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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and remember -- maybe you can take it with you. mooch. maria: good sunday morning thanks for joining me i'm maria bartiromo joining us straight ahead here on sunday morning futures my exclusive interview with senate judiciary committee chairman lindsay graham, on the expected confirmation this week of william barr as the next attorney general plus his reaction to the contentious hearing between house democrats and acting attorney general matt whitaker and the senator weigh ing in on the upcoming second summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un as well as the latest status on the border wall funding negotiations with that february 15 deadline just days away. we will also hear the exclusively from democratic congressman tim ryan a member of
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the house appropriations committee on those same negotiations as well as the theme of socialism taking a hold of some of his democratic colleagues in the run up to 202y interview with secretary of state mike pompeo this morning just days ago on mornings with maria on the fox business network the secretary sat down with me after-hours of the president's state of the union address for a discussion including trade negotiations with china why beijing's theft of american intellectual property should be a sticking point for any agreement plus investigative journalist john solomon is here with a brand new op-ed out this morning in the hill, entitled the case for russian collusion against the democrats. he will tell us what his latest reporting has uncovered all that and much more right now as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. we begin this morning with congressional negotiations coming up against a february 15
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deadline to strike a deal on border security and avert another partial government shutdown. lawmakers say they are close to an agreement but a democratic source tells chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel this morning that both sides are now at an impasse over a proposed limit on i.c.e. detention beds. joining me right now in an exclusive interview republican senator from south carolina lindsay graham the chairman of the senate judiciary committee also serves on the senate appropriations foreign relations and budget committees and senator it's always a pleasure to see you thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. maria: have the talks broken down on border wall funding? >> i don't know, but i know this, president trump cannot and will not sign any bill that is available for violent criminals so they can be housed and deported that would undercut any funding for the wall. i don't want the president to shut the government down, but continuing resolutions probably is where we will go.
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i don't see how in the world president trump cosign a bill that reduces bed space for violent offenders. maria: senator repeatedly you said because we had a hit in the video when you were first talking you're saying the president will not sign any bill , go ahead. >> yeah, it's my belief that he may made a speech, laid out a compelling case for why we need to fix a broken immigration system the violence coming across-the-boarder so how in the world after that speech does he sign a bill that would reduce the number of bed spaces available for violent offenders? hold them here in custody, then deport them, so if the democrats goal is to reduce the number of bed spaces available, for violent criminals, that would incentivize illegal immigration and undercut anything you did on the wall, so i don't see how,
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i'm not asking him to shut the government down but a continuing resolution to keep negotiating because at the end of the day the president has pledged not only to build a wall, but to stop the flow of violence coming across-the-boarder, reducing bed space and incentivize more illegal immigration. it's clear to me that the democratic parties now being run by the aoc's footprint of fingerprints are all over this. maria: senator this is incredible. i mean, we are talking about -- >> yeah, it is. maria: raising money for the border wall for border security and now, the democrats want in return for any money put on the table for border wall funding a reduction and the number of beds for violent criminals? >> right. yeah. these people have gone insane in terms of trying to fix problems. the green deal is a basically a economic nightmare for the country. they will ban being able to cook out in the document i don't know what this has to do with climate change they guarantee a job for
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people unable to work, or pay, not a job, for people unable to work or unwilling to work. that they then ban cows basically this is nuts, and the idea of reducing bed spaces available for violent offenders so they can be held and deported as a trade-off for the wall incentivizes illegal immigration and they truly have lost their way. they seem to care more about the violent offender running loose than they do building a wall. maria: i'm surprised that this is something that's coming up now in the 11th hour. has this been an issue in terms of reducesing the number of beds there? >> no. well, no i mean before the democratic party believed in climate changes, manmade, man is contributing to the climate warming, global warming, i believe that, but until this week, they did not believe in
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destroying the economy to find a solution. they did not believe in giving people money who are unwilling to work. now, apparently not only is it enough they want to abolish i.c.e., they want to abolish the bed spaces available to the country to house violent offenders so they can be held and deported, so the aoc wing of the party is taking over now immigration, not just environmental policy, and this will be a hell of an election but i promise you this. donald trump is not going to sign any bill that reduces the number of bed spaces available to hold violent offenders who come across our border. he can't do that. he won't do that, and you can take that to the bank i think. maria: now just to be clear, there were reports over the weekend that the democrats were offering somewhere between 1.3 and $1.7 billion for border wall funding. obviously that's well short of what the president is asking for
