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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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follow me on twitter @loudobbs, foll it will be the biggest trade deal by far but it will also be the biggest deal ever made, the two largest countries doing a trade deal. there won't be anything that will match that and we'll see what happens. >> we thought about edg enforce. lauren: after two days of trade talk with china, the trump administration says the discussions are headed in the right direction. gerri: another deal possibly in jeopardy, president trump and nancy pelosi hardening stances on the border wall with nearly two weeks until another government shutdown deadline. >> if they don't give us the wall, it doesn't work. >> there's not going to be any wall money in the legislation. gerri: what no money means for
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the president's plan. lauren: how will the recent shutdown play out in today's jobs report. the job market ended 2018 in the best shape in years. will it hold in the new year? gerri: let's take a look at how your money is looking this morning. the dow is up 27 points, the s&p 500 up a quarter point, the nasdaq up 27. lauren: on the first day of the month of february, let's see how european stocks are trading, green arrows across the board, marginal gains. the ftse is up by 48 points. gerri: in asia, let's take a look now. it's a mixed bag. the nikkei and shanghai both higher, the hang seng and kospi lower. lauren: "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: happy friday. it's 5:01 in new york. it's february 1st. i'm lauren simonetti. gerri: i'm so glad it's friday.
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i'm gerri willis in for cheryl casone. president trump sitting down with chinese officials at the white house following two days of high level trade talks between the two countries. lauren: let's get the latest from lauren blanchard. >> reporter: president trump holding an oval office meeting with the vice premier of china who came with a letter from china's president who said he hopes the countries can meet each other halfway. the two nations need to reach a deal by march 1st. >> i don't think we have to extend. >> reporter: if not, u.s. tariffs against chinese goods will bump up from 10% to 25%. >> it is hopeful that china and the u.s. will have the probability of striking a historical deal and my trip to the u.s. this time is to follow through ofollowup on the import. >> reporter: the talks centered about the trade i'm blanks,
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intellectual -- i' imbalance, inlengtinlength wall property -- intellectual property theft. >> enforcement, enforcement, enforcement. both sides agree this agreement is worth nothing i if there's no enforcement. >> reporter: the vice premier promises purchase of u.s. soybeans. president trump says it shows the chinese are committed to coming up with a deal and it will make u.s. farmers very happy. >> it's a sign of good faith for china to buy that much of our soybeans. >> reporter: president trump tweeted while the talks can continue between the u.s. and china, there won't be a deal until he personally sits down with the chinese president. date for that meeting has not been set. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. lauren: for now on this let's bring in riley walter as well as
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jonas ferris, fox business contributor. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: jonas, 27 days to go. do you think we get a deal or do you think the tariffs go up to 25%? >> i think we're going to get 25%. maybe not for a very long time but just for little while, just to show we mean business. i think trump's setting the bar very high on this deal. he keeps p tweeting he's not going to leave anything undone. it's not going to be a minor deal just to do a deal. that doesn't give him a lot of pass. china at this point, yes, they're buying more soybeans. a lot of the stuff they're giving us, they're giving us back business the way it used to be. the deal they were charging tariffs on the cars coming from the south from german car makers, that's back to the tariff levels from before. they haven't done anything significant, other than a slight deescalation. the president feels like he has more negotiating leverage.
