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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 4, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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address tomorrow as more troops and caravans are heading to the border. super bowl for the record books, the patriots beating the rams for sixth championship victory. the moments that are going viral this morning right here. plus why tom brady new instagram video is raising eyebrows this morning, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: markets this morning we are set to open higher today on wall street as fractional move upwards are taking place as dow and s&p 50 look to build on best january gains in 3 decades.
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best january in markets in 30 years, google's parent company, big week of technology, we heard from a number of them. this is a big one. we will hear from disney, general motors and 21st century fox, parent company of this network all coming this week, joining me russell investment senior portfolio manager, kevin disney. good to see you. >> good morning. maria: how would you characterize earning season so far? >> where you are seeing negative prices typically china related an what's been interesting that based last week are looking very good, also u.s. consumer, consumption, confidence is still there, we had a revision down and expectation and now companies that they beat by a little are seeing stock reform better than they have in last 18 months. maria: are you worried about a slowdown in the horizon?
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>> i see but a lot of that was probably overshoot, just what you said, the january market was up quite a bit. maria: yeah, after tough december, though. >> after tough december, two forces at work, corporate deacceleration, consensus and the u.s. consumer cycle is behind the corporate cycle, the lag that's happening in the corporate world would keep gdp robust in 2019. maria: what market are you most worried about in terms of impact on the u.s.? you mentioned china, there's europe where there's lots of messiness there, do you worry that those issues will impact the u.s. at some point? >> i have been fascinated in lack of focus on brexit because that's the next big potential shock and seem not to be getting headlines that it deserves, there doesn't seem to be a plan. maria: incredible. >> it is incredible, you heard bank ceo's in europe talking about companies cutting back
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spending, making contingency plans, spending more money, pressure on margins, pressure on cap x and that's the part that the markets really not been pricing as more about the china and the corporate. maria: president trump and chinese president xi jinping expecting to meet rather over the next couple of weeks in hopes of finalizing something, how important is this, the clock is ticking toward march first deadline is this a catalyst for markets and do you expect a deal? >> do i expect a deal and it would be a catalyst, the most have been pricing in the negative. but there's a couple of things going on with the chinese story, in headlines it looks negative and goes back and forth, if you look at u.s. corporate ceo's they are still investing. i heard one ceo that the conditions to do business in china are getting better. i think that people on the ground in china understand that.
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another ceo of healthcare company made comment that there was no substitute for our product, china does need to import a lot of high-tech not just software but also some of the hardware that they cannot manufacture themselves. maria: yeah, great job's numbers on friday, is that a catalyst to put money to work? >> we rroafer weight energy because of overshoot in december, the job's report is just the foundation of this economy is so robust, took the headline rift and shutdown and the company to hire is also weigh i don't see a recession in 2019, t hard to have a recession when unemployment continues to go down and the big part of that people are coming back into the workforce, labor force participation is going to keep on driving this going forward and that's the part where i don't see how you get into a recession in 2019. maria: love it. >> wages keep on going up as well. maria: kevin good to see you, thank you so much, kevin divney
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from russell. new england patriots winning sixth super bowl, dagen mcdowell, good morning to you, take on last night's big game? dagen: 13-3, patriots over rams, many americans thought i could have spent those hours cleaning out my refrigerator, i could have spent hours scrubbing toilets in my house, the quick recap of just the first half sums up with a total snooz fest it was. listen to this. interception, punt, missed field goal, punt, punt, field goal finally, score on the board, punt, punt, down punt, pass. yes half time, the dumpster fire is adam levine and maroon 5, do we have video of adam levine taking shirt off because women everywhere know the desperation is the work loan. there you go.
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you couldn't have done sit-ups in the weeks prior before you went on stage before you pulled the stunt? people were glad that the half time show was over and finally with 7 minutes left in the game, a touchdown, tom brady wins his sixth super bowl more than any other player in league history. last night without even throwing a touchdown. so what gives us hope and reminds us how much we love this game, the peter berg directed commercial called the 100th year game all-star cast of 40 retired and active nfl players, just take a look. >> it's about the players, the fans, the moments and everything else that makes you say, oh, boy
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. dagen: so that was the best commercial of the whole night and this is in celebration of the nfl's 100th season, it starts in september but does this was a little taste. i have gone back and watched this over and over again online, there were 19 hall of famers thereabout so more than 40 current and former players in the game, the best of the best. it was awesome, it was better than the game. [laughter] maria: wow, brutal. boston is celebrating, we know that, 6 straight super bowls, the game was awful. dagen: it was awful, he won 6 super bowls tom brady but you did it in lame fashion. maria: hey, how about all those tattoos? dagen: he looked terrible and sounded worse?
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maria: brutal. facebook out with post this morning on addressing the challenge that is the company has faced for the last several months, lauren simonetti with those details and headlines. lauren: good super bowl monday, maria, facebook is outlining what it calls fundamental changes, election meddling and protecting people's privacy. facebook saying its made record investments to keep people safe and strengthen defenses against the views, facebook adding given people more control over their information and more transparency into policies. let's take a look at shares, trading slightly to the downside in premarket. well, general motors will begin first round of layoffs this morning as it plans to cut as many as 14,000 jobs this year. more than 4,000 in salaries expected to be layed off today, 5 manufacturing factories online as they try to trim operating costs by $6 billion in the next 2 years to put towards electric and self-driving car technology.
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the auto make ler report earnings later this week. shares of gm are down 5% over the last year. last-ditch effort to save sears takes place today in -- placed today and keep 133-year-old retailer in business, rescue bid is opposed by creditor who is want the company shut down and liquidated, maria. maria: all right, lauren, we will take a short break, when we come back battle over the border wall, thousands more troops heading to southern border as president trump declaring national emergency just one day ahead of state of the union we are on preview mode this morning for state of the union happening tomorrow night. post game including instagram post from tom brady featuring rob gronkowski, a lot more when we come back, stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, big program this morning kicking off new week this morning, texas congressman congressman michael burgess along with senior advise the other george w. bush karl rove with us this morning, former coo of microsoft, bob joining us this morning, fox news judicial analyst andrew napolitano, big show ahead as we look at all the issues you want to look at. don't miss a moment of it. we kick it off right here, the fallout from president trump's tax cut, the journal this morning detailing which companies were too optimistic about the gain from the tax cut plan, also joining the conversation pwc partner mitch roschelle along with the president of maslansky + partners lee carter, great to see you this morning. >> great to be here.
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maria: monday morning, everybody. >> i got a lot of rest. dagen: i was watching twitter. i think our nation and handful of patriot fans. maria: you have done a lot of work on tax cut plan and journals naming names in terms of the companies that said, hey, this is going to be a great impact, long runway and then we saw not as favorable as we thought. >> yeah, i think it's highly isolated and it's also highly technical thing because the sec gave companies a year to figure out the accounting and some of the regs -- maria: explain the provision. >> regulation that is come out of treasury department in many cases aren't done yet, okay, foreign tax credits basically expiring because the way tax regime works. in the short term companies are opting to be more conservative and figure, you know, let's make sure we don't overdo it and give
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way too many benefits that we will have to reverse in the future. it's really a timing issue. maria: what about the top story in the journal in terms of what's news, small businesses becoming more cautious, sitting on cash after they had a banner year in 2018 in terms of hiring, investment, this is what you look for in terms of lead indicator for the economy, business spending, is small business pulling back? >> let's go back to tax cuts for a second. at the end of 2017, the tax cuts sort of happened companies made needed more time to figure how it all meant and how they were going to change business and all of a sudden the tariff story happened and uncertainty about the global economy, i don't think businesses have had that much time to go out and invest and figure out what the future is, they are sitting on cash, one thing ceo's know if you don't invest you don't own future, small businesses are feeling harder than big
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businesses are. the fact of the matter, i think you will see more business investment pick up. >> i have seen small businesses that i have been talking to in my research, they are concerned about all of the media hype about recession is coming, a recession is coming. they have being conservative saying we all say it's going to happen at end of 2019, 2020, they are prepare if r that. the question is what is really the issue, is it tax cuts or other things or everybody saying that this is about to happen? maria: economic confidence of small businesses, this is what the journal was looking at this morning, go ahead, dagen, what were you saying? dagen: did better than 3 market gauges, dow, s&p and nasdaq, they are not the smallest businesses, publicly-traded companies, that was double-digit gain in those stocks and investors were feeling optimistic about the landscape, granted russell 2000 is down
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since august thereabouts but optimistism in the market, is the market getting it wrong is the question. maria: the level of confidence is at the lowest level since president trump's election. you mentioned the tariffs, i'm surprised that smaller businesses are worried about tariffs because these are largely domestic companies. these are not necessarily the companies that are doing -- dagen: steel tariffs have hurt them, steel tariffs have driven up the cost of steel and so many smaller manufacturers have been hit hard by this, the journal writes editorial today, everybody else is paying the bill. >> yeah. also we need to remember, investors gravitated towards mall -- small business. you commented on the fact that i've been out on speaking tour and when i speak to small business owners across the country they are generally optimistic and largely convinced
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we were talking ourselves into a recession and when they look at fundamentals of business they feel pretty confident. maria: that's what you said, lee. >> what it seems like it was happening, i'm about to go on the road and interesting to see if the shift is happening too. for sure so much negativity out there. maria: it is, the u.s. is going strong because we had the job's numbers on friday, the u.s. resilient but at some point we are not living in a vacuum, europe is slowing, china is slowing, we will see. dagen: we are all nerds and we trade emails over the weekend, lindsey bell e-mailed me this what's going on with earnings expectation this year, first quarter growth, expectation zero growth. maria: 22. dagen: that's down from 5% growth at the beginning of the year, for 2019 it's only 3 and a half percent growth and that's
6:19 am
down from 6 and a half percent on january the first, those expectations rarely come down dramatically this one-month time and maybe sets us up for surprise but not good. maria: all on the heels on profit growth better than 20% in 2018, coming up ai threat from china, former google executive tells me artificial intelligence is among the biggest threats, we will bring you his comments coming up. elon musk of ship engine test, all that coming up right after this. as someone in witness protection, i can't tell you anything about myself.
