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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 11, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. president trump's state of the union address last night gave the nation an emphatic hallelujah moment it was a speech and a moment worth waiting for. the spectacle of the joint session of congress, the trappings of tradition, history and, yes, power. the power of the presidency on display as mr. trump stood before the members of the other branches of government, the high court, the house, the senators, the president delivering his speech in perfect pitch; earnest, plain-spoken, his manner as always direct and authentically trump. dramatic, compelling and so very obviously the leader of the world's only superpower.
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>> the agenda i will lay out this evening is not a republican agenda or a democrat agenda, it's the agenda of the american people. victory is not winning for our party, victory is winning for our country. after 24 months of rapid progress, our economy is the envy of the world. our military is the most powerful on earth by far -- [applause] america is again winning each and every day. members of congress, the state of our union is strong. if. [cheers and applause] lou: the president's speech shocking the national left-wing media, but they stood in stark contrast to their audiences who overwhelmingly approved of the
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president's address. president trump addressing the national security crisis at the border, declaring no matter what the next two weeks bring, he will be building a wall with or without the coequal branches of government. >> my administration has sent the congress a common sense proposal to end the crisis on the southern border. it includes humanitarian assistance, more law enforcement, drug detection at our ports, closing loopholes that enable child smuggling and plans for a new physical barrier or wall to secure the vast areas between our ports of entry. in the past, most of the people in this room voted for a wall, but the proper wall never got built. i will get it built. [applause]
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lou: nancy pelosi not finding the strength to stand at the appropriate moment, but nonetheless, others did. lots of others. and joining us tonight with his perspective on a galvanizing moment for the nation declared by a president brave enough to stand against the military, the diplomatic establishment, even the orthodoxy of both political parties who were seated before the president. house freedom caucus members join us, as does ed rollins. and the president's strength on full display, saying it's time for the united states to begin bringing our troops home from around a conflict-ridden world. >> great nations do not fight endless wars. when i took office, isis
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controlled more than 20,000 square miles in iraq and syria. today we have liberated virtually all of the territory from the grip of these blood thirsty monsters. in afghanistan my administration is holding constructive talks with a number of afghan groups including the taliban. we do know that after two decades of war, the hour has come to at least try for peace. lou: the president also announcing he's meeting kim jong un in vietnam this month, reminding his audience in the house and in homes around the country that nato members are now paying their fair share for defense, restating his support for venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido. tonight the president's foreign policy achievements and
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challenges are here, and we will be taking those up with fred fleitz and gordon chang. a breaking bombshell report tonight revealing just how corrupt special counsel robert mueller has behaved in the past. our top story, president trump delivering an historic state of the union address in which he called for unity and for members of both parties to put aside politics in favor of the american people, the national interest. president trump calling for a wall, hailing an america-first foreign policy agenda, touting a booming economy. and almost 47 million people watching last night -- an increase from last year's address, the most-watched state of the union since president obama's 2010. according to cnn and cbs, two networks that are hardly pro-trump, they conducted polls finding their audiences overwhelmingly approving of the speech. the cnn poll, a 76% approval rating for the president, 59% of
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those with a very positive reaction. and the cbs poll also showing the president's approval for the state of the union very strong, 76%. and the media aiding and abetting the radical left, the difference between the national left-wing media and the people on clear display. it's also presumably why the president was elected, why he remains the odds-on favorite to be reelected. this president keeping his promises, achieving success at a rate unprecedented in our history. a shocking new report by john solomon in "the hill" raising serious concerns about special counsel robert mueller's integrity over the course of his career. mueller called to appear before a secret fisa court back in 2002. sixteen years ago to answer questions about a large number of instances in which the fbi cheated on sensitive surveillance warrant applications. joining us tonight, congressman jim jordan, ranking member of
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the house oversight committee, member of the judiciary committee, co-founder of the influential house freedom caucus. congressman, great to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: first, your reaction to the president's speech last night. >> yeah, great speech. i like the fact he talked about american greatness. the guests he had from the greatest generation, the one who survived the concentration -- i thought it was a well done speech, tremendously well delivered and, frankly, lou, the part i liked the best was when he talked about respect for the sanctity of human life. you think about it in the context we now look at in this in light of what took place in new york and virginia. the fact that the president of the united states took time to talk about every single life is of value and is sacred and should be respected i thought was especially showing what a great president president trump has been. lou: and he spoke longer than any president since barack obama some ten years ago, and it seemed hardly half that time --
