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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 11, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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♪ ♪ maria: we kick it off to top story, could be a pivotal week for the markets, a lot on tap, fresh-round of u.s.-china trade talks, that's happening in beijing ahead of march first deadline to strike a deal. amid threat of second government shutdown meanwhile, tensions flared up in washington over the weekend over border wall funding, joining me right now b&y investment chief strategists. >> good morning. maria: first off the rally that we are seeing this morning, are you attributing that to the china situation or something
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else? >> probably some enthusiasm about the china-trade talks but also last week we saw technicals get better in the market and i think the tone of the market is just stronger and to the extent that we can move trade in a positive direction the market is going to follow. maria: all right, we had the best january in 30 years, s&p 500, was that a bounce-back from weakness in december or do you think earnings backdrop is pretty good, not as bad as some people thought? >> i don't think the earnings backdrop is that great. i think what we saw in january was a bounce-back from the oversold conditions in december, in december the world was ending. but as you know, earnings estimates keep oncoming in and right now for 2019 we are at 5% earnings growth for the year. when we started the year january 1st we were at 8%, the earnings situation is actually deteriorating as we move into the rest of the year and as the trade dispute drags on.
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maria: so what do you want to look at in terms of allocating money right now, what is driving your decision in. >> ii think right now it's the u.s. market in part because dollar is firmer than we would have expected after the doveish fed and that's because the global growth is simply not holding up in the way that markets were expecting, so europe is much weaker than expected, china is much weaker than expected, the economy in the u.s. is pretty good. i looked for smaller-mid-cap companies and not -- maria: domestic companies that are benefiting from this strong backdrop, certainly relative to the rest of the world. two important companies coming out with earnings this week. i wanted to highlight, cisco on wednesday, coca-cola on thursday. >> the two companies are bellwether for the trade an international consumer, it will set tone.
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we already know, we already know weakness overseas, the other thing the market is telling you in the first six weeks of the year, it's individual by companies, some multinationals are hit harder than others. this is going to be a fundamental research year and this is going to be sort of sharpening your pencils and which are more levered to international trade issues than others because it's not uniform across businesses. maria: we have the top story in the journal this morning, makers of household staples set to raise prices, is that inflationary or reaction to tariff that is we have been talking about for a year and a half now, what's your take? >> we think that inflation will rise moderately, it is definitely inflationary, it's also levered to the fact that -- that earnings have -- you know, worker earnings have gotten better in the last year, probably some wiggle room to raise prices a little bit.
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i think that the market is pricing in zero fed hikes this year and actually a cut next year and you really have to watch the inflation number because in the end that's what the fed will be watching. maria: interesting that the fed will not raise rates, you probably can figure that out by looking at the bond market. >> particularly long end is telling you that there's no inflation maybe no growth also and that was really the problem when you saw the flattening of the yield curve, it wasn't the short end, the long end was telling you there's a problem there. maria: bottom line, you want to put money to work right now? >> i would wait, s&p sort of hit 200-day average and couldn't quite cross it. we have risks out there and that's the least of which february 17, 232 report out of the commerce department about tariffs on autos, that has been a sleeper issue, nobody is paying attention to it but if we
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don't get any movement on china trade maybe that gets revived again to 232, that's actually something the administration can do on its own without congress. maria: also had impact on the china economy, we saw data out this morning that the chinese new year looking at sales under expected, so real impact on chinese economy as a result of tariffs but also things are slowing down there. >> this is going to be the year that the chinese consumer was going to take over from the industrial sector and turns out the consumer is pretty weak over there. very hard to get unemployment numbers out of china. one of the numbers we don't see. i suspect there's probably underneath headlines probably worse than it really is over there. so you would like to see that stabilize and to the extent that we can stabilize trade with china europe will get better because europe catches the flu every time china sneezes. maria: thanks so much for coming in, meanwhile amazon reportedly
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thinking twice about opening headquarters 2 in new york, dierdre bolton, good morning to you. >> the washington post rather is reporting that amazon is reconsidering its plan to build a campus long island city because of opposition from local elected officials. many are complaining about the roughly $2.8 billion in state and city tax incentives saying quite frankly a company like amazon does not need that kind of help. governor cuomo speaking at an event in long island and not really supposed to address this but made strong statement, here it is for the state senate to oppose amazon was governmental malpractice. if they stop amazon from coming to new york they are going to have the people of new york state to explain it to. i have never seen more absurd political situation where pandering and obvious pandering beat economic project so we have to make amazon a reality.
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i checked in with the mayor's office as well, here is a comment from mayor de blasio, expect amazon to deliver on its promise to new yorkers. i reached out to amazon as well, we have to cover all the basis, amazon said we are focused on engaging with our new neighbors, small business owners, educators and community leaders. whether it's building pipeline of local jobs through workforce training, funding computer science classes for thousand of new york city students, we are working hard to demonstrate what kind of neighbor we will be. so sources say that pushback from new york has just made the amazon execs rethink planning, protestors in the streets of long island city, they are criticizing the deal, it's bad for taxpayers, they are saying it's bad for the neighborhood, alexandria ocasio-cortez certainly one of the politicians who opposes it, leading resistance among other points, they are saying that amazon prime headquarters in seattle has lead to disfunctional house
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crisis, problems with transportation system and growing disparity basically between the rich and tun rich. amazon has selected new york and northern virginia, we remember this in november splitting the headquarters hq2 after year-long search. each city expected to have more than 25,000 workers so, maria, a lot of people saying fair or unfair new york city would like to have the 25,000 workers. i will head out later today, keep you posted, maria. maria: amazing, important story, we will see. meanwhile you have people fleeing new york because of high taxes, so there's that loss in revenue as well. >> actually i saw something from the state budget, something like close to $3 billion maybe lost from new york state and exactly for that reason that so many new yorkers in particular especially ones that are running own business or self-employed, forget this, if they can go get up in florida or texas they do.
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maria: no income tax. we will see you in a minute. meanwhile americans are gearing up to file tax returns, should they expect less of a refund for 2018? cheryl casone with that story and the angle, good morning, cheryl. cheryl: this is when it's all going to happen, this year the irs says that the average taxer refund for 2018 last year fell more than 8% in the first week of the 2019 filing season compared to one year ago. average return comes in $1,865, that's down from just over 2,000. now this has been closely watched because it follows the 2017 tax overhaul. again all about taxes and how it's going to affect everyone across the country. well, now to california, many homeowners there facing higher home insurance rates after 2 years of massive wild fires, insurance companies are canceling some policies, refuse to go sell new ones and raising rates in certain areas of the state.
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california department of insurance wild fires cost insurance companies more than $23 billion in 2017 and 2018, nearly 20,000 structures were destroyed by the campfire alone last year. well, as tesla speeds up deliveries of model 3, some new owners are reportedly waiting months to get repairs done. ceo elon musk has said that improving the service of tesla cars is his number one priority still many customers continue to wait long periods of time for replacements of basic things like dented bumpers, shares of tesla more than 2% in the premarket as you can see on the screen, now almost up 3%, maria, but still frustrate if you're going to spend money on tesla and you can't get basic stuff. maria: that's true, cheryl, that's true, coming up president trump hits the road today, commander in chief heading to el paso, for rally tonight making his case for the border wall, what to expect, threat of of another shutdown looms.
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maria: welcome back, big show this morning coming up white house council of economic advisers kevin is here, tennessee congressman who is on the house homeland security committee, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano here and singer-song writer joe villa, we will hear all about the grammies when joe villa gets here. president trump taking debate over immigration right to the border in el paso, texas tonight, 4 days before congressional deadline to come to deal over border security,
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the white house is not backing down. pwc partner mitch roschelle along with pollster and president of maslansky + partners lee carter, great to see you, guys. >> great to be here. maria: dierdre, good morning as well. thank you so much. so yesterday lindsey graham came on the show on sunday morning futures on fox news and basically said the new wrinkle is that the democrats are saying we won't give you another dime in border wall funding for the border wall unless there's a decline in the number of beds at ice detention centers. so serious offenders? >> i wonder if this is a backdoor way to deescalate ice, i wonder if that's the end game, doesn't make sense on the surface.
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it makes more putting criminals out on the street. why would you do it unless there's end game to it. >> symbolic about it and to me the democrats are really trying to make this about humanitarian issue, we have to be kind to people and gene rouse to -- generous to folks, we won't hold them as long, that's what we are trying to say, if we do the wall we will do it in humanitarian way. i'm not sure if this is start strategy or not but i think that's what they are trying to do. >> we know that democrats have even backed a wall but not being called a wall. they gotten are they metal or is it a wall, i thought progress was being made, nothing against the president and he tweeted out a wall, no, we were so close. it's about the messaging. i'm assuming behind the walls and behind the doors they are figuring it out.
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maria: former democratic congressman beto o'rourke in el paso, texas tonight, dueling rally against the president, beto o'rourke tweeted this, we need everyone to join us tomorrow eaching in el paso as we celebrate community, the country will be watching and falls on all of us to tell the true story about the border. you know, i feel like after the state of the union, lee, the tone changed a bit, you even had nancy pelosi saying, well, i'm going to take the advice of the committee chair, what did you see as a result of the state of the union, you did -- >> that that was one of the finest moments. usually response is flat, independents an democrats really liked the response of the democrats so i think a big night for everyone. going into this seeing how beto o'rourke is handling this, the different way of handling the
6:18 am
president, we have seen a lot of people try to, you know, meet him where he is, take him down, act more like the president, beto o'rourke is very popular and so this is -- he's a very grassroots candidate. he has a lot of excitement when he goes out and talks on the road. i'm interested to see how this is going to turn out. it could end up being a total bust though, huge risk. maria: mile away, president trump with his rally and beto o'rourke. >> aggressive scheduling on the part of -- >> clearly campaign stop. on the president is it a campaign stop and is beto o'rourke baiting him to starting his campaign, very interesting. maria: this was campaign promise, build the wall, he is finally taking message in texas. we will keep watching this, coming up defined the federal government, california democratic governor pulling national guardsmen from the border, details there.