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maria: welcome back, headlines across america this morning, arizona republic writing that face 10 million-dollar claim in uber fatality, the family of the woman killed in crash claiming city created a dangerous situation by paying median where people were not supposed to cross the road. mission success maybe first woman fire pilot honored in tennessee with historic all-female flyover, then this, captain rose mary layed over this weekend after passing away at 65 year's old, navy's first female jet pilot, first women to command squadron. new orleans advocate, when will we know when saints fans super bowl boycott affected tv ratings, fans were upset after no call on pass interference derailed chances at super bowl, ratings for the game should be
6:24 am
out later this morning, what do you think? dagen: i think people turned off during half because it was atrocious game. maria: in third quarter, maybe the rams could do it. dagen: no. so terrible. i want to know do advertisers get discounts later in the show if the ratings collapse? 30 seconds is like 5 and a half, over 5 and a half, 5 and a half million dollars. if you waited to advertise later in the game you got a lot fewer eyeballs. >> i'm sure that's true, i'm sure they did not get a deal because you don't know in advance what kind of game it is. maria: that's why you pay up. dagen: i want my money back if i'm advertiser. >> it wasn't great football, there weren't great ads and certainly wasn't great half time show. maria: there you go.
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[laughter] maria: all right, coming up state of the union is tomorrow, previewing what president trump's speech might look like, both sides of the aisle on split on immigration. mystery solved. hershey zeroed on production issue that caused kiss to go missing.
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody, thank you so much for joining us, happy monday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday february 4th, your stop stories right now before 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. markets edging higher, 14 points higher on dow industrials, s&p 500 off a point and nasdaq up 3 and 3 quarters after mixed close for major indices on friday, nasdaq posted higher move to sixth week in a row, dow industrials up 54 points, quarter percent, s&p was up fraction, nasdaq was lower friday, down 17 points, one quarter percent lower there. in europe this morning take a look at the action, it is mixed, almost third percent higher but the cac quarante in paris and dax index in germany both lower this morning. asian markets mostly as you see posed -- closed for holiday,
6:30 am
beginning of new year, the chinese new year, shanghai composite and hang seng all closed. nikkei in japan up half percent. former google executive weighs in on artificial intelligence this morning, he says there's a list of industries that are the biggest impacts and there's a big threat to the world force as a result of ai. plus engines are a go, elon musk posting video of the star ship first engine firing test, the very latest right here. big game is over but the fight has just begun, how busch used super bowl to take shots at rivals, why it has corn farmers upset this morning. found the way to fix the broken tip of famous kisses, we kick it off with top story this half an hour, border funding battle continues, trump administration sending nearly 4,000 additional
6:31 am
troops to the southern border this coming as another migrant caravan is heading towards the united states as we speak, on sunday morning futures i spoke with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to discuss how to tackle this issue of border security. where are we in talks over border security up against the february 15th deadline? >> it is tough to negotiate and get an agreement with people who are more focused on stopping the president than they are on helping the country. it doesn't take a genius, what are we now on the fifth caravan now going to be here any day in texas, anyone with common sense can see we need a border security wall, we need to secure our border, we need to reform asylum law if we are going to debate problem. >> what the professionals say where technology is best utilized and border fencing should be utilized and concrete barriers may make the most sense. i believe the best path for us to take would be to have comprehensive approach to this,
6:32 am
deals with the border security issues around which we may have some disagreement but also deals with larger immigration issues that we know sooner or later in this country we will have to get around to solving. maria: joining us washington examiner editorial director hugo gordon, i speak with different people on this issue, it feels like there is common ground, that everybody agrees you don't necessarily need a wall but then again there are areas that are quite dense that could use some kind of a physical barrier, can they come together with an agreement even though nancy pelosi and president trump are at each other and are digging in? >> i think they will have to, maria, you're right that there's common ground. i think that they've got stuck on the fact that people talk about the wall as though there's just one thing that is needed, the truth is what we need is more wall, there are plenty of places where there is wall but needs to be completed, needs to be actually a barrier, there are some parts which are mountainous which clearly don't need
6:33 am
barrier. so, you know, both sides want to government to get going but we've had months now of the democrats simply saying they are not going to give president trump the opportunity to claim that he kept his promise to build the wall and -- and i think they are going to have to come back and what's going to happen is we will get something which the democrats can say isn't a wall, it's a fence, it's security of some sort which they have always wanted and president trump will say, he got what he wanted, he got the barrier, he got some kind of security at the border. maria: people don't want to see politics, lee, the wall that separates tijuana from san diego, how is that not immoral? lee: i find it -- i'm sorry, i find it fascinating that when you change in polling the question to say are you in favor of a wall or are you in favor of stronger border security or are you in favor of -- if you're in
6:34 am
favor of a fence or stronger security or a physical barrier, anything besides the wall, support goes up by like 10 to 20 points depending how you phrase it, bottom line ask people stronger border security, they say yes. maria: they want it. >> that's symbolic with trump right now. if you take the wall out of the equation, call it something else they will probably get more support. dagen: hugo, last week nancy pelosi was talked about normandy fencing. she brought up -- she did not rule out certain other physical barriers, crisscross post. is there an opening here? >> look, i think there is and it's just the phrasing is the thing that's getting in the way. you know, one of the things people should remember is people have become kind of immune to the idea of people crossing the border i i legally, if there wee hundreds or sometimes hundreds of thousand people approaching the northern border or on ship
6:35 am
in the coast, people would be treating as extraordinary thing. everyone says it's what happens every day, there's no emergency. the truth is there is a crisis at the southern border because hundreds and sometimes thousands of people are crossing into the united states illegally. this doesn't happen anywhere else on any of the other borders. maria: interest, let's talk about the state of the union coming up tomorrow morning. 5 areas the president will touch on in tomorrow's state of the union, number one immigration system, number 2, protecting american workers on trade deal including china and nafta and number 3 rebuilding america with respect to infrastructure, number 4, lowering health care for prescription drugs and number 5 national security including the potential wall. so this debate on the state of the union around immigration,
6:36 am
hugo, the journal is reporting that guests be invited to the capitol will reflect partisan immigration divide. republicans reportedly plan to go invite law enforcement, democrats will invite undocumented immigrants who work at golf clubs owned by president trump. i just feel like it's all politics all of the time instead of getting the work done that the american people want. >> yeah, that's absolutely right. look, illegal immigrants come in and no doubt there have been some that have worked at president trump's properties, it's a way of embarrassing the president, it doesn't get anything done. there's a lot more sympathy for border security, you know, for the police, for ice, for the border patrol, you know, those people are doing legitimate job, the country understands that there's a need for that, every time every one of us go through airport we go through immigration, everybody knows that there should be border security and having people in
6:37 am
the audience who do that kind of work and who are advising the administration about what they need are going to be much more sympathetic people to mass audience than some illegal immigrant. dagen: i said this privately and i will say publicly now, this literally comes down to nancy pelosi at all cost trying to avoid president trump saying on the campaign trail when he's running for reelection, you know what, méxico didn't pay for the wall, nancy pelosi wrote the check. that's what she's trying to avoid and that's simple as it goes because she has to know being from california that walls work as you pointed out time again. maria: there's 1 and a half million people on one side of the wall in san diego and another 1 and a half million on the other side in tijuana and if you tear down the wall you have to believe that the people of tijuana assimilate themselves, the wall has worked and in a dense place like that we have so many people right around the
6:38 am
wall, you would expect that a wall would work. >> but this is amazing moment in american history to resolve comprehensive immigration reform once and more all. maria: i think that people understand that. they see right through this all. lee: i think that the president was on the right path when he started talking about what we need here, it was also the wall and humanitarian aid because one of the things republicans are take luight of heat for we are not treating people like humans and i think that the truth of the matter is the policies are looking for as republicans are not to say let's treat these people terribly, let's bring them in legally, let's get -- maria: that's right. >> i think that's what the republicans need to focus on. maria: i wonder if all the dem women where wear white, that's another thing that the leadership is asking people to do. all right, thank you, hugo, great to see you this morning, thank you so much for weighing in here. >> thanks, maria. maria: jury in the el chapo
6:39 am
trial set to start deliberations today, lauren simonetti on that story and headlines now, lauren. lauren: 12 jurors expected to start weighing evidence against el chapo in new york federal court following 10 weeks of testimony, mexican drug lord faces 10 charges related to drug trafficking and he could receive life in prison if found guilty. and check this out, elon musk is showing off spacex's powerful raptor rocket engine, look at the thrust, it's unbelievable. designed to power power to the moon and beyond, musk celebrated first test fire by tweeting about it. announced that japanese ceo had bought seats to travel around the moon in year 2023. and we have an answer for you, hershey's kisses finally getting tips, they struggle to find a
6:40 am
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maria: welcome, the threat of artificial intelligence and particularly from china, on sunday morning futures yesterday i spoke with former of -- president of google china, we talked about ip theft among other things. some people says it doesn't matter if china are stealing ip tomorrow, they are still ahead in terms of ai, can you assess what sophistication china has in this regard? >> i think the ip issue is
6:45 am
different field by field but in the area which we invest in mobile internet and ai there hasn't been active theft, it's how fast you run and how fast you make technology forward. researchers public papers and open domain open source, chinese and american companies use it. so in the mobile and ai area china -- chinese companies have been running faster, so it's kind of catching up in terms of creating businesses and value, speech recognition, drones and things like that, china is not dependent on american ip in this particular area, i wouldn't say all technology area. maria: there are now what's called centers in and around silicon valley, chinese think tank and ultimately these are being seating places where you've got different people, talented people back and forth in universities, i think it's
6:46 am
really hard to separate how china became the number one in ai and whether or not there was ip theft there, dagen, what do you think? dagen: i absolutely agree, we have to hope that the people who live and work in this country, whether they work in universities, whether they work in large technology corporations understand the risk and guarding themselves against the risk of theft, of espionage and the like and i would think that individuals are smarter than others. maria: within the next 15 years lee said there are a number of industries, jobs that would go away, chauffeurs, drivers, i wonder what you think about the future of work, waitresses another area, doctors will change he said, although he said if you have a specialty like research on alzheimer's or other
6:47 am
specialties then that will take a few more years. >> i think like it was said last week, the fact of the matter, you look at what the copy machine and fax machine did to disrupt offices in america that are gone forever that we have replaced them with other jobs, i'm not too worried about this because at the end to have day jobs eliminated, new jobs would be created. maria: we just don't know what the -- dagen: but that didn't happen when it came to manufacturing jobs in the country. if you look at my hometown in virginia, it used to be a thriving little up -- town with tobacco, i understand the decrease use there, the furniture manufacturing jobs went away because of trade and this is not something that happened overnight, people saw it coming primarily a few decades but nobody did anything about it.
