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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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discussion they may change their minds. virgin atlantic had a similar policy where you could buy a drink for somebody and they pulled that policy as well. hey, gang, thank you so much. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. >> we must not going another amazon company town. this is a bad deal. it's bad for new york city, it's bad for queens and bad for new york city. the mayor and the governor caved to the richest man on earth and handed the bill to each and every new yorker. >> amazon's presence is vital to our efforts to safeguard the economy and and future downturns. liz: that was amazon battling the hard left new york city council. amazon may be ditching building
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its headquarters in new york city because of backlash. the bills were approved and given to them by democrats. andrew cuomo, the governor and bill deblasio the mayor of new york city. jeff bezos who runs "the washington post" and amazon accused the "national enquirer" of blackmail and extortion. we have more details on that story coming up. to alexandria ocasio-cortez doing olympic level head-turning flip-flops on her grand green new deal. she said yes her plan to remake the entire american economy requires government
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intervention. but then she said the exact opposite as a lot of moderate are not on board, including nancy pelosi who ridiculed it. it has big economic impacts for your family. while venezuela's nicolas maduro keeps blocking food eye to starving people in his country. people on the streets of venezuela scavenging for food out of the back after garbage truck. amazon may reportedly not build its second headquarters in long island city quiens after all. john rutherford serves on the house and and you are brand-new development subcommittee.
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sir, your take on democrats andrew cuomo and bill deblasio approving the tax breaks, but the hard left politicians undercutting it. 25,000 jobs at stake here. >> the florida chamber of commerce would like to talk about an hq2 deal. i think what really is inspiring in this thing is the fact that the numbers are so big. this h2q deal will be the biggest economic impact of any state they wind up going to. the deal is going to be big. but the reward is also equally big. florida is very well positioned. if amazon is listening, our salt taxes are very low. we have no individual income tax in the state of florida.
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and governor rick scott who is now senator rick scott did a great job of preparing florida and jacksonville which is a destination hub for distribution. liz: you are using the show to do a commercial for florida. we understand that. we get it. we understand where you are at. we hear you loud and clear. $1.3 billion in tax breaks for new york. there is a pushback by politicians to get the workers unionized. amazon is saying this is too much trouble. i would like your reaction with an drew komo with his stunning caustic remark about the left-wing politicians in his state on this issue. >> for the state senate to oppose amazon was governmental malpractice. and if they stop amazon from
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coming to new york, they are going to have the people of new york state to explain it to. it is irresponsible to allow political opposition to overcome sound government policy. liz: to your point, the policy that komo is talking about is it's not just 25,000 amazon jobs. it's the halo effect of more economic growth and more jobs. >> this will be the major economic impact to whatever 8 they go to. $even new york or california or florida. it's going to be just an abandonment of an economic opportunity. liz: you serve on the economic
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suck committee. d the economic subcommittee. are we going to get another border deal? >> i hope so. listen, i can tell you we are thousands of miles away from the southwest border in northeast florida. but we feel the effects of that through fentanyl deaths, heroin overdoses. that border has got to be secured. i spent my life, my adult life, 41 years in law enforcement. i was here for 12 years. i know what those drugs do in our communities that just rip families apart and killing our young people. so this truly is, i believe, a national emergency, and if the conference committee is unable to come to a satisfactory
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agreement to secure the border, then i support the president's move to declare a national emergency, address the crisis, whether it's drugs or the people coming across, you know. i'm afraid there is some movement issues in these caravans we are seeing. liz: what movement? >> the reconquisda movement. it means the reconquer. there are those who believe america stole the southwest arizona. california, texas. we stole that from mexico and they want it back. and one way to do that is and reconquest.
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liz: every state in the u.s. is a border state when it comes to the drug epidemic and drugs flowing over the border. a.m.i. claiming it acted lawfully in its reporting and will investigate the claims by jeff bezos. u.s. prosecutors investigating to see if it violates an earlier cooperation and immunity agreement. this is about extortion. the extortion charge of jeff bezos. welcome to the show. >> yes, it is about extortion. that would be the crime if there was a crime committed. the idea that anybody would threaten to get something of value from another person by threatening to expose them to something that would subject them to public ridicule as happened in this case with about
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bezos allegedly. that would be blackmail and as a legal matter it would be extortion and new york state has an analogous crime called coercion. so that would be a violation of law if true. liz: this is in an email from the deputy counsel of a.m.i. to jeff bezos saying we want you basically to make a public statement to that you have no knowledge or basis that our reporting on you is politically motivated. if you don't make that statement, we'll public 10 photographs and unpublished text messages. that's the exchange value, right? >> the fact it came in an email is relevant for two reasons. one, it corroborates bezos' claim. and the fact they used an email means it subjects them to federal jurisdiction.
