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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 8, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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if not, tighter stops to make sure that doesn't happen. charles: thanks very much. dow off 161 points but 25,000 is the key number. if we hold there, liz claman, it will be a good session. liz: it would. on this friday, you could say stocks are trying to kind of dodge that sucker punch of trade fears. charles, thank you. have a good weekend. as we head into the close, yes, the dow is lower by about 160 points, but well off the depths of the session where at one point we saw 288 points of losses. look at the nasdaq. it is down but picking itself up off the mat, looking to extend its longest string of weekly wins in more than a year. you have to stay here to see that, right? it's your money. we are getting this breaking news. new york governor andrew cuomo is issuing a stunning and blunt assessment of new york city politicians and here it is. you're committing malpractice. we'll tell you why. it involves the opposition of building of amazon's new
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headquarters in queens. this as amazon ceo jeff bezos turns the tables on the tabloids. the supermarket rag versus the e-commerce rich guy. jeff bezos taking on the king of all tabloids, saying he will not be blackmailed. reports in the last hour that now federal prosecutors are coming in to try and figure it all out. deirdre bolton is hot on the trail with the breaking details. oil is about to close out its worst week of 2019 as the political crisis in venezuela wildly spirals. why does venezuela matter? it has the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world. the analyst who understands opec perhaps better than anyone else is here to game the best and worst case scenarios for your portfolio. with just one week left to avert another government shutdown, a high stakes summit is set for this weekend, with the economy on the line can lawmakers finally get a deal done? plus, expedia flying high.
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two toy stories rocking stocks and the tech picks that would upgrade your portfolio. less than an hour to the closing bell on this friday. let's start the "countdown." liz: some breaking news. honeywell just released a filing saying the company's head count dropped 13% in december year over year. the conglomerate is also saying it has stopped doing business in iran but in that s.e.c. filing, they said it has delivered services to iranian counterparties that resulted in $31 million of revenues in 2018. keep in mind, president trump had reimposed sanctions on iran last year, which led to european and american companies withdrawing from the country after they had been allowed back in. well, we're watching honeywell. we will keep an eye on it.
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it's down three pennies at the moment. to the bears rumbling down wall street. stocks on track for a third down day as the uncertainty surrounds trade and that lingers on. you will have to stick around to see how we finish but those concerns are hurting oil assets. for the week, crude is down about 5%. that's the steepest slump this year. we are going to be diving deeper into the oil pits with an energy analyst later on in the show, but we will also ask him, because he is an expert on clean energy, what he thinks of the green new deal that alexandria ocasio-cortez is looking at. so we are seeing a tale of two toy makers at this hour. hasbro, take a look, it is trading lower by about 2% but mattel, when was the last time mattel was up 22%? hot wheels under the stock. mattel reported revenue $1.52 billion during the holiday quarter. the all-important quarter, right? that absolutely beat expectations. remember hot wheels, little toy cars?
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they are still hot. they boosted the company's earnings, but it's nice to know barbie is still kicking it after all these years. barbie sales reached five-year highs thanks to new marketing and diverse products. so mattel is just a brilliant stock story at this hour, as i said, up about $2.79 or a gain of 22.5%. hasbro, one of the worst performing stocks today, is getting hammered as i said but not too badly. down 2%. still at $88.55. what really went wrong? the shuttering of toys "r" us forget the company during the key holiday season, plus the lack of a major princess or "star wars" film didn't help. in europe, demand dropped for toys due to brexit fears. it is affecting certain companies here even though they're not in europe. to this still unfolding situation at amazon, because we have some breaking news that came in literally two minutes before the top of the hour. less thap n an hour left of tra, shares down about 2%, $30.
