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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 15, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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it could be just a matter of days now before that socialist regime, led by nicolas maduro, is no more. we'll find out. general keane tomorrow. kennedy begins right now. ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you, trish. a huge day on capitol hill. the president's nominee for attorney general testifying on everything from criminal justice reform to immigration, but the main topic for almost every lawmaker in the room, very predictably, the mueller investigation. 68-year-old william barr spent the better part of the day in front of the senate judiciary committee, and right out of the gate he made it clear what he thinks of the special counsel's probe of president trump's alleged ties to russia. watch. >> i have known bob mueller for 30 years, and i have the utmost respect for bob and his distinguished record of public service. and on my watch, bob will be allowed to finish his work. >> do you believe mr. mueller
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would be involved in a witch hunt against anybody? >> i don't, i don't believe mr. mueller would be involved in a witch hunt. kennedy: the correct answer is define witch hunt. all right, but would he be swayed if the president attempted to get him to do something that was unethical? in a word, no. >> what would be your breaking point? when would you pick up and leave? whatwhen is your jim mattis momt when the president has asked you to do something which you think is inconsistent with your oath? >> i will not be bullied into doing anything i think is wrong by anybody, whether it be editorial boards or congress or the president. i'm going to do what i think is right. kennedy: or even smug senators. democrats seemed to be happy with those answers, but the goodwill may have dried up when he was asked if the mueller report should be made public. >> what i'm hearing you say that in spite of the fact that you want to be transparent, neither congress, nor public will get the mueller report, because
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that's confidential. is so what we will be getting is your report of the mueller report. subject to applicable laws limiting disclosure. so is that what you're telling uses? >> i don't know at the end of the day what will be releasable. kennedy: you know what's releasable? everything is releasable transparency, it's your friend. will the president's nominee cruise to confirmation? it looks like it. or will democrats try to stick it to the president and put up a fight? yeah, probably that too. joining me now, the host of fox news at night, it is shannon bream. welcome back, shannon. >> great to be with you, kennedy. kennedy: so he worked with bob mueller for a long time. they have a very interesting relationship. and so i think the democrats who posited that he would shut down the mueller investigation are a little misguded and have done too light a read on recent
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history. >> i mean, yeah, they go way back, 30 years or so. their families have been very involved with each other, they have a very personal relationship. we get to used to referring to it as the robert mueller investigation, but he calls him bob. they are true friends, they go way back. he said repeatedly in writing and verbally today in other times that he will not stand in the way of the investigation, in fact, he thinks it's the best thing for the country, for the congress, for the president for mueller to get to a resolution without any interference, and that's really the only way to wrap up this entire conversation. kennedy: we've seen a lot from the senate judiciary committee. >> the last couple years, particularly with the jeff sessions nomination hearings, and i think that they did a lackluster job. what do you think some of those senates learned -- senators learned between sessions and barr? was there any difference in the way they posed some of those questions and the value of the questioning? >> yeah. you may remember something that happened between the two of
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those, which was the justice brett kavanaugh hearings. they went off the charts with the senate judiciary committee, and i think a lot of members learned a couple of things. first of all, there are at least three 2020 contenders we think on the panel of questioners, so they learned how to get sound bites and things for their ads and how to raise a lot of ruckus. i will pg-13 it. and they know what they're doing. so for some of them, i think it's more of a political consideration this time around with barr because he's almost unassailable. i mean, republicans and democrats alike are like this is the best possible dude the president could have picked. he doesn't need the job, he's not thirsty for the job, but he's willing to do it out of a sense of duty, and he's pretty well respected in d.c. so i think it's going to be hard to land any fatal blows or punches on him. kennedy: i don't think anything's going to be fatal. i think he will be confirmed. and i think that was -- i know the president takes a lot of shots from the press and particularly from democrats, but i do think that this was a smart pick on his part in that, one,