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maria: welcome back, headlines across america this morning, los angeles times say that governor gavin newsom will pull troops, he wants to refocus on the real threats facing our state, the denver post writes, denver middle school will collect student cell phones during
6:23 am
teacher strike, all denver schools will remain open today, the first day of the strike, denver school asking students not to bring backpacks, binders, really anything of value because there's fewer teachers than normal and the principal is reportedly looking on how best to serve all students, plus from the chicago tribune unvaccinating teens are fact-checking parents trying to get shots on their own, teen post of antivaxx mom drew comments, after speaking to a pastor he went to the department of health and got several shots but he wants still -- he wants his younger siblings to be vaccinated as well. dierdre, interesting, the parents said don't do the shots and the kids want. >> i live in new york city, crowded place, i am for the shots. yeah, i mean, there's so many people in such small class, maybe that's not right for people who live in areas where there is actually just more
6:24 am
elbow room, here between schools and buses -- sharing clothes and, yes, i am for vaccination. >> we are big fans of vaccinations. the emergency room out of college campus is loaded with sick kids. i wish everybody would get vaccinated. maria: well, it's going around. quick break and we focus on 2020, elizabeth warren is slamming president trump saying he may not be president or a free person in 2020. grammies got political again, stars on both the left and the right making their views known, the comments coming up right here, stay with us.
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♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪ ♪ would you like it anyway? [ scatting ] maria: welcome back, good monday morning, i'm maria bartiromo, monday february 11th, top stories before 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. markets indicating gain at the start of trading, dow industrials up 67 points, quarter percent. s&p up a quarter percent, 7 points higher and nasdaq up 23 points, third of a percent. firmer tone this morning for futures. investors have a lot to watch this week including trade talks with china, upcoming deadline to avoid government shutdown.
6:29 am
deadline is friday. steven mnuchin and bob lighthizer are arriving in beijing this morning to continue their china trade talk, the dow and s&p 500 finished their seventh straight week of gains last week, it was a good week as you see up 42 points, fractional gains, s&p up fractionally as was the nasdaq on the week. in europe this morning, let's take a look at major indices there, ftse 100 up 35 points, cac quarante up 41 and dax up 3 quarters of 1%. asian markets higher overnight as you see, japan closed for holiday but thing shanghai composite coming back with a bang after lunar holiday closing. back in the u.s. battle for 2020 is on and getting heated. senator elizabeth warren announcing that she will run for president, took a swipe at president trump, the senator think it is commander in chief may not be in the running by
6:30 am
2020 she claims, then problems in pantry, you may be paying more money for household items this year, list of products that are seeing price increases. grammy's got political last night. plus honoring a legend last night. ♪ maria: dolly parton bringing the house down last night. we kick it off with top story this half an hour, outrage in congress, omar under fire this morning for accusing a lobbying group of bribing members of congress to support israel. she claimed that public affairs committee paid american politicians to be proisrael, her claim has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle even
6:31 am
chelsea clinton and nikki haley spoke out against her. joining me right now the daily caller christopher bedford, chris, always good to see you. >> good morning. maria: what do you think about this? >> someone who causes a lot of trouble for democrats going forward, she's pretty outspoken and has been striking on this. she was asked at the center for american progress, left-wing think tank about anti-semitism. some of the television hosts she's given interviews have been antiisrael. she will have democrats including some freshmen class, republicans, maybe more left-leaning aspect are joining to call her out on this and response is we need to stand for more people.
6:32 am
it's not popular in washington. maria: she attacked kevin mccarthy, minority leader and now there's a lot of conversation. i was speaking to a senator, freshmen class, a fair number of antisemites, do you see it that way? >> we have seen that at least in 2 members where there's antisemitic tweets. there's a bid of a radical push right now in the democrat party but push from democrat party including the women's march, they find leaders who have deeply antisemitic ideas, it doesn't go back to louis farakan and we saw women's march cancel this year because of disagreements, palestinian movement, where that actually starts to align with antiisrael,
6:33 am
antijewish sentiment. >> mitch roschelle, i happen to be fly to go israel tonight, whole dms movement, i'm curious, seems to have a lot of support, i'm curious if freshmen congressmen and women are really going to polarize their own party. >> i think they will. some of the legislation, there have been advisories given out, for example, like california school system, for example, saying do not back this group that they have ties to antisemitic group. report from israeli government that showed dozens and dozens of ties between disinvestment movement and actual terrorist organizations, it's becoming more and more clear. there are other folks that say any attack on any group is an attack on the left. it's attack on every person. you can't -- you can't say this person is antisemitic without attacking black lives matter,
6:34 am
this group, that group. if they manage to hold that together you will see radicals in freshmen class start to push back against that. >> some of the things that i'm curious, when republicans were accused of racism became symbolic of party. now we are saying happen on the left, individuals are being called out and they are called individually, the left has a big problem, look at what's happening in virginia, let's look at what's happening here with comments and look at all of the things, nobody is saying, okay, all democrats are these things, why the double standard? >> it's been campaign for decades and decades, anybody who runs on the right is accused of racism, being antiwoman, antichild, being anti any other thing.
6:35 am
maybe republicans tend to try to be more individualistic about it or maybe less united. for example, when steve king got in trouble, the gop was quick to pounce and so the democratic party and move and say it's not okay. as kevin mccarthy said he dealt with it in his own party and tends to dealt in democratic party. there's more loyalty on the left, incidents of racism in either party are isolated incidends -- incidents, how they choose to deal with that in campaign trail, there's a difference as you said. maria: ralph northam refuses to resign in virginia. 2020 race massachusetts senator elizabeth warren campaigns in iowa this weekend with prediction for president trump ahead of next election, here is what she said. >> here is what bothers me, by the time we get to 2020 donald
6:36 am
trump may not even be president. [cheers and applause] >> in fact, he may not even be a free person. [cheers and applause] maria: what's your reaction, chris? >> look him -- lock him up, lock him up. i don't expect to see broad calls against elizabeth warren and anyone saying she's threatening democracy when they were chants at president trump's rallies. that president trump is guilty of treason, violating the constitution with business dealings and he's going to prison, i wouldn't hold their breathe to that. maria: it's all resist, resist, dierdre. >> quick question as far as the candidates that you have seen so far jump in for 2020 on the democratic side, who do you
6:37 am
think is the most viable candidate? >> i haven't seen anyone who has jumped in so far who is not severely polarizing who is viable candidate. the person who is closest who has been around washington, d.c. i would guess is vice president joe biden although we got rose colored glasses, somebody who can reach back to white-voting class, without president obama in campaign trail, historically he's not been a strong candidate. he has more experience than he he ever has, he seems like the one that would be more uniting than the other divisive candidates. maria: don't forget amy klobuchar entered the democratic race for the white house this weekend in snowy minnesota, chris, good to see you this morning. thank you so much. christopher bedford, daily caller. grammy singing political tune last night, that's for sure. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: anybody surprised?
6:38 am
maria, good morning again, well, women were front and center at the 61st annual grammy awards last night, singer alicia keys hosting the event but the star stills brought the politics with them, singer camilla cabello held newspaper that said build bridges and not walls. singer joe villa making different political statement, border-wall inspired outfit. the back of the dress you just saw. ricky in patriotic suit, keep america great trump in 2020. this was interesting, former first lady michelle obama also made appearance last night, took a break from her book tour. >> from the south side to song that is fueled me through the last decade, music has always helped me tell my story, music
6:39 am
tells us share ourselves that all matters, every story within every voice, every note within every song, is that right, ladies? [cheers and applause] cheryl: you heard, the crowd went wild with her comments. after the wards themselves country singer took home the biggest award, album of the year for record golden hour and country super star dolly parton brought down the house in tribute of greatest hits. ♪ ♪ cheryl: how great does dolly parton look? maria look talking to joe villa.
6:40 am
maria: flying in this morning, we are looking forward to getting the scoop from the grammy's last night, did you check it out, watch it? >> i did. one of the big stories last night too was big night for women. last year if you remember wildly criticized because it was all men who won, we had a lot of women win big awards including my husband's ex-wife. maria: fantastic. >> first woman to get master of engineer. >> by choosing alicia keys, we want strong female voice hosting the program. i saw the first 20, 25 minutes. i thought it was great and dolly parton is amazing, energy. >> she is. i thought they did an excellent job last night. award shows haven't been as great. maria: we will take a break,
6:41 am
wild weather across the u.s. is coming back, shutting power to thousands. forecast coming up. household items getting pricier, making family's next shopping trip much more expensive. we have the details back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, prices are going up, get ready to pay more for the items you use around the house, gerri. >> prepare to pay more more diapers, cat litter, makers of household staples are set to raise prices this year after hiking prices in 2018. companies which make baking soda are hope to go offset commodity costs and boost profit. at issue higher commodity prices that are pressuring consumer product makers for most decade price cuts have been more common than price income, u.s. companies were reluctant to test spending power and brand loyalty, here are the products you will pay more for, pampers, bounty, sherman and scott toilet paper among others, adding to
6:46 am
challenge store-branded paper towels or opting for online start-ups like the dollar shave club. so far, strategy is working even the sales volumes with household fell 1.4%, dollar sales rose 0.7%. maria: they are talking about it in the conference call, all competitors are raising prices, it's really industry wide. >> clorox did this last year, nobody followed. they come back with incentives to try to get people to buy. it's been a bit of a challenge but now they are taking whole, this is getting companies room to move. maria: commodity prices partly tariffs. >> wages are a part of it, materials and supply chain and offsets are fuel prices are down
6:47 am
and consumer goods are shipped across the country. what's interesting is we are not seeing cpi numbers, we are not really seeing inflation going up but, you know, maybe time will tell here. maria: inflation has been nonexistent. >> that's right. what's interesting too is notwithstanding all the tariffs, the solution of strong dollar is manufacturing goods overseas. a bit conflict with the administration's plan to tariff. >> we heard from so many companies, even if they support the trump administration, they support the tariffs it's still making day-to-day business harder, they still have to change supply chains and have to work around a little bit. >> don't mess with my oxyclean. [laughter] >> you will pay more for it. >> i don't want to pay more for it. i would like to get a discount it would be my preference but they may force me. maria: not going that way. coming up wild weather across the country shutting power to thousands of people, we have the forecast right after the break,
6:48 am
back in a minute.
