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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 11, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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a deal that will keep the market steady. >> i think it is the biggest story of our time. the china story. i really do. >> no question. deirdre great to have you here. mitch lee great to have you both cease that day "varney & company" begins right now. stuart take it away. >> i'm speeding it good morning maria to you. good morning everybody 2019 a good year for the market and we're start the new week and fine form look at this. a modest pullback stayed above 25,000 we will be up what 100 points in early going today now the white house says that working on a trump xi meeting does a report about mar-a-lago summit next month profits up a strong 18% from a year ago that helps stocks too. we're up about 9500 points at the opening bell. hate to say it. but we're back to speculating whether there will be a government shutdown at the end this have week. the panel discussing a border security compromise is reportedly deadlocked. but the president is going down
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to el paso, texas, tonight where e had will hold a rally and surely lay out his case that the nation paces a border crisis. voters may be unhappy with government shutdowns but investors really don't seem to care. here's a real shock per the ors says that the average tax reare fund check is down 8% so far this year. and the irs says over 4 million people who got a refund this year don't get a refund this year another 4 million will for the first time pay more. that's why the tax exodus out of high tax states is now accelerating. varney and company is about to begin. >> those with power it's not working for the people. what i want to see us do is make big structural change.
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i want to see us deal with the corruption i want to see us get some more power back not just in the economy. but in washington and to get that vote -- we need outlaw citizens united and return power to the people. >> when you're president you bring our people together. that's what a president is supposed to do. but in an unprecedented way, that is not what this president is doing, in fact, he is trying to divide us up. >> am i the only one who notices anger in socialism? senator warren entered the presidential race saturday with a ringing bash the rich speech. delivered with real venom it is something we've gotten used to from senator sangd percent seems to me that angry left now dominates politics. do they ever smile with real aafection? more on this, coming up on this program today. but first -- [laughter]
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lost it. the stuff -- look at that number -- the average tax refund from the irs down 8.4% okay that's the first week this have year's filing early days i got that. that compares to last year at the same pured that is irs data down 8 about.4% getting less back. joining us now market watcher dennis welcome to the show this monday morning. you guys will almost anybody on the show won't you? [laughter] yeah. exactly that's not true. people are getting smaller refunds, 4.6 million people who got a refund last year get no refund this year . 4 million people actually pay more april the 15th. i have got to believe that that affects the economy. no stimulus what do you ?ai >> not a question i wrote about this a month and a half ago because of the tax cut, people did not withhold proper amounts from their weekly and semiweekly
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monthly paychecks that after the turn of the year, they were going to be somewhat surprised by the fact that they're saves account people think of their tax refund as saving account is less than they have hoped for so the hope for sales of washing machines over refrigerators of that sort of thing, high durable goods orders are impacted this we shouldn't be surprised by this fact and i think it was absolutely to the fact that economy might not be quite as strong as people hoped that the amount of taxes paid were not nearly as high so this is a little disturbing i wouldn't call it materially so. but it is a little bit disturbing and i think it is exemplary of what happened after a tax cut goes into effect and you didn't withhold proper amount. >> this possibility it just raised as a possibility of a trump xi jinping meeting maybe next month. is that giving you something to be optimistic about on the market this morning? >> no question. i mean that is the overriding fundamental concern is a -- is a reestablishing of ill trade
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tboarkses between us i'm a little disturbed to send mr. lighthizers as far as the debate that's going on in beijing but the i hope that xi and president trump do actually have some sort of meeting maybe by telephone maybe actually physically. who knows but that is certainly a benefit because no -- nothing will be decided until the principles sit down at the table to have a telephone conversation you can sending to do all they want but you have to have the principles to make the decision and that's important. >> i editorialize last week that this china pus trade trump xi jinping -- is the biggest issue of the day. whether had it is diplomacy, foreign policy and certainly economics and trade. is it the overriding issue which just has to be settinged or we can't move forward? >> i couldn't agree more. i think it trumps even concerns over federal reserve bank this
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is the -- it is beyond the ultimate concern for the market to be -- to deal with and we need to make sure that the united states and china now are are to -- two largest trading partners in the world resolve these questions china has made terrible mistakes in the past. they have clearly made they clearly have cheated on a number of issues they have to stand down from that. so let us hope some resolution will cur but as a i said until principles agree to -- to sign something off nothing can happen. but it is absolutely the ultimate trade concern the ultimate economic concern at the time. no question. >>st that's why i think there will be a deal because catastrophe. >> it is not in either country's best interest to have this to fail no question about that. >> dennis thank you for being with us early on a monday morning appreciate it. see you soon. >> thanks for having e me on >> take a look back at futures still up about 100 points at opening bell and solid gain for the nays dak as well. big tech --
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as i see there, the nasdaq is going to be up about half a point that's why, big tech universally higher this morning. facebook, amazon apple alphabet microsoft all on upside no huge gains but all of them are up. let get to the battle over the border wall. also breaking down, but budget director mick mulvaney says president will get the money. roll that tape. >> the president is going to build the wall you saw what the vice president said there that's our attitude to take as much money as you can give us and then we'll go off to find money someplace else and secure that southern barrier but there will get built with or without congress. >> brad is with us former deputy assistant to bush 43 mick mulvaney said it might be 5 billion and come down somewhere in the middle and he'll get the money he needs someplace else that's accept to believe you? >> absolutely, and president has
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had always said this is going to be a pay as you go operation. remember, to secure our total borders about a 25 billion dollar operation, between a physical barrier technical security, humanitarian aid and manpower. so if i were advising the president i said mr. president,let do it, announce the first deal because if we with can't make deal legislatively we've got to do it then with emergency power to the president. let's use that power judiciously let's did a money pay as you go and go back to revisit this once that money has been absorbed. >> president goes to el paso tonight and barn storming for the wall with and border security will be topic one, the only topic or the major topic of the speech tonight. i -- but there's this counterrally o'rourke rally and march nearby do you think that's going to put the president off his stride or change the debate in any way? >> not at all. the fact is that president is the president. he's the bully pulpit the
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president speech will be covered more widely than any flies response. so i -- it i'm sure that the president is speech will be widedly viewed, and i believe that president like the "state of the union" is going to put common sense solutions to complex problems. prveg >> now i read in the media we must shot shove the government down again and must be terrible am i way out of line if i say i don't care most people care that much about closing the government down again. what do you say? >> average american doesn't feel it but politically it is tajing my opinion because we have the largest most lengthy shutdown in history, it will never happen again perhaps the president -- put a marker down that this has become a third rail unfail. it is not right to put public employees as bargaining chips. i don't believe we'll ever have another shutdown under president trump, he doesn't think it is right. it isn't right. and we're going to go back to a regular rule of order when we can. >> so he'll go --
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any compromise tbreement any kind of agreement say yeah, okay and then get the money that he needs someplace else as mick mulvaney said thus avoiding a shutdown that's what's going to happen? >> i believe that's what's going to happen the president will give them until friday that being the congress. so come up with a bipartisan compromise if that's not possible. the president will use his emergency powers i think he'll do a judicially the right way and when had time comes to expand our border security. >> brad as always thanks again we'll see you again soon. thanks. >> all right monday morning, of course, it will open the market in 19 and a half minutes time. we will be up this monday morning. nice gain for nasdaq with hundred points up for the dow. ibm they've got a big event called project debater. for the first time ever, a human will debate a machine. in front of hundreds of people, live -- ibm says this is a big milestone for their ai technology to tell us all about it, later this hour.
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fortnite now that's a block buster video game getting competition from electronic arts. ae released a new battle royale and it is actually called legend 10 million sign up after it was launched don't tell me that video games aingt huge. back to politics, advisory cortez tells fox news economic security to those unwilling to work wasn't in her plan. he's walking that back now. it was in the plan. you'll hear all about it, after this.
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like i said at the to of the hour democrat like senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are fired up when they're talking about socialism. joining us now is joshua with -- he's the author of very interesting book heaven on earth the rise fall and afterlife of socialism. great title for a book, sir. so -- they seem to me senators warren and sanders and others the socialist they appear to be always so angry. why is that? >> i don't know if it is anger so much as a intensity. they are apocalyptic in their view, the life on earth as we it is utterly miss miserable and follow their plan it will be wonderful. they have no sense of the nuance or the fragility or realities of
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human life. >> but they are angry. they are venomous web an they rarely smile. they don't seem to have a sense of humor. where am i going i was brought up with with people like that in socialist england i remember this very well it doesn't end well they're always intensely angered about the status quo which they always want to change. >> well, it may look to you like anger i see it as righteousness their ideas are are god-like that they hold the key to a perfecting human life. and that makes them so impatience with with anyone that doubtses their plans. >> the rollout of congressman cortez is green new deal to me look like amateur hour. roll tape hold on roll tape. >> why would we ever pay people who are, quote, unwilling to work?
9:17 am
we would i think you're referring to document that some i think some doctors document that had somebody everyone us has been circulating. that i think came right from her in the background from her office is my unctioning. >> no, no she's tweeted it out to laugh at it if you look at her latest tweets apparently republicans put it out there. not so -- not so. not so. it was in the plan. helping people unwilling to work. look like amateur hour to me -- >> well, it did. they apparently sat down and said well if we have our dream world of the pure socialism which will make everything perfect, what would we include in it and they just went down the list that we no longer automobile or airplane and a even would have plenty of income, and don't you find it extraordinary that experience politicians should sign on to something like that green new
9:18 am
deal? >> well, it is extraordinary but i think it's just straw in the wind that the momentum in the democratic party is moving so far and so fast to the left that they're in a sense competing with each other to leapfrog further and further and that trex. >> did you see a socialist being elected as president of the united states? >> well, it would surprise me a lot but i have to admit i surprise me a lot when donald trump got elected president. so -- who knows. [laughter] okay. look thanks for joining us then we will see you again soon to comment on this drift to the left to the democratic party thanks joshua take a look at futures. we're still going to be up nicely at the opening bell. not quite 100 points perhaps. but 80 odd points. and a nice gain for the nasdaq too we have the latest on the jeff bezos very us national inn quirer, the brother of bezos girlfriend telling fox news that he did not leap compromising
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texs so who did is national inquire one and only judge napolitano on that one, next. so, the whole world is talking about ai. big, bold promises like... it'll find life on mars! but here's the thing. you don't live on mars. (beep) you build wind turbines. supply car parts to thousands of cities. answer millions of customer calls a year. like this one: no, i didn't order this. it's terrifying. and that's why you work with watson. hello. it knows your industry, protects your insights,
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the democrats are so self-righteous and angry loosen up to have some fun -- country is doing well. yeah, exactly he's right are. he's right. i think he's of the show. thank you mr. president. to jeff bezos national inquire drama photos leaked now feds are investigating. the brother of bezos's girlfriend says he is not the source of the leak. all rise judge napolitano is here. if it wasn't the brother who police vehicled who did? tell us what you think. >> don't know who did did but hs essence what have he claimses that he was admonished by the people we will publish more photos of you. now that is an a act of blackmail because it is it an east to prevent hill from doing what he has a right to do by the threat of exposing him a true vote. >> okay. okay where does the media think the leak came from? >> the white house.