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it was a sent amounting pick -- sentimental pick, but also someone who would have an easier time and not create as much of a fight. because as i said last night, the senators are, by and large, pretty lazy. democrats were only going to focus on the mueller memo, republicans were only going to toss him softballs. but it is such a drastically different time between the first bush administration and the trump administration. so much has changed culturally, and we don't have the appetite for three strikes and mandatory minimums, and we've just seen legislation signed into law that starts to reform our criminal justice system. what do you think, how do you think he handled himself in that arena? >> i think he knew he was going to have to talk about it, and he tried to address it in the prerelease of some of his comments because, yeah, back in the early '90s he was known for swift and tough punishment for measures that could even keep criminals in jail for even
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longer than intended, building new prisons, he was all about that. he was confronted head on by a couple of those 2020 folks we talked about. senator booker really tried to push him on those issues and say, listen, the world has changed. that didn't work. in fact, senator kamala harris called the war on drugs an abject failure. listen, some of those policies didn't pan out, they didn't work. he said, listen, we've made a lot of progress when it comes to violent crime, repeat offenders, but i will give you my 100% guarantee and pledge that i am going to implement that first step act which is that big criminal justice reform package you referred to. kennedy: it's like someone who had an obsession with rotary phones and spent their entire career extolling their virtues, and now you're expecting him to communicate on what's app. [laughter] i think it might be a stretch, but i do think he will be confirmed. so what happens now with the department of justice? aside from how you feel about his politics and his past
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policies, what does he do for the doj? because lindsey graham and others have pointed out that they have a real morale problem there right now, and they do seem to be going in a few different directions. >> yeah, and that was one of the themes that came up quite a bit today. in fact, senator dick durbin, one of the top democrats there the senate, he started out by saying i find you to be a very rational person, and then he said why in the world would you want this job? and bull barr said, you know what? when they came to me, i didn't want it. i actually gave them names of other people. but i do believe and i do care so deeply about the justice department that i can help lead them through this, and i'm only doing it because i think i can actually help. senator cornyn asked him about trying to make sure that the public has confidence again in doj and fbi, and he said that will be one of the key things he does, restoring both internal and external confidence in those bodies. kennedy: well, we'll see if he's going to come back and lead the doj out of darkness or if he's
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phil jackson with a triangle offense that is doomed for failure for the next -- [laughter] >> as only a true lakers fan would say. kennedy: blazers! blazers! >> i get my nba teams mixed up. kennedy: they're due a championship. the laker ors are fine, they've got lebron -- >> they're deeply blessed. if you want to talk college football, call me back. kennedy: let's do it in person. of let's tailgate. thank you, see you tonight. william barr was also asked about the now-notorious trump text messages between peter strzok and lisa page, you know, the ones where they discussed doing everything they could to prevent trump from winning. watch this. >> do you know a lisa payment or peter strzok? -- lisa page? >> i've heard their names. >> but do you know them personally? >> no, i don't. >> do you promise me as attorney general if you get this job to look into what happened in 2016? >> yes, mr. chairman. >> how do these statements sit
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with you? >> i was shocked when i saw them. >> okay. please get to the bottom of it. kennedy: all right. he's on it already. barr was also asked about former fbi director james comey, and his handling of the clinton e-mail server affair. watch. >> have you ever seen a situation where an if fbi directer -- where an fbi director would usurp the authority of the department of justice to make that charging decision and hold a press conference and talk about all of the derogatory information that the investigation had claimed against a potential defendant and then say now we're, we're not going to -- no reasonable prosecutor would indict her? >> no, i've never seen that, and i thought it was a little bit more finish more than a little bit, it was weird at the time. kennedy: it's weird right now. so did william barr say the right things today? let's talk to tonight's panel. he's part of the problem podcast host, that's a lot of ps, dave smith. comedian and new dad.