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they used a facility of interstate commercial. you can charge them under the federal extortion statute. liz: let's move on to this. the "national enquirer"'s former bureau chief in los angeles said the "national enquirer" is in way over its head when it comes to jeff bezos. >> i think that they thought they were smarter than they are. and i think not you reality is hitting them and they are freaking. the techniques they used are nothing short of extortion. this looks like a crime. liz report "washington post"'s eugene ron inon calls it an extortion racket. >> it's hard to disagree. the evidence seems clear they were making a threat. cooperate, stop investigating us
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or else we'll expose you with some sort much personal ridicule. it does seem like extortion. whether they are in over their head, i don't know. but i bet you the people of that company right now are regretting having sent that email and wish they had used less coercive, more conventional means of dealing with mr. bezos. liz: ronan farrow said he received similar threats. >> any time anybody makes that kind after threat to another, that's blackmail. it might seem even more of a threat with it's being done to stifle the press and stifle investigative reporting. that speaks to first amendment values. a.m.i. might need to be concerned because they are in a plea deal where me promise not to commit. >> i future crimes if the prosecutors want to make an issue of it, they might be able
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to terminate the plea deal which can only be bad for the parent company of the "national enquirer." liz: big tech behaving badly. accused of exploiting ice on multiple front. germany ordering them to stop building a data dossier on users in germany based on all of its apps. apple is warning apps, we'll yank you from our app store if you do not stop secretly tracking and recording every swipe, every tap, every text that users make on their smart phones. those apps include popular hotel and travel ones like and expedia. john, this is a heck of a story. >> i am getting more and more frustrated by the day it seems.
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while i am very deep in the tech community. i am also an empathetic person and a normal american. and i have friends and family who are normal everyday americans. for me to sit here and see every day go by where our personal data continues to get sold for profit at the biggest corporations who have plenty of room to spare in their bottom line, it's frustrating. the biggest perpetrator still is facebook. the biggest problem with facebook is they are clinton administration profits at the expense of average americans. their only source of revenue, unfortunately, and that comes from selling or giving access to your data. what i hope to see over the next few years is america and our tech companies begin to diversify in terms of where they are getting their revenue from. this is where many nations
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already in the direction of it. china's biggest social networks, they don't get 99% of their revenue from selling your data. they get it from our or five different sources and you are not inundated with ads all day. liz: there is a story about bounty hunters getting information from phone companies. even when we make 911 emergency calls. >> it's terrifying. on my way here to the studio before this, i was with a close friend of mine who was raped. her perpetrator was trying to track her down and come and find her again. and to know now -- liz: how was he trying to do that. >> in this case i don't know. but now that we are hearing that for years there has been a way
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for you to go on a black market and give someone a cell phone number and have that cell phone number transition into a real-time location because our cell phone carriers in the u.s. are giving this data to third parties who are selling your location data on a black market. that's what happened. bounty hunters took advantage of it. way wants to know, holes took advantage of it, including criminals. liz: let's take to you venezuela. the showdown at the clom yanl border -- the colombian border or humanitarian food. nicolas maduro continues to block that as juan guaido says thousands could starve. we obtained new video showing how desperate many venezuelans have become. scarbecome.
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scavaging for food in the back of the garbage trucks. all of this desperate video to watch. back to the u.s., we'll take out new york stock exchange to see what happened in trading today. gerri willis has the story. gerri: a big turnaround at the close. the nasdaq up 10 points. the dow up 7 weeks in a low. that's the longest streak since 2017. it was a tough week for stocks. exxon got kudlowed in the middle of the week when he said the u.s. and china remain far apart in their negotiations. interesting also united healthcare facing head winds
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after the head of health and human services said the department can't eliminate pharmacy benefit managers owned by united healthcare. it was a tough week but we came out smelling good, holding that 25,000 level. traders say that a march deadline may be changed. may be delayed. we'll see if that happens. liz: thank you for your reporting from the big board. alexandria ocasio-cortez wants to overhaul the economy with a green new deal. dictator nicolas maduro blocking humanitarian aid. starving venezuelans are growing desperate by the day. we'll bring you the latest details in that exclusive video coming up next.
