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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 28, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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asian markets mostly higher as well. nikkei, the you lier here, it is down a third of 1% and negative for the first time on a year in 7 years. well, day number 7 of the government shutdown in washington and does not look like it will end before the end of the year, new poll shows more americans blaming president trump for shutdown. we will break it all down for you, outside there's wicked weather, millions of americans hit by blizzard conditions and we will tell you where this storm is heading next. plus, did you look outside, blue skies at night in new york. we have details on what exactly what happened and more of this pretty incredible yet beautiful video. aliens, maybe. all right, deadline day for sears, struggling retailer to find bidder for assets or it could disappear entirely, all of that coming up with me and this morning fox news contributor and greg gutfeld show correspondent,
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national review reporter, kat kemp, john layfield and former state department spokesperson fox news radio marie harf. happy friday. >> happy friday. >> so many ups and downs and feel like the news hasn't stopped. >> i think both safe to say. lauren: i think everybody will need a glass of champagne on new year's eve. >> just one m. [laughter] lauren: you can live to 112 year's old. >> exactly. lauren: anyway, coming up this morning wells fargo investment global strategists scott, ohio congressman house ways and means committee iraq war veteran, former cke restaurant ceo andy puzder and texas congressman medical doctor and member of
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house energy and commerce committee michael burgess, you don't want to miss it, a lot to discuss and start with top story this hour, that's the market, once again front and center but it's a good day today or at least it's shaping up to be after a wild day of trading on wall street, yesterday the dow with late comeback, high to low, that's been what we have seen the past six sessions 1% plus move in both directions for the dow jones industrial average, let's talk about it and bring in founder and ceo and chief investment strategists david, david, good morning. >> good morning, lauren. lauren: what do you make of the volatility? >> well, it has been quite extreme in past week, past month and past quarter, it's what we expect now going into 2019, we had very nice 2017, the first part of 2018 but we have seenics treatment volatility pick up
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through all of this year and this is what we need to expect more of. and a lot of it it's because of the confusion or maybe a seeking of what is the economic outlook for next year. we had as little as a month and a half ago people thinking that the federal reserve might hike 4, 5, even 5 times next year. that went down to maybe a couple of times. now the fed futures prediction of how much the fed will raise next year is showing us that they wouldn't raise at all, but the fed dot plot their own forecast shows two raises and those that think that we are heading to recession, we have the divergent view of the economy and that's causing a lot of volatility as we move between the different views. lauren: yeah, wall street thinks one thing, they are suspecting or predicting a sharp slowdown in the new year.
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main street might think the opposite, kevin hasset on after the bell, small businesses are not part of wall street and they are doing great right now. >> yeah, if we look at the consumer which is two-thirds of our economy and just look at the holiday spending season, look at the fourth quarter, we look at november retail sales, october revised higher, the holiday shopping season from november 1st through december 24th, best in 6 years. lauren: consumer confidence was down two months in the row, sorry to interrupt you, david, but we do have the number that fell two months in a row, what do you make of that? >> that's a lagging indicate other and a lot of that is what happened in the stock market over the past quarter and so we will see some of those, the soft data like that will soften as
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what the market is doing. we are looking at 2, 2 and a half percent growth next year, not recession. unemployment still 49-year low, we just don't think a recession is right around the corner, we think the economy is still doing quite well, the biggest thing for stock market is where do corporate earnings come in? we think we can get 8 or 9% in the fourth quarter -- or through 2019 but there are those who think that earnings are going to fall off a cliff. if that's the case, we have trouble. if earnings -- we can't match the record earnings that we had in 2018 but if we get decent earnings in 2019 just 8 or 9%, we don't even need multiple expansion, we can do okay. stocks can do okay through 2019. >> david, if you go from say 20% in corporate earnings to 8 or 9%, consensus, 8 or 9 would be
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higher than that, that's not falling off the cliff as you say but that doesn't pretend to the volatility that we have seen. it's volatility on different views of the economy and what will happen next year or the things the market can't control like brexit and trade war and so many things that's going on with ta -- capricious politician that is we have around the world? >> when we look abroad and when we look at europe, whether yellow vest or italy arguing with eu about future, europe has a lot of problems and we are avoiding europe. we have this year for the last 3 quarters and will be going into 2019 because of the problems there, we are staying with u.s. stocks, we are starting to look at merging markets but, yeah, we do have a lot of anxiety that's coming from dc recently and certainly the china-u.s. trade
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issues are a concern because that's where government action does affect real economies, affects the stock market, so how that all works itself out in the new year will definitely matter but, you know, as we look further into the year, you know, it'll be a function of when we get into the first quarter, what do corporate earnings start to look like. lauren: investment that cost apple $9 billion in 2018 and references the effect that market prices have had on company's decision to buy back stocks, specifically apple. do you think we will see companies then buying this dip? >> we have seen a little bit about that. the funny thing about stock buybacks by corporations is they tend to buy high and that's not because they don't know when to buy stocks, it's more a function of the reason or their ability
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to buy -- to initiate buybacks, it's typically when the economy is doing well, when the company is doing well because they are buying free cash flow so they tend to initiate stock buybacks when they have high free cash flow so they tend to be buying high, not buying low. there have been some companies step in with stock prices lower and initiate stock buyback programs late in the year, but, you know, if we do see economic slowdown next year we could see that. this year with corporate tax reform and the strong economy we had over 1 trillion, new record in stock buybacks in 2018. >> are you concerned at all about companies and the amount of cash that they are holding and also we saw the steven mnuchin, the now infamous calls to the banks this week considered about ability to lend, are you concerned about any of these things?
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>> no, you know, a lot of us were left scratching our heads why that letter was sent out, why calls were made to bank. there wasn't a concern and liquidity, we think that was a reason for market volatility on monday on christmas eve because probably wasn't needed and what we have seen though is maybe a sturdier hand, tone from jay powell at the fed, comments -- lauren: do you think there's a face to face meeting with fed chair and president trump, would that help sentiment right now? >> they absolutely would. they say it's going to hope. i hope it happens because, you know, the fact that they are just meeting face to face and talking will be better than comments over twitter and however else because it's not doing the markets any good.
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lauren: theme of 2019 is going to be talking whether it's trump and powell, trump and president xi of china, just talking with get the markets to go up, david kudla. >> thank you. lauren: wicked winter storm pushing its way to the east, how millions of americans in the path will be affected this weekend and it's not aliens, the internet going crazy over the mysterious blue lights above new york city, we will tell you what caused the sky to light up? teal, blue, okay.
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lauren: markets still up with about 3 hours before the opening bell but we have half gains that
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we saw earlier, dow futures high 66 points, up 140 moments ago. the byline, record rebounded yesterday after the biggest point gain the day before, so volatility is the name of the game. we will see, speaking of extreme, it's outside too, we are watching the weather for you, midwest taking hit by heavy snow while east coast is gearing up for flash floods. fox news meteorologist adam klotz with the bad news. good morning, adam. >> same snow system bringing heavy rain to portions of the east, stretching all the way back to new orleans up through atlanta to new york in the next couple of hours, the backside of the system is producing a little bit of snow, we have blizzard watching warnings, winter advisory in upper midwest, this will be moving out of the area within the next couple of hours so really winding down, the worst of the snow has moved off
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and becomes more rain event, the entire system running in warm air, you will see in future radar and you can pay attention behind my head, runs up to friday and early saturday morning, rain heavy at times stretching from dc to new york, up to boston, colder air on the backside of this but you noticed it was heavy rain, i wouldn't be surprised if there was flooding in southeast, we have seen a couple of inches of rain in atlanta this morning, all the moisture running into very warm air. again, cold on the backside so where it's snowing, temperatures back in 20's, far enough behind it you see spots behind it in single digits, currently in east coast well above seasonal averages. stays warm entire day friday, warm into saturday. cold air behind the system, once it moves off coast cools on saturday -- sunday excuse me but
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we warm up monday and tuesday, by the time we get to new year or close to new year, 47-degrees high there for new year's eve, by the time the ball drops it'll be close to 40-degrees, lauren, it is going to be a mild start to this new year even though we are talking about a big snowstorm in the middle of the country. lauren: if you're in time square a lot of people, enjoy the nice weather. >> yeah, negative 4 last year. lauren: adam, thank you. kat, you plan to spend time in times square. >> it was nuts. lauren: what about you? >> i'm going to northern new hampshire, it's going to be very cold and i hope a lot of snow. lauren: you're headed south? >> i'm headed back and head to dc for new year's eve.
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lauren: monday is new year's eve. >> 2019 is year. lauren: full year, wild year especially on wall street. maria bartiromo will wrap up highs and lows of business in just a bit, deadline day for sears, retailer is bankrupt and needs to find a buy e for assets by the end of the day today or face liquidation. this is not a bed.
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lauren: roller coaster year for business, maria bartiromo takes a look at the highs and lows of 2018. maria: the year in business will
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like i will go down remembered mostly of how it's ending with head-spinning moves and uncertainty gripping the globe. wild moves up and down but sadly for investors it's been more down than up. in europe brexit on the brink. >> i continue to believe that we can leave with good deal. maria: paris in pieces. citizens rioting over a new gas tax designed to curve carbon omissions all while the american economy is humming never seen in years, the president trump's tax plan kicking january 1st, unemployment rate all the way to 3.7%. for. >> the fact that a business can write off 100% of an investment is an enormous incentive to get people to make capital investment. >> blue collar workers have best increase in many, many years.
