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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 3, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> no it is not a glitch. markets going significantly lower from here. too much debt in the system. too much fed involvement. [closing bell rings] liz we're down 705 points the low of the session. hand it over to "after the bell." more to this story. >> fears of a global slow down hitting stocks today. new congress taking control in our nation's capitol. stocks plummeting. weak economic data coming in the manufacturing sector. we had the sales warning from apple as well. as liz says we sink to the lows of the session. at the close, settling in now, lower by 659 points. all that said. good to be back with you. i'm connell mcshane. >> i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell."
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we start with susan li. apple tells us they will not make as much money as they forecast. it goes 100% to slower iphone sales in china. and of course with apple, you're such a big company, your index heavyweight, take the rest of u.s. benchmarks along with it. see the worst day in six years. apple ecosystem as well like corvo, ad maned microdevices some of the big laggards in the session. talk about the economy and ism manufacturing number. we knew about apple heading into the session. 10 a.m. this morning we had a surprise drop. biggest drop for the factory
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index and factory activity since 2008 celgene bought up by bristol-myers squibb for premium over 50%. as always, celgene see as pop. not close to that the 50% premium. there might be some concerns this deal might not go through. back to you. connell: almost forgotten about, susan, thank you. go to our market panel, liz peek, columnist and fox news contributor. we're joined by adam johnson bull's-eye brief. we will talk about apple but liz, really all one story. we had confirmation what we already knew that china's
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manufacturing sector was slowing and in fact contracting but this morning to susan's point we had some rough news on our own manufacturing sector, how does that add to worries already out there about a global slowdown? >> i think what we saw today was sort of recognition that the trade war might be hurting not only china's growth rate but also our growth rate. but it is not all about the trade war. about the fact china was slowing, has been slowing for months. we've all seen the data points. really has not been until the apple announcement an american company said whoa, that is impacting our business. strong dollar had impact there, other things. connell: yep. >> this theme of global slowdown as opposed to a year ago when we saw global accelerated growth, that is definitely what the market is worried about. connell: if you look at manufacturings, adam, in the united states, that ism figure, just the overall number for people that follow it, 50 is
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kind of the dividing line. we're still above that, meaning we're still expansionary. not like we're contracting or below 50. so is today's market selloff a little bit of a overreaction or are you too worried about the fundamentals even of our own economy? >> as you know, connell i've been coming on for months probably as "the lone ranger" in the bullish camp. i'm positive we'll be able to pull through this. this is nasty data point, no question. look at it this way, because i say this my job is to figure out companies we can invest in. so one of the things i do caulk to. cfos of companies, what they tell me, connell, given all the uncertainty around trade, they are not making decisions otherwise they would have made. they're postponing. that is part of what you're seeing. people are pulling back, rather than spending money, investing in their own business, they will let this thing play out. i think that is what today reflected. melissa: apple seeing biggest
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loss in six years after seeing weakening sales in china among other worsening factors. liz, people are raising the thought, is this an apple problem? we're going to blame china slowdown and blame tariffs but maybe the apple iphones are losing a little bit of their kick or the most recent iterations are just not that appealing in china. is that possible? >> not just in china. high-end iphone sales basically stalled. apple's response to that is keep raising prices. i thought when they decided, whenever that was a month ago, announced they would no longer talk about unit sales i thought that was a horrendous signal that in fact unit sales weren't growing. i think what you have, more money being spent or asked for on the part, as prices go up for less and less innovation. i don't know but guys, i have no impulse to turn in my phone, admittedly fairly new one, because nothing they're offering on the brand new ones that is worth coughing up another $500
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or whatever. i think at the end of it, really the problem here and unfortunately the whole market in tech sector got scorched by it. but i think it's a little bit specific to apple. melissa: adam, is it specific to apple do you think and is it an innovation slowdown? >> i think it is specific to apple. if you look at volumes were down half a percent where average selling prices were up 20%. they were trying to make up the fact volume was down on higher prices. apple has discovered there is only so much people are willing to pay. i bought the new phone six months ago. i love it. guess what many. i'm holding on to this thing for two years, maybe three. 1400 bucks for a iphone. are you kidding me? in china competitors sell the phone about a third of apple's price. connell: i was wondering what
