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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 5, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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maria: we kick it off with markets, dow industrials right now better than 70 points, s&p 500 up 3 and a half on nasdaq right now looking like gain at the start of trading about 11 points after the market started week on strong note, big cap technology and industrial stocks led big rally yesterday, take a look, dow industrials up 175 points at the close yesterday, up 3 quarters of a percent. s&p was 18 and nasdaq better than 1%, 84 points higher tat close yesterday. earning season rolling on this morning with google parent company alphabet reporting after the bell last night, numbers were better than expected last night but the concerns are really over higher expenses and that's weighing on investors this morning, company is spending more money on whole host of businesses away from search, the stock down 2 and a half percent right now this
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morning. viacom, disney and snap reporting today. thank you so much for being here. characterize, assess the fourth-quarter earnings period from your standpoint? >> sure, from our standpoint is it's a lot better than people expected, it could have been a lot worse, that's with december that we had, a lot of it was risk of recession, right now those risks appear to be receding, 70, 75 companies that have reported have beat estimates depending upon which data provider you look at to get estimates, so far so good, our expectation is that we will continue to see the economic expansion continue. so we are continuing to favor more areas of the market, you know, run-up with industrials in technology. to us isn't really all surprising because the market was overplaying risks of
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recession. maria: that's a good point. risk of recession seems to be commentary gets louder and louder, we know from fundamental basis we saw earnings better than 22%, 22% and we are expecting earnings to be what up, 4%, 6%, does that concern you that we will see such a slowdown? >> it doesn't happen all that happen, something unique about last year's numbers, the fact that you had tax cut which is probably contributed somewhere between anywhere from 10 to 11 percentage points to eps growth. part of it was one-off with tax cuts, we don't think that we will see in earnings, what i like to do, when you do have the one-off effects like tax cuts is look at topline earnings growth as more indicater of underlying strength of businesses and there, that's looking pretty healthy, 8% year over year, expectations is closer to 5 or
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6% which is still pretty good, some people are talking about earnings recession, you corporate profits but the company is trudging along. maria: one of the big stories of the market, a real pivot that the fed told us, look, we are going wait, it's going to be data dependent, they may not very well raise and maybe pullback on balance sheet, fed chairman powell dining with the president. does that concern you in terms of the fed's independence given the president's stance on the fed? >> the data justifies the pivot by the fed. one of the biggest concerns going into last part was federal reserve was going hike because it could, not because they should. to us clear evidence that the housing market had been suffering for a lot of 2018, the that you had a lot of somewhat tightening of financial
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conditions and so i think without clear and present danger of inflation picking up there's really no reason for the fed to continue hiking as it was. so they are probably closer to being done than more towards the mid part that's part of rate hike, it wasn't too surprising that they made the pivot but the market sure did cheer that on. maria: does the state of the union matter to investors, anything that you anticipate is said tonight that could move markets tomorrow? >> i think there are a few market that is we could see, if there's any policy statement about, you know, let's say anything with drug pricing, with opioid epidemic, but otherwise i think that we are going to be really looking for any teasers about trade policy, seems like the talks have gone well so far and president trump and president xi are going to be meeting at the end of february so if you're going to outline what those agreements and otherwise immigration and border wall which from investor
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perspective isn't as meaningful except for shutdowns. we weren't dealing with trying to raise the debt ceiling, future ones, we may not be so lucky. maria: disney and viacom, any thoughts? >> i don't have any views. maria: thank you so much for joining us, great inside from you as always from wells fargo. super bowl was lowest-scoring super bowl in history. dagen mcdowell, good morning to you, what's your take here. dagen: well, lame commercials maroon, the half-time performers and then a game about as interesting as watching your gran papi mow the lawn,
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92.8 million, smallest television audience since 2008 when the giants beat patriots, we all remember that around new york city that was 5% drop in rating from last year 12% drop ratings in 2017. 2.6 million people did stream the game across digital platform, digital record for viewership, it pushed the total adance above the 100 million mark this game needed it. los angeles, the ratings were weak for the rams and down in new orleans, the folks down there, saints fans upset about the blown call that if they had gotten right would have sent saints to super bowl, that city had the lowest ratings for new orleans in super bowl history, however, this super bowl and the rating, the poor ratings, a year where ratings have come back for the sport.
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before sunday's game, ratings were up 9% during playoff, 5% during regular season. people like patrick mahone, people were tuning in to watch him play and roger goodell -- maria: the hoopla and numbers were down. dagen: you put a game that was awful to watch, neither offense really showed up, you can argue that it was all about the defense, no, it was just boring and people, well, went and did other things like i don't know groom their cats. maria: o god, you're tough, thank you, dagen, see you in a few minutes. lauren simonetti with headlines now. lauren: good morning, maria, the president is expected to nominate treasury department
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official david to be next lead toafer world bank, he's one to have world bank's sharpest critics within the trump administration. the u.s. holds controlling shares of the voting power and the president plans to nominate former energy lobbyist as sect -- secretary of the interior, democrats criticizing and president trump's committee will comply with subpoena of federal prosecutors, the feds requesting documents related to spending and donations as well as information about benefits received from making contributions including tickets and photo opportunities with the president. prosecutors also want documents related to foreign nationals, committee raised record breaking $107 million leading up to 2017 inauguration. am done has named another african american to mainly white
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board, roselyn brewer will become the second black fail director for am done, starbucks chief operating officer, shares of amazon are lower fractionally in premarket trading at 15.33 a share, maria. maria: coming up state of the union is tonight, president trump will deliver the speech after postponing it a week due to shutdown. the key issues he hopes to tackles plus two special guests right after this. $200 million in crypto currency cannot be accessed because the only person with the password is no longer alive, he passed away. the stunning story coming up.
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maria: welcome back, big program, coming up california congressman kevin mccarthy here in the studio, pennsylvania house committee member, rnc chairman along with fox news strategic analyst and retired four-star general jack keane here. don't miss a moment of it, big three hours coming up. we are counting down to the state of the union tonight. president trump to address the country highlighting key issues in american space. joining the conversation this morning adviser and former economic adviser to president obama robert wolf along with cfra strategists lindsey bell, great to see you guys this morning. >> i agree, he should focus on the economy which has been incredibly strong. he's going to have to go there on the combination of immigration, government shutdown and talk about the deal he wants, my guess is half will
6:14 am
stand and half will sit down and i think he will talk about foreign policy because seems like there's republicans that definitely agree where he is on syria, i think it'll be an interesting state of the union, i know it's a week later than we were expecting but it's important to hear the president. >> i think the timing of this is really good after the government shutdown, a chance for president trump to potentially regain momentum especially after the loss he incurred during that and lay out the plan with immigration going forward. maria: we are expecting a slowdown, is that largely because of the rest of the world, do you think, because of the expansion is going on 10 years or is it something domestically in the u.s.? i know housing has been a weak spot. >> yeah, i think the rest of the world is slowing down and when china and europe is slowing down, that will have impact on our economy. repsyching the sugar high of tax reform, fiscal policy,
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deregulation, so it's hard to comp on top of those numbers. maria: tough comparison. >> it is, now all of a sudden it's higher base and we are starting to see our earnings get better, wages get better, gdp get better but the question is are we on the back-end of the 10-year recovery. listen we have 50% of the exists saying, 50% be wrong. dagen: president trump needs to talk about strategy to keep the economy going and maybe get out of the way of it because again some of the administration's policies have put a damper on american business, steel and aluminum companies that are still in place and exemptions were getting process and need to lay out a 2-year agenda to keep economy growing at 3% rate, last year 3% plus rate, even though we haven't gotten the final, final numbers for the year, that's the fastest of 2005, he has to continue that because
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voters have very short-term memories if he wants to get reelected. maria: how is he going to do that, are there areas in terms of policies that there's common ground or next two years, resist, resist, there are some democrats who have said i'm not going, he's -- the president is also expected to make a call for unity tonight. unity, amid the massive divisions between the republicans and democrats. >> yeah, listen, the environment is more polarizing than it's ever been, you know, since the midterms, there's no question that the democratic party has had a shift to the left, the biggest voices are more populist whether it's cortez and there's a big push to the left, on the flip side those who won in the republican party definitely much more conservative, we lost the center and it would be great for all of us to get the center back. maria: what do you think about howard schultz, is he the
6:17 am
answer? >> howard schultz is not the answer, i like some of the policies, i wish he ran as democrat. i don't think it's where the country is right now. maria: do you think he will take votes from the dems? >> absolutely. aligns with the democrats 95%. maria: yeah, he does. >> that's a real problem for democrats going forward going into 2020 and i think the polarization of the country really is going to get people out there and voting this time around. maria: shouldn't dems recognize that? if much of the country is in the center like you are leaning to the left or leaning to the right why can't the democrats understand that and not have the loudest people in the room, those who want medicare for all, abolish ice, 70% tax rate like aoc? >> i think what's fascinating is looking at midterms, the democrats did best in moderate areas, if you look at most recent polling actually the democratic party won over 50% shift to the center, but doesn't
6:18 am
really make a difference what polling says, the excitement and electricity in the party has shifted to the left that's why i've always said, the likely candidate for the democratic party who could win a primary will have difficult time in election. dagen: the criminal justice reform, bipartisan support, one of the guests at the state of the union from the president tonight will be matthew charles, first man released from prison under this. i think he's also going to have alex johnson whose sentencing was commuted by president trump. maria: i think people will get frustrated with all of this resist, i mean, are the women going to wear all white? >> i don't know what they're
6:19 am
wearing. maria: more games, why can't we just work together? dagen: i am most interest today watch the face of nancy pelosi behind president trump during state of the union. i hope she rehearses. maria: you will watch it right here on fox business, a lot of coverage of president trump's state of the union tonight, kicks off 7:00 p.m. eastern, the president will speak at 9:00 p.m. and we will be watching both nancy pelosi and vice president pence behind the president and, of course, focused on the president's speech, mornings with maria live from washington, d.c. with highlights of the speech and a whole host of guests. join us for exclusive tomorrow morning from washington with the secretary of state right here. coming up first war on terror, we are talking about it next, the future of isis in syria as the senate votes to keep boots