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and we've also got from the independent women's forum and former new york congresswoman nan hayworth is here, and bull's eye brief or author adam johnson. back in action right here. >> hey. kennedy: yea! so a lot of questions for william barr. you know, we saw -- you talk about an abject failure, i would say that was the jefferson beau regard sessions administration during the department of justice. william barr has a lot of red flags. did he bury any of those today? >> politically, i think he did a decent job of kind of appeasing both sides. kennedy: where did he stumble? >> i don't know, i think he did a decent job. i mean, i don't like him, and i think your comparison between the war on drugs and the triangle offense, at least it worked once, and it was never immoral. but i do think the stuff you were talking about about investigating, you know, getting to the bottom of those text messages with page and strzok, that stuff, to me, is much more interesting than this questioning of will we get the
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mueller report. i can guarantee you if the mueller report has anything damning and they don't let it out, it will mysteriously leak. kennedy: of course. and if it's underwhelming, you've got democratic senators who will make sure. >> there's no chance we won't know what he comes up with. however, there does seem to be a big chance we're never going to know what evidence the fbi had -- kennedy: and where's the accountability for robert mueller who's now best friends with the potential incoming attorney general? >> sure. >> do we really want to go there? do we really want to try to find all those text messages? we know they were ugly -- kennedy: no, i don't need, i don't need jeff bezos text, that's not what i need, but i do want to get to the bottom of it, and i don't think we're asking sufficient questions. >> but what do you get from it? >> you get accountability. [inaudible conversations] >> we know it's partisan. it destroyed doj, and now they've got to restore
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credibility which takes a guy like barr -- >> william barr. >> -- to bring people back together again. >> you know, the sad part -- there are many sad aspects to former attorney general sessions' tenure, but one is he basically emasculated himself at the start of it. >> [inaudible] >> yes. kennedy: the blanket recusal which meant he was nowhere to be found -- >> right. and he had an enormous, he seemed to be completely cowed by the president who, of course, was openly hostile to him. so these lingering questions about -- and just were revived by andrew mccarthy this week when he talked about how, in fact, the fbi was investigating president trump as a potential russian agent. i mean, this stuff is -- >> absurd. >> exactly, it's absurd. is there a feeling that, yes, we need to cleanse certain people out of the doj and the fbi? yes. and that hasn't been done yet. so i they's why. >> but it's more than just absurd. if this was unfounded, then what you're looking at is an attempted coup by the deep state
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of america against the politicians they politically disagreed with. now, why we would want to get to the bottom of that, i think, is obvious on its face -- kennedy: and that means that some of the darkest conspiracies that exist aren't theoretical, and that's incredibly dangerous. it's okay for some politicians if they oppose the president. it should never be okay if it's -- the machinery of astronaut turned against a citizen -- state turned against a citizen merely for running for office. >> that's not new. >> and it's not new to the previous administration -- kennedy: well, they actually have greater surveillance powers that have been abused across a multitude of agencies, and that actually is new. and the fact that that has been recodified and, you know, in new legislation where lawmakers lie to our faces and tell us that they've actually softened it, there are no warrants. there's no accountability. >> no. kennedy: there's no transparency with the fisa court. >> and the craziest part of all of it is donald trump signed
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into law those powers being expanded, so it's all craziness. kennedy: thanks, obama. the panel returns later, first up, however, the president has long pushed nato allies to pull their weight. a new report claims he's been discussing exiting the alliance altogether. are we better off on our own? i will ask the one and only brian stoops next. yeah! what? will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you. a reliable income that lets you retire, without retiring from life. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today.