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china is like california now. they're big enough where they can decree terms, not even a trade situation with the government. they can do it the same way california is like you have to have certain emissions here. lauren: i get it, go big or go home. as he's positioning for 2020, should maybe the bar be lowered on what constitutes a deal so he can you say he ha say we have a. >> i'm a little more optimistic. i think there will be short-term gives take the chinese can provide. they're starting to rush legislation through there. lauren: like what? >> changing on sort of their investment restrictions, allowing more u.s. investment in like automotive, finance, things like this. also making it more explicitly illegal to transfer technology to chinese companies. but i think robert lighthizer, the u.s.c.r. mentioned he's okay with an agreement for structural
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reforms too. i think everyone can agree that these talks aren't just going to eastbound on march 1st. the idea is to put a pause on the tariffs by march 1st and make sure the u.s. and china are still talking after march 1st. lauren: this is affecting chinese economy, no doubt. we got the survey of factory activity there, weaker than expected, much worse than the month of december. so it's in china's interest, no, to cut a deal with us. >> they're definitely the weaker economy and the one that's more leveraged in some ways than ours and more engineered and last year definitely looked like we were in a strongerrer position and possibly so this year, although their stock market which was doing badly for the last few years is you now doing okay. you could argue they're not in a particularly worse position than we are. they have a lot of power. thithis was something easy to d0 or 15 years ago before they got big. at this stage they get to decree terms on the market, just like
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kentucky doesn't get to say what emissions are for cars, they don't make them there. california does. lauren: do you think it's good form for president trump to call president xi a friend, is that personal touch, that personal relationship, does that impede or help the negotiations? >> i'm sure it doesn't impede the negotiations. one thing i definitely heard from the chinese that i've spoken with on the matter is they don't necessarily believe that the president is sincere or they don't necessarily give much credit to -- given the fact that the u.s. continues to escalate tariffs and rhetoric on restricting chinese investment into if united states and they perceive the united states has a new cold war mentality. so calling the president, president trump presidenpresideg president xi a friend they don't give much weight to it. >> i think it helps, because the president doesn't beat a lot of -- there's a lot of questionable leaders in the world that aren't
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running a real democracy. i think it helps in a business negotiation, to also remind them -- lauren: what kind of friend are you? if he's such a friend you say we're going to put tariffs on them anyway. i'm kidding. thank you so much for joining us. have a good weekend, guys. >> thank you. gerri: now to a fight over a border wall. as a group of lawmakers continue to discuss border security, president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi remain far apart on the issue. lauren: just how far apart? blake berman at the white house with the answers. >> reporter: nancy pelosi making it clear thursday that any compromise that might come up from capitol hill won't include a dime in new wall funding. president trump also making it clear on his end that he won't accept that. pelosi did say she would be open to some sort of physical barrier. >> 300 miles of this, so that cars cannot go by, if the president wants to call that a
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wall, he can call it a wall. he's referencing -- we already have almost 700 miles of wall. >> no, because if there's no wall it doesn't work. she's just playing games. so if there's no wall, it doesn't work. >> reporter: in recent weeks, president trump moved off the language of wanting a wall by saying he wants what could be steel slats or a physical barrier. but on thursday, he moved back to the language from his signature campaign promise, tweeting out, quote, let's just call them walls from now on and stop playing political games. a wall is a wall. declaring a national emergency on february 15th is still very much an option for president trump. back to you in new york. gerri: we're going to get the january jobs report this morning but the results could be affected by the partial government shutdown with more than 300,000 federal workers off the job. economists are looking for 165,000 jobs created in january, that's down sharply from december's much larger than expected reading of 312,000.
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the unemployment rate expected to hold he steady at 3.9%. we are going to have complete coverage and analysis of the january jobs report on "mornings with maria" starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern and you're going to have to watch this, larry kudlow, the top white house economic advisor, will discuss the jobs report and u.s. economy on "varney and co." at 9:45 a.m. eastern. lauren: the week's extreme cold weather being blamed now for at least 21 deaths. the deep freeze rocked the midwest and northeast. temperatures for illinois dropped to minus 33 yesterday. that broke the previous record of minus 27. already this morning, some 350 flights have been canceled on top of yesterday's 2400 cancellations. don't worry, there is relief in sight. the arctic air mass finally exits today and moves out of here. temperatures in some areas are expected to rise by at as much as 80 degrees within days. that's pretty bipolar weather. we'll get a live report from janice dean in a few moments.
