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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 1, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> lou: good evening everyone. a national security crisis at our southern border. worsening by the day. caravans of central americans making their way through mexico. to cross the border into the united states, drug and human smugglers, sex traffickers, killer gangs crossing the border every day, as tens of thousands of americans died of drug overdoses and violence on our streets. on any given day, the president of the united states is the only one in washington, d.c. giving voice to the urgent need for reinforcements to stave off a
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national disaster that awaits us, if the border is not secure. if the wall is not built. if the radical dems continue to deny that the annual death toll from their open borders, anything goes drug policies now exceeds the number of americans killed in the entire vietnam war. every single year. the radical dems, the rhino business establishment, the globalist elites are ignoring the global influx of illegal drugs, crime, and illegal immigrants denying the deepening crisis, excepting all the drug overdose deaths, cartel inspired gang violence, and widespread devastation is simply collateral damage for their own motives. incredibly, as leaders of the left claim a building of the wall to secure our border would be a moral and that doing nothing to stop the devastation
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and destruction of american lives, refusing to build that border wall is somehow perversely moral. the radical dems who claim they would negotiate in good faith after the government shutdown had ended, have lied, and lied, and light again, as they have always lied about border security. nancy pelosi, today, telling her negotiators and the american people, the radical dems are dead set against building the wall. >> i hope that eddie shut down will be taken off the table is a reasonable approach to governance. it's inappropriate and i take pride and ability of the appropriation members to reach consensus left to their own devices without any other interference. there is not going to be any wall money in the legislation. >> lou: no wall money. the president, of course sees
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through pelosi and schumer's hollow words, their refusals to put national security ahead of their partisan politics. mr. trump says it plainly. no wall, no deal. >> if there's no wall, doesn't work. she is just playing games. if there is no wall, doesn't work. i'm not waiting for this committee. i have told a lot of people i don't expect much coming out of the committee. i keep hearing the words, we will give you what you want but we won't give you wall. the problem is, if they don't give us a wall it won't work. people are coming in, drugs are coming in, human trafficking is committing, which is so horrible. these are happening that will happen after the wall is constructed. >> lou: the president on the border security crisis in building the wall. vice president of the u.s. border patrol council joins us tonight. he knows exactly how critical the wall is. as does top republican strategist, ed rollins, washington times columnist, tammy bruce, radio talk show
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host, mark shah home. the discussions are going in the right direction, but the outcome is far from assured. president trump says there will not be a deal at all until he and chinese president meet face-to-face. >> we want to make it comprehensive. we want to make a deal that we can look at and be proud of for many years. not that we have to go back and renegotiate because we left things out. whether it's intellectual property, or whether it is any of the other things we discussed all of the time, we want to try to have everything included. we want to have a very comprehensive. >> lou: across america some of the deadly frigid temperatures continue to wreak havoc on the midwest. the cold weather already killing a dozen people, thousands left without power. the dangerous polar vortex made all the more dangerous by the vulnerability of our power utilities to cyber attacks.
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the u.s. intelligence committee publicly warning that u.s. systems are vulnerable and that russia and china now have the capability of attacking our utility networks and systems, and could use harsh weather against the american people. we will take that up, all of this and much more on our show tonight. our top story, the ongoing crisis on the southern border and the presen president singles to build the wall. president trump slammed the congressional ineffectiveness saying, without a border wall he will not accept a border deal of any kind. the president rightly acknowledging that without a wall the border is wide open to billions of dollars in drug smuggling, sex trafficking, and illegal immigration. president trump also called out the radical dems for same the border wall is quote immoral.
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>> the problem is the democrats when they say we don't want to build as an example, we don't want to build a wall because it doesn't work or because it's a moral. well, it's also immoral the people that come into our country that shouldn't be here and kill people. that's a moral two. what i think is the worst the sin of all is that were allowing two people to come into this country and you all this horrible things. but, if we had the simplicity of a well constructed, beautiful barrier wall, they would not be able to come into our country. that, to me is a great sin. >> lou: the president's comments could not have come at a more appropriate moment. the u.s. border patrol this past saturday conducted the largest seizure of fentanyl in u.s. history. border patrol agents in arizona found 254 pounds of fentanyl with a street value of $3.5 million. and the capacity to kill 57 million americans. president trump now forced to
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consider declaring a national emergency to build a wall on the border, with continued inaction of our national lawmakers, the radical dems ignoring a national security and humanitarian crisis, drugs, human trafficking, gang violence, all plaguing our southern border. joining us now, the vice president of u.s. patrol council, hector garza. hector, it's extraordinary to hear the president explained to the american people what a national crisis the border represents, now porous, wide open to every kind of illegal smuggling that one can imagine, with devastating effect on our society. your thoughts on his voice seemingly rising alone in our nation's capital, to raise the alarm? >> well, president trump is right when he says we need to do more on the border.