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maria: severe winter weather makes its way across the country. thousands without power, more than a hundred flights canceled. in wisconsin 40-car pile-up amid snowy and slippery conditions, at least 7 people injured in that crash. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean with the forecast. janice: both coasts are experiencing winter weather, much of the workweek and in
6:52 am
between. much cold weather with the exception of gulf coast and along frontal boundary, potential for heavy rain, flooding conditions, icy conditions and snow. starting today into tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon for the afternoon commute. so it's going to be mess for eastern two-thirds of the country. you see the developing system already beginning act together across the ohio river valley, mid-atlantic and northeast, this time tomorrow morning we will be dealing with icy mix around new york city area, new jersey, long island up to connecticut. i believe they will close schools, here is the forecast of precipitation. we are right along the line of the freezing line of the potential for snow and ice from new york city north ward and west ward, these areas need to pay close attention to forecast and the north of that, that's where we will see the heavier snow, also dealing with snow across upper midwest and great
6:53 am
lakes and then rain event along the ohio and tennessee river valleys and towards the southeast. next storm system is going to be very messy across the west coast in towards seattle area, they will get more snow for their record-breaking year and you can see along the coast of california mainly rain event, higher elevations will get quite a bit of snow over 2 feet in some areas across sierra and west and again going to fuel these storms across much of the country, all of the systems moving into the west. you can see the highs today, cold enough for snow in northern plains, great lakes, again, we are in the line in new york city where we will see mixture of rain, sleet, travel delays will be imminent starting tomorrow morning until wednesday, maria. we will keep you posted. maria: janice dean with the latest there, markets meanwhile are higher this morning, china trade talks are happening this week, you have lighthizer and
6:54 am
mnuchin on their way to beijing, lower level manager talks monday and tuesday and thursday and friday apparently bigger talks as well. so we are getting close. the president said he will not meet with president xi after a deal is on the table. deadline is march 1, mitch roschelle, your thoughts? >> a bit of a summit in mar-a-lago perhaps. i think they are getting close and i think both economies need some sort of a deal, i think what's going to happen initially is some arrangement on billions of dollars worth of import and exports and you have to realize that if you combine the two economies, $35 trillion, so we are talking about relatively small things. i just hope we see something on ip theft and forced technology transfer. >> stop the spying and stop the theft, those are the two big things. china's debt load is increasing.
6:55 am
economy is weakening, in theory that should give the u.s. a little bit of a stronger hand. maria: meanwhile china with data collection of its people apparently ahead of the united states in terms of artificial intelligence. interesting to see that the president will sign executive order today boosting u.s. developments of ai and trying to block china's momentum in the field. it doesn't matter if they stop stealing ip tomorrow they are still ahead of us in ai and robotics. >> they don't have any of the morality concerns that sometimes corporations here deal with, the government is essentially in the private sector and pushing them along and funding them, it's just unlevel playing field. maria: china is going to have to do something to get the rest of the world to actually trust their telecom equipment. last week the president is going to sign executive order banning
6:56 am
telecom equipment, why, because we know that huawei has stolen trade secrets, cfo still in jail, zte still an issue. >> it's easier in china because they can aggregate the data across all over the businesses, they don't have the privacy consideration. >> no conversation about ethics and privacy and security. the government owns it. >> that's one of the reasons why they are ahead of us, it's not just technology, but they have the data. maria: next hour right here mornings with maria, stay with us.
6:57 am
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that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 11th. your top stories right novel. it's a big week for markets. we're waiting on key economic data, earnings news as well. futures showing a firmer tone. we're expecting a higher opening for the broader averages this morning. dow industrials up 61 points, quarter of a percent. s&p 500 up 7. this after a mixed performance on friday. as you see, the dow was down 63, but the s&p and nasdaq were up fractionally. it was still a good week for the week, actually, the whole week, the major indices were up fractionally on the week. global markets this morning look like this, european indices are
7:01 am
higher across the board, fq100 up a third of a percent, cac in paris up three quarters of a percent, as is the dax index in germany. in asia, markets were higher. chinese markets reopening after the lunar new year. they opened strongly, um one and a third percent. u.s. china trade talks are back on, negotiations getting underway today in beijing ahead of the arrival of steven mnuchin and rob robert i robert ligh r. there are chances rising of a potential government shutdown as border wall negotiations stalled. lawmakers weighed in on sunday morning futures with me yesterday. >> i would advise the president to take somewhere near $2 billion for the wall, sign a bill that would give you that much money as a down payment and
7:02 am
find the rest of the money on your own. >> to me, it's about securing the border in the most appropriate and efficient way. i don't think the border wall is immoral. i just think it doesn't make a lot of sense. maria: the very latest in the standoff as lindsey graham brought the news to us yesterday that one of the things the democrats want is that a decline in the number of beds at i.c.e. detention centers as a way to get more border wall funding money. innovation in artificial intel intelligence, president trump is set to sign a bill today in promoting a.i., what it means for the industry and u.s.'s positioning versus beijing. a rough day on the fairway, hail in northern california forced a delay at the at&t pro am. it had phil mickelson up in arms. joining me to break it down, fox business network's deirdre bolton with us, along with mitch rochell and lee carter. great to see everybody this morning. >> great to be here. >> monday morning post-grammies
7:03 am
here we are without our singing voices, at least me without mine. >> i don't have a singing voice. we want to keep our audience. we don't want me singing. maria: the border wall conversation seems to have hit a wall yesterday or over the weekend given the new he demands from the left that the democrats say if you want any more money, we want to see a commitment to limit or lower the number of beds in i.c.e. detention centers. we're talking about that right now. but -- >> your operative word there is new. this was sprung out on the weekend. the way i understand the process, even though the deadline is friday, the they needed to get something out by monday. now you have this last minute winkle. maria: the deadline is friday. the clock is ticking. president trump will hold a rally in el paso texas tonight as the threat of the government shutdowshutdown looms.
7:04 am
on sunday morning futures yesterday i spoke with lindsey graham. he said what it's going to take to secure a deal. watch this. i'm surprised that this is something that's coming up now in the 11th hour. has this been an issue in terms of reducing the number of beds? >> no. maria: before? >> i promise you this. donald trump is not going to sign any bill that reduces the number of bed spaces available to hold violent offenders who come across our border. he can't do that. he won't do that. maria: joining me right now is the white house counsel of economic advisers chairman, kevinette. thankkevin hassett. tell us where the talks stand right now. i know that there was conversation of $1.3 billion to $1.6 billion that they would agree to, to a border wall, but any more money beyond that is based on what the president commits to in terms of these beds in i.c.e. detention
7:05 am
centers? >> yeah, you know, i'm not involved in the negotiations. i don't want to get in front of them. we went home over the weekend thinking we were close to having a deal and then apparently there's this new offer on the table that's quite a bit different from what everybody was moving towards all week. it's very disappointing. we're hopeful that by the deadline they'll work it out. maria: do you think the president would in fact shut the down again? >> i think for the president all options are on the table and if people throw new demands out at the last minute then gosh knows where it will end. maria: lindsey graham said we'll do a continuing resolution and just keep moving. would that be the path, kevin? >> you know, i'm not sure. that's a decision for the president to make. but i know that we're disappointed that it hasn't moved forward quicker and the president's intent on securing the bore darne border and not sn the government. he's definitely moving towards a
7:06 am
deal. this was a hiccup hopefully in the negotiation that's we're looking forward to working something out this week. maria: we've got a fresh round of u.s./china trade talks kicking off in beijing ahead of the march 1st deadline to strike a deal. your thoughts on what we're going to see here. march 1st is the deadline. people are wondering if it's just going to be china buying more stuff from the united states. i mean, what about the i.p. theft, the forced transfer of technology which is so important and the president has highlighted that, of course. >> well, first, you know, march 1st is a real deadline. second, we're very pleased that the talks continue and that they are moving forward. the juniors are working on something now that they're going to present to the seniors flare the week and absolutely we put everything on the table including i.p. theft and forced technology transfer. we're looking forward to what the senior people come up with this week. maria: healthcare in america, the counsel releasing new day a take on friday that finds the
