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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 7, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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facebook, kennedy fbn. e-mail, kennedy hey, if you're in vegas this weekend, i'm on assignment, and i'll be looking for you. don't ask. >> lou: good evening everyone, the radical dams escalate their war against president donald trump and his administration, as nancy pelosi appears to be effectively suppressing the rebellion within the ranks of her party. alexandria ocasio-cortez bowing to the awfulness, the awfulness of pelosi power. the dems ignoring the president's call for unity, and pelosi power on display, ordering more of her party to investigate, investigate, obstruct, and obstruct. the senate until german saying today, there is no evidence whatsoever of trump russian
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occlusion. not even a statement of exoneration could stop adam shift from opening a sweeping investigation. here's the president's response to it all. >> he has no basis to do that. he's just a political hack who is trying to build a name for himself. i think that's why. that's what they do. but, there be no reason to do it. no other politician has to go through that. it's called presidential harassment. it's unfortunate. it really does hurt our country. >> lou: tonight, we take up the radical dams and their rising number of baseless investigations into the trump presidency. republican congressman, andy biggs, former white house political director, ed rollins is our guest tonight on how the white house should retaliate against these escalating attacks. acting attorney general, matthew whitaker said he will not testify tomorrow before the
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house judiciary as a schedule. he said he would only testify if the dems lifted the subpoena threat against his voluntary testimony. jerry nadler responded with trademark snark and sneers. saint whitaker, if you show up we won't have to issue a subpoena. william barr's confirmation voted out of the senate judiciary committee. that all but assures his confirmation next week for the next attorney general. how should the white house respond to the radical dams and their escalating attacks against the president? former federal prosecutor, sidney powell joins us tonight. our top story tonight, the radical dams escalate their attacks against president trump, even as special counsel, robert mueller appears to be concluding his investigation into suppose a trump russian occlusion. with little republican support, the president as usual, his best
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champion, the president tweeting, the radical dams are going nuts. he tweeted this. so, now congressman adam shift announces, after having found zero russian occlusion, that he's going to be looking at every aspect of my life, both financial and personal, even though there is no reason to be doing so. never happened before. unlimited presidential harassment. house intel committee shift, and ugly political operative. using committee payroll to hire former white house employees who promised to turn on the president. the dems on the house ways and means committee trying to make a case to release the president's private income tax returns. the radical dams, relentless in their efforts to subvert and obstruct in any way they can come of this president, and his administration. where is the republican party in the president's battle? shoulder to shoulder, or shuttering of fear of the
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radical dams in the globalist elites who finance them all. well, dangerous precedent set by the dems, multiple dead-end investigations launched for purely political partisan reasons. it all amounts to purely abuse of power. joining us tonight, congressman andy biggs of arizona, congressman biggs also serving on the house judiciary committee and the science -based technology committee, member of the house freedom coccus. it's great to have you with us. let's turn first, the pentagon announcing plans for a large troop withdrawal by the middle of march, fall by complete withdrawal in syria by april. isn't it about time as the president stated in his state of the union, indeed, and i think briefly stated, great nations do not fight the endless wars. >> is going to bring that up. i think that's exactly right.
