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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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asked number one card. 40% said american express. [closing bell rings] liz: i like that. bill smead. s&p and nasdaq eke out a gain to start the week. the dow ending slightly lower. claman countdown "after the bell." melissa: u.s. china trade talks resume in beijing. s&p 500, and nasdaq both fighting for gains into the close. i'm melissa francis. i'm connell mcshane. connell: this is "after the bell" here on a monday. we're waiting for the president who has been meeting with a group of sheriffs from around the country this will be playback from the white house we should get at any moment as we close out the market on wall street. as soon as we get president trump from the white house we'll go to that live. meantime, melissa says, market closes down lower for the day and here is the president. let's listen.
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we'll come back to talk about the markets. connell: all right. not quite yet. looked like we would have the president walking up. we scanned the whole audience he was not one of them. >> he is definitely not one of them. here he is. connell: a group of sheriffses around the country. the president, vice president meeting with them. the comments after them will be interesting given everything going on about the debate about the border wall. >> that's right. he is supposed to be traveling down to el paso, texas. he has a rally tonight where he will be talking about border issues. we suspect as he walks in front of the cameras we may hear something from him on this topic [[inaudible conversations]. >> thank you for being here. >> bakersfield, california.
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we appreciate you. >> good place. >> border sheriff. >> border sheriff you? know about it then. thank you, everybody. connell: there is reference for the border. we'll see if that comes up with the remarks afterwards. >> hi, jim. nice to see you. thank you very much, i'm heading out to el paso, texas right now. and we go going to do a job. we'll continue to do what we're doing. we continue to make a lot of progress, we actually started a big, big push today, in very important location. it is going to go up pretty quickly over the next mine months, that whole area is will be finished, it is fully funded. it is a much better wall, a much stronger wall, a much less expensive wall than we've been building. we'll have a lot of wall being built in the last next period of time. i'm with some of the great law enforcement people. a lot of them are friends of mine. i've known them for a long time. they have been fantastic people.
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fantastic men and women and they know what we're up against. we're up against people that want to allow criminals into our society. you explain that one. most people understand. they want to allow criminals into our society, convicted felons, people of tremendous, like, big problems. i just got this from homeland security. you look at this, thousands of people, dangerous drugs, 76,000 people. then you have traffic offenses, that is not so good but that's, every crime. assault, 63,000 people. larceny. 20,000 people. fraudulent activities, twelve thousand people. burglaries. 12,000 people. these are just a different crime. robberies. these are the people coming into
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our country that we are holding and we don't want in our country. the democrats want them to go into our country. that is why they don't want to give us what we call the beds. much more complicated than beds but we call them the beds. robberies, 5991. sexual assaults, 6350. forgeries, 5158. stolen property, 4462. these are people we're talking about. kidnapping, these are people that kidnap people. the democrats want them to come into our society. i don't think so. anybody here would like to have a lot of kidnappers left in our society? i won't bother waiting for you to raise your hand, right? >> no, sir. >> kidnappings, 2085. homicides, that means murder,
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murders, 2028. i mean it's incredible. sexual offenses, 1739. just came out two minutes ago. homeland security, department of homeland security. maybe we're in a different country, that i know of. and, we're going to el paso. we have a line that is very long, already, you see what is going on. i understand our competitors have got a line too, but tiny little line. they will make it sound like we had more people than we do but that is not going to happen. we're going there for a reason. we're going there to keep our country safe. we don't want murders, drug dealers, gang members, ms-13, some of the worst people in the world coming into our country. now mexico has had the worst
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year they have ever had, almost who thousand killings in mexico this year. one of the most unsafe places, unfortunately. we need a wall. all of the other things are nice to have. but without a wall it is not going to work. we can have technology, we can have beautiful drones flying all over the place. it doesn't work out the wall. we need a wall. we can call it anything. we'll call it barriers. we'll call it whatever they want, but now it turns out, don't they want to give us money for the wall, they don't want to give us the space, detain murders, criminals, drug dealers, human smugglers. how bad is that? human smuggling. people think of that as an ancient art. there are more human smugglers right now, traffickers they call them, than at anytime in the history of our world because of the internet unfortunately. so i'm heading out and, we have
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a tremendous crowd like, tremendous, they have 75,000 people signed up. the arena holds like 8,000 people unfortunately. unlike the old days i was allowed to make outdoor speeches, it was a lot easier, you could have very big crowds, john. we have a tremendous crowd. screens are on the outside of the arena. we'll have a lot of people coming. if you look at your own newscast, you will see people lined up for a long way. a lot of people. sheriff, would you like to say something? >> well, first of all, thank you, mr. president, for standing with law enforcement. >> thank you, sheriff. we're very concerned about the fact that we'll have people being released from prison that should be held. and imagine in any american city, the president certainly gets this, that we would say, we'll put a limit on number of people that commit burglaries or rapes what have you, after you reach that limit we'll release them back in the neighborhood. that is what is happening.