9:24 am
stuart: a national security agency? >> yes. because of the close relationship between david pecker and donald trump. look i have seen -- studied this all weekend. but i've seen no evidence of this. but that is the the implication in the media that if jeff bezos continues his investigation that's where it will lead now there's two issues here. one, is was this blackmail? if it happened as yes, i have says it, it clearlies was blackmail not tex torsion. blackmail. two, this is troublesome for ami because they signed a agreement in the michael cohen case. they must be as pure as caesar wife in three years otherwise the agreement not to prosecute them is no longer in place. if they're prosecuted for being part of a michael cohen conspiracy bad news for the president. >> caesar's wife okay let's not get into that. more on amazon where are you. you're there. more on amazon company is having second thoughts about second headquarters in new york city
9:25 am
aoc tweeting about it evening edit. every day people come together to effectively organize against creeping overreach of one of the world biggest corporations? yes they can. stewart her beef is 2.8 billion over two years in tax breaks from the state and city amazon is paying out watch this, 3.75 billion dollars in annual average total salaries on top of building investing 2.5 billion. so you know, that's a math you know she's sheering job loss and economic growth. >> unqualified for office because she is putting her ideology over the desperate needs of her constituents. she is the member of congress in the district, and she is cheering the loss of 25,000 jobs they should remove her from the ballot for >> salary not in competition of 150k a year. that's 3.75 billion annual salary, every year from amazon. >> we don't want that. that's terrible.
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okay we closed out last friday with a dow jones industrial average let me check 25,100 that's about what, 7,000 points above where it was on the day that donald trump was elected president. i call that progress where are we going this morning up not to you but up here we bo we started trading. this is monday morning. february the -- 12th so yeah 11th i'm sorry. there you go. always the accurate stu always now in early going we're up 68 point for dow industrials 73 points going up 75 here we go that's one-third of one percent. we are up 78 points as we go. how about the s&p 500? also on upside that's a quarter percent higher. and the nasdaq composite i think there's a nice gain coming there. yes there is up about .4% we'll take it nasdaq is up because beg tech has opened this monday morning with nice gains thank you very much. see it please look at that. apple is at 170 amazon 1600
9:31 am
again. facebook 167. alphabet 1106 microsoft 106 dollars share. they're all up. jeff seeing per, scott martin, even edit elizabeth macdonald windchill longer name these days and ashley webster. still going to shorten the name with us today. okay, scott, does this threat of another government shutdown by the end of the week i don't think the market cares a hoot for another shutdown what say you? >> i don't think that market cares two hoots to be honest with you. deadlines are just a suggestion as we've learned in government stuart. most reactly the border wall discussions, so look, i think the market is nicely in a better psychological state to move past the government shutdown itself because earnings have been very good and economy is not falling completely offtrack and we have other things to look forward to this year that i think are going to push us past another shutdown if it does occur which i don't think the government can afford one more but if they do i don't
9:32 am
think it will bother the market. >> wait a second "new york times" msnbc saying recession because of the government shutdown you know what i wonder stuart i wongd doer they sell their stock when when they put t headlines? >> i don't think so. other big issue is china trade talks which are ongoing this week. the big deal here is whether or not it is going to be a meeting between trump and xi jinping. s there's some talk about a meeting next month at mar-a-lago, florida. jeff, this is the big news, look here's my opinion. as soon as you get news that there is going to be a meeting the market goes up. because if you have a summit, you don't walk away with with object disagreement. >> but there's a flip side to that coin. [laughter] >> here we go. it is there. go on. here's what it is. if they do not address the theft of intellectual property for the first 30 -- last 30 year, no matter what resolution they potentially come
9:33 am
up with, it is going to come short. so yes, there will be a little bump but i don't think investors should be paying attention to a little bump. they should be paying to the likelihood that this may not work out like people want. >> here's what the president can do get a deal and say you keep doing that and stealing our intellectual property we're going to sanction you and sanction companies that do -- >> enforcement. enforcement comes later after the stuff if there's a summit opinion but the decline is march the first. that can be changed. that could be changed but if they don't change the deadline that tariffs com into effect. they don't to change the deadline say forget the extra tariffs all could happen. >> you know what is striking about this is president is trying to get a deal. right no other president really has moved aggressively as this president to do it. >> a good teal. china to get a good deal. no other president has got this far. none -- we with "don't ask, don't don'ta
9:34 am
good deal enforcement seeing if a lot of things that are laid out if china can adhere to them because they haven't for 30 years it is going to take years to figure out if this will be a good deal. >> we're in a trust but verified mode we're trust them with the -- if there's a deal, and then we'll make sure it's verified it is reagan, with trust but verify. quit smiling. [laughter] yes. tesla now a model three but are they having trouble services them and does market care evidently not. what you got? >> pumping them out but getting them service if something goes wrong is a nightmare in in cases also taken weeks even months and tesla doesn't have a nationwide network of dealership and service centers but 85 a sprinkled around country they now it is going to boost their mobile service centers but bottom line is those people who buy tesla say tesla once you
9:35 am
buy, they're not as interested in you anymore they're more interested in person who could buy the next car . >> market doesn't care if the market -- the stock up 7 bucks -- for tesla as long as you can sell them you make your -- money. who had cares if that is service things down the road. >> correct. smiling -- all right we are -- five minutes minute the tradingn we're up 72 point 25,181 is where we are. price of oil, no relevance to the stock market this morning. actually down a buck at 51, with and the price of gasoline holding real steady around 227 that is your national average. next case, about tax refunds, the average refund from the irs dropped 8.4% in the week of the filing season compared to last year. jeff, let's see if you're on the right phage this time around that means, less stimulus for the economy am i right? >> it ises. yes but i think it means less and keep in mind the government
9:36 am
being shut, meant that there were less filings so that will kick up and we will get -- anymore doubt in your mind that 1 percenters i'm not going to include you in this group but one percenters who live in new jersey, new york, with connecticut are, illinois, california, will pay much more in tax and we'll get no refund at all. >> yeah. that's the problem with the tax cuts the fact that we have with a lot of our tax cuts void bid what's happened. >> you know what problem is sorry when democrats say tax the rich they hate it when it come into play and they start is complaining. liz lives in chicago illinois am i right or am i right and am i right not so much surplus because of lower refunds? >> last time i checked i do unfortunately in tax bill coming up says same thing stuart where you don't have help from the government when it comes to less taxes. so you're right. you know, i get what the point is about government being shutdown but i'll tell you tax receipts at the treasury department last couple of years
9:37 am
at record high that money is not going to consumers but to the government. >> now it becomeses seeger opposed to jeff -- >> bezos. >> no first name. [laughter] >> that's how much we love you, jeff. >> wall street journal -- [laughter] wall street journal reports makers of household like diapers, clorox cat food cat litter that kind of stuff they're going to raise prices again or getting ready to raise prices. it occurs to me that for the first time in many, many years -- these consumer product companies have pricing power. they can raise prices. they haven't been able to do that for a long time and those are my point of view. >> amazon and wal-mart are keeping prices down so they do this at their own peril. if amazon and wal-mart so aggressive amazon has been pointed out in federal reserve releases as keeping inflation down. because of keeping prices down. so -- interestingly -- >> this world the clorox colgate
9:38 am
et cetera, et cetera they have pricing power. so they have the ability to pricing fee but if they test loyalty people will change to cheaper brand. >> look i'm right on this. [laughter] that's it. right. yes mr. varney. [laughter] >> that's pretty good. >> new survey, i don't know who put it out but look, it is cord cutter we shonners like to buy everything from amazon that includes prescription drugs recreational marijuana even. we want to buy it from amazon. scott, this is because amazon executes they're real good at delivering all kinds of stuff that people very quicklies that's had why we want to buy everything from them. >> they're dependentable reliable, of course, stuart you're talking about a guy who buys gum on amazon so no problem buying anything else on amazon you're right. you know when you go on amazon use the app or go on desktop it is easy. it takes two seconds to buy
9:39 am
something, and also recommends things that you may want to tell you thingses that other people bought if they bought that item too easy to pass up. >> put survey out amazon i don't know who put it out. i'm kidding produce arer tell me please. >> okay. so for once, mr. seeger as in jeffrey you and i agree amazon executes i think it is horrifying that people are buying recreational marijuana from amazon but yes amazon executes i think -- i don't think it is a good idea because i don't think it should be that easy to get. >> yeah. now he tells me. okay. would you invest in a marijuana company? qow put money -- >> i would invest in a company that does medical marijuana not in a company that does recreational marijuana. >> henry is fourth part one cattle on a hair. [laughter]
9:40 am
all right moving on. netflix part one. dow on the head that means splitting you know -- splitting hairs. a point he's okay with medical marijuana but certainly not with recreational marijuana and certainly with amazon delivery. what are you -- where are you coming from seeger? >> i'm shakespearean. the producer insist netflix password sharing cost the company 2.3 billion dollars last year. not for me but i don't have a netflix account but what about had the -- >> use someone else's hulu amazon prime, are they going to crack down? >> losing a lot of money. >> you can use my netflix account but really what they should do -- [laughter] put you on my account. but -- what they should do is they should do what apple and spotify do and have a family plan and not alienate their customers by try aring to crack down. a crack down would alienate their customers. not a good idea to netflix.
9:41 am
>> jeff seeger the voice -- thank you mr. seegerer scott thank you very much indeed gentlemen one and all. check the big board we've lost much of the rally that we started day with but we're up 30 points for the dow industrials. the the nybd that would be new york police department taking on the way navigation app they say app helping drunk drivers avoid police check points. ways says the app actually makes driving safer. people see a speed trap they slow down. doing their job. we're talking it a member of the nypd about that in our next hour pep and also coming up next ibm showing off their latest artificial intelligence technology called project debater. tonight, a machine debates an oxford educated human in front of a live audience. ibm will tell us how this debate will actually work. ibm, next. each day our planet awakens with signs of opportunity.