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we need to do more on ports of entry and in between ports of entry. we saw the apprehension of fentanyl letter border crossing that could kill millions of americans. a couple weeks ago we saw over 700 pounds of cocaine in the rio grande valley coming in between ports of entry. yesterday we saw math coming through the border in arizona. clearly, the war on drugs is not over. we appreciate president trump wants to do more. >> lou: the war is not over. for crying out loud, we have seen since 1989 clear and present danger, tom clancy's book in 1989. we have seen the amount, the explosion of deadly drugs crossing the border. ten times as much as them. the dea spending $57 billion on its own to watch her grow ten times. we are not fighting a war. i have got to believe and i want to get your sense of this, the corruption has to be on both sides of the border. this country continues to say
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it's only on one side. we know better, don't we? >> we know mexico is a very poor country. definitely, we have to do more and build those physical barriers so that we catch the dangerous drugs. we are seeing these caravans come across, those are distractions. those people want to get caught. there are a lot of drugs coming across and between ports of entry. they're coming across on detective. we are also getting dangerous criminals coming across. >> lou: you mean between the ports of entry? >> exactly. between the ports of entry. we have to worry about those. now, the ports of entry have a lot of infrastructure, technology and manpower. the port director putting much dictates the flow of traffic. the same thing does not happen along the border. drug cartels decide which comes across. in arizona we saw 380 come across with owner for border patrol agents being out there.
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they have to come in a process those people and now that border was left wide open. who knows what came across. >> lou: one of the most stunning statements i have heard from someone who stuns me all of the time, that is nancy pelosi, talk about 90% of the drugs are captured at our ports of entry. i hear that repeated. the fact of the matter is, 90% of the drugs that are captured are captured at the ports of entry because that is where we have infrastructure, as you say. and we have guards. no one knows how much is flowing between the hundreds of miles between the ports of entry. we know it is a vast and deadly amount of drugs. we know the majority of methamphetamines among marijuana, and cocaine, fentanyl, the deadliest of the bunch, all are crossing the border. most is crossing between the ports of entry, and not through the ports of entry. when she says that, she's trying to talk down a wall.
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it is stunning to me that anyone, in particular the speaker of the house, would like to the american people, and then say it's immoral to talk about a while. your thoughts, hector? >> you have to think about this, lou. drug cartels control the mexican side of the border. they control the ports of entry on the mexican say. and in between the ports of entry. now, they dictate and there's a lot of drugs coming across it at the ports of entry and in between. we have to make sure we build the wall in the physical barriers. we have to work on the retention as well with border patrol agents. the border patrol is understaffed by 2000. we have to make sure we have enough manpower so we can stop the drugs. so that we can address the humanitarian crisis on the border. >> lou: hector, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. come back soon.
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still had come another day of the left-wing national media hitting the president for his comments on the intelligence community, this time. >> you are seen repeatedly the intelligence chief in this country separating from the president. >> is very dispiriting if the work you are doing is not being appreciated. >> it blows my mind, frankly. i work for presidents that were actually interested in knowing what was going on. >> we need to stop saying that donald trump is taking a position different from then. we just need to start saying the truth. which is, donald trump is adopting vladimir putin's position. >> lou: who is that fella? we pick that up later with a daily caller. up next, our friend, paul ryan making promises to president trump about a border wall. a ryan promise. you know, the guy i can't stand.