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the president is absolutely right to be standing in defense of this, in defense of the safety and security of people of this nation. we appreciate it, mr. president. it is happening in our communities. >> horrible. horrible. not even thinkable. please, anybody? sheriff, please. >> mr. president, vice president, members of the press, no one understands better than sheriffs in this country what's happening to us with the criminality coming across the border. this is, this is what we do. this is where we're engaged. if you, if you do anything to cut i.c.e. funding you devastate our community. you make law enforcement, one of the biggest problems that we'll have, if you were to, if i.c.e. was to be, their funding cut, our communities will be at risk. this is, this is something that we cannot permit to happen in this country. we understand exactly what these men and women in this country.
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melissa: the president standing with sheriffs from around the country. he was quoting numbers from dhs as the battle goes on between republicans and democrats over border security funding and in the latest salvo, democrats asked to cut beds. he is talking about making comparison that would put people arrested for crimes in the past out in society on the loose. connell: timingwise, the meeting in diplomatic reception room, comes ahead of a presidential trip. a rally in el paso, texas. blake burman at white house for more on this. reporter: for 50 some days, the debate, connell and melissa, is border security. how much money will be earmarked to the president's border wall but that took a sudden shift over the weekend as it appeared congressional negotiations were going well and that stopped when it came to the number of detention beds for illegal immigrants.
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that is what the president in part is talking about right now. to sum up where we are, where the folks are up on capitol hill, democrats want congress to approve funding for 16,500 beds for illegal immigrants who are detained. however the position of the trump administration as we heard from the deputy direct are to have i.c.e. earlier today is they want some 52,000 beds, more than triple the amount. i.c.e. making the case, earlier today, during a conference call that we were on, that slashing the amount of beds or capping the amount of beds would be quote, would be extremely damaging. the deputy direct are to have i.c.e. also saying if they cap the number of beds, that would release criminals being released out on the street, including gang members. part of the discussions now that are taking place in washington, especially up on capitol hill as it relates to how to avert a government shutdown, by this weekend what to do with the number of detention beds.