6:22 am
the american economy is crushing it. maria: renegotiating old trade deals. president trump telling me in april that the united states will not back down until it has better terms with the rest of the world, notably china. maria: regoing back on tariffs with china? >> no, no, china wants to make a deal and so do i. maria: ip theft, forced transfer of technology, spying on americans but while doing so global growth worries persisted. president trump calling out federal reserve chairman for raising interest rates. >> i think the fed is making a mistake, they are so tight, i think the fed has gone crazy. maria: higher rates and china tension with big hit in fourth quarter. the business world also still roiled by the me too movement including media mogul les
6:23 am
moonves, fired and deprived of severance package. it was a year of big challenges for big tech. >> we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility. it was my mistake and i'm sorry. maria: facebook-cambridge analytica scandal. facebook stock taking a beating and others such as google under microscope calling tighter regulations. net neutrality repealed by the trump administration despite promises of doom the internet seems to work the same as before but it is not the same as before for believers of bitcoin, a year ago crypto currency riding high near $20,000 but year end crashing below 5,000, year-end midterm election set tone for year ahead with new uncertainty with democrats in the majority in the house creating new
6:24 am
decision -- questions about what can be done. >> i'm proud to shut down the government over border security. maria: traditionally has been good for business, no wonder list of ipo's is growing. in this era of a nontraditional president, business and politics overlap, you can be sure that more surprises are in store for the new year. lauren: bottom line 2019 was the year of big surprise in my opinion. >> we are seeing the impact sort of mixed bag as we look back on tax cuts, corporate profits are up, some workers got benefits, some plants kept closing like in ohio. that's a big one. that's going to be a big issue, seeing how tax cuts play out over the next few months also as maria mentioned trade and nafta,
6:25 am
new congress coming in, it is not a given that they will approve the new nafta, i think it's likely but it's not a given and so that will be another political fight and, of course, china trade, this is the big ticket item the president has to get something done on, i think sporters who are impacted soybean farmers, steel producers, they are willing to give him leeway but sometimes and i don't think it's indefinite but the time may run out. lauren: we do hope that they'll be january sit-down between both sides, washington and beijing to try to get something done at 90-day trade truce that expires in march, the clock is ticking. >> you look at take from maria, market that was doing pretty well in 6 months and all of a sudden trade war kicks in, so much volatility, brexit is underestimated. lauren: david kudla says he's
6:26 am
not touching europe. >> italy will probably drop out of eu. lauren: what's going on with china as being biggest headwinds. >> that's right, the whole eu could dissolve on that, if uk has to stay in, that will send message to italy, you to get debt under control. if brexit is a hard brexit which looks like it could be, italy drops out as well. lauren: they never planned for the hard brexit, that's the problem. >> i think it's been crazy to see everything that's happened with facebook this year, they've had such a bad year, google too with the privacy stuff. lauren: are you still on facebook? >> i'm concerned about private messages, the fact that people have read those, you don't really think about it. you think about it being private message, it's a private message but nothing is private.
6:27 am
there's no such thing. lauren: coming up the shutdown showdown in washington and right now no end in sight, we will take a look at what could happen when democrats take control over the house next week and blue skies at night, what caused the stunning blue scene over new york city late last night, we missed it, we were sleeping. carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy.
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lauren: welcome back lauren simonetti in for maria bartiromo, it is friday december 28th, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. wall street pull get away from premarket highs up actually look at this, volatility reign supreme, could be another good day, everything can change come
6:31 am
3:00 p.m., wild session for major averages yesterday, dow swinging more than 850 points during the session, it did finish higher by more than 1%, s&p 500 picked up just about a percent and the nasdaq tacked on over third of 1%. take a look at european indices, green across the board, london, paris, frankfurt all up 1.8%. nikkei down a third of a percent. border battle with government shutdown in day 7, president trump doubles down on call for the border wall after alleged cop-killer in california was in the u.s. illegally, the fallout ahead. blue skies over new york, we have the details on what exactly happened and more on incredible video. deadline day for sears, struggling iconic retailer has until the end of today to find bidder for assets or could disappear entirely. bringing in the new year in style, top wine choices to help you celebrate 2019, all that
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coming up, our top story this half hour is the shutdown showdown, the partial government shutdown most likely stretching in 2019 with no clear end in sight even some of the president's closest allies are losing hope of quick agreement to end shutdown. >> having discussions with the president prior to the christmas break, he was fully engaged in making a number of different options available to democrats and yet it's been met with really just resistance and no acceptance whatsoever. as you know, they've now said that we will not have votes this week here in the house so any suggestion that this would end quickly are quickly fading. lauren: this comes at new reuters poll the majority of americans blame president trump for the shutdown while only 33% democrats in congress.
6:33 am
joining us christopher bedford, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: does it matter who we blame, matter it is solution? >> doesn't matter that much who you blame, 2 years away from anybody voting, despite washington freaking out over poll this and poll that, doesn't seem to have huge electoral effect, possible exception of a virginia election a few years ago when virginia was affected with the shutdown. lauren: the president could have gotten support for border wall and contain illegal immigration with news coming out of california that and illegal killed a legal immigrant the police officer, does that aid his push? >> it might in hearts and minds of americans, classic story, tragic story an immigrant from fiji joins law enforcement agency, serving and protecting and he's got a 5-month-old
6:34 am
child. that's a tragic story on christmas week and tragic story that paints a difference in those who come to help and those who don't and live in shadows and break the law and while there are some people who aren't shooting police officers obviously, it shows you the worries here but the problem is the democrats have no incentive here to give the president a win on anything, they were sailing into this thinking the president will fold on campaign promise for border wall about 2 weeks ago, now looking like he's not going to, democrats, voters will punish them if they give the president win on anything. >> chris, mary, good morning. >> good morning. >> nancy pelosi takes over speaker and the house will pass clean funding bill with no border funding wall in it, if something like that were to pass out of congress and go to president trump's desk with no
6:35 am
border wall funding in it, would he and should he be veto it? >> i suspect he would veto it because it's a campaign promise of his. maybe if they had done 2 weeks ago he might have let something like that by. the pressure has built, he's become stubborn on this matter and really seen a lot of his base start to let him know, hey, president, we voted for you in order to get the border wall passed, you had 2 years to do it, nothing happened, now last minute if you fold to democrats, that's not going to empower them, of course, it's possible that he tries to attach to infrastructure bill, i don't see any incentive nancy pelosi house of representatives to give him a win on this. >> i agree with you, history show that government shutdown doesn't have overall economic impact long term because you get money later, i think it's embarrassing on all of them,
6:36 am
both parties. when you look at what's going on the past week with the government shutdown, stalemate right here. both sides think they have a winning hand. look at what happened with first secretary of defense general mattis, seems to lend itself that the white house is at worst in chaos or at best unpredictable, is this what you think is hurting the image of the white house as much and also the markets? >> the good news for the government employees out of paycheck, if the government figures out by january 10, the sense of uncertainty you don't want. this has been bad 2 weeks with the white house, i was with a number of conservatives over the christmas and i had never heard trump supporters be so down on the president, whether over secretary mattis which was a step too far for a lot of the people who support the president or over this final, final battle after 2 years of republican control for the wall, but a number of conservatives and
6:37 am
people on the hard right told me that they said that if the president had folded on this issue, then they would -- he would have lost support entirely. i think the president has gotten that message but this is a function of some of the dismoneys in the white house where the way president trump has traditionally run his businesses but very small, very lean team of people close to him, that doesn't work well with the sprawling federal government, you need to have as many people working at the same time and empty jobs are not getting filled. >> hi, it's katherine, i just have a question, in terms of how this all ends, what do you think would be better politically for the president if he ends the shutdown or conservatives would see it as him folding if he doesn't get border wall funding? >> i think they will see him as folding, the best outcome would be some compromise where democrats will give more for a wall but maybe it wouldn't be a wall, fill slots, he will claim a victory there and he won't at
6:38 am
least -- no one would go home empty handed, if democrats have a possibility to give compromise like that, look, we are the house of representatives, opened up government, but i also think that right now both sides don't have that much to lose. they are 2 years up from election, i know it's cynical, voters will forget and what they will remember if democrats voted for the wall or if republicans did not vote for the wall. lauren: yeah, meanwhile yesterday they gaveled in and gaveled out as if this is no big deal and all looking ahead to 2020 even though we are not in 2019 yet, that's how politics work, we have a poll from des moines register as well as cnn, earlier this month shows the top democratic contenders for 2020 among iowa voters, former vice president joe biden, he's leading followed by senator bernie sanders and congressman beto o'rourke. now this is coming as new reports say michael bloomberg,
6:39 am
chris, could be willing to spend upwards of $100 million of own money in campaign for the white house, do you think bloomberg could get in here? >> i don't think this is the time for bloomberg. i remember his ads he ran a few weeks ago where he was saying i used to be republican and now i'm a democrat. that's not the kind of bipartisan i'm willing to switch on principles last minute, movement that's getting voters going on right now, the voters are divided. democrats are not interested in working with republicans and vice versa. you see john kasichs, bloombergs, mitt romney, he has to be senator for utah, this is not his time to run for president. same thing like paul ryan. bloomberg stands less of a chance and base putting emphasis on different identity politics, the leaders, the leading three are all white men except for
6:40 am
maybe beto, generally white men and that is not something the democrats are looking for and that's going to come up in their primaries. lauren: marie, what do you think 2020 ticket looks like? >> i have no idea. the poll is basically a name recognition poll and if you look at polls in the same time in 2016 cycle, in 2008, barack obama wasn't polling anywhere close in 2006 at this point in 2008 cycle. there's going to be 20, 25 people in primary and i actually think -- the process will work out. people that can survive on national stage will do better and people who can't won't. lauren: big names bring in the money. how can hillary clinton run again but she can fundraise. >> fundraising has also changed. beto raised so much small dollar donors online. fundraising is different than 10 years ago in terms of getting big donors, grassroots donors
6:41 am
matter now. >> where does the democratic party go from here? the republican party was in -- >> yeah. >> the socialist party is rising for the same reasons because they are mad at political leadership, where does that go from here? >> there's going to be fight in democratic party in 2020 because there are high-profile progressives like alexandria ocasio-cortez that did win, the reason democrats won the majority in the house because moderate who is won in midwest in plain states in the south, there's going to be a fight over who can win and the most important thing who can beat donald trump. lauren: very interesting year. christopher bedford, thank you for joining us and gave us a lot to talk about here onset. all right, coming up, jp penny shares making falling below a buck. ninety-seven cents for the first time in history. this as sears hits deadline to
6:42 am
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lauren: mysterious blue light, kristina partsinevelos what was the light all about? >> the sky was sparking speculation on social media, some suggested it could be a weather phenomena, some say aliens, yes, it's true, turns out it was a blown transformers in queens that shined. some scattered power outages in the city including at laguardia international airport, resulted in multiple flight delays, thankfully, though, no one was hurt but we love the speculation online. last year's special election in alabama reportedly drawing the attention of the state's attorney general steve marshall telling washington post disinformation campaign targeted gop candidate senate roy moore may have violated state campaign laws and affected the outcome of the race. moore was defeated by doug jones, marshall says is looking
6:47 am
for information of project birmingham. hoffman says he was unaware of tactics. sears chairman eddy is the only buyer to keep sears in business is reportedly struggling to come up with finance to go make good on $4.6 billion offer to buy the company. speaking of struggling retailers, jp penny became a penny stock. shares fell as low as 32 cents closing at 97 cents. first time they have closed a dollar since jp penny went public in late 1971's, shares down nearly 70% this year. i heard one of you whistle.