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at 5.7 billion. are you saying that as part of that agreement in exchange for what's 30% lower than what the president wants, they want a reduction in beds for criminal offenders. >> yeah, i don't know for sure but it seems to be the trade-off is that we'll give you a little more wall money if you'll reduce the number of bed spaces available to hold people in detention so that they don't rome around the country commit ting havoc. what kind of a trade-off is that so i would advice the president to take somewhere near 2 billion for the wall, sign a bill that would give you that much money, as a down payment and find the rest of the money on your own, declare a national emergency if necessary, to get the rest of the funding to build the wall that we desperately need, but i don't expect him to do that deal if you have to trade-off bed spaces, because that is incentivizing more illegal immigration by reducing bed spaces, and it's really making
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the country far less safe. maria: what is the justification for reducing the bed space, the number of beds? >> [laughter] well these people have a view that detaining people by i.c.e. is immoral and i.c.e. are the bad guys. i can't explain by nancy pelosi says walls are immoral when they've got one in san diego. walls work, i don't understand why you consider the i.c.e. people to be the bad people in illegal immigration debate but they do. i can't explain it. we're going to have an election over this but i do know trump pretty well. he has a reason to build the wall. he articulated that in the state of the union after his speech. if he didn't believe our immigration system was broken, and that we need a wall, you just weren't listening, but this idea of reducing bed space is something new it is even more extreme than the green deal can you imagine what kind of signal it will be to people coming through america illegally hey they're reducing the number of bed spaces now is the time to
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go. they can't hold us any more if liz: if we make it to america there's no place to hold us so we're home free. maria: this is just extraordinary and while you were talking we were showing the actual wall which separates tijuana from san diego. we've been calling speaker pelosi to join us on this program. i'm wondering what her answer is when people say look, you've got a wall in your own state, you've said walls are immoral then why do you have a wall separating san diego from tijuana and why wasn't it one of your first priorities to tear that wall down so what is her answer to that? >> i don't know. i know that ronald regan stood in front of the berlin wall and said tear it down and i'm glad he did because that wall was used by the soviet union to basically keep people trapped in the communism. walls are immoral and there's one in san diego that's been around for a long time that has saved parts of san diego from being overrun. now why she doesn't want to
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their tear that down i don't know but she's appealing to people in the democratic party who have lost all sense of responsibility. in aoc's world the i.c.e. agents are the problem not the illegal immigrant reducing bed spaces makes no sense, if you believe violence is a problem coming across-the-boarder, and this idea that we don't need a wall because it's immoral, most americans are not going to go there. maria: what about the national emergency currently you've talked a lot about this that this is a national emergency. should the president take that route if they are actually digging in that they won't give any more money unless there's a reduction in the number of beds for violent criminals? >> well number one the president should never in my opinion sign a bill that reduces bed space for violent offenders, because that puts the country at risk, it incentivizes more violent people to come to the united states, it's a signal that we're not taking violent
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offenders seriously in america once they get into the country. we've had enough killing related to illegal immigration so there's no way you can sign that bill. as to the wall if he can get somewhere near 2 billion i would take it and i would look to other accounts in the government that he has control over to build it out to 5.7 billion, but at the end of the day they're making it impossible for the president to work with them if they're reducing bed spaces for violent o end fers. maria: and you say this could be a down payment that $2 billion. are you expecting that in two years the president gets re-elected and that's when he gets the rest of the money and why would this be a down payment and when will you see the remainder of money coming, allocated towards border walls? >> the request was for 5.7 billion, which represents the top 10 priorities where barriers are needed according to the department of homeland security. when you look at the top 10 places we need a barrier, it comes up to 5.7 billion. we're funding the government
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until october 1 of this year. i don't think you can spend 5.7 billion between now and october, but $2 billion somewhere near that would be a good down payment then what i would do if i were the president go get money from other accounts to make sure you get 5.7 billion in the pipeline to build a wall we desperately need. this is coming from the department of homeland security, not the president. the 5.7 billion is what the experts say and i've never heard any democrat until this week suggest that we need less bed spaces to house violent offender s. now i have heard aoc say we shouldn't fund i.c.e. in this bill, so apparently she's winning the day in the democratic debate. maria: and it felt like after the state of the union that there was a little tempering of that, but a day later, we get the details on the green deal which didn't make a lot of sense , getting rid of fossil fuels in the next 10 years is obviously not realistic.