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as the president was just holding this meeting with sheriffs, that you just see there on the left-hand side of your screen, up on capitol hill the key negotiators for all this met for a meeting to try to figure out some way forward, those negotiators, richard shelby of alabama, republican, kay granger, the democrats patrick leahy and nita low which. going into that meeting, kay granger said prospects of a deal, i'm always optimistic but also realistic. to sort of step back for a second here. going into the weekend it seemed like a deal was potentially on the horizon but this issue of detention beds cropped up. the president holding unannounced meeting with sheriffs here at the white house, a need for more border wall and need for detention beds. the president is set to leave the white house to head down to to el paso, texas, for a rally tonight to continue to tout border funding as we get closer to a deadline of friday at
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midnight to avert a second government shutdown this year. connell, melissa. melissa: connell, thank -- break you. what do you think of the pivot with the democrats talking about number of detention beds and wanting to cut it so dramatically? is that, president said introducing something new in the negotiation in an effort to derail it. what is your take? is that accurate? >> i think it is accurate indeed they introduced a new element into the negotiation. boy, it looks to me, medical list, both sides feel feel they have a winning hand politically with this. they have gotten far apart. blake burman describing that the democrats talking about 16,500 beds. the administration wants 56,000 beds? monetary difference for the wall. donald trump wants 5.7 billion. the democrats i read are back
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down no more than $2 billion. there is the semantic debate over the wall itself. nancy pelosi says, no, never to that. i have to say i think the democrats feel at this point they have the winning hand politically. they're just not going to budge. and they're going to allow the situation to roll right through to midnight friday, another government shut down. it is really how to see we're not heading towards another government shutdown. melissa: when it went to the weekend looked like they were coming closer to together and looked like level heads were going to prevail as two sides got together. democrats thinking they force this issue. so, are they right? do they have a winning hand? like you said, clearly they think they do. is that miscalculation or is that right? >> i think there is something to their calculation. both, the president is clearly trying to protect his base, the people who truly support the wall. i don't think they can become
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anymore intensely in favor of the wall than they already are. voters somewhere in the middle. democrats oppose the wall. the president beliefs, going to el paso, making the speech. he will make the preview, talk more about criminals, rapists and human smugglers, that he can win over some voters in the middle. but he has made the wall his issue. said he would take responsibility for the government shut down. democratic argument, the trump presidency, represents a kind of chaos. i think their calculation is, more independent voters in the middle are going their way disapproving what the president is doing than are going his way. you have to give him credit, melissa, this president is a real gambler. he is pushing all of his chips to the center of the table on this one issue. melissa: but we're coming off the state of the union address if you looked at all the snap polls taken during the address, huge numbers, 3/4 of the
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audience agreed what he laid out on immigration. so i thought that would influence democrats. he has come so far down on number he is talking about. we're not talking about a wall. both sides conceded what we're talking about some type of border barrier with all these other things around it and is it surprising that democrats saw no need to compromise in the face of that? >> the president could be right. he may think he has got more of the public out there on his side. i am just suggesting that the democrats with this new initiative on the bed clearly believe that they have the political advantage. melissa: yeah. >> it is going to be about a week from now after the government, seems to be is going to shut down again, we'll get some indication, which one of those two sides, which is just totally dug in is right about their politics. melissa: dan, thank you. connell: all right, so much more to do this hour. we have a warning from the irs.
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how the new tax law and previous government shut down are hitting this year's tax returns, potential impact on you and your wallet with art laffer, former reagan economic advisor, joining us coming up. melissa: holding facebook accountable. why one of the company's earliest investors is blowing the whistle on the social media giant. roger mcnamee, "zucked" author, sounds off. that is coming up. ♪ the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. still leading the pack. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar.
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"all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. connell: the dow down 53 points, ending the day lower for the fourth consecutive session. the next round of u.s. china trade talks kicked off. robert lighthizer and treasury secretary steve mnuchin are getting several for higher level talks about beijing later on
4:20 pm
this week. edward lawrence live in d.c. with the latest on all that. reporter: connell this, will be a critical week for the trade talks in china. the deputy level talks happen today, to set up primary meetings between u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer and treasury secretary steve mnuchin and chinese vice chairman, vice premier liu he. there is spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry taking a conciliatory tone. we're willing to negotiate with the u.s. for mutual respect and benefit and for a win-win. out of the white house, advisor kellyanne conway also believes we're closer to a deal with china? >> this president wants a deal, wants it to be fair to american workers and american interests. he forged a mutually respectable, respectful i should say relationship with president xi and the trade team
4:21 pm
led by ambassador lighthizer has been working overtime to get this deal done. reporter: u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer saying the march 1st is the hard deadline to raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. there was a op-ed floating to move the talks to may 1st. that was picked up by a number of government newspapers. the u.s. not considering that. both the u.s. and china kicking around the idea where the two presidents should meet. "axios" reported advisors want a meeting at mar-a-lago next month. chinese media, that they want march 26th, through march 29th at the island resort community of hunan. bottom line both sides are sitting down at the table, they are getting tweets in the way. seems like the meetings will happen on thursday and friday. there is optimism. connell: thank thank you, edwar.