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but with opportunity comes risk. and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances.
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modest gab for dow in early going 60 point higher, 25,100 is where are we are and then we have morgan stanley paying 900 million dollars for a company that manages employee stock plans. suzanne lee at the big board suzanne explain what's going on and why they're doing it. ivelg okay so it is a large acquisition for morgan stanley and the company they acquired so capitol why you ask well capital manages buyback the stock portion of generous corporate pay packages, and not just for anybody. these are young millennials, at the startup these young tech companies like stroip and instacar that could be future,
9:45 am
millionairess or even billionaires and all nicely into morgan stanley wealth management arms which currently manages over 2 trillion in assets under management also the access for morgan stanley to younger clientele they don't necessarily have a relationship with financial officials like ms but morgan stanley getting more inquisitive after profits and business stabilize as gfc in 2008 and stock is up some 4% this year. so you can say it is more like incubation for future millionaires for morgan stanley back to you. >> incubation for millionaires i like it i'll take it. suzanne thank you very much indeed. two big stories on big tech technology generally. today president trump signs executive order creating american ai initiative. that's to a guy art a official intelligent developer here in america. also today ibm robot would debate a human. joinings now gill the director of ibm had research and he's going to make me understand what
9:46 am
this is all about so okay you have the robot -- and you've got a human oxford educated human, and they're going to debate an issue, an issue well -- did they know does the robot know what the issue is in advance? >> no, he doesn't. project debater knows that, of course, he's part of a context of a debate so you know, that sets -- but it does not know the issue. he knows he needs to debate something but not topic himself so neither does contest tabts. >> how will robots establish its position on this issue or unless you taught it something? >> so the system has been created so that it can engage in deacts and let me qawn if i what it does is giving a motion that is going to be debated. the system has to automatically generate a four-minute opening speech. then the human debater delivers their four minute opening speech. the system has to be listening
9:47 am
then for those four minutes, and generate a four-minute rebuttal automatically. then the the human debate her deliver their four minute rebuttal and then two minutes clarts. now -- with the system yeah. >> so, the robots -- i call it a robot but lack of a better word. robot listens to the human, learns from the human, and then puts out pits own line of thought in response to the human. now that, that's a genuine improvement in artificial intelligence it seems to me. >> yeah it's a big milestone to interact with the system. we're more accuss toll a smart speaker where we issue a simple command and we get simple response. here, to be able to listen for four minutes of continuous speech, and be able to general rebuttal it is a much more sophisticated difficult problem. but it is a pain in the neck isn't it if i have a robot that's arguing with me.
9:48 am
[laughter] >> well you can select when to argue the end purpose. >> can i select and say i want an argument. no i want a agreement, i want sympathy. yeah. >> be nice to me. i can do all of that? [laughter] yeah. well knowing this system but i think as we create systems that can engage with us and understand us better, in the end what we're pursuing behind scenes in all of this is to be able to make progress in human language, understanding. and be able a to get enough confidence in this system that eventually l when we want to make really important decision they can collaborate with us and they can give us arguments what we could do and then we can make a decision. >> so it's not going to be a winner or loser at the debate tonight it is simply a demonstration that a human and a robot can interact and debate intelligently it is a demonstration of that that you're after. >> that's right. we will as audience who was more persuasive you know, who was
9:49 am
more convincing on it. but you've got exactly right our intengt. our intent unlike all of the previous demonstrations that, you know, the feel and we have done in ai in term of game and winning and losing, this spirit that he's alluded to is much more at the core can we have dialogue and in the end more enriched because we've had intelligent debate? fascinating. look thanks very much for joining us i'm sure we'll follow up and see how this thing went but i find it absolutely fascinating thank you, sir thanks to ibm too i appreciate it. check the dow 30 lots of green and dow industrials themselves are up 30 points not that much movement early this monday morning. now, lawmakers have until what friday to make a deal to keep the government open? clock is ticking, of course. question -- can they make a deal to void a shutdown and secure the border? can they do it? do we care if the government is shutdown it? [laughter] more varney in a moment. e my in,
9:50 am
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well, 17 points on the could dow industrials 13 points for nasdaq a go nowhere day with a slight bias to the japan side to the battle of the border wall talk well at a stalemate on this compromise. but budget director mick mulvaney says president will get
9:54 am
the money he wants. joining us now is congressman dan republican congressman from pennsylvania. mike mulvaney is a citying that two billion with a wall he wants five billion, with they'll get somewhere in the middle an president will will go get the money from someplace else and we'll keep government open and they'll get his wall do you see it happening like that? >> well, if that's the way this goes, that's the way this goes, we, obviously, need border security i think most of americans understand that. unfortunately the congressional democrats are not only not negotiating in good faith they're not governing in good faith. we are at an impasse in this conference and it is just not right. they're now brought out of nowhere a brand new issue it shall saying that we have to limit the number of dedane knees but limiting number of beds what they're really doing is defund i.c.e. this is a game in american people need to understand what is happening here. and it's -- just wrong, bad business.
9:55 am
>> you're right. they've come up with this late 12th hour demand that i.c.e. cut number of illegal grants detained in i.c.e. facility. border patrol says that will mean at least 30,000 illegals many with criminal records, the worst the ones that have had some violent passes will have to be let go. >> how does that make any sense? >> that means president will keep to his hardline and possibly win this one politically. what say you? >> i absolutely believe so. i think our president is or very determined. i do know he's got the people on his side. my office is getting calls 100 to one, telling the president asking him to stay firm for us to stay firm. this is just a lot of common sense here. and i think it leads the american people to believe that the congressional democrats really don't want border security at all stuart. that's all you can conclude
9:56 am
here. >> the president goes to el paso, texas to talk about the border wall and border security tonight and we'll be following him congressman very much for joining us sir. see you again soon. >> good to be with you now numbers are in from the irs oh, not good. the average tax reare fund down from last year. millions of people might end up owing the the government money. my take on that, next. phone rin] [ client ] - hey maya. hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do.
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. .
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10:00 am
stuart: the numbers come in from the irs. preliminary, they're not pretty. the average tax refund this year so far is down 8% from last year. that works out to about $170 less for the people who got any refund at all. hold on a second. it gets worse. the irs expects 4.6 million fewer people will get money back this year. and four million people will pay more. lower refunds, fewer refunds, millions pay more. if you watched this program you know why. tax reform did away with some tax deductions. we've got that. that moves on. now what happens? number one the economy does not get the stimulus it got attacks time last year, when all the big refunds went out a year ago, the economy got a bounce. it will not get much of a bounce this year. number two, the economies of florida, texas, tennessee,
10:01 am
nevada, other low-taxed states, they are going to get a boost. the way it works out is, a million dollar a year person in those states does get a big refund. the stimulus stays in those states. but in new jersey, new york, california, and others, the stimulus goes away. low-taxed states win big. three, politics. wherever state taxes are high, president trump becomes even less popular than he is now. the folks in new jersey blame him for their tax trouble. eventually, they may figure out that it is their hone state's fault but they are so mired in contempt for this president it may take a while. the number four, the tax exodus will accelerate. come april 15th millions of people do the tax calculation, and conclude it is not worth sticking around to be financially abused. when they realize say, living in say, new jersey, costs them of tens of thousands of extra dollars, the moving vans will do
10:02 am
a roaring business. five, will the democrats war on wealth be popular with wealthy people? remember, the coastal elites, they're in love with democrats. they always vote left. will that continue? socialism isn't quite so much fun when it is your ox that is being gored over and over and over again. let's wrap this up, refunds down, high-taxed states hurting, the tax exodus accelerating. at some point reason will prevail. you can't keep bashing success. don't expect successful people just to stay put. they won't. they'll move. the second hour of "varney" and can is about to begin. ♪ stuart: holding on to a very modest gain, 20 points up for the dow industrials. 25,130. big tech names have been doing well so far this morning.
10:03 am
they're still doing well. we have facebook retreating a little bit. apple is retreating a little bit. there is not that much movement in big tech this morning. look at twitter. vanguard, the mutual fund company has taken a 9.6% stake in twitter. strangely that is not moving the market at all. it is down half a percentage point. nvidia, chipmaker, previous high-flyer, bernstein from a buy to market perform, whatever that means. the stock is down 2% on that. get back to my editorial on this year's tax refunds. scott shellady joins us now. i say lower refunds mean less stimulus for the economy. what say you? >> well, yeah for those folks think the government can save better than they can, i get angry when there is refund. that means money should have been mine all year long anyway.
10:04 am
so if the government needs to be the person that saves money for you, yeah, right. you missed one thing in the editorial, it was a great editorial. irv two weeks your paycheck was higher last year. republicans need to get the message out a lot more. you will not just have lower refund, lower paychecks. you will have higher paychecks. flip side you made more money last year, you don't get as big of a refund. stuart: you're right. i am remiss. i should have put that in the editorial. you do take my point, scott. if you're a 1%er, you're a new jersey, new york, connecticut, illinois, california you don't get a tax refund this year. you get a tax bill. this is monumental proportions. much less of a stimulus for the economy than we normally get april 15th. >> the bump is gone, that is absolutely the case. states if i not mentioned
10:05 am
they're all run by democrats. you can only look at yourself for your own problems. those states have got such high tax rates. they have mismanaged their books for so long. illinois is one of them. 60 or 70ers years. that is not the president's fault that the deductions went away, hurt high-taxed states. they didn't take care of themselves. everything is coming home to roost. they have to look at themselves in the mirror. you have to plame the president. stuart: dead right on that one. i think the u.s. china trade talks are the most important issue facing diplomacy, the economy and the global economy. i think it is that important. so if there were to be announcement of a trump xi xinping meeting, i think that would be really good for the markets. i think the market would go great up because you don't have a summit meeting, walk away from it, both sides being angry doing nothing, right? >> i agree, yes, you're right. the market needs to have something like that.
10:06 am
i can tell you the guys behind me, i can tell you there is lot of agricultural guys behind here, there is loss of income in ag. is with the chinese issue f we get rid of the black cloudy yes i think the market would love that that is the only thing that has been a big problem of late. we got rid of the fed. he came out real dovish. we want him to turn into a keystone cop if we still get the great numbers, but that aside, china is huge, that is the next big thing, if we get that done, market will like it. stuart: pure speculation on my part. i think there will be a meeting, i think there will be announcement of a deal. are you with me? >> i am. this has gone on long enough. both sides will have to get e give up a little bit, that is called negotiating. nancy and chuck, take a lesson but at end. dare we'll have something to cheer about. stuart: scott shellady, see you soon. >> see ya.