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was on adam's screen. if you look at kevin hassett's comments and others apple might not be the only business hit by the slowdown in china. gm, european companies like volkswagen. also big american names like starbucks that rely on china's huge market to boost global sales may feel the pain soon as well. kevin hassett at the white house essentially said this we will see other companies warning so. >> connell, part of the problem, we don't really know what is going on in china's economy. we don't get reliable data. connell: except from apple maybe. >> maybe. that is why everyone took this to heart because this is real news about something that has happened in china. we know growth has slowed. has it slowed to 6%, five 1/2, 4%. connell: right. >> people are out with all kind of numbers. as susan li said there are some good signs out there. the adp numbers were way above consensus, 100,000 more jobs
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created than expected. by the way the celgene acquisition at 50% premium, $75 billion. that is huge. connell: that is fair. didn't get a lot of attention. >> not at all. connell: in terms of china though, adam, one thing brought up, brushed aside when it is brought up, there might be anti-american sentiment building. tim cook says no, he doesn't see any sign of that yet but obviously there are other options for smartphones in china. also other options for coffee. a company called lukin coffee doing much better in china, an option other than starbucks. i was there in may in china, when steve mnuchin was there. i went out there. i dent get a sense out there. chinese consumers liked american products. i wonder if that is starting to change or is starting to change, what do you think, adam. >> i own ad stock yum china. yum brandses here in the united
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states owns taco bell, pizza hut, kentucky friday chicken. they're opening one more kentucky fried chicken in china per day. it is going gangbusters. there is absolutely no bump or hit to the sales. kfc china, established arguably the fastest and best national delivery service. they do it all on scooters branded with kfc going around various cities. as long as you still see sales strong at yum china, you know, it gives me reason to hope that chinese is not discriminating against u.s. products. melissa: all right. the prolonged government shut down could have damage to the economy adding stress to already vulnerable markets. edward lawrence at the white house with reaction. there edward? reporter: last couple seconds we heard there would be a briefing at the white house. sarah sanders would talk about in front of cameras presume by about the invitation the
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president sent to new leaders of house and senate. a meeting 11:30 eastern tomorrow, talk about ending the government shut down. before we get more into that, white house economic advisor kevin hassett says the shutdown will affect gdp for every two weeks of a shutdown we'll see 1/10 of a loss of gdp. also january numbers will be affected because government workers cannot fill out the household survey. >> when we see the january jobs number it could be a big negative, because of furloughed workers ultimately that will get paid. what we'll see, if we're to see that negative number, well, sure it was negative this, if you adjust for the furlough. reporter: now on the shutdown, the white house here saying they don't want a short-term fix to this they want a long-term border solution with $5.6 billion for a border wall. >> this is called a negotiation. the president said time and time again he is willing to negotiate with the democrats.
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we gave them an offer of the they refused i they're stuck on 1.3 billion, and we need to get to a better place for the negotiations. reporter: democrats say they will pass a series of funding bills that fund the federal government, but not the department of homeland security. no extra money for a border wall will be in the funding. department of homeland security would be funded through february 8th it we'll have to see if they can work out a compromise. listen to what democrats have to say. >> the question is whether the president or any president, democrat or republican should be able to insist on a single priority and shut the entirety of the government down to get it. reporter: the president saying that democrats here are just playing politics the we'll hear more in three minutes. susan: thank you, edward lawrence. we're showing pick you are on one side of the screen. we found out in past couple minutes, white house press secretary sarah sanders will
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come to the podium. she is going to have to press conference and take questions. the president invited members to the white house. we'll take you live as soon as it happens. liz, let me bring you back in. what do you think of all this, how much of a factor today's market, down 660 points really accelerating into the close there, how much of it impact is what is happening in washington, contributing to what we're seeing in the markets? >> i think it is clearly a market negative. americans are embarrassed that their government cannot sit down like adults to talk about immigration reform. the way this is playing out really doesn't look good for either party in my view but and you know, as kevin hassett said, it does have some impact on the economy. but i think it has more impact on sentiment actually.
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this is sort of a hair brained idea, really. we had democrats take over the house. look back at election of donald trump. that created a huge surge in sentiment among business owners and sentiment. the fact the democrats take the house, derail the trump agenda, that is modest, at least a modest market negative. melissa: adam, do you think that? do you agree? >> mr. trump need as couple wins right now. he can actually get them done. "the wall street journal" had a wonderful editorial out, where they said give the daca kids a pathway to citizenship in exchange for funding for the wall. i love it. get it done. everybody wins. with trade on china. we're getting progress. we need a win there. i think we'll get it done as well. melissa: talk about trading daca for money for the wall, that was the deal the president thought he had when chuck and nancy as they were called came over to the white house the last time.