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gerri: apple punishing google and facebook over app violations. lauren: what now. tracee carrasco has that story. tracee: apple suspended internal apps used by google employees on the ios mobile operating system after google admitted it used those apps to gather data on internet use from people who volunteered in exchange for gift cards. that followed apple's similar actions against facebook over its use of a similar data gathering tool that also used apple's system for the company's internal apps. apple has taken a strong position of protection of user information with ceo tim cook repeated by calling for privacy legislation. gerri: the beat goes on there. the appeal against net neutrality begins today. tracee: oral arguments before the d.c. circuit court of appeals today. the fcc tried to have the date put off because of the government shutdown p but the request was denied. internet companies, consumer advocates and several states
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want to invalidate the fcc's overturn of net neutrality which required internet service providers to treat all traffic on their networks equally. internet service providers support the rollback saying the obama era rules stifled innovation and i discourage corporate investment in broad band offerings. a decision from the court will likely take several months. lauren: and millennials apparently have a different view when it comes to their golden years. tracee: according to a bank rate survey, millennials say the ideal age to he retire is 61. the new you view of retirement involves retiring sooner, enjoying regular mini retirements and incorporating more of what they love earlier in life and instead of retirement being a one stopping point, millennials see it as a you fluid, longer lasting life stage. gerri: if they're so concerned, why p aren't they saving more? [ laughter ] lauren: tracee, thank you.
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gerri: i know a couple. lauren: in this building. [ laughter ] lauren: in this very studio. gerri: markets finished up for january. let's see how they're looking on the first trading day of february. take a look. the dow is up 29, the s&p unchanged. the nasdaq down 26. still ahead, amazon beat expectations and chalked up the third record profit in a row, why is the stock trading down after hours? remember this girl? why she's now suing the brand that made her internet picture famous. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ can't read mine, can't read mine, no you can't read my poker face. she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. select hotels to your existing trip. i but i can tell you i liberty mutual customized
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gerri: amazon turned itself into a profit machine. the company topping $3 billion in profit for the fourth quarter. that's the first time ever they've reached that level and the third straight quarter it set a profit record. take a look at the stock price here. but these shares dropping 4% in afterhours trading after warning of some head winds coming up. let's bring in da dan ives from we'd bush securities. what's not to like, profit above $3 billion, up 63%. why did investors send the stock lower? >> the quarter itself was obviously very strong. with amazon, if you look at aws and the cloud, that continues to be the star of the show. i think for investors, they're
5:17 am
just going forward in terms of the investment profile, higher than they expected but fundamentally it's really about cloud. you have companies like microsoft, oracle and others chasing after amazon right now. speaks to an investment profile that's elevated. that's why i think shares are down. gerri: interesting stuff. one of the reasons the stock went down i believe is that first quarter revenue they were guiding lower on what was coming ahead to about $56 billion from $60 billion. so a little disappointment there. they also talked about india and how that business is more difficult there. tell us why and what could it cost amazon. >> look, emerging markets, specifically when you look at india, that's been a tough nut to crack, not just for amazon but apple as well. i think that's where if you look at the growth, it's going to be in emerging markets, in some of these areas and fundamentally it's been disappointing. you take a step back, fang names have gotten their mojo back. you've seen it in apple,
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facebook and amazon. that's a big step forward for tech even though investors are going to look at some of the guidance and maybe poke some holes. gerri: you mentioned the cloud services before. just want to mention there's lots of competition out there, obviously, microsoft being one of them. can amazon continue growth in this sector, which they've really invented? >> look, they've really built it. if you look at bezos and amazon, that's been one of the keys to success, why you see the stock where it is. you look at microsoft and azure and dell, they are gaining more and more steam on crowd and narrowing the gap. then you have google that's investing significant dollars and i believe potentially an acquisition with thomas kurian, and you look at ibm, red hat. so amazon continues to be miles ahead but they've got to spend to stay ahead. i think microsoft's the one to focus on here where they're really starting to narrow the gap in the two horse cloud race.