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>> no. lou: which is the test of any speech. >> yeah. it was, i thought again, a great speech. one of the reasons it took so long is think about the amazing two years we've had. regulations reduced, taxes cut, lowest unemployment in 50 years, job growth in the last two months of 300,000 jobs each month. five million jobs created in the time he's been president. gorsuch and kavanaugh on the court. out of the iran deal, hostages home from north korea and a new nafta agreement on the way. that is an amazing record or so of course it's going to take some time to talk about the things we've been able to accomplish that the president has led on that he told the american people he would do. lou: yeah, it's -- by the way, last night, congressman, we were scrolling his achievements, and we got tired of scrolling, i've got to be honest with you. he said we'll get tired of winning, we'll never get tired of winning, but i was getting tired of scrolling. he's only been in office for a little over a year.
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>> that two-year record is a good term, it's a great term, or it's a good four to eight-year presidency. that has happened in two years. and here's the most telling thing, with the left trying to stop him every step of the way, with the bureaucratic left, the people in the bureaucracy, trying to stop him, with the mainstream press trying to stop him and, oh, by the way, some in the republican establishment trying to stop him, and yet that has all been accomplished. lou: come on, congressman, most of the republican establish trying to stop him. >> okay. [laughter] lou: by the way, speaking of the republican establishment, the deep state, robert mueller -- john solomon's outstanding reporting in "the hill," i mean, it goes back to 2002 with fisa warrants. where is the man's integrity? where is the standard for conduct at the department of justice in a special counsel? >> no, this is the great irony. this story's out that bob
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mueller, way back when, 15 years ago, had some concerns so much so that the fisa court said you can't do it that way -- lou: after he had done it that way for some time. >> now he's overseeing an investigation built on the faulty premise that happened in the fisa court; namely, jim comey's words, not mine, a salacious document was the basis for going to get the initial warrant to spy on the trump campaign. i think it's the biggest irony we've seen in a long, long time. lou: two polls, if i may, that value tateth president, his a-- value tate the president, his agenda, his performance in the first two years of his eight-year presidency, i'm sure. two separate polls, cbs, cnn, both hostile to this president, they hate his guts. they prove it every night. their snap polls showing 76% approved, the other 72% the highest positive rate anything the ten-year history of the cnn
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poll. we're looking at some extraordinary numbers and the looks on the faces of the various cast members of both networks showed utter -- [laughter] it looked to me like they were seasick for a moment. >> yeah. the american people saw the same speech that you and i saw, and they're smart folks, they've got good common sense. they said this president is leading, this president has accomplished so much in two year, and that was a great speech that he gave to the country. and he said the state of the union is strong, and that is definitely true. lou: two groups of folks i think of, one an individual whose name is paul ryan, the two groups that i think of are the republican conference. when they look at those numbers and they listen to the president's speech last night, they have to know what fools they were not to follow this president with -- >> yeah. lou: -- with joy and great energy for two years instead of fighting under the leadership of speaker ryan. the other group is the intelligence community of this country who think suddenly they
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have a prerogative to enter the political arena with their comments and their contradictory and just absolutely inappropriate public contradiction of the president. >> yeah. lou: your thought abouts about that. >> well -- thoughts about that. >> well, let me just say this, we now know that the memo adam schiff did a year ago, late january of last year, that was in response to chairman nuñes' memo. he said this about bruce ohr, he said republicans mischaracterize the influence of bruce ohr and mislead on the timeline of his involvement in all this. those statements were absolutely wrong. we now know bruce ohr, from his testimony in the deposition that we all took, said these three key things. he said, look, fusion gps is connected to the clintons, my wife worked for fusion gps, and chris steele has a deep bias
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against the president. he told bruce other, told the fbi and key people at the justice department -- namely andrew weissman -- all that information prior to election, more importantly, prior to to going to the fisa court to get the warrant. that is huge, and adam schiff's memo tries to mislead everybody about that fundamental fact. lou: misleading but also two chairmen. one, trey gowdy, of oversight and bob goodlatte of judiciary. they also misled the american people, and they failed to bring to conclusion with any effectiveness at all the investigation. this was properly theirs. they betrayed not the party, they betrayed the country, in my opinion w the awful conduct and their choice to do nothing in the face of the vast political corruption of both the department of justice and the fbi.