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melissa: firing back at jeff bezos. the battle between the world's richest man and "the national enquirer" continues, the latest response from the tabloid. judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst is next on that. divided on amazon's second headquarters. local opposition could impact the tech giant move to new york city. ♪ so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. connell: absolutely not extortion. that is what the attorney representing david pecker, the publisher of the national "enquirer" said, denying jeff bezos bombshell allegations of blackmail. let's take a listen to this. >> absolutely it is not extortion and not blackmail. what happened was, the story was given to to the "national enqui" by a reliable source that had given information to the "national enquirer" for seven
4:26 pm
years prior to this story. it was a source well-known to mr. bezos and miss sanchez. connell: a case for the judge. andrew napolitano is here, fox news senior judicial analyst, host host of the libery file on "fox nation". you heard what the lawyer said. >> that lawyer, he is very highly regarded lawyer. i happen to disagree with him here. he probably knows more about this than i do, a person i know and most people in the legal profession respect. connell: why do you disagree? >> if the version of events is as jeff bezos says we were, hey, we have these pictures of you that are humiliating, stop investigating where we got them from, state publicly nothing to do with politics that is classic blackmail. that is right out of the statute. connell: blackmail, not extortion. >> easy way to remember extortion, extortion equals coercion. threat of violence or threat to use governmental power to put
4:27 pm
government power upon you. connell: blackmail? >> shut up, do or we'll speak we'll do think, there was no money involved here. they were basically saying, they wanted bezos to make what they thought was false statement. they wanted him to have nothing to do with politics. >> very interesting, connell, when the blackmail statute originally was written it involved money. it was amended by congress a number of years ago to involve a thing of value. connell: those pictures of bezos. >> correct. they basically said we have pictures of you more revealing to those we already published. we will publish them unless you say what we want to you to say. connell: the complicating factor, american media, publisher of "national enquirer," has a non-prosecution agreement with the southern district of new york. >> correct. connell: how does that play with that. >> sdny, southern district of new york, federal prosecutors here in manhattan indicated they
4:28 pm
are going to investigate jeff bezos claim he was victimized by blackmail. if they find that there is probable cause to believe he was they can at their own option go to a federal judge in new york, judge pauley, and say, we want you to tear up the non-prosecution agreement. connell: throw that out? >> correct. then they could be prosecuted for conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws which is what michael cohen pleaded guilty to in a scheme involving them, in which the federal prosecutors told a federal judge the president was the orchestrator of the scream. and they could prosecute these people for blackmail. connell: what about, on to that non-prosecution agreement though, any information that, you know, david pecker or ami had given the prosecutor, is that out too? >> probably it is. the government can go out to try to corroborate it, but probably can't use what he told them, when he believed he would not be prosecuted, whatever that may have been. connell: there are a lot of elements to the story, political
4:29 pm
elements, what have you. as a last question for your viewers what about people that own amazon stock? is this, something that should impact the company you think or just a political story? >> i don't think it has. amazon was up today, i don't think it will impact -- jeff bezos's divorce is likely to have more of an impact on amazon than the alleged blackmail. connell: with his shares. >> he owes her 60 b doesn't necessarily have to be shares in stock. it could be in some or the form. i don't know what else it would be. connell: i don't know where you get 60 billion. >> only he is familiar with sums that large. connell: thank you, sir. we will come back to this. melissa. melissa: your hard-earned cash at risk. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is pushing forward a green new deal and it could hurt the middle class and anyone working for a living. art laffer, former reagan economic advisor weighs in. setting the latest for the