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maria: hawaii tribune herald writing local representative richard creigan with cigarette ban, increasing minimum wage to buy them to 100 years. starting at 30 year's old in 2020, 40 in 2021 and 100 at
6:24 am
2024. over to chicago tribune, o'hare the nation's busiest airport in terms of total flights, o'hare reclaimed the tiet angle from atlanta for the first time since 2013. finally from the philadelphia inquirer, philadelphia considering banning cashless stores, prevent stores from refusing to accept cash and prevent stores from charging people more if they pay with cash, interesting stories here in headlines across america, what do you think that's all about in philly, i'm wondering if facial recognition? >> i don't like the idea of cashless stores. they don't realizing they are paying 18, 20%. everything thinks it's for free until they get invoices. >> i feel like it's a way that
6:25 am
technology is taking us. you have on your iphone apple pay and all the things, people are using more and more often i feel like -- >> the other side is you're giving more of your information when people want to start going the other way. the whole privacy, ten more apps on our phone that has everything we do, every step of the way. dagen: there are some small businesses that don't want to accept cash, all you need is a square account, square app and you do swipe, you can even use your mobile device to ring up customers. why force small business owners to accept cash. people have the right not to shop there. maria: by the way, you mentioned the data, that's why china is number one in ai because of all of the data that it has collected about people. >> we were talking offset, i think one of the most important things that the president will say tonight is where he is with
6:26 am
china, what's important, the tariff and trade, where is it with intellectual property, on the flip side, he knows he wants to put olive branch out there because march first is deadline before tariffs go up. he has to figure out how to thread the needle and it'll be interesting what he does, obviously intellectual property is big elephant in the room. maria: i want to get into this because if they do a deal that just allows china to buy more stuff yesterday china said that it is pois today -- poised to buy more soybeans in trade, big trouble. that is a big issue and we will talk about it. dagen: yeah, i'm still asking the question why are the steel and aluminum tariffs are still in place if you have gotten deal with méxico and canada and on the road on doing something about china, why are they still there. stop talking about them. maria: i've asked the question of the administration and they
6:27 am
will say if we don't have steel and aluminum china will have opening. that's what the administration will say. we had to do it everywhere including our friends because otherwise there would be -- dagen: wildly overselling the threat. wildly overselling the threat. >> make sure i'm being respectful. dagen: american manufacturers and costing people jobs. maria: quick break, staying in iraq, that's the question. president trump outlines plan to keep eye on iran from iraq, but details coming up. how you can score free jars with your name on it. this and more, stay with us did you know with vanishing deductible,
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maria: good tuesday morning, welcome back, everybody, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday february 5th, top stories right now 6:31 a.m. on the east coast. viacom will be in about half an hour, investors keeping eye on disney and snap reporting later today. futures indicating another start that's strong, dow industrials better than 90, nasdaq up 18
6:32 am
even though we are seeing weakness in companies like alphabet after earnings last night, major indices finished at highest close in 2 months yesterday, take a look at yesterday's close, 175 points, 3 quarters of 1%, s&p 50 was 18 and nasdaq with 83 point rally up better than 1% and i mention alphabet, it is down even though the numbers were better than expected. the company is seeing higher expenses, we will talk about it coming up. european indices look like this, ftse 100 up 1 and a half percent, 106 points higher in london, cac request rant is up better than 1%, 50 points higher and dax up 1 and a quarter percent higher this morning, big winners in europe today. in asia overnight, indices are largely close for lunar holiday, chinese new year, japan was down by a fraction. countdown to tonight's state of the union address with the guest
6:33 am
list expanding on both sides, president trump expecting to call for unity in tonight's address. >> most importantly in the state of the union the president is calling for end to sort of resistance politics and calling for cooperation and compromise. maria: special coverage of the state of the union tonight, we all start at 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight with lou dobbs, mornings with maria will be live in washington with special guests. i will be speaking with secretary of state mike pompeo tomorrow morning, join us for the interview as we take a look at the president's foreign policy with the secretary of state tomorrow. live from washington. plus this, crypto mistake, canada's largest exchange locked out of $130 million worth of crypto currency because the only person who can access it has died. the only person that had the password, we will tell you about that, spreading joy, we will tell you how you can score your
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own nutela, free jar with your name on it. backlash, senate vote today oppose president trump's troop withdrawal in syria and afghanistan and the measure says that isis is still posing a serious threat and if the u.s. leaves it opens the door for russia and iran to gain power in the region, joining me retired four-star general and fox news strategic analyst general jack keane, general, always a pleasure to see you. >> good morning, maria. maria: i assume that you were pleased with senate yesterday defying the president but at the same time putting out the case that maybe it's too soon to leave, what's your take? >> certainly they are expressing concern. the president himself has tried to condition this withdraw based on making certain that isis is truly defeated to protect and contain iranian in southern
6:35 am
syria, those conditions frankly i think would meet most of the senate's concerns if they are executed. i think they are reacted to the initial decision that the president made. the president's ig report came out recently saying that isis had the capability to reemerge after the territory has been taken away if we don't keep up the pressure on them and, maria, the best way to keep the pressure on isis at least in syria is to make certain that we control the air space, that's the british, united states and france doing that, we have to have some people on the ground to facilitate the use of air power, not all the 200,000 that we have right now, if we do do that we can prevent from emerging, we have 60,000 local syrian fighters who are on the ground against isis.
6:36 am
maria: i know that isis has certainly become a lot weaker in the last 2 years but assess the situation of what could happen if the u.s. does, in fact, withdraw completely from syria and afghanistan, is the big worry that iran moves in? >> yeah, iran will likely take over the oil fields in eastern syria with 70% of the oil in syria, you to repair some of them because they were damaged by conflict. they will use that to finance war in syria which they are doing right now and, of course, the president is slapping sanctions on them that are truly having impact. they will open up a land voyage all the way to syria for them. they fly a lot of weapons into demascus airport that they use in lebanon and they want to put small bases in syria. containing iran is not letting
6:37 am
them encroach on israel's security. i think we can do that without considerable number of troops involved in the process. maria: let me move to iraq. listen to what the president said in an interview on sunday. >> one of the reasons i want to keep it is because i want to be looking a little bit at iran, iran is a real problem. >> whoa, that's news, you're keeping troops in iraq because you want to strike in iran? >> no, i want to be able to watch iran, all i want to do is watch. we have unbelievable and extensive military base in iraq. it's perfectly secured for looking at all over different parts of the troubled middle east. maria: your reaction, general? >> well, we are also -- we are doing that clandestinely.
6:38 am
the presence in iraq is somewhat permissible, they built shiite militias, take isis down but gave them leverage over iraqi government, money in the pocket of government leaders and every single opportunity they try to undermine the united states' position in iraq and the middle east. certainly that air base that we have there also counterterrorism guys operate that's well known, clearly, it's a place that's a treasure for us no terms of resources and capability. i think the president's issue is could they impact, use the base to impact on things in syria, the answer to that, of course, is yes, we could operate out of that and conduct some operations in syria but i think it's the daily presence assisting the local fighters and making certain that we can still deliver air power as i mentioned before is going to be decisive
6:39 am
in making certain that isis does not reemerge and isis doesn't take over syria. maria: before you go, your reaction on this administration's stance on venezuela? >> i think they are right on the mark. the president has made up his mind to facilitate a regime change, to do that peacefully and certainly to support the new government that announced itself in president guaido and do everything that we can to put additional pressure on maduro regime and also to assist in moving the military leaders who are in the pocket to have regime away from that regime, that is the decisive move that's taken place. maria: general, great to see you, thanks so much. general jack keane, all discussions, topics for tomorrow, fox business will have live coverage of the president's state of the union tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern all the way until 11:00.
6:40 am
also live tomorrow morning, mornings with maria live from washington with highlights to have speech and i'll be sitting down with mike pompeo tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, join us for exclusive interview tomorrow morning with the secretary of state. espn fires anchor over leak to the media lauren simonetti with details. lauren: espn rising star has inspired by the network, he's accused of leaking confidential information of the media about coverage, he recently signed a new multiyear contract with the network. get this, there's a crypto currency exchange in canada and it might have lost 137 u.s. dollars after founder died taking his business task force to the grave with him. he was only 30 year's old when he unexpectedly died, widow said
6:41 am
he never shared password before death so they can't find them right now. today is world nutella day on much lighter, sweeter note, you can visit an official nutella coffee to get a jar with your name, each coffee will give away 100 free jars of chocolate hazelnut spread. there's nutella coffee in union square. maria: all right, nutella day. state of the union is tonight, we are taking a look at state of the unions throughout the years, we will look at the most memorable moments of presidential speeches, back in a minute
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maria: welcome back. dagen: i want to point out before we move on, i'm going to be interrupt the be the the rude person that i am. i want to congratulate you you were in cover of magazine, life at the top with maria bartiromo, it's expensive article, the photograph of this gorgeous woman are beautiful and there's nobody i've ever worked with
6:46 am
that works harder than you. maria: thank you. dagen: the article goes through that but you cover a lot of ground and i was reading, you were talking about where you were in 9/11 and covering that and being downtown and exceptionally moving. i will tweet this, you tweet it. i saw the cover because you put it on instagram. the photographs are really stunning. maria: i was grateful to talk to them and be on the cover like that. you know, i want to just say that i would never be able to have such an incredible program without you every morning. there's nobody more informed, more well read, knows every op-ed, every story in the news than you dagen mcdowell, i mean it. dagen: i feel supported and i feel like it's the smartest conversation on television. maria: it is, it is. it could never be without you and incredible guests, by the way i have incredible support
6:47 am
system of fantastic women around me not just onset with dagen and lindsey and lee carter and our other contributors but also behind the scenes, tammy, rachel and gina and courtney, i'm not going to say everybody because i'm going to forget, tammy is such incredible support and leader of this program and so people don't know the women, the strong women that we have on mornings with maria and i'm grateful and blessed. dagen: i'm blessed as well and great outfit. [laughter] maria: from morocco. they were my outfits. dagen: i could tell because you have incredible sense of style. i could tell -- i could tell that you picked out -- >> i want to chime in, i feel like the most powerful man in business this morning with the panel. maria: thank you, good. >> dynamic duo and everyone on
6:48 am
the show, great to be part of it. maria: thank you, we are grateful for our viewers, that's for sure because you're there every day and we appreciate and you make us smarter, so thank you to our viewers, thank you for that, dagen, so generous, take a short break, the state of the union is tonight, fox business having live coverage this evening but next most memorable moments of presidential speeches. this isn't just any moving day.