6:48 am
has anybody went to jw penny within the last year or so? >> that's the problem. retail is strong right now but not for everybody. i don't know. anyone go to jc penny in the last year. >> most certainly not. lauren: anybody see the blue light. >> i was asleep. lauren: tweet us, apparently had to be in queens. almost time to ring in 2019. we have a ride array of wines you can toast to when the ball drops. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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lauren: perfect song. countdown to 2019 is on. nothing says celebration like a glass of bubbly. joining me now is wheeling cofounder. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. lauren: you brought your goods, sparkling wine. >> right, it's alternative to champagne, region garden of france, beautiful place, you get it in retail store about 12 bucks, significantly less than champagne. lauren: two questions, do you get the same champagne hangover? >> little bit less because less chemicals. wonderful, beautiful, you'll be fine. the most important thing it'll put big smile on the face.
6:53 am
lauren: do you speak french or have you perfected -- >> my parents are french. famous region, commonly known for red wines, they do so much more than that. dry whites, this is a sweet wine. we often think sweet wines with dessert, cheeses, just to start it off, my mom is from cerboux. celebrate and do toast for the new year. lauren: you brought two reds. >> 100% gamet, favorable. perfect wine. lauren: delicious, i'm a red wine kind of gal.
6:54 am
>> i popped it open. i put it back in the bottle so you can taste later on. my private label. nonprofit, it's homage to my participants. 100 percent proceeds go to help people find housing, education. lauren: how much have you raised so far? >> i don't know the number so far but we have two physical centers. lauren: how much is this bottle? >> 499. lauren: for a good cause. >> you can go on website and you can purchase it or there's a great wine store. lauren: you blended it yourself. what are the trends in wine right now? >> the trends in wine, people wants hands off, minimal,
6:55 am
organic, it takes you back to that place, beautiful aromas and food friendly as well. lauren: i will smell it for the aroma. i love when you -- [laughter] lauren: people who really know wine -- i smell -- maybe i will smell it more if i pick up the glass. sorry. [laughter] lauren: very strong. robust red. >> yes. silky,'s crazy, no end to it. january, they stop. for sure. lauren: everyone is too hungover and poor. maybe you should continue to buy wine. >> wine is a commodity. lauren: thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. lauren: all right, still ahead,
6:56 am
everybody, instagram, social media service apologizing for a new update that users including myself absolutely hated yesterday, did you see it? we will tell you next about that on mornings with maria (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,250 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event. ♪
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lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti, in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, december 28th. here are your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. the bulls came out for a run this morning. the dow is up 120 points, s&p up 13, nasdaq tacking on 21 after a roller coaster day yesterday and quite frankly for the fourth quarter. the dow swinging more than 150 points during yesterday's session. it finished higher by more than
7:00 am
1%. the s&p 500 picking up just about 1%. in europe, green across the screen. they're all up 1.6%. asian markets overnight mostly higher, the nikkei in japan down a third of 1% and it is down on the year as well. shutdown showdown, here at home we are now in day seven of the partial government shutdown over funding for the border wall with mexico and it's likely not ending before the new year and the new congress. we're going to get reaction from a key lawmaker straight ahead. bitcoin heading higher this morning. this despite banks looking to scuttle their cryptocurrency plans. we'll take a look at where the cryptos are heading in the new year. and it was an online freak-out. the internet collectively hitting back at instagram over an app redesign. the outrage coming up. we can get outraged about a lot of suv thes stuff these days. here with me to break it down,
7:01 am
greg gutfeld, cat times and john layfield and former state department spokesperson and co-host of benson and heart, marie harp. are we outraged about anything this friday morning? >> it's early. >> we had wine, so i feel good about the day. >> the game was late last night and there's a show this early. lauren: i knew you were annoyed about something. >> it was a wonderful game. the baylor bears did wonderful last night. lauren: wells fargo investment institute senior global equity strategist, scott ren and former labor secretary, andy puzner and member of the house energy and commerce committee, michael burgues. you don't want to miss it. our top story this hour is the shutdown standoff. three days out from 2019 and lawmakers remain far from an
7:02 am
agreement to fund the government paving the way for the shutdown to stretch well into 2019. the border wall impasse is in the hands of house democrats who assume the majority on january 3rd. that's a key date. house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows weighing in yesterday. >> in the last 48 hours, i would say that the needle has moved towards a very long shutdown, just because of the impasse that we're seeing and the unwillingness of democrats to actually engage in meaningful dialogue. lauren: let's bring in ohio congressman, member of the house weighs and means committee, brad wenstrop. thanks for joining us. as democrats take control of the house january 3rd, what's at stake and what does congress do? how do they move forward from here? because they showed up yesterday and then they left. >> it's going to be very interesting.
7:03 am
it already has been very interesting. as you know, the house, we did pass a bill that would fund the government and enhance border security. i would actually like to take some of our senators and including maybe senator brown from ohio and senator schumer and bring them to my district and make them understand the need for border security. what we have seen in our district is violence from illegal immigrants, but also we've seen the effects of drugs in our communities, so much so that it's been a tremendous burden, not only in our district but across the country. you look at the loss in not only dollars but in human treasure, that should be enough reason for people to want to make sure that we have border security. drugs are flowing freely across our border from china, in through mexico, heroin coming across from mexico, it's well-documented. i'd like them to sit and maybe talk to the addicts, talk to those that treat the addicts and talk to the families of those that lost family members because it's a very severe problem, it's
7:04 am
part of the problem. also, as a doctor, do we want ebb bow la and other -- ebola and other diseases entering our country. there are so many reasons to enhance border security but somehow it's muddled in a debate on immigration. we're for a robust immigration system that's legal and works. lauren: you're in ohio right now, you're not in washington, d.c. something's got to get done. how do we get lawmakers -- what sweetener will the republicans offer that the democrats will agree to, to fix the problems as you just highlighted for us that are happening at the border and unfortunately, yeah, in ohio you're at ground zero for the drug problem that we have. >> absolutely. if they don't want to do anything about that, that is what they should be feeling guilty about is that they are walking away from a very serious problem that's killing more americans than anything else. but besides that, that's part -- that's got to be part of the conversation. i think there are republicans and the president too that maybe
7:05 am
could take a little different number but we've got to get moving in the process. lauren: what number will the president accept, under $5 billion? what number that is? >> i don't know. i can't speak for the president. i can't speak for the entire body of the hour house of representatives. we put our number out there. we're willing to have a conversation and negotiate this. we want to drive home the point that this is a serious issue and probably the primary responsibility of the government. if the government isn't doing that, trying to keep americans safe, then we have a problem. i think that's the message that has to get to the senators that think this is all about immigration and it's not. this is a very serious problem. besides national security, you've got the very serious health issues that face americans. lauren: how much of this is all about resistance and trying to not give president trump a checkmark flex to his campaign promise of building a wall? is there a chance it's called something else and it still gets built. democrats have supported barriers in the past and there's money for those barriers.
7:06 am
>> maybe if you make them think it was their idea, then they'll go for it. this is all about posturing for so many people. it's about politics and power. and rather than doing what's best for america and that's a shame in my opinion. so maybe you do change it in some way, shape or form where they might feel that it was their idea. sometimes you have to do that in negotiations to get things done. but in the meantime, i think you pretty much hit it. this is about politics and power and not wanting to show that you are willing to work with others. lauren: homeland security careekirstin nielsen is at the southern border today and tomorrow. her trip comes in the wake of two deaths of young migrant children from guatemala that were detained by u.s. authorities. congressman, what needs to get done to build this wall, to secure the president's funding, and also now to make sure that migrants are safe? >> i think in large part it will
7:07 am
take the american people to speak up loud and clear to all their representatives, especially their senators as we sit here today, to let them know they want this done on behalf of their families and everything else. the situation at the border today with those deaths is extremely sad. you have people that are wanting to leave countries that are borderless, that are lawless, and that are unhealthy. and as a result, are we seeing that america wants us to become that, that they want us to -- do we have people in america, senators that want us to be borderless, lawless and unhealthy? i don't think that's the answer. i don't think that's going to solve the problem. lauren: a lot of the migrants coming in the caravans that are basically stopped at our border say they were lied to by the organizers and the activists of the caravans who kind of encouraged them to keep going, keep pushing closer to the u.s. border and all of a sudden they're not being let in. they feel lied to. but that's the new reality. you can't just get in.