4:30 pm
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sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ melissa: under the first full year of the overhauled tax code the irs is revealing average tax refund dropped 8.4%, compared to the same period last year. joining us now to discuss is art laffer, former reagan economic advisor and laugher associates founder and chairman. now, i know the amount of your
4:34 pm
refund can vary based on the with holding, and other factors. and that it is possible to kind of screw with these rules, in order to either make people feel the impact of a tax cut more quickly, because you're not with holding as much as you were before, or inversely, you know, you, it happens like this, and you end up then at end of the year looking at that stat, i'm not getting as big after refund. do you think that this is relevant? does it have impact on american as psyche. what are your thoughts. >> i don't think it is relevant at all. if you want to overpay taxes every year, you get a big refund. if you want to get correct amount, what you should do, pay your taxes as you go. at end of the year be pretty close to zero. that is what you should be doing. i don't understand this whole refund thing. it is a good thing, i will not vote for republicans or every again, my refund was down, even though i gotthousand more than i did last year. if i only paid 10,000 more in
4:35 pm
taxes, i got bigger refund. it is just silly. melissa: we're hearing a lot of democrats make the argument, you were supposed to get a big tax cut, you didn't. instead the corporations did. >> i hear that. melissa: they're running on this idea that they, average people, working people are not doing better under president trump. >> well, there is, in a technical sense they're right. the tax cut was to business income. that's true. and also the income tax cut was to a large extent at the highest bracket from 39.6, to 37. the whole way, middle income, and lower people get benefit more jobs, higher pay. that is where their tax cut really come. it is is not a tax cut. job, higher pay, higher wages. it's a job. that is where they get benefits from the tax cut. melissa: i'm in one of those states where my taxes went up. there you go. >> you know, you should -- melissa: my cost of living in new york. >> it is an i.q. test that you're still in new york, not in
4:36 pm
tennessee. melissa you shouldn't stay that in public. how can you stay in new york? >> because i can't do this job from there but i digress. let me go back to you -- >> you can do it from my office. melissa: there you go. okay, i want to get your take on democrats new green deal. this is another one where, when democrats talk about this, in my mind it is elitest proposition, because they're talking about, when the price of energy goes up, because you're not using fossil fuel, you're using all the other different types of fuel, that hits working folks, middle income folks, lower income folks hardest as percentage of their income. also you hear people like, alexandria ocasio-cortez, talking about how they're going to create millions of great-paying jobs with this. in my mind a lot of those jobs will be automated or they're high-skilled jobs, again folks lose a job now wouldn't be trained in order to.
4:37 pm
is new green deal, a war that democrats say they're on the side of. >> green deal, a green deal. if you impose your settles on market, you will cause problems. employment and production will fall. if there is global war problem. i'm no expert in this area. i have no reason to doubt there is or isn't, i'm not expert, you want a carbon tax. what you want to do is make sure the damage to the economy, which would be enormous with a carbon tax, mitigate it and reverse it, have an income tax cut of equal size if not greater size. you will have a good strong, economy, you will bias it against carbon. that is the way i would do it, do a carbon tax, greener world. they don't understand economics. they're trying to subsidize things that will be losers. melissa: art laffer, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> it is my pleasure. melissa, do move to tennessee. melissa: i will be there in a
4:38 pm
moment. >> i have space for. >> i'm packing my bags. connell: going by yourself or moving the whole show? melissa: take the whole show. connell: take the whole show to art's office in tennessee. melissa: perfect. connell: amanda, our producer is from tennessee. melissa: done. connell: starting next monday? early facebook investor coming up in a moment. this should be interesting. he takes aim at mark zuckerberg, talking about roger mcnamee. author of a book called "zucked." he will joins us after the break