7:07 am
administration's actions on healthcare are estimated to provide a value close to $500 billion over the next decade. tell us about it. >> basically i think that one of the things that president trump has done is by re-regulating in the space, what he's done is he made it so it's possible for new types of insurance like association health plans to emerge which are much more cost effective and more attractive than the things that were designed under obamacare. if you look at what's happened in the last year, is that people have moved towards plans that they actually don't have to be forced to buy because they prefer to buy them and of course the other big thing that we've been talking about for a while is scott gotleib at the fda has been approving all sorts of generic drugs which dramatically reduces the price of drugs for american. the price index for drugs declined for first time on record. that's because we're cutting health costs by increasing competition. maria: something that alex azar spoke to me about on friday when
7:08 am
he joined us. we were talking about the calls from the left for medicare for all. watch this. what does this mean for the 2020 election? you've got democratic candidates for 2020 starting to establish their platform on healthcare. for some of them that means calling for an end to private insurance in order to provide medicare for all. this medicare for all idea is going to cost 30 plus trillion dollars over 10 years and it would in fact eliminate the private insurance industry. your reaction? >> absolutely. i'm obviously not going to comment on the election but i'll talk about the policy issue. this so-called medicare for all in any of its forms is medicare for none. and what it would do is either eliminate directly or completely undermine the private health insurance system in this country. maria: if it eliminates the private health insurance industry, kevin, i mean, i think it's a number like 1 like 145 mn
7:09 am
people get their healthcare currently through the private industry. >> it used to be that if you like your insurance you get to keep it. now it looks like in the plans we're seeing if you like your insurance maybe you go to jail if you try get it. the fact is, americans like their health insurance, that we have an insurance problem that we could address through things like healthcare reforms that make health insurance more affordable. the medicare for all proposals we've seen a are really far to e left of the things that you even see in europe. and so by prohibiting private insurance and private provision of healthcare, so if a doctor takes $10 to see you, then that also might be prohibited. they are socializing and centralizing medicine in a way that is kind of unique in the world. maria: you're right. other story in the joint venture nail today, prices are rising for household staples. what are your thoughts on some of these companies raising
7:10 am
prices? i know we haven't seen inflation on the cpi or ppi level. it's concerning to see so many industries for household staples take prices up. >> right. well, right now the price index information that we're seeing in terms of increases is pretty tame and so the increases that we're hearing about are anecdotal. i haven't seen anything that rises to the level of showing up in the top numbers yet. if you look at p.e.c. inflation, it's still looking very reasonable. we are seeing a tick-up in wages, followed by a tick-up in productivity as we've been saying for a while. i don't see anything right now that's overall inflation pressure therinpressures butthee that's go up. maria: are you still expecting a 3% economic growth story for
7:11 am
2018. >> we started the quarter with a three handle on the jobs number. when you start a quarter with 300,000 in a month you get a 3% growth number, the average since 1990 is north of 3. so we finished the fourth quarter probably at about 3. looks like we've got like the data in hand suggests first quarter's about 3. i don't think there's any reason to change our outlook right now. maria: we'll leave it there. kevin, good to see you this morning. kevin hassett joining us there. entering the tech race, the united states makes moves in the battle for artificial intelligence. we've got the story coming you. a different type of bouquet, olive garden has something that might be better than flowers. the delicious valentine's day gift coming up. stay with us. ♪ and i don't know how to slow it down. ♪ th highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well
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maria: welcome back. the pentagon's top official making an unannounced visit to
7:15 am
afghanistan. cheryl casone has detains. cheryl: patrick shanahan in afghanistan, saying it's important the afghan government is involved in peace talks with the taliban. the u.s. and taliban have held several talks since last year. the afghan government has so far been excluded. shanahan's visit signals american's support for the afghan government. shanahan says he has not received any direction to reduce the 14,000 u.s. troops that are still in afghanistan. well, get this, many california homeowners face higher home insurance rates after the massive wildfires of the last two years. insurance companies are cancelling some policies, refusing to sell new ones and raising rates in certain areas of the state. the california department of insurance said wildfires cost insurance companies more than $23 billion over 2017 an 201720.
7:16 am
nearly 20,000 structures were devoid by the camp fire alone last year. and finally, love it or hate it, valentine's day. it's this thursday. forget flowers. let's surprise your loved one with a bread stick bouquet. [ laughter ] cheryl: olive garden is opening up bread stick bouquet wrappers. mitch is like yeah, debbie is so getting that. [ laughter ] cheryl: if you're looking to save a little money, a romantic date at the waffle house could be for you. [ laughter ] cheryl: waffle restaurants taking reservations. it comes with a white tablecloth had. tablecloth. nothing says love like a bunch. of syrup poured over a waffle. maria: syrup, waffle house or bouquet of bread, what do you think? >> i think the personal trainers are like you're not getting that, you're not getting that. >> i don't know what kind of
7:17 am
message you're trying to spend. >> it's a high bette hibernatio. >> the bread sticks from olive garden are a little amazing. maybe it's reminiscent of your first date. >> the waffle nows. >> i don't know. maria: coming up, the race of a.i. president trump set to sign an executive order today countering china's technology dominance in the space. we've got details coming up. and then fit bit's new gadget, the company rolls out a new healthcare tracker that you can't actually buy. the full story coming up right here. ♪ so before you go and turn me on. ♪ make sure that you can turn me loose. ♪ because i've still got a lot of leaving left to do. ♪ this isn't just any moving day.
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maria: welcome back. ramping up efforts in artificial intelligence. president trump is set to sign an executive order today promoting development and regulation of artificial intelligence, a.i., as the u.s. faces rising competition from china. i spoke with a.i. expert ky fu lee recently. he weighed in on how technologies will be changing jobs. tell me about a.i. and how it will change the way we work and how we live. there are certain industries you believe the jobs will go away but then there are other jobs that will be created. right? >> yes. a lot of jobs are going to change, almost all the jobs will change. a.i. is not human intelligence. it's not magic. it's just a tool that can in one domain take a lot of data and make very smart decisions better than people, so the more the routine job, the more a.i. will take over. maria: joining us right now is girls who code founder and ceo,
7:22 am
the author of raid, not perfect, rasha sajani. thank you for joining us. feltell us about the book. the book is about inspiring girls to code. why is this so important? >> i would say the book is also about inspiring women and girls to be brave. i think we raise our girls to be perfect. we raise our boys to be brave. and what's happening is that girls then get ad addicted to perfectionism. young women when they declare a major in college, if they don't get an a or b, they'll drop out. boys are like a b, that's great. i think perfectionism is causing women to be unhappy. women are twice as lakely to be depressed as men. it's causing a leadsership crisis. this is the first year we had no women as fortune 500 ceos. i think if we want women to raise their hand for a promotion, if we want women to be happier, we happy we'd happih
7:23 am
them to be brave. maria: why is coding so important? why do we have to understand coding and a.i.? >> jobs are changing faster than we can imagine. industries are being automated. we need women to go into these jobs. 40% of america's bread winners are women. when you talk to little girls about why they're not interested in computer science, they immediately think it's hard. maybe they tried it and it didn't come to them right away. they give up before they try. it's important to get computer science into the schools as early as we can. maria: the jobs are changing, mitch. that's one of the reasons the president is signing this executive order on a.i. because china is actually ahead of the united states in a lot of this. >> no question about it. and our companies aren't prepared. our workers aren't prepared. we're seeing a big trend we're seeing in our own company, upscaling our talent because we have to.
7:24 am
why aren't we doing a better job digitally upscaling students. do we have to start with the teachers? >> i think the teachers are ready. i think the problem is is that we're not prioritizing this from an educational perspective. state by state. now, there's definitely a teacher shortage. it's much more lucrative to go work at facebook than work at a public school. but i think our teachers are ready. and i think that we just simply need to make a commitment and we need to start young. girls who code taught over 185,000 girls across the country, all 50 states. we are in the heart of this country, places that are decimated by the opioid epidemic but have a coding camp in their library. people are hungry for this. parents are hungry for this. every day that goes by, again, we're missing out and our workers are not being trained to go into the 21st century and it's really affecting women. less than 13% of the a.i. workforce is female.