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got a one-two punch it's facing. investors grappling with jeff bezos's blackmail bombshell and a new report amazon might end its plan to build a new york city headquarters. "the washington post" which bezos does own cites two people familiar with the situation as saying push back from new york politicians and a vocal crowd of queens residents has amazon executives rethinking a plan to build what they have called hq2 that would have brought 25,000 new high-paying jobs to the area. and moments ago, new york governor andrew cuomo lashed out at lawmakers who are opposing this deal and this is getting ugly. wait until you hear what he said. deirdre bolton has the latest. >> it is unfolding at the moment. this just in. i will read you this statement from governor cuomo. very strong language here. he says for the state senate to oppose amazon was governmental
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malpractice. if they stop amazon from coming to new york they are going to have the people of new york state to explain it to. i have never seen a more absurd situation where political pandering and obvious pandering so defeats a bona fide economic development project. basically, he is saying we have to make amazon a reality. he was questioned, he was out on long island for a lunch, he made those comments there. we also did reach out to the new york city mayor's office, bill de blasio. this is what a spokesperson told us. the mayor fully expects amazon to deliver on its promise to new yorkers. as you know, many have essentially complained about bezos and amazon coming here to long island city with roughly $2.8 billion in state and city tax incentives, saying that a company like amazon with a founder who is the richest man in the world does not need any help from local government but as you can hear from both the mayor and the governor, of course, they are interested in
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having the jobs there. so we will continue to follow that part of the story. in the meantime, as you also know, there is this separate but equally compelling story about jeff bezos saying that the "national enquirer" is attempting to extort and blackmail him. so one news outlet is now even reporting that federal prosecutors are reviewing the "national enquirer's" handling of the story involving jeff bezos and an affair with a former news anchor and helicopter pilot, lauren sanchez, and basically the prosecutors are trying to determine whether or not the tabloid violated a prior immunity agreement. so american media, the parent of the "national enquirer" was granted immunity last year. separate matter connection with an investigation into michael cohen, president trump's former lawyer, that agreement required american media to commit to no crimes whatsoever. jeff bezos said well, they just did. so he is accusing, as i
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mentioned "the national enquirer" of extortion and blackmail. this friction between the magazine and the founder and ceo of amazon, jeff bezos, started about a month ago. the magazine published an expose into the affair, releasing texts, releasing photos and jeff bezos started an investigation. he funded it himself. he claims that the magazine was so upset, up in arms about the investigation and according to bezos, the magazine then threatened him and tried to extort him, tried to blackmail him. i'm going to read you part of the statement from the ami lawyers, and they are saying american media believes fervently that it acted lawfully in the reporting of the story of mr. bezos and they are standing by their reporting. they say nonetheless, in light of the nature of the allegations published by mr. bezos, the board has convened and determined that it should promptly and thoroughly investigate the claim. so i will tell you that legal experts essentially say that
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american media's lawyers can claim that the e-mails that they sent mr. bezos are basically trying to resolve a dispute. liz: oh, please. please. >> but there's a catch. what would be criminal without any shades of gray is if american media somehow stole or hacked, somehow got those photos in an otherwise illegal manner, then the conversation is over. in the meantime, there are many lawyers who say listen, they can at least argue their point but if it's found that the photos or texts came from stolen material or a hack, ami has a problem. liz: well, it's an obvious -- it's a shake-down not of money but of reputation, and when you put in an e-mail, as this dylan howard editor from ami says, if you don't back away and say there isn't anything political and we're done looking at it, how you got the pictures, then we'll release these embarrassing photos. game, set, match. that is blackmail. reporter: yep. in new york state, it is
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actually illegal to incite contempt or to try to embarrass someone. so there's going to be a lot of lawyers on this for a long time. your viewers are looking at the amazon stock. i know it's down for the day. i think bezos is pretty focused so at least for amazon shareholders, hopefully this doesn't last too long. liz: it's kind of ironic in jeff bezos' blog on the medium, he had said they want to release these pictures to show i have bad business judgment. he may have questionable personal judgment but he started amazon 25 years ago in a garage and now employs 600,000 people. reporter: yeah. that's a hard argument to make. liz: agreed. dre deirdre, thank you. come back to us if you have any news. we may have federal prosecutors looking into this story. in the meantime, amazon unfortunately not really helping to push the markets higher. dow and s&p are off session lows. they are still set to close the week lower. right now, the dow is on pace to snap what has been a seven-week win streak, its longest since
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november 2017. so this latest drop, we don't want to put too much into it because we still have the s&p up 14% since the december low. does it really show the true power and influence of things like the trade talks in d.c. and the political influence on the markets? to our traders on the floor show, the new york stock exchange and the cme group. all right, gentlemen, tim anderson, what do you think? because just a day or two ago it was oh, there's optimism about the trade talks, and now there is, i guess you could say, questionable behavior, wondering are these trade talks really going to go through. >> well, i think a large proportion of this pullback the last couple days is technical. today is very much a carbon copy of yesterday. we made the lows right around 12:00 and now the market's trying to rally a little bit although i think it will probably still close down on the day, maybe we will have a down week, break a six-week streak. we got a very strong move off the lows in late december and in
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terms of the trade talks, the deadline right now is march 1st. it's february 8th. everybody knows these talks aren't going to be completely resolved until a day or two before the deadline. they just don't happen in advance of deadlines. we have learned that over and over. and look, we will get some positive headlines, we will get some cautious headlines. the market will have to deal with it. we are consolidating a lot of gains from the last six weeks. i think we're okay. liz: phil, is the gdp going to be okay? the gdp for q1 hasn't been released because of the government shutdown previously so they say february 28th they will put it out. new york's federal reserve just came in and downgraded what it says will be q1. tiny downgrade but they think we will see growth of 2.2% from what was 2.39%.