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>> lou: president trump taken ug lame-duck speaker, paul ryan had promised to fund the border wall last year. in an interview with the daily caller, president trump said this. quote, i was going to veto the 28 omnibus bill and paul ryan told me in the strongest language, please don't do that, we will get you the wall. then, he went lame-duck. i was very disappointed in paul. as any american should be. he never once was working in the national interest, only his, and that of the globalist elites on the establishment and lobbyist on king street. join me now, former reagan white house political director and foxbusiness political journalist, ed rollins. you have to be terribly shocked to hear that paul ryan was a liar on top of everything else. >> especially because this president, when he gave his commitment of what he would do, he would do it. to a certain extent when the speaker says your going to get
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something and signed a bill that you should've signed. he hated that. you would expect something back. not only did i not come back, he they never made an effort. they could have had this wall seven months ago, ryan never believed in it. ryan's legacy is that he will go down as the worst speaker in history who took the republicans over the cliff. >> lou: there's another part to this. that is the republican conference who permitted him to do so. >> i agree. >> lou: i still don't understand and i have been working for months to figure it out. i have gotten some explanations from various congressmen and congresswoman, but, nobody seems to have a rational explanation for why they accepted this as a lame-duck speaker for nine months. >> it's a club. to a certain extent, the interesting thing nancy pelosi and her new rules have eliminated the ability to vacate the chair area.
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>> lou: we should point out what that means. say it again. >> any single member can stand up any day and say, i want to vacate the chair. then you would have to vote on it. of course, that is what ryan did not want. >> lou: not one person, not one person in the republican party had the guts to stand up and call the motion, and make the motion to vacate the chair. in nine months. >> the reality is, it's a painful lesson for the president. he has certainly drawn the line in the sand today. he doesn't get a wall, they will get a bill. >> lou: is there any coming your judgment, any reason in the world why he should not call that emergency? we talk about this border, the american people see what is happening. what is astonishing is the national left-wing media is trying to deny there is a emergency. they are not just simply ignoring the crisis, they are denying the crisis as in on
4:20 am
folds before their very eyes, as young men and women die of fat and all in opioid overdoses every day and night in this country, and every community. it is astonishing. the people say there is no emergency. >> the gentleman who was on before, the border security people, everyone says we need this wall. to do our job, we need this wall. >> lou: if you want to know how big of an emergency we have got at the border, talk to anyone who is an emt, paramedic, who is transporting these young people, primarily young people, to hospitals each and every night. this country is accepting 70000 -- put that in context, it's almost 40% more than all of the americans who died in vietnam, for god sakes. >> a war zone and innocent people being killed everyday by the cartels. at the end of the day we need to
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build a wall to stop it. >> lou: by the way, as far as i'm concerned there ought to be an investigation of the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable, the koch brothers, for an explanation as to what they are doing with their money and why they are supporting death and devastation. it is there money that is bankrolling this act of denial on the part of both the left and the right. both political parties in this country. >> cheap labor. that's what it is. cheap labor. >> lou: is sure the hell is in politics. >> lou: once again, we can thank god for this president. >> absolutely. >> lou: a lone voice talking sense of people acting like, really, an emergency on our border? who would've thought. just with thousands and tens of thousands of deaths. ed rollins, thank you. we would like to hear your thoughts, share your comments,
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follow me on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. yes, even the haters, i would like to hear from you as well. i would like to understand how you can stand yourself denying, denying the crisis this nation faces. turning to the thousands of central american migrants boarding buses in mexico city, headed towards the border, we will have more in the border crisis with national examiners. before we go to break, let's take a look at the u.s. national debt. if you thought we have all of our problems solved, we are so close, aren't we? here's one that will be with us for a while, almost $22 trillion in national debt over just about $67000 per person, per taxpayer. almost $180,000. we are coming right back. the good news is waiting for us
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>> lou: thousands of centralamey in mexico city. they are headed, you know where. to the u.s. border. some 12,000 of them applying for special visa that would allow them to travel openly in mexico. president trump vowed to put a stop to it. he tweeted this, more troops being sent to the southern border to stop the attempted invasion of illegals through large caravans into our country. we have stopped the previous caravans, and we will stop these, also. with the wall, it would be so much easier and less expensive. joining us tonight, 2020 trump surrogate, attorney. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> lou: you are a busy person. we appreciate your time.