7:25 am
maria: so explain coding and why people need to understand it. coding is programming. >> at its basic it's telling a computer what to do. quite frankly, i think president obama said it the best when he said the last jobs to go will be the humans telling the computers what to do. >> how difficult is it to find corporate sponsors? one of the amazing things about your program is you have grown-ups in tech who are mentoring the young people as part of their summer internships. when you go into areas that are otherwise desolate, can you find mentors? >> we announced a partnership with walmart who is excited to get the community up-to-speed to take the technology jobs open at walmart. we have hundreds of corp. of coe sponsors. they're desperate to hire engineers and hire women in underserved communities. so we really think that -- the
7:26 am
private sector isn't necessarily the problem. i don't think there's enough public investment into our l schools, into our teachers, into our students, to make sure that they're learning this. >> even doing an after school coding club would be a great start. >> we have 6,000 of them, girls who code clubs across the country. we are every-subscribed. >> wow. >> kids are hungry for this. parents are hungry for this. teachers are hungry for this. maria: i think you're right. thank you for joining us. the legal fallout from the bezos bombshell, the battle between amazon's ceo and the national enquirer, it heated up over the weekend. we'll take a look straight ahead. the first look at disney's new aladdin, disney unveils the new trailer featuring will smith like you've never seen him before. that story coming up. ♪ i think i'm losing my mind now, yeah, yeah,. ♪ i think i'm losing my mind now, yeah. ♪ i need you, i need you, i need you right now.ti week.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much nor joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 11th. markets are looking to start the week higher this morning. futures showing a firmer tone with the dow industrials up better than 60 points, a quarter of a percent higher. s&p 500 poised to open out about 8. the nasdaq up 30 points. a lot to keep on eye on this week. we've got trade talks with china, back on the table with secretary mnuchin opt bob
7:31 am
lighthizer on the way to beijing. the upcoming deadline to avoid another government shutdown is this friday. if they don't get a deal we could see another partial shutdown. the democrats are now demanding there is a decline in number of beds at i.c.e. facilities in order to get anymore money for the border wall. fractional gains on brought the dow and s&p to gains. we're looking at a good tone in europe. european indices higher across the board. cac in paris is up almost 1%, as is the dax index in germany. asian markets stronger overnight. gentleman man was closed for -- japan was closed for a holiday. this is the first day open after a long lunar holiday week. healthcare in america this morning, fit bit is out with a new fitness tracker. you can't buy it at the store. we'll tell you why and how you can get your hands on it. then, teed off for sure, phil
7:32 am
micmickelson upset after play is suspend. we've got a first look at will smith in the new live action aladdin movie. bezos bombshell. the attorney for national enquirer head david pecker fires back yesterday. he called the situation simply a negotiation. >.>> it absolutely is not extortion and not blackmail. what happened was the story was given to the national enquirer by a reliable source that had given information to the national enquirer for seven years prior to this story. it was a source that was well-known to both mr. bezos and ms. sanchez. >> was it michael sanchez? >> i can't discuss who the source was. just it's a confidential, within ami, so i'm not going to answer
7:33 am
who the source was. maria: joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. what do you think about ought this? was it extortion. we did see the letter from ami to bezos saying, you know, either stop this investigation or we're going to publish these photos. >> if the events are as jeff bezos characterized them which is consistent with the letter, it was clearly a form of blackmail. which is a federal crime, carrying five years in federal prison. blackmail is a threat to do something if another person doesn't stop doing what they're doing. it doesn't involve coercion. extortion involves coercion. i don't think it's extortion. it's clearly a form of blackmail. the first amendment doesn't protect blackmail. if this is news worthy -- he is
7:34 am
a truly first rate lawyer. he's one of the best criminal defense lawyers in new york city, the fellow whose clip you just ran. there's a portion which he says it's news worthy. george stephanopoulos quite properly says if it's news worthy, why don't you run it. if it's news worthy why aren't u threatening it. jeff has been saying there's a political motivation behind this. not to mention the president's name, there's an implication that david pecker and the president are good friends. the ami people say you have to withdraw that statement, if you don't withdraw that statement there's more embarrassing pictures we're going to publish. that's classic blackmail. >> what about the defense, where ami was like this is just the beginning of a negotiation, we're working on a compromise, this is a back and forth, which is not illegal. >> i don't think one negotiates with a black merrel blackmailere
7:35 am
blackmailer says i have these pictures and if the negotiations don't go the way i want them, we'll push lipublish them. >> they say we weren't threatening them. >> i don't think the strategy holds water. maria: you think it is blackmail? >> i do. that's a serious problem for david pecker and ami because of the gift that they got from federal prosecutors in new york. their cooperation with michael cohen required that they be like caesar's wife for the next three years. if there's evidence they committed a crime even if the prism is not proveable but if there's evidence the deal with federal prosecutors in new york is over and they could be prosecuted for campaign financial lee gas station gasfiy conspired with michael cohen. maria: they're supposed to be on best behavior. >> that opens up a can of worms
7:36 am
not only for david peck r but dt for the president. maria: why. >> there would be a trial in which the president's name was openly -- if it came to a trial -- and plainly discussed as the org. o. straighter of the michael cohen, david pecker conspiracy to use corporate funds to pay the president's alleged mistresses to be silenced. maria: looks like the attorney general is on his way in. maybe he'll be dealing with this. lindsey graham was with me yesterday on sunday morning futures. he said william barr will be confirmed as a.g. this week. watch this. >> we'll take him up on the floor tuesday. he did a fantastic job during the hearing. you've got to remember, he's the former attorney general for bush 41. he was confirmed with a voice vote, not even a roll call was needed. ehe's been the deputy attorney general by voice vote. he's been the general counsel
7:37 am
for the cia by voice vote. he's a steady hand. he did not get one democratic vote in the committee. i'm disappointed in that. but he will make it confirmation this week on the floor. he'll pick up a handful of democrats and he will be an outstanding attorney general for this country. maria: once he gets the confirmation this week, if that's in fact where it's going, what's the time line in terms of him getting in the job? and do you see any scenario where this doesn't get done? >> no, i think senator graham who by the way in just a couple of weeks as the chair of the senate judiciary committee has been spectacular with respect to clarity and efficiency and getting things done, as well as transparency. even allowing democratic colleagues to make allegations and statements that are totally irrelevant. he's been patient with them. i think he'll be sworn in immediately. matt whitaker, the acting attorney general, is in a silly
7:38 am
dispute with the house judiciary committee. i think the president will want to send mr. whitaker back to private practice and get bill barr in them. senator graham has called it like we have seen it. adults in the room are needed and he's the right person for the job. maria: he'll get confirmed likely this week and he gets right to work. >> yes. what's one of the first things he does, hey bob mule e. want t, want to come over here and look at the files. maria: it's been two years. here we are in the mueller investigation with still we don't know where he's going. john solomon joined me yesterday. he wrote an op ed making the case for collusion but the collusion between russia and the democrats he specifically pointed to clinton's involvement in the skulkavo project if you remember. >> he invited medevedev to come
7:39 am
to the united states. he arranged -- maria: you're saying this was a national security issue. >> it was. absolutely. and i think what ends up happening is a few years later the united states military and fbi counter intelligence division raced warnings that the ksokovo used by the russians to bleed technology. something that sounded good got clinton foundation donors involved. it became a threat to national security. maria: your take-away from the solomon op ed and whether or not william barwilliam barr looks a. >> i think it should. this should have been examined by james comey and loretta lynch. this gets into uranium one and bill clinton speaking fees and clinton foundation and a lot of it is tied together and the scab on the wound has healed and we've never seen what's underneath it. maria: i remember covering the
7:40 am
project when it was at cnbc. the russians wanted to be silicon valley. the russians wanted to be a hub of innovation and all these american companies were so excited about it. led by the clintons to go share information with the russians. >> mrs. clinton was the secretary of state at the time. she may have believed that bringing russian technology and american technology together somehow would benefit both. but if she believed that it was a naive belief because of the stealth ha with which the russis probably engaged in industrial espionage so they could steal the secrets, not only of the american government, but of american technology. maria: she also should not have been taking money from the russians at the clinton foundation at the same time. >> that's the other problem. that's never adequately been investigated. by the way, the statute of limitations is ticking away on that, six years. maria: all right. judge, great to sigh.
7:41 am
thanks so much. coming up, fit bit's new gadget, the company rolls out a new healthcare tracker that you actually can't buy. we've got the story. the first trailer for disney's new aladdin on tap. showcasing new footage with will smith. you've never seen him this way before. stay with us. ♪ this is what it sounds like when doves cry. ♪ ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection.
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maria: welcome back. fit bit out with a newness tracker. you can't buy it. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: you can't buy it on the store or online. this is the fit bit inspire. only going to be available through fit bit health solutions partners like health plan providers, employers, other wellness groups. here's some of the features. you can call in text alerts from your phone along with activity and sleep tracking so it's a lot like an apple watch, a slightly more advanced model tracks your heart rate, gps to help keep tabs on your overall fitness. again, can't buy it in a store. there's a new winner, but it was a little bit of a disappointment. let's talk about the movies over the weekend. the lego movie 2 debuted with just over 34 million, fell short of the anticipated 50 beheld thn the studio was anticipated. second place, what men want.
7:46 am
will smith turning blue in disney's new live action aladdin movie. watch. >> genie, wishes, lamps, none of that ringing a bell? >> bring me a lamp. your life begins now. >> aladdin. cheryl: yeah, the new trailer aired during the grammy's last night, first time we've seen it. aladdin hits theaters up may 24th. shares of disney up 9% over the last year. this one looks good. nobody does live action like disney. maria: will smith. cheryl: i know, right. it's different. maria: anybody want to see it? >> i'm going to see it. >> i'm going to see it. >> i absolutely love disney movies. >> i've actually seen aladdin with my children on broadway so we'll go to the movies, why not. maria: great. >> get used to disney movies, lee. [ laughter ]
7:47 am
>> you have an excuse now. >> i can give you my rating system. >> mine are all vms. they'll be of new use. >> disney plus is gearing up. they'll have all of those streaming and available. they're taking on netflix, even going to do non-disney content. this will be an interesting thing. >> a lot will be happening in the streaming space. it will be fascinating. >> bob iger is pretty serious about this. last week it cake out they'll have dis-- cake out they'll have disney content but they'll be making deals with studios to have non-disney content and from what i hear at half the price. maria: which is why he's pulling content off of netflix. we want to show you this tweet, the president is tweeting, here's what he said, no president ever worked harder than me cleaning up the messy haterredmess iinherited. phil mickelson not happy when play was suspended at pebble
7:48 am
beach. the details right here. stay with us. ♪ it's 3:00 a.m. i must be lonely. ♪ when she says baby, to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ i can't tell you anything about myself. wonderful life on earth. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no.
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7:51 am
maria: welcome back. well, wild weather keeping phil mickelson from celebrating. jared max with the story on golf. >> phil mickelson will have to complete the final round this morning because the pebble beach pro am was suspended because of an earlier rain delay and then a hail storm. a hail storm that hammered the coast and caused a two hour delay. patrick's caddie was making hail angels on the green. micmickelson made up a three sht deficit. lefty leads by three.
7:52 am
he pleaded to keep playing despite darkness but -- >> you can h see phil is fuming. >> it's dark out, phil. time to come in for dinner. play resumed 11:00 a.m. eastern. phil up three strokes. matthew wolf won his fourth straight event this weekend, helped the cowboy's win the invitational in hawaii. the new football league kicked off this weekend, the alliance of american football, two games saturday, two more sunday. last night it was the arizona hot shots named for the granite mountain hot shot firefighters who beat the salt lake city stallions. thursday, -- friday, rather the co-founder told "mornings with maria" his expectations are balanced. >one.>> one of the major mistaks made 17 years ago, a mistake that cost them success, they came out of the gate so hot. when the football didn't live up
7:53 am
to expectations, it fell flat. we invested heavily into putting quality football on the field and earning audience over the course over five to seven years. >> a great start for the aff. cbs broadcast drew a larger tv audience than a top nba matchup between the rockets and thunder. maria: he said after the super bowl, 80 million people stopped watching sports. and so he said -- that was one of the just at thi justificatioe new league. >> i think we saw good product this weekend. there was a little bit of sloppy play. we see the interplay between the ref on the field and instant replay official in the booth, transparency, we can hear the conversation. he's saying well, yeah, looks like, yeah, let's go with pass interference. you expect it to be much more here's the rule but it's we'll go with fries over onion rings and then comes the audio and then on the field they make the decision. >> it's interesting. phil mickelson, fuming mad.