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your thoughts as we conclude. >> well, lou, one of the things we're going to try to do here in the very near future, release all the transcripts, 14 different people we interviewedded over the last year from andy mccabe to loretta lynch, lisa page, peter strzok, jim baker, all these people. we think it's important that the press be able to see these transcripts, more importantly, the american people. we think that'll give more clarity to this crazy thing that took place at the fbi. lou: thanks for being with us, congressman. >> you bet, lou, thank you. lou: up next, president trump's state of the union address receives a huge amount of praise from republicans and democrats. and importantly, independents. >> i thought the speech was great. i thought the president laid out a clear agenda, laid out a reason why we need border security. >> damn good speech. >> i thought it was the best speech that the president has ever given. it was or very optimistic, it was very inspiring.
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>> he reminded everyone of the things that we have in common, the things we care about together. >> and quite frankly, i thought he hit a home run and this is going to be a speech that'll last for the ages. i think people are going to look at this speech years from now and talk about. lou: we'll be analyzing these peculiar times in which we live, particularly in our nation's capital. ed rollins, right after this quick break. stay with us. as a fitness junkie, i customize everything - bike, wheels, saddle. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those...
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lou: the dems still in disarray in virginia. that's putting it nicely. governor ralph northam is still refusing to step down over a racist yearbook photo. well, it -- a photo of two people who are obviously racist. lieutenant governor justin fairfax is also in a mess, he's now under fire, calls for his resignation as a result of allegations of sexual assault. and today virginia's attorney general, number three in line -- if you're keeping track -- the number three person in the succession for governor, mark herring, second in line to be governor, admitting after the lieutenant governor, admitting that he wore black face during a
4:20 am
college party in 1980. what do these people do in raleigh, for god's sake? republican virginia house speaker kurt cox is next in line if northam, fairfax and herring all resign. well, it's starting the look really bad in virginia. cox, he has his job only because of a coin flip, by the way -- [laughter] you can't make virginia up. that gave republicans control of the statehouse in a tied race. next up, the governor's mansion maybe. joining us now, former reagan white house political director, fox business political strategist, analyst and savant, ed rollins. >> thank you, thank you. lou: let's start with virginia. have you ever seen the like? >> no, i haven't. and particularly a state where the racial sensitivity has always been, it's at the forefront. how people could be so stupid
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and insensitive to do this is just beyond me. they're not going to all three resign, there's no way they're going to let cox be the governor. but i think -- lou: what the heck -- how are you going to stop it? i mean, if they prove these allegations against these people -- >> i'm not arguing, i'm just saying from a political perspective, they're never going to give up the governorship, whatever it takes, because -- lou: are you saying the democrats will sell out their principles -- >> in a heartbeat, in a heartbeat, in a heartbeat. the bottom line is that this was the big model that democrats bragged about, virginia. and all i can say is -- lou: they bragged about this? >> this was the new wave, this was how they were going to win races, and obviously you elected a bunch of insensitive racists to high places. lou: i don't even know what to make of it, i mean, i really do not. the democrats are being very careful here all of a sudden. and the fact that the three
4:22 am
people in the senior post of the virginia state government are all democrats and all of them in real trouble, i don't know how -- i take your word for it that they won't turn it over to republicans. >> there's no moral authority to govern. lou: what do you think, how about another coin flip? maybe at random -- >> a flip we throw them all out. [laughter] lou: let's turn to the speech last night. the president -- your thoughts on that speech. >> it was a very powerful speech. he looked like an extraordinary leader all throughout the speech, which he is. i think the american public saw it and, obviously, by the polls loved it. i probably watched 50 or 60 speeches in my lifetime, several in the hall there, and it was one of the great speeches i've ever heard. i think it really -- i think he was very brave and courageous to take on the abortion issue which no one has ever done in the same way. he basically talked about the wall, he's not going to back down. he laid out his vision for this