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♪ kennedy: well, don't expect the president to hold a fast food buffet for nato members anytime soon. "the new york times" reporting that the president told senior administration officials he wants to withdraw from nato. he said that on several occasions in 2018, which is a surprise to no one. he's also said to be fed up with member nations and willingness to increase their military spending. and during the brussels summit this past july, he reportedly told a private meeting the u.s. would, quote -- ♪ go it own way in 2019 his resolve seems to have been strengthened by the departure of defense secretary james mattis whose presence served to reassure member nations that the u.s. still have their back. critics say the move would play right into putin's tiny, greasy hands, but when the times asked
9:19 pm
the white house for comment, the administration referred them to the president's july remarks where he called the u.s. commitment to nato, quote, very strong and very important. translation, we're outta here. so would the president let us leave nato, and if so, would it really be that bad? joining me now, radio host and a rock combat veteran and so much more, brian stoops is back. welcome back, stoops. >> thank you. gwen. kennedy: so the president says a hot of things, and i think we've learned at this point in his administration that we don't have to react with such hysteria. but when you stop and think about it for a moment, he's right to ask other member nations to pony up more for the alliance. and he's also right to question whether or not it is a cold war relic. what do you think? >> it's a relevant organization right up to this moment, and it will be for generations. he, he suffers from what most americans suffer from, and it's a lack of knowledge of what
9:20 pm
nato's original purpose was. and remember, nato came out of the debris of world war ii. the purpose of nato -- and this is not in any history books, but the purpose of nato is to put france and germany on the same team for four or five generations until the germans forget how to be so good at war. so that's been done, but it also is a very useful -- kennedy: i was just going to say, we don't need so many bases in germany, so why don't we pull out and let them run their own damn military? >> they're in to poland, and now we're moving them to hungary and the baltics. the way i explain to my daughter, and i've explained this, i think, the same way to trump as well is that nato is hogwarts, and we are dumping doer, and we all come together and play quidditch, you know, the whole thing, and somewhere out there is a dark lord. one year it might be a different dark lord, it might be called the soviet union, it might be
9:21 pm
called russia, but nato is more relevant now than it has been since the cold war, but americans don't understand the purpose. left to its own devices, europe has voluntarily savaged itself twice in the past hundred years, and we wind up paying the price. kennedy: i don't know! okay, that's like the fed raising interest rates because they maybe see inflation coming down the road. and so we're footing the bill for this military alliance for something that has not materialized again. and you're also discounting the european union. >> well, i mean, you're questioning the theory of seat belts, you know? i put my seat belt on because of what might happen a mile down the road. though i'm an awesome driver. no, the purpose of nato is that we know if nato doesn't exist, there is a bear in the woods, and we do know from the history of europe that eventually something horrible will happen, but it won't happen if the
9:22 pm
united states -- kennedy: what would happen if nato went away? >> we'd probably -- kennedy: short term, long term. >> somewhere in the next 20 years from central asia to eastern europe a general, regionalized conflict between either what is left of russia or what becomes of ukraine. we do -- i don't know where it would come from. all we know is if we go away, that's what happens. and then, you know that after my year in bosnia with nato i did a 180 on nato. i didn't understand what the alliance was for after the collapse of the soviet union either. i did understand after exhuming mass graves for a year in bosnia. kennedy: yeah. no, it's, it's horrible what human beings are capable of. but having said that, i don't think that we need to spend as much money on what ifs. finish. >> you're right, and if trump has accomplished anything almost backhandedly, it's that he's finally lit a fire, you know,
9:23 pm
under their derrieres -- kennedy: good. that's the part of his foreign policy, there are two parts of his foreign policy i don't have a problem with. one is the u.s. has been so acquiesce sent to western europe for so long, and it's disgusting. and obama was an apologist, and it's unacceptable. and the other one was being unpredictable with north korea. i think those two things are very good. questioning the orthodoxy and the protocol in this those two realms, i think, are great. and i think, ultimately, they will serve this country, the impulsiveness on twitter, it's exhausting and i could leave that in the woods with that bear. brian, you're everything. thank you so much. >> all right. here it is again. [laughter] kennedy: he reattached it. it's a miracle of science and medicine. all right, coming up, 25 days and counting into the government shutdown, and many federal workers, they want their paychecks. private companies and individuals, they're picking up the slack and proving that less government, pretty good thing.
