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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  February 1, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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on instagram @loudobbstonight. the super bowl sunday and l.a. rams coach says they are undecided about beth whether they would accept an invitation to the white house should they win. trish: the state department unveiling a lot of rules for the venezuelan debt market. no american can purchase venezuelan bonds. but the bonds are already out there. and and lot of mutual funds out there have them. but that means they have to sell them and the fear is they will be selling them to foreigners. we are talking to russians. there is a risk? that even if we are successful in helping venezuela, even if the freedom fighters succeed and take over their government from
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the socialist dictator maduro, could russia ultimately be calling the shots there three hours south of miami? we have the full report for you. juan guaido says he and his family are okay. they are okay tonight following an attempt by maduro's special forces to intimidate his wife and infant daughter just yesterday. tonight i speak to a man who knows maduro's intimidation tactics all too well. rafael guzman. he says what his country needs to unsight maduro. -- to unsee the maduro. mike pence holding a rally with former venezuelan exiel exiles
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and political prisoners. >> this is no time for dialogue. it's time for action. the time has come to end the maduro dictatorship once and for all. trish: congressman diaz who was with the vice president is going to jane me in just a moment. primetime will be begins right now. [♪] trish: wreaking right now. i'm look agent page 33 on the new sanctions from the u.s. treasury department that literally just came out minutes ago. the bottom line here noise american can own venezuelan debt. now, you say okay, good. why should any american be lending money to venezuela? it turns out that money has already been lent than is something called the secondary market. you have a primary market are
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the loans are initially made and the secondary market where they trade after the fact. secondary market is a barometer on whether if the regime will change. the price of the bonds were going up because people were betting on a regime change. now you have mutual funds in america and they have regulations when it comes into deks funds. and you cannot own stocks with sanctions. what does that mean? they will have to sell all this stuff really quick. but they can't sell it to other americans because the treasury department says we are not allowing americans to hold this stuff. that means they will have to sell it to foreigners. and that means russia is out there creating a market and china is creating a market. instead of the good guys owning a company like pdvsa in the end,
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you will have the bad guys being the ones in control. even if the u.s. is successful in terms of helping the freedom fighters, there is a risk here tonight that it's all for naught. that china and russia will be controlling the assets in this country? wouldn't that be tragic. all this as the pressure rams up on nicolas maduro and call for fair and free elections. juan guaido appealing to maduro's been factors, russia and china. he's arguing it would be in their own best interests to switch side. clearly at this point it's inevitable that there will be change. you have only to look at vice president mike pence today right back here in the united states. he told a gathering of
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venezuelan americans that the time for dialogue with venezuela's socialist dictator is over and it's time for action. joining me is someone at that gathering and round table with the vice president today. former congressman florio diaz. what is your initial reaction to this. i think sometimes it's what we call the law of unintended consequences. someone in treasury is saying we want to sanction everyone. we want to make it hard for the venezuelan government, the current invalid one to have access to capital markets. but in doing so are you running the risk that you have the russians and chinese buying up all this stuff, so instead of having the creditors being the good guys, us. you will have the bad guys. >> except for the fact that that economy is collapsing.
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so that debt is going to be worth less and less and less. the screws are being tightened on a terrorist -- trish: i'm going to jump in. the economy is collapsing but those bonds will be worth more and more and more if guaido is successful. and if you are able to get a new administration and have open elections. the thinking would be you could open the economy and all of a sudden those bondholders might get repaid. so we don't have to go into this at length. but it's just broke moments ago, and the treasury department can't steam seat forest for the trees. they want to choke off the funding but they are inadvertently hurting themselves and helping the russians. you were in miami. vice president pence making the
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case for a solid change. is it going to happen? and if so, how soon? >> the venezuelan people have been standing up for a while. they have been putting blood and they have been getting killed and murdered in the streets by the dictatorship. the big change is that the united states and not you rest of our allies have recognized a legitimate democratic interim government with a new president. the world is now watching and supporting. sow i think we are now almost at the same time we were just days before or weeks before the collapse of the berlin wall. where things are teetering. they are delicate. we need to continue to pressure, tighten the screws and at the same time help the venezuelan people. that's precisely what president trump and his administration have been doing. and they are doing it effectively, aggressively but effectively. trish: i spoke to the president