7:54 am
>> he wanted to finish up yesterday. >> did he have some place to go? >> right now? you're in carmel by the sea. >> he had a lead. >> it would take a collapse for mickelson not to win. maria: he didn't want to upset it and have to stop. >> who wants to stop. what's the caddie shack line. >> when you're in the zone, you don't want to mess with that. >> good to see lefty surging up to the top. maria: catch sports reports on fox news headlines, or sirius mm115. we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages, up 92 points this morning on the dow, up 10 points on the s&p and up 37 and a quarter on the nasdaq. a couple things this week, mitch, i wonder what you're looking for. you've got cisco earnings, coca-cola earnings. co-coulcisco could be a market . we know international markets are troubled. that could be part of the conference call. >> i think that the broader
7:55 am
storely alsstorely may be -- coe you've got the u.k. release r&d gdp this morning which didn't move the market. you've got germany, the brexit talks. i think we in the us market are focused very much on what's going on abroad. some of the economic data for the fourth quarter coming out of europe which could be a precusser to our economic -- precursor to our economic data coming out later could be a bigger market mover than any one stock. there's so much momentum pulling the market up right now. maria: you've got the china/u.s. talks, that will be important, depending on what we hear coming out of these conversations. lighthizer and mnuchin are there. they will be meeting with counterparts i believe on thursday. >> yeah. and that -- all of last year, that was the entire sentiment swing. if i had to pick one macro theme that was important to market sentiment last year it was what are we doing with china. maria: if we get a deal that would be a positive catalyst. >> i think even if we get a framework, even if they can't do
7:56 am
it by march 1st but we have spots in place, we're working it out, we'll get a nice boost. >> what if we get a framework and we don't make a deal on the shutdown, will that get eclipsed. >> that's a good question. maria: they're both digging in still. we're covering that. there's outrage on both sides of the aisle this morning. freshman congresswoman facing backlash over a tweet that suggested that lawmakers are only supporting israel because they get money from an israel lobbying group, next hour, right here, "mornings with maria." wait until you see what happened. ♪ this girl is on fire. ♪ this girl is on fire. ♪ driverless cars. all ground personnel please clear the hangar. trips to mars. $4.95. hydroponic farms. robotic arms. ♪
7:57 am
$4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning thank so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. happy monday. it is monday, february 11 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, it is big week for markets, we are watching, futures trade higher this morning, dow industrials up better than 90 points a third of one percent, the s&p 500 up 10 and nasdaq up 38 a lot happening earnings on tap cisco out later in the week a mixed friday, but for the week major indices slight gains dow industrials down 63 points friday s&p 500 up a faction as nasdaq up nine points on friday, global markets this morning o mostly higher european indices higher across the board ft 100 up 55 points, three quarters of a percent
8:01 am
cac quarante in paris up 51 better than one percent dax in germany higher by 107 points one percent higher this morning in asia overnight markets higher chinese markets opening, after the lunar new year. . the market was closed for a week, during that week mattel had visitors up 26%, that was the golden week year-over-year we are looking at economic data out of china this morning, it is largely better than expected, u.s.-china trade talks back on latest round of negotiations under way today, in beijing, arrival of treasury secretary stephen mnuchin u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer in beijing later in the week threat of a government shutdowns however now looming four days away from chances of the government shutting down again, as border wall negotiations stall to wrinkle over the weekend, senator lindsey graham weighed in on one of the key issues, that democrats want they he
8:02 am
slammed the a democrats immigration agenda watch this. >> now apparently not only want to abolish ice want to abolish bed spaces in the skun to house violent offenders so they can be held and gortsdz the aoc wing evident party is taking over now immigration not jurist environmental policy, and this will be a hell of an election. >> very latest on that standoff, the grammys political again last night before show started singer shows support for president trump's brld with address top moments from the show big win, coming up dolly parton bringing the house down joining me to break it down fox business network deidre bolton pwc partner mitch roschelle, president of maslansky partners lee carter. >> i like the cushion pull force that we have in markets push is hope that in china, we can at least get a framework
8:03 am
going at a that will give markets a boost, of course, the poll is i think very real worry that as of friday, we risk another government shutdown, again nine federal agencies, all those employees that would be affected, two things right focal point. >> didn't look good over weekend really never been wracking i i don't think -- as talking about this nobody wants this to happen doesn't look like -- >> shelby saying 50-50 chance somebody said what are chances -- that is -- >> 24 whole idea dem say look in order to get border wall money you need to commit to lowering the number of beds, in the detension centers that ice operates, that was a new element, this had not come up before, so throwing this now in 11th hour is something they -- >> have raises two big questions saying essentially what is the number the right number of beds, and what is the purpose of the beds? so it is a new detail but then
8:04 am
there is kind of two prongs even within that one detail. maria: lindsey graham said president will not sign such a bill. >> i think though that what is happening right now is democrats know if they give in to -- there is something going to come up you are not looking out for humanitarian side they need to do something symbolically to protect why i think putting that in right now, weather or not going to work i don't know, i mean if saying not going to sign it -- is not going to sign. >> it. maria: that is what lg whethering said. >> do you think that lindsey graham said. >> do you think this was plan or focusing on messaging closer to compromise to do something. >> doesn't sound like something all along sourndz like something came up with as a way to satisfy very real need. maria: or in pocket waiting new something they wanted the first tim they brought it up we hadn't heard it before but i don't know if it was -- if the plans, before this weekend. >> i don't know if a good sign or bad sign close to a deal needed something to satisfy, portion of the base that could
8:05 am
be good sign if president refuses to fine -- >> the president has been very clear, right he said we will get a wall one way or the other, we will get a wall everything we have not heard so much over this particular weekending about possibility of use emergency measure there are ways for trump agency to be able to claim money right maybe not all maybe not total but there are. maria: there is some money certainly half a billion dollars, from -- from confiscated drug money i guess one congressmen we spoke with said other money in other agencies talk about that we are in shutdown showdown watch president trump will hold a rally in el paso, texas as threat of that government shutdown lumz law enforcement struggling to find a compromise on border funding ahead of friday deadline to keep government open on sunday is on i spoke with south carolina senator lg whethering ohio congressman tim riabout an this fight over border
8:06 am
money. >> i am wondering what her answer is when people say look you've got a milwaukee your own state you have said walls are immoral, then why do you have a wall separating san diego from tijuana, why wasn't one of your first priorities to tear that wall down. >> aoc's world the ice agents are the problem, not the illegal immigrants, reducing bed spaces -- makes no sense if you believe violence is a problem coming across the border and this idea that we don't need a wall because it is immoral -- most americans are not going to go there. >> to me it is about securing the border in most appropriate and efficient way. i don't think the border wall is immoral i just think it doesn't make a lot of sense. >> joining me tennessee congressman house o former security committee member dr. mark green thanks so much for being here. >> thanks, maria thanks for having me on the show. >> can you give us whatever you know from the committee, in terms of where we are right now, with board talks?
8:07 am
>> yeah, it is pretty much stalled because of new demands from democrats -- obviously, we need the border security they are not the interested in border security they want open border there is anothcurve wall. >> they are saying want president to commit to decline in none of beds at ice did hetension centers. >> it is clear their agenda is no wall they do a not want what they don't want a win for the president this is 2020 politics, and they don't want a win for the president, they are going to keep disrupting they want to force the president's hand on national emergency because they think they can tie that up in the courts. it is all about 2020. they don't care about protecting americans, our people. that that is clear! maria: they say that they do, they say that they want border security but they want it in different ways, they want it through technology, and drones, et cetera. but the president has said, by the way, they said that didn't
8:08 am
-- vote for kate's law didn't vote for endings sanctuary cities not voting for a wall obviously, the president keeps saying this wall will be built he is expecting 115 miles built over short-term period where else can he get money can you talk to us about the agencies where money might exist, that the president can use? >> the sure, this is -- the issue with those of us who for example on i am a veteran served in military dod has money out there, that is committed for contracts but contracts have not been signed yet, so those dollars are -- are available for him to take and use for you know, border wall protection. >> how much money are we talking about how much money is available to him. >> i have heard varying figures -- as high as 500 million dollars, not a lot of money but it is there. and that is certainly a resource for him. >> that is about the amount confiscated drug money if you patch money topping.