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we had this fight a long time ago. that broke down. >> yes, because the president added on things like removing, getting rid of the diversity visa and some other aspects, let's face it, broken system. i have a piece out on fox online, basically saying look, there are about six things that are wrong. let's fix them. the truth is the american people agree with donald trump that, that our immigration system does not serve the best interests of our country. wouldn't it be something, wouldn't the sentiment just go joy if leaders could actually hash this out. melissa: if our legislators legislated. thank you, panel. connell, go ahead. connell: as we await for sarah sanders in the white house briefing room, on capitol hill, members of the house sworn in for the 116th congress. remember, it is day 13. we have kristina partsinevelos
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who is live on capitol hill with the latest. kristina. >> that was definitely a theme here amongst lawmakers on capitol hill, working together, bipartisanship. you heard that quite a bit in a lot of speeches including nancy pelosi's. go over big events we saw today. nancy pelosi elected 220 votes out of possible 430 votes. 18 defectors saying no, or writing present. rules proposal put forward. some of these rules the democrats put forward to modernize the congress as they say. some has to do with new names of committees. a three-day rule to vote on legislation. obamacare provisions, even what you should be wearing on the floor, the list goes on. there are many records that have been hit today. the fact there are more than 100 women sworn into the house, including amongst those women, you have two muslim women, one woman who will be wearing hijab,
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won member of the lgbt community. however the swearing-in process is still occurring at the moment. like edward mentioned. we have a meeting scheduled tomorrow, 11:30 a.m. for lawmakers on the shutdown. that is the exact same time the house is supposed to vote. we know this rule package is put forth. they can't do anything until they vote on this package and move on to other business. back to you guys. connell: kristina partsinevelos on capitol hill. we await for sarah sanders to come out to the white house briefing room. adam johnson, you made an interesting point before we went to kristina, the president needs a win. talked about the government shutdown and daca trade or border wall funding, however ends up getting phrased. and on china. now what i think maybe some of the president's supporters would be fearful of when you get into mind set, quote you need a win, you're more likely to give in too much, maybe make a deal, for
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example, with china doesn't have the teeth to it, that would be necessary and same goes for the shutdown. isn't that a risk? >> well, you know, connell there is no such thing as one-sided deal. that is why they call it a deal. in hand shake it takes two hands. i think mr. trump understands that. these are professional politicians. every single one in washington, d.c., they understand that the question how do they thread the needle look like they're being tough and still give a little ground at the same time. i am hopeful, look, betting against america, betting against the world, that is the sort of trade you win only once. guess what, in the history of this country it never happened, never paid out. i'm hopeful we'll get something done, i'm betting with this country. i'm long 48 stocks. i see ws in the future. it is ugly, may be longer than i like getting there, i do think we get ws in the column. connell: you're talking about both china and the government.
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>> absolutely. absolutely. connell: liz, it almost seems, maybe i'm wrong about this shutdown is given to end relatively in the near future. the longest one, 20 some days in the newt gingrich, bill clinton days. the china is harder to get done. do they figure something out as kristina mentioned a moment ago, has the gavel back and leverage on her side? >> i think the chinese negotiations will be fraught, i hate to be slightly negative about this. a, i support the idea about pushing back against china's misbehavior on trade. i think now what we see is really american negotiating team really thinks they have china kind of up against a wall. and again, because mainly of the economic data we've all been talking about. i think they will push very hard. my guess no resolution in the 90-day period that is now 60
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days. i think they will probably have another 60 days or something like that tacked on to it because i don't think they want to let the pressure off that quickly. that will be messy for the market. no question. connell: it does make sense. it has been messy for the market some time. hang around, liz, adam, both while we wait for sarah sanders. republican congressman bill johnson from ohio kind enough to join us from capitol hill. good to see you, sir. i mentioned a moment ago the longest shutdown we had was 21 days back in the 90's. we'll have big meeting tomorrow. apparently what sarah will talk to us about at the white house. how long is too long this tile around? are we almost reaching that threshold from your point of view? >> you know i certainly think and i hope our democratic colleagues come to the table willing to negotiate yesterday in a white house briefing about the crisis on our border. the secretary of homeland
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security could not even get through her briefing without being interrupted by nancy pelosi, completely throwing the meeting into chaos, talking about they will not fund anymore for border security. so the president's made it very clear, border security is a priority. house republicans have made it clear. senate republicans have made it clear. it depends on whether or not they come to the table negotiating in good faith. connell: a lot of this comes down to semantics. sounds like it does. border security said by one side, the wall by the other, what will you call it, versus what you will give in on. as one of our guests adam johnson point the out, many others said the same, the deal is, let's have a trade, get money for that side of the equation, the wall or border security. in response to that, let's trade with something the democrats want to have, a daca fix, some sort of a fix for these people