4:23 am
country, and it's a great vision. lou: yeah. and the speech itself, i did some fact-checking and, i have to say, some of the fact-checking is extraordinary. "the new york times," white house correspondent annie carney tweeting this: trump just ad will libbed they came down from heaven when watching a holocaust survivor. she pointed out that jews don't believe in heaven. [laughter] i mean, that's what they're -- and politico criticizing the president's claim that, quote, one in three women is sexually assaulted on the long journey north to our southern border with mexico because it's only partly true, are you ready for this? because the number of people assaulted is actually two points below a third. 31%. this coming from some of the most reliable, reliably anti-trump outlets, politico and "the new york times." >> what bothers me is every single day in these papers you see a correction on the bottom
4:24 am
of the page where they correct the mistakes they made. and they're basically highlighting that. these are facts, these are things that are evidence, these are things that they can check out all they want, but the american public believe what is the president is saying because it's factual. lou: yeah. and the speech last night -- >> a +. his best speech, i think, ever. lou: a lot of talk about coequal branches of government, but that man at the podium with the government in front of him, you know who the leader of the friel world is without any question -- >> no question. and when you go into that hall, it's their hall, so when you do well as he did last night, no one questioned his leadership ability after that speech. lou: you got it, all right. >> thank you. lou: ed, thanks so much. >> pleasure. lou: up next, president trump announces a second summit with kim jong un at tend of the month in vietnam. fred fleitz, gordon chang join me next. but before we go to break, a
4:25 am
quick look at the national debt because that's all we can stand. it's just too much money. we'll be right back, stay with us.
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lou: president trump today saying we can soon expect a big announcement about the end of isis in syria and iraq. >> the united states military, our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by isis in syria and iraq. it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have 100% of the caliphate. lou: joining me now, national security expert fred fleitz, asia expert gordon chang. gentlemen, good to have you both here. let's start with the announcement on isis. what do you think he is suggesting here, fred?
4:30 am
>> well, i think he's announcing a victory. president trump took the shackles off of our military leaders and let them go after isis. we know that barack obama was extremely reluctant to engage isis. he had put restrictions on bombing, and the president is announcing a major foreign policy success. lou: gordon? >> yeah, clearly that's what we're going to. by the way, getting out of syria and afghanistan allows us to refocus our efforts on the one country that really does pose an existential threat to the united states, it's china, to our economy, our society, our way of life. so we do need to be focused on the middle east, east asia. lou: and, fred, to gordon's point, it's that critical, that relationship or that confrontation between the two, two of the three major powers on the globe. north korea though, because of its relationship to china, does that make the president's task in denuclearizing the peninsula,
4:31 am
all the more difficult, or is it helpful? >> you know, there's an issue in negotiating both with north korea and with china. there's a temptation just to make a deal to say we've made a deal, and the u.s. has been fooled in negotiations with rogue states like this for years. i'm hoping we're going to see progress with north korea. i understand the objective and the next negotiations will be to get concrete deliverables, and i hope ambassador bolton and secretary pompeo are very clear about that, we want real concessions, not something pretend so we can say we've got an agreement when we really don't. lou: this president isn't about pretend. and the relationship is complex between the united states and china, but china's making it fairly clear, gordon -- again, to your point -- that they mean to dominate not just the region, they're not just to be a hegemonic power in their vision, they're to be dominating the geopolitical world.