8:09 am
>> "el chapo" bill that is a great here is 14 billion dollars she'sed from this guy we can use this on border the reason not makes no sense. . >> i am curious, in -- if this -- democrats proposing off the table right now saying there is no way we're gonna reduce number of beds we want the wall are there any concessions anything that they are willing to that either side that inside -- seem to be willing to budge on? >> i think the president has shown multiple, multiple attempts to negotiate. and every time they come up with another reason not to agree, or some other fact or you know, it is ridiculous, i think they are just stalling. i mean really i am not sure they are very interested in making a deal. maria: yeah i mean i worn if th weapon if this hurts in 2020 election people see through it i mentioned there is a wall in nancy pelosi's state how many people are not pushing her on
8:10 am
that the fact we know that that wall has actually worked. . >> yeah, it is not immoral for me to lock my house, and protect my family. maria: yeah. >> it is not immoral, americans know this so i think they are miscalculated. >> let me ask you about outrage in congress this weekend are freshman minnesota congressman ilan omar under fire for accusing a lobbying group of bribing members of congress to sport israel, she claimed in a tweet american israel public affairs committee pays american politicians to be pro i'd say her claim hasdrawn counterterrorism from both sides they wills ae clinton got involved make micki haley spoke out against her as well she taunted kevin mccarthy i guess because he has been supportive of israel, about what is your take? >> well, again, i went to the middle east as special operator, i know that israel is a stablelizing force only democracy in the middle east, it is ridiculous to suggest
8:11 am
that we are taking bribes to support imz it is ridiculous bigoted statement i agree with chairwoman cheney we need to kick her off of foreign affairs she doesn't need to be on that committee. >> so will that happen? i mean, isn't that -- up to nancy pelosi? >> sure of course. . but we can certainly petition her. >> let me say that there is also anti-semitism anti-americanism in joirn sois tell me our ambassador has gotten death threat notice they sent a letter to the embassy there is worry about this increasing anti-semitism anti-americanism, in p germany. not just in u.s. in terms of anti-semitism have things gotten worse on that front. >> you know i am watching the democrat party in america. that shocks me. when you have these kinds of comments, and they are not
8:12 am
speaking up for years that has been a problem, louis farrakhan calls jewish people rats no one on democrat side wants to speak against that it is really bad and sad. >> congressman mitch roschelle, to build on that point ifs shoe on other foot sort of insensitive comment had been made by republican i think there would be more outrage on the other side why is that that there isn't more outrage right now on monday, after a comment was made over the weekend? >> i don't understands, i mean i really can't answer your question, and you are absolutely right. if we heard that on our side, we would shut that down. >> you also have, by the way, ralph northam in virginia refusing to go a lot of -- colleagues saying we want you you out are they aggressive enough in terms of pushing him out if on republican side would be media 24-7 would be
8:13 am
protesters. >> absolutely. it is really -- it just shows the insensitivity of the democratic party statements that he made before all the news broke, about the black face and stuff like that, about -- delivering a baby, and making a choice i mean, it is horrific, the democrats partied is defining he says and i think a lot of americans are saying wait a minute this is crazy. >> that was horrific good to see you this morning thanks sinks in thanks for having me on. >> dr. mark green joining us morgan stanley making a deal spends nearly a billion dollars to capitalize on the next generation of investors we will tell you about that, then the grammys political last night stars targeting president trump's calls for a border wall joy turned heads with build the wall gown on red carpet back in a moment with that. ♪ ♪ obvious.
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8:17 am
maria: welcome back british theresa may to update lawmakers on negotiations for britain to leave european union cheryl casone with details. cheryl: yeah theresa may said british prime minister is going to make a statement tomorrow, to the parliament to win cleansing to deal struggling to save the deal she agreed on with on the part offu last year, after it was overwhelmingly rejected by british lawmakers britain scheduled at this point to leave eu on march 29th. well morgan stanley has infuriated millionaires, candidates on capital employees start-up companies get as part of compensation. workers tend to become millionaires if companies go public, 900-million-dollar deal morgan stanley's biggest since financial crisis. >> well biggest star of music
8:18 am
took stage 61st annual grammy awards many saying a political tuna sink kamila used performance to hold papers build bridges notwalls, sirening joy villa a different statement arrived at red carpet in a build the wall gown there is the back, also carried a make america great again. ricky rebel showed true colors wearing a patriotic suit turned jokt inside out to reveal red, white, blue did he sign with words keep america great trump and also said 2020 former first lady michelle obama made an appearance last night taking a break from her book tour. >> from the motown records i wore on south side to who run the world song fueled me
8:19 am
through this last weekend music has always helped me tell my story,music helps us share ourselves. >> all of it matters, every story within every voice, every note within every song. is that right ladies? yes! yes, it is. >> you heard it crowd went wild for her. all right, you can say actually wards current singer took memo biggest award album of the year for golden hour, dolly parton bringing down the house in a powerhouse tributed of greatest hits. >> ♪ ♪ you would think that i would be -- >> katy perry onstage by the way, talking to singer joy villa on the show tomorrow. >> supposed to come today.
8:20 am
>> red-eye thing, she will be here tomorrow. >> reaction to that first of all, she is a brave woman go out there do that. >> she is. >> i cannot imagine, she has a high threshold for conflict she must have really high for conflict. >> owns it, good luck for doing it i also have to state dolly parton beyond the talent, she is amazing she is so spunkytude inspiring, so much energy, pleasure to bottom line right pleasure to watch pleasure to listen to still performing, just -- amazing. >> above 70. >> yeah still wearing this -- >> look at them. >> not slowing down whatsoever. >> phenomenal. >> i think the awards show overly alisha keyes.
8:21 am
>> usual loo very political show for the most part about music. >> markets up this morning a short break when we come back could be pivotal week for markets the events happening just this week alone we will tell you all about it then could beinga cola unveils new flavor right here. ♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest.
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8:24 am
>> markets kicking off the week strong note dow industrials at highs of the morning up 115 points, investors have a lot to watch this week the s&p up 10 nasdaq up 38 look at all the issues, on the docket you've got earnings all week cisco, trade factuals in beijing economic data uk vote retail sales consumer sentiment friday deadline for the apparent government shutdown if a deal
8:25 am
on border funding is not agreed upon joining us head of global research chief investment strategist catherine good to see you thanks for joining us would the markets be unnerved if we see another government should youed let's start there then your take on china talks as well. >> right, right. certainly if we have a second government shutdown that is prolonged in nature like a minilike last time would be a negative for the markets because government spending is still a quarter of gdp important part of the component of gdp so it is if we were to a get a second government shutdown that totals two months in duration, then it would start to affect not only 1q but 2q growth. >> new round of trade talks mnuchin lighthizer going to beijing, is the market expecting that the u.s. and china will come to an agreement by march 1? >> it is more and more consensus that something will be reached, at least as
8:26 am
deirdre mentioned some sort of framework if we get that i do think markets move higher my concerns has been my what i have been contending past several months since we saw panic of 2018, is that trade war would diminish with with regards to differentness we will get something, with china and the u.s., to agree to some form of -- of trade accord if case markets moving higher there were two things that moved the markets lower last year fed scare trade war getting you know getting the more conciliatory talk on both i think markets are going to like that. >> do you think -- sorry. >> go ahead. >> do you think to be anything any deal gets done on trade war do they have to address intellectual property theft issues. >> that is a biggest issue two
8:27 am
or three daibecades complaining in bill clinton days it theft critical difficult conversations to be had i would say a few things one joint ventures between. s and chinese companies in china, it is really on the table, not something that we're looking for, having, opening up the markets, already hood concessions from china, with regard to car imports opening quota we think tariffs on car imports to china so that is all that is all good, i think a lot of concessions have been put on the table by chinese, to indicate to us, willingness to come to some terms. and i do think that we will get advancement, something. >> 2 one thing that is interesting all the -- the news stories going to break this week, maria led segment with kinds of headlines we have seen moving throughout all last year, market moves upwards fed is thing that you are recognized the it around, right now, because of the fed,
8:28 am
we've got tremendous momentum markets above 200-day moving average does it taking somebodying major to turn this around looks like markets charngdz forward even though a tremendous amount of uncertainty out there. >> yeah, a great point let's face it a month ago we are not the talking about in anymore but a month ago, i remember i got out all time by media by clients -- what is your probability of recession, so u.s., exacerbated this -- bad combination of fears on fed, of trade war and then we were talking about recession no one is talking about recession or any what i have been trying to convey to clients is not on precipice of recession recession not near-term amazon being overzountd once traded fears diminished once markets beyond the fed beyond trade looking at economic fundamentals we talked about
8:29 am
about earnings, earnings are up double digits, year-over-year, so earnings are already beating expectations. so once we look back on economic fundamentals do i think markets go higher holding my to 2950 by year-end s&p 500 as actively recommending to my clients go long emerging markets and s&p 500. maria: sounds like you are floouth money to work you are expecting a stronger market this year thank you. we will weep watching the president tweeting want to get that out said democrats do not want us to detain or send back criminal aliens this is a brand-new demand, crazy. and president refers having to the demand that democrats want decline in number of beds at he ice detention atmosphercente way to agree to new money for the border wall protecting america heartland farmer feeling pinch of u.s.-china tariff fight i speak with two farmers and how it feathed
8:30 am
theirs businesses next up a brult winter storm slams midwest shutting down power roads flights everything you need to know after this. ♪ ♪ . >> free ♪ ♪ yeah, i am free ♪ ♪ free ♪ free falling ♪ a week, right? yeah! that's right. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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maria: welcome back.