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the other day and he reiterated everything is on the table. he says he wants to help the people of venezuela and everything is on the table. what does that mean in terms of military action by the u.s.? >> exactly what the president said. every option is and must be on the table. let's recognize this is obviously important for venezuela. but it's also a national security issue for the united states. you are talking about a regime with close ties with all the rogue regimes in the world. but also cuba, iran and north korea. there are middle eastern countries that have a strong presence being venezuela like they do in cuba. terrorist organizations, and money that maduro dictatorship has been stealing from venezuelans they have used to do nefarious things this hemisphere and around the world. but let's make no mistake. this is an issue of vital
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importance for the national security of the united states which is why i'm so pleads and proud of the decisions president trump has made to make sure the united states stands with the venezuelan people and the cause of freedom, and stands with the clear, absolute national security interests of the united states of america. trish: i hear you and i'm with you on that. this is a pretty easy one no matter what side of the aisle you are on. the chinese, the russians, the hezbollah, the iranians. you mentioned the sanctions. i think they need to go through theml a little more carefully. they may run a risk that we end up with debt holders we don't want to see in venezuela. new tonight the president doubling down on what he told me
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exclusively earlier this week that all options are on the table for venezuela. listen. >> are you willing to commit u.s. military if necessary. >> i don't want to say that, but it's always an option. i take no options off the table. trish: does that mean military intervention in the region? is that what it's going to take? joining me, u.s. army special forces, jim hanson. good to see you, sir. where is this heading? by the way, i think you got u.s. has a narrow window. it can't get drags on and on and on. the people will get tired and disappointed. them lack the momentum they have right now, and the sanctions will affect that country in terms of the poverty levels which are so extreme. so you have got a narrow window. does it happen? does maduro go?
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>> maduro is going to go, the only question is how. the president is doing what he's supposed to do. he's saying all options are on the table, reinforced by ambassador john bolton, the national security advicor who said all options are on the table. that's his job description. he's the guy who recommends those things. it's designed to put fear in maduro and those who might back him. i don't think anyone wants to see a military intervention glass you is no good way to go about that. that's messy on a good day. this is more a department of dirty tricks kinds of thing. i think the below the radar kind of things we can do might be a better answer than a military intervention. the black helicopters, the parts of the characteristics a that don't generally get mentioned. we have capabilities. if we have to do something
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kinetic that would be better than rolling in tanks and troops. trish: let me follow that up. maduro -- i don't know what the going rate is for a dictator. but you could make it very attractive for him to go off to his villa in cuba or wherever else with a nice little pot of money. would he take that deal? would others in his administration take that deal. ultimately you have to get maduro away so you can go in and target the military and say, okay. now, you, you, and you, we are going to offer amnesty. but you are going to have to work with us here. >> i think again you are tracking with john bolton on that one. he said there might be a nice warm beach away from venezuela. trish: he said that on this show. >> exactly. your idea around peeling away
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some of his supporters. if he decides to be a dentist on this and not pushed out. you just lay it out for them and say you can go willingly and get paid. trish: he's got a military around him and they are all getting their pockets lined. the minute he leaves, they are tear fired they will wind up on trial in jail for the rest of their lives or worse. so they are tear fired that. and they are terrified their financial lifelines where tall their illegal illicit activities come out. >> if you let him know you can stay and stand trial or live out the rest of your thrive wherever want. trish: how do we get to sometime
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in. >> we have ways of talking to someone move we want to. that's probably already happening. rather than look at an actual force-on-force limit situation. we are dealing with corrupt thugs. cash on the table is an alternative. trish: coming up. freshman democrat omar, the woman who thinks iran, russia and helped bow lava it right on venezuela. she questions whether israel is a real democratic state. wait until you hear what she compared israel to. a brand-new report shows our economy added 300,000 jobs last month.
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trish: the far-left democrat who says she chuckles when people describe democracy. minnesota congresswoman omar agreed with a liberal activist who compared modern day israel to the south. she said israel is like the south before 1963. millions of people under israeli control are denied the right to vote, speak freely or assemble because of their ethnicity. it's a democracy for jews only. that's not a real democracy.
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trish: come on. this will be an interesting discussion. i want to bring in economist ben stein. this is the same woman who is somehow siding with iran, russia, hezbollah, cuba when it comes to venezuela. now to make this insane comparison to the south with israel and the palestinians. your thoughts, sir. >> well, insane is exactly the right word. it's fascinating that in congress we have people someone character rise as outright jew haters speak their mind as jew haters without fear of repercussions because they are
8:21 pm
wound up in the womb of the democratic party. israel has more benefits and rights for arabs than any other country in the middle east. they can vote and get free medical care. the zenith of this story is when the isis are fighting their comrades bring them to the israeli army post because they know they will get free medical care. i don't think that's the same as the klu klux klan in the deep south. she this my mind a full scale jew hater who happens to be in the congress of the united states. and there have been such like her before, and there will be such like her again. it's unfortunate that she is there. trish: it strikes me as un-american.
