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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 24, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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in the days ahead we will continue our coverage. nicolas maduro trying to cling to power 10. the u.s. no longer recognizes him. "kennedy" begins right now. >> viva la canidad! on a collision course for the ages. next week the state of the union hang in the ballasts as each side digs in a little deeper of the shutdown but it looks like the president may have outfoxed the speaker of the house. will nancy punch back earlier today? the president sent a letter saying he plans to deliver his state of the union address this tuesday come hell or high water! and then nancy fired back. how high do you want it? that he was in not invited unless the government reopens.
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he smelled blood and took it to the reporters. watch. >> the state of the union speech has been canceled by nancy pelosi because she does not want to hear the truth. she does not want the american public to know what is going on. and she is afraid of the truth and super left democrats, the radical democrats, what's going on in that party is shocking. >> wow! the president says it's all canceled, but the bay area bruiser, she was not done yet firing back again claiming the president is the one blocking progress. nance? >> because government is closed. we've said very clearly from the start and i wrote to him a second time to say since the government shutdown, let's work together on a mutually agreeable date to welcome you to the capitol to give a state of the union address. the government is still shut down. i still made the offer.
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the original date was mutually agreeable.>> why didn't you sit down and figure out a mutually agreeable way to reopen the government? nancy!wasn't it supposed to be about keeping the event safe? remember when you claimed the secret service could not secure the speech and the spot? well, the president shut that down too, watch. >> if we can handle iraq, we can handle the middle of washington in a very spectacular building in a room where it's been for a very long time. so, it is a sad thing for our country. we will do something in the alternative. we will be talking to you about that at a later date. >> what are these alternative plans? it is not quite clear just yet but we have a brand-new fox pulls on the matter.
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56 percent say the president should give the speech. only 33 percent say he should skip it. who has the upper hand here? which side is on the ropes? and where do we go from here? join me now chad -- what are you hearing in the halls of congress? >> house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, he put together his own resolution. a concurrent resolution which is what you need to have the president of the united states speak to a joint session of congress. they will not consider that. that is the key point. the president, i'll show you something.this is the house rule book. will number four gives the president of the united states authorization to come to the house chamber. he can come virtually any time, scarlet secretaries can, you can have governors of states, foreign ministers. the president can company cannot speak unless both the house and senate have approved a concurrent resolution.
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and that is the key here that nancy pelosi is not going to let that come to the floor. >> she will not take that up. absolutely no way! >> is what kevin mccarthy was pointing back saying this is my resolution, consider it pure let me read you part of the statement. -- the speakers decision to close the house chamber to the duly elected president musto politically motivated stunt. resorted to a petty tactic of failed leadership. here is one of the keys.the president cannot come here and speak. we have different coequal branches of government. there are firewalls there. one wonders, and oppressed nancy pelosi on this earlier today. was this an effort to try to respect this edition of the house? was she concerned about precedent? keep in mind, it was not until 1913 the president woodrow wilson came to deliver a state of the union speech. george washington did
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originally and thomas jefferson ditched that in the early 1800s. until that point it was just a written statement that was read by the house clerk. one questions here is if the president speaks elsewhere, does it match the constitutional requirement, article 2, section 3 of the president providing from time to time, information on the state of the union?that is where the term of art is derived. if he says a paper ever was a yeah, okay you've probably done that.but does that establish a new precedent? i asked the speaker and she says she was not concerned. it makes you wonder what it would be like if you had a democratic president and republican congress and they had a tiff with the president. would we have another one in a couple of years? >> nancy pelosi would have had live kittens on the house floor at congressional republicans had done that to president obama.>> yeah and that is why people here are concerned. that is what people are saying okay, if they cannot even agree on having the state of the union speech, how can they possibly get close to reopening the government. there is a little bit of talk
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in theback when the democrats are trying to put together a plan, $5.7 billion of border security , matching the president's number.saying that will give you everything but the border wall and see if that can jumpstart things. the past couple of days, releases the beginning of the congress, they moved very different series of bills to try and fund the government in every which way.temporary bills, long-term bills, overall bills for the fiscal year. they had the first break today. alexandria ocasio-cortez was the first democratic defection. if only had 12 peer. >> that is not real defection. she is trying to get attention. >> we will see. >> that is just a way of her getting people to talk about her a little more. it really has nothing to do with the shutdown and the serious business and compromise it will take in order to achieve that. and you know nancy pelosi is saying, we cannot do this until the government is open and then not making serious effort to sit down to reopen the government.