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to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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♪ waking up to a facebook catastrophe. an early investor in the company, mentor of mark zuckerberg, not mincing words at all about the tech giant's controversial business practices. his new book is called, "zucked." roger mcnamee joins us now from san francisco. great to see you. this is fascinating from number of perspectives, from your own unique look at this company. you went to mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg before the 2016 election, said something had gone wrong. was there a time, that triggered something in your mind, this company i love so much has gone over to the dark side? do you remember what that was? >> colin, there was a whole course of things that happened over the course of 2016. included housing of urban development cited facebook
4:43 pm
because advertising rules allowed for violations of the fair housing act. brexit in the united kingdom, the outcome was so surprising it was possible fake book tools given favorable treatment to the most extreme messages put out that struck me as really bad for democracy. but the net of this thing it was series of things that built up. when i reached out to them, i thought my friends were the victims of what was essentially bad guys from the outside t turned out the business model itself was the problem. connell: it is interesting, you reached out to them as somebody, i mentioned in the intro. you were literally mentor of mark zuckerberg. >> yeah. connell: you were recommending sheryl sandberg for the job. they didn't, that lack of reaction from them, what does it tell you about those two people? >> well, to be clear, connell, i cut them a break on that. let's face it, in the five or six years at that time since i
4:44 pm
had been involved on daily basis everything at the company had gone really well. in many cases, people had told them that they were wrong, facts proved them right. connell: right. >> so they were, generalization, not tearily open to any kind of constructive or unconstructive feedback. i was not super surprised. what bothered me, guys, this is trust-based business. you need to go in and understand what is going on here. you need to make sure there is no harm going on relative to the people that use the product. connell: right. >> i wanted them looking forward. i'm going look, i was pretty sure that in 2016 anything that had gone on there, in whatever area it was in, something that caught them by surprise, but they needed to get data, to be on top to prevent future problems. connell: i saw an interview you did with maria you were hoping they would have an epiphany. >> still hoping. connell: still hoping. couple years has gone by.
4:45 pm
how would that manifest itself and what would change if the light bulb went off? >> at the end of the day, connell, the issue we're dealing with here, this is a core problem for the business model. it is manipulating our attention. they have to have massive surveillance to know what they are doing. for them to change, they are more successful than they ever dreamed, richer than they ever imagined. the same is true with google which has similar problems. i want them to have a good night sleep. wake up one morning, wait a minute i can save humanity. i can do it that changing my product. connell: more likely the government would have to step in to prompt that? >> governments are working on it. germany put through a really big law last week that will change things in germany. the european union is making some changes. the way i look at it, we should all look at it this way. what happened to the chemicals
4:46 pm
industry. we didn't think pouring mercury lead into the water would cause a problem. we said guys, you have to clean up the mess you made. some happened with regulation. some happened with litigation. we have to change the business model by changing the incentives. that is how all good businesses operate. i wish the guys would do it themselves, i wish someone would help them. connell: or step in. best of luck with the book. >> thank you very. connell: thank you for coming on. >> let my say hi to my old friend melissa. we haven't seen each other in a while. melissa: absolutely. hi, roger. look forward to reading the book. >> good-bye. >> yet another one enters the race. democratic senator amy klobuchar joining the battle for the white house. is there room for her in in this crowd? local opposition for amazon in new york. we spoke to people on both sides of the issue. what will the position be?