8:22 pm
she doesn't share the values we hold so dear. when i read her statement on venezuela. i thought who is she working for. i'm wondering if they are lining her pockets and her campaign. >> i think she is so angry and just -- this is an opinion, i'm not a psychiatrist. she is just so full of rage at the united states of america that it just comes boiling out all the time. and there are others like her in congress. it's unfortunate, but there they are. like many, many others in congress who hate americans, they go after the jews first. and the jews are the most of vulnerable group. then of course the jews -- it's a little bit not quite kosher to go after the jews in america, so they go after israel it's a fascinating thing. when you watch tv news coverage you see arab member after arab
8:23 pm
member who has gone to a jewish university and comes out being pro palestinian. i guarantee you that's not happening in syria. trish: long we are on the topic of this congresswoman whether she is talking about venezuela, israel or taxes, she seems to be missing the mark. she is floating this idea of taxing high earners at 90%. >> what do you think we can do, one of them is we could increase the taxes that people are paying. who are the extremely wealthy in our communities, 70%, 80%. we have had it as high as 0%. trish: class warfare. she is going to desired who's wealthy and tax the h-e-l-l out
8:24 pm
of them. they think there is a post money and they have no sense that somebody has to put money into the economy. >> what they are look for is societal control. the amount of money they would get from the 90% tax on billionaires is a meaningful amount. but it doesn't change much in terms of the national debt in the united states of america. but it starts the camel's nose under the tent of social control in the united states of america. and then the team gets its nose farther under the tent and pretty soon has control of everybody. trish: it happened in venezuela. that's a good political science case study. they basically controlled the population through voter intip days.
8:25 pm
and giving people just enough to get by. and it has not ended well. >> it has not. although i admire your coverage have much. i'm not optimistic of bribing mr. maduro and his friend to leave. i don't think there has ever been a marxist dictator who has left by being bribed. what we are going to do to get rid of this guy, i don't know. trish: you are giving him more credit than perhaps he's due. he lined his pockets. >> i think he's also crazy. trish: they all are. the left still insisting president trump's historic tax cuts only benefit those on the top. then how do you explain today's stellar jobs report.
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8:31 pm
policies. but i am very happy to report that we created nearly twice as many jobs as any economist thought we were going to in the last month, and that is according to today's jobs report. the same economy that led to this jobs report led to the dow and the s&p 500's best january in 30 years. pretty good, right? there are more people participating in the work force. that's great. and before you listen to all the naysayers that say, well, you know, unemployment is now up at 4% -- which, by the way, is still really great -- the reality is more people are participating in the overall job market. and you know what? that's why the rate went up. that's actually good news in this particular case. it's good news because more people are saying, hey, wait a second, i can probably get a job. they're out there looking for work because they believe in the future. they know that we're in a better job market. we have had four straight months of wage gains over 3%.
8:32 pm
this is what we need. and you know what? i'll tell you, it's not that hard. it's really not. you have the combination of lower taxes on the corporate side and on the individual side, you have less regulation and you have a little bit of optimism. all that combined. that's the magic for prosperity. you have to think about how amazing it all is considering this was in the middle of the longest government shutdown in history, and still we're adding all these jobs, and more people are looking for work. to react to it, bull's eye brief author mr. adam johnson. >> oh, thanks for having me, trish, especially on such a wonderful day. what a great story, right? 304,000 jobs created last month. think of it, that's 10,000 jobs a day. you go to work 9-5, it's 1100 jobs from 9-10, on and on all
8:33 pm
month. what a great story. trish: it is a great story. and you know what kind of surprised me? i thought there could have been a little weakness because of the government shutdown. >> sure. trish: no. >> no. trish: a stellar report. what does this mean for the months ahead? >> it bodes very well. that pendulum of negativity swung far to one side coming out of elections, the message is loud and clear. what's happening in this economy is working. trish, it's what i call -- and you and i have been talking about this for about a year and a half, the two es of earnings and employment, you have the most number of americans ever making the highest gross adjusted income ever, and they're spending that money. because three-quarters or 70% of our economy is consumer-driven. it's circulating and driving corporate earnings, and the more companies make, the more people are able to get paid. and on it goes. trish: it's really good to see this, and it tells you that the administration's policies are working. >> yes.