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you've got elizabeth warren and her tax on wealth, aoc's tax on high income and then of course medicare for all. all of these issues though have been endorsed by incoming candidates for the democratic party. >> well if we don't win in 202. it seems like our friends on the other side have literally gone not to the left ditch but to the left edge of the world. i mean venezuela is a good example of what would happen if you put socialistic policies in place. i applaud president trump for standing up to madura in venezuela trying to free the venezuelan people. i also applaud him for resisting socialism coming to america. it's kind of odd that we're trying to help venezuela get out from under the boot of socialism and the democratic party is trying to implement what we're trying to change in venezuela
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and america. the pathway to the democratic nomination seems to be running through the socialistic agenda. maria: yeah but then they're pushing back saying wait that's not what i meant. senator graham let's take a short break. i've got to get your take on your deep dive you're planning in judiciary about the fbi and the doj. also want to talk about the william barr confirmation vote for attorney general. when will he be on the job and then the fisa abuse is your expectations from the upcoming second summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un, later this month. all up next, stay with us. ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch.
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something important. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad. maria: welcome back we continue my conversation with senator lindsey graham and senator i want to reiterate that we just broke news on this program top of the show that the democrats are now saying that border wall funding in exchange for money for a wall must include limits on the number of i.c.e.
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detention beds. you don't think the president will sign such a bill. >> well no he can't sign such a bill and i don't know if that's 100% accurate but i think that's the impasse we have. they're willing to give the president a little more money for the wall but in return they want to limit the number of bed spaces available to house violent criminals. this goes back to aoc's belief that i should be abolished, so the bottom line is how can you get money for a wall and at the same time, limit bed spaces for violent offenders and say you've solved the immigration problem. you're actually incentivizing more illegal immigration by reducing the bed space and it undercuts any money you would get for a wall. he can't sign that bill. if that's the friction point, then we'll have a continuing resolution and we'll just keep talking. maria: continuing resolution passed february 15. this is just extraordinary. we've got more on this and we'll keep following it throughout the whole show but i've got to get your take on william barr. when are you expecting the new attorney general to be in place?
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>> next week. we'll take him up on the floor tuesday. he did a fantastic job during the hearing. you've got to remember, he's the former attorney general for bush 41. he was confirmed a voice vote not even a roll call was needed. he's been the deputy attorney general by voice vote. he's been the general counsel for the cia by voice vote. he's one of the preeminent lawyers of our time. he's a steady hand. he did not get one democratic vote in the committee. i'm disappointed in that but he will make it through confirmation this week on the floor. he'll pick-up a handful of democrats, and he'll be an outstanding attorney general for this country. maria: and he will begin the job when officially? >> well hopefully we can get him voted on the in the senate this week. we begin debate tuesday. i think we had the votes and then some, hopefully in the next in a week or so he'll be the attorney general, and he would be a steady hand. he'll look at all of the abuse
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of the department of justice and try to bring it back to normalcy he will let mueller finish his job without interference, but i'm hoping and praying and believing that he will look at the fisa abuse and the other role governments of the department of justice during the 2016 campaign. maria: well and you've said you are going to also do a deep dive at senate judiciary in terms of uncovering the facts and seeking the truth in terms of the behavior of the kabol of the people at the top of the fbi. you've got subpoena power tell us what you expect? >> well the first thing is the ignore the department of justice is now looking at the fisa abuse process, and i'm going to give him some time to do his report, and i'm starting in the judiciary already looking at the fisa warrant process. you've got to remember, without the dossier, which is unverified to this day, there would have
10:21 pm
been no warrant issues against carter page, and this dossier was given by comey right after the president was elected, and comey tells the president we can't verify it. i just want to let you know what's out there and the same document was given to the court, the fisa court by the department of justice where they certified it was accurate enough to get a warrant. how can you reconcile those two things so the bottom line is theres a lot to look at when it comes to fisa abuse. maria: and yet adam schiff and his colleagues on the house side and the democrats are saying we're going to look at something entirely different. stay with us senator we've got more to talk about. we'll take a short break and come right back with senator come right back with senator lindsey graham. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job.