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i'm wondering do you get a sense that q1 gdp will be uglier than that, and if so, what does that do to the stock market picture? >> i really don't think it's going to be much uglier than that. i think part of the slowdown we see obviously had a lot to do with the government shutdown in the first place. usually when we see that, we end up getting that economic wasp on the back end but make no mistake about it. the market is concerned about a lot of issues that are out there, not only the u.s./china trade talks which are probably the most important thing that the markets freaked out about, but also this consistently weak data that we are getting out of europe. you put it all together, those are a concern. listen, u.s. growth, i know gdp number overall's going to be down a smidge. there was a little bit of a pullback at the end of the year. some of that is seasonally related. but from what we are seeing on the ground, there is a lot of strong growth in this economy right now. you look at the peripheral data
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when it comes to jobs, when i talk to people, it's more, they're not worried about growth next month, they're more worried about growth next week. liz: i agree. it's not so much the u.s., and we have gone round and round on this show with people and said it doesn't appear there's a recession. it's not our weakness, it's the euro zone weakness. it's china slowing down. and that could somehow swamp us. >> well, that's going to be the thing we are all going to watch. the euro has been slow. china, certainly more and more as time goes on, we have gotten more and more negative news coming out of china. they are trying to stimulate their economy. i think that that's why the focus is so much on what happens with these trade talks. on tuesday or wednesday, when they came out and said we're not going to have the meeting before the march 1st -- liz: the donald trump/xi meeting. >> the market's looking at that. they can still fix it. obviously we can come in tomorrow and the meeting's back
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on. but that is the key. we are very sensitive to what's going on and the whole rest of the world has been slowing down. we have been the strength throughout the whole rest of the world. so we have been the leader. i think that that's the key, though. we got to get a deal with the chinese done. liz: i hear you. tim, phil, chris, have a good weekend. happy friday. i think we all need it. closing bell, 45 minutes away. the dow jones industrials down 147. the travel stock that's flying high, expedia, gaining altitude after beating fourth quarter earnings estimates. that stock is up 2.33%. multiple brokerages crowding the runway upping price targets on shares of the online travel booker. but did you guys hear this? expedia and orbits quietly halting sales of all travel to the political powder keg of venezuela. the country is in crisis and the global oil market might get caught up in the middle. up next, top energy analyst's
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threat assessment and what it will take for crude to escape the reality of geopolitical strife. we'll be right back. i need you to stay with us. each day our planet awakens with signs of opportunity. but with opportunity comes risk. and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances.