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>> states like these and their terrorist allies constitute
6:52 am
access of evil arming to threaten the peace of the world by seeking weapons of mass destruction, these regimes pose a grave and growing danger. maria: that was president george w. bush 2002 state of the union address where he coined the iconic phrase the access of evil, joining us to talk about some of the most memorable state of the union moments doug, doug, good to see you this morning. >> good to see you important, maria. maria: in regards to that time in history as we look ahead to tonight? >> well, right after 9/11 so the country was very unified but that's also the speech, maria, with the famous 14 words saying that the british have learned saddam hussein tried to purchase uranium in africa, that's not true, we couldn't find weapons of mass destruction, the world
6:53 am
was dropped in second worst depression in history, sometimes unity can be overrated. maria: that's interesting because we are still talking about the act of evil. another memorable was 1942 speech by fdr one month after attack on pearl harbor, talk to us about this, biggest take away of this historic one? >> great example here is what unity can do, we lost 40% of naval tonnage, we came back, rebuilt it, built air force, atomic bomb, defeated nazi germany and japanese and we did it all in 3 years, you can't build 10 miles of interstate highway, the mueller probe has taken 2 years, this shows you what america can do if it's united. maria: good point, president lyndon johnson used state of the union in 1964 to declare war on
6:54 am
poverty and unemployment, watch. >> let the session of congress be known as the session which declared all out war on human poverty and unemployment in these united states. maria: so this was called a watershed moment for the johnson presidency, why? >> well, the war on poverty, i mean, who could be against that? but today it's controversial and debated both ways because we gave subsidized housing, we rewarded mothers based on the number of children they had, we gave them food stamps, bonus if they were single, epidemic of divorce in the ghettos, millions of young men were raised without a father and no one would wanting to back. today we have full unemployment among women and african americans, among hispanic, job and the american dream seems to be more powerful than just giving people money out of the concern and love for them.
6:55 am
>> hey, doug, this is one ert -- robert wolf and i have a question, you know, i never -- i will always remember when i was with my boys when they were younger and we were watching the state of the union and they saw half spin and half spit and they said i thought everyone respects the president and were differently, 6 and 4 at the time, 6 and 8, when did it become polarizing environment where not everyone would applaud great things and half would stand and half would sit. i used to remember everyone would stand up and applaud. when was the first time that you noticed that this was political event for congress? >> well, the division began in george washington's cabinet. jefferson, hamilton and it's been ongoing. there was a time in history when we wouldn't even celebrate the fourth of july together, each political party had their own
6:56 am
separate celebrations so it's been bitter, but america went to a time of unity with barack obama, we unified under the idea that we had elected an african american as president and coming out of that we return today division and bitterness so more deeply felt and seen. maria: good way to put it. how about president ford calling for u.s. independence, in the address he tried to break addiction to foreign oil, that was ahead of its time. >> amazing, once again, it's amazing, we were looking for energy independence and today we've got it so unity can be overrated. maria: number one producer, doug, thank you. fox business will have live coverage of state of the union tonight, join us mornings with maria live from washington tomorrow back in a minute oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses...
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, february 5th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. earnings are in focus. alphabet set to weigh on markets after last night's results. investors are watching other media companies like viacom and disney on tap today. google parent alphabet is lower. the rest of the market is strong. a very strong opening, dow industrials up up 80 points, te nasdaq up 16 points right now. quarter of a percent, despite the weakness in alphabet. this after a very good day yesterday, gains across the
7:01 am
board. the dow industrials at the close yesterday up 175 points, 3/4 of 1%. the s&p 500 was up 18 at the close and the nasdaq up 83 points, better than 1% higherrer on nasdaq, big tech did well. global markets mostly higher, take a look at the european indices, fq100 son 98 points. the dax index in germany up better than 1%. in asia it's the lunar holiday. most markets are closed for the chinese new year. japan is open. it was down a fraction. it's celebrating the year of the pig. how chinese president xi jinping rang in the new year, details coming. comcoming up. president trump is set to tout the economy tonight in the state of the union address. many are waiting to hear what he says about the border and border security.
7:02 am
>.>> the president's made very clear that it's his first duty, including secureing the southern border. maria: all the details coming up. viacom is reporting earnings, better than expected on the earnings line at $1.12 a share, better than the estimate. revenue is a miss at $3.09 billion versus an estimate of $3.12 billion. we'll take a look at the stock. squaring off on social media, dan crenshaw and alexandria ocasio-cortez trading barbs over taxes and football on twitter. wait until you see this. patriots on parade, the team celebrates its super bowl win in boston this morning. ba.all those stories coming up s morning. our top story this hour, the highly anticipated state of the union address. president trump is set to address the nation tonight highlighting key issues facing americans and emphasizing the administration's economic success throughout his time in
7:03 am
office, amid a brutal fight at the southern border and as the president weighs announcing a national emergency to fund the wall. chuck schumer slammed the president's policies ahead of the speech. >> what's the state of the trumped administration? the state of the trump administration is chaos, it is sad, the state of the union. and let me just say, the number one reason the state of the union has such woes is the president. i hope he changes in the next two years. maria: joining me root now is california -- right now is california congressman, kevin mccarthy. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: is it chaos? you're there. you're the minority leader. tell us what government looks like. >> is it chaos with the new jobs report last month, wages going up, unemployment low, renegotiating nafta, we're seeing new growth that we've never seen before. we probably have never been stronger economically in the last 50 years.
7:04 am
think about what the democrats are celebrating. nancy pelosi now believes in no border security. what does that mean to human trafficking that they stop along the way? they celebrate status quo. so it does not solve the daca problem. they are just opposed to anything that trump wants to offer, even though that's good for america. maria: they say they are for border security. when i asked your colleagues on the left, why didn't you vote for kate's law, why didn't you vote for tend of sanctuary cities, and we know that nancy pelosi has a wall in her state separating wa tijuana from san diego. is this just resist because hate him, they want him out. >> since we built the wall in california, illegal crossings have dropped 98%. el paso is one of the safest large cities in america. there's an ability to do this. what people don't do this, the
7:05 am
amount of individuals they catch from human trafficking, the amount of drugs, there's a place we find com common ground. remember what the president offered, let's solve the daca issue and the border issue at the same time. nancy pelosi wanted nothing to happen. maria: how are the conversations goin now? cagoing now?can you give us thes check. have you another two weeks left before another potential government shutdown. >> they met one time. they had opening statements and speaker pelosi came out and said no money for a wall. even though democrats and herself have voted for it times before. now that the president offered it, they want to oppose it. maria: the president is expected to call for unity tonight. i think the american people want unity amid the deep divisions between republicans and democrats over border security. is a compromise even feasible? is this just the beginning of what is to come for the next two years, that everything your team goes and puts forth, everything that the president wants is met
7:06 am
with resistance? >> i hope not. i hope we make a pledge that we put people before politics. we can always have a campaign. we can always have where we disagree fill solve any. let's put -- philosophically. let's put america first. let's find common ground. nobody is going to get 100% of what they want. unforfortunately the spearer was 100% -- speaker wants 100% or nothing. maria: i want to ask you, is there a movement within the democrats right now to break with the speaker? >> i think so. but the problem is, what speaker pelosi does, she has such a grip on her party. now it's immoral to even talk about a wall when they voted for it, when she has people in her leadership team that supports it. maria: border patrol on high alert right now because you've got the most recent migrant caravan arriving at the southern border.
7:07 am
the timing is incredible, congressman. california speaker pelosi's home state, she says the wall is immoral and we show this wall all the time between he tijuana and san diego. if you tear down that wall, will the people in te tijuana a simue into san diego? it's pretty obvious, right? >> the caravan that's are coming, tijuana doesn't want them either. that's what's backwards in the thinking. you've got to have some form of barrier in certain areas. you've got to have a structure to be able to do it. i think everybody in america believes that. the president says that's not the only thing he wants to do. he wants to put technology in other areas to be able to protect it. he also wants to deal with the daca issue. the democrats are saying no. maria: do you think there could be an agreement with a solution for the daca recipients? >> i can guarantee you this. if speaker pelosi would get out of the way we would have an agreement in less than 30 minchts. sh30minutes.