6:48 am
>> since world war ii, service jobs have risen and manufacturing jobs have fallen. maria: goes back to education. we need much stronger education policy which zeros in on engineering and where the growth and the economy is. yesterday i spoke with michigan congressman dan, he weighed on the threat of artificial intelligence as well as the other threats in his constituency. who is the bigger threat, china, illegals taking jobs, i think it's a combination of all three, what do you think? >> well, i think it is for the most part it is -- technology obviously has had impact on manufacturing, that's clearly a threat, but china, for sure, when china can produce cheap steel and dump it in global market that undermines manufacturer to compete. until we get trade right and a way that ensures that our workers can compete on an even playing field, those other factors are important but they
6:49 am
are not going to be as important as getting trade right. maria: you think about the michigan manufacturing in the country and they are under attack not just from illegals but more so from ai, from technology and also from china. >> i have a friend that manufacturers products, most of them are manufactured in china. so just not high technology that the ip is being stolen, it's even dies that are used in consumer goods that are stolen. maria: takes you back to the issue, we discussed last week, dagen, what is -- what is the right trade deal, if china is willing to open up markets to financial services, what does that do to trump's manufacturing base? they're not going to take on manufacturing goods from the u.s., they're manufacturing products and selling them to the world and that's why air quality. dagen: president trump has
6:50 am
fixation on manufacturing goods rather than our services because, again, we are a service's economy. we make less and less in terms of manufacturing products. we have a trade surplus with canada but if you listen to the white house they will remember last year they were arguing about that we have a trade deficit which we just don't if you include services in that equation and so is his base being helped by the steel and aluminum tariffs, i say no. maria: which is why i don't think it's acceptable to do a deal with china when china says buying more stuff, buying more soybeans, buying more grains, i think there's a real issue with ip. dagen: if you started the fight you better resolve ip theft, espionage, forced surrender of technology. maria: we will see, ad upsetting america's corn farmers.
6:51 am
video raising eyebrows this morning, stay right here. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, super bowl 53 going down in lowest score in history. cheryl, looking good out there all weekend, how was it? cheryl: good morning, gorgeous maria, nice to see you, it was a game, let's leave it there, 13-3, first time you ever had where there was no touchdown in first three quarters. wide receiver for patriots, he had 10 catches, third super bowl, he was mvp of the game, he was big star but also about,
6:55 am
well, it was about tom brady, of course, it was about tom brady, he was asked how he felt about performance and he said, you know, i could have done. >> i could have played better offensively, the reality is you get in the games and you find a way to win and we played well in the end and that's what we needed. cheryl: amazing moment after the game watching him and bob kraft, like a father-son kind of moment. let's talk about the other issue that came up, corn syrup, bud light had the second most buzzed about on social media commercial, a way to take a look at what they put out there in the first part of the game watch. >> corn syrup -- >> that's not ours. >> miller lite uses corn syrup. cheryl: all right, so they basically went after the competition and the national
6:56 am
association of america said that they were disappointed for bud light going after corn syrup and beer, miller lite, corn syrup, miller lite says we are beating you when it comes to market. going back to tom brady, of course he gets on instagram and shows video, i think it's hysterical, him and gron doing the dance, hanging out, maybe it's a little braggy, i don't know, you know, rub it in your face, super bowl tom brady but you know he had to put that on instagram, that has gotten a lot of attention, that was a fun game. dagen: do you know who tom brady won for having the most super bowls? charles bailey from virginia. on.
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. ed good monday morning, everybody. thanks so for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 4th. your top stories right now. big week for earnings once again. alphabet is the one we're focused on this morning. we will hear from alphabet, parent of google, later today. later this week, disnigh, general motors, snap, all on tap. we've got everything you need to know in terms of fourth quarter earnings and the impact. markets this morning have turned lower. take a look. dow industrials off of the best levels of the day, of the morning, rather, but still a gain of 4 points on the dow. the nasdaq up 3 1/4 points.
7:01 am
this after the mixed close for the major indices on friday. the dow and s&p 500 finished higher for a sixth week in a row. up 64 points on the dow on friday, s&p was up 2 1/2 points. the nasdaq was down 17 points on friday. in europe, the major indices are mixed. fx100 up 20 points, the cac in paris is lower by a half a percent and the dax index in germany down 30 points. most asian markets were closed overnight for a holiday. it is of course the chinese new year. in japan, the market was up about 1/2 of 1%. oil in focus this morning, new concerns for the industry amid major protests in venezuela over the weekend. oil at $55.15 a barrel. the fallout coming up. the patriots win the super bowl. it's adam levine who is breaking his silence over the controversial half time performance. we'll talk about it, his shirt
7:02 am
going viral for all the wrong reasons. fortnite's epic concert, we'll tell you how many tuned in to watch the popular d.j. spin during the game. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, mitch rochell and lee carter. great panel today. it's one day after the super bowl. >> so much to talk about. dagen: i was trying to get this out before we went to break. until his super bowl victory last night, tom brady was tied with one charles hailey for five super bowl rings. five super bowl titles. charles hailey played for the 49ers, won two super bowls for the 49ers and three from the call has coul cowboys. he is from gladys, virginia. >> there's a super bowl and there's a state of the union which is like my super bowl. i'm so excited to see what's going to happen there.
7:03 am
sounds like there will be a lot of showdowns. i don't remember the guests being previewed on both sides of the aisle. i remember the president talking about who he is going to bring. then having the opposition coming in with their set. i think the whole thing will be -- what did you callin call it? >> cringey. maria: how will the president talk about nancy pelosi and how she's fighting him tooth and nail with her sitting right there. the republicans will bring law enforcement as their guest and the democrats are bringing illegal immigrants. dagen: there's one congresswoman from new york who is bringing a daca recipient who is a rhodes scholar and he's afraid to leave the united states for fear that he can't get back into the u.s. let's just point out that daca protections at least temporary ones were on the table and the democrats turned their backs on that. so point that out. maria: where do we stand with the deal? that's our top story this hour. the clock is ticking with two
7:04 am
weeks to go until the government shuts down again. this comes as more troops and another caravan make their way tto the southern border. president trump is considering whether to he declare a national emergency. yesterday i asked whether house speak her nancy pelosspeaker nar forth money for the wall. she has said there will be no money for any wall, anywhere. there will be a dollar, not more than that, because the wall is immoral. isn't there a growing group of colleagues on the left, your colleagues, that say exactly what you just said, which is practical, that there should be money for everything including in areas where it makes sense, a physical barrier. >> in the past she said where it makes sense to have physical barriers, we support physical barriers. >> it's not a question about spending the dollars, it's a
7:05 am
question i suppose which is either politics, which come enates, when you have the speaker saying not one dollar for a wall and you have the president insisting on a wall, in part because that's what he campaigned on and was elected on. it becomes politics. but it's not a financial -- it's not a budgetary issue. maria: joining me right now is texas congressman, medical doctor, michael burgues. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. maria: do you think this gets resolved? most people see right through this, that this is politics that there are areas where we need physical barriers and other areas where we don't. >> it certainly gets very interesting tomorrow night when the principals are gathered in one place. the president said he needs money for physical barriers. i think there is -- at least i've heard the past several days some agreement from democratic
7:06 am
colleagues that physical barriers are important, are part of the solution. i'm a little disappointed the conference committee wasn't in washington over the weekend, as my understanding. they really need to be getting the information from the experts, presented. we're all going to have to vote on whatever it is they come up with in a few weeks' time. so i'd like to see maximum effort on this. maria: the president has been saying over the last couple days that the wall is already being built and that he's expecting 115 miles of wall to be built in the short term. so where is that money coming from? one of my guests yesterday said that there's about a half -- there's about a half a billion dollars in the homeland security committee, the office of the homeland security, rather, that is from confiscated drug money.