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liz: national security advisor john bolton tweeting that the u.s. is moving quickly to bring humanitarian aid to venezuela. but socialist dictator nicolas maduro blocking aid trucks on the colombian border. look how bad it is for the average venezuelan. we have exclusive footage of men scarfaging through -- scavaging through garbage trucks. this as nicolas maduro tweets out images of himself training with his military. he is doing this in advance of
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what he thinks will be a u.s. invasion. reporter: the united nations and the united states is trying to get aid in through the colombian border. aid is being positioned in warehouses in miami and houston. supplies like blankets, water, kitchen sets, hygiene kits and nutritional supplements as venezuelans confront a massive political and economic crisis. >> my mother dies 15 days ago. and we were unable to operate. we had to find everything we needed. even a burial here is not possible. you have too have the money. even the could continues are expensive and there is not enough money to burn the dead. reporter: president in duro is
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blocking aid shipments. he said we are not a country of beggars. the aid will be deployed as soon as it is safe and logistically possible. thousands of venezuelans are crossing into colombia each day for food and medicine. visa restrictions have been put on a number of legislators. the administration is trying to divert funding away from the maduro government and to the opposition leader and opposition leader juan guaido. 50 countries recognize juan guaido over nicolas maduro, though maduro til refuses to yield power. liz: we have even more headlines. brazilian iron ore company vale
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is evacuating after fears other dams can burst. 750 people were killed when a separate dam fell apart. that's why vale's stock has been plummeting. multiple dam breaks in just a few years. wells fargo claims it fixed a massive outage that kept customers from from banging online. customers may still suffer delays. we'll keep you posted on that one. the fda says walgreens is the to the relator among pharmacies when it comes to selling cigarettes and cigars to minors
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under the age of 18. 1,500 warning letters nationwide for selling cigars and cigarettes to teenagers. deadly exploding airbags. car makers including tesla, mercedes and ferrari recalling 1.7 million cars worldwide. at least 23 people around the world have been killed and hundreds more injured by things like flying shrapnel from exploding takata airbags. this is on top of the cars already recalled worldwide. alexandria ocasio-cortez says her big green plan does require massive government intervention. but hours later says it does
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not. which is it? and how will she pay for it. stawshing of venezuelans forced to scavenge for food. we are staying on that story for you next. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: you're watching the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. let's get to socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez's green deal, a plan to overhaul the entire u.s. economy in ten years' time, this on somebody who won just 16,000 votes to get her seat. overhaul, rebuild, redo, 143 buildings in the u.s. in ten years' time. that means redoing 40,000 buildings every day every year
6:32 pm
for ten years. cortez's plan would outlaw air travel, it would outlaw red meat like hamburgers and steaks, put all fossil fuel energy workers out of business, get rid of jobs for all livestock workers and gas station the attendants. but cortez flip flopped just within hours on what the deal is really all about. watch. >> are you prepared to put on the table that yes, actually, they're right, what this requires is massive government intervention? >> it does, yeah, i have no problem saying that. one way that the right does try to mischaracterize what we're doing is it's some kind of massive government takeover. elizabeth: let's get reaction from former california gubernatorial candidate john cox. your take on this, john. >> great to be with you, liz. and, you know, you could almost laugh this off as the rantings of this young woman, but, you
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know, this has been signed on to by just about every democratic presidential contender as well as a lot of congressmen, and you've got to worry about it. if we don't study history, liz, we're doomed to repeat it. if you look at what's going on, and you report very well what's going on in venezuela. chavez and maduro promised the socialist paradise, and you go back to the soviet union and stalin and lenin always promised government would be able to provide these things, and it's never been able to be successful. why? because the government doesn't operate on the but a sis of competition. on the basis of competition. competition means if you don't like the job being done, you can go somewhere else, but you can't do that in a socialist economy. you're at the mercy of government bureaucrats. and, you know, we have to really worry that our young people are getting the wrong message about socialism and, frankly, about the benefits of capitalism when we're allowed to actually practice it. elizabeth: yeah. you wonder about that 60,000
6:34 pm