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liz: news breaking in the last hour on the crisis in venezuela. a senior white house official telling reuters the u.s. has a direct line of communication with members of venezuela's military, urging them to abandon president nicholas maduro. this as the u.s. prepares new sanctions on top of the ones already slapped on the state oil company there, pdvsa, as a way to eject maduro and force him to give way to opposition leader juan guaido. maduro warning in the last few hours of quote, catastrophic
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consequences if those u.s. sanctions hold. venezuela's oil exports to the u.s. dropped 40%, and thousands of barrels of refined oil products venezuela imported from the u.s. daily have come the a screeching halt. this in a matter of days. we bring in a man who implicitly understands what's going on with all opec members, including venezuela. he has written a geopolitical analysis of the situation and is here in a fox business exclusive. you are letting our viewers know first your thoughts in this explanation. what is the nut, what is the major issue here that you see? >> venezuela has been the single most bullish factor for the global oil market long before just the last two weeks and these sanctions. venezuelan oil supply has been cut in half since 2015. that is unheard of for a country that's not actually at war, and
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that 50% drop equates to more than a million barrels a day or more than 1% of global oil supply that's been wiped out. so u.s. sanctions certainly can have some additional impact but the fact of the matter is, almost all the damage to the venezuelan oil industry in the last five years has been self-inflicted by the maduro government. liz: by the authoritarian government which nationalized the oil industry, kicked out all of the u.s. oil companies that had been working just fine there. but we should let our viewers understand why venezuela matters and is way more than a south american country that's in turmoil. we have seen that before. they have the largest proven reserves of crude oil on planet earth. so they do matter here. but will that be enough? clearly maduro has used pdvsa as his personal piggy bank. if the u.s. manages to get the
3:23 pm
military to turn and then shut down that opportunity for him to steal the money, might then this reopen, this country reopen and new free flow of oil happen? >> well, yeah, venezuela is a case study of why simply having resources is not enough. there needs to be a supportive political and fiscal context for the industry to develop those resources. for example, next door in a little country called guyana which has never produced oil in its history, there are some very active, aggressive oil development happening right now. why? because the government has been very supportive and very open to foreign investment, the exact opposite of venezuela. so despite those hundreds of billions of barrels of reserves that you mentioned, that does venezuela no good right now
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because no foreign company in their right mind would be willing to put its capital at risk when it could be taken away at a moment's notice. liz: why bother. let me shift to green, because you have the congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez putting out her green new deal. it's either getting supported or attacked depending. people need to know that you, pavel, issued coverage of a lot of renewable companies and stocks for energy back in 2006. what's your assessment of the green new deal? >> it's never going to pass. it's not even a bill. it's a concept, right. it's an idea. and it's too convoluted. it's too broad-based. so it's an environmental program. it's a jobs program. you think of redistribution, all in one unwieldy package. if they were to, you know, strip out all of the kind of economic
3:25 pm
and financial reform, tax reform out of it and simply focus on you know, carbon emissions reduction, for example, then perhaps it would stand a better chance in congress but as it stands, it's way too messy to pass. liz: good to see you, pavel. thank you very much. come back again. >> thank you. liz: i don't know if he's named after the famous russian meteorologist. are you? >> almost. liz: okay. got it. thanks so much. we will see you once again later. dow is down about 144 points. we are coming right back.
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oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro. liz: just one day after rival postmates confidentially filed for an ipo, analysts are eating up grub husbanb, a competitor. their ratings have been raised to a buy despite the fact that
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yesterday, grub husbab whiffed fourth quarter earnings. the revenue forecasts have been raised for the company citing organic growth. how organic? grub hub announced it launched in 125 new markets next quarter and will continue to open up in new markets this year so shares are moving higher by nearly 5% to $86.34. while analysts gobble up grub hub, investors are djibob t beautifying with coty. >> that's right. popping as much as 31% after beating estimates. the picture not all pretty, though. the cosmetics giant acknowledging difficulties it's faci facing, noting a nearly $1 billion write-down [ inaudible ]. shares down nearly 65% over the last 52 weeks but shining today,
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up 32%. let's turn to cars, rebounding following the grim earnings forecast. featuring a battle royale. more than ten million gamers played in the first 72 hours of release and it has more than a million current players since its launch. shares of ea up 15%. no cash, no problem at tropicana field, home of the tampa bay rays. it will officially become the first cashless pro stadium in north america tomorrow. fans can use credit cards, gift cards and mobile payment apps at all points of sale. for those who want to use cash, they have to exchange cash for gift cards. there could be a budget deal ready to go by monday. that's next on "countdown."