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he laid out the broad scope. he's now directed his generals, he is the commander-in-chief. the generals are obeying and following that command. i know we'll take care of our partners in the kurds who helped us fight isis. i know we have nato allies, turks and we also have to continue to monitor what is going on with isis. the reality is, we have been in some of these places in the middle east for 18 years. in the president's right, we can't keep fighting these endless wars. >> lou: the president is right. as you confirm and support him, i am astonished at how few republicans have the courage for this president standing a joint session, declaring his truth. that great nations do not conduct endless wars. it's time of them to come out. i didn't hear a single applause. no one person bringing their palms together in support of the president. i haven't heard the leadership in either house or the
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republican party supporting it. it's ignorance, stupidity, it's cowardice on the part of your conference. >> i can tell you this, everyone i was staying city near stood up but everybody i was with stood up. i can't speak for anybody else, but all speak for myself, we have got to stated national security interests. we need to bring these things back to congress. congress declares war. that's what the constitution says. >> lou: i don't know what congress does anymore. >> fair to say. >> lou: is best we not get into the record of the republican conference under the leadership of paul ryan. did you hear he was at the white house today? >> i did not hear that. >> lou: pictures of him with the beard, it was just, maybe as an intervention on the part of the white house trying to provide support, i don't know. but, he did not seem like a man just to be in the presence of
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the president of the united states. then again, well, no sense going down that slippery slope. let's go to, -- there he is. the white house. what is it say? no star, no suit, no class. >> no respect. >> lou: a little fellow, it is any? this turn to nadler, speaking of no class. again, one of the chairman who is going after the president, at what point do you believe, or is there a point that the republican party will rise up and say, the hell with you, this stops and we may now. where is mitch mcconnell? where is your minority leader? is there anyone that has any kind of heart or soul? in the corporate owned republican party? >> i will tell you, i think we
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need more people with hearts and minds. i know today we fought jerry nadler, i went after him to look at what his resolution was doing. he wants to get power to basically subpoena would occur at any time. this is unprecedented. whitaker has agreed to come in and testify. >> the american people understand what a pigsty that committee is, and want an unfortunate character the chairman's. but, nonetheless, we understand their actions. what are you and what is your leaders in the republican party, what are they doing? >> i don't know what anybody else is doing but i know the freedom coccus is doing. what i am encouraging is that we fight on every person's usual front we can. we can't control what comes to the floor or committee, but we can fight every procedure we
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can, this is where i think remain a mistake. you know it and i know it. we haven't fought. some of us have, but that's the whole point of us being here. i don't believe president trump was elected to come along and perpetuate the status quo. i believe, like him, i was elected to be a disruptor of the status quo. where we continue to allow people to blindly go along. >> lou: let me ask you this as we wrap up. a word to fox news is that the appropriators in the conference committee have come up with $1.3 billion for president trump's border wall. now, you tell me why anyone, why would the president not tell everyone to just go to hell. go back, forget it. and the pretense of fraud. you're acting in bad faith, you're insulting. what kind of nonsense is he
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going to act be asked to put up with, again? where are the voices of the republicans on capitol hill? do you guys all simply represent the chamber of commerce? the business roundtable, the koch brothers? who the hell do you represent? you don't raise your voices for integrity, the working man and woman in this country, the middle class, who the hell do you represent? i mean that rhetorically to you, i know who you represent. >> the reality is, at 1.3 billion i saw that right before he came over. i can't believe it. that's less than where they were six months ago. >> it's an insult. they have not moved at all. >> the president has not received the support he needs here. we don't have the majority anymore because of that. >> he never had a majority to make that's right. >> lou: and he had a cowardly do not majority in the house.
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>> in my opinion, he's going to have to declare an emergency. i would say, the sooner the better. we both know every day at least 2000 illegal aliens cross our border. we know that many more get through here. just think 25000 people illegally coming into this country. we can't sustain that. we have to get going on it. >> lou: the president is given the democrats and his own party the opportunity to show that he is not standing alone as a champion of the forgotten man and woman in this country. he is in deed standing all alone. it is time for action to even deal with these little capuchins would be an insult to his offi office. >> it is simply put, time for action. congressman andy biggs, it's great to see you. good to be here. >> good to be here, lou.
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>> lou: still ahead, alexandria ocasio-cortez bumbling through the rollout of her multitrillion dollar green new deal. >> today is a really good day for families who have seen their living rooms being flooded with the waves, flooded in with the waves of rising seas level. when people say what about this or what about that? the answer is in, this is why it's not in here. the answer is, that as part of the solution, too. government expenditure is not 100% offset by a, by a tangible increase in that tax that same year. >> so the resolution itself does not have a price tag on it. >> lou: oh. my. goodness. we will have much more from aoc tonight. yes, you will find it very
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>> that political scandal in the state of virginia, keeps getting worse and worse. it's growing and growing. it is moving very fast d spreading. bobby scott reportedly was told all about the sexual assault allegations against lieutenant governor justin fairfax. directly from the alleged victim. an aide said's congressman scott failed to act because you did not have enough details says the congressman. that's not going to go well, either, is it. republican state senator, tommy norman now faces questions with of his time while overseeing the yearbook back in 1968.