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who were brought here illegally as children. i know that was talked about in the past, now we're in the present. is that eventually the deal that ends up getting this thing fixed? >> well, certainly could be. republicans in the house have indicated and dep straighted that we're willing to talk about a daca fix. in fact last october, we had two pieces of legislation that came to the house floor, and we got virtually no support from our democrat colleagues that would have solved the daca problem. as well as provide the funding for the border. so, you know, it is going to be time for people to put politics aside and put the needs of our nation first if we're going to solve this problem. melissa: congressman, it is melissa francis. if i could ask you one of your colleagues said on television earlier in the day, it is about the word wall, that if you guys came up with some other euphemism, the president could point to later and say, that means wall and nancy pelosi and
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her friends on the other side could say, no, that means border security. it is not a wall, that simply could be a solution. is that possible? >> i'm a computer scientist, semantics are important in things like this. so maybe, maybe that's a part of the solution, i don't know. the president has made it very clear, what he is talking about is border security. house republicans have made it very clear. we're talking about border security. a country without borders is not a country at all. i think the president has made it clear when he talks about the wall, he is talking about the complex structure both governmentwise, law enforcementwise and physical. -- melissa: when everybody goes back to their corner, screaming wall, no wall. i think we all, it is intellectually dishonest to say we don't know everybody is talking about the same thing.
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it's a system of a bunch of stuff. when the sides go to the corners it goes back to the silly argument. how do you solve that? >> i'm not sure why that happens, melissa because when you're in the halls of congress here, that is the not language that i hear. i don't know who is generating those talking points. why know why my democrat colleagues keep going back to that one word that he is thering everything into chaos. so, you know, what i think we should do is clear the slate. let's come back to the table and do what's in the best interests of the people of the united states. let's secure our borders. let's get the government open. that is why we passed legislation before christmas that would have solved both these problems. unfortunately the senate didn't see it that way. connell: adding to uncertainty in financial markets. the dow down 11 1/2% since the midterms. congressman, we move on from now. thank you for joining us from capitol hill. congressman bill johnson.
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melissa: go back to edward lawrence at white house as we await sarah sanders to come to the podium. edward. reporter: presumably talking about what the president would like to see going forward. just let the folks know, the president extended invitation to the new house leadership and new senate leadership to come here tomorrow at some point in negotiate, to end this government shutdown. the president wanting to outline, probably hear a lot what he wants to have. he wants to see border security. in the border security would be some sort of barrier. not necessarily concrete wall but some sort of barrier between the u.s. and mexico. also going back and saying the democrats need to stop the okay instructionism. you will -- obstructionism. you will hear that in the news conference. white house believes democrats will not hear anything about the end the shutdown. they want the president to back down. for the president. he believes this is about politics. he believes they're trying to block him getting any sort of
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win going forward. you will hear a lot what he wants going forward. plus about the meeting tomorrow. melissa. melissa: edward lawrence. thank you so much. connell: liz peek, adam johnson still with us. it is interesting as edward talks about the politics. come up with another billion dollars here or there, what we spend on other things, call it a wall, what you trade for it, what it is all about. if it is all about politics, how does president trump position himself now to avoid making it look like he caved? because as you know, he can have a pretty tough base at times when it looks like he caved? >> neither side can afford to cave. that is is part of the problem. i think at this point americans are looking at nancy pelosi saying no, no, no. quacking like a duck, yes we believe in border security. what is the idea? what does that even mean? so far the democrats have been
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talking about border security as wrote response. they don't have a plan or program. seems to me, nancy pelosi did not have a hugely positive election as speaker of the house in my view. she has a lot of different constituents she has to please. the thinking now she has the gavel, she has a little more power to negotiate with president trump, but here's a group that we're going to be hearing from, 31 representatives in the house that are from districts that trump won. those so-called blue dog democrats we haven't heard from much lately. they're back in force. i don't think they constantly vote down efforts to enhance the border security. i think that is a really big problem for them. connell: watching financial markets, i understand the china issue is much larger issue. we already talked about that. everybody pretty much gets it. if you look at one of these go deals. how important is this getting it out of the way. removing uncertainty? >> china or the shutdown?