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my bad. ♪ ♪ if. kennedy: holy hot dogs, it is now the longest shutdown in government history, and life is pretty much the same as it was 25 days ago. for fans of limited government, we know a shutdown isn't the end of the world, but we also know it's not the best way to illustrate the brilliance of cutting costs and eliminating entire government departments that suck up labor and resources. and contrary to what economic, mean girl paul krugman might have you believe, a moderately protracted government shutdown is not a libertarian utopia, because we all know the second it's over it's back to business as usual. it's like quitting the gym in the middle of january, and once we're back up and running, well -- grunting, it will be the equivalent of political man boobs. there are lessons within the shutdown that illustrate the power of both privatization and
9:29 pm
the free market. canada used to be the bastion of polite socialism, but in an unexpected freedom shift they had this beat in a few liberty areas, and not just with rand paul's hernia surgery. yes, they have federally legal cannabis, but they also have a privatized air traffic control system that is the envy of the western world. in fact, they've been delivering our furloughed controllers pity pizza, thumbing their noses at our stalled innovation and outdated systems. the tsa, speaking of flying, is getting a thorough once over, and it's obvious a blanket sick-out could be disastrous for travelers but great for liberty proponents who could use the moment to point to airports like san francisco and orlando that already have privatized security that is far more effective at detecting weapons, bombs and bad guys. the free market is flourishing as companies like north face and rei fill in the government gaps
9:30 pm
at landmarks and parks where federal trash and poop piles overflow during the standoff. businesses and individuals are working together to keep trails and roads open in yellowstone national park where the power of the individual is clearly far superior to the band-aid of bureaucracy. so let's get serious about real and permanent cuts so the money that's left goes to individuals and families and not a dumb government that only functions when it's shut down. and that's the memo. negotiations to end the shutdown are currently at a stand still. what a surprise. a group of moderate democrats skipped president trump's working lunch at the white house today. so is there any end in sight? joining me now arizona congressman and freedom caucus member andy biggs is back. welcome back, congressman. >> thanks, kennedy. good to be with you. kennedy: so are there any democrats and republicans taking a sidebar right now and talking amongst themselves about what
9:31 pm
will get us out of the impasse? >> oh, you know, there's some conversations going on, but they're not -- in my opinion, they're not substantive. they're just, you know, where are you. i've invited some to come to the border, i'm trying to get to the border this weekend, do you want to come to the border. they don't want to come. kennedy: i've not been to the arizona border, i would very much like to see what you're dealing with in your state, because it seems as though some of the border state legislators have a little bit more fire when it comes to this issue. i know it can be politically toxic, but we are truly in a mexican standoff. and, you know, at this point i don't understand what has to change and who caves, because it is such a necessary win for both sides. is this how everything is going to be from your point of view? >> well, in my opinion, the chasm gets bigger, and it gets deeper. look, i mean, you had the folks, the democrats who were invited
9:32 pm
today, they didn't want to go to the white house. i don't know whether they thought they were going to get leftover burgers from last night's dinner or what, but the reality of it is they needed to go out of -- first of all, out of respect to the president. but, number two -- kennedy: what about respect to the federal workers -- >> exactly. kennedy: who lost a paycheck? >> exactly. respect for the american people to see if you could work out something, but they wouldn't go. they're not budging. we've got this grand canyon sides chasm, and i'm not sure how we get there. that's why i'm thinking i'm not sure there's going to be a legislative solution anytime soon. kennedy: i don't think so either. i think it's going to be -- the only thing that's going to happen is both sides will be forced to talk because there will be some outside influence like the tsa. and, you know, we've heard reports of sick-outs here and there and a small percentage of tsa agents calling in sick. so if that happens and and en masse they decide that they're
9:33 pm
not going to show up for work as a form of protest and they're going to work part time, you know, as task rabbits and driving ubers to feed their families until the shutdown ends, what does that do? >> well, what that's going to do is if they make a sick-in or something like that and they don't come, it's going to actually increase pressure, i think, on both sides. but the reality is both sides believe we're right. i mean, i believe we're right, we need a wall, i think there's a crisis. i think $5.7 billion is rational. kennedy: yeah. >> they believe they can't give a dollar, that it's immoral now, and they're willing to buy another drone but not put up another mile of offense. kennedy: they're willing to do a lot of things. i mean, they're unwilling to tackle entitlements and reform either of the programs that are going to be insolvent in just a few years that don't suck billions. they suck trillions of dollars. and i think that's immoral.