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liz: during the "countdown" yesterday, we broke news that there might be a federal budget deal on the table by monday, but while the white house says it's in a good place on budget negotiations right now, how likely are democrats and republicans in congress to join hands this weekend in a high stakes summit at camp david? let's bring in someone who knows a thing or two about budgeting. he served on the national commission for fiscal responsibility under president obama and he is with the responsible federal budgets mark goldline along with axios political reporter steph kite who has been following the budget battle in d.c. i will begin first with you, steph. you have got your finger on the pulse of people in congress. what are you hearing? what's the chatter on how this meeting at camp david might go this weekend? >> congress members are really
3:37 pm
more optimistic on this issue than we have seen in a very long time. i was talking to one congress member who has been really involved in these negotiations earlier today and he seemed very cautiously optimistic they will be able to reach a deal. there are obviously some details that are still being worked out specifically on how much money will actually be put toward building fencing and what the specifics are around that, then also the issue of detention beds but we are hearing from both republicans and democrats, they really think that there is a solution here that they can reach a compromise and really, the wild card here is trump. but even he seems a little bit more open to agreeing to something, but we still have to see whether he's happy with the final decision, the final deal that will likely be unveiled by monday. liz: we have a $4.4 trillion e proposed budget here but only $3 trillion and change coming in in tax revenue at the moment. there is a deficit and there is debt in this nation. what do you hope this budget
3:38 pm
will or will not include? >> sadly, a lot of the fiscal irresponsibility of this budget is already baked in the cake because last year around this time, we agreed to $150 billion increase in the spending caps. what i would really worry about is if they decide the best way to grease the wheels in this appropriations bill is to increase spending next year and the year after, for another $150 billion plus. that would be the most dangerous thing they could do from a fiscal perspective. liz: it is like the sword of damocles, the debt hanging over this nation, although people don't really feel the blade yet because they think it's a number that kind of wiggles out there and they don't really understand it. but at what point, is there anybody in congress who says guys, we have got to cut spending? >> you know, it's interesting because in the past, republicans have always been passionate about watching the budget, watching the deficit. but we are seeing during the trump administration that many of his promises that he sought to fulfill are expensive.
3:39 pm
the tax cuts and this border wall and it's really hard to see at this point a way for there to be real conversations about having more fiscal responsibility when it comes to budgeting because democrats and republicans are nowhere close to agreeing on most issues. just looking at this whole issue over dhs funding, it's been a prolonged headache and the government shutdown for the longest shutdown we have seen ever, so it's really hard to see a way for democrats and republicans to come together and discuss this particular issue. liz: this of course, with the superimposition of another government shutdown possibly next friday, have you crunched the numbers? because we have seen different numbers from s&p and from the administration themselves on how much the first shutdown recently cost the u.s. >> well, the cbo estimated that the direct cost to the economy were about $11 billion. we are now actually getting some of that back, although i think another shutdown could really cement that. but there's this indirect
3:40 pm
confidence factor, right, consumer confidence is down, investor confidence is down. voter confidence is down. that could obviously have much deeper effects on the economy and longer lasting ones. liz: if congress comes to a deal, you call president trump the wild card because in the past, he's moved the goal posts. but let's say congress doesn't come to a deal. >> i think we are looking at some serious political issues. nobody wants to go into another government shutdown. republicans and democrats all are trying to avoid it at all costs. even during the last shutdown we saw that the approval ratings for trump were hurt seriously. i think the president and all congress members are really trying to avoid a government shutdown, because it would be damaging politically and financially. liz: help our viewers understand why the debt matters. explain to them, because we all in our gut know the debt is horrible, it's trillions and trillions, but explain where they will feel it at some point. >> sure. i think the most direct but abstract way you feel it is when
3:41 pm
the government issues debt, investors buy that instead of investing in the rest of the economy, instead of starting a new business, they are buying capital. over time, that means slower wage growth and slower income growth. we can't point to any one period of time but we know it's happening. we also increase the risk that we could hit a crisis point, a point where investors ask for a higher interest rate so there's a mass sell-off of u.s. bonds around the world. that would be a complete disaster which sorts of puts the 2009-10 financial crisis in a whole new perspective. lastly, there's these rising interest costs. interest, the fastest growing part of the budget. in 30 years it will be the largest part of the budget crowding out pretty much everything else the federal government does. liz: it doesn't seem like anybody in congress is thinking about that. we get tax cuts which cost a lot and they feel great. who doesn't like it? they like more money in their pockets. but it sure is interesting that neither republicans nor democrats seem to have a taste for slimming and trimming. >> yeah. even when there are those
3:42 pm
conversations it seems to come across as politically motivated even if there are a few republicans in congress, a few more conservative people who are legitimately caring about the budget and the bottom line. it kind of gets twisted into this political game. we are seeing even looking at democrats now, how their own agenda in the house where they are unveiling this climate, new green deal which would be even more money to fight climate change and other issues they say the government needs to be involved in. it becomes a very political, complicated issue. liz: we just had a top analyst in energy say the green new deal, not really realistic. either way, thank you both. good strong, smart conversation here. the streaming war rages on. we have the closing bell now 18 minutes away. the dow down 141. well off the lows. i will give it that. disney set to take over fox's entertainment assets and streaming giant hulu.