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gerri: you mentioned they're going to have to spend in the coming years. what about buying another company? would amazon buy somebody else? there's speculation out there today they might buy fed ex. >> they continue to do it organically. but obviously with the whole foods acquisition in terms of what they made there, i don't really see that on the horizon but i do think in cloud in this arms race you will see m&a and amazon could potentially go after some cloud deals as well as google, microsoft and others. it speaks of the cloud race. gerri: it could be the m&a year. thanks so much for coming on today. lauren: january will be a tough performance to beat. it was the best january for the broader market since fatal attraction back in 1987. you remember, with the s&p 500 up nearly 8% last month. on this first day of the new month, dow is up 23, s&p is giving back, barely a point,
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nasdaq is down 26 in the premarket. coming up, the social media take-down, facebook and twitter taking aim at hundreds of fake accounts in its latest battle against misinformation. the countries at the center of it all. plus, music icons, beyonce and jay-z are giving fans free concert tickets for life but there's a very big catch. your watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ most kids today will have jobs that don't exist yet. the engine management systems coordinate with autonomous vehicles. financial data, so now we can predict the future. our new flexible propeller design. by collaborating with public schools on a program called p-tech, ibm is helping students build the skills they'll need for tomorrow.
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lauren: tgif. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. futures mixed as we wait for the january jobs report. s&p completely unchanged, dow up 26, nasdaq down 26. mike bomb mamike pompeo expectee
5:24 am
a nuclear treaty with russia. the treaty bars both nations from stationing land based missiles in europe and they will scrap the deal if russia is not in compliance after six months. the pentagon warning without u.s. military pressure it could take isis six to 12 months to regain the defeated territory. this morning coming as the senate advances a measure against the u.s. withdrawal from syria and afghanistan. th.federal authorities charging9 people in the first crackdown on chinese birth tourism. businesses that help pregnant chinese women get into the united states to give birth which grants their child citizenship here. people paid 40 to $80,000 to these companies to do so. facebook and twitter removed thousands of fake accounts with ties to russia, iran and venezuela. the phony accounts are accused
5:25 am
of spreading pro-iranian government messages, posting tweets about u.s. politics and showing support for nicolas maduro. nearly 2 million people followed these fake accounts on facebook alone. and this, the ph fiji water modl that went viral is now suing the company she helped to promote. she claims that fiji used a cardboard cutout of here after her new found internet fame when they didn't have permission to do so. fiji says the lawsuit doesn't have any merit. but she basically became famous. gerri: unbelievable. coming up this morning, high hopes for a u.s./china trade deal as president trump says he's optimistic. >> there is some points that we don't agree to yet but i think we will agree. i think when president xi and myself meet, every point will be agreed to. gerri: what if every point isn't agreed to? what no deal could mean for the
5:26 am
economy. and soda wars at the super bowl, how pepsi is breaking its truce with atlanta-born coca-cola. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ don't blame it on sunshine. ♪ don't blame it on moon light. ♪ don't blame it on a good time. ♪ blame it on the boogie. o could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here? that is definitely not for sale! is this a yard sale? if it's in the yard then it's... for sale. oh, here we go. geico. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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laurenlet's show you futures one first trading day of the new month of january -- of february. dow is up 27 points after posting the best january since 1989 with a gain of 7.2%. the other markets in the u.s. lower marginally at this hour. in europe, stocks there trading to the upside. the ftse in london is gaining half of 1%, that is the best performer. we have a mixed performance in asia. the chinese market is up 1.3%,
5:30 am
despite disappointing factory numbers. the kospi in south korea and hang seng down slightly. gerri: the stakes are high as the u.s. wraps up the latest round of trade talks with china. president trump saying he doesn't know if the china trade deadline will be met. >> the rate goes from 10 froes 25% on march 1st so they would like to do it. i would like to accommodate them, if we can. i'd like to accommodate china if we can get the deal done. gerri: let's bring in mark bitner. great to have you here. i want to play a little what if game this morning because everybody makes r their assumptions about what's going to happen in the china trade talks. what if we get nothing? what if we blow past that deadline in 27 days and here comes that 25% tariff on chinese goods. what happens to the economy? >> well, i think that that would greatly increase financial market volatility.