7:08 am
she wants to make everything political. we've got more to do. we've got infrastructure, the negotiations where the president sat down with mexico and canada and came up with a better agreement for america. maria: is that going to be approved? i speak with a number of democrat congressmen who say i'm not voting for usmc am. what happens if you can't ratify that? >> america loses in that process, because this makes america stronger in the negotiation. why would they oppose that. maria: a lot of focus will be at the guests at the speech. the white house inviting 11-year-old joshua trump who has been bullied because of his last name. democrats, some of the guests will include furloughed federal workers, critics of brett kavanaugh, undocumented people who worked at trump golf clubs. how important are the guests that everybody is bringing to make a point? >> they invite the guests to get publicity or something else. i think it's important that all of us are together in one place, to hear from the president and
7:09 am
actually work together to solve these problems. we're going to have differences of opinion but we can find common ground and we've got big challenges in front of us. think about how much we've been able to achieve with getting the tax bill passed, our economy's stronger than we've ever seen in the last 50 years. we're rebuilding the military to confront the challenges we see from china and russia continuing to grow. we've got an energy independence growing in america like we've never had before. we're stronger when it deals with the middle east and others. america is in a point to make the next century ours. the challenge would be if politics are going to hold us back from the exceptionalism that america can fully achieve. maria: the backdrop feels good, you're right. what about the issue around trade, china, for example. a lot of people want to see a deal done. do you think the president should say okay to a deal that china just buys more stuff? >> no. maria: we heard the chinese are willing to buy more grain and
7:10 am
soybean. what about the i.p. issue? will there be accountability for to decades that china has stolen america's i.p. and the forced transfer of technology. >> they've stolen so much of america's technology and thought and process p. this is fundamental president that has finally stood up. we're in a stronger position to do it than ever before. i think the president is right. we're finding china coming to the table. i do not believe the president will agree to some weak deal. this is the moment that we have to confront them and actually change the course of the direction that we're going. maria: the steel and aluminum tariffs are still in place. you heard us on the program, dagen mcdowell mentioned this a number of times, she thinks it's hurting the economy. halves it hurt the economy? >> there's areas that it hurts. there's areas that it supports. if you look at the steel facilities opening up, but the president is looking long-term. will we be stronger long-term? will there be more american jobs? remember, what was the last
7:11 am
report that came in, more than 300,000. maria: 304,000. >> we were dealing with a shutdown at the same time. this president put the american worker first. wages have gone up 3%, the highest in the process. we're stronger where we're going. what china's been doing since they got in the wto, they haven't conformed to the western world, about the rule of law. this is more than buying more soybeans. this is what the world looks like and is it fair and will the rule of law win. maria: if china wants the world to trust them in terms of using their telecom equipment from huawei and zte, it's going to have to get the world's trust. >> they have a closed society. they have a communist individual in every business. government controls the businesses where they go. that's not the world we look to for. maria: real quick on your plan. it did -- tax plan. it did stimulate growth last year. it was a 3% grower for the year we think. alexandria ocasio-cortez wants to raise taxes to 70% on the
7:12 am
tippy, tippy top, she said. >> some will go to 90%. the understanding here -- maria: would that ever pass? >> i don't know. if they have more congresswoman such as herself, maybe it would. maria: but the president would veto it. >> the challenge, we're letting people keep more of what they earn to invest more. they want government to have greater control of your life, more of your money, every aspect of it. that goes to a philosophical debate in america. are we moving to socialism or more free markets? that's the differences we're seeing in congress today and the future of america. maria: we'll leave it there. we're looking forward to tonight, the state of the union. we'll see if all of this comes up. good to see you, congressman. thank you for joining us. be sure to stay tuned to fox business today. we'll have live coverage of the president's state of the union tonight, it starts at 7:00 p.m. and then at 8:00 p.m. we've got cavuto live. tomorrow i'll be live in d.c.
7:13 am
with highlights from the president's address. also, my interview with secretary of state, mike pompeo in the up. hillary7:00 a.m. hour tomorrowm. alexandria ocasio-cortez and dan crenshaw get into it, trading twitter barbs over tax policy. then, ringing in the lunar new year, millions around the world celebratinging the year of the pig. we'll have details of how xi jinping celebrated, right here. back in a minute. ♪ i did it all. ♪ i, i, i, i did it all. ♪ i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
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remember when we all used to go to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine? -ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer. danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this one's for you. maria: welcome back. viacom is out with mixed quarterly earnings. lauren on headlines now. lauren: they just hit the tape. viacom reporting an adjusted
7:17 am
profit that beat the street's estimate. the revenue missed expectations on falling domestic ad sales. take a look at reaction. shares of viacom under pressure, down 1.5% in premarket trading. that's a stock you want to watch today. disney, we get earnings from walt disney after the close. investors will be looking for what disney will say about the rollout of disney plus, the new streaming service to compete with netflix. analysts at morgan stanley call 2019 a, quote, transformational year for the company. shares of walt disney which is a dow component trading up half of 1% at $112.45 a share in the premarket. british petroleum beating earnings estimates this morning. the fourth quarter profit jumped more than 65% compared to a year ago following a sharp rise in oil and gas production. the company is nearing the end of its payments related to the 2010 deep water horizon oil spill in the gulf of mexico. payments last year totaled
7:18 am
$3.2 billion and bp is expected to pay another $2 billion this year. shares up almost 4% in the premarket. let's go overseas. british prime minister theresa may is trying to shore up support in northern ireland for her plan to leave the european union. in a speech to business leaders may will try to reassure people in northern ireland that she can secure a deal that avoids a hard border with ireland. she will visit brussels on thursday for talks with its president. the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. on march 29th. we'll see if that happens. and happy new year to many in east asia, celebrations underway in china, korea and other countries welcoming the year of the pig. it marks the year 4717 on the lunar calendar. xi jinping celebrated by cooking dumb martin luther king martin .
7:19 am
they sent a video message to taiwan, showing off bombers and fighter jets. maria: earnings are in he focus this morning, he despite a beat on alphabet, the stock is under pressure this morning. we've got details next up. the force is strong with these two, check them out. patriots tom brady and julianne edelman fresh off the super bowl victory showcase new skills in disney world. back in a minute. ♪ come on, come on,. ♪ come on, come on. ♪ i knew about the tremors.
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7:22 am
maria: welcome back. once again, earnings really driving the action on wall t
7:23 am
street. google parent alphabet posted a jump in revenue. the stock is under pressure amid rising expenses. joining us now is chairman of reputation management consultants, eric shiefer. thank you for joining us. >> hi, maria. good to be with you. maria: what did you make of alphabet's quarter, on capital expenditure the company spent $25.4 billion. that was double the same period a year ago. >> look, they're trying to grow, maria. they're investing and trying to get another engine other than advertising which has been the core of google and alphabet for years. so i think a lot of people are not paying attention to the fact that they're looking at a much longer range view of the company and they recognize that you have to invest to be able to grow and they certainly got revenue numbers out of different divisions, cloud and hardware,
7:24 am
et cetera, in moving in the right direction and i think people wanted to see less spending for more margin but the investments are going to pay off and i think that they're making the right, smart moves for the long term. >> just on the cloud point, can you dig into that a little bit for us? that's one area they're investing in but they're lagging behind microsoft and amazon, you azure, do you see them catching up to them any time soon? >> that's a tough one to catch up with. they have such legacy relationships and people that are already committed. i think they're going to make incremental moves there over time and there are other things they can do to try to draw people back away from azure, away from aws. but again, that's a very competitive area. but areas -- but they do have opportunities to grow there, in
7:25 am
my opinion. >> eric, i found the numbers fascinating. one, it feels there's a chase for content, so not surprising youtube is spending more money because we see the battle with netflix and coming up and disney and everyone else. there's a chase for content. on the r&d side, things like waymo and artificial intelligence and their driverless cars, but where it seems they're getting hurt is their handheld devices aren't resonating, so they have to pay fees to literally -- to there i would say quasi competitors or some say their strategic partners. it seems to me where they're spending money is much more broad-based. it's hard to get a real feel where the roi is going to be. how do you see it? >> well, look, i think with youtube, they're certainly investing in content to begin to draw more people an people in ad
7:26 am
relationships to those that are committed to other services and begin to move people over. it's a little fuzzy to understand where and how all of it is distributed. but i think that what's clear in my opinion is that these are areas that are -- that can continue to grow. they certainly recognize that by making the right investments, they're going to be able to get traction and the revenue -- look, you look at the revenue and the revenue numbers certainly speak. and at some point, i mean, if they wanted to cut off capital expenditures and costs, you'd see the margins. but these are competitive areas. certainly waymo requires significant capital investment to be able to get the scale that they're going to want to have, the artificial intelligence whole arena is very costly at this point. so i do think that they're making -- in my opinion, they're
7:27 am
making the smart moves. we don't have full clarity on all the details. maria: what a growth story. dagen: google's going to need to break out what is going on at youtube and mark my words, because i have warned people that the direct tv, now streaming live television service is horrendous and the numbers are showing that. it stinks to high heaven. this new -- i'm not beta. i'm testing this new live youtube -- live ta tv service, it's about 60 channels. it is great. this is going to be a ja juggert and all the other streaming services better look out. maria: it's all about video. we just shot a video on inextra gram. i've been -- instagram. i've been really active on instagram. are you on instagram? >> at lindsey bell. maria: mark zuckerberg writes
7:28 am
this, people overly emphasize the negative consequences of the internet, criticize the idea that the internet and facebook are harmful to society. they've come along way. remember when google went public, $75 a share, i think. what a story over the last 15 years. your reaction, real quick, before you go. eric? >> is this to me? look, i think it's an incredible story. i think that zuckerberg is trying to go on offense to reshape what has been tremendous negative sentiment over the last year, year and-a-half. maria: he's got to. >> that they caused. at the same time, i think his strategy in doing it i think upset a lot of people. he tried to conflate with the internet to try to distract and look at the internet's overall patterns. he didn't take accountability. the reality is, there are things that they did that were not proper, that certainly hurt
7:29 am
consumers, certainly -- maria: they can't say they didn't sell our data. they sold our data. they sold us out, let's face it. >> of course they did. maria: thank you so much. it's an incredible story. we know all of the sharing so they could make money with advertisers. eric, thanks for weighing in this morning. it's good to see you, sir. coming up next, we're taking on the tax debate, lawmakers alexandria ocasio-cortez and dan crenshaw square off on social media. what they said, next up. then, heading south, not just for winter. more and more home buyers are heading to florida to save big on their tax bills. wait until you see the numbers. ♪ he just takes the tractor another round. ♪ sends up another prayer. ..♪ what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. ♪ carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee?
