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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> good evening everybody. then national security crisis intensified as the president travels to el paso to once again make his case for building that border wall. tonight's rally cannot come at a more critical moment. the president today addressed why he is going to the border. >> were going there for a reason. were going there to keep our country safe. we do not want murderers, drug dealers and gang dealers, ms13 is some of the worst people in the world coming into our country. now, mexico has had the worst you they've ever had, almost 40,000 killings in mexico this
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year. one of the most unsafe places, unfortunately. we need a wall. all of the other things are nice to have, but without a wall, it won't work. >> apprehensions of illegal immigrants are up 84%. almost doubled. family unit apprehension scar 300%. 500 latin americans are planning to cross illegally into the united states without a border wall and without rigorous enforcement there's no stopping them. no wall, not enough barriers, border patrol, technology, not nearly enough. the radical dems maintain their resistance to the wall. they're trying to sabotage the talks in order to limit enforcement creating wide open borders for the drug cartels to flow through. president trump says the dems don't care about border
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security. >> now it turns out not only don't they want to give us the money for the wall, they don't want to give us the space to detain murderers, criminals drug dealers, human smugglers, ice is an incredible group of people they help all of you a lot with some of the most vicious characters you meet anywhere in the world. you're not gonna find worse than the ms13 gangs in some of these games that come over from countries that we don't even know about. they are very disrespected by the democrats. we can't let that happen. >> tonight, we take up the president trips to the border in his efforts to secure our national sovereignty and the failure of democratic lawmakers to help. in fact, they are fighting this president every step of the way. former ice director is among our guests tonight.
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the meltdown of virginia goes on. governor ralph northam said he is the one to help the state heal from the scandal that he created in the first place. and he confuses slaves with indentured servants in his most recent interview. the lieutenant governor, just in fairfax, accused by two women are sexual assault is refusing to step down. as those two women are making serious charges and are ready to back them up in court. a leading virginia dam admitted virginia attorney general markarian will not be ousted for his use of blackface because they don't want to replace him with a republican. we take up the mess and the sorry mess in virginia. republican strategist, ed rollins is with us. michael goodwin, and turning point usa's, candace owens.
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were also joined tonight by the uk's trade commissioner for north america, anthony phillipson. he joins us to take up what brexit means for the united states, united kingdom trade partnership and special relationship. our top story tonight, the radical dems sabotaging the border wall talks making it clear they don't care about rapists, murderers and human traffickers flooding our southern border. incredible, but true. the bipartisan talks hit an impasse this weekend after the dems demanded a cap of 16500 detention beds. that shorted the demand of 52000 they shortchanged the dems demands. they want to give 1 billion in
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border wall funding. that is short of president trump's requirement. this is about the radical left's eagerness to allow this country to be overrun by the mexican cartels, the global elites, and authoritarian socialist. the president's rally is to highlight the walls necessity and the national crisis that the president will respond to. considering the city of el paso is a cesspool of crime and border corruption is often smuggling into the united states. border patrol release a report on arresting january were up 1500, 88% from last year. according to a report people are
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being smuggled in with the help of the cartels. judicial watch also in collaboration with the eight federal agencies, they have been embroiled in scandals. they're not stopping from blasting the president. but clearly, clearly, that is working. last year, and the mexican city across-the-board from el paso, almost 1250 murderers, more than 54 times, the 23 murders that were reported in el paso. although, the dea says those numbers are by the el paso authorities are seriously doctored. it is a major hub, they say for mexican opioids and methamphetamines en route to the rest of the united states. joining us, was release the
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documentary entitled, the sons that he sell is the headquarters of a sophisticated terrorist ring. good to have you with us, tom. your reports, the documentary, this is chilling stuff. particularly lead to think the president of the united states is there, tonight. >> he's on the front lines of where the border wars are in terms of the terror taff on our sovereignty and national security. is there, in el paso. we have information, we have been investigating this for years. they are bringing what they call special-interest aliens through the el paso sector there special-interest aliens not because they have interest in personality and's.
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this is a significant crisis. el paso is in the center of it. it is appropriate the president is there highlighting the need for border security. el paso has a border barrier between the two cities, but outside of el paso, left and right, it's in mexico and down south, virtually no border security at all. it is a freeway for the cartels. any trafficking they want to do, drugs, people, or tear. >> it is really a triad of cities. it has always been that way. it's always been, in modern history a trafficking corridor, whether human smuggling, drug smuggling, or drug smuggling. it comes through that region. corruption in the minds of many lawmakers doesn't occur on both sides of the border. it is just a mexican problem. we know better, don't we.