10:18 pm
the yearbook was filled with reese's photos and slurs. norman said in a statement quote, i cannot endorse or associate myself with every photo entry or word on each page. and, he certainly didn't. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, foxbusiness political analyst, great american, good friend, ed rollins. i'm glad you're here. i need a friend tonight. is the most bizarre day in american politics. i cannot imagine what's going on nor i can imagine how it's going and in virginia. >> it will end in november when a new governor gets elected. >> you don't think anybody's going to step down? >> i don't. the problem is you get the 31 governors the most vulnerable and the other two have created chaos and he's going to throw them out. who's going to step forward? a lot of national figures had but nobody inside of virginia has said you have get out of
10:19 pm
there, they should. >> lou: they should leave. moral authority? >> you're supposed to have moral authority when you're trying to govern. >> lou: you have to wonder how much of that is around. i'm watching pictures of paul ryan stepping out, he looks like he's going duck hunting, for god sakes at the white house. how do you feel about paul ryan being at the white house? whatever do you imagine. >> i certainly would like to know who he is meeting with. the vice president said he was not meeting with him. his outfitter reminded me of after al gore lost and he grew a beard and disappeared for six or eight months. >> lou: we were granted that courtesy at six months. >> i think he needs to go away. >> this man betrayed this president in every way he lied,
10:20 pm
he cheated the president out of what should have been easy victories pledges to the american people, not one man refused the subpoenas he refused to back up the president. his ignorance will live in infamy forever. he has matured place in the darkest pages of our history. >> he lost 40 seats, gigantic amount. >> reporter: is a fraud in every way. >> let's turn to the border wall. he expects the deal over the weekend but he's not sure the president will accept it, were now receiving word from some appropriators that the offer will be $1.3 billion from the border wall. i personally think that's the most insulting thing. they would've been better to say no, nothing, at all, then to act as if they're speaking to a cheap and desperate white house that would accept such an
10:21 pm
insult. >> i certainly hope and by the president's speech, he's going to go tell them to pound salt. at the end of the day it's the only way he'll get the wall. he's going to need to do the executive order move forward. >> lou: you know what i would love to see? i would love to see him not say a word just simply do it. no discussion, let these ignorant fools be hoisted on their own ignorant -- i'm so damn mad, i can't stand it. this is a national emergency, whether he declares it or not. it's a national crisis whether he acknowledges it or not. 70000 people dying every year of drug overdoses. i mean, i don't even know how to explain it. >> he had a strong speech in the country overwhelmingly approved what he was saying. my sense is that he has the backing of the public in his own party, he can do what he wants.