10:07 am
stuart: elizabeth warren officially kicked off her campaign this weekend. we got tape. roll it. >> here is what bothers me, by the time we get to 2020, donald trump may not even be president? [cheers and applause] and in fact, he may not even be a free person. any change is hard but big structural change, big structural change, that takes on directly, money and power, is the hardest thing of all. stuart: just seems so angry to me. james pindel, he is a political reporter with "the boston globe" which i always thought was a elizabeth warren supporter but there you go. what kind of chance do you think senator warren has to capture the democrat nomination? >> well, first, you haven't read "the boston globe" recently. stuart: that's true. >> running editorials telling her not to run for president this time. for her to solve her native-american issues.
10:08 am
we were very much for her, editorial page was, not me, to run last time. that is part of what is going on here. many people believed she may have missed her moment? can she be the nominee? she is absolutely in the mix in the toppish tier, but it is very undefined as to, who democrats are looking for right now. stuart: will she exert much influence over the run for the democrats, run for the presidency? >> well, sure. i mean, she did last month when she started setting the terms of the debate among democrats. when she came out with her wealth tax, for example. it was a topic that lasted week 1/2. reminded howard schultz, he responded to it, and michael bloomberg needed to respond to it. we discussed that briefly but at the same time i do think probably the most important voice in the democratic primary will be someone like barack obama and someone like alexandria ocasio-cortez, who may be, defined the debate what it means to be progressive on the left.
10:09 am
stuart: senator klobuchar announced this weekend. i think she actually announced in the middle after snowstorm. i see her talking about climate change. somebody give her a, cover up, please. ashley: umbrella. stuart: she is one of i don't know how many democrats have announced that they're running, or there are still more to come. this is very, very crowded field. is that good for republicans? >> well it could be. i mean most people inside these democratic campaigns firmly believe that while we have a lot of people running, by the time we get to the fall we may have about a dozen which is obviously a larger field than normal, but you know, clearly look at donald trump in the white house now. he had 17 opponents. so obviously large field doesn't stop that party from winning the white house but democrats right now do not have a unified message. they're trying to figure that out. for their party it probably a good thing. the party has been defined by the clintons for an entire
10:10 am
generation. they're waking up with the reality they don't have them around. who are they standing for? that is what they will figure out next year. stuart: james, i will start reading "the boston globe" to see which side you're really on. james, appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: big hour for you this monday. venezuela's disputed president maduro still blocking trucks full of food and medicine coming into his country. juan guaido begging him to stop. our next guest says this could actually be the tipping point for this very stressed nation. who released the texts between the billionaire base dose and lauren sanchez? he spoke with lauren's brother. i want to know what he told our howie kurtz. that will be later this hour. president trump heads to el paso making the case for the wall. i will talk to two lawmakers, arizona congressman andy biggs,
10:11 am
louisiana senator bill cassidy. what does the president need to do to move the needle on border security? this is the second hour of "varney & company." ♪ what do you look for when you trade? i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪
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stuart: down slightly. 13 points lower for the dow. 8 points now.
10:15 am
calling it break even, go nowhere, monday morning stock market. price of oil this morning is $51 a barrel. it is down about a buck. the price of gasoline, national average, $2.27 per gallon. ashley: down a bit. stuart: down a bit but the level for a month. i will pay it, i don't mind. 2.27. president trump holds a big rally in el paso, texas, tonight. basically he is barn storming for the border wall. joining us from arizona a border state, andy biggs joins us now. what do you think the president will do tonight to swing opinion behind a border security provision the way he sees it? >> he will have to keep making the case this is an urgent emergency. the crisis is there. people in el paso see it. they know, they have a border wall. that is reduced crime significantly. he is going to have to talk about those types of issues i think. i think he also has to say, how much he has been willing to
10:16 am
bend. he has moved his position from 25 billion to five and he has moved from a concrete wall to slatted fence. i think he is going to have to make that case that the democrats are just no longer workable. that he is going to have to take executive action. stuart: in this panel discussion, trying to get a compromise on border security. the democrats are demanding i.c.e., cut number of illegal immigrants detained in ice facilities. i don't know what that means. >> what it means ultimately, you will release people into this country who are criminal, who are known criminals. they're here. we can't detain everybody already. we're already overmatched by number of people who are here. by reducing beds you will put them out into the community. i can't go to the airport without seeing people dispersed throughout the community, throughout the country today. that is what it means to us. stuart: you see that? you go to the airport. >> sure. stuart: you actually see home
10:17 am
have come here illegally in planes, being dispersed around the country? i've seen that? >> i have seen it. i talked to other people who have seen it. i talked to border patrol agents who have seen it themselves. this is not unusual situation. we literally have in phoenix, thousands released into our community the last few months. that is because of we're overmatched. stuart: what impact of beto o'rourke? will hold a counter rally to the president very near by. what is the impact? >> i don't think he will reduce the impact president trump makes on the country. president trump is the big draw. after the state of the union address showed just how, you know, presidential he has become and just, he has grown into this position. people really responded to that. i don't think it will impact president trump's rally and all. stuart: andy bigs, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: now this, electronic arts, look at this, the stock is up, nice and significantly i
10:18 am
believe. why is that? yeah, look at that. a 6% gain. two organizations, two investment companies are saying buy that stock. and i think, ash, they're saying buy it because electronic arts has a new game to compete with "fortnite." ashley: "fortnite" we know has 200 million players. this game, apex legends, got 2 million downloads the first day, hit 10 million players in less than 72 hours in just three days. it is the same model as "fortnite." free to play model. it's a bit different. you pick from eight different characters. "fortnite" you make your own avatar. bottom line this, is a hot, hot game. what they call the battle royale genre. dozens of players launched into a make-believe world. they battle for survival. the game is over in 30 minutes. win or lose. you go on to the battle royale game. it is very addictive.
10:19 am
we didn't think "fortnite" could be overcome, in this world there is another hit title coming down the pike. this one is called apex legends. electronic arts and respawn entertainment are companies to hide it. stuart: 20, 30 years ago, when my hand-eye coordination was perfect. not today. ashley: there you go. stuart: next case, the new york police department going after ways, navigation app, because it alerts users to where police are. ways says it helps the drivers make safer decisions. waze. stay tune to fox business on "the evening edit." she will set the stage for president's rally tonight in el paso. this is a very big night tonight. he is barnstorming for the border wall. her guest will be brian babin, setting the stage for another big rally. >> that's right. stuart: what time? liz: 6:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you so much, sir. stuart: we'll be there. back after this.
10:20 am
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stuart: look at tesla. nice gain today. 4% gain. they have a price target of this thing on $450 a share. very nice upgrade. stock is reacting. more on tesla, the elon musk says the number one priority improves servicing of cars it already sold. kristina partsinevelos joins us with more on all of this. wait a second. they get an up grade. stock goes up very nicely. there is worry about being able to service the cars they have already sold. doesn't seem like much after worry if the stock is going up like this? >> precisely. this problem has been online.
10:24 am
people have been complaining months and months, it takes weeks for the cars to get serviced. the parts are in different locations. elon musk said he will try to improve that situation. they're seeing stock movement for three reasons. the canaccord report is huge up grade, going to $450. they're saying that the electric vehicle penetration is underappreciated by the street, by investors in general. more and more people are going to get electric vehicles. they believe the margins for tesla will improve. speaking of margins -- stuart: hold on a second. to me that is interesting. the penetration of electric vehicles into our system, is, you know estimated by investors. >> because they don't think, they believe that, more and more people are going to start buying vehicles once the price drops. the price is 42. cheapest option, $42,900. elon musk eventually says he wantings to get it to $35,000.
10:25 am
this is something they're working on. they're cutting costs, there is report coming out for reuters laid off 150 people out of 230 people team in las vegas. this plant makes model 3 for canadian and american customers. it begs question, is it to cut costs or the fact that demand may not be there? there is a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the model 3. a lot of analysts are very positive on the company, they believe there is first mover advantage for tesla. they have done very well thus far but they have not fulfilled the promise of $35,000. stuart: as long as i can buy gasoline for $2.25 i will not think much about buying electric car to save money on gas. i will not do that. saving the planet is a different story entirely. >> you're seeing adoption from a lot of people. once it becomes more affordable, it can happen. stuart: not me. >> you're the exception to the rule. stuart: thank you very much. >> very long extension cord to
10:26 am
your house. >> to mine apartment, my tiny apartment. stuart: serious subject here. venezuela's disputed president maduro still blocking supplies from coming into his country. our next guest says that could be the real tipping point for this desperate nation. much more on the jeff bezos blackmail bombshell. fox news's howie kurtz, spoke with michael sanchez, brother of lauren, jeff bezos' reported girlfriend. question, was was the one who gave the texts to "the enquirer"? we'll talk to howie this hour. ♪
10:27 am
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♪ ashley: we can work it out. stuart: that's right. "we can work it out." i thought it was going to be "twist and shout." it is a great song. very positive, upbeat, lively tone to it. >> in front of the border wall discussion. stuart: the big board, we're heading south. we're off 25 points. 25,077 is where we are. restaurant brands, parent company of burger king, same-store sales up 1.7%. they made more money. stock is up nearly 2%. mattel, nicely higher again today. 3% up. hasbro, another toy company, a big loss last friday, hurt by the closure of toys "r" us. a tiny reversal today. they're up 37 cents. not exactly a rebound.
10:31 am
get to the drama between jeff bezos and "the national enquirer." the brother of bezos' girlfriend, lauren sanchez, spoke to howard kurtz off can't a. joining aforementioned aforementioned "mediabuzz." did you ask him if he leaked those texts? you asked him. what did he say? >> i absolutely asked michael sanchez that question because there are leaks coming out of the national "enquirer"'s cam he is under push shun. he was interviewed by jeff bezos' own investigator. he will not dignify that. that is conspiracy theory. he is not going to respond to these leaks. is backing his sister. he is war of words, gaffe ven becker, security consultant to the stars, jeff bezos. sanchez with me on the record, we reported this on media buzz accusing gavin debecker, being a bully, inflaming the situation.