5:31 am
we would probably see interest rates come down a little bit more and stocks would probably sell off and i think that manufacturing activity in the u.s. it wouldn't immediately slump but it would weaken over the course of the year and i think that if we didn't get an agreement, that would probably force them to continue to negotiate. i think that solving all of our trade issues by march 1st, solving all of our trade issue with china by march 1st is a tall order but i do think they can get an agreement in principle by then. gerri: we've already seen some impacts to the economy. can you quantify -- these are just negotiations right now. already we're seeing announcements in the earnings statements, ap apple intel sayig this is hurting us already, we're seeing the chinese economy contract. what has been the cost so far? >> it's hard to separate the tariff issue from the slowdown in china that was already
5:32 am
occurring and the president did pick a pretty good time to wage this battle, in that the u.s. economy was riding high when tariffs were first instituted and so we had a little bit of momentum on our side. the u.s. economy has closed, the chinese economy has slowed. it mainly impacted the manufacturing sector. we have seen commodity prices come down. we've also seen that the european economy has slowed which is falling back on the factory sector. you don't see it in the jobs data. the jobs data last month was really strong but you do see it in the sentiment data, the ism manufacturing survey it fell last month by more than its fallen since december of 2006. gerri: that's a big deal. everybody looks at the job number and the gdp. once you dig into the pieces of the economy, what do you you think is most at risk? yesterday the president talking great guns about this 5 million
5:33 am
soybean order that's going to be coming from the chinese. is that a big deal or is it not? >> it's a big deal to the state of minnesota. it's a big deal to places that grow a lot of soybeans. and they've been hurting. they paid a price for this. our farm sector has paid a price for the tariff battle. but i think the two keys for policy makers right now are what's happening in the factory sector and certainly there's a lot of information in the employment data but there's also a lot in that ism report and in the housing data. housing began to slow nine months ago and it's hard to get a stronger economic recovery in the u.s. without a stronger housing sector. gerri: mark, we're going to have to leave it there. thanks for playing our what if game today, appreciate it. >> good to be with you. lauren: the monthly jobs report, three hours away. 165,000 jobs expected to have been added while the unemployment rate stays at 3.9%. the numbers might look okay, the environment is anything but.
5:34 am
a weakening global economy, a trade war with china and partial government shutdown, let's bring in rob basso of associated capital management and kate warren of edward jones. kate, if the shutdown does show up in the numbers where exactly will we see it. >> i think we'll see it more on the unemployment rate than we will on payroll numbers. if the shutdown shows up, it will mean a higher unemployment rate than the 3.9% that's expected and was the case last month and that's because the federal workers who weren't working will be counted as unemployed rather than employed. so i don't think that's actually going to change the number very much but that would make things look a lot worse than they really are as those workers are now at least temporarily back at work. lauren: and rob, we're coming off a very strong december job creation number so it's going to be a tough follow-up. but nonetheless, if we see a decent print, how do you make the argument as many people do, many economists do and certainly
5:35 am
fear that there's an economic slowdown? >> well, first off, i don't necessarily believe and i don't see there's an economic slowdown. i mean, i have the good, the bad and the ugly cake on this situation. the good is that small business owners are still leading the charge. they created or are almost going to create as many jobs as big business in america in january. the bad. i think the numbers are going do be fuzzy for the analysts. analysts are going to have trouble because of the shutdown. back in 2013, what happened was these government workers that were laid off and not working, many of them were counted as just absent for work. so i think analysts are going to struggle trying to figure it out. the ugly is that there's 6.9 million jobs available and we don't have enough people to fill the positions. look at our s.t.e.m. situation. china graduated almost 4 million s.t.e.m. graduates from 2016 until now. america only 500,000.