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connell: the shutdown. >> the shutdown is huge. i want to give credit to your partner melissa, creeking open the door to calling it a wall. connell: we have to interrupt, adam. here is sarah sanders to give us a the briefing. >> thank you for coming on short notice. certainly happy new year. welcome back. good to be back. we'll kick 2019 off slightly differently. i would like to welcome a very special guest for an appearance here in the briefing room. our very great president, donald j. trump. >> hello, everybody. a beautiful place. i haven't seen it.
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it's a beautiful place. happy new year. happy new year to everybody. >> [inaudible] >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. i first want to start off congratulating nancy pelosi speaker of the house. it's a very, very great achievement. hopefully we will work together. we'll get lots of things done like infrastructure and so much more. i know they want to do that very badly. so do i. hopefully we'll have a lot of things we can get done together. i think it will actually work out. i think it will be a little bit different than a lot of people are thinking. so i congratulate nancy. tremendous, tremendous achievement. and i just wanted to explain to folks that i'm with on the dais. people i've known very well over the last two years. people that have been extremely supportive what we're doing on the border. they're tough. they're smart. they think, they love our country. they, they have every quality and i'll tell you what, i really know them well. they have the kind of qualities
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that we need in our country. and they have done a fantastic job at the border. it is i.c.e. and it is border patrol and a man who has really become a friend in a sense, brandon, i will say this, brandon judd has been a stalwart in terms of justice for people. in terms of fairness and in terms of the toughness you need. you have some pretty tough situations. it doesn't get much tougher. so i want to thank brandon, all of the folks. i will have them introduce themselves right now. also say a few words about the wall, about, you can call it a barrier, call it whatever you want but essentially we need protection in our country. we're going to make it good. the people of our country want it. i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control, and for
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frankly the wall or the barrier. i have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in, in terms of people writing in and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do, i never had this much support. we've done some things as you know have been very popular. so i'm going to ask brandon judd to just step forward and say a few words. this group has apprehended last year 17,000 criminals trying to get across the border. 17,000. and that is one category. there are plenty of others. the other thing that has been so incredible is what they have done in terms of drugs and stopping drugs. and with that, with everything else, plenty unfortunately come through our southern border. but i'm going to ask brandon come up say a few words and maybe introduce our friends and some very brave people. abandon, thank you. >> thank you, president, we appreciate all the support
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you've given the border patrol. we appreciate the support you have given i.c.e. i'm brandon judd, president of the national border patrol council. i've been a border patrol agent for 21 years. i can tell you from the work i've done on the border physical barriers, walls actually work. you hear a lot of talk from the expert, you hear a lot of talk from experts that say walls don't work. i promise if you interview border patrol agents they tell you walls work. i worked in naco, arizona for 10 years. we didn't have physical barriers and immigration and drug smuggling was out of control. we built those walls, physical barriers, illegal immigration dropped exponentially. anywhere that you work where we have built walls, they have worked. they have been an absolute necessity for border patrol agents in securing the border. we need those physical barriers and we appreciate president
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trump and all of his efforts in getting us those physical barriers. there is also a lot of talk on this shutdown, that federal employees do not agree with the shutdown. i will tell you that is not true. with that i would like to introduce art dell cueto. vice president of the national border patrol council a border patrol agent out of tucson sector. would like to say a few words about the shutdown. >> thank you, everybody. my name is art del cueto, president of national border patrol council. tell you what is going on. we are all affected by the shutdown. we have skin in the game. however, it comes down to border security. we're extremely grateful to president trump and we fully support what he is doing to take care of our nation's borders, to take care of the future of this united states. it has nothing to do with political parties.
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you all have to ask yourself this question? if i come to your home, do you want me to knock on the front door, or do you want me to climb through that window? we fully support the president and all his efforts to secure our nation's borders. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> hello, everyone. my name is hector garza. i'm vice president of the national border patrol council. i'm a border patrol agent on the texas border. i want to tell you about some of the criminals border patrol agents apprehend on daily basis. murders, rapists people that commit serious crimes in this country. i.c.e. is doing amazing job deporting these people back to their countries. unto north thely once we deport these people, they will not stay in their country. criminal aliens released and deported will come right back into the united states. however we have a physical barrier, if we had a wall we could stop that i want to thank president trump for advocating
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for border patrol agents. ask we ask your congressman fund border security and fund the border wall. thank you. >> so this meeting was set up a long time ago. it just came at a very on port tune time. we were sitting in the oval office working on different plans and different ways of stopping the problems that we have in our country and other countries have problems but nobody like ours. the economy makes it even more so the economy is bringing people in because we're doing so well with the economy. unemployment is now 3.7% and that is among the lowest we've ever had. lowest in 50 years. among certain groups it is lowest historically. so i just appreciate them being here. i said let's go out to see the press. you can tell them about the importance of the wall. they basically said, and i think i can take the word basically out, without a wall you cannot have border security. without a very strong form of barrier, call it what you will, but without a wall, you cannot
4:35 pm
have border security. it won't work. do you see what has just been put out on social media where thousands of people are rushing the border. having a drone fly over head, nobody knows much more about technology this type of technology, certainly than i do. having drones and various other form of sensors they're all fine, but they're not going to stop the problems that this country has. we've never had more people wanting to come to the united states and that has to do with the economy. it has to do with a lot of other things. we're doing great as a country. but, the better we do the more people want to come in. so, folks i just want to thank you very much it is an honor to be with you. i'm glad you came. i'm glad we came out here. and first time i ever done this, first time i've done it. i've done it for you. i'm very proud of that, because you've done a fantastic job. i want to thank you all. chris, thank you very much. thank you all very much appreciate it.