7:07 am
is that use -- if it hasn't been allocated, the president can use that money, right? >> well -- there are dollars in the account from previous appropriations. not sure about your other story about the confiscated drug money. yeah, there's money in the accounts. so there is work ongoing at the present time and the president's correct about that. maria: he can begin the building? he can begin it? >> the building has been going on for years. in 2006, secure fence act said we were going to secure the southern border. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer voted for it. i think barack obama when he was a senator voted for it. the authorization from congress is there. the dollars need b be supplied. maria: people recognize that they voted for it before, that there's a wall in california, nancy pelosi state dividing
7:08 am
tijuana from san diego. yet, this politicking keeps going on. even the guests will be divided at the state of the union tomorrow night. the journal is reporting republicans are planning to invite law enforcement officials while democrats are inviting undocumented immigrants who work at golf clubs owned by president trump. >> it will be an interesting juxtaposition. i'm going to bring a constituent who lost a daughter hit by a car driven by someone in the country who was not here legally. he was a veteran and came to me one day and said i put on the uniform and i was doing my job in iraq. if you had been doing your job, congressman, my daughter would still be here. that was pretty tough to take. i invited him to the state of the uniform i hop--the state of. i hope he will be able to be there. maria: you're a medical doctor. the president is expected to talk about lowering costs for healthcare and prescription drugs. what are you expecting to hear
7:09 am
out of the state of the union tomorrow night? >> i think the rebate issue that came up last week and for companies to be able to directly reimburse patients rather than middlemen or third party intermediaries or insurance companies, to proked vied these rebates directly to patients, that seems to make a lot of sense. i expect we may hear the president talk about that. of course, his trade policies have been front and center for some time. so i expect we'll hear him -- he ran on that. he won on that. i expect to hear him talk about his trade policies as well. maria: what will you be listening for specifically within healthcare? >> within healthcare, you know, a year ago he laid it out and said pharmaceutical prices are too high and they're going to come down. trust me, they're going to come down. i think he is going to continue to push that point. the work that the secretary of health and human services has done with the index pricing, with drugs sold on a global market, that's been interesting.
7:10 am
got a lot of people upset. but the same time it's been an interesting approach. i think you're likely to hear a continuation of that discussion the president's put out before. maria: do you think this is going to be the next two years of just fighting between the democrats and the president, that you guys get nothing done for two years? how's that going to play on people going into 2020 and r another presidential election? >> well, it was north net that the first two -- fortunate that the first two years of the trump administration were so productive. i think you're correct, we've entered into the 2020 presidential race early. iowa is still a year away but every day that goes by there's a new seemingly legitimate democratic candidate. the press as we all know has been aligned against this president right from the get-go. and he will continue to -- he'll continue to have to carry all of that burden and, yet, somehow this administration manages to get things done. so i will tell you from the
7:11 am
standpoint of being in the congress, we got more done the first two years of the trump ad medicinaddadministration than ts 15 years. when people look at the accomplishments in the first two years of the administration, they were significant. goodness knows, you talk about people talking down the economy, that worries me too. i don't know why that is happening, except that one way they see to defeat the president is to tank the economy. but that's a terrible, terrible deal for the american people. maria: it certainly looks good so far, the numbers have continued to show a strengthening economy in the u.s. congressman, it's good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> good deal. thank you. maria.maria: coming up, papa js gets a new ceo and getting a big investment. the details next. stock is up 6.5% right now. plus, fortnite concert going viral. fans of the pop r late popular e
7:12 am
treated to a live performance, all coming up. right here. ♪ i love the way you know who you are and to me it's exciting. ld♪ you know it's meant to be. and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine? -ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer. danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this one's for you.
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maria: welcome back. new chairman for papa john's, lauren simonetti with headlines now. lauren: investors are liking it. the company announced that jeffrey smith, the ceo of starboard value and activist invest pment firm will now lead the troubled company. starboard value will make a $200 million investment in papa john's. smith will replace founder and former ceo john schnatter who stepped down in late 2017 following a series of controversies. take a look at shares of papa john's. they're trading 6.5% to the upside in the premarket. well, ryan air, europe's largest budget airline, is reporting the first quarterly loss since 2014. higher oil prices and lower air
7:16 am
fare reducing the company's profit. the company also reiterated a no deal brexit could drag down their full year profits. shares of ryan air are down almost 3% in the premarket. well, automaker nissan is abandoning plans to build it's x-trail suv in the united kingdom. the move is a sharp blow to the prime minister, theresa may, who fought to have the vehicle built in england in and effort to shore up confidence in the british economy. this comes days after britain's car maker issued a stark assessment of the upcoming brexit effect on the industry. maria: the new churr o futurer report, we'll tell you what president trump said. not living up to expectations, the super bowl half time show falling flat for some fans, details right here, next up. ♪ into the great wide open.
7:17 am
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maria: welcome back. russia investigation in focus, president trump speaking out on the mueller report and whether it will be released to the public. >> i think it's a terrible thing that's happened to this country, because this investigation is a witch hunt. it's a terrible witch hunt. and it's a disgrace. >> would you make the mueller report public because you say there's nothing in there. >> totally up to the attorney general. >> what do you want them to do? >> even the mueller report said it had nothing to do with the campaign. when you look at some of the people and the events, it had nothing to do -- >> you wouldn't have a if this
7:21 am
became public? >> excuse me. it's up to the attorney general. i have no idea what it's going to say. it's been a total witch hunt. it doesn't implicate me in any way. maria: joining me right now, judge andrew napolitano. judge, good to see you this morning. >> sometimes the wish is the father of reality. his wish is that it doesn't touch him. we haven't seen it. even referred to the mueller report, i think he misspoke. there is no mueller report of which we are aware. maria: we know there was fisa abuse, judge. >> there's no question about that. he has a very legitimate claim about the abuse of power against him. part of that abuse of power is institutional. fisa made it easier for fbi to get warrants, to surveil people, which article 3 judges, you have to go in with probable cause of crime, would never grant. maria: they didn't tell the judge that hillary clinton and the dems paid for it. >> they didn't tell the judge half of what they should have
7:22 am
told him. the president is correct when he says it's up to the attorney general. the attorney general at the time presumably will be bill barr. i don't think it will happen in the next two weeks. barr should be in office by the end of this month. maria: the end of the month? >> yes. according to senator graham, the chair of the judiciary committee. he stated several times this is not a witch hunt. he has also said, as has senator mcconnell n. wan, they want as h of this to be made public as possible. it all goes to the attorney general. in my view, it will be several reports at several different times. it will not be one report all at once. there are many rabbit holes down which mueller and crew have gone, some of which they've exhausted and they can write a report and they've got indictments, in some cases convictions. others, they're still gathering evidence. in roger stone's case, for example, the earliest that trial
7:23 am
will be next fall or a year from now. does that mean mueller could bee around that long? he could pass it to other investigators if he shuts it down. how could the report become public? the attorney general could release it. the attorney general could keep it secret. congress could subpoena it. now we have an issue. will the doj comply with a congressional subpoena? presumably they should. what happens when someone in congress gets it and it's got classified all over it? what did senator feinstein do with 6,000 pages of classified material about torture? brought them to the floor of the senate and released them where she is immune from civil criminal ethical liability. so once this gets in the hands of any member of congress, particularly a democrat, it will become public. maria: congressman jim jordan joined me yesterday to talk about the mueller report and the phi say abuses. here's what he said. robert mueller's report, when
7:24 am
are you expecting it, can it be incredible without him looking at what you call fisa abuse? >> i think there's real concerns with how the sai process was handled -- how the fisa process was handled. another big hearing, matthew whitaker will be in front of the house judiciary committee on friday, these are questions we plan to ask him as well, see if he'll give any indication of when mr. mueller's report will be completed. >> i agree with everything congressman jordan just said. it would be shocking to me if bob mueller were to look at the fisa abuse. he would be undermining what in my opinion is uncons tewingal, , unlawful, but standard procedure for fbi agents. i don't think he wants to go there. this operating procedure was standard for fbi agents when he was the head of the fbi. this is not shocking or new to him. i'll be surprised if he goes there. jim jordan and company will have to do this on their own. dagen: wouldn't president trump
7:25 am
want the whole mueller report released? wouldn't he want that. >> i think that's a question that margaret brennan put to him yesterday. i wish he had said yes, because i have nothing to fear from the truth. instead, he very cautiously, probably pursuant to advice from his lawyers said i don't know what's in there, some crazy person that mueller thinks is credible could have accused me of some awful thing. maria: once the mueller report is out, i bet the president declassifies all of the documents that people want declassified so we can see officially what happened in the 2016 elections. >> that is a problem with foreign partners. the british and the israelis lobbied the president very, very aggressively and so far successfully not to reveal what fisa had because their fingerprints are in there. remember, he said okay, i'm going to turn it over to the inspector general and the doj. where is it now? maria: don h uber is missing in action, he was supposed to
7:26 am
investigate all this. >> he's still at the doj. he has a team of deputies attorneys general and fbi agents that work for him. but you're right, we haven't heard a peep. that may come out at the same time as well. maria: judge, thanks so much. >> all the best, guys. maria: coming up, chaos in venezuela, sanctions hitting the oil-rich country, potentially hitting u.s. refineries. we've got details. a grammy nominated rapper arrested by i.c.e., 21 savage allegedly overstayed his visa 12 years ago and now he may be deported. details next up. ♪ i ain't as good as i once was. ♪ i've got a you fe few years oe now. ♪ but there was a time, back in my prime, when i could really lay it down. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work.