5:36 am
we're way behind some other countries when it comes to filling these high tech positions and i think we're going to feel that in 2019. lauren: you know what, no matter if the numbers are good, bad or ugly, kate, it almost doesn't matter because we heard from the fed and they're going to be pretty doveish in 2019. >> i think that's actually the case. i think also rob just gave us part of the reason that the numbers will matter less than usual, which is nobody is quite sure how to interpret them. if the numbers are a lot weaker than expected, then i think most people will say well, that's probably the impact of the government shutdown. shutdown if they're stronger than expected, that would be a sign that the economy is continuing to be strong, that employers have ignored a lot of the uncertain you at this and have kept hiring. that will actually be a positive catalyst. but you can see it's one of those situations where nobody's quite sure what to make of them. lauren: i know. and then -- >> that's uncertainty for the market. lauren: then there's the excuse that all companies can just give. well, we don't know exactly because the government was shut
5:37 am
down and maybe this furloughed worker when they get the phone call saying -- they're counted in the headline number but in the unemployment rate when that number is tabulated, the furloughed worker says i wasn't working and therefore the restaurant, bar or retail store can say our numbers were down because the furloughed workers weren't shopping. it becomes an excuse. >> that is true. the one good thing is wages are up roughly 3.2%. if you look at the positive side of that, even though these numbers might be fuzzy, the fact of the matter is, in general people are getting paid more than they were previously and that's a real positive sign. so all this negative talk, i'm not seeing it with my client base, my clients are very optimistic about 2019 and we pay tens of thousands of people in the regional marketplace. so i'm very pleased with what i see for the month of december. hey, i'm sorry for the month of january. december put on 300,000 jobs.
5:38 am
we're not there, but we're practically at full employment so i don't think we have as much to complain about as some might fear. lauren: rob, kate, thank you very much. "mornings with maria" will have full coverage of the jobs report. it all starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern time and then after that white house economic advisor larry kudlow is going to weigh in on all of this. he's going to be on "varney and co." this morning. he's also going to talk about china. tune in, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. gerri: san francisco's health warning about soda has been found unconstitutional. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with that story. tracee: judges ruled that the city's required working on ads for sugar drinks violates the first amendment, a victory for drink makers. the court also determined the city's warning that consumption of sugary drinks can lead to obesity and other diseases wasn't based on established fact. the court citing statements by the fda that you sugars are, quote, generally recognized as
5:39 am
safe when not consumed to excess. gerri: i don't beyonce said ss offering free lifetime for letter and jay gl jay-z's showst there's a catch. tracee: you have to become a vegan. she announced the contest to 123 million instagram followers in support of the green print project which encourages people to reduce their environmental footprint by eating plant based meals. to enter the contest, enter your name and e-mail on the project's website. a winner will randomly be selected on may 22nd. lauren: no thanks. but those tickets are expensive. so you know what -- gerri: i thought they were givenning it away to all he vegans. that's not the case. lauren: you have to become a he vegan. pepsi and coca-cola, they're aat the timing a truce ahead of the big game on sunday. tracee: pepsi is an official sponsor of this year's super
5:40 am
bowl in atlanta, the home of coca-cola. so pepsi put up this life-size statue of its founder and placed it so it appeared to be clinging glasses with cok with coca-colas founder. coca-cola said it had no advanced warning of the stunt but said it welcomed the statue with a coke and a smile. the statue was quickly removed. pepsi followed up with this tweet and used coke's only together is beautiful slogan against the company. hey, coca-cola, we swung by but looked like i like you didn't ws together today. an estimated 17 million people will miss work this monday after the game. jack in the box is here to help those with those who might call in sick with a box that contains two tacos, 10 chicken nuggets,
5:41 am
one egg roll, seasoned curly fries, $6. i heard grease helps the hangover. lauren: you won't be here on monday. tracee: i will not but i'm not calling in sick. gerri: that's a tease. lauren: she's on vacation. tracee: yes. lauren: let's stick with the super bowl. cheryl casone is in atlanta for the big day. what do you have coming up for us, cheryl? cheryl: good morning, lauren, gerri and tracee. we have a lot coming up all day. coming up next, you've got millions of fans, thousands from the media and some of the biggest stars of the nfl descending on atlanta, georgia. i had the opportunity to go head to head with my idol, zach prescott, the quarterback of the nfc east champion, dallas cowboys. you're not going to believe the outcome of the big competition held here in atlanta. that's coming up on "fbn: a.m.." we're live, super bowl liii. we'll be right back. ♪ when i come through, i need a
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gerri: welcome back. cheryl casone is live in atlanta where she got the full nfl experience, going toe to toe or you should we say arm to arm with dallas cowboy's quarterback zach prescott. lauren: must have been nice, cheryl. we saw the video. you did a good job. cheryl: thank you, lauren arounlauren andgerri.