4:32 am
>> well, certainly we see it in cree. in korea. we have those ship to ship transfers on high seas which the u.n. specifically has outlawed, chinese ships are doing that -- lou: and the u.n. came down on them like a ton of bricks, didn't they? they were outraged and all sorts of nations lining up with the united states on that. >> right. [laughter] a u.n. panel of experts just three days ago talking about chinese sanctions violations. chinese banks laundering money, beijing giving diplomatic support to kim jong un. and, you know, xi jinping, the chinese ruler, summoned kim to beijing last month basically to tell kim, look, don't give in to the americans. and -- lou: this is the president last night on the subject of china and what he means to accomplish in that relationship or if there is to be no relationship at all. let's listen in. >> we are now making it clear to
4:33 am
china that after years of targeting our industries and stealing our intellectual property the theft of american jobs and wealth has come to an end. lou: fred, the president making that declaration crystal clear, yet the unregistered foreign agents of wall street, corporate america, the chamber of commerce, the business round table, the koch brothers fighting this president on his goals, his purposes and the negotiations with the chinese. >> i agree with everything gordon just said, i might add. i think there's an opportunity to negotiate a trade deal with the chinese. we know their economy is hurting, we know their growth rate was down substantially in 2018 while our economy is moving. the chinese say they want to talk about intellectual property theft. i frankly don't believe that yet, lou. i think there's a possibility of negotiating a deal with china, but we're going to have to really put the pressure up,
4:34 am
because they're going to try to throw us a bone and hope they can outlast president trump. these talks are going to be tough. lou: they're going to be tough, and the idea that we're negotiating with a country that's stealing as much as $600 billion in intellectual property and technology from us every year, leave aside the half trillion in deficits. i just have to say that we look extraordinarily weak, gordon, when we're saying, you know, we're going to negotiate whether or not you can steal from us. >> yeah. lou: why isn't that an act of war rather than a subject for a trade negotiation? >> yeah. i mean, you don't negotiate with criminals, you put penalties on them. president trump did that with his section 301 tariffs -- lou: let's be clear, if we were -- [laughter] if they were taking $600 billion from us that was not ip, that it wasn't simply technology as if it's some sort of an irrelevant asset, it's critical to the future.
4:35 am
and that isn't cause for war? >> yeah. lou: i mean, how dare the chinese even think about it, and how dare we put it forward as negotiation. it damn well better stop! >> yeah. but you have criminality here. it's out and out criminality, what the chinese have been doing. and with the cyber thefts, they are going after ip, and if you don't -- if you aren't able to commercialize your innovation, you don't have an economy of the future. that's what the chinese are specifically targeting, they're targeting the american economy. this is an existential threat. lou: do you agree, fred? the. >> yeah, i agree, but look, that's -- china's doing it because it's gotten away with it for so long -- lou: i understand that, but just because their tanks roll across alaska before we could react doesn't mean we like it, does it? the fact they've gotten away with it is now every irrelevant. >> you're right. we've tolerated this for too long thinking that as the
4:36 am
economy develops, eventually we'll get after them. we're our own worst enemy, and it's president trump's responsibility to fix the mess he was left by numerous administrations, republican and democratic. lou: couldn't agree more. thanks as always. we'll be right back. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!.