10:32 am
declaring world war iii against "the national enquirer." this ugly story is getting even uglier. stuart: is there a further backstory in which an allegation is made that president trump, who opposes jeff bezos, jeff bezos opposes president trump, he threw national security administration, the nsa, leaked these texts? that is another backstory, isn't it? >> well, there is certainly chatter about that. i don't want to dignify it, i don't think it rises to the level of an allegation. where it comes from, stuart, michael sanchez is a trump supporter. he also has relationships or friendships with people caught up in the mueller inquiry, like carter page, like roger stone. but he has dismissed the notion that his ties with trump, he also has plenty of liberal friends has anything to do with this story. you know, some people think jeff bezos is a hero for standing up to the "enquirer"'s parent company, saying he will
10:33 am
you bow down to blackmail. he has seen the letter the naked selfies could be released unless he stops the investigation into the tactics. people in this camp think that bezos is flaming story. everything that becker advised jeff to do only amplified the magnitude of the scandal, otherwise it might die down. no chance of happening now. stuart: nobody looks good in this. looks like jeff bezos may be a little distracted from running this gigantic company? >> it has got to be something of a distraction because of all the time he has spent on this nobody looks good on this absolutely the truth. you know, you have a tabloid that seems to be threatening somebody on the basis of naked pictures. you have the world's richest man whose marriage is breaking up over extramarital affair he doesn't deny at this point. you have people on his team
10:34 am
sniping at each other what is the proper strategy here. so yeah, i would say, there is no, there is no hero in this story. stuart: we still haven't seen jeff bezos and mackenzie, his wife file for divorce. there has been no filing at this point. >> there has been no filing because it is obviously a important financial story because what happens to all the billions bezos has in amazon. at the same time, in order to preempt "the enquirerer" story, michael sanchez thinks this was a mistake, jeff bezos tweeted they were in the process of getting a divorce to get out ahead of "the enquirer" story. he didn't make any mention what "the enquirerer" to report. stuart: do you know if lauren sanchez remains jeff bezos' girlfriend. >> absolutely. told by michael sanchez. they fell madly in love. they have not seen each other for a month because things are so white hot, not to physically get together but i'm told the relationship is very much
10:35 am
intact. stuart: howie kurtz, right in the middle of it, on top of it. very good. howard, thanks for joining us. >> yes, sir. stuart: let's get to venezuela. ugly situation, the country's disputed president maduro. you see it there. he blocked the colombia-venezuela border, refusing to let vital supplies into venezuela. lindsay singleton. former state department officer. lindsay, you say this could mean the tipping point, the crunch time, because the vital supplies can't get? >> certainly, thanks for having me. we certainly hope it's a tipping point here. not necessarily because the people of venezuela are not able to get the aid they so desperately need. mostly because the military has to be seeing this, receiving these orders they are not allowed to let in this desperately-needed humanitarian aid. their mission is to protect the venezuelan people. they are proud of their country.
10:36 am
they want to serve their country. so how can they look at the maduro regime and these orders to not allow these vital aid in, yeah, this is the way want to go? stuart: can't go on for much longer. venezuelans are starving. millions have fled. the place has virtually collapsed. you just can't go on and on and on with it. that's why i'm pressing so hard. i want an end point here. >> yeah, well. stuart: we all do of course. >> we all want an end point. we all wanted an end point in syria years ago as well, right? we thought assad is doomed. but he was able to hold on. a lot of that was because of the russian support that he got. the good thing in venezuela, while russia is very interested in what happens in venezuela, they don't have the physical presence in latin america that they had in the middle east and airbase that they had in syria. stuart: okay. so we need one venezuelan general to sort of say i'm out
10:37 am
of here, and it is all over? >> we've had venezuelan generals came out and said that, it is still not over. there are about 2,000 generals in venezuela. stuart: okay. i take that back. >> one won't make a difference. what we want to see is that more and more decide to defect and there have been rumors for year, about lowering morale in the venezuelan military. a lot of that is the because of the cuban presence in the military. in exchange for free oil, cubans have been sending over free doctors an military advisors for years. there has always been a lot of resentment within the venezuelan military because, they are proud to serve their country but they don't want to be serving the cubans, which in essence what they were doing. stuart: sure. thanks for joining us, lindsey. i do appreciate it. i want to stay on top of the story because i think the endgame is in night. >> we hope so. thank you for having me.
10:38 am
stuart: this is a blockbuster story. iphone sales in china down 20% in the last quarter? ashley: year-over-year. apple no longer breaks out its iphone shipments in quarterly results but research firm idc has been digging deep, down 20% in china as you say year-over-year but they also found out that smartphones made by homegrown huawei soared 23%. now, don't forget that tim cook pointed out china is a huge factor in cutting their quarterly sales forecasts but that is very sobering, down 20% year-over-year in china. critical market for them. stuart: yet the stock is, 170, virtually. ashley: no impact. stuart: president trump will head to el paso, texas for a big rally. he will make his case for the border wall. next hour i will talk to lara trump, senior advisor to his 2020 campaign. will the president gets what he wants and how will he get what he wants with his speech
10:39 am
tonight? senator cory booker apoplectic over climate change, claiming the boldness of the new green deal to the effort to die feet the nazis in world war ii. we'll hear what he says. ♪ val, vern... i'm off college and i'm not gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall... imagine the closet space. yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. you hardly ever play catch with the grandkidsalk? or show them how to give a good handshake anymore.
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♪. ashley: market watcher dennis gartman says smaller tax refunds this year will hurt sales of big-ticket items like home appliances. roll tape. >> people did not with hold proper amounts from weekly and semiweekly and monthly paychecks of at turn of the year they will be somewhat surprised by the fact their savings account, too many people think of their tax refund as a savings account is going to be less than they had hoped for. so the hoped for sales of washing machines and refrigerators, that sort of thing, high durable goods orders are probably going to be somewhat impacted. we shouldn't be surprised by this fact. also exemplary the fact the economy might not be as strong as people had hoped. ♪.
10:42 am
10:43 am
stuart: really is a go nowhere monday morning on the stock market thus far but you don't know where it will close. we're down a mere five points. 25,100 is where we are. now this, senator cory booker, democrat, new jersey, getting real fired up about the green new deal. watch this. >> we need to have dreams that other people say are impossible. we need to push the bounds of human potential because that is our history. and when the planet has been
10:44 am
imperiled in the past, who came forward to save earth? from the scourge of nazi and totalitarian regimes. i am angry, angry is constructive emotion. i'm angry the innovations of frein technology are not being led anymore by the united states of america. stuart: that requires a response. who better to respond than louisiana senator, bill cassidy, republican louisiana, on our set in new york today. welcome to the show. >> stuart, thank you for having me. stuart: respond, please. >> i'm angry too. i'm angry the green new deal, taking middle class family, struggling to make ends meet will raise electricity rates. will raise the rates ever company that employees. who may move the factory to china. by the way china uses dirty emission. global greenhouse gas emissions come worse under their plan, while we lose our jobs, our
10:45 am
rates go higher. i'm angry about that i wish he was too. stuart: most people will agree with but why i cannot understand why so many leading democrats signed on to this green new deal with some of the things in it that are really, if i say ridiculous, maybe i'm going overboard, but they are not feasible. why have so many democrats signed on? >> fundamentally they're more concerned about appeasing the radical left than putting together an arrangement that works for middle class family. stuart: you can't win an election going so far out to the left? >> but you can win a primary. all they're concerned about is a primary. they are not concerned about preparing people for good public policy that helps middle america that struggled eight years under obama, doing better under two years of trump. they cannot own that therefore they must go backwards. stuart: let me talk about the border wall if i may. they have this panel, two sides going at it, trying to get a deal here. mick mulvaney told fox business,
10:46 am
two billion or five billion. will give him somewhere in the middle. president will get money someplace else. do you see it that way? >> i see it that way. there are pots of dollars proposed. using asset forfeiture fund, money taken from cartels. they attempt to move out of our country $5 billion a year. five billion has a nice ring to it. take some of the money, add it to that which is appropriated, build that much barrier. not the taxpayer, not mexican government, mexican cartel is paying. there is poetic justice with that. stuart: president goes to el paso, texas, tonight. i think he is barnstorming for the wall. >> he is is. we made a commitment to improving barriers. this commitment funded under obama administration. that barriers work. everyone knows they work. the left knows they work. they don't want to concede the point. stuart: is there a crisis on the border? >> 2,000 people a day. you start wondering what the
10:47 am
problem is. 2,000 people a day of course will bring more people to the border. so i think the president is right to say it has to stop. you can call it a crisis or not. 2,000 people a day coming to our country, melting into the population is certainly something. stuart: do you think most americans really care about a government shutdown? >> oh, i think they do. stuart: they do. >> yeah, they do. stuart: only in the sense they don't like politicians because they're closing down the government. >> i suppose. i fly a lot. when you see a tsa agent 30 days without a paycheck, you have to know it is hurting cash flow of their family, he or she is showing up, makes you feel great about america. i'm great about america. i would like to fulfill the bargain. you're putting jobs in, hours in, we should be paying you. stuart: why are you in new york? surely wasn't just to appear on this program? >> new york is one of the greatest cities in the world. if you hope to represent not just my state of louisiana but the entire country, you go around the country, spend most of your time in the state. you to around the country.