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[shouting questions] melissa: that is you are is pricing on some levels. i would have sworn he would have stood there to take questions. connell: yes. melissa: it is surprising he came out. we didn't expect him in the first place. we heard sarah sanders would do a briefing. no, it was the president. connell: it was the president first time ever. we get to the content of his remarks in a moment. noteworthy presidents past have spent time taking questions from reporters in the brady briefing room at the white house on many different occasions. president obama had been there. president bush had been as well, but president trump never had. he had never been in the brady briefing room. taken questions in the east room of the white house, many times on the south lawn and other settings. melissa: at the end of the driveway. connell: usually on the way out to marine one. this time he comes into the briefing room. we heard from two officials representing the union that represents border patrol officials. one saying walls do work.
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obviously speaking in support of the president's policy as the government is now in the midst of this shutdown ahead after big meeting with congressional leaders tomorrow. we'll see where this all goes. no opportunity for the reporters there to question them. melissa: even though they were shouting. it has to be tough for him to resist. joining us edward lawrence. edward, what is the buzz there? because the press briefing was a surprise and then we were told it would be sarah sanders and president himself walked out. then we were further surprised he walked out and then he left. reporter: melissa, connell this, was huge surprise. nobody saw this coming. he was having a meeting with border agents and he said hey why don't we talk to the media. that is what you saw. they were making a case for him why they needed border agents, border wall, some sort of barrier he said between the u.s. and mexico. he said, that obviously this was a direct sort of plea or, you
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know, argument to the american people. you heard a couple of agents there saying call your congressman tell them they need this border security, this border wall. this was the president's way obviously to come out and show democrats they need to come and talk and negotiate about this. that is the goal from the white house here. to get to the democrats to the negotiating table, to talk about getting up to the president's $5.6 billion. now the white house doesn't quite know if they will get the 5.6 billion but they are saying 1.3 billion is just not enough. that is what is in the bills being passed or will be passed later this afternoon and was passed out of the senate. melissa, connell. melissa: edward, thank you for that. let's go to vince coglianese. did what we saw there advance the ball? >> that was act of sheer political brilliance on part of president trump. bringing out border patrol agents, very people tasked with
4:39 pm
securing our country, get them to make the assessment, ratify his decision to shut down the government in order to secure the border. in fact this is long overdue. i thought the president should have done this a while ago because the border patrol are the experts on this subject. without question, when you hear people talking about experts whether or not they need a wall, the guys tasked with protecting border they say we do. he decided that spur of the moment, in president's telling today, having border patrol agents in front. american people. it comes at super on port tune time, because they are under pressure with the border patrol agents, guys serving in our government, guys with skin in the game, in the government shutdown fight, affected directly by the funding. >> that is not the first time they have done the argument. they have done other interviews,
4:40 pm
people from border patrol, this is what we need, this is what we want. >> yes. melissa: why is it more impactful right now. >> precisely nothing like the president. united states taking bull by put pit handing someone the microphone. fox has been honest speaking to these bored early patrol agents. many outlets ignored it. when the border patrol has been asking for this type of attention for a while and the president gave to them. >> president, said call it a wall, call it a barrier. >> yes. melissa: and he flirts with this idea of not shoving the word wall forward, that is a stumbling block. rightly or wrongly, that word is a stumbling block in coming to some kind of a conclusion in this fight. so it is sort of, when you admit that on both sides they're kind of working towards the same thing, which is money for technology, money for more
4:41 pm
people, money for more metal slats or whatever you want to call it, the stumbling block has been the word, he kind of veers away from using the word but he using it again? >> that suggests there is semantic quibbling going on behind the scenes between democrats and pub pugs and fencing and wall, whatever you want to call it, they want to satisfy each base on wording. the experts, the guys who actually protect the border, they say they need varying designs across the entire border, depending terrain and crossings. could be steel slats or concrete. could be fencing. depends on the terrain. every mile could be different. melissa: if you have a brain in your head you know that is the truth. if you're at all conscious you understand that's what we're talking about about. anytime we were talking about a giant wall from sea -- that wasn't real, that wasn't going to happen, that is not what we're talking about. regardless, what do you think is the trade that happens?