8:34 pm
trish: so, you know, how do you, how do you look at that in comparison to, you know, the representative -- >> the narrative that you get out of "the new york times"? trish: no, she wants 90% taxes, and this is a theme we're hearing from so many members of the left right now when i think the proof is in the pudding, right? you have only to look at the success of this economy thus far, how are they going to dispute that? >> well, remember when the tax cuts were first enacted and all these companies went out and decided they were going to give bonuses because they were able to. that's what happens -- trish: and i do recall nancy pelosi saying $1,000 -- >> yeah, calling it crumbs, right. the most un-american thing you could possibly say, and yet you could understand why ms. mowly and the -- pelosi and the rest of the democrats were saying that, because if the economy's doing well, they're not going to get elected. trish: i always say it doesn't
8:35 pm
need to be political. >> thank you. trish: jfk cut taxes. >> yes. trish: adam, good to see you. >> thank you, trish. trish: in just a few hours, protesters will be taking to the streets of venezuela demanding the resignation of socialist dictator nicolas maduro. coming up, a demonstrator who says maduro is only in power because he threatens. you're going to hard the terrifying tactics the socialist dictator and his thugs are using to intimidate the venezuelan people. we cannot ever let such a thing happen here. ♪ ♪ alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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8:40 pm
of power -- maduro out of power. the man the united states recognizes as the president of venezuela, juan guaido, now appears confident maduro is losing the army of loyal cronies the dictator once counted on to stay in power. watch. [speaking spanish] >> translator: i don't think there's anyone loyal to him left. in venezuela, there's no one loyal to the usurper. they remain loyal to its interests. the truth is that we must think about the future. trish: speaking of that future, joining me right now from venezuela, a freedom fighter and member of the national assembly, he's considered one of the brightest stars in venezuelan politics, rafael guzman. [speaking spanish] >> thank you. trish: i understand there are going to be more protests in the streets tomorrow. they're all over venezuela.
8:41 pm
do youdo you think they're goine bigger than the protests we saw last wednesday? [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: well, the emotion is growing every day. tomorrow we have protests taking place. our intention is to take the streets of caracas and the main cities of venezuela, something similar to what happened on february 23rd but with a very clear message which is the root, the pathway from the national assembly, the end of the usurpation of power by nicolas maduro recognized by the entire world as a dictator and someone that has usurped the presidency of the republic, the constitution of a transitional
8:42 pm
government and that we should have free elections in venezuela. we should give that tool back to venezuelans to decide our future. tomorrow we will be demanding, on the one hand, opening of the humanitarian aid channel, and our call on the first law issued by and passed by juan guaido, the amnesty law, to pardon the military. officials. trish: do the people of venezuela really think maduro will leave? [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: we are absolutely convinced that the momentum, the time for democracy is here, it has arrived. we are absolutely convinced that we can pave the way for our future, and that's why we're
8:43 pm
going to reremain in the streets demanding this. because for the first time, we have the true support of the international community, and this is very important to say this. in 2013 elections were rigged, presidential elections, and the international community was not very firm in that regard. then we saw the protests of 2014, more than 200 people died, and then the international community was very timid in that regard. the victory of the national assembly, strong victory in 2015 opened the eyes of the world -- trish: speak speak spanish. >> translator: we started to see how the government started to attack the will of the venezuelan people. today this is unanimous around the world that maduro is
8:44 pm
usurping the power of venezuela, and they've started to cut all those resources. the sanctions by united states, europe and latin america -- trish: speak. [speaking spanish] what is the difference here? does president trump have anything to do with that? [speaking spanish] in the policy of the united states, there's a difference. por que? >> translator: there's a difference because the government of the united states took the decision to understand that what -- and that's how they declare it in their sanctions, that the government, the regime that usurped the power in
8:45 pm
venezuela is also a threat to the region. and in that regard, many crimes have been committed. financial crimes on u.s. soil with the resources of all venezuelans. and that is also something that attacks the american system, and we see the result. these assets have been frozen for those around the government, personal sanctions. and, of course, now we need to have these resources to rebuild venezuela. trish: the sanctions, yeah, you know, i'm going to get to that in a second. [speaking spanish] but first, let's talk a little bit about when you and i last spoke. you told me that under chavez and maduro voter intimidation has really been rampant. [speaking spanish]
8:46 pm
>> si. >> translator: yes. trish: [speaking spanish] >> translator: look, since chavez was in power there was an abuse of the dominance deposition by the states in the elections. this has been systematic. election by election they take rights away from voters. the last, the last election because with very poor conditions for the national assembly, it was an overwhelming majority, and we won. since then the government thought, okay, we will not be able to count the votes again. and they started to manipulate, threat voters with identity cards. you could see that the polling stations, around the polling stations they would take away their id.