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maria: welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. it is tuesday, february 5th. your top stories right now 7:33 a.m. on the east coast. viacom released mixed earnings this morning. the company beating on earnings per share but missed on revenue. the stock is down 1.5% right now. disney and snap among the other names reporting today. we'll bring you the latest coming up. the markets are expected to trade higher. s&p is up 5 1/4. the nasdaq is up 20 points. after a great day yesterday for stocks, the indices finishing at
7:34 am
the highest close in two months with the dow industrials picking up 175 points. the s&p was up 18, 2/3 of a percent and the nasdaq was up 83 points, better than 1%. in europe this morning, gains across the board there as well. the fq100 up 97 points. the cac in paris is up 1%, 48 points higher and the dax index in germany up 122 points, better than 1%. asian markets most of the markets closed in celebration of the lunar new year. it is the chinese new year and as you see all markets were closed with the exception of japan. it was down a fraction. counttowcountdown to the state e union, the president is expected to call for june a unity in tons address. >> he's calling for cooperation and he's calling for compromise. >> what's the state of the trump administration? the state of the trump administration is chaos. maria: fox business will have special coverage of the state of the union tonight.
7:35 am
it all starts with lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will be live throughout the speech and after. then tomorrow morning, "mornings with maria" will be live in washington tomorrow morning with special guests including the secretary of state. i will sit down with mike pompeo tomorrow morning at this time so join us. a twitter fight to sell you about, congressman dan crenshaw and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez battling it out on social media over taxes and the super bowl. the fallout coming up. plus, patriots pride, the team celebrates its super bowl win in boston this morning. tom brady and julian edelman feeling the force during a trip to disney world as well. all those details coming up. first our top story this half hour, the state of the union. president trump is expected to tout the economy tonight as well as make a plea for unity amid the deep divisions between republicans and democrats over border security among other things. joining us now is former speech writer for george h.w. beach, jennifer grossman joining us at the nation naithe national tax .
7:36 am
tell us what goes into writing a speech like this. what do you think the president will be talking about tonight? >> ?well, the first thing that happens is about at least five weeks out, sometimes as long as two months out the speech writer and the team sits down with the president, gets his vision, writes an outline, and then goes and writes to it. it's often considered a very plum assignment but it's really not the most fun speech to write bought iwritebecause it ends upn by a committee. it's a speech where style is sacrificed on the altar of the staffing process. it goes of into the agencies and you have a he sea of editorial ink. it's an honor to be a part of it
7:37 am
but it's not a fun speech for speech wries. mariawriters.maria: you want tt the positives like the economy. you can't ignore the elephant in the room like the government was shut down. >> we know there's a shift in the last month for this president. 35 day shutdown has set the stage for a state of the union that's going to be different from any other. but those themes of unity and greatness, i mean, americans never feel more unified than when their own personal circumstances are feeling good. i would like to see the president really emphasize how well the economy is doing. talk about the tax cut. we've had a lot of politicians shy away from this. i think they should be embracing some of the economic agenda items that have really put american footing on the map in a different way for the first time in a decade. american workers would like to hear that reassurance from the president tonight. dagen: and how not just the individual tax cuts, the corporate tax cuts did boost investment in 2018 because of productivity increases, wages are growing and should continue
7:38 am
to grow even faster. last month, average hourly earnings were growing at 3.2%, the fastest in a decade. when you factor in lower inflation, you're talking about real wage growth at about 4% in this country. employment grew at 1.7%. the wall street journal goes through all of this but what his next steps should be. the editorial board suggests he take the car tariffs off the table, you need china and you need europe to grow, stop threatening with car tariffs. maria: what you said was so smart. he will have to come up with an idea to keep this going. how do you keep 3% going in the next two years? dagen: get a deal done with china and spend the next two years making sure china you abis by what it agrees to. that's what the journal was pointing out. >> the question as a speech writer, when you have a theme that the white house and the president once called unity,
7:39 am
right after a government shutdown, right after whether either side wants to admit it or not, pretty much a blue wave during the midterms and what would be deemed by the democrats a shift to the left. it seems more of a word than the ability to transcend that based on what happened the last 35 days. how would you take that as a speech writer? what would be themes you would think about to tout? >> at the end of the day, the words are less important than the delivery. if you think back to last year's state of the union, i think we can all remember it well. but we probably don't remember a single line. what we do remember is the delivery, we remember the dynamics in the room. one of the best moments for the president of last year's speech was when he was just factually talking about historically low unemployment numbers among african americans and the black caucus just sat on their hands. it made them look terrible. it made him look magnainimous by
7:40 am
contrast. maria: alexandria ocasio-cortez announced she will bring the activist who confronted senator jeff flake over his brett kavanaugh consisten confirmatiot year. dan crenshaw took a jab at aoc's proposed 70% income tax, tweeting this, should someone propose a 70% tax on the patriots so nfl competition is more fair and equal. asking for a friend. objecting says yoshe fired backe average nfl salary is $2.1 million, so most players would never experience a 70% rate. the owners who refuse to hire kaepernick would though. what's your reaction. >> it's interesting she is tipping her hand, saying a $2.1 million salary wouldn't be enough to qualify you for her 70% top rate, just the owners. it displays this is policy
7:41 am
making driven by envy and not by actual math. she's talking about trillions of dollars in new spending. she's trying to argue a new marginal tax rate will pay for it. we know that's not the case. dagen: dan crenshaw was making a joke that didn't make any sense, it made zero sense what congressman crenshaw was saying. aoc and all her supporters took it literally and got mad and had to lecture the congressman about the way the tax code works and so the whole thing is headache inducing. maria: the bigger point is you are never going to get the money she is looking for for her green project with just taxing $10 million. >> that's the dirty little secret for the left, the notion you can tax millionaires -- maria: there's not enough money. >> in yo if you want a welfare e like some of the countries in europe, you need to tax the middle class. the left doesn't want to admit
7:42 am
that. >> to ask a quick question, 75% of the country is actually supportive of the marginal tax rate moving up where aoc said at 70%. that's republicans and democrats going there. that they want to see a tax on the rich. >> right. >> so it's hard to beat that literally you're seeing a movement that's more in agreement with her on that. dagen: and that president trump once supported that idea. >> you see the numbers fall when you educate americans about how much taxes is paid by the upper class. the 1% is shouldering most of the federal income tax burden. that's something we need to educate americans on. >> the top 1% pay 45%. >> democrats have talked a big game on taxes about putting thertheir money where there is- maria: jennifer grossman, matte, great to see you both. we've got live coverage of the
7:43 am
president's state of the union tonight, kicking off at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow i'll be live from washington d.c., interviewing secretary of state mike pompeo at the 7:00 a.m. hour. next up, right here, moving money south, lawmakers are sounding the alarm over homeowners leaving high tax states. they're leaving in droves. we've got details next up. showcasing new skills off the field, tom brady and julian edelman using the force while in disney world. back in a minute. ♪ this is decision tech. it's screening technology that helps you find a stock based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology,
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. jim comey raising eyebrows this morning about the clinton e-mail situation. lauren simonetti on headlines now. lauren: it was during a town hall meeting in sarasota, florida yesterday. he explained his conclusion in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. >> there is zero chance, zero chance on the facts in the hillary clinton case she will be proprosecuted. the facts were not there, period. full stop. lauren: in july 2016 jim comey said the fbi would not recommend criminal charges in the case. he later reopened the investigation, then closed it again, just days before the 2016 presidential election. we have new data and it suggests
7:48 am
that people of high tax states are increasingly moving to florida after last year's tax law capped deductions at $10,000. the real estate firm zillow says home values in lower tax areas have been rising faster than other parts of the country. one of the big winners is miami. miami experiencing more activity than usual from buyers from states like new york, new jersey, and illinois, from the high tax states. in a few hours from now, patriots fans will celebrate their team's sixth super bowl win. i guess it just doesn't get old. boston will fire up the duck boats at 11:00 a.m. to carry the team downtown. more than a million fans are expected. the patriots are going to need an update to their plane, by the way. the team tweeted out this image. it shows five championship trophies. you can see them on the plane's tail. they've got to figure out a way to add number six i guess. then there's this. tom brady and julian edelman
7:49 am
traveled to a galaxy far, far away, dueling with lin light ass at the star wars park in florida. maria: i love this story about the taxes and how people are leaving high tax states. i know there's a piece about andrew cuomo in the of post today, dagen. what's your take on this? we knew this was going to happen, money is mobile. it will go where it's treated best. dagen: no state income tax in florida and because the cap on $10,000 in the state and local tax deduction, that new york has seen its income tax revenue plunge by $2.3 billion. just since he introduced -- this is cuomo -- his new budget last month. he's coming in with the budget, saying they need to cut spending because of the drop in continue come tax revenue here in new york. down in florida, the danger is that all the lefty liberal democrats move to florida and then vote in tax policies and
7:50 am