7:27 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 4th. your top stories right now. markets inching higher this morning, dow industrials up 26 points, fractional move on the s&p, 3 points higher on the s&p, 8 points higher on the nasdaq. this after the dow and s&p 500 had their sixth straight week of gains last week. dow industrials up 1 1/3% on the week, s&p up 1 1/2% and the nasdaq up as well. in europe, markets look like this. you have gains in london, fq100 up 23 points, a third of a percent. the cac in paris is lower by 22
7:31 am
and the dax index in germany down by 21. asian markets mostly closed overnight for the chinese new year, japan was up about a half a percent, however, up and open. walmart giving back, the retailer announcing plans to give employees paid time off among other new perks. we will have all the latest coming out of walmart this morning. then there's this, a grammy nominated rapper has been arrested by i.c.e., 21 savage allegedly overstayed his visa and may be deported. the patriots won the super bowl but the halftime show has everyone talking this morning. adam levine breaks his silence over the controversial performance. the shirt goes viral for the wrong reasons. the bi business of fortnite, the d.j. hosting a record-breaking concert. hdetails coming up.
7:32 am
a brent oil is above $63 a barrel as opec supply cuts and the response to u.s. sanctions on venezuela kick in. prices are now at $55.14 a barrel on crude and brent is at $62.78. u.s. crude broke a three-month losing streak, posting the best january on record. joining us right now is tom klosa. thank you for joining us. >> hi, maria. maria: how does venezuela fit into this in terms of the supply and demand story on oil? >> well, venezuela has been losing oil production for the last few years. they did it during the chavez years and during the maduro years but they still provide about 600,000 barrels of crude in the united states. think about crude as carbohydrates and protein. they have a crude oil that's like a protein and the world needs right now. there's a pretty good chance i
7:33 am
think this quarter that we go from venezuela to vendomonium and we don't have venezuelan crude and it fortifies prices throughout the world. >> one of the things we're seeing in other markets, stocks and bonds, for example, is rising prices and it's suggesting that investors are putting risk back on. so when you look at some other asset classes like oil, is the fact that oil's going up also has something to do with investors rotating in as they put risk on and look for places to park their money. >> it's an interesting construct and we'll find out in the next few weeks. one of the problems of the government shutdown was we lost the pictures that the cfdc, commodity future trading commission takes of those investor money flows. but i think you're right. i think that the money flow is coming back into oil. it's a good way to play what could be otherwise disastrous with losing venezuelan oil and
7:34 am
so i think money is the biggest fundamental and it's flowing back into mostly long positions in oil. dagen: tom, this is a wonky he question. it's dagen mcdowell. venezuelan oil is heavy and sour, isn't it, unlike the texas light sweet. if we lose that oil, can we replace that type of crude easily where it's refined right now? because those refineries aren'tt really make those switches easily to refine a different type of crude. >> you can always run the light and the sweet. the problem with the light and ththe sweet is that you get a lt of gasoline. gasoline is the world's undesired hydrocarbon. it's odd, people think venezuela will send the price of gasoline high e. when in fact it may mean we're going to have too much gasoline production from u.s. refineries. if they had their druthers they would rather have the h heavy
7:35 am
crude and make diesel and jet fuel and products that pay a big premium out there. if i had a diesel car or an airline i'm a little more worried than if i drive a motor fuel-filled car. maria: earlier today, several european countries including spain, france, the u.k., recognized vince wa venezuela's opposition leader, mr. guaidos, as the company's interim president. with that unrest, what else do you think happens that could affect u.s. refineries? i mean, is this a major impact for u.s. refineries? >> it could be. i mean, i think that when you game this out, you have to game it out and you have to figure that there's a possibility that venezuela will not be exporting any crude oil in the first half of 2019. you know, what they have right now is a trickle compared to what they used to and some of it goes to india, some of it goes to china, some of it goes to the
7:36 am
united states. but there's a scramble. it's as though there's a buffet and there's a lot of items at the buffet that aren't there right now for u.s. refiners. the last thing they want to do is make nor gasoline. there's -- more gasoline. there's too much of it. they can't get the price of crude oil for the price of gasoline. it's more of an economic annoyance for u.s. refiners. for the world, if we lose 1 million barrels a day ovens o venezuelan crude, we lose libyan crude because they've had problems there, or we have tougher sanctions on iran, we'll see higher prices but not apoc e numbers. maria: how does the market change in the next five years? >> next five years, i think you're going to see the united states exporting occasionally 4
7:37 am
and 5 million barrels a day of crude oil, maybe more. we will be the largest crude oil exporter, beyond russia and saudi arabia. we'll be producing much more than russia and saudi arabia, but we'll be using quite a bit of it. so as long as the price stays in the $50 range or higher, we'll see shale come on and we'll be producing three times the amount of shale oil that we did as recently as like 2012. maria: that's incredible. tom, it's good to see you this morning. >> it is. good to see you too. it is energy dominance. it's lining up just for terrific production numbers from the u.s. companies. maria: really amazing. tom, thank you. we'll see you soon. >> thanks, maria. maria: coming up, walmart provides new benefits, the company giving employees paid time off as well as other perks. we've got all the details. fortnite concert going viral,
7:38 am
edm star marshmallow giving fans of the popular video game a live performance, details right after this. ♪ don't go higher. ♪ put it in your hands. ♪ hollywood is dead. ♪ you can find it in yourself. ♪ i don't want to take you dancing. thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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walmart is rolling out paid time off for sick workers.
7:42 am
walmart's hourly employees will receive paid time off for sick days as well as other absences. they can earn up to 48 hours of what walmart is calling protected paid time off, separate from regular vacation time. walmart will also pay workers an additional 25% on their quarterly bonuses if they have perfect attendance. you're getting rewarded for doing the right thing. shares of walmart are down 10% over the past year. immigration and customs enforcement arresting the rapper 21 savage in the atlanta area yesterday. officials say the british rapper entered the u.s. legally in 2005 but overstayed his visa. they say he is also a convicted felon. drug charges back in 2014. his lawyer says she is working to get the grammy nominated rapper out of federal detention. authorities say 21 savage is in deportation proceedings in federal immigration court. a historic moment in video
7:43 am
gaming over the weekend. >> i want to see everybody jumping with me. i want to see you jumping. let's go. ♪ back home to you. >> that was a virtual concert. the popular d.j. marshmallow held an exclusive concert saturday inside the game fortnite. reports say more than 10 million gamers watched the virtual concert, featured live audio from the d.j. and dancing holograms. it has bee he'd been he' edited. you can see it on youtube if you like. it is the world's most popular video game. now you can watch a great concert and the game as well. dagen: that should have been the halftime show. [ laughter ] dis fodagen: for the super bow, rather than adam levine and maroon 5. >> that was a good one. dagen: this love has taken its
7:44 am
told on me. that's adam levine. he had to take the shirt off to distract from the hideous singing. >> i didn't think his. >> abby: s and his muscles -- i didn't think is abs looked that bad. dagen: he sang worse than he looked. i said that earlier. fortnite has about double the number of people who watched the super bowl, more than 100 million people would have watched it, probably, a little more than that and fortnite has double the number of that in terms of players. it's pretty incredible. >> virtual concerts. dagen: speaking of -- thank you, lauren. lead singer adam levine has commented on his band's controversial super bowl halftime show. it wasn't controversial. it was awful. we'll have what adam he levine has to say. that's next. ♪ benny and the jets.