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maria: welcome back and we are bake with senator lindsey graham and senator, you just said that you are going to be waiting for
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the ig, michael horowitz to finish his report on fisa abuse so you're saying you're not going to subpoena anyone in regards to this fisa abuse until michael horowitz comes out with his report? >> no, there are two parallel tracks he he's doing his investigation, we're setting up our investigation as judiciary chairman i have responsibility for oversight of the department of justice and the fbi. mr. whitaker testified before the house. he's done nothing to interfere with the mueller investigation that was kind of a circus over there. we're going to take the ability of the department of justice to be held accountable for what i think was a blatant political bias in 2016. this warrant issued against carter page, was based on a document paid for by the democratic party where a foreign agent on the payroll of the democratic party, fusion gps, a spread or for the democratic
10:26 pm
party went to russia to gather a bunch of garbage against candidate trump and used to get a warrants and it's unverified to this day and that should scare every american and i'm not going to let that go and hold people accountable and mr. horowitz is doing his own thing. maria: yes and we understand that senator. we've been covering this for a year and a half and our viewers understand exactly what went on as well so who are you poised to subpoena to get to the truth? >> okay it was renewed four times. anybody that signed the certification to the court that there was probable cause to believe that carter page was acting as an agent of russian entity i want to know all those people come forward and tell us why did you certified to the court that there was probable cause, and did you know that the dossier was paid for by the democratic party? apparently mr. ohr, bruce ohr, whose wife worked at fusion gps told mccabe and other senior doj officials that mr. steele the
10:27 pm
author of the dossier hated trump, was very politically biased and they went forward anyway. again if the shoe were on the other foot and this was the republican party, hiring a foreign agent to investigate hillary clinton, it would be front page news all over the world. this to me is exhibit a of how the media is for the anti-trump agenda. maria: i want to point out that is exactly the opposite of what adam schiff keeps saying until this day, even though we did get all of that information during the bruce ohr testimony we learned a lot from that testimony and i guess you're talking about who signed that fisa warrant that includes rod rosenstein and sally yates. they will be subpoenaed then. >> well it was renewed four times and i want to find out or ask publicly without the dossier there would have been no warrant received, and that the document, the dossier was prepared by a
10:28 pm
foreign agent, with information in the dossier to this day is a bunch of garbage and it was the foundation of a warrant against an american citizen and it was politicized document. again if the shoe were on the other foot this would be major news. maria: yeah, for sure. look, the video is bad. i want to apologize to our audience because we are getting hits to when you are speaking from time to time but real quickly, before we go we'll speak right now, right after you with congressman tim ryan from ohio. you broke news at the top of the show telling us that the democrats are now trying to say if you want more money for the border wall you're going to have to reduce the number of beds in i.c.e. detention centers for violent criminals. what do you want to hear from congressman ryan or the democratic side given all of this that we're talking about whether it's the green new deal or the tax rates or medicare for all and this new information you've given us this morning.