9:34 pm
i think it's incredibly immoral to have unbalanced budget and borrow money and continuously raise the debt ceiling. i think that's far less moral. and i think that's building economic walls around future generations that is an economic death sentence. >> right. i mean, when you think about it, they just -- one of the first rules that they passed was to automatically raise the debt ceiling whenever they passed a spending bill. think about that. what it means is they're not even going to have to discuss it anymore. kennedy: nope. >> they're just going to spend all they want, and it's -- we're going to see debt grow, we're going to see the structural deficit on an annual basis grow to a trillion dollars plus, and there's no end in sight to it. and so if we can't get together on $5.7 billion on something that truly is ap emergency and impacts national security, i just wonder how the heck we're ever going to get together -- kennedy: well, all i have to say to the federal workers, they
9:35 pm
will see back pay. but they're also going to see several more shutdowns in the near future. so -- >> right. key ken unfortunately, you've got to figure out a way to either adopt a rich relative or find a different line of work that's going to be more stable than, you know, what was once the bastion of stability in federal employment. this isn't going to end anytime soon. this shutdown may end soon, but we're going to be headed for the next one when there's another impasse. congressman biggs, thank you so much. >> exactly. thanks, kennedy. kennedy: both sides have exploited the funding fight for political points, obviously, but it looks like the left has the upper hand right now according to a new quinnipiac university poll. 56% of voters blame the shutdown on the president the gop, 36% blame democrats. but even worse, the president's infamously boring oval office address -- [laughter] he changed 2% of voters' minds, the rest changed the channel.
9:36 pm
89% said it didn't change anything. so who's playing the better political game? the party panel is back. dave, nan and adam. i will start with you, adam. >> great. kennedy: so who do you think has scored more points, and what can republicans do right now to turn things around? because the democrats are just sitting back and rezitsinging, and they don't have -- resisting, and they have the -- >> this is pay back for the do-nothing congress that effectively shut out barack obama. they're saying, hey, now it's our turn. as far as the 2% who were swayed as opposed to the 39% who weren't -- 89% who weren't, shouldn't be a surprise. we've all gotten so polarized. let me give you a number that puts it all in perspective at how stupid this thing has gotten. the federal government spends $11 billion a day, okay? so $5.5 billion, we're talking about 13 hours worth of government spending. [laughter] and they're shutting down the entire government. they're putting planes, travelers at risk, on and on and
9:37 pm
on. they're not paying people? i mean, this is crazy. guys, get it done. kennedy: how do they get it done? i mean, that's question for every lawmaker, that's a question for every analyst. >> i've been there, right. i was in the photo negative of this congress when we had the new republican majority and, of course, president obama. in an impasse like this that is so high profile at this point, basically it's going to be lost first. you know, that's -- whoever blinks, right? >> right. >> the winner will be determined by the one -- >> zero sum game. >> exactly. kennedy: so it's a game of political chicken. >> well, it is. and i commend the president for emphasizing -- for being consistent on his message. the democrats are good at being on message if, but the president has been quite consistent on his message, and the first -- practically the first word out of husband mouth when he made his speech was humanitarian. kennedy: didn't resonate with people watching. >> but you know what? but, kennedy, i will tell you that this is the kind of thing,
9:38 pm
you know, political rhetoric is the kind of thing that you just have to repeat over and over again. he should stick to in this. he has -- kennedy: i don't think he's going to be able to change it, because i think this is the hill he has chosen to die on. but is this political suicide for him if he keeps the government shut down? >> i, you know, i don't think it's going to help. i don't know if it's suicide because the people who are dug in for trump, he's got them there. kennedy: yeah. >> it's so disingenuous on both sides. obviously, on the democratic side they're saying this is immoral, but they voted for wall funding before, as you pointed out. i don't even know how to respond to that. but for trump, i mean, trump had a republican congress for two years, and he waited until now to try to pass what was his signature campaign promise. i mean, he could have done this immediately and actually gotten it tone. kennedy: yeah. >> so i think most american people see this is why, like, bernie sanders and trump were popular to begin with, because they see they're all just liars.