8:34 am
good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 11 top stories right now 8:33 a.m. east coast with, markets are higher this morning, we are at highs of the morning, right here, with dow industrials up 104 points almost a half percent s&p 500 up a third of one percent the nasdaq 33 points higher almost one half of a percent investors have a lot to watch this week everything from earnings, to the trade talks, happening this week in beijing, to the deadline in termentz terms of potential government shutdown officials beginning fresh round of negotiations for the china-u.s trade talks in beijing a look this morning as how u.s. farmers have been affected wall street watching upcoming shutdown deadline talks stalled over weekend lawmakers of until friday to reach compromise on border wall funding president just tweeted lasted demand a new one demand talking about this morning the dems want a limit to the number of beds in ice
8:35 am
detention centers in europe this morning gains across the board important for uk, vote as well, to leave the european union. ft 100 up 51 points three inquiries of one percent cac quarante in paris up better than 1% dax in germany up 99 points n about % higher there as well asian markets higher overnight the markets in china back open after the lunar holiday although japan closed for a holiday, shanghai composite came back roaring up 1 1/3% you had chinese economic data there will be more data out of china this week. >> tax time on the horizoning, irs with first report, on refunds tax season the average tax refund is down we will tell you how much. lower it will be then you are expecting. and this is it coca-cola debuts newest flavor in more than a decade wait till you hear what it is those stories coming up monday morning first top story this half an hour, president trump, will hold a rally in texas tonight,amid
8:36 am
another shutdown threat, u.s.-china trade talks happening in beijing blake burman at the white house right now with a big roundup blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well shaping up crucial week in trade discussions deputy level team in beijing teeing up talks for end of the week thursday and friday involving top trade representative robert lighthizer treasury secretary steve mnuchin senior administration officials as well from trump administration their counterparts from china, they will be, in beijing on thursday and fray, those talks build off two days of discussions from earlier this month culminating with oval office meeting between china vice premier and tournament trump timing key u.s. says march 1 deadline to strike a deal is firm there was president's top economist earlier this morning. >> -- [-- >> first you know march 1 real deadline second pleased factuals continue that they are moving forward. the juniors working on not
8:37 am
guilty -- working on surgeon general to present we put ip theft forctransfer a very much looking forward to what senior people come up with this week. reporter: as of this moment president trump is not scheduled to have a face-to-face meeting with president xi of china before this march 1 deadline though kellyanne conway said minutes ago it is certainly possible that president trump and president xi could meet after the deadline, at mar-a-lago one official told me that it is also entirely possible, that the president speak via telephone before this you march deadline, lots of possibilities in the air as 7, is it as or so null march deadline. >> issues on table not enough for china to just buy more soybeans because you've got the serious issue of i.sp theft, forced transfer a technology espionage, because you know, for weeks we have
8:38 am
been talking for the last year i have been talking about the -- the then head of intel devin nunez on house side explained bit by bit what china has been doing most recently telling african american countries look we will handle your kel telecom you infrastructure did that with poland we will build your telecom infrastructure actually a way for these countries to get the telecom infrastructure, of course, chinese to spy and listen in. >> i can tell you that tomorrow, coming up on capitol hill maria senate small business committee is going to be releasing a report detailing chinese espionage and coercion fot folks on hill certainly taking this seriously as well. >> so president wants probably, as much information out for american people to see in terms of what china has been doing over the last several decades, blake thank you blake burman we are waiting for that nice form america heartland in distress tough times getting tougherer for rural america amid president trump trade issues with other kinds you according to "the wall street journal"
8:39 am
this morning foreigners filing for bankruptcy highest level in a decade journal showing farm debt approaching record highs joining us natural corn growers association chairman, kevin good to have you on the program thanks so much for being here. >> good morning good to be on with you. >> assess the situation for the us kevin, what is the plight right now for farmers when you look at all of what is going on whether it be commodity prices rising or tariffs in place how would you assess the markets for your owe product? on the phone: well, certainly, you know, i -- corn for the most part i live in north dakota. and the tariffs from china affected soybean today landlocked all soybeans have to go to west coast usually most to china this is this is really irked he farmers in our area quite badly in soybean market there is a lot of things that administration can
8:40 am
do, i know we have tough times here. we are in 6th year down markets, usda said it is going to be the lowest net farm income in a long time, this is the lowest that commodity prices have been since 2002 we have work to do we have a lot of debt we have a lot of banksors that are nervous about lending money for have to coming crop we have to work on that, being there are some -- no cost programs administration can help with, we have our livestock producers oldest best consumers we need a good livestock strier we have trade we can export meat export -- >> how much issue have tariffs been kitchen. >> -- kevin. >> an issue we have market facilitation program in soybeans, you know thankfully
8:41 am
the administration saw that it had an affect on soybean market, and helped us out with the market facilitation program, we are a little disappointed in the corn part that have program the corn industry only got a penny we did a study with university of illinois, showing that in same time period, from early last spring until july that there was 44 cent decrease in the price of corn we shared that with usda and office of management and budget but we know the administration is -- is trying to help. we know that china is a bad actor and there are things that have to be done, but national corn growers we believe tariffs are bad policy would like free trade we can't say enough about the u.s.-mexico canada agreement we like to see that ratified. sooner rather than later, mexico is number one export
8:42 am
market for u.s. corn i am in if cartagena columbia working with u.s. grains council columbia free trade agreement has become our fourth largest. >> a lot of democrats say they are not going to sign usmca until there are changes made you are urging them sign ratify this nafta 2.0 as soon as possible given importance of mexico. >> absolutely mexico and canada both both markets for us we have our ethanol made in corn canada number one export market for that ethanol like i said mexico number one export market for corn we know that you know we have -- gone from -- to exporting nearly nothing to mexico, to now number one export market so we are certainly encouraging everybody in congress, to take a look at the usmca take a look at what agriculture has done, in the benefits of our
8:43 am
export market to those two countries and -- cooler heads prevail let's get that signed. >> great point i am glad you brought it up good to see you we will watching developments thanks so much. >> appreciate having us on. maria: we appreciate you joining us, this could be a big issue lee carter dem are saying we are not going to ratify usmca, this is an really important trade deal if we don't get a deal done with mexico and canada, then what does that say about other deals we could get done. >> could be a really big problem democrats biggest risk going into flex in 2020 seen as object struck shun it's not get obstructionists, if they do this a big problem for them. >> better get onboard. >> -- if we can't get along with neighbors, i mean. >> what does should a that say about europe asia. >> not on trump administration he made deal in good faith
8:44 am
couldn't get legislative branch -- >> the dems. >> one hundred percent. >> taking a break when we come back tax filing arrived americans bracing for a smaller refund this year, stuart varney weighs in on that, then a new twist on classic coke, coca-cola unveiled new flavor for the first time in a decade we will tell you what it is next. ♪ o baby, o baby, now that i have found you baby, to love you ♪ know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ]
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8:48 am
the year tax season in swing irs reporting refunds are down this year, joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney, what do you have to say about that hey stu. >> what do you mean by that maria? we got official numbers from irs released late last week, the average refund is down to 1800 dollars from over 2000 dollars, so down about 8%. 12.4% tax returns received by the irs. that is a big decline. look the bottom line here is that a lot of people who got big tax refund last year don't get a big tax rubbed theturned 4.6 million people get nothing this year we could talk about how this is result of attention reform and salt, got it more important point if money is not flowing out from
8:49 am
the treasury this year isn't that less of a stimulus for if economy? every year around april 15 tax season, we get new, used to money surging into the economy this year not. i have to believe that makes something of a difference to gdp. one of the unintended consequences of tax tax reform i guesss what do you think. >> other thing i think people want to get sticker -- are getting sticker shot april 15 comes up they see like especially those people in high tax states they see their payments are going to be a lot higher than they thought that they will pull in all this -- mitch was saying talking points on left that the tax savings from tax legislation went to the rich, what do you say? >> higher taxes. >> if you are a one percenter you are in new jersey, new york connecticut illinois california, odds are very
8:50 am
strong that you don't get a tax -- your taxes go up, that is a big deal, a lot of those people in those states. >> a good pointed a big deal for the economy i know you have a lot more in 10 minutes see the you then "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stuart and fantastic panel this morning a new twist on a classic coca-cola unveils a aberrant new flavor first time in a decade we will tell you what it is right after this. ♪ ♪ be happy ♪ ♪ people tell me all the time i have the craziest job, the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee.
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maria: welcome back coca-cola shaking out lineup for the first time in a decade susan will he on the floor of new york stock exchange looking at that barriered markets going to be higher the open. >> that is right good morning
8:54 am
to you maria i don't know how you feel about this orange vanilla coke coming our way first yes new 234r5i6r, in u.s. by coca-cola in a decade, so coke and orange vanilla, zero sugar for those that care for calories in canada last summer now going full-throttle in u.s. also made available at u.s. wendy's fountain version coca-cola pretty good year, year to update up 14% past 52 weeks, back to you. >> thanks so much we are looking at open up about 00 points wild weather alert a brutal winter storm slam midwest shutting downpour roads flights everything you need to know where that storm heads next. next up. with today's expenses... while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay? i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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>> welcome back well get ready another powerful winter storm is taking aim another eastern two-thirds of the country cheryl is cheryl with all of the details now. cheryl give it to us. >> here we go that storm set to deliver snow and ice to the midwest and northeast through wednesday after a bringing heavy snow to the west over the weekend. and there was another storm that's actually going to be hitting the pacific northwest. so prepare for that. and a former facebook executive says the company's culture isn't too different from the politics. >> i was born to rule seven kingdoms. and i will. >> so if you don't watch "game
8:59 am
of thrones" is known for back stabbing characters that play sinister political games against each other former security officer alice says that top leaders refuse to admit when they make mistakes they're concerned or more over staying in position of power also left facebook last year and now is talking. all right over to it you. >> well it really does sound familiar doesn't it? lee carter? [laughter] former employees going to say it is terrible. right? who is there now? >> identify never seen "game of thrones" so i can't comment never seen a single episode. >> i love saying things on the air of showing i haven't seen and all of a sudden my phone blows up saying what's wrong with you you've never seen it. earnings economic data cross-examination p pirks china talks what's most important -- government shutdown. p minus five a lot to follow for the government. >> china story is biggest story of the woke and if it looks like progress is made on some sort of
9:00 am
a deal that will keep the market steady. >> i think it is the biggest story of our time. the china story. i really do. >> no question. deirdre great to have you here. mitch lee great to have you both cease that day "varney & company" begins right now. stuart take it away. >> i'm speeding it good morning maria to you. good morning everybody 2019 a good year for the market and we're start the new week and fine form look at this. a modest pullback stayed above 25,000 we will be up what 100 points in early going today now the white house says that working on a trump xi meeting does a report about mar-a-lago summit next month profits up a strong 18% from a year ago that helps stocks too. we're up about 9500 points at the opening bell. hate to say it. but we're back to speculating whether there will be a government shutdown at the end this have week. the panel discussing a border security compromise is reportedly deadlocked.


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