10:29 pm
>> well i like congressman ryan he seems to be a good guy, and we disagree politically but i like him. i just like you to ask him, given what the president said about the need for a wall, the crime coming across-the-boarder, the human trafficking, the drugs , the number of people who come across of ms-13 type agree that we should reduce bed space and if you reduce bed space, isn't that a signal to people coming here illegally, keep coming because americas not taking seriously illegal immigration? i don't know how you reduce bed space and add money for a wall and think you've achieved anything. maria: senator great to have you on the program as always thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: we'll be watching your great work senator lindsey graham joining us there and we want to look at how serious this threat is to our national security from our biggest trading partner, we will talk about china as well, when we come back democratic congressman tim ryan will react to the break
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♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest. maria: welcome back now let's get reaction from the other side of the aisle to the latest breaking news that negotiations overboarder wall funding have broken down over the number of i.c.e. detention beds, so i want to bring in ohio democratic congressman tim ryan sits on the
10:34 pm
house appropriations committee and congressman always a pleasure to have you on the program thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. maria: you heard what senator lindsey graham said that your colleagues want to force the president to limit and cut the number of beds in i.c.e. detention centers for violent offenders, as a way to get any more money for the border wall your reaction. >> well, this is the first i've heard of that. i mean, i love lindsey graham, but he's breaking news this morning, and speaking about something i've not heard about and i, for one, and i think a lot of other people, aren't for releasing violent offenders in any regard and so i've got to look more into that but that doesn't sound like something that i would be supportive of or many many democrats would be supportive of. maria: you're on the appropriations committee. talk to us about what seems practical to you. we've got a picture here of the wall in nancy pelosi's state which we've spoken about a
10:35 pm
number of times on this program the wall that separates tijuana from san diego where 1.5 million people are on the tijuana side and 1.5 million people are on the san diego side and it's a very dense area and since that wall has gone up, the number of apprehensions at that border has declined. given what we know about crime at the border, given what we know about the national security worries of the american people, what is practical in terms of the amount of money allocated to a border wall? >> well first and foremost the president already had $1.6 billion to handle border security, the border wall issue in barriers and all the rest he's only spent about 300 million of it so i think it's important for people to know there's 1 billion-plus dollars out there he's already not spent. i think it's also important for us to remember maria like the president every day gets a presidential daily briefing. there have been problems in guatemala, honduras, central american countries where a lot
10:36 pm
of these people are coming from. i think a president that was awake and paying attention and recognizing that there were and reading the presidential daily briefing would have known these problems were coming and i think a little bit of investment of just probably millions of dollars to help secure those countries not fix all of the ill s in those countries but secure them enough so the gangs aren't running the countries, that's what's happening down there. gangs are running the countries they're stealing kids putting people in the sex trade and people are getting the hell out of there like most parents would make that same decision so my point so i think if you'd played a little offense we wouldn't have these problems with the caravans. now having said that i think it's important for us to recognize that 90% of the drugs coming through the country come through the legal ports of entry that's 90% we have a heroin epidemic in ohio we've got to address this issue. i just want to see resources put where the problem is and 50-75% of the people who have over stayed their visas come or that are here undocumented have
10:37 pm
overstayed their visas, so they come here legally and then they overstay, so okay, we need a barrier here or there. we won't put a wall in the middle of the rio grande river. there are many ranch owners and many farmers on southern border states that aren't for the wall, because they don't want the government coming in and eminent domaining their property so we've got to take all of this into account and i hope we can experience some of this nuance as they're negotiating this now. maria: as usual you bring up very practical ideas and issues, but you are, in my opinion, an outlier of your party. i mean, there were real, you know, issues and visions within the democratic party even before alexandria ocasio-cortez showed up and now that she has shown up its gotten an even deeper and deeper divide. i think what i hear you saying is yes there are real issues whether it's the ports or the border in terms of people
10:38 pm
wanting to come into this country coming into this country illegally and something needs to be done about it, but you're not against putting up walls where they are necessary. >> well, i think it's 2019 now. we have a lot of technology. that needs to be the vast majority. look if there's experts saying in specific areas you need a barrier there, look i'm okay with that. to me it's about securing the border in the most appropriate and efficient way. i don't think the border wall is immoral. i just think it doesn't make a lot of sense and i think we have technologies that are much better equipped to handle what's happening here and as i said 90% of the drugs are coming in through the legal port of entry so i think the most responsible taxpayer would say spend my money there. you know make sure we have enough dogs and manpower and technology where all the drugs are coming through. we're experiencing this every day in ohio with the opioid
10:39 pm
epidemic and too many people are dying so i'm deeply concerned about it. i just want to be smart on how we spend it and if people are overstaying their visas how do we use data analytics, how do we use metrics to be able to find out who those people are? maria: let me broaden out congressman to some of the other issues that are obvious in your party and that really includes some of these very radical ideas medicare for all, which basically does away eliminates with the entire, eliminates the private insurance industry, in america, as we know it, or 70% tax rate on the highest earners or of course, your colleague, alexandria ocasio-cortez's new green deal where she said she wants to eliminate fossil fuels within the next 10 years whichever are scientist i've spoken with will tell you that that is absolutely impossible. dallas federal reserve president yesterday with me saying we're going to be with fossil fuels for at least the next 25 years. do you endorse these plans?