regulatory policies that they fled here in the northeast which is a concern. >.maria: i feel like that's what's happening in texas. i feel like it's happening in dallas for sure. we're going to talk about that. the ipo market is heating up, we expected this, 2019 set to be a big year for companies getting the markets. slat makes it official yesterday, filing. we'll take a look at the state of the ipo market, right here. rd and down" ♪ ♪ rolling up on trucking. ♪ we're going to do what they say can't be done. ♪ we've got a long way to go and a short time to get there. ♪ i'm eastbound just watch old bandit run i'm a veteran
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maria: this year is set to be a big one for the ipo market. slack confirmed they're ready to go public. they filed with the securities and exchange commission yesterday. they are expecting to not go the traditional route and will directly list its shares. joining us right now is jackie kelly. jackie, it's good to see you. characterize what you're seeing
7:54 am
out there in the ipo market. >> the ipo market is really, really strong. we've got a number of companies lining up since last fall, in the ses registration process. maria: it's slack, uber, pinterest, what else? >> lots of them. maria: airbnb. >> assume everybody's lining up because the momentum is so strong 6789 n. no one wants to miss out on the window. >> do you feel that the valuations are being priced -- will be priced where the market's expecting. we have we work trading at much higher levels than the secondary's trading based on expectations. where do you think these come out? do you think there's going to be momentum in the stock as well? >> i think so. the foundations are really strong. so last year we were all a little nervous with how the market corrections and interest rates and everything were performing and impacting stocks. today, vix is low, equity
7:55 am
markets have picked up. things have stabilized in the markets. corporate performance on tech companies have been phenomenal. that foundation is going to propel us as we go into the market. >> who do you thinks will be the first one? maria: everybody was uber. >> there's a race going on. you hear behind the scenes these guys talking, who wants to be first. maria: you said the window, they better get in there quick. the of government could should down again. there's 10 days before an agreement on border wall funding. some of the ipos were delayed because of the shutdown. what's your take on that. >> they're getting pushed through, the ones that want to go. there are companies pushing through right now. >> some are bypassing the exchange. maria: like fleck. >> do you expect more to come? >> we'll have a handful of direct listing, companies that don't need or want capital. companies are definitely pushing through right now. maria: renaissance capital wrote a piece about how even in a tough market at the end of the year companies were lining up to
7:56 am
go public. so tell us about the private money that's involved here and why maybe for a long time these companies didn't need to go public because there was so much venture capital money out there. has that changed. >> there's a significant amount of private capital out there. that's an option. you need a lot of capital to grow, that's still available. interest rates are rising and things are shifting and investors are saying i've been in these deals 10 years, i want out. maria: do you think once they go public, is that a good opportunity to get in and buy these stocks. >> i think it is. this is a long-term game. these companies are going to be around for a while. they're very big and disruptive. maria: jackie, thank you so much. jackie kelly. we'll be right back. did you know with vanishing deductible,
7:57 am
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maria: good tuesday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, february 5 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, this morning. earnings in focus google parent alphabet set to weigh on nasdaq after last night's results stock down, better than 2% right now, on heels of increase in spending, investors watching big media viacom reported revenue miss earlier, that stock is under pressure as well disney out tonight after the close, that will be the focus after the close meanwhile, markets expected to open higher take a look dow industrials up 85 points right now a third of a percent, s&p 500 up 5 points the nasdaq up a third of a
8:01 am
percent, 2 points higher on nasdaq, this after a strong day yesterday gains across the board, in fact dow industrials up 175 points, quarter of one percent 4:00 yesterday s&p up 18 two-thirds of one percent the nasdaq 83-point rally better than 1% higher nasdaq yesterday, global markets this morning, european indices higher across the board gt 100 up 1 1/4% dax up better than one percent cac quarante up better than 1% in asia overnight most markets closed for luna new year japan -- >> president trump to tout the economy and call for unity. >> it is a challenge to all of us, in this country when the president stands up and says let's work together on x, or yor z,ing a he will tomorrow i hope people will hear that call. maria: we have a preview of the state of the union coming up this morning, plus this breaking bread federal reserve champagne jay powell had dinner with president trump at the white house last night it
8:02 am
was powell's birthday we tell you what was discussed as we notice. patriots on parade team celebrating super bowl victory in boston this morning there was all technology focused at sunday night concerns about artificial intelligence on the rise, all stories coming up tuesday morning joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell 32 advisory ceo former economic advisor to president obama -- >> and cfra investment strategist lindsey bell yeah, yeah patriots won again. >> i know i thought we were in a slump because it was like 65 days since we won world series which a can i say tough few months. >> kinds of things that annoy people. >> i am okay there are so many out there for my path. i am all right to brag you know i get a 48 hour -- >> you are allowed they won that is fine. >> because now you are tied with steamers for most super bowl wins. >> that is true. >> the wow. >> we will see how it is next year. >> i hope jay powell got most delicious chocolate cake for
8:03 am
birthday at the white house i think that is maria bartiro-a-l white house, secretary mnuchin was there. >> i wonder in jay powell said mr. president you were right. >> no -- >> -- no, we won't get go auto pilot. >> you know he went with talking points exactly what he said at the press conference last week red bullet points to him how about those patriots. >> big 25 on it we vote for 25,000, next -- >> it is a series and important story the federal reserve gave us the pivot, right when a did they say dagen may not even raise rates. dagen: an interesting article in wojts yesterday that tried to explain why the federal reserve did what they did i in terms of 180 greg turn it was
8:04 am
kind of curious because it says they are looking at risks down the road, so trying not to frighten the market and frighten investors, about that they see the economy in a some sort of state of decline it was very curious. the messaging has been to borrow stephanie pomboy's phrase keystone cops in last couple months ultimately they did do what president trump suggested. >> absolutely, the state of the union tonight, president trump will out to economic success, also call for unity amid another potential governmented shutdown blake burman live at white house with a preview good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as equal white house later night for state of the union president trump will lay out some of his biggest priorities, for the upcoming year that includes, completing new trade deals, he lowering the cost of prescription drug prices, and, of course, discussing legal and safe immigration as the presidency it the white house says that the president will talk about
8:05 am
building new coalitions and healing old wounds. colonel kelly -- kellyanne conway say the speech will be up lifting. >> president calling for united calling for end to retribution rinse politics, and more cooperation in compromise he has broven this is is possible. reporter: the speech delayed a week comes after the longest government shutdown ever, involving stay mate over brurld funding there could be another shuttled over very same issue next weekend the president is threatening to declare a national emergency at the southern border chuck schumer saying yesterday, that when the president describes the state of our union as strong, later this evening, don't believe it. >> president will say protectbly, that the predictably state of union is strong the truth is state of the trump economy is failing america's middle class, the state of the trump health care system is failing american
8:06 am
families. and the state of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos, incompetence. >> third time president trump will go to capitol hill and address congress, the first time he did it first few weeks after his administration technically joint address to congress last yooesh year i can't technically first state of the union this career second different dynamic this time arourn as nancy pelosi leader of the democrats will be seetdz right behind him for this hour hour and a half we will get real-time reaction from democratic leader. >> can't wait to see facial expressions going to be live on fox business with that, thank you so much blake burman bring in pence had a congressman hosk on foreign affairs member scott perry for reaction good to see you tell us how you see tonight's big show. >> well good morning, everybody. merah congratulations, on the -- i think uplifting speech i think the president is going to try obviously, this resist
8:07 am
issue with this president doesn't help any of us you can dislike the president he personally that is this is america you can dislike lima beans if you dislike them as well the point is we have to work together for what is good for the country you got to put personal things aside each of us do as for the good of the country with all due respect to senator schumer talking about economy i mean, jayme raised best month in the market for a very long time, january was, 300,000 plus 300,000 jobs last month, and, finally, wage cooling up tax reform that this president has sheparded through is seeing real effects for real americans, from the top to the very bottom. and i think you have to acknowledge that. >> you are right came off the best month of january, in 30 years -- >> right. maria: and we do have very strong economic numbers as the backdrop the fighting words now are coming out this evening, white house invited 11-year-old joshua trump booed
8:08 am
because of raft in time not related johnson prison sentence commuted last year after lobbying from kim kardashian on list. >> democrats inviting furloughed federal workers critics of brett kavanaugh kavanaugh unaccommodated people worked at the gulf clubs your thoughts on this. >> well, listen once again i think you got to put away your discord for whatever side you if you have discord with other side no matter what side you are on we have to be looking to do what is best for or country, would is best or in our neighborhoods, and i get making the political point, but got to be reinspect full get to standard of decorum waning over time all of us us have to do better with that. maria: so right. >> again, you know working for doing the things we said we are going to do working for what is best for the country even if it helps the other party a little bit that is okay, as long as it is good for the country each one of us us have that duty have that responsibilities.