7:08 am
>> i'm sure that they do. and shame on those that supported them through this and then left them and abandoned them at their greatest time of need. it was a great deception. probably very politically motivated rather than actually caring for people. think about what could have been done with the funds that people put into the caravan that maybe could have helped them in their own homeland rather than leaving them in the desperate situation they're in today. shame on them. lauren: let me ask you about this on the nafta front. president trump is reportedly considering with drawing from nafta in an attempt to pressure congress to approve his new trade deal with mexico and canada, the usmca. as a lawmaker from ohio, what is your reaction to this move? >> well, i'd like to see the process play out. i think the president and his team negotiated openly and honestly with canada and with mexico and we should play out the process of evaluating that
7:09 am
deal and deciding whether we approve it or not. but i applaud them for the hard work that was put into that to try and get a better deal for america. i hope we can play out that process without there having to be ha political negotiations win our own country. lauren: how are steel and aluminum tariffs affecting those in your district? >> it's been somewhat mixed. the industries i talked to in our district that have been involved with that said it really hasn't hurt them too much. obviously there have been some changes but they would like to see things settled and move forward and so we have some certainty of what lies ahead. lauren: and one final question on this shutdown. i'm curious, in your view how long is this going to last and what do you think the ultimate deal closer is? the president wants a deal. it doesn't seem democrats do. what do you think gets us that?
7:10 am
is it an infrastructure bill? is it a deal for daca? >> we've seen the president and congress willing to come forward with a daca deal. that would be fine with me if we want to talk about those types of things that we've already put into bills in the house of representatives. so bring it forward. but i haven't seen much coming out publicly from the senate or even privately of what they want to talk about or what they may want. so that remains to be seen. in the meantime, in the house of representatives and the days remaining, we have put forward what we suggest. let's hear something back. that's how negotiations are supposed to work. i wish i could give you a timeline and say it will definitely end at a certain time but i don't know that. lauren: you sound pessimistic as do many of your colleagues. >> actually i'm an optimistic person. i think at the end of the day americans will be find. i'm more of a thank america first rather than blame america first. the founders made the process difficult. it can be. that's what we're in right now.
7:11 am
at the end of the day we need to sit down because i think the public will get tired of it and that usually will bring politicians to the table. lauren: congressman, thank you for coming on this morning. we appreciate it. >> you bet. thank you very much. lauren: coming up, bitcoin's l wild year, how cryptocurrency dreams went bust and what we can expect in the new year. plus, instagram says i'm sorry. users hating an update so much they did away with it seconds later. ♪ friday night in dixie. ♪ time to have some fun. ♪ anything goes until the rooster crows and you see that southern sun. ♪ we're going to party down to that country sound. and navigatin with waze wifi wireless charging 104 cubic feet of cargo room and seating for 8.
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lauren: a mystery hacker exposing the identities of north korean defebruary tores. kristina partsinevolos has the details. >> no one is sure who stole the names, birthdays and addresses
7:15 am
of nearly 1,000 north korean defectors. the information was taken from a resettlement agency in south korea and leaked. the center helps provide people who escaped oppression and poverty in north korea with jobs and medical and legal support. north korean hackers have been accused of cyber attacks on south korean state agencies and businesses. but it's unknown who is responsible for this breach. former american express ceo ken shanolt announcing plans to step down from the boards of ibm and procter & gamble in february. the new triggering speculation he might be named facebook's first independent chairman. he's a director at the company and facebook says he will continue to serve in that capacity. independent facebook shareholders have been pushing the company to break up mark zuckerberg's dual roles and ceo chairman. facebook shares are higher in premarket trading. and facebook we're going to stick with that, they said it fixed a bug on instagram yesterday that led to a
7:16 am
temporary change in the appearance of its feed for a large number of users. the bug led to a small test being distributed widely. some users had to tap and swipe their feeds horizontally to view new posts. similar to the stories feature. it sparked outrage on twitter with many comparing it to snapchat's unpopular design. i missed out on that, i'm happy i didn't see it. i don't know if it was a bug or if they're testing it out. lauren, i think you saw it. lauren: i saw it. i hated it, actually. now they know the answer, nobody liked it. so whatever it was, don't do it. anyone else see it? >> no. >> that was a -- if that was a trial, that was a failure. they got their answer. >> i feel like you're big on instagram. >> i'm big on instagram but i didn't see it because i was on a plane. it was the only hour of the world that i wasn't on instagram so i missed it. i would have been outraged.
7:17 am
>> lucky you. lauren: coming up, curving vaping, the head of the fda wants to discuss the rise of teen vaping. take care of your selfie. doctors are warning you to watch for wrist pain as you struggle to get the perfect shot. oh, my goodness. the hard work you put into lowering your very high triglycerides with diet and exercise deserves the hard work that went into the science behind vascepa. prescription vascepa. vascepa, along with diet and exercise, has proven results in multiple clinical trials. vascepa looks different because it is different.
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lauren: cryptocurrency in the new year, after bitcoin took a huge dive in 201 #, all eyes are looking at 2019. today, the value has fallen to $3,600. let's bring in black fxcoo and
7:21 am
evp, cara koppa. thanks for coming on. i thought bitcoin was going to 500,000 by 2020. >> we all thought it was going crazy. i think the cyber security issues were a big problem this year. $1 billion so far in 2018. we're lost. biggest heist in world history in humanity. lauren: how do we prevent something like that from happening in 2019. >> cyber security. block chain is a new technology. black fx uncovered many issues. we have 18 plus patents pending to fix all those. with we have lots of solutions to fix all those problems and make it more secure, ensure your money stays that way. >> what is the future of cryptocurrency? the appeal is that it's anonymous and untraceable. if that's the case, governments can't tax it and federal bankses can't control the ebb and flow of currency so they can't control inflation. it makes central banks or
7:22 am
governments insolvent or worthless. is cryptocurrency the future? is it going to be a store of value or is it going to be a fiat currency? >> we're helping to create cyber security regulations to ensure there is no theft and to ensure we can move forward with this as a currency in the future. i think that as we see more asset-backed tokens, tokenizing buildings, highways, sports teams, fractionalize different types of assets so other people can get involved so it can g mainstream. >> do you think it will be a currency that will be widespread or a store of value like gold? >> i think 2019 we'll start to see governments come on-board and launch their own cryptocurrencies. dubai for example by 2020, they will have their entire -- their initiative is to have the entire government on block chain. lauren: that is a stunning goal that you talk about there. governments on the other side
7:23 am
are talking about some of the security problems not just with theft but with terrorist organizations being able to use it, drug traffickers, because it's anonymous and untraceable. how are governments working on that piece of the security issue? >> once you make it secure, you don't have to have it anonymous. you can have governments part of that bigger picture. when you bring in banks and governments into the cutting edge technology, it goes a long way. i think that's also another prediction that we'll see here in 2019. we'll see a lot of alliances. we'll see government sector coming in together, different exchanges and cyber security companies coming together to make it a better, tighter technology. >> what is your best guess, which cryptocurrency makes it. i understand block chain is different, the government doing this, the baltic states that's a phenomenal thing they can do. bitcoin, it costs more to mine it than it does to make it.