9:39 pm
>> dave, if i may, respectfully, if we -- kennedy: we have to go, so make your point quickly. >> the senate should have relinquished the filibuster, the senate majority would have done it, and we would have had an immigration bill passed. kennedy: i don't know. no one wants to pass immigration. the wall and immigration, two separate things. i don't think -- >> and it should be on the table. kennedy: we're not hearing enough about that. senator graham tried with joe manchin. >> citizenship for the wall. kennedy: coming up, a.g. nominee bill barr sending very mixed signals on marijuana today saying he won't mess with cannabis companies but also saying he's against federal legalization. i will ask instagram star big mike. he's next. ♪ ♪ as a fitness junkie, i customize everything -
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kennedy: oh, we still love to beat him up. former attorney general jeff sessions was a disaster when it came to cannabis laws, but today president trump's new a.g. nominee william barr weighed in on the subject, and you might say his comments were a mixed bag. watch. >> i'm not going to go after companies that have relied on the cole memoranda. however, we either should have a federal law that prohibits marijuana everywhere, which i would support myself because i think it's a mistake to back off on marijuana. however, if we want a federal approach, if we want states to have their own laws, then let's get there, and let's get there the right way. kennedy: well, if you're keeping score at home, barr is against federal legalization, but it doesn't sound like he's in a rush to interfere with the $10 billion a year industry that states are already engaging in. so what does that mean for the
9:45 pm
millions of cannabis users and the companies and their employees? let me ask a leader in the burgeoning industry, founder and ceo of advanced nutrients, and big mike's blends. you brought some blends tonight, but i can't show them on camera. >> that's a fact. kennedy: so you are one of the many people who are very revolutionary and very entrepreneurial, and you see an incredible upside here. >> yes. kennedy: a lot of adults are saying i like it because i don't get a hangover, it's a different choice for me, alcohol's been hard on my body, and you have another a.g. who's saying we should have one federal law, what does that do to your business? >> you know what? it's not good for all the patients across america. it's just not a sound way of thinking in today's environment at all. kennedy: no, and you also helped a group of moms grow -- >> yes, i did. kennedy: and you started canna-moms for mothers of children with seizure disorders
9:46 pm
who were not able to get the medicine that has been proven time and time again in these critical cases, and it's people like that who are disserved by that antiquated thinking. >> i agree, and it needs to be changed. i would hope that as time goes on his thinking becomes more liberal. it has to be. there's a huge industry here, and america is taking the backseat globally when it comes to cannabis because you've got other countries, israel now is allowing for export. canada allows for export. kennedy: portugal. >> portugal and also let's talk about the farm bill of 2018. when that was signed, what people aren't realizing is that cannabis is now going to be treated like a commodity. corn, soybean, wheat. that means that cannabis has got to be traded internationally in the open markets like all -- kennedy: okay. so it's tough, it's tough for cannabis to be sold across state lines -- >> yes. kennedy: not only because of some of the federal laws, but also because of the banking restrictions.
9:47 pm
how prohibitive are the banking laws in this country? >> 218, because of this, now what are you going to do? we've got to get banking in order, 280e, and export. and, by the way, once those are taken care of, there's going to be a massive devaluation in canada. and the companies that are attached, the american companies attached to these canadian companies are the ones that are going to win and absorb those devalued companies. kennedy: and there are stocks where people can get in on the ground floor now. >> absolutely. and i would -- if you're a private, small-time investor, i would not go into the canadian market because it's so volatile. i would be looking at the american companies that are attached -- can. kennedy: like what? pick one. >> well, you've got till ray which is private holdings, you've got a bud riser, you've got constellation. these are companies you want to be looking at and making investments. now, if you're a sophisticated investor, absolutely, play the volatility of the --
9:48 pm
kennedy: he's got a green tie, a green thumb and a green eye, and all of that means freedom and money, which i love. thank you very much. continued success. topical storm is next, stay put. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey... guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike...mike what day is it mike? ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's.