5:45 am
here we are in atlanta, georgia. some of the biggest stars from the nfl past and present are here on the ground as we kick off the weekend of super bowl a 53 between the patriots and the rams. the guys that will be playing in the game haven't been around. for the other team players, they're out and about and i had the chance to bay virtual reality -- play virtual reality football and passing like a quarterback with zach prescott, a two-time pro-bowler. i'm a cowboys fan. zach's a great kid, love to see him. believe it or not, i actually beat him in virtual reality football and of course i gave him a really hard time about it. take a look. i want to remind our viewers right now that i just beat you in video football. >> you did, virtual. cheryl: you feel all right? you need a moment. >> as long as it's virtual reality and not reality, i'll be okay. cheryl: who you think will win
5:46 am
on sunday? >> any time you look at a quarterback position, it's about looking at super bowls and wins, tom bray i brady is the best atg that. i'm not going against him this sunday. cheryl: when we were playing it, we were playing based on eight hours of sleep and they switched the game up on us and six hours of sleep. zach insists i only beat him because i was better at operating on less sleep which i do because i host the show every day. let's talk about another great football player that was with us. adam dylan, a wide receiver for the minnesota vikings, two appearances in the pro bowl, a great player. he's also an entrepreneur. we talked about, well, what else, business. >> actually, impart of a business. i have a business partner that we own some gyms. we're trying to keep growing that business as well. it's really fun to be able to put what i did in school and what i learned in school to work. cheryl: concussions are down,
5:47 am
lower limb injuries are down. you're out there playing on the field. how safe are you feeling? >> i think if you think about it, you think about don't do this, you i don't want to get injured, i think that's when you get injured. cheryl: again, concussions in particular are down about 23% year over year for the nfl and again talking about the safety of the game, he says his kids would play. i asked him that. he said my sons are going to play, i have no problem with that. let's talk about what's happening here as far as with the fans and the experience. we did do a little chili cooking myself. kenneth temple who is a famous new orleans chef, we made chili, getting ourselves ready for super bowl sunday. at the end of the day, it's about the food and what you're going to be eating on super bowl sunday in the comfort of your living room or favorite bar or restaurant. houhormel foods putting that on yesterday. coming up on "mornings with maria," i'm going to go through shaquille o'neal's fun house.
5:48 am
he took me on a tour himself. the guy towers over me. we had a great time. there might be a mechanical bull situation happening with shaquille o'neal and believe it or not, super bowl great, the legendary joe theisman will join me. super bowl predictions and anything he wants to talk about. he's actually a fox business viewer, he loves the markets, he loves stocks. he's all about business. lauren: i'm raising my hand. i have a question. i don't know if you have an answer or if you're willing to give an answer, rode the mechanical bull, you or shaq? cheryl: you'll have to wait and seem i can't give that away. lauren: you i knew that was the answer. -- i knew that was the answer. thank you so much. cheryl will be live with us on monday morning for what happened after super bowl liii. gerri: we'll be right back. tio.