7:24 am
does bitcoin make it? do you have a prediction as to which cryptocurrency will make it at least in sphwhawn. >> i think that remains to be seen. i think bitcoin was a great proof of concept. i think it will be around for a long time. it's more of a something collectible, if you will. >> it seems like it was such a fad but not enough places actually accepted it. >> another issue, right. so you need to have common liquidity pools. if you can't move your money from fiat to crypto and move it to e-commerce and be able to purchase something, it's worthless. lauren: will there be a point of having it in 2019 or is it more toward 2020. >> there are major security issues but i think that, again, black fx has fixed many of those and we're building really tight, secure solutions to license different companies and i think that will go a long way in making a much more stable environment. lauren: cara, thank you so much for sharing that with us. we'll see what happens. we want to get to this. the president tweeted on the
7:25 am
southern border. he writes, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration law that's our country is saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. okay. coming up, market volatility in focus, futures up this morning after another wild trading day yesterday, plus an epic profit for epic games. we'll tell you how much money the company is making on fortnite. ♪ nowhere to run to, baby. ♪ nowhere to hide. ♪ got nowhere to run to, baby. ♪ nowhere to hide. ♪ ♪
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lauren: welcome back. i'm lauren simonetti in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, december 28th. your top stories. waking up to green this morning, futures up 112 on the dow, 22 on the nasdaq after a wild session across the board yesterday. the dow finished final hour gains, it finished up more than 1% after swinging more than 850 points during the day. the s&p 500 picking up nearly a percent. the nasdaq tacking on just over a third of 1%. meanwhile, in europe, still looking green over there. the ftse is up 1.6%, the dax is up 183 points. asian markets mostly higher overnight. the japanese markets, nikkei down a third of 1%. china up a half of 1%. tackling a growing problem for parents across the country, vaping. the commissioner of the food and drug administration wants to meet with the heads of the e-cigarette companies. we'll break it down for you and the consequences. etchic victory, the creator of
7:30 am
the popular game fortnite banking some big bucks in 2018. of we've got details and the numbers, you will not believe. plus holmes and watson nerds a clue. will ferrell getting pretty bad reviews in the latest film. we can tell you who is the most bankable stars of 2018, actually are not will ferrell. you may want to buy that -- put that phone down. all those cool pictures may be giving you selfie wrist. it's actually a thing. the hidden health danger that's got doctors up in arms. anyone take selfies? >> of course i do. >> does your wrist hurt? >> my wrist is totally fine. i wonder how many selfies you would have to take to actually get selfie wrist. i mean, there's some people i think that's all they do, like instagram influencers, all they do is take selfies. maybe that's a hazard of the job. lauren: stay tuned. because we'll find out how
7:31 am
hazardous it is. stocks are looking to open higher this morning, continuing the rally that we saw of the past few days, after a late comeback on wall street. joining me now, wells fargo senior global equity strategist, scott ren. the volatility is starting to feel a little bit boring or prozaic. what's with the moves every day? >> i think you can boil it down to a couple events. we've been talking to clients about this all year. is the fed going to make a mistake and is global growth going to slow down? there's a lot of underlying moving parts, whether it's trade friction, whether it's brexit, whether it's a shutdown, whatever. but the issues that overall are really pushing this market and have struck fear into some investors is fed mistake and global slowdown. lauren: a lot of people say if they reinstate the uptick rule, especially when stocks are selling off in a big way and
7:32 am
failure to have that rule compounds the losses, that reinstating it could smooth out some of this volatility especially when the algorithms and the computers are involved. your thoughts. >> well, it could. there's a lot of people that are talking about algorithmic trading which clearly that's a decent amount of the volume but really when you look at it over the last year and-a-half, just your good old fashioned trend lines, technical analysis, there's a lot of activity around those levels and really when you watch it trade around these various levels, it's just good old fashioned technical trading, whether it's algorithmic or not. i think obviously that pushes a lot of volume. you're quicker on the trigger in those kinds of things. there is an effect on the market. but for us, it comes down to fundamentals, are the forward fundamentals good or bad? for us, we think we'll see good gdp growth, not great, but good
7:33 am
gdp growth here, decent growth abroad, not much inflation and from these valuation levels, stocks look pretty attractive. this cycle, there's been a lot of things that were not typical in this cycle but as you move into these later stages, the final third of the cycle, things like inflation, fed raising rates, tight labor market, global growth, those are concerns that happen later stages of every cycle that causes volatility to increase. lauren: is there inflation, though. >> i would argue that's not all that common? i'm sorry. lauren: is there inflation right now. >> there's really not. that's one thing that is a factor here is inflation, there doesn't seem to be much inflation pressure. we certainly don't expect any but one could argue certainly that the fed and what they've hinted at their rate hikes, they're afraid of inflation, which seems kind offed t of -- d
7:34 am
to us. not much inflation, decent growth, valuations from here look pretty good. we want our clients in stocks, we want them stepping in. easier said than done for retail investors. >> you had the christmas eve selloff and you had money step in. seemed to be like money was stepping in. at that point, you can have that exacerbated. yesterday you had selloff, you had money step in. is this a bear market bounce or is this very bullish, a bullish signal that money is stepping in, trying to find value? >> i would argue that monday had a real panic ca cap itulation fl to it. we closed above a big trend line that comes in from the 2011 low in the s&p 500. i think on wednesday we saw a massive short covering rally. let's face it, the move-down
7:35 am
happened fast. there were a lot of people that jumped on the down train way too late. we saw a big scramble there. yesterday was an ideal trading day many we would have liked to have seen really what happened yesterday, we thought okay, we're going to cough up a little bit of this early, maybe 200, 300 points in the dow and then to finish positive on the day would have been a good technical indicator that the bottom's in place or we're close to it and really being down 600 points plus in the dow and rallying back and really in the last hour and-a-half and closing positive, if you're a trader, that's a pretty good sign. >> scott, it's been almost 50 years since you've had consumers -- companies come in with 10% plus earnings and have a pullback like we've had, '87 you had this, 2011 you had this. is this an aberration of the market or is this more of the political uncertainty that's going on out there, rather than just the fed and the slowdown
7:36 am
that's coming? >> well, political uncertainty is playing into it. i would say this very partial, very, very partial shutdown, i don't think that's all that big of a factor. the bigger factor are these macro issues and what's typically happening late in a cycle, is the ecb going to start to tighten which i'm not sure why they would want to do it but are they going to start to tighten, is the fed going to go through two hikes next year and one in 2020. those are the kind of questions that are going to drive the market or the answers to those questions are going to drive the market over the next year. that's what we're trying to figure out. we think we're going to see decent global growth. that needs to happen for us to reach our earnings expectations and for the market to work its way higher. but we're looking for good returns here in 2019 and really i think that's what's likely to happen. lauren: many people blame the fed and jay powell for scaring the market.
7:37 am
it was october 3rd, actually, which was the start of the downturn that we've seen and i know kevin hassette tried to tell everybody and calm the markets. powell is abs -- absolutely 100% safe at the fed. there's a talk of a sit-down between jay powell and president trump. my thoughts are, a, how much do you think the selloff that we've seen, not this week but the selloff in general is the fed and b, what is a meeting going to do? >> well, we think quite a bit of it is the fed or fear about what the fed is going to do. now, the meeting, the president's entitled to his opinion and clearly president trump is going to state his opinion when he has one. but as jay powell said and we firmly believe, i mean, the fed is not looking at what the president might be saying or anyone else might be saying when they make their decisions and do presidents meet with fed chairs? yes, they do. lauren: privately. >> yeah, that's true, privately.
7:38 am
and i think that's a good -- i think that's a good idea. they should be in contact frequently. but the fed is an independent organization. i think there's been -- it's been blown way out of proportion to think that the fed is going to be influenced by not just the president's opinion, they certainly hear it, but by any political opinions. that's not what -- these guys are trying to do the best job they can do, given the conditions that they see. and it's a tough job. you're trying to fine-tune a $20 trillion economy. it's not easy. but it's our firm belief the fed is independent. now, whether they make a mistake or not, that's a whole different question. but i don't think they're going to be influenced by the president. lauren: they're orchestrating quantitative tightening at this point. the fed doesn't seem worried about the health of the economy, nor does the white house, even though the market does. yet we've got -- >> our number is 2.7 for 2019. so is that going to be slower
7:39 am
than this year? lauren: a little bit. >> it is. the fed's too low at least based on our analysis at 2.3. we're more optimistic than that. that's good growth. it's not great growth. lauren: consumers aren't. we've got a measure of consumer confidence yesterday, down for the second month in a row, it dropped 8 points. what are we worried about? >> we've had good consumer confidence readings, clearly this christmas shopping season was really good. a lot of times what consumers say and what they do are two different things. i think that's what you're seeing right now. consumers are starting to open up their statements and they see what happened to their 401-k balances over the course of the last few months. they're not happy about that. so i think that has some influence. but really when you're talking sub-4% unemployment, it's tough for consumers to be too down when you're seeing those kind of
7:40 am
conditions. lauren: then you look at capitol hill and it's like the lights are off, scott. >> it is. it is. so there's a lot going on. but i think for what we want our clients to focus on is that we're going to have good growth, we're going to have modest inflation, valuations are not and the expansion -- are not stretched and the expansion has legs in it. there's a low probability of a recession over the next 12 to 15 months. we think we'll see higher highs before this is over. lauren: thank you for joining us. coming up, ryan reynolds charmed audience as dead pool twice this year. he isn't the most bankable celebrity of 2018. we'll tell you who is. a selfie could actually be a hazard tour health. new warning from doctors over getting wrist pain while taking the perfect snapshot. ♪
7:41 am
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ford. built for the holidays. it's time to get our best offers of the season. lauren: the food and drug administration stepping up the fight against what it calls an epidemic of teen vaping. kristina partsinevolos has the details. an epidemic. >> it is an ope epidemic. the fda commissioner said he will be meeting to discuss the commitment to address the problem. the fda has been cracking down on e-cigarette sales to minors, announcing a proposal to restrict sales of most flavoredded e-cigarettes. they're calling for more steps to fight teen vaping including higher taxes. the creator of the wildly popular video game fortnite epic games said the game made $3 billion in profits this year
7:45 am
and amassed 200 million players since the fall 2017 debut. the game is free. the revenue comes from players who make in-game purchases and new numbers show iphone users alone were spending more than $1 million every day on fortnite purchases. nearly $40 million a month. thanks to fortnite's success, privately held epic games' valuation in september was about $15 billion. one san francisco doctor is warning of a new injury. wait for this. caused by taking too many selfies. it's called selfie wrist. it can result in a numbing and tingling sensation in the wrist and fingers. the doctor says it's a form of carpal tunnel syndrome. because we have to go to the stars for real news, kim kardashian west has been told by doctors to dial back the selfie-taking. she's been diagnosed with selfie wrist. but an update on this too is
7:46 am
that kim kardashian said she is no longer taking selfies because she published a selfie book and now she wants to live in the real world. i'm more concerned about the posture thing. people are always on the phones like this. lauren: i always thought kim kardashian had someone taking her pictures. when was the last time you took a selfie? >> this morning. >> this morning. lauren: really? >> a few hours ago. lauren: i don't take selfies. >> i'm a 52-year-old male. you're not allowed to take selfies. >> sure you are. >> absolutely not. >> you could get paid a lot of money, being an influencer on instagram. >> it's a phobia. >> with your flat tummy t. >> it hurts your eyes. i was reading this story about how people have to go to the eye doctor more because of the screens and the computers are doing damage to your eyes. so put it down, people. >> i get concerned about the younger generation who will only know selfies and social media and kind of evaluating
7:47 am
themselves in that -- >> based on likes. >> based on likes. >> and comparison to people, right, whose lives look so perfect online. >> my daughter is 3, saying mommy let me see the picture. i'm like no, i took it. don't worry about what it looks like. you look fine. >> i think holidays without cell phones, i'm into this, putting your phone away for christmas dinner, it's a trend. people are doing it and people are saying the holidays are much better. you don't have to document every part of your meal at christmas. >> how am i going to play words with friends. >> that's a different issue. >> any thoughts on the teen vaping story. >> i'm a big vapor. i love vaping. vapeingis my life. i'm disturbed that we can't sell mango pods for juul in the stores anymore because of the teens. >> that was your flavor? >> it is my flavor. i'm still purchasing them online. i know it's not good for me but i thought this was a free country. if i want a nicotine buzz all day long then -- >> what prevents a teenage teem
7:48 am
buying them online. >> i think you have to have age vair nicks. >> when they ca -- >> verification. >> i think there's a code. >> when they deliver alcohol, you have to show you're over 21 and that you're not drunk when you sign for alcohol, seriously. true story. >> the local new york delis don't do that. >> that's true. that's true. maybe in washington it's different. lauren: coming up, a different sort of dynamic duo. >> the master of disguise. >> what have you done with sherlock? >> why watson, i never left. >> amazing. lauren: reviews are in for the new flick, holmes and watson. we'll tell you why critics say the mystery missed out and folks left the theater. coming up. ♪ you can go the distance. ♪ we'll find out in the long run. ♪ in the long run.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
imagine if we had a picture together. >> who is going to take the photograph. >> i will take it. it's sort of a self photograph. >> he's a real fan. >> i swear, i never do this. >> hey, girl. lauren: you're watching a clip from the new movie, holmes and watson, starring will ferrell and john c. riley. the film opened on christmas day to scathing reviews. people actually walked out of the theater. some critics are calling this the worst film of 2018. he's laughing. michael tamaro -- >> so bad, you have to la.