3:43 pm
what kind of influence will the other investors, comcast and at & t they own chunks of hulu, what kind of decision-making process do they really have? what kind of power and will they use it against disney? charlie is about to break it next on "countdown." this isn't just any moving day.
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liz: breaking news. it's not just secretary steven mnuchin and ambassador lighthizer going overseas next week. commerce secretary wilbur ross will apparently travel to india on tuesday. he is set to meet, this is interesting timing, on valentine's day with the indian commerce minister and aviation minister to promote a deeper trade relationship. this is part of the u.s./india ceo forum there.
3:48 pm
wilbur ross saying that india's market is a good match for the united states companies. india is the second largest trading partner for the u.s. behind china and by the way, u.s. goods and services trade with india totaled $126 billion in 2017, the most recent year that we have data on. >> billions and billions. liz: billions and billions. forget about netflix and chill. the war over streaming service hulu is now heating up, as the fox disney merger nears completion, hulu's future is growing more uncertain but people haven't been asking. charlie's got the answer and the scoop on what might happen at hulu. >> very well. where shall i begin? liz: hulu. >> let's define, do you know who hulu is? it's a streaming service. liz: i was just born yesterday. >> you have to tell the viewers. there it is. a streaming service providing over the top content by now three, three distributors of content, disney, which will own
3:49 pm
60% of it, right, because they bought our 30%. comcast owning 30% and i think -- liz: comcast 15, i think. >> i think they're 30. at & t is 10. i thought i checked that. anyway, you get the picture. it's three companies that hate each other and they despise each other. liz: hatfields and mccoys. >> there you go. transfer fox's 30 to disney, in a few weeks that will be it. really, there's three people, the hatfields and mccoys and somebody else that hates each other. the real question is what are they going to do. let's give you what we hear. clearly, inside these companies, we know, i know for a fact because of speaking with sources about this, this is an uncomfortable marriage. you know, it's like everybody, all three of these companies are starting their own streaming services, mainly disney which is doing a huge effort now, once it buys fox's entertainment assets and gets a lot of content.
3:50 pm
comcast, again, huge streaming, developing huge streaming service. at & t is doing it as well. they're not as advanced as the other two, but they are all doing their own streaming service, plus they have this and here's what i hear. there's a lot of talk about disney maybe selling it. there's a lot of talk. they are 60% the focus on their own streaming. there's a lot of talk about comcast wanting to buy it all to get a leg up and -- liz: streaming. that way you don't have to do it organically. >> right. here's where things are going on this, i think. it's what known and what people are telling me as a mexican standoff. nobody does anything unless doj comes in and says to one of the players we think you have a monopoly on this, are you doing your own streaming, it's too big, get out of that. liz: maybe to disney. >> maybe to disney, maybe to comcast. let's back up why that is. this is important, because hulu is one of the first over the top things. they also apply their content, i get they get paid for it by hulu, hulu pays for the content.