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>> we talk about the polis and estrogen question. the democrats overplayed their hand at the end of the day? we don't know. the next step in this will happen tomorrow for the present put his plan, portable funding and a temporary daca fix.the democrats have theirs. there will be two procedural votes tomorrow in the senate at 2:30 pm both have a 60 vote threshold. there is a reason why you do a side-by-side democratic and republican plan and submitted to a threshold in the senate. it really is a way you will euthanize the bills. there might be a majority on the republican side to pass the bill. but what it basically does, says this is -- those two bills were not real for the government. >> is not the point of the exercise. what about the president holding a state of the union address there? >> right, here is a problem. your filibusters in the senate. if the senate were to drawup a separate resolution , it's
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controlled by republicans. it is subject to not one but two filibusters. the motion to proceed to actually call it up. had to cut off a filibuster? 60 votes. then you cut off the second time what do you need there? 60 votes. so that will not happen. theoretically could invite them but the parliamentary traps you have to run kennedy, just will not work under the circumstances. >> this is why people hate congress and why we cannot have nice things! [laughter] >> this is where i work around all day. >> is unbelievable! you are a patient man in your attention to detail is exquisite! thank you for letting usrely on you , chad pergram. >> thank you. >> who do the american people blame? moments ago trish regan asked the vice president. >> i understand. the speakers indicated she will not accommodate the presidents opportunity to address the nation and i think the american people are just tired. of all the posture by democrats
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in washington d.c.. >> now, the thing is our brand-new fox news poll doesn't exactly show that. 51 percent blame the president, 34 percent blame the democrats! 41 percent say nancy pelosi is better at this than the present. 35 percent say the president is better. 30 percent say -- who is winning? join me now from the american majority whip, he serves as ceo, former presidential writer for george w. bush, ned ryan. you also have the host of the richard fowler radio show and fox news contributor. hello gentlemen. >> hi. >> hello. >> it never disappoints. binge watching this administration is always quite satisfying. we saw the presidents letter they had sent to nancy pelosi saying, thank you so much for inviting me to this, to give my
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state of the union address near january 3 letter. i will go ahead and accept that. and she says no, you didn't and you won't. who is the bigger baller? >> i think this award in my book, goes to nancy pelosi. here is why. i will give you just reasoning. president trump wrote a book called the art of the deal. clearly, there is no art in his deal. the government is the longest government shut down in history. no matter what he says, he cannot manage open the government and yet, -- >> he cannot open it by himself. >> know he cannot but the point i'm making is this. -- [multiple speakers] >> if you were to put donald trump -- >> we cannot have it both ways. he's either changing or he is not. so why are your beloved democrats not sitting down with him? >> let's be very clear. saying we have a three year extension daca and temporary status is not a win for
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democrats because the president repealed a person with temporary status. it was fine -- >> the executive order is flimsy and you need a law passed by congress in order to make these things more permanent. [multiple speakers] >> can we get back to the fact that nancy, she was for the state of the union before she was against it.actually two weeks into the shed that she met him sick of the state of the union.then she comes up with a flimsy excuse there was not enough security. homeland security and secret service shut her down on that. she is playing political gamesmanship. what can i forget one eigth of one percent of the federal budget what we are really talking about. i think if donald trump does want, if she does want to come to the floor of the house he should go to the people. i may go to covington catholic and given address there. watch the audience go crazy on that one! >> i have a suggestion and i
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want to know what you think. i think the president should go to san francisco, a city that i love. and a visiting san francisco. my beloved departed aunt lived there for 25 years. such a special place. it is turned into a hobo hellhole with human feces providing an obstacle course. but i think the president should go to the deep south with a love and admire him and assemble them for the speech. what do you think, richard? >> a couple of problems with that. the state of the union is not about democrat or republican. it is about the state of our union. here are the facts. currently in the state of union 24 percent is shut down. and if you remember from the december meeting with donald trump, this is the trump shutdown that is what he called it. he said he will shut the government down until he gets his wall. and we know for a fact the
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reason why there are more illegal immigrants has nothing to do with the southern border and everything to do with visa overstates. nothing in the presidents plan addresses -- -- >> i am with you. i agree on your points. my point is that the wall is a stupid idea, and now, the president does not have the votes to get it done. >> ned? >> if it was a stupid idea, why did democrats vote for it in 2013? they voted for 46 billion -- [multiple speakers] >> i would love to hang out and have you guys call each other dumb dumbs because it really is my favorite part of make you two are outstanding i love and admire both you. thank you very much ned ryun and richard fowler.coming up, 33 days in the shut down and we are no closer to a deal. federal workers are falling on hard times. some lawmakers on the hill are urging factual negotiations to end the stalemate. end the stalemate. bill johnson joins me next.