4:42 pm
if you look at the last time we got close, whens it watt president and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi talking about wall money in exchange for daca. one side says the president put on top of that he also wanted changes in the number of legal immigrants and there was adding on back and forth that killed the whole deal, with do you think is is the true deal on both sides where everybody gives up something that could happen or isn't there one? >> we herd lindsey graham over the weekend, the republican senator saying he wanted to float work permits for daca recipients to measure trade for. might be the president goes for that. when we saw the daca trade offer in the first place, that was $25 billion in wall funding. we're now down to five. the president doesn't look like he will get that much the truth is, the president really already has compromised pretty dramatically what he is asking for in exchange to reopen the government, get things moving again. we'll see. it would be nice to see
4:43 pm
democrats make an offer of any kind to see what they're asking for but they're not doing that right now. melissa: that kind of begs the question, do democrats, do they just not want to make a deal because politically working for them this way? then as a result we're just not going to see anything? >> next 24 hours will be pretty telling. the pressure of border patrol getting in front of every television, is pretty big deal. nancy pelosi getting elected speaker is the hurdle white house was telling us about, she might be in a position to give a little bit. melissa: okay. vince, thank thank you for jumpn front of the camera. thank you for your time. connell: we have breaking coverage, moments ago, president trump saw it here life, making first ever appearance in the white house briefing room. take a listen. >> we never had more people wanting to come to the united states and that has to do with the economy. that has to do with a lot of other things. we're doing great as a country.
4:44 pm
better we do, the more people want to come in. connell: kristen tate joins us now. how do i text thee author? what did you think of the president's surprise move here, potential effectiveness of it to come into the briefing room? >> well it's a very strong move by the president. he made it clear he is not going to budge on this border wall issue. i think the president understands that if he doesn't get funding for his wall, which was his signature campaign promise he probably won't be elected in 2020. leading up to 2016 his supporters weren't chanting at rallies lower my taxes. they were chanting build the wall. so i expect this government shutdown to continue maybe for months as near side seems like they're going to cave on this. connell: because of those chants, one of the reasons the semantics of this discussion come to the floor, and one of reasons they matter so much to some people. capri cafaro joining our discussion from the "washington examiner" where she is contributor.
4:45 pm
former ohio state senate leader on minority side, democratic side at the time. capri, thank you for coming on. we always appreciate it. >> of course anytime. connell: your view on this. it was somewhat unorthodox move from the president. we've seen other presidents do this, but never this president in the briefing room. not only make an appearance but not take questions from reporters. how effective? >> it was certainly effective taking attention away from a newly sworn in congress. newly sworn in democratic majority. it refocused the issues back in washington back squarely on him, squarely on the white house, and squarely on this issue of the border wall which is not going away. i thought it was very interesting he brought into the conversation individuals actually are responsible for you know the border and one gentleman said look, we have skin in the game as part of this government shutdown. i think that bringing in those
4:46 pm
human aspects into this, trying to make it look less political in some way, shape or form is very interesting. look, 24 second news cycle, how much it will have impact. connell: that is exactly what we're in. border patrol agents, national border patrol council. those are union representatives, the first two that spoke. kirsten, let me go back to your point. president made this centerpiece of his campaign. it is simple message. mexico will pay for it. i was at lot of rallies where the chant would go up, build the wall, build the wall, does that matter to the point the base would be upset if it is not sold as quote, unquote, wall? melissa talking about reality is border security incorporates a lot of different elements other than some sort of solid wall? >> no, i think anything less than a real wall will be very politically damaging for trump. ultimately i do think that both side are going to have to
4:47 pm
compromise to get the government reopened. i could see some sort of scenario where trump gets, two billion dollars in border security funding for a fence or something and some other measures. the democrats get increased funding for some of their incentives. both sides will try to spin this compromise as a win. make no mistake trump supporters would see right through it if it is not a gal wall and they will be demobilized. connell: thank you to both of you, kirsten, capri. playing along with us. melissa: so back to the markets, very rough day for apple, the market itself down 660 points. apple that stock plummeting today over slow iphone sales in china. what does it mean for the company once at the forefront of innovation? we're diving deeper into the apple story. what is in store for the future coming up. ♪
4:48 pm
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connell: back to apple. remember apple? we were talking a lot about that a few minutes ago. the stock hat its worst day in six years. revealed weakness in china. apple was with the dow down 660 points, apple was able to shave 107 points by itself. what do expect as we go forward. [daniel rue beano, shana glenzer is here to discuss. shana, we know china's economy is slowing down. that makes sense apple would be struggling. there are apple specific issues to talk about. bring up, for example the rollout of 5g this year. there will be a faster service available for all of us on our cell phones at some point.