8:09 am
>>. >> congressman i lofr those words i hope they go viral this is a democrat saying that to you so thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> one question i think on everyone's mind we hate a shutdown left right career. >>. dagen: unconscious unconscious loved. >> it we hate a as you sit here today. maria: she loved it you are right. >> the question i have for you if there is literally no border money at 5.7 billion dollars, where do you think this goes? and would you be -- would you be supportive of the president using a national emergency? for his border money? >> obviously i would prefer a, no shutdown and b, no national emergency, having to be declared this is something that both this is a bipartisan issue, that in the past, both democrats and republicans have supported, and we are happy to talk about things at points of entry i think you have to acknowledge in month of november alone 51,000 people
8:10 am
apprehended between points of ntry. >> that is not my question i am not going to let you off the hook my question is. >> yeah. maria: if -- >> if there is the possibility of a shutdown would you support the government staying open and, therefore, would you support the president allowing him to have national emergency literally going forward for his border money? >> we should be able to walk chew gum at the same time so, yes, i am going to support the government staying open if the president is left to that only option to secure our border, then i am going to have to support the president i have to acknowledge that there is a problem at the border and we have to fix it, whether democrat republican got to work together, understood that there are problems between points of entry there are problems at the point of entry we should be able to, would on both things all those things at the same time and acknowledge that regardless of low the president is. maria: what kind of a deal are you going to support with china less than a month away from march 1 deadline the country remains under pressure, because if of ip
8:11 am
theft, and i wonder if president is going to allow china get away just buying more stuff rather than end to ip theft, kansas senator moran joined me former coo of microsoft on this very issue, this week, here is what they had to say got to get your reaction listen to this. >> the theft that chinese companies do of foreign businesses like american technology, cost microsoft 10 billion dollars a year in profits. i mean, how -- is that a fair is that a fair number? >> it is a fair number the reason why these companies love being in china including microsoft is that it is a huge population. that has developed quickly in terms of middle income households like growing you know, two new united states from a consumer standpoint. >> that is trade issue, and if we make the mistake of simply talking about soybeans, and in
8:12 am
regard to trade pact that is coming we are making a huge mistake, because the -- the trust issue -- >> in a terribly dramatic way disengaging to united states and rest of the world they do not play by the rules, they -- enforce technology transfers steal intellectual property, this is something that -- that the president is right to take on, china is -- among our greatest competitors and -- maria: so you wouldn't accept a deal that only included more stuff being bought by china. >> i this would be mistake until the sense we would have zboen through a lot of pain, not really resolved the he overall issue. >> congressman some people think too late doesn't matter if china stops stealing ip tomorrow they are ahead of us in ai? >> well i think they have plenty they would be smart to stop but i would love to see a policy, where we actually keep the dialogue open but treat china like china treats us, so
8:13 am
for instance, don't allow them to own any have any ownership in american companies as long as they don't allow us any ownership in their companies. >> right now they can own one hundred percent of a company in america yeah. >> we got to look at changing we have to look at changing rules when you have a malign actor gained togo to be ma'am ooind great to keep conversation open we have to protect america china is not interested in america's interest they are interested in china's interest easy to explain to american people treat china the way china treats us. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you, fox business live coverage of the state of the union address kick off 7 confirm "mornings with maria" live tomorrow from washington, d.c., with highlights of the speech i will be sitting down with secretary of state mike pompeo tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. eastern, china story is so big. >>. >> i don't know if people
8:14 am
understand how normalization -- how normal in terms of theft. >> we have made too much about tariff you have been spot-on speaking about intellectual property for years. maria: legislator a long time. >> one has bren able to -- >> we've watching earnings -- estee lauder, viacom reporting we wreak down everything you need to know technical takeover artificial intelligence dominates the attention during sunday night's super bowl championship we tell you all about it next. ♪ ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it?
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8:17 am
police beefed you have presence at southern border in riot gear awaiting the arrival of migrant caravan monitoring this bringing updates one of the criticisms that president
8:18 am
trump has i had saying mexico not helping enough the mexican police in riot gear, new caravan, is headed to the southern border, and they will be met by this lineup. of -- mexican police in mexico lined up at border incredible pictures. >> speaks to our healthy relationship with mexico quite frankly. >> new president. >> new president with our current president with the trade deal canada and mexico working in coordination with mexican authorities to prevent people from screaming in illegally, into this country. maria: this is the southern border and pictures just come in, so this is -- breaking a live picture right here looking at this live picture, as it is happening right now. because it is compelling given the fact they are in riot gear, i guess the caravan is
8:19 am
expected sooner i didn't know it was -- minutes away or within the hour, that it is expected to get to the southern border, but the migrants have been clear we want into united states they told jenkins we are o going to sneak in one guy one migrant he spoke to said no, no, we are going to sneak in, we are on our way we are going, so clearly, the mexico policesponding to this lined up at u.s. mexican border we've got this on watch, and as this story develops we will come back here. and bring you the live pictures of what is happening. at the southern border this morning. mexican police in riot gear lined up at border waiting for caravan to arrive it is close watching earnings this morning viacom shares under pressure mixed earnings kristina partsinevelos on the floor,
8:20 am
markets higher this morning. reporter: has opened higher you have a company viacom released earnings revenue came in a little bit lower than expected 3.1 billion dollars, you are seeing on screen climbing higher, the earnings per share adjusted also came in better than expected so that is why you are getting that mixed report, the reason being, though, was trading lower now up higher lower ad sales that is a very, very similar story to what we heard yesterday, from alphabet the parent company of google, google reported their earnings, you had earnings per share at 12.77 stronger than expected profit, the problem though is the stock fell after trading because of lower ad sales concern facebook google two-thirds of the market, and amazon is slowly starting to jump in, then last night before earnings disney, expectations for disney is earnings per share 1.55 revenue at 15.1 billion
8:21 am
dollars, a big, big question, how much revenue will be forgone to the platform, back to you. maria: thanks so much we will watch that, of course, disney after the bell is going to mobile be a market he mover we focus on that later, coming up next a.i. at super bowl how artificial intelligence dominated sunday night's big game wait till you see customers, then power of alexandria ocasio-cortez generating a powerful following on twitter some are comparing her influence to that of president trump's rnc chair weighs in coming up. ♪ ♪ to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪
8:22 am
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8:25 am
off thousands of white collar workers lauren simonetti. >> after 2000 employees took appliouts another 1500 let go gm starts laying off roughly 4300 employees worldwide. >> most of them will be in detroit area, there worldwide but gm, of course, has a concentration of white collar workers in the detroit area mainly tech center in warren ploys 20,000 people. >> many are handed pink slips the company introduces new heavy-duty truck today. nice truck but coming in unfortunate news down in premarket. >> crashing in final super g event in world championship swede emergency workers helped her get back on feet lost control concede through a gate historying a safety fence was able to ski down the rest of
8:26 am
the course by herself, crowd cheered her vaughn is olympic champion said last week would retire after the world championship case of series of injuries due -- to race one final time sunday a few hours from now patriots' fans celebrate team's 6th super bowl win boston will fire up at 11:00 a.m. to carry team downtown more than a million fans expected, ratings for the super bowl they hit 11 year low cbs says total viewership 100.7 million views three million fury than last year live streaming was up, set a new record but as advisership does decline so does ad revenue super bowl advertising sales fell more than 6%, c ibs pulled in 38 million dollars in sales during game down from 408 million last year speaking
8:27 am
of commercial you might have noticed a lot of robots instead of actors a creative trend many say point to anxiety of future where robots playoff humans in workforce you spoke about this with former coo of microsoft, as well. >> standard kind of job that require minimal kinds of training and skills that can be picked up by technology, and integrated so that they are carried out without humans, a lot of jobs are going to change. almost all the jobs will change, a.i. is not human contingent not magic can take a lot of date make very smart decisions better than people. >> advertisers tying to easy
8:28 am
some anxiety robots friendly personal didn't always get it right so arguing human is better to ease concerns. >> compassionate -- >> they can't -- >> we got that going for us. state of the union tonight commander in chief to deliver a message of unity to the american people night over border security mexican police in riot gear right now speaking with rnc chairwoman ronna romney mcdaniel next. ♪ ♪
8:29 am
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incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology makes it brilliant.