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with mattresses by j.d. power. plus 36-month financing. ends saturday. sleep number... proven, quality sleep. >> the problems continue to mount from the government shut down. a group of federal workers were
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arrested at the capitol today for holding a sit in out of the office of the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. they're hardly the only ones fed up with the federal fight club. the fbi claims it'll have funding for some investigations in the fda cannot approve new drug patents. the coast guard now wildly understaffed. fema has stopped paying contractors and a serious blow to almost all americans, the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau has halted the approval of new beer labels! my god! we have to end this thing now! who is to blame? a new fox news poll shows congressional approval ratings have 18 percent. at that was single digits! 67 percent of voters disapprove of the whole thing. if anyone can stop the stalemate, is a man from the buckeye state. with me know how jim from ohio republican congressman, bill johnson. >> the president can use the
12:19 am
opportunity at the state of the union. he will have both chambers, the leadership, both parties, every stakeholder is going to be in the room. i think that he should in front of the watchful eye of the american people, take his coat off, roll up his sleeves and say hey, we will handle this right now, let's get to work, we will find out who is willing to negotiate and who is not. let's get this done. >> wendy's is for closers only. i think is a fascinating idea. i really enjoyed the sort of ambush conversation he had with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they didn't realize there would be cameras rolling and we were delighted because it was a rather chaotic conversation. then there's always mischaracterization of the meetings behind closed doors. out of the exhibit idea at all. and i think there are enough people to want to know aside from the shutdown how is the
12:20 am
government doing, what is the presidents vision, how was it future looking, will this be a good year for me my family and you know there are people who they are not too many political moments that will really stop and watch in the state of the union is one of the few. >> it is. the sad part is, we could get to that and so easily. but the fact is that speaker, nancy pelosi, has quit. she has quit on the american people. she has quit on their federal workers that are out of work. and not getting paid. she has quit on the dreamers that she says she cares so much about. these political stunts, kennedy, need to stop. because every time she does another political stunt like this, she paints herself deeper into a corner that is going to make it more and more difficult for her to get out. she made promises to people in her caucus in order to get the votes that she needed to become speaker. and those are going to come back to haunt her. >> you are part of the problem solvers caucus. you know as well as anyone
12:21 am
working across the aisle with some your democrat friends, you know their people saying, just give them some money. their people are ready to break rank because their constituents are very frustrated. and if i were a congressman or a woman one of the states that help us to employ a lot of federal workers, i would be putting a great deal of pressure on congressional leadership. what's happening? >> well, you said it! i'm a very conservative republican. i represent a conservative district. >> argue thought brett kavanaugh was too liberal! [laughter] >> i never said any such thing. but i can tell you what i do believe. i believe in governing. and i don't believe in playing politics when the american people and their livelihoods are at risk. >> no, and the highest ranking officer in the coast guard said, he is disgusted with this because he had men and women who wear the coast guard uniform who are having to go to food pantries in order to feed
12:22 am
their families. and when you put your faith and trust in your employer, which happens to be the federal government here, i don't have faith and trust in the government because i wised up a few years ago. you should not be slapped down like this. if i were one of those people and i were struggling and it did not know how i was going to pay the credit card when the christmas bill came, i would be very frustrated at nancy pelosi. dreamers as well. if my livelihood and where i live is in the balance here, the president is saying i will extend it for three years and nancy pelosi is doing absolutely nothing, i certainly would be frustrated. >> you know, i have sat in the presidents situation room with democrats. my colleagues on the other side of the aisle and fellow republicans that want to get this solved and will have the president say, i'm willing to widen the net of negotiation. but we've got to get nancy pelosi off of no. they have to bring her to the
12:23 am
table. you heard -- say he would bring invite the president. >> we do need walls in certain parts of the world. >> obsolete. another democrats including nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, and barack obama and hillary clinton have all voted for walls and border security before. this is a political stunt and it is an outrage and the american people have every reason to be upset about where we are. >> congressman johnson, thank you so much for taking time tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> venezuela and chaos, fighting in the streets and disputing the president nicolas maduro losing his grip of the he is breaking ties with the u.s. and giving american democrats 72 hours leave the country. my god, why are they still there? fox news has more. >> there is the unusual situation in venezuela now where there are two presidents.