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>> we do. when we were during this reporting, initially we were getting key information from various sources. who, but congressman or rourke started making phone calls to the feds to try to suppress judicial watch is reporting. this is what were dealing with. we are getting truth out and you had elected members of congress who represent the el paso area, trying to suppress the truth by intimidating the feds from telling the truth about the border crisis. unbelievable. >> lou: the president, in your judgment, let me just ask you straightforward. there are many places in the united states where this president would have to be better protected, because of the threats that could surround the city in which he is visiting. >> the cartels control that area. on both sides of the border, effectively. certainly on the mexican side. that has got to be part of the discussion. we have our sovereign border.
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on one side is the united states on the other side is not the government controlling it, it's the cartels. they control the border regions along the united states. a wall is the least that is required to protect our security. >> tom, thank you very much for being here. and exposing the truth of what is the el paso area. new mexico and texas join, stunning to think that mexico is in a situation that it is. we're talking over 33000 murders. those are just the ones reported. they are very seldom solve, if at all in mexico. they are all blame straightforwardly on the drug cartels and their incessant and intensifying wars with one
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another. and fed by our open borders. we have to shut the borders. will help ourselves and help the mexicans. >> that's part of it. people don't understand. it is not only for the american citizen, although that is reason enough in my judgment, any day to build a wall. but the mexican people themselves, will benefit. tom, thank you. >> lou: up next, virginia's embattled governor going through another set attempted to save his job. also, the dems on he aged 2020 hopefuls. there revealing more of their radical dam ideas. >> i need to make this clear. i think we need to legalize marijuana. >> have you ever smoked? >> i have. >> i will put forth legislation to invest in green jobs and in infrastructure. >> here's what bothers me. the time we get to 2020, donald
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>> it's an understatement to say that the president's approval rating is on the rise. rasmussen's daily presidential tracking pol poll showing 52% of likely voters approve the president's job performance, 2% higher than president obama at the same point in his presidency. his grace virginia governor, ralph northam said he doesn't have any play. it shouldn't be funny. i shouldn't laugh. i apologize for that. it's so absurd. i don't know what else to do. he has no plans to step down. he will instead be virginia's moral compass. >> you also need someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage and was a moral compass. that is why, i am not going
10:17 pm
anywhere. >> virginia has lucked out. the moral compass remains in place. the governor wants to put statues and humans that provoke hatred and bigotry into museums. he is planning a reconciliation tour. this is the man who started this controversy. but, he wants to be reconciliation or a. while reading up on reparations, he's saw him that are ready. they want full access to state and more residents taken medicaid and most of all he wants sensitivity training for cabinets and agencies of the state governor of virginia. it was his insensitivity and racism that started this. now, he wants the entire state to take sensitivity training because he is what he is.
10:18 pm
his staff that were accused of appearing on a racist your book for, it's only the governor. joining us tonight, former political director, ed rollins, who has seen a thing or two. i bet he's never seen anything like this. >> michael goodwin, great to have you both here. michael, this story couldn't get more absurd, any uglier i wouldn't think for the democratic party. what happened to #need to, i'll believe her. and so on? >> northam is having what looks like a death bed conversion. he is now turning his administration upside down in a bid to save himself. the whole government sound like he's going to redo it just to keep his job and to earn people's trust and respect. >> their trust and respect. >> that's what he thinks.