7:53 am
lauren: you have to leave. >> which is what a lot of people are doing. when they don't screen the movie to critics before it opens, it's generally a sign that the movie is a stinker. this movie has the dignity of having 0% on rotten tomatoes which makes it utterly rotten, thoroughly terrible. it will be luckily if it gets 10 to $16 million at the box office. not a great way to end a fantastic year at the box office. lauren: it was a record year. let's talk about bankable stars this year. we were talking about will ferrell. he's among the year's top 25 most bankable stars, he's number 20 on the newest list. let's show you some of the others. the top three are will smith, grosses $132 million. >> did not have a movie this year which is sort of surprising. followed by leonardo dicaprio and tom hanks. none of them had movies this year. they looked at -- they sampled 2,000 actors. they had to have at least five
7:54 am
leading actor credits and at least three or two movies that grossed over $100 million. so will smith 30 roles and his average box office is $132 million which makes him the top most bankable star of 2018 apparently. at the bottom is ryan reynolds came in last. he only had 16 roles. it sort of makes sense. dead pool was the top grossing movie and his average box office is about $73 million. so a few more dead pools movies which are probably in the offing will pull him up into the list. lauren: this was a fantastic year for the movies. >> fantastic. lauren: people were actually going. they're pulling in the revenue. attendance was up. what were the final numbers. >> if you build it, they will come. in 2018 with black panther, it was a huge, huge box office hit. aquaman, to end the year on a big note, $11.5 billion, the biggest box office in american
7:55 am
history, over $41 billion worldwide and the driver for that was the domestic box office. all you hear about is china, china, china and the overseas market 6789 this year the american box office led the way. lauren: what's the number we're looking at for global. >> 41. lauren: a star is born, hello. >> vice will probably do really well this weekend. it leads the gold open globe nominations with six. lauren: the cheney movie. >> not my fav of the year. you need to know the historical context to know the story. lauren: a niche audience. >> yeah. lauren: what are you looking forward to? >> disney has been doing live action movies, taking animated films and turning them into live action. dumb bow looks really -- dumbo looks really good. the trailer broke my heart. they have aladdin coming out
7:56 am
with will smith, something to look forward to and the last and final star wars movie, next december. lauren: the final one. >> of the sky walker trilogy. lauren: they're bringing it back for december. >> there was two this year, one didn't do so well. they gave us a break. lauren: michael, thank you. >> good to see you. lauren: still ahead, the storm front, what a blizzard warning means for your morning commute and a holiday weekend, are we getting snowed in when the ball drops? next hour, on "mornings with maria." what are you doing for new year's? >> i'll be here, working. someone has to keep the place going. ♪ all in your mind. ♪ i'm looking forward to this life i live. ♪ not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers the dads and the drivers.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
lauren: good morning i'm lauren simonetti for maria bartiromo, friday, december 28 your top stories 8:00 a.m.
8:00 am
eastern time. wrote a looking to expand gains today number three dow up 112 nasdaq up 16 after roller coaster volatility day yesterday for the stock market dow from high to low modern 850 points, finishing up, more than 260 points, s&p tacking on about a percent yesterday, the nasdaq about a third of a percent, council for economic advisories chairman hassett saying the president is happy with economy going into the end of the year. >> i think the president thinks that the economy is doing well economic fundamentals are sound i think he is very pleased to see markets moving back to sort of where they belong. >> fernlz. >> ftse if london up 133 points, 2% so we are grinding higher as morning goes on, about asia markets mostly higher nikkei down a third of a percent only one in the red it is day seven, of the government shutdown, does not
8:01 am
look like it will end before the new year we're going to break it all down for you. and then deadline day for sears struggling retailer has until the end of today to find a bidder for say it's or do disappear entirely, plus fight for higher wages, up to 22 states including new york maine oregon set to raise minimum wage in 2019 the fallout for business as a result that is coming up. and will the real alexa please stand up? a fake alexa app topping charts in the app store you won't believe it you could be vulnerable. here to break it down fox news contributor greg, show o correspondent "national review" reporter kat,john wayfield former state department spokesperson cohot on fox news radio marie. good morning guys. >> good morning. >> final hour here. >> one more hour left. >> how do you feel. >> i feel great i feel great, yeah get an early start, you
8:02 am
know. be up 3:30 in the morning i flew in last night absolutely i was in bed by 8:30. >> good girl brillianting the jrj also joining the conversation, the former cke restaurant ceo former labor secretary nominee, and texas congressman michael borges don't miss a beat to top story wall street wild week futures set to open higher this morning, having, this is not how we closed opening on heels of another volatile trading day the new norm, the dow staged a comeback late yesterday in about quack a record swing almost 900 points, wrapping up the volatile week asset management cio scott mart typically try to make sense of all of it what do you think scott. >> what is making sense at least try here is the thing what is good, right now is there a the markets are starting to heal i believe monday was absolutes
8:03 am
destructive day as i have said over the last few weeks got ribbing for it mind you, is if this is a bottom type of day monday was going into christmas tried truein everybody's holidays now seeing market recovery nicely in fact yesterday big sell-off looks like going to break it didn't it came back the only thing i'll tell you is that is still kind of hanging out there we need volume come back, because volume has been way more prevalent on down days than updays conviction buying next leg up. >> gold rallying? >> we love gold we own gold i feel like gold member saying i love gold you know like the movie, it is true, though because gold right now unlike your bonds, rallying back as interest rates have come down but certainly unlike stocks, have been low volatility get me over the hump trade right now with u.s. dollar in our opinion maybe peaking out trending lover in 2019 i think
8:04 am
gold greater portfolio if looking for something other than traditional stocks and bonds. >> scott, how you doing congratulations chicago bears i think your defense out there best i have seen since 86 bears i want to ask about gold you get in gold -- safe haven most people get into worried about what is going on in markets healing doesn't seem much changes unabout predictability are you bullish going forward. >> yeah, we are bullish but i think the interesting thing you have to think about near team are volatility is going to stick around you made a good point not like we need because we rally 15 -- points on dow going away concerns over trade war the fed involvement, frankly concerns we have that examine economic data is possibly -- slowing there is probably earnings compression not a few days cure ills, remnant this is starting process of market
8:05 am
healing if you got that long term time horizon couple years three years in advance greatly brig opportunities defense missing something like you in players of i like minnesota vikings anyway i am getting crushed here. >> -- a bears, forgot you are -- >> purple tie. >> o you got it. >> on saturdays in college football, earlier, said -- >> yeah. >> exactly, i think a fan, thank you for bringing that up i will watch the rose bowl let's turn to 2019 ipo's could be a record year companies like uber, others, possibly, accelerating towards earlier in year prediction for ipos might look like? >> you know, i feel good sign of a good economy, a good market because think about it, you know you and i have a private lemonade stand if you will, outside columbus, ohio
8:06 am
from him other side columbus you are from east side i am west side of columbus, clark county ohio if a private lemonade stand to take public per se we would do that in market environment where we thought we could get a good price appreciation investors interest as far as capital good sign looking to come to market however what we learned from ipo market dicey look at companies spotify, blue apron under a dollar -- i really liked for a long time areas in the market that sometimes overinflate so if you are an individual investor sometimes the ipo if you are a public investor is too late to get in. >> what about merges and acquisitions do you expect a lot of m&a, in context of some companies maybe health care other sectors more powerful together can weather pending storm if you will, together, but other companies we're seeing with gen electric united technologies into
8:07 am
different businesses when way do you see it 2019. >> like two tiendz i think m&a out of desperation need to combine to stay alive, or others ones opportunistic, i tell you best two easier probably for merges and acquisitions health care as i mentioned technology, the best part about the sell-off so far, a lot of companies, are getting down to bear valuations in our opinion if you are a bigger company maybe needs aspect to your business you see a company especially small cap space my god some names down 30, 40%, agent you have the from october, you got to start mining that area to see if you can pick up a company on the cheap. >> do you think a lot of private equity companies, they have got cash built are you worried some others would be the be able to get access to credit next year? >> it is possible, you know credit thing to me is a little bit overblown, now whether you belief secretary mnuchin about making calls, you liquid out
8:08 am
there everybody able to get money access that is one thing but reality is to me the credit markets are not really that frozen yet not showing signs every freezing one of the best things that happened in this market, sellover rates started to come down not only credit dried up spreads blown out a little bit but not terribly so if you look at how financials pormdz look at oil stocks have performed crude oil down big. >> indications that there is going to be a crisis, i am not too worried about that 13ek of things. >> a wonderful take on the market -- listening to you every time i see you on tv. >> thanks. >> besides small caps are you staying away from -- looking at small caps what are you buying 80 now staying away from thifz stocks likes apple if tariffs get ramped up could lose supply chain? >> you know, there is going to be an opportunity in those areas we talked a lot about investors i think been on a expenditure shoes talking industrial stocks they got
8:09 am
thrown out with bathtub baby bathwater everything in bathroom really tariff war thing was getting the accelerated, you look at companies caterpillar deer, 3m towsed tossed, they have been out performing in our opinion good easier to start looking to pick up because i think, a lot of that bad news is already in those stocks. >> the retail we spend 850 billion dollars, holiday season but not sears not jc penney, is sears bid to acquire company do you in bankruptcy court day 4:00 jc penney 9 cents a -- 97% cen-- 9 cents. >> i don't think that is what they had in mind back in the day lauren stay on top of game retail is especially focused you look at some new companies that are out there canada
8:10 am