10:40 pm
>> these plans, i think across-the-board, really are value statements. these are value documents. they are saying look, we have a healthcare crisis in the united states where we spend 2.5 times as much money on healthcare as every other industrialized country, and we get the worst outcomes. we know that if we continue down the path we're going down now, with regard to energy and farming and all the rest that we're going to have a seven degree increase celsius in our global temperature in the next 70 years. that's a big problem and you know whose most concerned about that is the united states military because the sea water z rise you have migration and migration causes conflict and guess whose got to deal with conflict around the world, the united states of america that ultimately has to deal with a lot of these issues and when you talk about tax rates and progress and making sure, we just had a report come out this week, maria, the top 400 people,
10:41 pm
people in the united states make as much and have as much wealth as the bottom 150 million. now you can't move forward with an economy like that. maria: are you endorsing 70% tax rates right now? >> well i'm not going to negotiate a tax bill right now because there's so many variable s here. there's vat taxes, progressive taxes, income taxes i think it needs to be done through committee process but what i will say if we don't address the fact that 400 people as much wealth as the bottom 150 million we need a tax code that address es that and we have the highest inequality since the roa ring 20s. it's a recipe for disaster. maria: should there be help in terms of redistribution, take from the top 400 and give it to the people who say they are unwilling to work. that was in ocasio-cortez's plan
10:42 pm
give money to the people who say they are unwilling to work. >> i believe that every able body american needs to go to work. they need to work hard just like everybody else, but work needs to pay too, and the problem is for most workers the last 30 years they haven't seen a raise and i think what she's trying to do is highlight these issues and i would, workers want cut-in on the deal, maria. that's all they want. they're not cut in. maria: i would think that people also want the honesty of what these kinds of plans cost and if there is actually making sense to them. for example, the medicare for all is going to cost more than $30 trillion. now we're talking about $36 trillion over 10 years when you're talking about $5.7 billion for a border wall, what percentage of that is the
10:43 pm
overall, what percentage of the overall budget is $5.7 billion for a border wall and you've got these pie in the sky ideas like $36 trillion for medicare for all over a 10 year period. how do you justify that? >> well, i mean, yeah that's the cost, but it's also dramatically reduced probably by 80% your private healthcare cost so it's not just you continue to pay private insurance and then you also pay the additional money for the medicare for all system and i think we've got to talk about how best to implement it but the number one issue and this is what i think. these are conversations we need to have as a country and we're not having them. we spend 2.5 times as much as every other industrialized country. we get the worst results and people can't afford to pay for health care. they can't keep up, so what are we doing about it? the president's plan both of them we're throwing 20 million people off of healthcare. look none of this is going to be perfect but here is the main point.