4:47 pm
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>> we are tired of the shutdowns and the showdowns. of the gridlock and the grandstanding. >> yeah! >> today, on this snowy day, on this island, we say, enough is enough. [cheers and applause] melissa: amy klobuchar making eight. the senior minnesota senator, the fifth senate democrat to jump into the 2020 race, as more candidates embrace more left-wing proposals like medicare for all. let's bring in vince coglianese of "the daily caller." it is getting to be quite the crowded field. this is somebody a little more moderate, right? maybe, does she represent, maybe a shifting wind or maybe open
4:51 pm
lane, that might be the best way to say it? >> sure. there is clearly a moderate lane in the democratic party because so many of the democrats have signed on to very left-wing ideas, medicare for all being among them. she is a hold out on that issue as you noted. the truth is, amy klobuchar looking to carve out the moderate lane, she made mistakes to begin with. she signed on the green new deal. that calls for all sorts of guaranteed. guaranteed income, guaranteed housing, guaranteed health care, guaranteed higher education. she is not clear who pays for it. if you guarranty it, in the end the taxpayer is stuck with the bill. for to support legislation like that, suggests she is taking out the notion that she is the moderate. melissa: the field is crowded on the left. republicans started with a whole lot of people. might benefit for them to have a deep bench to choose from, what
4:52 pm
do you think? >> absolutely. the other thing this will benefit the republican candidate in this race which is president donald trump. as the democrats jumped into race he will wound each other. we have we've already seen that. we have seen reports about the way they treat people around them. amy klobuchar, specifically in the last couple days we've seen the reports of her throwing binders at her staff. forcing staff members to pick up dirty clothes, throw them in the laundry. telling staff they should be seen, not heard. they can't speak unless they're spoken to. she has high turnover on capitol hill. melissa: come from democrats? democrats are putting putting tt storyline out there? >> yes. i think it is two possibilities. it's a possibility that the rnc, republicans are putting it out there. but it is also possible you have democratic primary opponents looking to plant the information out there, to wound her as she jumps into this race. final possibility? she put the information out herself to clear it out early in this campaign, before she could
4:53 pm
let it linger throughout. melissa: as we see the field veer to the left, that is pretty normal for the primaries they go to the extreme, come back to the center. i mean there is a lot being made how far left the party is, but isn't this pretty normal? >> it is far to the least. i think the unusual thing now is the democratic party, as far as i can tell has never been quite this comfortable embracing how left-wing it would like to see the country become. they're straight up advocating in some cases for socialism. they feel pretty safe doing that i think bernie sanders helped clear the space for that in 2016. now it exists in 2020. but this is not just simply progressive. this is a radical change in many regards to the country. they're pitching it. they think they will find voters support them. melissa: getting paid if you're not willing to work. >> that is a big deal. melissa: thank you for that one. appreciate it. connell: this is very important. if you're looking for a last minute gift -- melissa: are you? connell: of course not. this is hypothetical.
4:54 pm
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>> am joh amazon or off?
4:58 pm
deirdre bolton reports from long island city, the site of the proposed new headquarters. reporter: i am here in long island, where reports o are that amazon is reconsidering whether or not to bring part of its second headquarters right here, people who are in favor of the plan say 2 25,000 jobs added to local economy has to be worth something. >> for state senate to oppose amazon was governmental malpractice. if they stop amazon from coming to new york, they are going to have the people of new york state to explain it to. reporter: critics of the plan say a company like amazon should not be getting close to 3
4:59 pm
billion dollars in tax subsidies from the city and state. i spoke with an assemblyman of fourthth district, ron kim. >> we've been going in wrong direction, the bigger you are the more monopolistic you are. giving away incentives with taxpayer money. we should not be supporting the growth of super monopoly. reporter: saying if city and state want to sou souq decide -- subsidize businesses they should look at local businesses, the fight will continue, back to you. connell: all right. thank you. >> hungry for love, for great fe flowers, o olive garden with a twist, a bouquet of bread stic sticks. connell: if it leads to
5:00 pm
wednesdayy bell -- wedding bells we found your cake. costco selling cake made of afteartisan cheese, it does reqe self assembly. melissa: cheesecake. oh,. >> david: president trump aboard air force one, on his wray to el paso, texas. time is running out for congress to avoid another government shut down, key lawmaker are meeting right now on capitol hill to try to hammer out a deal before the deadline on friday, amid reports that progress has stalled. we'll take you live in capitol hill, this is bulls and bears, i am glad you can join us, i am david asman. with me, liz peek, jonathan hoenig. >> and mitch mcconnell said that democrats are making new demands on 11 hour,


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