goose done very well because of the under rememberar back from dead specialty focused consumers are fickle if in retail staying away from big box own amazon because dominance there john knows too we looked a couple taken bites at walmart as well because of dominance in the space. >> we want o give a special shout-out 8 years old today? >> happy birthday. >> a picture of her, took that picture not only picking stocks but taking pictures at home watching the tv waiting for daddy to come back home spend birthday with their happy birthday sweetheart 8 years old today we appreciate it. >> go spend the day with sienna, thank you scott martin. >> president tweeting a long one, on trade united states, losses so much money on trade with mexico, under nafta over 75 billion dollars a year not including drug money which
8:11 am
would be many times that count but i would consider closing the southern border a profit making operation. we build a wall or -- he goes on -- close the southern border bring car industry walk into united states where it belongings go back to prenafta, before so many of our companies jobs were so foolishly sent to mexico either we build, finish the wall or close the border he goes on honduras guatemala el salvador doing nothing for united states but taking their money, word that is the new carve is forge in honduras and they are doing nothing about it we will cut off all aid to these three countries taking advantage of the u.s. for years, your reactionary. >> initial reaction isn't helpful right now, when -- i should say it doesn't look like the president is in have a negotiating mood with democrats seems doubling tripleling down on wall going
8:12 am
back to base with this thinks it plays well with them but the government shutdown day seven, 800,000 workers not getting paychecks at commas that message may work with small percentage of people not working with every one. >> the fight for higher minimum wage expanding start of new year bigger paychecks for americans nearly half the country details, plus if you got alexa for the holidays be aware a fake app is wreaking horrific on the popular device that story next. ♪ ♪ voice-command navigation with waze wifi wireless charging 104 cubic feet of cargo room and seating for 8. now that's a sleigh.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
killer in california kristina partsinevelos with the story in this country illegally allegedly shot 33-year-old
8:16 am
police officer and legal immigrant during a traffic stop the day after christmas in newman california. >> you have -- to understand this is not supposed to happen here my department is hurting. we have the family wear not we are not agency we are a family. >> survived by wife 500 oldson president trump treating there is a full scale manhunt in california fo illegal immigrant accused of shooting calling police officer during a traffic stop, time to get tough on border security build the wall. >> wicked winter weather heading east after dumping nearly a foot of snow in western minnesota blizzard like conditions in north and south dakota claiming lives of two people heavy rain forecast
8:17 am
near the eastern half of country nearly a foot has fallen in parts of the south amazon alexa a popular gift this year be careful setting it up if you received the device, shot up to the top of apple's app store charts app called for amazon alexa from a company, that reportedly has released other questionable apps this one asks for devices serial number ip address could expose to you cybersecurity threats, another chance to become a millionaire a new mega milliondrawing after no winner selected tuesday the jackpot estimated 348 million dollars, the odds one in 133 million or a penny 28 times having it land on the same
8:18 am
side every time. >> is that hard. >> i thought would be a lot more. >> me too. >> i understand we have chance we have a chance. >> after slow going to play mega millions. >> why does its feel jackpots keep getting bigger and bigger. >> my husband plays all the time convinced this is how we are going to make it. >> scratch ovs fun i won two dollars christmas eve. >> what did you do with two bucks loss it had the ticket at hole i don't know not to brag i don't need $2 that bad, i will take it. >> 1%, i am a one percenter. >> we are going to have more on shutdown showdown because partisan divide no signs of easing soon we talk with one law enforcement to see if a deal can get done several states raising the minimum wage, restaurant ceo up next to break down growing trend of
8:19 am
higher minimum wages. ♪ ♪ a blackbird ♪ better than me gonna find me ♪ ♪ you can see ♪ .
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
lauren: new year means rising minimum wage new york city going up to 15 dollars an hour and minimum wage to rise in 21 other states due to automatic increases or residents voted to raise it former cke restaurant ceo former labor secretary nominee and the author of the capital i have the comeback thank you for coming on. >> great to be here lauren thank you.
8:23 am
lauren: the minimum wages tough for businesses to stay in business; right? >> we can be, if you don't about the there is really no problem raising minimum wage if you don't raise it to the point where it kills entry level jobs real problem is, when you go to number like 15 dollars the best research all the best researcher where in congressional budget office san francisco fed london school of economics, harvard business school a range of research shows that when you raise it dynamically like about 15 drarz you hurt work apportioning that you are supposed to try to help you price them out of the labor market even "new york times" had an article back in 1987, that was titled right minimum wage is zero talking about pricing working poor out of labor markets that is particularly a problem when, one, automatics is becoming more prevalent automate any task force even makes burgers. >> addressing the problem of
8:24 am
he increases without a mandatory minimum wage from government, even on drive here we went by fast-food restaurants, this morning, that advertised national there is no minimum wage increase still 71/4 but the signs in restaurants are higher we have 11, 12 dollars an hour a huge increase from a few years ago, so this iece -- is a big problem government should get out of the way. >> talked about automation a lot of folks in o silicon valley say automation killed many jobs do universe basic, every one doesn't matter how much you make employment status a stie pepend didn't wor in california 48% say they would support this but there are major problems. >> there are things would work
8:25 am
earned income tax credit reduces poverty encourages people to work, as income from work increases government benefits decrease -- but universal in orange county not only bad idea kills incentive to work something from which people get pride of accomplishment, and feeling that you are really have done something with your life not only universal income not solve the problem the underlying problem what makes people happy makes people satisfied but just -- it is -- it is just bad plan in general, it is again, the government stepping in, trying to solve a problem, that doesn't need to be solved we have seven million job openings right now i know silicon valley is so upset about seven million unfilled jobs more people working than ever worked in the history of the country. of the so this i think a solution looking for a problem the moment. >> andy, for 15 arbitrary
8:26 am
number on bumper stickers no economic rationale to say 15 compared to 14 or 16 but that number should be somewhere where do you think that minimum wage number should be to a few years ago barack obama president obama was pushing for 10-0 on a hour at this point you can't hire less than ten dollars an hour, nine or 10 dollars an hour as minimum wage you wouldn't be killing the entry level positions working poor need i think what we need to study to determine at what point do you start killing those entry level jobs, that number is going to be different in birmingham alabama than it is going to be in new york city or los angeles, or memphis, tennessee so regional increases are really a much better way to approach it than federal increase a federal increase you have to increase it only to the minute minimum amount if you increase beyond minimum less economically successful easier you are hurting very areas where you want to help people so i think
8:27 am
regionally is good has to be determined what point do you kill entry level positions that working poor -- i started with a minimum wage job i will bet many of you did important jobs. >> i did have a minimum wage job. >> i wasn't very good at it didn't last long. >> you learn a lot you learn a lot about business, and how to work, customer service many things. >> thank you, very much. >> pleasure, thank you. >> happy new year. >> you, too,. >> coming up choosing your own ending a new show today that lets the viewer take control of the plot details ahead fashion getting a makeover two women changing the way they look the best for life occasions that story coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:28 am
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8:31 am
i'm lauren simonetti for maria bartiromo friday, december 28 top stories 8:30 eastern time. wall street pulling away from premarket highs still higher but not 200 points, 93 points at dow over in europe still sea of green looking pretty nice, the ftse london best here 2.1% up, asian markets higher except for japanese market down .3%, day seven of the government shuttled does not look look like will end before new year could north carolina congressman meadows talking about some roadblocks to ending the shutdown. >> -- having discussions with president prior to the christmas break and he was fully engaged making a number of different options available to democrats and, yet, it has been met with really just resistance and no acceptance
8:32 am
whatsoever. >> president trump threatening to close southern border completely, close call check this out footage from nearly hit by coming train, what went wrong ahead, choose your adventure going to tell you about show on netflix lets you decide how the story ends as watching. >> it luxury how you can get dressed to the nines new year's eve without spending big bucks sin us up the shutdown showdown, partially government shutdown most like stretch into 2019 no clear deal on funding for are border wall president trump taking to twitter threatening to close southern border if no deal is made as homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is scheduled to visit the border in texas day texas congressman dr. michael burgess, congressman thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on i appreciate it? i threat from the president on twitter just moments ago that he is going to shut down
8:33 am
the entire border. he is serious what do you think happened. >> exactly right, and people are approaching this as if -- president will have no power in week where democrats take over hearsay but that is not right president has tremendous power one of the things win purview i think you saw him exercise this a bit when we the difficulties occurring outside of san diego in carve caravans, he threatened -- quickly the town of tijuana decided that perhaps they could help more than they were a good thing i think the incoming government in mexico has decided to can help more than it had been a good thing, but make no mistake about it yes, that -- that power to seal border win president's purview. >> he can do that -- he can do that? >> going down there today, i think the president also needs
8:34 am
to go down has been down before, president obama would never go down to the texas border, i think the president needs to go as well, you learn things when down there, you learn places where a wall would work great some places a wall would not, as helpful there are other measures to secure our border our job in the congress to fund you money to secure the border and that is what we need to do. lauren: remains to be seen the president making several threats this morning also threatened to cut financial aid to honduras guatemala and el salvador as is there is reports that another caravan is coming to our borders those countries are not the trying to stop it. >> -- since 2014, look i was on another network cable show got criticized because of the mexico not paying for the wall you can back since department is not funded yet you can back all four for mexico, central american countries, out, and put that in a fund for border wall getting close to five
