chaos, and apathy, i don't know where we go susuper tuesday -- suter man. we have to get government hell out of he'll care and health insurance. >> i hope so. >> thank you peter. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. introducing add on advantage,
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kennedy: this year topical storm would not have been possible without stupid people with bad ideas, for that, thank you alexandria ocasio-cortez. for final time in twi 2018. topic one. we begin at an arizona gender reveal, a couple found out they were having a fire. blue smoke means a boy, i gray smoke means he caused 8 million dollar in damage to the park, no one was hurt. dad got a ton of heato twitter. >> police say it could have been aviddedavoided if couple reveale
12:53 am
wants to go to a gender reveal party. no one. saturday afternoon, going up in flames. another present? topic two. we head now to thailand. a pet shelter had a adoption drive. ritchie the cat, look at that cool character. viral, crudin kreufers cruisingn bangkok in a car. one night in bangkok. i do heigh hate cats but there e mucmuch, much worse case to go viral in bangkok. woo. only thing that was seen more on instagram was kendall jenner's birthday. the story did not have happy
12:54 am
ending, ritchie received a ticket from police after answering his cell phone while driving, we can agree, he should have hit the paws button. topic three. a very memrag memberrable yearsr little caesar's, they opened first drive-thru in florida, someone went straight kool aid and blasted through the wall. no one was hurt. bad news, he lost his license. good news, he just found out he is having a boy. look at that. no one sent dumber smoke signals this year thin than irk elizabe,
12:55 am
i'll test her dna. >> to london a french tourist got way too high, thesum human spider-man, he scales buildings with no brines. people don't know how to act. next thing, slips and turns to road pizza. taxes go up because someone read too many comic books g home play with your toys frenchy. they have never met meghan markle's family, that sifter sie crooked eye. you did the impossible, you made one spider-man film that will not have a sequel. >> topic 5. every week this we're we open mailbag, give viewers a penny for your thoughts, we overpay.
12:56 am
this is vie viewer mail, big bid said you should be last pinch talkinpersonabout being empty he your brain on vacation. randy -- you are amazing, i used to not like you, then but an epiphany. the sight of of you in them glasses makes me physically ill. that is what happens when i don't have my glasses on. edna, a single word. idiot. doiot.
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