8:32 am
the lexus nx, experience the crossover in its most visionary form. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. maria: good tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. tuesday, february 5 your top stories right now 8:32 a.m. east coast earnings high gear estee lauder ralph lauren jumping better-than-expected earnings estee lauder up almost 10%, polo ralph loren almost 7% viacom had been lower turned higher, it was mixed report breaking down earnings news this morning, and that is certainly missouriing marke-- markets, futures up a third of a percent s&p 500 up five points nasdaq up 20 points one-third of a percent higher on nasdaq, in europe, the markets higher across the board, ft 100 up one and a third percent 93
8:33 am
points higher cac quarante in paris up better than 1% dax in germany up 120 points there, asian markets mostly closed for luna new year chinese new year, japan was down however. of the countdown to the state of the union back in the u.s., president is calling for unity he will say that tonight quite a while threatens to call for a national emergency to fund t border wall mexico police beefing up presence at border pictures just in just happening police in riot gear, they are waiting arrival of a migrant caravan, should get to the border shortly, there is breaking bread federal reserve champagne powell having din with president trump last night at the white house on jay powell's birthday, saddle up talking to owner of a horse named you guessed it maria bartiromo. don't bet against maria bartiromo taking a look at that horse this morning, first top story this half an hour, state of the union, after a one week delay president trump
8:34 am
is preparing to give his state of the union tonight expected to call for optimism unity as potential government shutdown looms joining me rnc chairwoman ronna romney mcdaniel thanks so much for joining us ronna. >> thanks for to having me always good to be here. >> what is your take how is the president going to say yes, we want unity and everything is great the economy doss doing well we know we came of a government shutdown 35 days of government was a closed, two sides digging in resist, resist, resist from the president's in the president's face all the time. >> you are continuing to see the president put forward bipartisan compromise democrats putting redacto on the table democrats said if government opens we will work with you good faith to find a compromise we know there is immigration crisis, the president did that. going to continue to keep that theme, and choosing greatness we immediate to put aside political differences american people want to see, us work together to solve real
8:35 am
problems that are facing every american. >> what is the plan? to push back on resist, ronna i mean are you going to have two years of nothing getting done because everything the republicans want to try to get accomplished, is met with resistance everything the president said met with resist do you have a plan to battle this. >> a lot is in democrats' hands we have seen this since president trump was elected with amount of democrats that boy kotd in afghanistan you are seeing flats boycott state of the union where party has gone resist obstruct reject results of 2016 election because we didn't like what hatches bad for our country we need to recognize the american people elected president trump we need to do our best, to help him be successful, and support our president. the democrats aren't doing that from republican side of things we are going to continue offering olive bran of say come work with us, and i think the american people will decide, republicans are getting things done we are getting results, democrats are
8:36 am
continuing to double down and resist. >> i count down at least three or four democrats have already said i am not going -- they -- they said we don't want to be there so already said they are not coming, then there is another movement to wear white in the face of another sort of way to push back on the president then you've got special guests to be at state of the union tonight. the president has the 11-year-old boy joshua trump coming been booed at school because of last name not even will related democrats bringing furloughed federal workers undocumented people worked at trump golf clubs what about undocumented people at trump golf clubs. >> i think democrats especially furloughed workers to say to those if you are loud workers guess what government is open because of the president if we had our way would still be shut causes we're not going to compromise i think ironic bringing fir
8:37 am
lod workers the president's guest exemplify results of administration matthew charles first inmate let either go, reducing prison sentences for nonviolent crimes let people get back into society, what a great story alice johnson, people from the tree of life synagogue you have a couple of family couple killed in nevada last month, by illegal immigrant the president highlighting issue after issue saying to democrats we need to focus on policies that are going to help the american people not partner petty politics. maria: yeah. >> they are choosing pettiness the president is choosing greatness, he is inviting them along with him, let's do great things for this country. maria: you make a lot of good points what about this fight that went on on twitter, new york freshman congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez says he bringing activities who confronted senator jeff flake remember that over vote on breadth kavanaugh confirmation to supreme court a star for
8:38 am
democrats got nearly three million followers on twitter more than nancy pelosi more than chuck schumer some compare her influence to president trump's what about the power of aoc, do you think she is the face of this party? >> well she is certainly very powerful in the democrat party you are seeing her party move further and further left aoc is a about socialist proposing government takeover of our education, of our health care, looking at venezuela right now the disaster that is she is trying to take us, step-by-step closer, to socialist nation no backup exseptember 70% tax rate devastate to go country and economy but all the candidates lobbying her they are going to need her base her enthusiasm to win, about which is skrust going to show how out of step the dpat party is becoming if are mainstream america that recognizes that the greatness of our country, of democracy
8:39 am
of capitalism, the ability to achieve the american dream. >> amazing, like we are speaking different languages that is not the by chuck schumer sees it you heard sound by this earlier schumer senator schumer senator sanders bernie sanders wrote op-ed for times today maybe you saw it in support of limiting corporate stock buybacks democratic presidential con tenders for 2020 are also supporting this idea want to ban stock buybacks is this an urban for campaign and what does this say about big government? they are telling companies how to allocate capital now. if they could would regulate everything what they rv to acknowledge maria jobs are coming back to this country we saw 304,000 jobs last month, you have wages up over 3%, growing over 3%, the first time in a decade that you have seen that happen, four million people off food stamps under trump administration, things are going great, in this country, because of a couple
8:40 am
things, deregulation, deregulation, getting the government out of business, and tax cuts, making our corporate tax cuts tax rates competitive giving people more money to invest in our economy, it is working, and democrats can't even acknowledge that. -- >> -- what would be spriekt tonight for the president what does he need to do to come away from this o strong. >> i think president is talking to american people they are going to see this is a president putting forward reasonable sound solutions, and democrats continue to reject it i don't have hope that the democrats are going to come across -- with this president they haven't since day would one. >> national emergency you think he will declare national emergency for the border. >> i don't know i think the president is doing right thing trying to take ever possible step to work with congress, listen we have a crisis at our border you just showed pictures of this caravan about to come across, 90% heroin coming across southern border
8:41 am
300 diets from heroin in a week we saw ms 1 shooting last night new york city a problem we need to address 2000 people are trying to cross our border illegally every single day, it is only getting worse, and three decades of getting nothing done in washington this is the president that doesn't settle and say okay. let's just get nothing done, he gets things done. maria: very scary site what looking at right now ronna you are right these are live pictures, from mexico, mexico police in riot gear, they are lined up, at the border, waiting for caravan to come so looks like mexico ising assisting the united states you mentioned mitchs 13 shooting on cover of "new york post" today ms-13 on train the southern train broad daylight shooting a gang fight really scary stuff, ronna this is this is the post this morning, by the way, everybody, ronna
8:42 am
romney mcdaniel this you so much weighing in we appreciate it very much stay with fox business tonight live coverage president state of the union address, kicks off 7 pm eastern, then "mornings with maria" will be live tomorrow morning in washington, d.c., join me for the highlights from the speech i will also be sitting down with a first on fox exclusive with secretary of state mike pompeo tomorrow 7:00 a.m. eastern right here join us for that special interview we will take a short break when we come back alphabet reporting earnings after the will be down 2% off the lows did he smooitd a double beat on earnings in revenue stuart varney weighs in when we come back focus on med what is in store for jay powell's dinner last night with president trump, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ what if we could turn trash into money? plastic bank is doing just that, by exchanging plastic for digital credits
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quarter arranges slowing revenue growing shrinking margins down host of "varney & company" to weigh in good morning, stu. >> wasn't that bad i am not buying this, what is the stock down about 24 -- down 22 bucks, 2% down, i am not buying that. i think that the analysts are saying it is down because google alphabet is spending money on hiring new people, and data centers okay. i got that. are they ignoring two billion monthly users on youtube yet to be monetized seem to be
8:47 am
ignoring that i just don't get it not going to say analysts are wrong the markets wrong, i just don't get this equation, and if i was to guess would i say google bounces back fairly quickly, to not necessarily old high which is 12% high than where it is now certainly bounces back from this, downturn it is going to take first thing this mark what do you think. >> a big number in terms of what they are spending you know all businesses they want to that they want at a die verse ty ninth % search and advertising. >> isn't this what you are supposed to do aren't you supposed to plow back profits expansion new business. >> you think analysts like that you would have thought. >> that this time no i'm sorry i don't get it i am not nasty about analysts none of that or expectations, i just don't get it. maria: i know you have more plus preview disney that is after the close tonight, see you 10 minutes thank you so much "varney & company" top of
8:48 am
the hour right after "mornings with maria". first the economy under president trump president dining with jay powell at the white house, powell's birthday saddle up owner of one special horse named you guessed it maria bartiromo back in a moment. ain. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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maria: we are less than hour away from the opening bell expecting a gain start of trading 100 points investors watching earnings what also is important what president trump will say tonight state of the union address, joining us right now vantage point investment advisers good to see you does it matter to investors what do you want to see noed to move markets tomorrow tonight. >> this is a perfect time for president trump to come out, and talk to the nation. he is really standing on solid
8:52 am
footing economically you have seen he jobless claims in really strong, you see that earnings are coming in well. i think that investors are really going to be focused on a legislatively of optimism going forward. in his words this evening, to propel markets higher. >> lindsey bell here your read on meeting last night dinner last night between engineer e-mail powell and president trump steve mnuchin richard correspond i hcreeda. >> what is your are take. >> lindsey i think that we saw the big pivot at beginning of this year, when we moved away from the escalation to more data the dependency last night was a little bit more of the same thing, where the -- fed is trying to -- be quite frankly more benign in their approach, and i think the combination of what fed powell
8:53 am
talking about as well as meetings with administration, solidified that in investors' minds. >> what are you pricing m for rate hikes. >> market probably has it rido you nt see inflation right now modestly in crew states not that great growth outside united states market suggesting maybe one with hike later on this year, about i don't disagree with that. >> you would buy stocks here. >> absolutely buy stocks in this market. you have seen, some really strong earnings growths for the first half of earnings reporting season here. i see that -- despite the fact that we had v-shaped recovery history would say you may have some retracement at some point in the next few months i think the longer term outlook is very strong for equities. >> we leave it there great to have youaway in thank you so that up next owner of maria bartiromo the horse, stay with us.
8:54 am
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>> welcome back a winning champion crowned at rodeo rapid city this past weekend one horse went 87 points for saddle back riding and name of that house maria bartiromo joins us right now by the telephone is owner of maria bartiromo the horse. math burdge thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having us. ysmg did you name your horse
8:58 am
maria bartiromo? >> well, about my dad is one who started this. big time fox news watchers. and he was sit ising there one day and he normally rideses horses down on the paper me an my brother, and he wanted us tot after you because you're an intelligent person, very classy, so he told us to make sure we picked it on a good one so that age of colts we start they will at five years old through about about four or five trips we could tell this mayer was most talented classy intelligent one with of the bunch and -- obviously you can see she's pretty. >> she's gorgeous -- >> five trips my brother said there's our horse so we put your name on it come to find out she's our number one horse of
8:59 am
that colt kropg, and probably one of the best ones we're hauling down the road right now. >> i love this. >> it your daddy know that there was actually another horse a racehorse that was also named after maria bartiromo? at one point? >> well i've seen that before. yeah i'm sure my dad probably had seen that before. but -- you know, from the racehorse business, wherever we go is the horse deal, two different kind of horses, so my dad is a very intelligent man i'm sure he probably knew that. >> i love it. i'm so honored a and she performed how often? maria bartiromo -- >> yeah. >> that mare she'll go 20 trips all year long. she goes to all of the biggest rodeos we go to she's been to houston, texas, california, in idaho, san antonio, texas, denver, colorado, rapid city, las vegas, nevada, nfr. >>s that great we'll keep
9:00 am
checking on her i appreciate it i'm so honored matt, with thank you very much. all of the best to you and your father. matt burdge. >> we have to go to nfr in december. that is great. take it away "varney & company." >> willingly maria. thanks very much. good morning everyone. can't wait, this is one event i will stay up for, the "state of the union" message. i'll stay awake not so much for the policy or the politics although that will be fascinating. no -- i want it see the drama. i want to see the interchange of prurp and speaker pelosi. he wants a wall, she does not. they will both be on camera this will be a television moment also watch for a north korea summit announcement maybe. maybe a meeting with china's xi jinping. energy infrastructure this will be about pipelines, so we can move our oil around, and maybe an olive branch on the wall.


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