8:35 am
million dollars you need it makes no sense to ask at a irto send money to prop up governments, that are not doing their job that are corrupt governments, not taking care of their people so that their people come to our border, and now the taxpayer is charged with taking care of what is it 14,000 children, in custody of refugee resetment that is not right it needs to stop. >> congressman, your colleague republican colleague in texas delegation a former cia officer not for open borders said the wall is the least effective most coastal way costly by a with immigration problems there is a difference of opinion whether a wall itself is needed what do you say to those 800,000 plus federal employees who easternmost getting paychecks christmas because of disagreement about a policy what do you say to those people many of whom live in your home state of texas. >> absolutely right. appropriation leaps is always
8:36 am
wrong when it happens, both sides i feel are carry some blame in this, look the wall is not the solution on the entire texas border, and i understand that, from having been down is there, several times but there are several places where it does help, and i want to has worked, there are places where fences that were built years ago are not doing the job this be replaced with hardened facilities although i may disagree a a little bit with representative i don't disagree entirely there are places in the southern part of the legislator rio grande valley secretary of state if you cleared brush, surveillance mechanisms would work much better, u.s. fish and wildlife wouldn't -- let united states clear brush in some of those areas are when one comes across the river disappear do brush completely lost them 700,000 dollar aero stat above ground monitoring things of no use in that situation so we are going to have to take other approaches, other parts of the border look here is the
8:37 am
thing, this is so important, it is wrong for the united states the house -- a bill a week ago sent them a bill funding would keep government open till february faster relief provide funding for wall senate had a motion to proceed has done nothing i know they don't have 60 votes i bet they have 51 votes this is emergency as you spebd rules get this done. >> would you be willing to make a deal for border wall funding includes protections for daca recipients both sides could gets something would you say yes. >> i think that deal has been tried several times, this year, i think senator schumer walked away from such a deal i didn't particularly like it when he shut government down in january, i didn't like it that but was willing to look carefully in order to keep government going because i lot to that was important, but at
8:38 am
the end of the day they are withr were not serious withdrawn has not been brought up yes talk about what the other side has to have for this exchange that after all what this is all about. >> congressman burgess would you vote for any legislation gets government open but doesn't include enough money for the wall. >> we get into a definition of "enough" there needs to be money for wall presidentized 5 billion dollars we offered 5.7 bill passed last week house of representatives, with 217 votes nancy pelosi said we didn't have votes we clearly had the votes, so i felt the fault speaker for not bringing that vote to the floor sooner we perhaps would have had more time to work on this it is wrong to be spending last week of this congress without coming to a solution why i am here in washington today i wish more people were i wish we were working on this speaker certainly could at least call a conference call
8:39 am
call members see where they were that has not happened. certainly the white house, has reached out, i think that is good, but it needs to be more than one person can't negotiate. >> a lot of people don't like the fact this is being called a wall. do you think the president would call it something else even though it does the same thing? >> i think he offered to wall it whatever every one wants to call it, i think he has moved to whatever semantics you want top use he needs security on southern border i agree with him we do need that security. >> january 3 is nancy pelosi ez yaer earr easier to become wh never easier for this president admits doesn't like the president her base will not let her negotiate with the president, they will pass something and send it on and it will possibly pass the senate because they have not shown any profile in courage that i have been able to see
8:40 am
the president will veto perfectly within rights to do so that is that is what will unfortunately extend this process for people who think we get pelosi in there get republicans out of the way things will be working great, that is not actually the case. remember john boehner's frequent lament i only control one half of one-third of the federal government. of the well speaker pelosi going to find hers in that position not always the position of strength the other thing about speaker pelosi talking about minimum wage remember 2007 she was sworn in as speaker made a number of economic decisions that basically set the stage for largest economic disaster this country has seen in years a 2008 recession first step in that was increasing minimum wage, as your other guest pointed out entry level jobs eliminated in many locations iment was very detrimental to
8:41 am
the economy. >> thank you for coming on, because you are in texas that is ground zero for what we're talking about these days, happy new year sir. >> thank you so that thank you, same to you. >> coming up viewers taking voluntarily netflix unveiling a new show lets audience control the stair we've got details for you netflix stock up a buck 38 near miss a police dash cam catching what could have been a major disaster. ♪ (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see,
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the intersection america's oldest war veteran died kristina partsinevelos has remarkable story good morning. >> you are right rectangularing because richard overton died at o112 years old smocking cigars drinking whiskey worshiping god in 30s volunteered to fight are world war ii he was believed the oldest living american. centurylink working to restore internet phone sr., following nationwide outage started last night telecom company knocked
8:46 am
out 911 calls in parts of washington state, missouri idaho arizona doctors nurses colorado had trouble receiving a patients records, centurylink is not saying how many have been affected stock price relatively flat, dash cam video captured frightening moments illinois police officer narrowly dodges a train as it speeds by crossing gate malfunctioned a short reportedly caused gate to fail viewed more than 800,000 times. >> incredible video. >> thank you, coming up you elon musk tesla company making two brand-new additions to its board. >> find out what men are doing
8:47 am
on the big day. flt ♪ there's no place like home for the holidays ♪
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. lauren: moms refer illusionnizing the industry top of the line for less than cost of the rentals, maria bartiromo sat down with them they began unique founding following james' wedding. >> planning a new year's eve wedding tuxedos the way to go,
8:51 am
to my husband make it happen he went to a big box store rental route, and wasn't until after the wedding that i realized how much they spent. returning the items day after her own wedding. >> -- so that experience -- >> rental option. >> i am thankful got the opportunity to do that go through it because i realized there is a huge hole in the market for affordable weeding wear. >> the experience exciting, get to go in group shop, and they have so many options, about for men always been more like daunting inconvenient expensive to get suited up for wednesday, that writings the backed came into play a fashion design background,
8:52 am
about when planning wedding seeing price tag sticker shock. >> what sets you apart from other suit manufactures. >> built a brand the company just, not only great products but reliable resource to couples when it comes time to plan. >> easy no brainer, pick the option you like set up wedding. >> coordinate we take care of everything. >> instead of renting something, and, you know, how old it is. >> the grooms -- tuxedos $194 oftentimes less than rental anyway going to fit better, size ranges of any brand to keep it. >> the jacket -- >> [laughter] >> line up, the big jackets little -- >> cute. >> new to line launching those
8:53 am
today. a junior line to 8. we revised there are other brands weren't doing this, guys are having people having trouble outfitting ring bearers. >> little jacket there -- >> this new brand out of new colors. >> yeah, exactly right. >> is it doing -- >> we started with forced selection of colors but now getting bigger, we wander to expand the product line adding charcoal gray right there, and light blue, which will be great. >> he accessorize to not gr too favt partnered with really, really amazing, niche brands, like j.j., as you spenders awesome job, shoes
8:54 am
recently connected with great company mark nolans, collaborating to do line of shoes, available soon as well. >> throughout the process of expanding our catalog focused on keeping about aforkedable. >> i love it congratulations we love entrepreneurial stories you are not going -- knocking it out. >> check it out. >> thanks again. all right coming up tesla board members details on who is joining, straight ahead. ♪
8:55 am
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>> some changes in store for tesla and investor tores are liking it gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange jerry. >> you've got that right two new board members larry ellison executive chairman of oracle founder now has a big stake many tesla see how they get along elon musk and larry ellison and kathleen wilson thompson global head of huge resources and former executive at kellogg lots of controversy over the board and they're handling of the company see how this works out in the meantime netflix out with its interactive -- sorry it is stock is actually pup here as you can see here 3% netflix out with interactive story telling for its bander snatch black mirror, series, this is going to be interesting stuff and 5 possible ending for a new version of this and in this series, and people will be able to play along decide what ending they want you can watch
8:59 am
it at 40 or 90 minutes listen, - [inaudible conversations] >> was a genius. concept piece. madness is what you need. >> so yeah, exciting right? they have just done a deal with netflix with gaming studio called telltale lot of questions whether this means that company will move into gaming we'll see. but in the meantime guys as i send it back to you i want to say i would love to choose my own ending do you remember cold mountain girl tonight get the guy. [laughter] i would get them together and then i would be happy. right? nicole -- >> and jude law, of course, i remember that. right are. gerri willis happen new year. have a great weekend. >> you too. thank you to our panel today john leifield and marie, thank you for having me to the viewers filling for maria bartiromo this
9:00 am
week that does it or for us varnny and company is up next charles payne is holding it down for varney today. >> i told you we needed market to be down big to tesla resolve it was amazing the best interday reversal in best recession ever this is amazing market. i can't wait to get started. we'll see you again you did a great job this week. all right folks all i'm charles payne in for stuart varney we have huge stories for you today first riled rides on wall street. the dow swung more than 850 points yesterday, it was getting crushed it was on verge of erasing all of wednesday gains and then it turned around in a final hour of trading closing up nearly 260 points this morning futures have been higher for most part. but they're all over the place we know it is a wild day you do not know where we're going to to end but i love resolve of the last 48 hours in other news we're entering the


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