average college tuition, you know, what middle class families are paying for there. that's been the criticism of our universities. you know, even nancy pelosi ridiculed and mocked the green new deal saying, quote, the green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they're for it, right? john, here's the thing, the concern is this is kind of like when pelosi said we have to pass the affordable care act before we find out what's in obamacare, remember that? >> sure. absolutely, and, you know, her relative is now the governor of california, gavin newsom, and he's proif posing a kind of creeping -- proposing a kind of creeping socialism out here, promising universal pre-k, health care to everybody including illegal immigrants. where is he going to get the money? right now silicon valley is doing okay, and so he's got revenues coming in, but at some point in time you run out of other people's money -- elizabeth: yeah. >> -- and you're not able to fulfill these promises. we've got to make sure that we turn back to really describing
6:35 pm
what capitalism is, what a free market economy does, what competition really does. elizabeth: yeah, john, i want to get to the cost of their socialist wish list already for single-payer, for guaranteed jobs and more. $42.5 trillion that's, again, what the manhattan institute came up with. you know you've got to seize 100% of all corporate profits, 100% of the income of people make about $90,000 a year. that's what it takes. that is not in the discussion about this in the media. we need more reporting on what the nuts and bolts and how to pay for it, right? >> yeah. and not only that, when you take that kind of investment out of the productive economy, guess what? our economy produces a whole lot less. liz, you know it. our economy is based on production, and if we don't get investment, we don't get production. and if they're taking all this money out and just handing it out to people, we're not going to get the productive capacity and be able to compete in the
6:36 pm
real world. you know, people, you know, have to understand that this, this young congresswoman, you know, hasn't really had that much experience in the investment world with or understands how the economy works, and it's real easy to promise things to people. it's another thing to actually have the money to pay for it. elizabeth: john cox, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. great to be with you. elizabeth: nicolas maduro still refusing to let in humanitarian the aid into venezuela as interim president juan guaido is now blasting him saying you are starving potentially hundreds of thousands of vens venezuelans. this is how bad it's getting for people in venezuela. remember, we were first to show you three years ago video of starving people eating out of garbage bags in venezuela, and now this. we have obtained new and exclusive video of men scavenging for food from a garbage truck. it's painful, desperate video to
6:37 pm
see. we're going to ask a former american ambassador to venezuela about all this next.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: pressure continues to mount on venezuela's disputed socialist president maduro. the world is watching, the world is hearing emotional pleas from the relatives of americans held captive in venezuela. they spoke to fbn's trish regan. watch. >> we're pleading for help from our president, donald trump, mr. maduro, many guaido. please, if you understand grief, if you believe in justice, you can act and you can let them come back home. >> our life has been on hold and not being able to just call your dad when you need something, when you just want to talk. it's just, it's been really difficult. >> i need my husband here.
6:42 pm
it's difficult. but i don't understand what happened, why. >> it's been a blur for our family ever since. there's not a moment i don't think about him. elizabeth: you hear the grief, you feel the heartbreak, the pain and the suffering there. joining me now is national security analyst walleed ferris. what do you say to all this? they are so concerned. venezuelans, we hear it all the time at "the evening edit," they're so worried for the political prisoners as well in these prisons in venezuela. your take. >> absolutely, i would be very concerned. look what happened in syria. the worst time is when you have an authoritarian regime jailing people including americans and then there is a change, a political change. in the midst of i don't want to call it civil war, but the confrontation between the opposition and that regime, i understand why the families are very concerned. because who'll have the control and who can free them? elizabeth: right.
6:43 pm
>> obviously, if president guaido is in charge, he will free them, but those who are in control now are the maduro regime. elizabeth: guaido himself has been shot at. we know for a fact, i've seen the footage, i've seen the images, i've got the reporting of an 18-year-old just died in prison, for example. he's been imprisoned since 2017. he was not given medical care. they're shooting and killing teenagers, children as young as 12. children are salve ending for food. we just showed footage of, you know, teenagers scanning for food out of a garbage truck. your take. >> first of all, it's very important that the u.s. government and our allies, we have many around venezuela, would specifically tell the leadership, the command of the venezuelan army and security forces that you are responsible for the lives and the well-being of anybody jailed, and we will hold you accountable for that. that would be the best way, basically, to secure that nothing will happen to these jailed people.