10:22 pm
>> lou: did you say the backing of his own party? i don't think that's correct. >> i don't think the elected members, i think the party. seventy or 80% of the republican party support this president. >> lou: almost 90% on a snap poll, independence almost as many. it's extraordinary his appeal. those are the two identifying groups certainly not in group identity politics but fine groups within the demographics that are going to decide. >> there's no question that he will win his nomination easily and be reelected if he runs. >> i hope he runs. >> democrats could do -- in the truth of matters, he's a tough man and he basically this is a
10:23 pm
great country and we need a great leader and we have one. >> we have the greatest president in modern history. the american people understand that. this president relishes to a foreign ambassador, not a u.s. ambassador, an investor to this country. this man relishes a fight and those who choose to fight him will pay a huge price. we are very fortunate, and all that we have in this president, that he is that, a fighter who relishes the fight. >> aren't you just mad as hell? >> i mad at the absurdity of it all. i think he has to be more aggressive. i would make an executive order and not put any members of my
10:24 pm
party. >> lou: i went even speak to them. i would just do. it's time for action. >> let it go to the courts. >> lou: ed rollins, good to have you here. >> lou: up next, matt whitaker refuses to play with those rules. he called off schedule testimony before the investigated dams, former investigative secretary and the reaction. take a look at the u.s. national debt for seen changer. a mood lifter. almost $22 trillion. i was kidding about the mood li i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles
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10:29 pm
threatened to subpoena. tonight, they wrote a letter saying if you were to testify, subpoena would not be necessary. that kind of snark does not sound like a way toward a solution. join us now is author, sidney powell. it's great to have you with us. first, should whitaker testify? or, should he tell him straight out, go to hell. >> i'm leaning toward the go to hell posture right now. >> lou: is amazing to me, what this administration is putting up with. the dems are doing precisely what they promise. they will investigate, subvert, and abstract. i don't see any reason why the president should never put up with that. >> i don't either, except they are the second branch of government. >> lou: let's be clear. there are three coequal branches of government. there is one president. that one president is not being afforded respect.
10:30 pm
he's been assaulted and subverted by the democratic party. >> completely. the republicans are not standing over him. >> lou: why is the leadership of the republican party filled with so many, hollow carcasses? they are empty suits, they are frauds,. >> the part of the deep state. their part of the problem. >> lou: there too shallow to be very deep. they are tools of the deep state. they are tools of the cold brother, their tools of wall street corporate america, the globalist elite. it's ignorance, it's unbelievable what were watching. the president is white, this is unprecedented. >> it's an incredible waste of time and tax dollars. he's right, we have an opportunity for american greatness if people would work together, instead there following a resist policy that accomplishes nothing.
10:31 pm
>> lou: we just saw alexandria ocasio-cortez make a fool of herself. >> i saw that. >> lou: this is the future of the democratic party. she is young, she is going to learn, she's going to do better. the republican party and its preliminaries don't have such excuses. they're making fools of themselves by sitting on their hands. the chairman of the senate intelligence committee say there's no evidence of collusion. but, he hasn't got the guts to say shutdown the witchhunt. he doesn't have the guts to say in his colleagues a republican leadership, use the senate judiciary committee, investigate the hell out of them and give them what they're given the president. it's the most terrific example of gutless, cowardice i have
10:32 pm
ever seen. >> we need to turn most washington upside down and shake it out completely. >> lou: meanwhile, the president stands alone. what is he do? how does he respond? >> we need a new united states attorney appointed from the district of columbia. the one that is there did a horrible job with both the wool person, that prosecution those were absolute atrocities. both could have gone a long ways. >> lou: -- had a role in all of that. leniency was their recommendation. their decision was not to prosecute. and, you are right. it is the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. we are watching the same rampant, political corruption and by the way, accountability. everyone was lost their jobs in the fbi, that rancid, corrupt
10:33 pm
fbi leadership, they are still standing, they have been untouched. same with the justice department. good lord almighty. >> in the double standard. people write me every day about how upset they are about the double standard only the republicans are getting prosecuted, democrats are getting away with murder. nothing is happening with mccabe, the real russia collusion a part of the democrats, dnc, fusion gps and now that we know adam shift was meeting. >> lou: they remain untouched as well. government there be justice at all in the justice department. >> oregon have to have it somewhere, sometime soon. we can't stand it any longer. >> lou: like the president said, we have been standing it. i have to give him such immense credit. he has stood against this ungodly attack from all quarters
10:34 pm
and without any support whatsoever from the republican party. >> they don't stand with him. >> lou: these are not exactly exemplary profiles encourage were talking about. whether the republicans are the dems, god save the republicans. sidney, great to have you. i'm next, president trump says there won't be a face-to-face meeting with the chinese president. we take that up in the roaring trump economy. herman cain joins us ron! something's going on at schwab. oh really? thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this?