4:28 am
let's start with these caravans for being shipped. let's get your reaction to whether this president will have any problem at all and declaring a national emergency without border wall funding. >> from a constitutional law perspective, this ultimately is about what powers are vested in the executive office. so, with the national security act, what congress has done, is given to the executive the ability to declare a national emergency. we are currently under 31 national emergencies. this is something the president absolutely has the power to do. >> lou: let's put out for the audience the title x u.s. code on this issue that is declaring a national emergency. in the event of a declaration of war or a declaration by the president a national emergency in accordance with the national emergency act which requires use of the armed forces they may undertake special projects and
4:29 am
on and on it goes. so, this is pretty clear. now, the prospects let's say the ninth circuit could intervene and stop the president cold. i have heard absolute division on whether or not they would have that power, or the possibility of interrupting the president in the act of securing the nation. >> they shouldn't. the reason the ninth circuit is such a controversial circuit right now is because of a nationwide injunction problem. what this does is allow leftist or anyone else -- >> lou: because it's the most left-wing court in the land. >> the reason is because president carter, clinton, and obama have appointed the most judges to that federal circuit. originally our founding fathers intended the judicial branch just to act as essentially umpires.
4:30 am
they can say what powers the executive can do, they don't get into the policy or political questions of what they should day. >> lou: as the story keeps progressing, kamala harris, and dianne feinstein are all upset because the president has chosen three folks, conservatives, all to go on the ninth circuit court of appeal to upset the club, mightily. >> this is why our vote is americans matter. this is why we need to care about what candidates we support, we need to care about understanding what conservative conservativism is. a president, regardless of what party they are, the president under article two has nomination authority. it doesn't matter whether not they like them. thus the political question. what matters is the president constitutionally can nominate with advice and consent of the
4:31 am
senate. trump is doing is creating nominations. he has 51 that he has renominated under the new congress and for currently on the ninth circuit. >> lou: he is the most -- president in history. it's extraordinarily a sad and dark moment in american history that this is occurring. >> it is all political rather than understanding the legitimate obligation of government, which is to preserve and protect our god-given rights for the family and the individual. what the president is doing is appointing conservative, it doesn't mean republican or democrat. some people don't know that. that's a problem but we need to do a better job of doing that.
4:32 am
>> lou: is good to have you with us. thank you. up next, the trump administration revealing new plans for high skilled immigrants hoping to obtain h1 and b visas. the outsourcers are having a fit. could it be that this actually is a smart plan on immigration? it goes into effect in april, if we give immigrants with masters degrees top priority in the h1b visa general lottery. lotteries not such a grand idea. the u.s. citizenship say the new rules will save more than 5000 high skilled immigrants be selected for those visas, a good thing. i'm next, the crippling cold keeping much of the midwest in a deep freeze that is deadly. chuck schumer wants intervention for the president. will have more on the call by the senate minority leader for a coup. has schumer lost his mind? should we intervene? i thin
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>> lou: headlines were lookingad weather continues to grip the midwest, leading to the deaths of at least 13 people. chicago bracing for temperatures of 21 below zero. president trump meeting with chinese vice premier in the oval office. the vice premier saying china will buy 5 million tons of soybeans per day from the united states. president trump adding he will
4:37 am
meet with the chinese president to finalize the deal. he hopes in the very near future. after president trump labeled his intelligence community passive and naïve, senate minority leader, chuck schumer is now calling for an outright coup against the commander-in-chief. he told intelligence leaders to quote stage an intervention. rhino senator, john through rote, imagine this, this is mr. milquetoast himself who, as far as i've been able to determine not had an original thought in his head group throughout his career. he said i prefer the president was day of twitter particularly in regard to these national security issues. my goodness. we should all stop and ponder your call for the president to lose his direct connection to the american people. good grief. well, joining he now, investigative reporter at the daily caller, great to have you
4:38 am
with us, luke. >> i'm reading a fascinating book called the obstruction of justice, how the deep state risk national security to protect the democrats. there it is, congratulations on the new book. we want to recommend it to all of our viewers here. and listeners as well. this is just terrific. to me, it is mind-boggling how little attention the national media would give the issue, that you focus on obstruction of justice. >> it was really as the rea surl experience. we see collusion in russia and no one can tell us who colluded with what to do what. meanwhile, the whole time it turns out there's a pakistani guy on the house network who is taking money from iranian government tied to hezbollah.