12:24 am
on 100 nicolas maduro, elected president for a second term last year and the u.s. and dozens of countries say it is illegitimate. on the other handyman i just declared himself and swore himself in as president today. you have guaido, a 35-year-old head of the national assembly. he swore himself and before hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. people that want nicolas maduro is not clear what will happen and certainly, there is a possibility for violence. it seems right now that both sides are digging in. nicolas maduro says this is u.s. interference, he is not going anywhere.on the other hand the newcomer says, he has the support of the united states and many other nations. the u.s. coming out saying that they do recognize guaido as acting president of venezuela. you have a real potential here
12:25 am
for conflict. nicolas maduro has broken diplomatic relations with the us. he is giving us diplomats 72 hours to leave the country. it is not clear what the next u.s. move would be.likely could be oil sanctions against venezuela economy. it is already suffering greatly. this really could be the final nail in the coffin. a big question, who the venezuelan military side with? will they continue to back maduro? or they shift to a relative unknown newcomer? also people in the street, two years ago they were crushed by the maduro government. whether 120 protesters killed. their leaders thrown in jail. will these hundreds of thousands of protesters go away?or will they stay on the streets to fight for regime change? kennedy, back to peer. >> steve, thank you so much for the report. you are absolutely right, whoever has the guns have the power. that's why amendment rights are a beautiful thing! and a convicted lawyer has proven he cannot be trusted so
12:26 am
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pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. >> michael cohen, the reformed ambulance chaser and the present former craft minion is indian giving his congressional testimony. he was supposed to appear in february 7 before the -- cohen has cold feet. he knew he blue his shot. upsetting the present was the only way to make new friends. cohen wildly unpopular on the left as his fixer and a legend handler so he commits himself in order to get likes.had to turn on his old boss and cash cow, the sheep in wolves clothing was ready for his congressional close-up and baited but democrats are also eager to give him the spotlight. and now cohen has screwed that
12:31 am
up and sworn at democrats paid -- they are really mad at him. rudy giuliani and then talking about his father loath implication, the old ladies old man might be a filthy ukrainian mobster. that is not even the logic that he is using for the cancellation. davis, the talentless spokes hold a saying that cohen is too cowardly to attend because one of the less stable followers of the president may not like mikey. have questions for the guy whose path is littered with dubious transactions, questionable payments, and shady af taxi medallions. had to spare himself more jail time for misdeeds that predate his trump time. question is, why the president will that someone so dumb and
12:32 am
compromised get this place in the first place! may be magic mike has a quality we have not seen it but he canceled like a sad loser! so i guess we will never know. and that is the memo. democrat congressman, elijah cummings, head of that committee where cohen was supposed to testify made quite a promise today. >> i promise you, that we will appear in front of mr. cohen. we will make the determinations soon. and we will let you know how we plan to proceed.but we will get the testimony as soon as night becomes day. >> are you going to sale a camera crew to the clink? we have one full panel assembled tonight to discuss this. rnc spokeswoman, along with comedian and head writer of --
12:33 am
how do we get that booking? criminal defense attorney, david bruno. so lawyerly. you are the creamy middle of the lawyerly oreo. >> i dressed for it. >> you are a lawyer, you want -- you went to the best law school as opposed to michael cohen 's academic witness. this talk about his credibility. i know democrats are very eager for him to badmouth the president. how can he ever be believed? >> he can never be believed. as documented, known, legally convicted lawyer. let's review the last time he testified before congress. he lied! surprise, surprise! carrying a maximum penalty of two years, why would he go before congress again? he's a serial liar. unless he was to further incriminate himself. i think it's about dropping out.