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kennedy: hi. [laughter] sultry. again, some exciting news from beyond our planet. a group of chinese scientists were able to grow a plant on the dark side of the moon. not to be outdone, a group of american scientists smoked a plant while listening to "dark side of the moon." this is the topical storm. topic number one, pow! we begin tonight on the hudson river where the calendar says winter, but it feels like fall. oh, that tappan zee bridge was imploded this morning to make room for its replacement. high winds caused the blast to arrive an hour late -- just like anyone who's ever drove across the tap a pan sue. over 200 people were on hand to witness the biggest implosion since hillary's campaign! come to think of it, those explosives were probably from her fireworks barge. the tappan zee stood for six decades and even inspired a club for people who photograph the
9:53 pm
iconic span. of course, we can't tell you about it because the first rule of bridge club is you don't talk about bridge club! [laughter] topic number two, the giant grocery chain is testing out a robot named marty who helps out the store. yeah, this is for our show because we have had a longtime producer named marty, and oddly enough, his replacement paul is dating a robot! best $3,000 he ever spent. skin feels so real. onwards. marty will work alongside associates partly to help and hopefully to show them what happens when humans demand a $15 minimum wage. the internet thinks marty's weird, but if we're being honest, he can't be any weirder than the regular guy who mops the grocery store. at least he won't get a contact high from marty. the robo mop is currently
9:54 pm
testing, but they plan to expand across the country if it works. better move fast because harrisburg is pretty boring. won't want marty to down load the wrong video e and catch a computer virus because each bot costs $5,000, but you you can gt 'em for $4850 if you use your giant reward card. topic number three. the shutdown problems are beginning to snowball. yeah, this lady started chucking show at d.c. cops because apparently she thought the jails were shut down too. i'm going to go out on a limb and say that drink she left on the garbage can had a little something to do with it. [laughter] at least it wasn't a pringles can with red wine. god, i love that story. anyway, it proved to be a win/win because the cops got some good publicity, and her boyfriend got a you up text. you up? hey, bae. in fact, not only did she reunite with her education, but
9:55 pm
they've since taken ad road trip for some much-needed alone time. oh! babe! yeah, they had their problems in the past, but that's all water under the bridge. and on top of the bridge now. so romantic, topic number four -- a tanker hauling 40,000 pounds of liquid chocolate overturned on an arizona highway today, and as a result, dozens of motorists are currently being treat for diabetes. uh-huh. the single car accident happened just outside of flagstaff, spilled 3500 gallons of delicious chocolate onto route 40. luckily, nobody broke any bones although several people did break their new year's resolutions! don't feel bad, you lasted a week longer than most people. ah, look at that. the driver was not charmed in the incident, and he's since been reassigned by the company. oh, hey, guys! do that smoky the bandit horn
9:56 pm
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kennedy: so much smoke in the studio. [laughter] i hope it doesn't set off the alarms. thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day. you can follow me on twitter and instagram@kennedy nation, on facebook, kennedy fbn, tomorrow
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night on the show mat welch, rick mchenry and chris bedford. be there for every single moment of it just like i will be there for you on "outnumbered" tomorrow at noon eastern. good night. spewing good evening. william barr, the president's nominee for attorney general is on capitol hill today is his confirmation hearings began. barr assured lawmakers he would instill the impartiality that is in such short supply. barr making it clear he would not shy away from supporting the president, no matter the public outcry. >> president trump has sought no assurances promises or commitments for me of any kind. either express or implied. i have not given


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