4:39 am
he's sending devices over to pakistan and is impersonating a staffer. the officials know all of this. they foster gaia nancy pelosi steps in and they retaliate and cover things up very deliberately. the will is pulled over the eyes of the american people. it has blown my mind. we knew about the problems in the doj. this book shows exactly how they do it. >> where the brothers, i'm sure they are imprisoned for substantial portion of their lives, the debbie wasserman schultz and the democrats are in deep, even tragic apology to the american people. where are they? >> they were never even charged with the crimes despite the massive amount of evidence laid out in my book. they hired a clinton lawyer. basically the fbi started working as their defense attorneys.
4:40 am
the book documents. the book names names. talks about people in the doj down to the rank-and-file agents as they deliberately rake these. they're probably out running around in pakistan with the millions of dollars they funneled. >> one of the claims you make in the book that nancy pelosi framed the top internal investigator to cover up the scandal, why has nothing, why has there been no consequence for that? >> the book was so revealing as far as pelosi being in charge of the house. the house inspector general was originally appointed by nancy pelosi. she uncovered the hack by the pakistani. close these operatives falsely accuse her of -- >> lou: they falsely accused her? >> they falsely accuse the investigator. so, they drive her out on state ethics charges.
4:41 am
this is the kind of woman who will cut your head off and you will not even know you're bleeding. my book it details how nancy pelosi is smarter, cutthroat, clever, shame lies, she manipulates and she ran circles around republicans. they don't know what hit them. >> lou: republicans don't know what hit them nearly every time. they are so used to being hit. look at the nonsense with the fbi's fit sending vehicles and swat teams after roger stone. doing all of the same nonsense against michael cohen. paul manna ford, it looks like the fbi only pulls the stones against republicans and one even investigated democrat. >> in my book about enron, his own wife, the suspect's own wife went to the fbi said, this is a guy who told me he was a mole in congress. he knows so much about congressman that he will never get in trouble.
4:42 am
she went to the fbi and said he's currently blackmailing me. he was blackmailing his wife. the fbi actually stood in front of this woman story to make sure she cannot go to the bogus hearing where they actually made fun of donald trump and did not charge this guy with anything. they're keeping the witness from telling the judge what went on. >> lou: we congratulate you on the book. the title is obstruction of justice, how the deep state -- i'm going to put you in mind, needless for longest uptake of titles. how the deep state risk national security to -- the democrats. we recommend the book to you. >> up next, how the leader of the house committee trying to remove god from the oath witness, witnesses prior to their testimony, stay with us for that. the washington times, tammy bruce, and mark simone germany
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>> lou: on wall street's the dow up his up 15 points the s&p up 23. volume on the big board
4:47 am
3.8 billion. those moves were to assure the best performance with the dow and s&p 500 in 30 years. crude oil, $54 a barrel. gold and silver up nearly 1%. copper, i don't want to talk about copper. americans continue to win under president trump. wages up 3% in the fourth quarter of last year. that's the biggest gain in pay since 2008. listen to my report a group of can congressional dams failing to remove a reference to god for their committee. the radical dems are out of their minds. and amongst the most radical of those radical dems, natural resources committee chairman, rythey're proposing to remove te phrase, the so help you god.
4:48 am
let's admit, it was a terrible mistake. i can imagine. a man with his left-wing leanings making a mistake, or at least admitting any. joining us tonight, radio personality, mark simone and tammy bruce. what you make of what's going on with the left? what is separating them from being communist right now? >> not much. they are the party of karl marx. the same party now that is moving, of course they want to remove references to god and pledges. this is not new. we know they tried to do that in the 2012 democratic convention which shock people. there is a floor fight. a vocal crowd pushing to remove the references to god in the democratic platform. it took a long time to maneuver out of that. this is a reminder to the
4:49 am
american people, this is not about policy, these people do not care about the country. it's a very different dynamic and the intent to move it through. it is the antithesis of what americans want. they lie, and finally they're showing is clearly who they are. >> i don't want any reference to god but your fine with chuck schumer in the proceeding, there's something wrong there. >> lou: so help me, chuckie. >> used to be able to go to the men's room and ladies room, now there's 37 doors. you can be nine genders. styrofoam is banned in new york. they want to ban everything. >> lou: it is a strange turn and the republicans, the president today saying, what we all knew, that paul ryan was a traitor, a liar, and worked only for k street, the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable, wall
4:50 am