3:51 pm
if comcast sells its stake to disney, then disney owns like two major streaming services. there's a problem with that. it's vice versa. they don't want to do anything that helps the competition. so they are all in, you know, even though they hate working with each other, they are all handcuffed in this thing. they are all together. it's really interesting. something's going to have to happen. i can't imagine that this weird entity that's owned by people that hate each other is going to survive. you have done reporting on this. what are people saying about this? liz: well, i am hearing that people are asking how, depending on the percentages at & t and comcast own, what kind of decision-making power do they have and could they veto anything that disney likes to do or wants to do. >> that is a great point. in the past, it was kind of evenly split up except for at & t's part. it was 30, 30 and 30. liz: fox was in there. >> fox was in there. now you got disney. disney is telling everybody what to do. i don't know. and they are not saying.
3:52 pm
let me tell you something. liz: they are not going to give an inch to disney, i can tell you that. >> no. but i think one way out of this is the justice department. here's why. this is surmise, but it's pretty good surmise. the justice department is clearly scrutinizing comcast for a lot of reasons, including that american cable association lawsuit that says they used strong-arm tactics. maybe they force comcast to get rid of their thing, their section, their piece, because they are saying you already have it, you have a monopoly on so much other stuff, and we think you are too big, get out of hulu. liz: disney is too big. >> no, no, but they have more of a problem with comcast and the fact they have distribution and content and trump hates nbc and comcast. you understand. they can tell, the head of the antitrust division will call the shots on hulu. liz: good to see you, charlie. thank you very much. charlie gasparino. the closing bell, now we are seven and a half minutes away. did you guys know this, 48 years
3:53 pm
ago today, back in 1971, the bell rang at the nasdaq for the first time ever. different location than where it is now, i can tell you that. the "countdown" closer tells you the tech plays to make in 2019 that could bring your portfolio back to the future. more "countdown" coming right back. don't go away. val, vern... i'm off to college and i'm not gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall... imagine the closet space. yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. . .
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♪ liz: stocks are still on track for a third week, okay, we do have third down day rather in a row. s&p on track for weekly loss. two minutes to go. gerri willis live on the floor with losers for the week. >> i need you -- liz: hey, gerri. >> leaders and laggards. dow leaders today, boeing says it will make more boeing 737 planes. barclays upping price target. united technology, also getting good news from analysts. morgan stanley raising the its rice star get. microsoft is partnering with tomtom to have location based services to microsoft cloud azure. apple facing a facetime bug fix. all those doing better for the week. here are the losers. dupont, cowan analyst says is ambivalent about the chemical
3:58 pm
industry. cowan gave it a raiding cut. alex azar at health and human services saying they can eliminate, that the agency can eliminate pharmacy benefit managers. united health own as big one, optim. rx. liz: trading started on nasdaq exchange 48 years ago. it stands for national association of securities dealers. automatic quotes. he has stealth tech picks for us on this birthday of the nasdaq. define stealth, what are the picks that you have, bill? >> there are a lot of very obvious tech companies. a lot of companies in more traditional industries you don't think of as tech companies but ones that created an advantage for themselves through their adoption of tech, or, through
3:59 pm
the consumers use of tech. and one of the ones we liked for years is spo logistics, which is trucking an logistics company. they benefit from their use of tech, customers use of tech in number of different ways. the most obvious one people would be, they're leading last mile delivery company. so e-commerce has fueled their growth to a large degree over the last couple years. liz: you have >>, sure, is company that is helping to make smart home technologies both for security and to really align all of the elements of your home into one place through their distribution network. they're a company growing about 30% a year and, the word to investors awarded investors tremendously last couple years.
4:00 pm
liz: bill, we like your picks. we'll put them on liz claman facebook page. [closing bell rings] the s&p just turned positive. have a great weekend. melissa: we'll take credit for the comeback, why not, why not? major averages mixed at the close. china trade concerns moving the dow. the dow was down significantly about mid-session. look at there, powering into the close, only down about 64 points. off session lows. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. this is "after the bell." he third melissa and connell are coming on. better buy. s&p higher by two points if it settles there. nasdaq up by 10. how about that? seven weeks in a row for the nasdaq and tech stocks being up. a lot more on the market movers today. but here is what is new at this


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