10:48 am
there are things come up here regarding ideas of flood insurance we're using to make flood insurance more affordable for people back home. i came to learn that because i came to new york. stuart: glad you fit us in your schedule. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: thank you, senator. see you soon. now this, the new york police department does not week waze, the navigation app? a lot of people use it but the nypd doesn't like it. they say it lets you get around drunk driving checkpoints. all right, next i'm going to head, i will talk to the head of "blue lives matter" new york city. i'm sure he is on the nypd's side. let's sort this one out. we'll have a debate on this. check the big board. we turned up, not much. five points higher for the dow. 25,100. more "varney" after this. ♪
10:49 am
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in honor of my dad, who was alzheimer's. i decided to make shirts for the walk with custom ink, and they just came out perfect. - [announcer] check out our huge selection of custom apparel for every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at stuart: little change for stocks prices. the dow is down 10 points right there at 25,100. now this. the new york police department is going after google, demanding that its app, waze, i'm sure you know it, remove a feature that allows users to report the location of
10:53 am
police officers. a google spokesperson responded to this, saying safety is a top priority when developing navigation features at google. we believe informing about upcoming speed traps allows them to be more careful and make safer decisions when they're on the road. joining us now, joe imparice, say it for me. >> impartice. stuart: president and founder of "blue lives matter" of new york city. welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. stuart: google says this allows drivers to know speed traps are coming, slow down, be more safe. what is your counterargument. >> take away the dwis, the what? >> distincting while intoxicated. what about individuals transporting drugs and guns? what about individuals wanted for murder, robbery, rape, stole a car. see the app, deter themselves go a different way. they could have possibly been stopped, taken off the street
10:54 am
and taken to jail but instead they're alerted. stuart: okay. >> new york city, near and dear in my heart. individual from baltimore looks at girlfriend. take as waze app, first officer he sees, opens fire and kills them. what about individuals, sit around in your car, drive around five minutes, icon, anyone a little deterred, take out a police officer, see officer on side of the road, take him out as well. no the just about the drunk driving, it is about the safety of officers. stuart: you don't want any, you don't want any police presence noted on an app? you don't want bad guys or anybody else to know that there is a police officer around the corner or a speed trap around the corner or a roadblock around the corner, you don't want that? >> shouldn't be. every single day front page of the paper, or news, another officer killed around the united states. this gives another reason for officers to watch their back. stuart: do you think there is war on police. >> absolutely. they are worried every day about
10:55 am
coming home to their job. a mailman, might leave my door, kiss my son and not come home. stuart: is there any evidence that the attacks on the police have been used waze as a means of finding police. >> there was rumor in 2014 that gentleman did use the waze app, got off the subway station, he was looking. definitely was. look into it deeper, very simple, tip off bad guys, why do it? why cost officer their life. stuart: what will outcome be? google says we're keeping police notification. you say get rid of it. what is the out come. >> i hope people thinking about, that open their mind. didn't think about speed traps, drinking and driving. maybe they do support our police. we don't want to give a reason to go out there and hurt them. stuart: you can't make waze drop the police location? >> we can't do that at this time. we can hope. we can work together to try to fix it. stuart: joe. thank you very much for joining us. it's a good debate.
10:56 am
>> i agree. stuart: ideas that i've not been aware of. thank you, joe. >> appreciate it. stuart: president trump goes to el paso, texas, tonight for a rally. i believe he is barnstorming for the border wall. lara trump joins us next hour. i say the president will get his wall eventually. my take coming up this top of the hour. ♪ every curve, every innovation, levery feeling, a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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11:00 am
stuart: tonight, president trump heads to el paso, texas. he will rally for the wall right there at the border. reading the tea leaves, i think the president gets the kind of border security he wants, a wall, a fence, backed up with technology and more personnel. he's going to get that border under control. mick mulvaney told fox this weekend that if congress doesn't give him the money he needs, he will get the money from some place else, and there's always a declaration of a state of emergency to be held in reserve. tonight, the president will lay out the crisis. he will emphasize that it is indeed a crisis. 200,000 illegal border crossings in a couple of months, asylum seekers walking away from court appearances and just melting into america, more caravans coming, five million latin americans reportedly ready to try their luck getting in this year. that's a crisis.
11:01 am
now, beto o'rourke may be thinking about a presidential run. he will hold a rival rally and march of his own tonight. now, that's a challenge. the media continues to carry water for the left. they want open borders. but what about middle america? this is where the president speaks tonight. he will speak directly to voters, unfiltered by media. i haven't seen a script but mr. trump is good at this, pounding the table, laying out his case. it worked for tax reform. politically, he needed that win and for the sake of the country, he needs a win on border security, too. it's been a problem for a generation. tonight, we will see a president determined to be the one who finally gets it fixed. the third hour of "varney & company" on its way. stuart: by the way, with us later this hour, lara trump,
11:02 am
senior adviser to the trump re-election campaign. she's going to give us a full preview of the president's remarks tonight in el paso, texas. coming up this hour. check the big board, we just slipped a little further south but not much. we are down 31 points, 25,074. how about disney? our next guest says they are a force that's going to be reckoned with because they've got all this content. john layfield is with us, fox news contributor. john, disney starts the big new streaming service later this year, i believe, and you think that is going to be a big winner? >> i do, yes. i own disney for that specific reason. they are trading at about a multiple of just under 15 which is just about the market right now. you look at the competitor to streaming, netflix are trading at a forward multiple of 52, over three times that. i don't think any of the streaming is priced into what disney's current stock is right now so i think there is significant upside. most of their profits this past
11:03 am
quarter came from the parks that they have which leads to the strength of the american consumer so that makes a lot of sense. they started up the espn plus app which is a fantastic new sports app, has over a million subscribers. they are very good at streaming. but they are much better at building franchises, like the black panther, like avengers, that they can build billion dollar sub-companies around. i think that's why disney is such a force to be reckoned with. stuart: if it's a force to be reckoned with, they have got to keep bob iger on as ceo because he's got to go through this new streaming service. he's got to be the one in charge of it because he's sgo good, right? >> no doubt about it. what a terrific ceo, maybe best in the world. you look at what he's done, what they have been able to create, because when they create something like the black panther, an old comic but they brought it out, they created a billion dollar franchise around it as far as merchandise, around theme parks, and around the streaming service they will have
11:04 am
of spinoffs from black panther and the mythical country that's the home of its king. that's what he is so good at. they are good at creating things. that's why bob iger, i agree completely, needs to stay on. if he left i would sell the stock. stuart: okay. obviously, you are kind of optimistic about disney. i got that. but what about a china trade deal and a border wall deal? as i understand it, you don't think we are going to get either. if we didn't get either of them, no border wall deal and no china trade deal, that would be a huge negative for the market, wouldn't it? >> i think it's a huge negative. i hope we do get a deal. i'm rooting for a deal. i'm rooting for our president on this. i'm rooting for our country on this. i just think this has become political. what you talked about earlier in your talking points about how the president is barnstorming trying to get political favor up in his court. i think both sides are doing things politically here and they are not doing things in the best interests of the country. they both agree on border security.
11:05 am
it's all over the word "wall" and that's pretty much an argument over semantics. i don't think we get a deal done with border security. i think the president probably declares a national emergency which will be fought in the courts but he will be able to say he did everything he could to get that deal done. stuart: to me, the china trade thing is not about whether we get a good or bad deal, it's whether we get a summit meeting. if you get a summit meeting, hard to walk away from a summit with absolutely no deal and no agreement at all. >> yes. and the market wants any kind of deal. i think both sides right now want any kind of deal. the president wants to be able to declare victory. president xi wants to be able to declare victory. i don't think we will get everything that we asked for. for china to stop stealing intellectual property, they will have to first admit they were stealing intellectual property. they are not going to do that. i think we will get a little bit of window dressing, we will get some ownership stakes in companies in china which will deal with a lot of the intellectual property theft but i don't think we will get this full comprehensive deal to stop
11:06 am
i.p. theft. stuart: you are a sports guy. talk about this new alliance of american football, the new football league. they had their first games this weekend. i'm sure you know this, they beat the nba in the ratings, tv ratings, in some time slots. what's that all about? >> they not only beat the nba, they beat two of the best players in the nba. you had russell westbrook playing for oklahoma city, you had james harden playing for houston, one of the best scorers in the history of the nba, in a marquee matchup. that game drew a 2.0. the alliance as they call this new football federation drew a 2.1 in that time slot. i think america really wants something in this time after the super bowl when you don't have march madness yet and all these college basketball games really don't mean anything. the nba games don't mean anything. they play 82. doesn't mean anything until they get to the playoffs. i think there's a void there that this alliance is filling. i think they are doing a great job of speeding up the game, taking the referees, all the flags and penalties out of it, and making this more of an epl
11:07 am
style game where they partner with mgm, you can sports bet, do your fantasy betting but you speed the game up. stuart: you really know about sports. you really dochlt do. >> i love sports. stuart: thanks so much, john. see you again soon. thank you. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: how about netflix. have you ever shared your password with someone else? ever cheated like that? just to get into netflix without paying? ever done that? >> no. stuart: guess how much netflix loses by this password sharing. read the prompter. >> about $2.3 billion. stuart: you're right. thank you very much. 15% of users admit they do on occasion use someone else's password. i would never do that. tesla news. they're doing well with production of the model 3, but owners are now complaining it takes too long to get those things serviced. musk says tesla is focusing on
11:08 am
streamlining servicing this quarter. the stock is up. by the way, they got an upgrade, too. one investment firm says they will reach $450 a share, up eight bucks right now. how about morgan stanley, paying $900 million for solium capital, a company that manages employee stock plans. a rocky rollout for aoc's green new deal. one of her top advisers tried to walk back claims that economic security to those unwilling to work was in her plan. it was in the plan. what a mess. we're on it. amazon reportedly having second thoughts about putting its hq2 in long island city, new york. coming up, we will talk to a new york state lawmaker who is against that deal. he says amazon should not be rewarded with tax incentives. ouch. before heading to texas for a rally for the wall, president trump will sign an executive
11:09 am
order on artificial intelligence. hps a it's all about boosting ai development in america. this is the third hour just getting rolling. ♪
11:10 am
a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast.
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stuart: ten states currently
11:13 am
have little or no restriction on the sale and use of marijuana. new york and new jersey looking to joining those other ten states. but there's a federal bill, it's been introduced and it's called the legal pot nationwide. it's called the s-420. that's not a coincidence. that's a reference to a nickname for pot. got it? it's one of three new bills introduced by ron wyden aimed at providing a path to comprehensive marijuana reform nationwide, not state by state. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal, her top environmental adviser now admits that a clause promising free money even for those unwilling to work, it was a part of the green new deal, yet denied it on tucker carlson tonight. here's the clip. >> why would we ever pay people who are quote, unwilling to work? >> we never would, right? aoc has never said anything like that.