7:45 am
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maria: welcome back. the whippers and losers of super bowl liii include more than the patriots and the rams. cheryl casone is in atlanta with more. cheryl, good morning. cheryl: tom brady never seems to get tired of winning. they beat the rams last night, 13-3 in a game with no touchdowns until the fourth quarter. we've never seen that in a super bowl before. julian edelman is the most valuable player. it's what tom brady did after the game that has a lot of people buzzing this morning. he and rob gronkowski got on instagram to do a fun video. you see gronkowski doing the,
7:49 am
well, i don't know, i'm thinking about it, what's happening. well, according to the internet this morning he's basically talking about the speculation, will he or won't he retire after this super bowl. i don't know. i think he's going to stick around. that was my take. that was eminem without me playing underneath that instagram video. now to the halftime show. apolitical. as in not political halftime show, maria. it was a straight show. there was talk that travis scott was maybe going to kneel at some point during the halftime show. he did not. there was concerns about that. of course, maroon 5 came out, adam levine came out, it was quite a performance. watch. ♪ is there anyone out there. ♪ atlanta! cheryl: he broke his silence on instagram last night, as well, adam levine did, responding to
7:50 am
critics. a lot of artists have been supporting colin kaepernick and they didn't want to perform in the super bowl. he decided he was going to do it. he said we thank the universe for this historic opportunity to play on the world's biggest stage. we thank our fans for making our dreams possible and we thank our critics for pushing us to do better. adam levine did get criticized for his fashion choices, the tank top. a lot of people comparing it to pillows in their living room they bought at target. not kidding. all kinds of tweets and memes saying adam levine is dressed like my couch. pretty good. also -- i know, right? of course, he took his shirt off and his tattoos were compared to the outside o chipotle bag as well. [ laughter ] cheryl: i know. but say what you will about adam levine. they kept politics ott of the halftime show. nobody kneeled during the
7:51 am
halftime show. cardi b didn't show up. there were rumors she might. she didn't. it was about football and the fans. maria: i'm glad they kept politics out of it. the fire really started when he took his shirt off, dagen. dagen: i don't know if that was fire. [ laughter ] dagen: you want me to read what i tweeted last night? i said oh, i missed adam levine with his shirt off, i was busy lansing this boil on my arm. kidding. [ laughter ] dagen: cardi b did perform over the super bowl weekend and there's video of bob craft wandering onto the stage and dancing with cardi b. better leave that in your bathroom, mr. craft. i mean, you can brag about this super bowl win, but that's worth revisiting. if you've got time at the office today, being hungover and under-slept. maria: bottom line, they've won
7:52 am
again. they've got six super bowl rings now. >> it shows it's a lot more than tom brady. he didn't win the super bowl. the team did. dagen: julian edelman won the super bowl. >> no question about it. dagen: not one touchdown. tom brady didn't throw it. it was a lackluster sixth victory. he's the goat. can we stop saying goat about tom brady. maria: you just said it. dagen: now can we stop for the next year. maria: six super bowl rings. dagen: he's the greatest of all time. i still think charles hailey is better. he's from my hometown. maria: you were watching it, enjoying the potato skins. >> it was very good. it will be interesting next year if it will be a farewell tour ala derek jeter where -- dagen: people love to hate the
7:53 am
patriots. maria: they keep winning. dagen: cheryl's a cowboy's fan, she knows the feeling. maria: you knew they were going to win. did the whole crowd think they were going to win from the get-go. cheryl: if you look at the betting out of vegas, and online betting as well, the odds were on the patriots, absolutely. that's where the money was going. look, the rams had a really strong defense. that's why you had a really low scoring game. which frankly a lot of people are calling boring this morning. but you you've got to give it to tom brady. i'm glad you mentioned julian edelman. he was the big star last night even though tom brady gets all the attention. maria: i like the coach of the rams. he seems like a good guy. shawn. cheryl: there's always next year. as i say as a cowboy's fan every year, there's always next year. maria: that's what the saints are saying too. cheryl, come back soon. we'll see you at home. thank you so much. cheryl: miss you guys, see you soon. maria: looking at markets this
7:54 am
morning, let's assess. we have a number of earnings that have been better than expected. but also any trends that we can pull out from the fourth quarter reporting season? dow industrials up 15 points, s&p up 1 3/4. what's your take-away on the earnings season so far, mitch rochell. >> i'm focusing on the guidance which has been largely conservative and that's not disrupting markets. i think all of the international trade and the slowing h global growth is baked into the guidance right now. look at the guidance coming up with conference calls with investors, they're very conservative, they're flagging all the issues and the market is not freaking out. the market is priced with the expectation this will be a lackluster earnings year and there's optimism which lindsey has been talking about and that could be something that surprises to the upside. maria: google is coming out tonight. dagen: one thing you alluded to
7:55 am
earlier is stocks and bonds are rallyinrallying side by. maria: side-by-side.maria: i e journal. dagen: the fact o that the yied on the 10 year treasury has fall on for three straight months and the fact that money is pouring into treasury as the same time stocks are rallying, something's got to give. one of the markets is wrong. maria: the journal writes people should be concerned about it. >> i'm not too concerned. if you think about the united states economy being the strongest one on the planet, investors are going to bet where they think there's the greatest opportunity. if investors are throwing money into u.s. dollar denominated currency and our currency is getting strong and the securities are going up in value. maria: in other words you're not going to put money in europe right now with all the uncertainty, you don't want to put money in asia, is that what you're saying? >> investors in those countries don't want to invest in their own country. they're investing here. maria: the border wall battle continues, more troops headed to the southern border, the details right here, mari "mornings with
7:56 am
maria." a preview of google, alphabet, parent out tonight. back in a minute. ♪ i don't know why and i don't care. ♪ to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 4 your top stories right now just before 8:00 a.m. on the east
8:00 am
coast, another big week for earnings alphabet watching the company will report earnings after the close tonight. google we saw facebook, amazon last week later this week we hear from disney gm snap among others we have everything you need to know ahead of numbers tell you how it is impacting markets the economy, futures this morning are fractionally higher dow industrials expected to be up you 20 points today, at the open, s&p up 2 1/2 nasdaq up 7 points right now, this after a mixed close for the major indices friday dow and s&p 500 higher for a 6th week in a prou up 64 on dow up 2 1/2 points on s&p friday, the nasdaq was lower friday down 18 points, quarter of one percent, global markets a mix take a look at european indices ft 100 up 18 points a quarter of a percent cac quarante in paris down 26. saks in german down 22, most asian markets closed for the lunar new year japan was open, up half a percent.
8:01 am
border wall funding more troops headed to the border as a caravan approaches, ahead of the state of the union address as well president trump is slamming house speaker nancy pelosi over about negotiations to fund that border wall. >> i costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because what is happening is when you have a porous borrowed drugs pouring in people dying all over the country because of people like nancy pelosi. who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons, she is doing a terrible disservice to our country. >> we have very latest on those negotiations, coming up this morning, ahead of the president state of the union. mark zuckerberg maya culpa facebook posting a message revealing what it is doing to tackle privacy, and transparency issues, the stock up a third of a percent right now, super bowl for the record books pailths battle rams for 6th championship victory, six super bowl rings amazon ceo bezos made a cameo of roger
8:02 am
caddell's box under fire for big game ad amid lay identifies in the industry joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell, pwc partner mitch roschelle president of maslansky and partners lee carter. >> i mentioned last hour charles haley tied for five super bowl wins with tom brady until tom brady's wen last night i wish more people paid respect to charles on the broadcast last night to kind of tip of the hat to man won two intrurlz at san francisco 49ers and three with dallas cowboys, from p virginia charles haley showed respect with humor tweeted last night about nine hours ago congratulations to tom brady, and patriots, records are made to be broken, and who knows, maybe i have one more in me. >> great! >> no, he is 55. god bless him, so respect to
8:03 am
tom brady and charles. >> very good the fight over funding looming the president is getting ready to deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night. blake burman at white house with more details on what we can expect, blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well pet scheduled at the white house is clear, he probably giving him time to prepare for tomorrow's state of the union white house says that speech from the president will hit on five different themes the top of the list having a safe and legal immigration system as they put it protecting american workers on trade deals like china and nafta, along with rebuilding america's infrastructure lowering costs for health care and prescription drugs and protecting national security, the speech delayed a week, of course, due to record long government shutdown, as the president fought democrats for new border wall money and did not get that funding. the president over the weekend, continued to say he could declare a able national
8:04 am
emergency he kept in play the possibility that the government could shut down again. >> well, i don't think anything off the table i don't like to take things off the table. reporter: meantime pentagon announced yesterday that it would be sending 3700 troops down to the southern border to assist u.s. immigration and customs enforcement that briks total number north 46300 the president said in that interview yesterday we will probably find out if the state of the union more information about his meeting with kim jong-un. maria: lots to come tomorrow night blake burman white house, bring in former senior adviser to president george w. bush fox night contributor karl rove good to see you did you watch super bowl. 5 minutes i got to tell you dagen mcdowell -- adam levyine this morning crying after hearing what dagen said about
8:05 am
his performance brutal i don't think we can look for any kind of relationship blooming is between two of them. dagen: he will run for office eventual we can lambaste him for more. >> yeah, yeah, that don't tattoos looked painful about the process. >> count of like tattoos a lot of tattoos the president said in that sound bite a moment oak, i don't want to take anything off the table. he does know that if the government shuts down, people are going to blame them both. >> they are going to blame them both but blame him more. maria: right. >> i thought it was interesting, they blamed him more but also blamed the democrats, and there is a good reason for that, look this is the kind of controversy that -- should be easily solved, you know we're talking about one-tenth of 1% federal budget he asked for for the border
8:06 am
wall the idea border wall doesn't work or amoral is ridiculous i do think the president has an opportunity here notice how many democrats have been talking in recent days about we want to hear what ebbsperts have to say this morning we had, you know somebody from the democrats talking on our companion network about evidence based wall the president out to say look i have been talking about wall i want to show you the people who have been talking to be about it, here are the experts inside the department of homeland security viecadvisi me where to repair and extended the wall i want you to listen to them put me inside for a moment listen to experts they will tell you what we need to do. maria: you are right, not only that there seems to be a movement within the democratic party to get something done and whether it means money for fulfill barrier as well as drones technology et cetera there is a movement breaking with nancy pelosi, because they know this is just a political fight.