12:34 am
there's nothing he can do for the present per this is an effort to save michael cohen from himself because he is a serial later. >> he is quite a character. in a day when donald and nancy ascending into the hate letters and make your paper airplanes. we now have this cohen gift. due by his excuse that davis says he's worried about one of the presidents unstable followers? >> no, no! who would be mad at him besides the fashion police for the dumb blazers he wears? no one wants to -- maybe some discredited taxi drivers because he did pay drivers a day rate that was probably made them envious of nike factory workers in malaysia. i only know that because of driving frizette kids working at those nike factories. but i agree with your point that at this point more people trust the nfl referees than michael cohen. [laughter] >> will trade jerseys! >> i do think is trying to get to prison early so we can land a role in jersey shore because the situation will be there.
12:35 am
>> how great is that? >> on a serious point, it does speak to the desperation of the democrats and that they do not believe in the muellerprobe . if they did they would hold back until concluded and they would want to get him in there to testify. >> they want to protect them so badly but they really do not want to hear about it. >> an audio clip, chairman cumming said we're going to get the testimony sometime. but when? because he is going to federal prison in six weeks. >> yeah. >> so are the threats going to diminish? would it not be the same situation? >> more they say nice things about his father-in-law? >> because of the mueller investigation, he will not really be able to say anything about the moscow deal, about the payments so in actuality, it would be just him going and saying i cannot say this or i cannot say that. the question is, with the chairman give the same benefit to donald trump jr. or jared krishna? >> sure!
12:36 am
>> if trump junior says in getting threats in the things the right time to think you will get the same -- >> no! >> is an opportunity toattack the president . >> that is why they are so upset. because they hated cohen and it's like wait, you're going to say mean things? we love you! or he was so five minutes ago! bill of hillary clinton, the gifts just keep giving. they're currently on a sparsely attended north american tour. yeah. the new york times reporting bill clinton is coming out with a new memoir about his life since leaving the white house. if you remember democrats avoided the clintons like the plague during last years midterm elections. mostly due to the troubled policy record of bill and more troubling record of personal misconduct. so we can expect his memoir to be a nuance to reflection on
12:37 am
his past behavior in light of the #me too movement? maybe just trying to recapture his fading influence. once a narcissist, always a narcissist. just want to talk about him. reinventing the post-presidency history. >> this is what this is about. returning to relevancy. what is he going to write about? the fact that as you noted no one wanted to campaign with him during the midterm elections. is he going to write all of the gasps on the campaign trail for hillary? remember, he talks about the #me too movement in his last tour he was asked what you think about the monica lewinsky? and he said i pretty much did everything right. [laughter] >> hi approval rating! never mind that she was 22 years old and democrats, disemboweled her. but it is nice that history is being kinder to monica. i don't think there's anything that he can write that will
12:38 am
shellac the truth. and democrats and republicans are both kind of on the same page. >> if he wanted to sell copies, he should actually embrace his true persona. title it, the art of the feel. you know what i'm saying? lynn-- >> it could be a pop-up book. you can do a lot with. i blame hillary with this because if she would like he would not have to write a book. they could shake down foreign governments for charity money. >> but are you going to talk about jeffrey epstein? >> no! you know who has escaped the limelight? the donor they had two people die in his house in the last year. >> yes! whatever his name is. >> new rugs are very fancy. you can sweep anything under them. >> brought to you by the new york times! >> i guarantee they'll be nothing where the server in the basement. >> no! that was my great idea!