8:47 pm
they would walk them, they would walk the voter to the polling station. there was a campaign, pr campaign to understand that the vote would not be secret. so people were very scared. 48 hours before the election for governors in 2017 mobilized more than 500,000 voters from the police station. voters outside of venezuela were not allowed to exercise the right to vote, and everyone saw this. from then on the opposition agreed not to participate on this election, and so we created -- we won the national assembly and then maduro created a constituent parallel national assembly. then we had the mayors elections and then the presidential elections in may of 2018 where the spire -- the entire world
8:48 pm
saw that no one participated. and only the transition candidate of that election denounced the electoral fraud, and he withdrew his candidacy. trish: well, there's certainly a lot going on, and tomorrow is very important p. tomorrow is a big day. muchas gracias, rafael. >> translator: thank you. trish: [speaking spanish] coming up, okay, far-left democrat elizabeth warren doing a whole lot of backtracking this week. wait until you hear what she's now apologizing for. and then you've got senator cory booker, yes, one who tried to derail brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, he's running for president. but do any of these dems even have a shot at the white house? they sure hope so, but what would that mean for our country? what would that mean for our economy? we're on it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ trish: new tonight, add another name to the ever-expanding democratic presidential field. you've got new jersey senator cory booker, my goodness, growing and growing and growing. announcing he, too, was going to throw his hat in the ring for america's highest office.
8:53 pm
this as elizabeth warren apologizes to the cherokee notion over the controversial dna test she took to prove her native american ancestry or in her particular case perhaps not correct. [laughter] joining me right now, former hillary clinton campaign adviser antjuan seawright. antjuan, wow -- >> trish. trish: how many people are you guys going to have in the democratic party? i think it's really interesting. everybody's getting in there. ultimately, how large a field? >> trish, i think it's good that the more candidates, the merrier. i think it's good for our democracy, and i think it's good for this big tent we call the democratic party. the part i love the most is they all have a laser focus on god's country. south carolina, i've said in the on your show before, and i'll repeat it, the road to heaven and the white house runs through south carolina. and all of our candidates have
8:54 pm
been laser focused here because this is the battleground. 60% of the people who cast their vote in the democratic primary here will be african-american. and that is the key to -- trish: okay. who are we missing though? every tom, dick and harry's in there. who are we missing right now, hillary clinton? >> well, the boss lady will not run, but i think -- trish: really? she's not going to run? >> no, she won't run. trish: okay. >> but -- no, she won't. the list is not complete. keep in mind, it's very early. at this point in 2007 many people did not believe barack obama could run or many people did not believe he could win. trish: no, i agree. i'm looking forward to seeing more people get in. i'm just saying, you know, how many ultimately are we going to see. madison, there's something else going on as well. you've got all these people, and the noisiest ones seem to be getting the most attention, which means it's skewing the party further and further and further left, and i would argue
8:55 pm
further and further away from where your everyday american really is. howard schultz now saying that, you know, he's looking at getting into things as an independent. what will that do, does it help the focus any of those people in the big, broad democratic space right now, the big tent that, you know? and that's great, i'm all for the big tent. but in that big tent, they're so far left that i wonder if, ultimately, the independent candidate is going to be the one that most mainstream democrats want. >> you know, trish, we look back to 2016, and early in the primaries -- well, at this point in 2015 not one republican had declared. ultimately, you know, we had a field of 17. a lot of democrats said, oh, their field was too large. i expect the democrats will have more than that -- trish: they could have 70. >> they have six declared candidates, three exploratory committees and many, many people that are expected to declare in the near future.
8:56 pm
so i think it's really interesting when we look at what's happening in the democratic party right now, everybody and their brother wants to run for president, wants to give away free stuff. what ultimately is going to happen, i don't know. they do not have a strong leader. there is not -- trish: i hear ya. madison, it's good to see you. ant job juan -- antwon, thank you. we've got a lot more coming up next. news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance so that you only pay for what you need. this is phoebe buckley, on location. uh... thanks, phoebe. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at trish: big weekend. tomorrow, major protests scheduled for all over
9:00 pm
venezuela. the people are taking to the streets once again in what i am being told is going to be an even bigger protest than what you saw. and on monday we've got juan guaido's new ambassador to the united states joining me live here at 8 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up in just a few moments, self-made billionaire and patron spirits cofounder john paul dejoria is my special guest, and many of my exclusive interview with treasury secretary steven mnuchin coming up. but first, january's job report was released friday morning, and despite a government shutdown which consumed much of the month, the number was much better than expected, not a major impact at all from the government shutdown.
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