8:07 am
>> yeah look you've got 32 democrats occupy seats that were won by donald trump in 2016, of course, those kinds of members are sitting there saying i am not going home and say abolish ice not going to say walls don't work not going home and say we don't need to wor about southern border i've got a district people are concerned about those kind of things, aoc, gentrified district in brooklyn queens bronx i've got a district in middle america wor about it. >> michigan and hae. >> right. >> one of the things i am curious about i know the polling says more people blame the president than they do democrats, but 50% blame trump then 50% still blame the democrats for where we are. at the same time, the president polling numbers one thing has increased since this that is that he will fight for what he believes in. so people are going to say he means what he says says what he means that is something got him in office in the first place because he seemed like a different politicians do you think in any way, this might
8:08 am
help him? >> look there are minor advantages out of there overly overly depressed ubs numbers only good news is nancy pelosi unfavorably risen more remain she is not running against him next year will be a fresh face from democrats to fiduciary how far left are they going to be? shutdown never good are particularly if willing to take blame for it what the president did on this one the pressure is on if the president steps back a little bit, makes it less about him more about here are the experts that i am listening to, if you don't want to believe me okay fine, but i want you to listen to someone in charge of our border security human region be in charge of the listen to the person in charge of border security in san diego region if possible find a way to gently say you know what if you really believe wall are immoral put a bill forward in
8:09 am
the house to take up that 63 miles of fence we got in san diego county, see how many cosponsors you get how many votes you get simply flat wrong there are places along the border wall are needed there are lots of places where they are not needed, but there are places where walls are needed. >> karl mitch roschelle prior shutdown ended when i guess over weekend it happened friday i was a victim of it ffa to a grinding halt realized that this country was going to slowly come to grinding lalt if we didn't get the government buzzing again if we go to shutdown the pain is going to be higher, so what point does shutdown not become a negotiating tool, because the pain on every day americans and on commerce becomes very high. >> look, i think we are there i think the president is in a place where he can't say no, no, i am i have taken a shutdown off the table but he better have, because it hurt him look the president of the
8:10 am
united states, is facing reelection in 2020 if there is one thing american people want they want their government to work. and the idea of all this politics all this sort of back and forth in washington one quarter of the government coming to dead holt -- halt people will zie 2020 election say i want somebody going to make it work, president can get those people he got them last time but can fot continue to sort of -- you know -- test them, by saying i think it is a useful thing to shut down government they don't think so -- >> that is right let's talk 2020 for a second democratic field bigger new jersey senator cory booker allocates is to throw hat in the resigning howard schultz what is your take how this is shaking out? >> well, look it is very early, and what is interesting to me i am going to be watching a couple things first of all, i am watching social media because i think social media is going to make it possible for people to win support, raise money and stay
8:11 am
in the race longer than traditionally they would have been able to, because look, robert francis o'rourke making trip around the country we all mach him for it on the other hand he has a devoted set of millions of followers tuna into instagram account feedback page social media watch him has tv channel th robert francis o'rourke r4 it is called all these people debates in june five months away starting to have debates, of course, we are getting people into the end of the race right now interesting to see how different each one of them is doing it, kamala harris did she announced on social media, then had a more traditional rally with 20,000 plus people, cramming downtown oakland so interesting to see how they play out but at the end of the day this is a long process. long process. dagen: and karl quickly this is issue for the democrats they have got to get governor ralph northam out of the way
8:12 am
those medical school yearbook photos racist handling of the situation doing nothing but undermining democratic party. >> to interesting democrats focused on that not focused on him saying after the child is born we will make it comfortable and doctor and mother will have a discussion about whether or not they are going to kill the newly born infant that was jaw-dropping last week guy had three weird news conference less than 10 days first one abortion the other two on -- on his -- his yearbook picture, and whether or not he blackfaceed in a michael jackson competition in san antonio, texas, weird. >> i think ready to do moonwalk yesterday. >> yeah. >> -- moonwalk looked at wife -- should i go do it. >> a other lot of democrats wanted him to meanwalk out sort of out there he goes. >> not funny but quite
8:13 am
bizarre. dagen: backwards as lieutenant governor -- fairfax, in the state, they have no love for governor ralph northam there are accusations fairfax was kept off american airlines by nor-- mailers, would step into governor shoes if he resigned no love there he wasn't treated right. >> interesting long term consequences but the shortest term is going to be the strong democratic governor is not going to be there in virginia this fall when they have critical elections, from general assembly state senate republicans hold control in each house by one vote. so going to be interesting to see the impact of that a. maria: are you saying debates start this june. >> this june. >> wow. >> to tom perez chairman of the democratic national committee says not a kitty debate with lessen candidates like make congressman delaney adult with major candidates like senator warren start
8:14 am
spartacus -- interesting to see how you get 14, a beam onstage. >> face of primaries start in june within the democratic party got it great stuff thanks so much. >> you bet thank you. maria: see you soon karl rove eye on earnings alphabet snap twitter general motors disney, coming up and spotted at super bowl, amazon ceo "washington post" owner jeff bezos making a cameo in roger caddell's box yesterday under fire for the big game ad and lay-offs in the industry, stay with us. ♪ ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close.
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maria: right in middle of busy earnings period we've got a busy week we've got google parent alphabet reporting after the bell tonight then a
8:18 am
host of companies coming out this week deirdre on the floor of the new york stock exchange hey. >> hey maria one of the things we are going to look at behind numbers alphabet google the strength of youtube a lot of analysts are saying they have never really broken this before but a metric looking for after the close maria you mentioned a huge week for media from going down the list alphabet google today twitter on thursday disney on tuesday, so a lot of names to watch. interestingly enough i know you have been talking about super bowl but netflix viewing last night down more than 30% i think down more than 35%, while the game was on, interesting little tidbit there we are watching facebook so not earnings related context but outlining changes that it is going to be doing to try to control hate speech they have partnered with government of france want to
8:19 am
bring one line from the release from facebook, says we have this recent initiative about french regulators we are establishing independent body people can use to appeal facebook decisions, involving potentially offensive content the has been a very complicated for took trying to figure out, are we a media company tech company how do we police things as hit a speech so the company outlining at least what is it calls as we know -- down around 13% you compare to s&p 500 more or less 5% drop in that time. maria: you are right they have got to speak out about this, this is -- the calls against this is louder ever week. >> right they face fines if they continue comply with europe gdpr as well basically all tech companies trying to get along, stay out of trouble the very least deirdre bolton floor of new york stock exchange this morning the state of the u.s.-china trade
8:20 am
talks as huawei charges overshah -- overshadoweding. >> tom brady ron gronkowski video went viral. ♪ ♪
8:21 am
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maria: welcome back an hour away from opening of trading this morning futures indicating searching for direction, now all major indices lower by a fraction, this after mixed move friday dow and s&p 500 notched up 6th week in a row you of gains last week joining is
8:24 am
investments chief investment officer, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. >> what kind of 2019 are you expecting for the stock market. >> we'll. maria: i know -- >> right we are not going to let near-term guards down any time soon not take long-term growth he gloves off the case snow growth not no growth don't like to bet against u.s. consumer don't like to bet against fed safeguarding our economy despite all known crosscurrents contending with we think this is a marketplace that is absolutely perfectly pitched for expert stock selection we definitely are cautious about buying whole baskets of whole markets mere in established foreign markets emerging markets. >> feds told us now they are on watch i mean, they o pivoted neel kashkari took a voluntary view in minnesota said i think we have room to
8:25 am
run in the u.s. economy the u.s. economy is fundamentally healthy we had dovish comments from jay powell last week they are considering everything may not do rate hikes this year may also back up on that unwind, what is good news for the market or is it bad news because it indicates a slowing economy? >> i think essentially good news, but the fed is doing is saying that there is virtually no inflation if a spike they are capable of able to fend it off even if they don't raise rates i think broadcasting pause gave investors confidence needed to see through fear factors into fundamental issues whether it is very low inflation whether it is economic data, continuing to be supportive here especially, in terms of growth, or even earnings, while seeing slowing growth in terms of rates of growth still not no earnings growth, many finding catering to consumers
8:26 am
interesting ways to profit more. >> mitch roschelle earlier dagen and i talking about phenomenon north america year-to-date 2019, seeing stock market rally and bond market rally at the same time. is that a cause for concern or is this the way money flows are he patterning out. >> a good question we follow velocity momentum of money were surprised to see both asset classes effectively rewarded one and same time for management standpoint i will absolutely almost always have those two oars in water hope they fefp me grow straighter favter, january they clearly did we don't expect remaining months of the year to repeat what was a remarkably positive bullish pattern in january. dagen: when part jim stocks or both -- >> i think both i think going
8:27 am
to be difficult to be able to fend off some of the issues, that are coming down the pike fairly about quickly we know we could double dip into another partial government shutdown we know that the stage the political in u.s. casts a paul over investor confidence not consumer confidence yet we definitely think inside of any capitalization range here in the u.s. certainly in mid small caps in europe, and some select emerging markets there are bargains to be had profits made not as easily as it did we don't think as it did in january. maria: good to see you thanks so much. >> thank you. >> coming up trade turmoil president trump signals optimism on u.s.-china trade talks but huawei charges may be posing a threat what you need to know state of sears ways in store for the troubled retailer facing bankruptcy court a hearing on that today
8:28 am
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(buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest. maria: good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 4. top stories 8:31 a.m. east markets searchinging for direction check out on this super bowl monday, futures indicating a decline start of trading now, fractional movers
8:32 am
up and down throughout the morning today, now expecting dow down 4 points at openly nasdaq down 4 1/2 in europe this morning, mixed story, the markets in paris, germany lower ft 100 up 13 points cac quarante paris down 32 two-thirds of one percent lower in paris dax if germany down a quarter% 1 points lower european markets mostly closed for lunarhold japan up a fraction facebook opening up addressing many issues in on line post this morning taking a look breaking it use future of sears on deck bankruptcy hearings fay for the retailer what it will mean for the company roughly 45,000 employees. then super bowl for the record books patriots beat rams, for sixth championship victory amazon ceo "washington post" owner jeff bezos a cameo in roger caddell positioning box under fire for big game ad
8:33 am
among lay-offs in the industry top story this half hour china trade and privacy concerns, the march 1 deadline rapidly approaching as chinese telecom company huawei charges loom overhead u.s. justice department announce criminal charges against giant last week joining me managing director former chief operating officer at microsoft, great to see you thanks for joining us. >> can you characterize really the malfeasance talking about we speak with a lot of technology telecom companies they say right out that they've had trade seek stolen from chinese companies like huawei, vte i know that microsoft, operating system is used in china, by 90% of companies yet only one percent pay for it. >> yes, it is true. and i think that with the u.s. federal prosecutors becoming involved opening a case
8:34 am
against them, we are going to see more details i think the general public is beginning to understand that this is a serious problem. and when they learn about the detailed examples t-mobile getting ripped off in terms of some secret technology to test products and the like i think it is really going to bring the issue home. huawei is going to have a huge trust problem and going to rub off on china in general, because huawei is the -- the truly the gem of what they proud to date in earlies of global entries. maria: i think this is an important point you are making we have your former colleague instead of a ballmer on show he said theft that chinese companies do of foreign businesses like american technology, cost microsoft 10 billion dollars a year in profits, i mean, how -- is that a fair is that a fair
8:35 am
number? >> it is a fair number, and the reason why these companies love being in china including mi microsoft it is a huge population developed quickly in terms of middle income households, so it is like growing you know, two new united states from a consumer standpoint, so companies have had to be there. with all of that action, on the other hand, i think that the world is about to learn in detail some practices and it is a huge issue for the chinese government that i don't know that they really recognize it, because here they are huawei a leader in patents, while on the other hand they violate patents like crazy they simply operate with a different mentality, and it isn't going to work, i think the rest of the globe is about to unveil some practices, in a lot of detail, and people are going to be really surprised. >> this is a really important point that you are making
8:36 am
because if china wants to be on the global stage, in terms of its sophisticated technology it needs to convince the rest of the world we can trust technology with espionage going on going cross the world telling african countries we take care of your telecom infrastructure we've got your back on telecom infrastructure we learned they are spying on some trade secrets. >> it is not just the spying. the trade part protecting paents is vital to industry which a is what spawned you know the growth, and, you know, this is a -- this is a trade issue, and if we make the mistake of simply talking about soybeans, in regarded to this trade pact that is coming, we are making a huge mistake. because the trust issue that is going to merge causes of this behavior has to be fixed.