street. >> shocker. americans who voted for trump in the regular republican base i'm sure fainted that paul ryan promised something and then had no intention of doing it. like repealing and replacing obama care. that leadership had that. >> knowing. >> when it counted they can get together. >> they did it because they knew it would not pass. yet they took our votes and our money. of course he'll do the same thing to president trump. i'm glad the president is finally admitting it. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have been the problems. now that he realizes for the next six years he must really understand that nobody there was going to be maneuvered into doing what is best for this country. he has to do it on his own. >> if we do not have this president, mark, the republican party would be woefully in
4:51 am
deficit of a leader who cared about middle class, working men and women and their families, and those who aspire to the middle class. i mean, he is the only hope for the american man and woman and their families. >> outside of him, i don't know who will help us. i don't see him getting a lot of support. >> lou: he has his pin, he has the constitution on his side. >> you get a media working against them. anytime anyone says the wall is a moral, they should be questioned about it. there's a wall behind me, there is a wall over there. chuck schumer has a wall in his office, wall in his house. >> lou: now you're asking the democrats to makes sense and speak the truth. >> were okay with offense. >> when it comes to the media,
4:52 am
the democrats have had a good time over the past six or eight months. both speed and huffington post slashing jobs, eliminating. >> thousands of journalist jobs lost. >> the entire national desk at buzz speed, i don't know what the media is going to look like in two or three years. the president must realize they don't go out there and have riots, we saw what was happening in virginia and what was done with the abortion bill. we see kamala harris getting rid of private insurance. the american people see that, we know. if they think because were not outside rioting that we are quelled, they need to think again. american people don't like what's happening. >> lou: chuck schumer trying to carry out a coup against the president, suggesting our intelligent chiefs stage an intervention against the president. the person who needs an intervention is schumer, pelosi, and these crazy socialists, the
4:53 am
they are communists. they don't have the guts to say what they are. >> we just spent 15 years of accusing the intelligence committee of being lying. i want to pretend that they like the cia and intelligence committee. >> lou: i would like to know what they are hanging their hat on? what has the intelligence community in this country done correctly? what is it that we are getting for, whatever the number is, budget numbers, what is going on? >> it's strange. >> lou: they are not stopping russia meddling, they apparently didn't know about it. they haven't been able to hold anybody to account for the cyber attacks at the office of personnel management. 30 million federal employee names and data. the list goes on. the constant attacks. what are they doing? they are attacking donald j trump, the president of the united states. the russians are having their
4:54 am
way, the chinese are having their way. we see in the most recent intelligence report, here it is, this report, they have the power. they are there to carry out any cyber attack against our most important utilities in this country. at any time. what the hell are they? an observer group? the intelligence community? they don't do anything. >> is the same group, we've had intelligence breaches with china, north korea, and iran. it's the same group that after 17 years in afghanistan, al qaeda is still operating. the new guy, donald trump is the one who deals with isis, he is looking at this freshly and wants to make a difference. >> there's two jobs of the resident, peace and prosperity. we're doing great on both. overall it's a very successful presidency. >> lou: i still can't figure out what the hell the dni is talking about. what is he thinking about?
4:55 am
that's for another show. thank you for being here, on the show. come back soon. i'm next, president trump stands firm on his demands of congress. no wall, no deal, take that. great news, liberty mutual customizes- uh uh - i deliver the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: president trump today addressed the national security crisis on our southern border.
4:59 am
he placed little faith on the committee ostensibly trying to make a deal. president trump: i'm not waiting for this committee. i don't expect much coming out of the committee. if they don't give us the wall, it doesn't work. put a wall, it doesn't work. lou: the u.s. border patrol seizing the largest amount of fentanyl in history. enough to kill 57 million americans. the trump administration says china trade talks are going in the right direction. the president saying there won't be a deal until he and chinese president xi jinping are able to meet face to face. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us.
5:00 am
follow me on twitter @loudobbs, foll it will be the biggest trade deal by far but it will also be the biggest deal ever made, the two largest countries doing a trade deal. there won't be anything that will match that and we'll see what happens. >> we thought about edg enforce. lauren: after two days of trade talk with china, the trump administration says the discussions are headed in the right direction. gerri: another deal possibly in jeopardy, president trump and nancy pelosi hardening stances on the border wall with nearly two weeks until another government shutdown deadline. >> if they don't give us the wall, it doesn't work. >> there's not going to be any wall money in the legislation. gerri: what no money


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