12:39 am
i told hilary we would hide everything! >> you want to make money from home? we all do! >> primaries are coming up, general election coming up. big ones, right? are they going to be part of it? i think this might be a step to try. i do not think it will work. >> no, he setting the stage for his vice presidency. he don't care. >> they become like the kids that were in college was to go to the high school party. you know what i mean? they're not getting laughed at. >> and julie swetnick -- >> she went through a lot of those parties. >> when i was in high school i was not going to high school parties. then again i was 40! >> there is that. >> you guys are too fantastic. we will keep you a little bit. house democrats planning to investigate how the white house gave security clearances. but is this just the start of a merry-go-round where the left looks into anything involving
12:40 am
the president? we will discuss after the break. we can go down this waterfall, honey. what do you think? ♪ woo! yeah! it's good! it's refreshing. ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but she's only seven once. spend your life living. find an advisor at >> not one but two women in
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that band! 90s! it was only a matter of time with democrats controlling house. investigation the president and his administration have now begun today house oversight care elijah cummings sent a letter outlining his plan for a wide ranging investigation into the white house security clearance process. they say they disregarded security procedures and should have been much more careful about who got access to classified information. among those of the makers of current and former national security advisers, john bolton and michael flynn. and senior advisor and suddenly to the president, jared krishna. this is what we can look for for the next two years.your
12:45 am
enemy a writer at the washington examiner,, hey, phil. what you make of this? >> they definitely made everyone know what is going to happen. it's not just another political headache, it's going to be a nonstop migraine for the next two years. democrats saw what republicans did during the obama administration with the house oversight committee. and they are going to dial it up to 10. ostensibly this is about figuring out the way to the white house handed out the security clearances which is a good thing, right? but let's not kid ourselves. the real political effect will be to try and embarrass the president as much as possible ahead of 2020. >> they are taking issue with john bolton. the former ambassador to the u . he's obviously handled and created security material in the past. what was the issue there? i can understand some of the
12:46 am
others but bolton, come on! >> john milton, he knows his way around top-secret information. and this is what this tells us. it tells us congress is not necessarily interested in actually legislating. they are more interested in investigations here. what i find so interesting about this sort of declaration, nancy plus and entertainment cummings are doing, they are showing that they are eager to weapon eyes the subpoena. they're not just going after john bolton, u.s. ambassador to the un who is a current member of the administration, there also going after former members. retirement is not a get out of jail card. instead, you can see gothic sebastian gorka , this will be a nonstop circus. >> really, it's like we can walk and chew gum. you keep doing this and it gets nowhere? they will vote you out of office. it was not a mandate. for then democrats will control
12:47 am
the senate.have to be mindful of that. people are smarter. people made much more attention to politics than two years ago or four years ago. and they have to legislate accordingly. i've no problem with one branch keeping an eye on the other but don't waste our time! >> absently.the voters are taking a closer look at this. and we know alexandria ocasio-cortez is good instagram pure we know that -- we do not know whether or not the guys can get down to that good government coequal branch job of actually doing investigating. >> or if they liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. great news for anyone wh- uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance
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ties with a freelance reporter fabricated 27 stories! he will now be sent with all of the people that make up stories go, buzzfeed. get your facts straight because this is a topical storm. sacramento, locals started a rideshare program. watch this. going to kill the old passenger rating! this fun-loving fella was picked up at a sports bar. his game was beer pong.
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12:54 am
assistant that i sent to starbucks and comes back spelling with tequila. even if you are one of those wheels that hates kids you have to admit it's nice to see someone posting a dance video besides democrats. topic number four. we have an update on the big game. no, i'm not certain of the government shutdown! i'm talking about the super bowl. super bowl liii to be exact. chick-fil-a will not open its restaurant inside mercedes-benz stadium. pretty much everyone going to the game is furious about it except tom brady because giselle did not let him have bad food. the only time he gets bad food is when she steams kale instapot. chick-fil-a is closed on sundays for religious services not only do we respect that but we applaud them to open all the employees to watch the game. now, if only we could find a
12:55 am
way to make all of the referees watch it too! that was for you saints fans! of course, it is not the only headline they may. apparently some locations are now offering free delivery. yay! first it was uber x and i was uber x -- i've got biceps! topic number five. finally salute a drive-through worker that lives for the model, the customers always attacked. 30 old simmons allegedly struck him in the face of an order of kfc crispy fried chicken and biscuits. it is unclear what started the argument but apparently, he was on her bucket list!either that or she misunderstood the trending # fight for 15. there was a charge of battery and the judge set bail at $5000. although she can make it a meal for an extra $2.99. the company apologize to man and they sent him a free candle to cheer him up.
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