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>> lou: tonight's headlines,pree national prayer at breakfast standing firm to protect life. >> we must build a culture that cherishes the dignity and
10:39 pm
sanctity of innocent human life. [applause] >> larry kudlow, the director of the national economic council say there's a sizable distance to go on trade. talks with china. president trump ruling out meeting with chinese president of china before the trade yield deadline of march 1. a new report saying communist china is planning a building for nuclear aircraft carriers by 2035. doing so to catch up with the u.s. navy. joining us now, herman cain business -- and former candidate for president. it's been too long since we talked. great to see you. >> thank you, lou. happy to be here. >> lou: you think about the federal reserve being a governor? >> it is official, according to larry kudlow, i am under consideration, which, as you know in itself is an honor.
10:40 pm
it's a distinct honor. but you also know that at least nine hoops i have to jump through in order for it to become reality. >> lou: with you it's always nine. >> it's always nine. i stopped counting at nine. >> some days i can't get tonight. good for you. the star with looking at what the president is having to go through. he's been abstracted, i mean it's like to me it is the most explicit inexplicable vitriol, while that the dems are spewing everyday and attacking him and his administration mercilessly. there is not one person in the republican party leadership who will stand up and say, bdm democrats, and stand back. you have gone beyond the bounds of anything acceptable in the american way of life.
10:41 pm
what he think? >> when the democrats won the majority for the house of representatives in november, i stated on my show at herman that spirit. >> lou: was at herman >> my show is heard every day at herman hi made the statement that it's total chaos for their president into, they are going to obstruct anything and everything he did. three, they are going to add more fuel to this movement of trump a. that's what were seeing. as far as republican standing up, some people behind the scenes, they are. but a lot of people in front of the cameras, you don't see them standing up and demand and they cut out this nonsense. this is predictable.
10:42 pm
i don't believe it will end until the american people, those that are open-minded enough to send an message to the democrat representatives come is going to change. i think is going to be like this for a while to come. >> i think it is past time for the president to simply respond in kind. and give every bit as much as he gets. this is intolerable. it should be intolerable for the american people. again, especially given everything that's in the economy. 3% economic growth. at every minority group. historically low on employment rates. manufacturing jobs being created, 5 million since he was elected. $7 trillion more in the equities
10:43 pm
market. the list goes on. by the way, this crazy north koreans haven't fired a ballistic this 115 damn months, either. he of the national left-wing media talking about all of their usual nonsense in support of alexandria ocasio-cortez in the green dream as nancy pelosi called her program. i mean, give me a break. >> all right lou, calm down. >> lou: i'm not going to. i'm not going to. >> i feel the way you feel. you are expressing the frustration of a lot of people. remember nancy pelosi and jos ck schumer met with the president in the oval office to try to talk about a deal or agreement to address the crisis at the southern border? i'll quote nancy pelosi. when kristin nielsen came on,
10:44 pm
she was going to present pictures and facts, nancy pelosi said. i reject your facts. they didn't want even hear the facts. the president's state of the union address on tuesday was filled with facts. what did the democrats do after that and what have they done for the last couple of days? rejected all of those facts. they don't care about the facts. i have an acronym i've used for quite some time called sin, shift the subject, ignore the fact, and name call. they have continued those tactics unendingly. i don't believe those will change unless they see a reputable poll that says you are losing this fight. i don't think the american people, i think even though the mainstream media was trying to. everything that the liberals and democrats say, mainstream america is not buying it. that's why i'm still optimistic they are not going to get away with the chaos. >> i am confident you are right,
10:45 pm
as always. we appreciate you being here. thank you for calming me down. >> calm down, lou. okay. >> lou: i feel so much better already. for at least 20 or 30 seconds. good to see you, my friend. >> thank you lou. happy to be here. >> lou: up next, the richest person on this planet says he is person on this planet says he is been extorted -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ]
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>> lou: let's get to it. amazon owner, jef jeff bezos he hired private investigators last month to find out how the inquirer was able to post text messages between he and his girlfriend in a blog post he said a lawyer from the parent company tried to get into back off the investigation to keep them from publishing explicit photos of the two. it's complicated but it ought to be simple. to help us through all this, mark simone good friend.