6:44 pm
as for the maduro regime, yes, it is now under tremendous pressure, and this is like a tunnel out of which i hope on the other side we're going to see a venezuela that is free headed by president guaido, but also -- elizabeth: yeah. nancy pelosi finally made a statement in his support today. where is the outrage on the hard left, the socialists here? because i'll say it again, gorbachev never shot at his own people, neither did marcos of the philippines. i mean, we've got colombia canceling now government passes for entrance cards for 300 maduro supporters. that's all well and good, but where's the international outrage for what is going on inside venezuela? they're starving, they're dying. >> let me try to say you have two regimes, and under maduro you have the hard core, i call them the red guards. those are the militia, those are
6:45 pm
the people who know that they will go if there is a change, and those are bloody people, and they will do violence. and then you have the regular army. and i believe our government and other governments are talking to the high ranking officers. those can make it fast, bloodless and give freedom to the people. now, meanwhile, we have all these miseries happening, that's the price for freedom. elizabeth: that's a good point. and, you know, footnote, even romania, former communist party, now supporting juan guaido, the interim president. walid phares, we really appreciate your expertise. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: we will talk to a former american ambassador to venezuela about the socialist crisis that is happening in venezuela. we're going to be right back, stay right there. ckup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body
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6:50 pm
young as teenagers caverning for food out of the back of a garbage truck in venezuela. what is your take on what's going on there? >> well, unfortunately, that has been going on now for quite a while. it's just incredible that in 20 years the socialist governments of hugo chavez and now nicolas maduro have turned what was once the highest per capita income country in latin america into a country where people have to eat out of garbage trucks and garbage cans. and i think those americans who are toying with the concept of socialism should get their nose out of the books and start looking at what happens in the real world when you impose that kind of a very inefficient system, economic system that invariably turns into an authoritarian society. elizabeth: quickly, here, i mean, this happened rapidly in venezuela, right? >> very.
6:51 pm
20 years. i mean, it's -- and we're talking about a very wealthy country. as you mentioned, i was the ambassador there for three and a half years. i went to every corner of the country. it is a, it's a beautiful country, large, the size of texas and oklahoma combined. it has the largest reserves of crude, of heavy crude in the world, third largest of water, which is an enormous resource that a lot of countries don't have. sixth largest reserves of natural gas. they have gold, iron, boxite, everything you can think of, and i call that wealth. elizabeth: yeah. >> sorry. [laughter] elizabeth: that's how they could get back. ambassador, quickly, what will get the top military commanders to turn? because he's made -- maduro's turned 2,000 of his commanders into generals, that's more than all of nato combined. what will turn the top military away from maduro? >> i think when they realize that maduro represents, maduro
6:52 pm
and that government, that system represents continued suffering for their people and themselves. unfortunately, the very top -- the top echelons have been bought, and they have committed crimes. they have contributed to some of the murders that have taken place, money laundering, many of the top ministers and generals in the government have been charged with money laundering and narcotics trafficking. but the vast majority are just soldiers who joined the military as a career. 90%, an estimate by venezuelan pollsters, 90% of the soldiers do not support maduro. but they have nowhere to go. their families are not eating properly. so i think that it's just, the united states and democracies of the world -- which are now increasingly recognizing the guaido government -- have to continue to apply pressure quickly --
6:53 pm
elizabeth: yeah, quickly. >> -- and provide a golden bridge for some of these people to get out. elizabeth: got it. ambassador reich, thank you so much for joining us. we'll be right back. from $899, during the ultimate sleep number event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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liz: kamala harris among the democrats throwing her support behind immediate i ar -- medica. california already rejecting single payers busting the budget. >> when people understand the reality what it means in regards to increased taxes and lowering the quality of healthcare, it was 41% of californians supported single payer. they realized my taxes would be
6:58 pm
draconian and my treatment would go down. you see that the national polls as well. people might on the surface say medicare for all might be a good idea. then you talk about your taxes will increase significantly. then you start to talk to them. then the actual healthcare benefits. it dropped another 10 points. when the reality of what they are talking about sink in with people they realize this isn't as good as it sound on the surface. >> we know it increases a lot of demand for services. but california faces a severe nursing shortage. and doctors and nurses say they don't like single payer at all. they warn medical professionals will quit if it comes to pass. >> it removes the incentive for
6:59 pm
people studying to be doctors and nurses. it removes the incentive to do that. the reason we have been having this conversation. we want to see greater access for more people to better healthcare. the answer is not tens of trillions of dollars of medicare for all. we have to look at how you lower the prices. the cost of actual procedures. i have been beating the drum on this for a year and a half. donald trump needs to address pricing transparency and go in and say non-profit. liz: hospital services should be transparent, too. >> 100%. liz: maybe free market move tran transparency could change things. we want to thank you for having us in your homes. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next on the fox
7:00 pm
business network. have a great weekend. lou: the radical dems promised to use their newfound control of the house of representatives to expand their baseless attacks against president trump who has in two years accomplished more than his democratic predecessor in two terms. today the radical embittered dimms started the first of their congressional investigations. first up, attacking acting attorney general matthew whitaker. displaying their


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