4:52 pm
all the reports seem to indicate apple is little behind on its competitors, maybe on purpose but is apple losing its edge overall? >> what we're seeing from apple is certainly not innovation of former years, right? what we haven't seen specifically is some sort of a breakout technology that gives them an edge and a huge increase in revenue. so whether it is this, whether lagging on new technologies, new connection activity or not having that killer feature on the iphones, we're seeing a, them falling behind in several areas which is quite unusual for apple. it is causing a lot of disappointment. connell: could be as i said the rollout of new technologies like five gee. could be new new devices alexa home, google, home. daniel, what do you think, of this issue of apple kind of falling behind for a change or
4:53 pm
are we overdoing it? >> so i see three issues, actually. the there is obviously the china one. people bring that up and the status of that economy. that definitely plays a role. there is picture with the smartphone market plateaued a few years ago. it is starting to decline. that is an okay thing. it is becoming a commodity. what we expect with smartphones. innovation is gone. people don't see the need to update phones every two years. maybe we're pushing three and even longer. apple is in between that. you have apple making wrong decisions which is pricing other device. it is okay to have 1000-dollar phone. you should have one around 5 or $600. they're not doing that. connell: that is the thing, shana, every time they were challenged with something, okay we'll we will raise our prices. in other situations companies to daniel's point lowering prices or introducing lower-priced items. >> they're seeing a lot of competition especially in
4:54 pm
china's market from samsung, other emerging companies. connell: huawei is one of them. >> exactly. what we've seen is interesting, they're actually citing some of the things apple has done to lower the price. lower priced battery replacement for older phones, citing that as part of a slowdown for iphone sales. some of the things they did to try to encourage users to stay with them is working against them now, in this quarter especially. connell: final point, just wrap it up on this, thank you guys for joining us but reading today, i thought it was interesting, in china they don't care as much as we do say switching operating systems that would drive me nuts. they spend their time in apps. we chat, popular app. so doesn't matter to them whether it is android or whatever huawei uses with apple. that is interesting. daniel, shana thanks very much for both of you coming on. we appreciate it. >> okay. melissa: automakers under pressure. what new auto sales could mean
4:55 pm
for our economy and your wallet coming up. ♪ ...
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4:58 pm
melissa: good news on a down market auto sales falling study defined protections of a downturn jeff is live in chicago the latest on this one. reporter: i'd much rather give you good news and bad but take a look at the numbers - yes, a better year than we thought. if you look at the numbers for the individual autoworkers win for auto chrysler, gm down 1.6% so that's a bad import not too bad either. if you look at december you see a similar and chrysler had a good december largely in fort was down 8%, toyota flat and gm don't report on the month anymore only on the quarter and down 2.7% on the quarter. overall a big win for trucks and
4:59 pm
suvs this year and not so much for cars. look at ford. auto sales and they would get most of them up down 18% on the year truck sales and suv sales up 8% on the year as well. now finally the big winners were all trucks. top sellers ford f series the silverado from chevrolet and the ram truck all almost a million for the other guys and we liked tigger as better. size does not matter but size does matter in cars. connell: the graphic next to you was about cars - he's leaving. okay. melissa: i will see you in the next. is he back? it was cars are down and trucks are out. >> is moving on me. [inaudible conversations]
5:00 pm
connell: what a show. that was something. only ten seconds left - the three that does it for us. connell: now down 640-point. we will see you. david: breaking news president trump making a surprise appearance at the white house press briefing room moments ago pushing for portable funding is the new democrat congress takes over and going into 13th day of government shutdown. spirit. president trump: without a wall you cannot have border security. call it what you will but without a wall you cannot have border security. it won't work. you see what's been put out on social media for thousands of people arresting the border. having the drones fly overhead and no one knows much more about technology this type of technology than i do.


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