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4:40 am
affairs to be the next president of the world bank, and a great choice, it is. the pentagon now moving 250 troops from arizona to eagle pass, texas, where some 2,000 central americans are gathering, and we don't know how many are going to attempt to russia border. joining -- rush that border. joining us tonight, a member of the house freedom caucus. congresswoman, great to have you with us, and let's start with the deployment of troops to eagle pass to secure the border. your thoughts, is the president doing enough here? if -- is congress doing enough to support the president in building the wall? >> well, i totally support the president. we need border security which is national security. coming from arizona, i know this firsthand. i've gone to the border a number of times, and when nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say that this
4:41 am
is a manufactured crisis, they are totally wrong. this is a real crisis, it's a humanitarian crisis, it's a security crisis, and congress -- it is up to congress to fix it. if i mean, these -- lou: well, how are you going to do that? you're in the minority. [laughter] how are you going to do that? i've watched a congressional majority ruled by the august leader, speaker paul ryan, who was nothing more than a subversive acting against the president of the united states throughout his term. and it's just absurd for the republicans here to say now they want to get tough on the border. thigh didn't when -- they doesn't when they were in control, and i have to tell you this president, without this president in the white house, the entire republican conference would dissolve into irrelevancy. do you believe your colleagues are ready to follow this president and to move with him in the direction of securing the
4:42 am
border and protecting working men and women in our middle class in this country? >> well, i've certainly been with the president on border security from day one, and i voted for, as you call it, the goodlatte number one bill. it was an immigration bill last year that would have funded border security and also would have allowed the daca recipients to stay here legally. so i was willing to compromise -- lou: surely you weren't for amnesty. >> no, i wasn't -- lou: you were going to trade amnesty for border security. why should border security, or national security, be something you bargain over, haggle over, negotiate over? shouldn't national security be a priority in and of itself, period, end of story, move ahead? >> national security is the number one mission of our united states congress, and so as i've said, i've been with the president all along. i have seen firsthand the devastation that is happening at our border. and our laws are so loose that
4:43 am
they are incentivizing these women and children to trek thousands of miles, and we need to fix it. now, you know, as i said, i was there from day one, i really want to secure the border. i hope this, you know, group of people that are working in a bipartisan manner actually will do so and get -- lou: what would you say the odds are, congresswoman, that that conference committee made up of a bunch of rinos and recalcitrant radical dems will come up with something meaningful for this president? >> well, i think the problem is nancy pelosi, because we've heard publicly now and also privately we've heard from some democrats that willing to fund a border fence. i just think -- lou: border fence, i'm sorry, did you say fence? >> yes, i said fence -- lou: oh, i thought the president was looking for a wall. >> i think you could call it a wall, you could call it a fence or you could call it a barrier.
4:44 am
the option here, the mission here is to make sure that we secure our border. so i don't really care what you call it as long as it does that. [laughter] lou: all right, congresswoman. it's great to have you here. we appreciate it and get it done. >> thank you. i'll try my hardest. lou: good for you, and thank you very much for being here. come back soon. another super bowl victory for the new england patriots didn't grab the attention or the approval of everyone, there are some snowflakes who just melted down over the thought. president trump calls for keeping troops in iraq to watch over iran. we'll take all of that up and much more right after the break. ♪ ♪ i'm a veteran
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lou: headlines we're looking at toni, preliminary ratings for last night's super bowl, 98.2 million people tuning in to see the patriots beat the los angeles rams 13 and-3. it was, by the way, the least watched super bowl since 2009. there could soon be a new meaning to the mile high city, voters or in denver set to decide whether to also decriminalize possession of small amounts of hallucinogenic mushrooms. the denver residents will vote on that measure in early may.
4:49 am
maybe they'll call it gateway city instead of -- well, never mind. the pentagon up to it old tricks saying 4350 active duty troops will soon be helping the customs and border protection agents protect our southern border. by the way, they said 3850 troops are being sent to the border. the fact is they've withdrawn so many troops that there will actually be 850 fewer active duty troops on the border than were there when originally deployed last november. cute. very cute. and president trump says he wants to keep troops stationed in al assad air base this iraq. he says it will allow the united states to push back on any remains of isis in syria as well as watch threats from iran in the region. up next, the high school student at the center of a viral video taking legal actions. his attorneys are after the, well, the kind words wees cape
4:50 am
me for who -- escape me for who they are. our panel joins us, we'll take that up right after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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4:54 am