10:50 pm
great to see you. >> jeff bezos in the national enquirer squaring off over pictures with his girlfriend, mistress, who knows what. >> the description of the pictures make it sound like it's graphic. it's naked pictures and some of that stuff. >> it's never a great looking guy. it's always anthony weiner or jeff bezos. >> lou: is ugly and sorted accusation on the part of jeff bezos against the national enquirer. could it possibly be true? >> i think it's true. he has these pictures. he sent them to the girlfriend. he's hired a massive bunch of investigators to find out who did this. i'm not sherlock holmes but i can figure out who leaked the pictures out. she may have given it to a girlfriend or somebody.
10:51 pm
>> the one report i have seen but not verified, it was her brother who is a pro trump kind of guy. sounds like a great guy. but, then accusing him of revealing more than he should've about the relationship. >> i'm not sherlock holmes, but i think we tracked a case here. i'm not a lawyer. i don't know if this is even black male. give me a lawyer. i need a lawyer. >> lou: lawyers are so much fun. >> if you're not asking for money or anything in return. they're just asking them to let up on them. i don't know if that's black fulblack male. >> lou: why don't you think jeff bezos doesn't do what they've always done and just buy the thing. why talk about these piddling sons and say, how much do you
10:52 pm
want? >> you said it, he uses the washington post as a vanity project. >> lou: $250 million vanity project without operating costs. and eight anti- trump stories every day. >> he should be gone after here. but because everybody hates donald trump, they sewed -- everybody in the media. we love him, but they'll associate david pecker, the national enquirer with donald trump. normally jeff bezos would be the villain. it's ridiculous. >> lou: the president today, again, before i get to the president, can we roll that, that alexandria ocasio-cortez announcing her dream green -- if the audience will be patient? >> i like the plan. i don't like sitting the alarm clock. this is better. stay home, get a check.
10:53 pm
>> lou: you don't have to get in airplanes because you're not using fossil fuel anymore. >> lou: here we go, this is a ocasio-cortez. >> today is a really good day for families who have seen their living rooms being flooded in with the waves of -- flooded in with the waves of rising seas and sea levels. when people say what about this or what about that? the answer isn't this is why it's not were in here. this is the solution two. government solution is and always 100% offset by a, by a tangible increase in that tax that same year. so, the resolution itself doesn't have a price tag on. >> lou: you got a love that. >> who needs milton friedman here. this is pretty good. >> lou: she explained climate change in just those few words.
10:54 pm
>> the problem is, chuck schumer and company depend on lobbyists and airlines and insurance companies and that's where the checks are coming from. >> lou: if anybody thinks that pelosi is going to give up her government 757 bus rides home every weekend. >> she is there donald trump. democrats want their swat dreams and she's there to drink closing schumer. >> lou: all i know is there something about this. you advertise a product, just advertise the product and there it is. mark, thanks so much. the future of the democratic party before our eyes. up next, president trump last the radical left as they launch sweeping investigations. the russia witchhunt nears an end, radical dams are apparently just getting started. i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything.
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lou: the pentagon planning a complete withdrawal of our forces from syria at the end of april. congressman andy biggs praising the president who declared great nations do not fight endless wars. >> we have been in some of these places in the middle east for 18 years. the president is right. we can't keep fighting these endless wars. lou: matthew whitaker' testimony still uncertain after the judiciary committee chairman refused to drop his subpoena to whitaker. part of the offer is an insult of $1.3 billion instead of the president' request of $5.7 billion. with us tomorrow, diamond and
11:00 pm
silk and mark morgan among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. trish: breaking news tonight. the very first and only interview with the families of all five american hostages being held captive in a venezuelan prison by brutal socialist dictator, nicolas maduro. it has been 443 days since these americans last saw their father or husbands. now despite mounting threats from maduro's thugs and retribution by maduro and the cuban intelligence community trying to maintain maduro's criminal dictatorship in venezuela, and fear for


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