8:37 am
>> exactly the point you are absolutely right because right now, the talk is are we going to do a deal with china where china will buy more soybean buy more grainy we have ip theft forced transfer of technology on cutting room floor a detail without sentiment is to stopping theft isn't that critical? because look. at the end of the day, isn't it will true they are already winning? even if they stop sealing ip tomorrow bob isn't it true they are already winning in terms of investing in patents innovation after all the theft that has gone own over daeshgdz. >> there is no doubt about it decades. >> not only investing the talent issue is core, most of the chinese kids that are getting educated here in our first class universities are now going back and so consequently we can't compete without global talent at that
8:38 am
level. if you looked at silicon valley seven, eight years, 45% of the founders of new companies are o foreigners so we are hill dependent on high end talent in regard to our economy, and we better realize that, the immigration mess you know ignores this issue, and it is pivotal. >> so does education are are educators making sure engineering a.i. robotics are in schools from a young age? i mean what is going on with your education policy that you look at the lead educators in the world it is all china, by the way, you look at leading banks in the world the top five are chinese. so this is such a big story, we are going to certainly keep on it but we will see what that deal looks like in terms of of the u.s. and china, bob i got to switch gears ask you about social media privacy in general 150 year birthday social media giant under fire
8:39 am
for privacy concerns of its own past few years one of the reasons china is beating us is data who was a data facebook google apple icy your make on this. >> companies have two core problems that could ruin them, actually, first of all they have to realize, they are in the privacy business if they start they have to start asking people up tront, hey do you want to participate in this or not. instead of hiding it. and the second thing is, they are media outlets, they talk about eliminating hate speech having, hoards of people that comb through posts to see what is good and bad, going to be chemical chemicaliz overwhelmed. >> to artificial intelligence "sunday morning futures" on fox news yesterday, i spoke with the former president of google china, this is kay few
8:40 am
li i want your take what industries will change as a all the of a.i. here when is what he said about jobs going away. >> a lot of jobs are going to change. almost all jobs will change a.i. is no it human intelligence not magic just a tool that can in one do main take a lot of data and make very smart decisions better than people. so the more the routine job the more a.i. will take over, so routine white collar jobs like customer service, telemarketing loan officers, tell rz jobs like that will be first to be challenged, then, repetitive blue collar jobs like dishwasher, assembly line workers, and a little bit later, drivers also will be challenged so altogether going to be large number of jobs that will be displaifbl by
8:41 am
a.i. in next 15 years. >> how do you see it. >> i think he is right, this -- the low-hanging fruit is -- is what we are really paid for artificial intelligence you hear so many stories, where in fact we are going to duplicate human maintained the like, no, that is not where the -- the real impact is. he is correct, that it is the standard kind of jobs that require minimal kinds of training and skills that can be picked up by technology and integrated so they are being carried out the without humans it is going to be you know quite significant and in fact it is already significant. but it will continue to grow. and you know we talk about bringing manufacturing back to the u.s. and the like it is not going to be like old days. manufacturing is going to change, it is changing significantly and to a certain
8:42 am
extent we are wasting time talking about traditional jobs coming back to america. because traditional jobs are disappearing. maria: we are going to keep talking about this so appreciate your insights on the subject, thank you. >> sure thanks. maria: we will see you soon, coming up the all stars of the super bowl and it was not just patriots stuart varney tells who real winners were next a moment from tom brady postgame celebration he go featuring rob gronkowski why raising eyebrows this morning back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back the star of last night super bowl may not have played in the game joining us to host of "varney & company" stuart varney, tell us he more about that hi stu. >> i know you want to talk about profits of and the markets and china trade, all the rest of it but i want to talk about gladys knight a lot of people declined to sing the national anthem last night's super bowl, but gladys knight accepted the invitation and i thought stole the show. she is 74 years old performed absolutely magnificently, said she did it to unify people and i think it worked. by the way, on our show, last friday, we had a professional gambler placing bets on the
8:47 am
length of the national anthem there was a line 107 seconds if it went below 107 seconds or whether it went over 107 seconds our guy was betting that it went over, it did go over, more like 120 seconds, of really good singing of great national anthem gladys complooit in my opinion the start of the show when done i went to bed. >> i agree best part of the show. >> that is good i didn't stay up that late didn't need to it was very he boring guessing. >> some expected them to win like, you know, they won, so good for them. >> yeah good for them i loved the patriots, by the way, i've got family in massachusetts. you don't, okay. we will leave that. maria: i'm happy for them won deserve it they keep winning. my friend dagen here not happy
8:48 am
about this. >> dagen fair and bald. dagen: how much does tom brady need six super bowl rings a hot wife go home. maria: they won deserve it. dagen: crying i am crying for the saints got robbed crying for kansas city chiefs should have been in the big show, because they would have put on a great game, these two offense never showed up net rams nor parts i. >> i am surprised can't you join in general unity congratulating gladys economies. >> -- gladys knight. >> before coin toss? >> great better to discussing profits. >> "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern half of asia is closed for the new year the chinese new year so it is a quiet morning this morning, we are expecting a mixed opening for the broader averages future of sears on deck breaking down what is at stake for the traeshl
8:49 am
preparing for bankruptcy and the hearing is today plus this spotted at super bowl amazon ceo in "washington post" owner jeff bezos was there making a cameo in roger caddell's box under fire for big game ad amid lay-offs in his business, back in a minute. ♪5 ♪ i know you want to leave me for schwab, but before you do that, you should meet our newest team member, tecky. i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning full service with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab. we don't have a satisfaction guarantee, but we do have tecky! i'm tecky. i ca... are you getting low costs and award-winning full service? if not, talk to schwab.
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maria: welcome back, bill gross announcing retiring louis are those with details there. >> hi investors announcing that 74-year-old bill gross will retire march 1 could
8:53 am
foubed pimco he woermd largest manager plans to focus managing experimental asset a private charitable foundation. >> last ditch effort to save sears takes place day in bankruptcy court trying to buy remanage assets 425 stores the only chance to save up to 45,000 jobs keep 133-year-old retailer in business the ask you bid is as opposed by creditors want the company shut down like dedicated. >> new england patriots taking down l.a. rams to win super bowl liii 6th super bowl win for tom brady are posted this video where rob gronkowski possibly prohibiting at "gronk"'s return next is on looks like weighing option before smiling maybe not yet ready to retire as many inspect latest but basically
8:54 am
stitched together with duct tape at this point. >> "washington post" under fire expensive ad during last night's super bowl. >> when our nation -- >> there is someone to gather the facts. to bring you the story no matter the cost. . >> a leader at post criticized the ad tweeting post paying 5 million for 30 seconds, to out to journalistic freedom during one of the glitziest, concussions more in our country jeff bezos seen engagement in roger caddell's box. >> adam levyine half time performance gardened attention especially malfunctioning, a
8:55 am
flurry of xairngs to couch pillow won wrote the couch is better ouch, the same pattern on -- exactly the same pattern, look at that. 13 minutes of your favorite dagen adam levyine. >> when he took off his shirt like whoa i wasn't expecting that. >> something to talk about others talking other things. >> did a good job. >> i guess that is what everyone is talking about. maria: some songs were good come on admit it. >> is a. dagen: they do not have performance cred to hold a super bowl half time show to headline it just don't of a fighters should have called audible saying we know you are going to stink, they can tear a house down.
8:56 am
>> how about bigboy. >> objection bh,boy. >> fur coat. >> sorry i. >> why would you wear fur coat on super bowl? >> i have -- i wouldn't wear one. >> you wouldn't wear one any net would i. >> final thoughts from panel right here. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
8:57 am
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>> great show you guys. >> great show. always, love you. have a great day love you back. go-sees the day everybody thanks for joining us we'll sew you again. "varney & company" starts right now. take it away. >> thanks march wra, good morning everyone. get ready for yet another big week in money politics and policy, diplomacy and trade. it starts today when google releases its financial results. we'll find out if recent are scandals have effected its profits watch out here. these giant tech companies can and do move whole markets. tomorrow, a political clash with the "state of the union" message for political drama, watch the interchange between the president and speaker pelosi. he wants border wall. the speaker does not. she will be sitting right behind him. both will be on camera. [laughter] spectacular. on diplomacy watch for


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