individuals, media organizations telling them to keep their records because they've all been warned that they are not to destroy any documents in connection with the case, and that means justice is being sought. joining us tonight, niger end mis, national spokesperson for the -- and emily -- former federal attorney, fox business contributor. great to have you with us. , and emily, let's start with you. this is a massive undertaking for any attorney, but they're going after everyone who defamed these young people at covington high school. >> they are. and i want to point out that courts are loathe to have any type of ephemeral evidence be destroyed, right? the they a always want to err on the side of preservation if there's any inkling that it will, ultimately as you mentioned in the tease, serve justice. if this is an argument, if there's resistance to this and
4:55 am
there's a court judgment sought simply on the preservation of evidence side, that it will absolutely be resolved in sandman's favor. lou: and, niger, as you watch what's happening here -- by the way, one of the great things is the attorneys are going after the diocese of the school that attacked their own students in a rush to judgment is a king thing, these are the student -- is a kind thing, these are the students who are in their care, and they attacked them publicly. it is just one ignorant aspect of this case after another, and those poor kids and their families and their school having to undergo this, it's worthy of a lawsuit and damages, do you not think? >> i absolutely think it's worthy. i think these young students are heroes. with the kinds of craziness and insanity and intellectual toaltarianism going on, left-wing totalitarianism that's going on at colleges and universities all across our
4:56 am
country, here you have some brave, strong young folk on their own time going to promote life and be engaged in a pro-life rally. good students, good kids. i think the lawsuit is welcome, and i wish them all the best and much success. lou: emily, as we're watching this video of the young man, sandman, standing there up to -- the native american with the drum beating it in his face and the ugliness that we now know, the shouts and all of the just ignorance that was being spewed toward these young people, not one person said why is this grown man attacking this young teenager. there was, there's just no decency involved, it seem, on the demonstrations of the left, and they don't care one wit. maybe this lawsuit will teach them otherwise. >> absolutely. and especially as it progresses in determining, you know, as
4:57 am
every motion is ruled upon, then certainly we should hope so. two things struck me, that was a very, that was two degrees of what was a 360 degree situation. lou: right. >> and on those two degrees, we had what ended up being the most incendiary situation upon which there was, obviously, mob attacks really based on not the full spectrum. it's almost like, you know, it's said that in criminal law, well, if there's five witnesses, you'll have five different stories at the scene of an accident. everyone comes away with a different interpretation. here when you only have that small slice, that's what people rely upon and, again, that mob mentality on the left became incendiary. lou: thank goodness there was that video being taken and revealing what 360 degrees, and in that 360 degrees was mostly ignorance surrounding those young people who were the victims of the moment. and the drummer pretending he was a victim when he was,
4:58 am
obviously, the one confronting. >> and don't forget the black israelites calling them all kinds of disgusting names. lou: it was horrible. you know, speaking of native americans, let's talk about elizabeth warren. [laughter] it turns out that she was signing up as a native -- actually, an american indian, was the way she described herself. niger, what is going on? [laughter] and you've got, you've got the folks in virginia who just happen to run the state government, the top three officers -- >> unbelievable. lou: -- one accused of sexual assault, two others committing racist acts. black face. and somebody, i mean, i cannot imagine what is going on in the democratic party, because they're producing some just -- >> it's amazing. lou: -- insane moments. >> it is absolutely insane in virginia. and it's hysterically funny, but
4:59 am
it has very serious potential consequences. if, indeed, all three of these gentlemen -- the current governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general -- have to step down, then the power of the governorship of the commonwealth of virginia goes to the speaker of the house, that happens to be a republican. and let me tell you why this is critically important, because 2020 is a census. and in the census, as you know, census year, the governor has a key role in reapportionment of -- lou: are you suggesting, are you suggesting, niger, the democrats may not be as eager to enforce their #metoo morality -- >> the me too, no tolerance, zero tolerance is going to go out the window for nothing but pure partisan politics. lou: let's give emily the last word. >> i found it personally affronting that she had identified as american indian and then two years after getting employment at penn, changed her identity to american indian too.
5:00 am
the mindlessness and delusion is ridiculous. lou: emily, niger, thank you. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. ♪ these people have gone insane in terms of trying to fix problems. they seem to care more about the valid defender running loose than building a wall. cheryl: border wall battle, talks over funding a wall at the mexican border stalled. they are looking to limit the number of detention bends at the border. amazon under siege, the retail giant may pull out of if hq2 plans in new york city. this as the company's chief, jeff bezos, finds himself in a street fight with the national enquirer over alleged extortion. cheryl: some


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