5:49 am
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gerri: welcome back to "fbn: a.m.." let's get you caught up on what's happening now. former starbucks ceo howard schultz again ruled out a 2020 run for president as a democrat in his return to seattle, slamming recent proposals from the party. >> the democratic party as it stands today is he'es spousing almost every day -- espousing very progressive policies that are not realistic, not affordable and a false promise. gerri: protesters chanted against schultz running for president. many democrats are convinced a schultz independent campaign would ensure another president trump re-election. finally, a man in new jersey
5:53 am
slipping up, caught on camera faking a fall as part of an insurance scam. you can see him spill the ice on the floor, looking around before pretending to fall. the 57-year-old faces two charges, insurance fraud and theft by deception. and that's what's happening now. don't get caught on camera. lauren: that wasn't even executed well. wow. lauren: we can finally say good-bye to the deep freeze that ripped through the northwest. gerri: janice dean live in the weather center with more. >> good morning, ladies. the last day of the deep freeze for now, we can say good-bye to the really extreme cold air, fingers crossed. current temperatures, in the minus digits in the upper midwest and great lakes. 11 degrees in new york city. with the wind chill, it feels very cold, very dangs rus danget things will improve. we have a 25-degree difference today, 29-degree difference in
5:54 am
memphis. the temperatures will go up significantly, look at chicago, 19 today, it was minus 40 wind chill this time yesterday. it will be 45 on sunday. 42 here in new york. that's enough to do a little friday happy dance. lauren: i like it, janice. gerri: we're dancing. >> i call it the bipolar vortex, by the way. gerri: that's not. lauren: you can have it. gerri: looking good, sister. lauren: coming up, a market watcher tells us what he's looking at in the january jobs report. ♪ i'll give you what you want. ♪ we've got only four minutes to save the world. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight.
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lauren: investors are waiting the january jobs report. the numbers might look fuzzy because of the recent government shutdown. peter dickson is an economist and commerce bank. he joins us now. peter, what are you watching for in this report this morning? >> i mean, i think we're looking for upside, really. a gain of 165,000, which is what the market is expecting, sounds to me like a very good number in the context of the shutdown. it would also be the 100th straight increase in payrolls. so from that perspective at least, the u.s. economy looks in a pretty decent position. obviously, the fed sees a lot of clouds ahead as they indicated
5:58 am
in their comments earlier this week. gerri: big day ahead for oil, exxon and chevron reporting. i want to ask about citgo, venezuela's citgo weighing a bankruptcy filing following sanctions from the trump administration. what is the impact on oil prices, do you think? >> in the long term i rather suspect positive because it's pretty likely that venezuelan production is going to collapse given the u.s. was the largest single buyer oven of venezuell last year. that will help opec rebalance the oil market. over the course of the year i would expect prices to rise, a lot depends on the extent to which the global economy slows. you could be looking like something like $65 on the wti price. gerri: peter, thank you for that. lauren: "mornings with maria" starts right now. maria: happy friday, ladies. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, february 1st. your top stories right now, just
5:59 am
before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the busiest week of earnings season wraps up today. on tap, merck, exxon mobil and chevron. amazon the stock to watch after the close last night. the technology giant under pressure this morning as revenue guidance comes in light of expectations. investors are anticipating the big jobs report today. the expectation, 1 165 new jobs add toded to the economy last mh with the unemployment rate holding steady. two days until the big game, we're taking you live to atlanta this morning for a preview of super bowl liii. with nba great shaq o'neil. we are just ending the best month for markets in 30 years. coming up, "mornings with maria" begins right now.
6:00 am
♪ super woman, yes i am, yes, she is. ♪ maria: we kick off the new month for markets with this. futures are mixed this morning, take look, dow industrials up 29 points, the dow and s&p 500 seeing the best january gains in 30 years for the month. the numbers were very strong, earnings season of course one of the big highlights, rolling on. but amazon reported last night posting a third straight record profit. however, the company's revenue guidance for the first quarter missed expectations and that is weighing on the stock this morning. we'll take a look at amazon momentarily. as you can see, the numbers there, $5.68 a share versus $6.04. the stock down right now 4.5%. joining me right now, cfra research media and


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