11:14 am
i think you're referring to some sort of document that i think some doctored document somebody other than us was circulating. >> that was in the backgrounder from her office is my understanding. >> no, no, she actually tweeted it out to laugh at it. if you look at her latest tweets, apparently some republicans have put it out there. stuart: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. he got it completely wrong. it was in the original plan. that was accurate. the lady on your screen is an advisory board member for the trump 2020 campaign. madison, i think that adviser was actually embarrassed that the idea, about the idea of giving free money to people unwilling to work, because just seems ridiculous. i think that's why he tried to claim it wasn't in the original plan. what say you? >> yeah, he should be embarrassed. the idea is absolutely ridiculous. it's not the hard-working principle the united states of america was built on. so many people from all over the world, so many immigrants came to this country to work hard and to live out their american
11:15 am
dream. keyword, work. you can't just be giving money away to people who don't want to work. i think if you look at the very very end of the green new deal, they talk about providing to all americans free -- sorry, doesn't say free but says housing and they talk about giving jobs and not just any jobs, jobs with paid vacations and all these things. it's so unrealistic and ridiculous, even many democrats are snubbing her on this. stuart: but there's a significant number of democrats who have signed on to it. and they are presidential candidates. they are backing this. that's what i can't understand. it's so far out there in never-never land, why on earth would a responsible candidate support it? >> well, i don't think they are responsible candidates supporting things like this. the majority of the people in this country once they start to understand what's actually in the green new deal will not support this. this is not sustainable. it won't work and it won't benefit people in this country. we look at places where they are taking steps towards socialism and places where they did take steps to socialism like venezuela, we see what's happening. we see young children starving in that country.
11:16 am
that's not something we will ever let happen here in the united states of america. i think those presidential candidates on the democratic side who are supporting the green new deal will lose. stuart: i'm sure you saw the report which we reported on this morning, the irs, the average tax refund is 8.4% less than this time last year. you question those numbers. you're not buying those numbers, why? >> you know, i think it's too soon to jump to conclusions. there are a lot of factors at play here. of course, this is only the first week and it's a new tax system. there's a lot of people that will file probably later than in previous years because they are trying to figure everything out. on top of that we are just coming out of a government shutdown and of course, any deductions were eliminated so a lot of things are changing. i ultimately don't think this will be the end result. stuart: hold on a second. i'm not sure i agree with you there. the irs says that 4.6 million people who got a tax refund last year will not get a tax refund this year. and four million people will pay more than they have already paid.
11:17 am
if you are in the 1% and you are in new jersey, new york, connecticut, illinois, california, you've got a big tax bill coming. that's what's happening here. >> well, i think what that's a result of is the difference between high tax and low tax states. we bring attention to the low tax states, the people in those states that are doing so much better and to these very liberal policies and high taxes in states like new jersey and new york that are really hurting the american people that live there. i hope that we can inspire politicians in those states to take those tax rates down because that's what's been needed for a long time. stuart: madison, madison, madison, good luck with that. do you really think the governor of new jersey, the senator, the state legislature, democrats all, you think they are going to cut taxes, really? >> no, i don't think that the current democrats in the state legislatures are going to do it but at the same time i think the people who are getting affected may ultimately vote some of these people out and hopefully vote better people in who will serve their interests. stuart: i think some of these people will move.
11:18 am
because that's the way to escape it. you cross the border into pennsylvania and pay a whopping bit less. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. see you later. thanks. now this. there's another teachers' strike, this time in denver. thousands of teachers walk the picket lines for salary issues. 92,000 denver students are not in school today. let's check stocks. we are down 27 points -- sorry, gold. this is where we check different markets. the price of gold, $1,313 an ounce this morning, down five bucks. the value of a bitcoin is now still at, what is it now, $3,500. doesn't move much these days. ashley: not a lot. stuart: the price of oil this morning, where are we, $51.46, down sharply. that's a 2.5% drop, back to $51. the price of gasoline virtually unchanged for a couple of weeks now. $2.27 is your national average. all right.
11:19 am
politics. senator elizabeth warren formally kicked off her presidential campaign this weekend. it was a bash the rich speech. roll tape. >> those with power, it's not working for the people. what i want to see us do is make big structural change. i want to see us deal with the corruption. i want to see us get some more power back not just in the economy but in washington. stuart: she seemed angry. earlier this morning i said the angry left now seems to dominate politics. roll that tape, too. >> they are venomous and they rarely smile. they don't seem to have a sense of humor. i was brought up with people like that in socialist england. i remember this very well. it doesn't end well. they are always intensely angered about the status quo which they always want to change.
11:20 am
stuart: well, president trump must have been watching because shortly after that, he tweeted this. the democrats are so self-righteous and angry, loosen up and have some fun. the country doing well. yes, we are doing well. you would think we're going to hell in a hand basket but we're not. we are doing really well. more after this. ♪
11:21 am
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11:24 am
stuart: take a look at fitbit. they just rolled out what they say is their cheapest device yet, called the fitbit inspire. there is a bit of a catch here, though. you can't buy it on your own. it's only available through corporate health programs. it will include a touch screen, call and text alerts and a five-day battery life. up 2%. coca-cola has announced its first new flavor for coke in more than a decade, orange vanilla. it hits stores later this month. there you have it. stock's up -- virtually not at all. some quick valentine's day headlines.
11:25 am
a breadstick bouquet for the special day, a romantic wrapping paper for the bouquets with one reading love at first bite. i saw that coming. if you need last-minute dinner reservations, look no further than the waffle house. 200 locations nationwide will welcome customers on the 14th with a special meal. white tablecloths and romantic music. you in? ashley: i'm in. stuart: amazon having second thoughts reportedly about building hq2 in new york city. congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez not happy about that. no, no, sorry, she is happy. liz: she doesn't want it. stuart: she put out this tweet. can everyday people come together and effectively organize against creeping overreach of one of the world's biggest corporations? yes, they can, she says. if i was amazon, i would say okay, we're gone.
11:26 am
ashley: see you later. stuart: check the big board. virtually no change today. stocks are down 11 points on the dow industrials. right. up next, we talk to somebody who says the market is over-confident about a trade deal with china. ♪ ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment.
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stuart: at the risk of sounding like a broken record this monday morning is a go nowhere stock market. again, it may close with a significant loss or gain, i don't know that, but right now we are down a mere 27 points on the dow. how about the s&p 500? we are up a mere one point. the nasdaq composite, that is up or down a mere whatever it is. oh, okay, we'll take it, up 11 points, .16%. more high level trade talks with china set for later this week in beijing and reports that trump may meet with -- sketchy reports, may meet with xi jinping next month at mar-a-lago in florida. christian whiten is with us, former state department guy and adviser for both the trump and bush administrations.
11:31 am
but you, sir, you are not confident about a deal. explain yourself. >> right. i think the market is priced in a deal but it's less likely than meets the eye. what i'm told by people who are either involved in or close to negotiations is that the chinese are offering something but it's not the systemic change that frankly our law requires under section 301 on which tariffs were based and which trump has demanded. so they have offered a package of goodies, lng, grain, things that would temporarily reduce the trade deficit, but are asking us to meet them halfway on things like ip theft and cyberattacks which is very impossible to do and they are also sort of asking that we accept their word on this, when in fact they have broken their word a number of times. stuart: fair point, christian, but i would suggest that any meeting between president trump
11:32 am
and xi jinping means that there is a deal of sorts, and that there could be a lot of verification down the road, but a meeting is unlikely to end in absolute failure, both sides walking away angry. if they agree to a meeting, they won't walk away angry. that is a plus. what do you say? >> i'd say under the rules of a customary presidency, that's true. when you get to a meeting of the leaders, you can't fail. but president trump, to his credit, is willing to walk away from lousy deals, an example being the g7 summit in canada, where it was a wholly unsatisfactory outcome. they thought they could frog march him into an agreement and he said no. you know, i think on one level, president trump, i'm just guessing, really wants to get to a deal to say he made the biggest deal in the world with china. on the other hand, his competitiveness means he can't accept an inferior deal. he can't accept something that he knows in his heart means that china will continue to get away with its cyberattacks, its theft
11:33 am
of ip, its mercantilism. it could go either way. i'm not saying a deal is impossible. i'm just saying the market overestimated its probability. stuart: i think there could be a meeting and that that meeting, you see smiles and handshakes, an agreement for the chinese to buy a couple hundred billion dollars worth of american products, and then an agreement to fix this problem with stolen intellectual property down the road, and president trump will say that's okay, we are going to verify this down the road. meanwhile, handshake, market goes up. that's what i think's going to happen. >> yeah, i just don't think that works. the chinese, for example, promised not to militarize the south china sea and then they did. they promised president obama to stop cyberattacking our companies and our intelligence community can see them still doing that. it's always the question, it's the same with north korea as well, do you take their word and forego sanctions or tariffs or economic punishment and then say we will put this on later if you
11:34 am
don't comply, or do you say we need to see compliance first and then we will forego the tariffs or sanctions, and because these taf tariffs are predicated not on a big trade deficit but section 301, the theft of intellectual property, it's sort of hard to say -- it's not impossible, but hard to say you are buying soybeans so we will give you a pass for now and come back later. it's unclear what will happen. i just think it's more of a coin toss than people think. stuart: will you agree with this, no other president has come anywhere near as close as president trump to fixing the relationship on trade? >> absolutely. it's a fundamental turning point and there's no going back. yes, very important in world history. stuart: christian, thanks for joining us. see you again soon. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: some news about amazon. we brought you this story on friday. "the washington post" reports that amazon may be having second thoughts about their new hq2 in queens, new york. deirdre bolton is there in long
11:35 am
island city with a new york state assemblyman, i think it's ron kim. go through this, the latest on kind of a rejection of amazon. reporter: that is exactly right. there have been protests here in the streets very much against amazon building half of its hq2 here in long island city in queens. so as far as the critics and what they are saying, they are saying amazon's such a big and profitable company that do they really need $8.2 billion worth of support from the city and the state? if you speak to the people who support amazon coming here, they say listen, it's 25,000 jobs for new york and that is certainly worth supporting, so governor cuomo is in that camp, as is the mayor bill de blasio but here's governor cuomo from an event on friday. >> for the state senate to oppose amazon was governmental
11:36 am
malpractice and if they stop amazon from coming to new york, they are going to have the people of new york state to explain it to. reporter: okay. so that is obviously a voice in the pro camp. i am now joined by someone who is clearly in the anti-amazon coming here camp, assemblyman ron kim. thank you so much for the time this morning and for being out here on the river. it's a little crisp. what would make you change your mind, first and foremost, if amazon said okay, we are going to support subsidize additional bus routes as they have in seattle, would that make a difference to you? >> first of all, i wouldn't change my mind about amazon, period. amazon is a company that we shouldn't be supporting at all in terms of subsidies or corporate give-aways. none of that should be going to a mega-monopoly like amazon. reporter: let me ask you why