10:44 pm
we've got to come together, a divided country is a weak country, and that's why we're having all of these problems, we're so divided. look, the government is a limited under in some of this stuff, but we also need the free enterprise system to help us with this. we're not going to convert to a green economy without the private enterprise or without american business, so we all need to sit down. we're not going to fix healthcare with just the government or just the private sector. we have got to come together. we are weak now because we are divided and i hope we can start coming together because when we're so divided and we're putting white workers against black workers and black workers against brown workers guess what the top 400 wealthiest people in the country get as much wets as the bottom 60%. maria: congressman thank you so much for joining us this morning good to see you all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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uh uh - i deliverberty the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ maria: we're back with my next guest he is the investigative journalist behind a new opinion piece this morning published in the hill it is titled the case for russia collusion, against the democrats, joining me right
10:48 pm
now is john solomon and john it is good to have you on the program this morning you've done excellent work on this story we know for the last two years, i'm going to get you a new op-ed in the moment but given the reaction to what we just heard from senator lindsey graham. >> great interview you pinned him down on something we've all been trying to find out who is he going to subpoena he mentioned a bunch of names including everybody james comey and the entire gang that signed the fisa that's very important news one name i didn't hear but i'm curious will be christopher steele the author of the dossier that would be an interesting turn of events. maria: and he said whoever signed that fisa warrant that was done four times has to include rod rosenstein and sally yates to get subpoenaed. >> absolutely that's big news. i agree. maria: what are you hearing about michael horowitz the inspector general is also working on this, side by side track to lindsey graham as he put it. what are you hearing there? >> he's a great investigator by all accounts of the people who have been involved he's been doing a very thorough review of this fisa case and what i'm
10:49 pm
hearing is some time between april and june/july timeframe he will rereese his findings and i would expect those are essential to this entire narrative and we're going to learn a lot more facts out there, mark meadows, jim jordan, devon nunes have done a lot of great news getting this out. maria: well we know that they went to the fisa court and did not give all of the information about the dossier, they did not tell the court that inside hillary clinton and the democrat s paid it was all political opposition research, as opposed to some real informative report. it was actually selacious and un verified as james comey said himself. so in terms of the catalysts on this, are we ever going to get accountability because if you hear adam schiff and the democrats on the intel committee talk about this and jerry nadler , they are focused on
10:50 pm
other investigations about president trump's tax returns. >> there's no doubt the accountability will have to come from the senate where the republicans have that committee the judiciary committee has to come from the president who could declassify all those fisa documents i think the release of those documents will show how much evidence the fbi had about trump not colluding that it didn't tell the court and that will make this an even more serious matter, but i think it's going to have to come from those and of course the ig, and the new attorney general bill barr whose the new sheriff in town soon and has the ability to hold people to account something that rod rosenstein doesn't seem to have done during his tenure. maria: you're breaking news this morning in your new opinion piece about collusion and the democrats. want to take a short break on that note. i want to come back and list for us where you have found collusion between the democrats and the russians, and whether or not we'll see accountability there. stay with us, john solomon coming right back. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house?
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maria: we're back with john solomon investigative reporter and john tell us about your new op-ed out this morning. >> so i have a new article out that identifies more than a dozen instances in which democratic players in the russia scandal had contact with russian s and i'll just use one good example. a lot of people don't know this but christopher steele's primary source for all of the evidence he put in the dossier gave to the fbi was a retired russian intelligence operative very important for people to know. he took information from russia, as a foreign agent himself a britt gave it to the fbi the fbi gave to the court even though it was unverified and that's how he launched this investigation so the article goes to a dozen of those sort of contacts and what you're seeing as the evidence of russia collusion by donald trump dissolves into what it was a political dirty trick. the evidence of the democrats working the russians to influence the elections are
10:55 pm
starting to grow. maria: i understand that, then why is it that the democrats have been so successful in this narrative of donald trump has dealt with the russians. >> yeah, well there was a lot of media histeria. let's go back to the early 2017 all those front page stories in the washington post and new york times cnn i think we'll look back at history and look at those and see a lot of those were false or misleading overstated, and the evidence of it being leaked to them actually was uncorroborated at the time and that got that histeria going and it gave the democrats a wonderful platform to launch their investigations but now, we have the benefit of time and as we learned more and more information, we see it for what it was. it was a political dirty trick designed to harm the election and to delegitimize president trump after the election. maria: your piece also goes back to talk about this project i remember that i was covering it as well back in the day in the early 2000s when russia wanted to become the new silicon valley and they were encouraging
10:56 pm
american companies to go and share information there and you say that hillary clinton was involved. >> she was, in fact she was the driving force in the united states. she invited medvedev to come to the united states and visit silicon valley and arranged for several executives to start sharing information with the russians. maria: you're saying this was a national security issue? >> it was absolutely and i think what ends up happening is a few years later both the united states military and the fbi couldn'ter intelligence division raised warnings this was actually used by the russian s to bleed information of our best technology our best military technology so something that sounded good got put in foundation donors involved at the end of the day it became a threat to national security something very similar to what we heard in you're you're un yum one. maria: we will leave it there john solomon good to see you this morning thanks so much and that'll do it for us on sunday morning futures i want to tell you that due to the breaking news we did not have the time to bring you the highlights of my
10:57 pm
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