11:37 am
not. 25,000 jobs would come. we have seen it in other areas, they are normally jobs that attract a highly educated work force, they are normally jobs that would improve businesses, local businesses, local restaurants. >> there is no statistical correlation for corporate incentives and economic growth and jobs. every economist has come out and proved that. governor cuomo and mayor de blasio need to look at wisconsin, where their internal auditors came out and said foxconn in order to get even a dollar return on investment it's going to take another 30 years. all the promises made up front, it never comes to fruition. reporter: with all due respect to wisconsin, and to upstate new york, those are very different kinds of business areas than queens or manhattan or brooklyn. >> i agree with you. which is exactly why amazon should be paying to come to a place like new york, because they were going to come to new york anyway. why are we being shammed and giving money to amazon when they
11:38 am
always wanted the business in a place like new york city? reporter: you wrote an op-ed style piece in the "new york times" and you say the amazon partnership with merchants basically makes the merchants serfs. that seems like dramatic language to me. don't you think that change is coming whether it's amazon or whether it's anybody else, whether it's walmart, whether it's, it doesn't matter, does it? >> we have always been a nation that really embraced open competition and open markets. that's always good for capitalism and our democracy. when we support local merchants, small businesses, and give every break we can possibly find to give these guys instead of a big corporation like amazon, we thrive as a country. we have been going the wrong direction, where the bigger you are, we have been giving away incentives and taxpayer money to. reporter: what if amazon kicked in a little for affordable housing, yes or no? >> amazon shouldn't be subsidizing their growth,
11:39 am
period. we shouldn't be supporting the growth of monopolies in this country, period. reporter: assemblyman, thank you so much for the time. stuart, there you go. strong oppositional voice. back to you. stuart: that was very illuminating. thank you very much indeed. watching all of this, liz, main point to you? liz: he said tax breaks don't attract economic growth. he's standing in a big area where it was built on economic growth from tax breaks. pew has said that, harvard has said that. watch this number. $3.7 billion in annual, annual salaries paid out by amazon for these 25,000 workers who are going to come here. that's a lot of money, more than the tax breaks they were getting. stuart: main point, ash? ashley: this is more of an attack on amazon and its business model calling it a mega-monopoly. he obviously has a beef with them and their business model. shouldn't get financial support, he says, never fulfill their promises. he did mention foxconn in wisconsin. there is some validity to that
11:40 am
but how can you turn away 25,000 jobs. governor cuomo, i don't often say this, he's right. governmental malpractice. stuart: that's true. you don't very often say that. ashley: no. in this case he's right. stuart: i think you're right, too. thank you, one and all. now this. president trump getting ready to head to el paso, texas tonight. he will make his case for the border wall right there. next, lara trump on what we will hear from the president tonight and whether can he convince the country that there really is a crisis at the border? she's on the show shortly. california governor gavin newsom taking aim at the president. he will pull the national troops away from the border with mexico. how about that. we'll be back. ♪
11:41 am
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senator cory booker getting fired up over climate change, comparing the boldness of the green new deal to the effort to defeat the nazis. listen to what his colleague, senator bill cassidy, had to say about his claim. roll tape. >> the green new deal is going to take a middle class family struggling to make ends meet, it will raise their electricity rates, it will raise the rates for that company which employs them which may move their manufacturing to china, which takes that job with them, and by
11:43 am
the way, china uses dirty energy, so global greenhouse gas emissions will become worse under their plan while we lose our jobs and our rates go higher. i'm angry about that. i wish he was, too. our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. might mean a trip back to the doctor's office just for a shot. but why go back there when you can stay home
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11:45 am
gavin newsom making waves, removing the state's, what, 360 national guard troops, taking them away from the border. why? because it's a political stunt. he's doing this one day before he delivers his state of the union address in sacramento tomorrow, and he's going to say that we understand the border emergency is quote, a manufactured crisis. he's going to say this is our answer to the white house. no more division, scene xenopho nativism. he says the national guard troops will be used for other purposes but not a manufactured crisis, quote unquote. ashley: that hurts. stuart: it's california. staying on the border, ladies and gentlemen, president trump is traveling there, to el paso, texas this afternoon, holding a rally tonight. barnstorming for his border wall. look who's here. lara trump, senior adviser for trump's 2020 re-election campaign. welcome back to the program. >> thank you. great to be with you. stuart: can you lay it out for
11:46 am
us, lay out what the president's going to say and will he move the needle on this crisis on the border? >> well, let me first start by saying it was very strategic that we chose from the campaign el paso. el paso has a wall. we actually spoke to many of the residents of el paso over the weekend, the campaign did. these people will tell you they have seen a dramatic decrease in crime, they feel incredibly safe as a community, thanks to the wall. they have actually seen crime fall over the past several years. i think a lot thanks to the wall. it's right across from jaurez, mexico, a high crime area, yet these residents of el paso feel safe. we wanted to point out wall works, as the president always said. herps a gre here's a great example of it. i don't know exactly what he's going to say because who can ever predict donald trump but i think he will lay out a very strong case for the border wall and why he wants congress really to get it together, start representing the people of this country like they were sent to
11:47 am
washington, d.c. to do, and negotiate a great deal here. stuart: what do you make of the governor of california, gavin newsom, withdrawing national guard troops from the border? i think it's 360 of them. they were there, they are going to be pulled away. >> i agree with ashley. this is complete politics. as we have seen the democrats do. how unfortunate for the residents of southern california. if you talk to people, by the way, who live in san diego, they will tell you they have seen such a difference since there have been more people down on the border. they feel much safer. i think it's going to make people feel very unsafe in their communities. i think it's a really crazy and again, just a politically motivated move, but i don't think that's lost on anyone. i think people see why he's doing that. stuart: will you be with the president tonight? >> unfortunately, no. i will stay here with you guys. i could be on "varney & company" today. you're welcome. stuart: most of the front-runners on the democrat side for the presidential race are women. >> yeah. stuart: could be a woman gets
11:48 am
the nomination for the democrats in 2020. what do you make of that? is that a problem for the president? >> no. listen, it's going to be incredibly hard -- stuart: it doesn't poll real well with women. >> but the difference is that this is a president who is delivering results for the people of this country. this country is so much better off after only two years with donald trump as our president. i always say he's doing all the tough work for us at the campaign right now because he really is being such an effective leader. you see not just within this country but across the world, the way this president is changing the game. he will have his second meeting with kim jong-un coming up. he has renegotiated trade deals so that the country is now on a level playing field across the world. people in this country are better off now than they were two years ago. stuart: do they look at policy and results and the prosperity which we enjoy, or do they look at the personality, the identity of the person proposing the policies? >> there will always be some folks who are very oriented to
11:49 am
personality, but i think the vast majority of people in this country vote with their wallets and pocketbooks. when they have a little more money in there, they can do a couple, you know, family vacations a year when they couldn't before. they have a better job or full-time job as opposed to part-time. i think that's what people in this country care about. they care that the future is better for their children, that this country is safe which is why the president is so strong on this border wall. stuart: two and a half years ago, your father-in-law, donald trump then, came down the golden escalator in trump tower and all of a sudden, your life, you have been out of the public eye largely, suddenly you are in the public eye, right in the center of the circus. what is it like? >> well, i was definitely out of the public eye. i grew up in a middle class family in north carolina, very different from any of this. listen, it's certainly been a change but -- stuart: you like it? >> i love knowing that i'm fighting for the future of this country, that i'm fighting alongside my father-in-law. it's challenging at times.
11:50 am
listen, we all wish we could just go out and be left alone and people weren't so nasty sometimes, but it's worth it. the president is doing such a good job. stuart: you can't go out for dinner anywhere just like that, can you? >> we can, and sometimes people get nasty but i will tell you, honestly, the most we hear is such positive stuff from people out there. eric and i go to dinner and people come up and say tell the president keep fighting, we support you guys. even here in new york. it's not all bad. stuart: even here in new york? >> isn't it shocking? i know. it surprises us when it happens, but it happens more often than you think. stuart: we are very glad to hear that. wish you could go down for the speech tonight. we would rather have you on the show with us this morning. >> here i am, as promised. stuart: don't be such a stranger to us. come see us again. >> i will. stuart: we would love to have you on again. thank you so much. the treasury department responding to reports that tax refunds are down 8% this year compared to last year. they got a tweet on it. here it is. news reports on reduction in irs
11:51 am
filings and refunds are misleading. refunds are consistent with 2017 levels and down slightly from 2018 based on a small initial sample from only a few days of data. ashley: we'll see. stuart: i think the writing's on the wall. liz: lower withholding, too. stuart: that's part of it. the post office not losing as much money -- wait a minute. no, they're losing more money. straighten yourself out, stu. losing more money. losses tripled in the last three months. we will tell you exactly how much the postal service is losing after this break. check the big board. again, go nowhere monday. down 33 points. still above 25,000 on the dow. there you go. ♪
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stuart: bad news for the postal service. they are facing a loss of $1.5 billion in the last three months of 2018. okay. total revenue, shipping volume up, but the postal service is still dealing with rising costs. they lost a bill and a half. new task force put together
11:56 am
by chicago's mayor ron emanuel proposes giving 1,000 chicagoans a $1,000 paycheck once a month for 18 months. no questions asked. according to the economic security for illinois, that's the name of the program, the payout is intended for the financially unstable who fall below the poverty line. currently, one in five people in chicago are in poverty. give them free money. more "varney" after this.
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stuart: the most intriguing story of the day that amazon won't bring the money and power to new york city. there is intense opposition to amazon coming. seems they are about to reject $3 billion in salary? >> 3.8 billion in total average salaries paid out in amazon one year, versus 3.2 billion over 10 years. my question is, what is your answer for job growth? how will you do it? make government bigger with higher taxes. >> how will they get the money? tax you and i and everyone else. how mean of amazon to create 25,000 jobs? how shocking. stuart: i would have thought the far left would have hated, would be in favor of amazon moving in because jeff bezos hates donald trump. >> right. that's a good point. >> the construction unions want
12:00 pm
amazon moving in. they want it. stuart: other unions don't because -- >> won't unionize. stuart: i can't believe that. would you turn down that? >> no. stuart: neil cavuto. it's yours. neil: what will happen to those councilmen and women up for a vote and they have hot 25,000 jobs? stuart: could be, neil, their constituents approve of not having amazon. neil: you could be right. you can spite yourself. amazing. we have a lot more coming up on the amazon brouhaha, and what is going on with jeff bezos but the issue that is captivating markets is the believe it or not, prospect of another government shut down even this weekend we were told things were promising. something came apart. don't blame the president. democrats adding something that no one was counting on. that something is the source of


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