10:19 pm
>> the most recent poll says they don't expect him to resign. the dynamics there with the lieutenant governor having his own problem. >> his own problems, he's accused of two crimes. >> lou: the attorney general they don't want to mess with him because they would have a republican, they fear they would have a republican there. and so it goes in the state of virginia. the dams. >> because as a constitutional state virginia was such an important part of our original constitution, if they throw the three of them out you could have an election in november. otherwise, we have three more years of this man being governor. >> lou: i make a bet everyone in the republican party leadership was sign up for him to be there as long as he would like to be. they like to take fairfax and -- in there. >> we've kind of failed
10:20 pm
miserably. >> lou: who's we? >> i'm still a republican, it's hard,. >> i'm not bragging, confessing. it's important to stay where i am. i think they did a terrible job of not finding the stuff before when they ran a miserable race. he's there for three years, impeach him, that won't happen. >> lou: the real issue for the democrats is the hypocrisy, their political expediency and their response to this controversy. >> where are the republicans in virginia on this? they do control the legislature. again,. >> lou: their party would be nominated for something. >> and the responsibility of the governor. >> the ed gillespie campaign has to be one of the worst ever wrong. >> lou: people don't know who he is. the former head of the national committee failed candidate for
10:21 pm
governor. northam beat him. >> there is an glaspie was a racist. it gets better and better because the dems screwed up like a vacant lot. it's unbelievable. this turned to the conference committee. the democrats have decided they only want 16500 detention beds. that's our idea being serious. they only want to put up 1.3 or 1.6 billion of the presidents 5.7 billion. they're trying to act seriously considering this. this is ridiculous on the part of the left. they're committing political suicide. >> they want open borders. that's the bottom line. they don't want ice anymore. >> lou: it's not the they don't want ice, as much as they want the criminals, the vicious criminals that ice apprehends almost a quarter of a million in two years apprehended, serious
10:22 pm
criminal illegal immigrants in this country apprehended by immigration customs. >> i think they've done an incredible job considering the limited resources. >> the issue is the democrats. they're not cooperating with the president. >> and they're not going to. >> so were at an impasse . >> the reason that we have a national emergency. i think the president should be saying that clearly, unequivocally and everyone in the cabinet should be saying it because, it is absolutely the truth. >> there there for a reason. i don't know why the president
10:23 pm
hesitates. we spent over $700 billion with other countries. last week they had a racist scalable, sexual assault scandal, now, they are anti- somatic, congresswoman omar,. >> socialism, open borders, the list of democratics screw ups. >> but, this is who they are. >> these are revelations not just groups. >> they have shown themselves. you mentioned the president's approval ratings there's a poll out in new york showing schumer and cuomo have in their lowest approval ratings. >> lou: they've done such a bang up job. >> i think some of the national thing is seeping into blue
10:24 pm
states. the democrats are looking foolish even to their own supporters. >> they must think so little of the democratic base that they would behave and conduct themselves and create these policies is an insult to everyone, but especially relying upon the stupidity as they see it of their base. >> they should rename them themselves democrat socialist and step away from members who want to do these crazy things. >> lou: i can imagine them not following your counsel. they've always tried to appease you. >> in that case let me give them some more names for which to choose. >> thank you. >> thank you gentlemen. we like to hear your thoughts. share your comments and follow me on twitter on lou dobbs.
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follow me on instagram on lou dobbs tonight. up next, democrats want to put a cap on the number of murderers and rapists and illegal immigrants were apprehended. they want to cap them at 16500. if you're 16501 is a murderer or rapist, the democrats have a place for you. tom homan and jessica will join me next to sort all this out. before we go to break, let's look at another minor crisis. it's almost a 22 trillion-dollar this is loma linda, a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do.
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download audible and start your free trial today. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals acting against history and it's obvious inclinations, it will allow the trump administration to continue construction of the border wall along our southern border with mexico. ended 2 - 1 ruling.
10:30 pm
they said the department of homeland security can build border role types replace 14 miles of barriers. there announcing the was drawn nearly 400 of the national guard troops stationed along the southern border with mexico. a new gallup poll shows 42 million latin americans want to come to the united states to live. 5 million want to move to our country in the next year. join in a statement tonight, tom homan tom, good to have you with us. >> how you doing? >> great. >> lou: jessica vaughn, it's good to have you with us. jessica, let's begin with you. 5 million want to come here in the next year. the president wants to build the barrier wall and all of a sudden, the dems will give him the money to build the wall
10:31 pm
which is supposed to be a negotiation of good faith. and yes, 16500 beds which means anyone over the will not be detained, whether a murderer, rapist, whatever. your reaction. >> this is the enactment of apologize, only in slow motion, by starving ice and making it impossible for them to do their jobs the way they need to be done. ice is already overwhelmed with the huge caseload. there are about 2 million criminal aliens living in the country today and a lot of them are at large. detention is critical to their mission. the democrats know that. >> you're right. it's about ice. but this is about the united states. what the democrats are saying is murder, rapist and criminals over the number of 16500 can't
10:32 pm
be detained. >> look at the facts and the numbers. last year they arrested hundred 38000 criminals. if you give them's steam thousand beds what are you going to do with them? over half reoffend the first year. >> lou: so why in the world is the trump administration asking for only 52000 beds in? >> 52000 would be the most they've ever had. >> i got it, but it isn't enough. we have a bigger problem. if the president is going to declare a national emergency the let's deal with the whole problem. >> i don't disagree with you. i sneeze nor beds. they vast for more but congress never funded them. last year when the president gave them permission to reallocate money from other programs, everyone had a fit. does everybody know during eight years of obama we reprogram
10:33 pm
money. ice has never been budgeted for the proper amount. let alone try to cut them in half. if this happens they have 15000 more than the dems want to give them. to get to that number they have to be 15000 less ice will release 30,000 people. >> including murderers, rapists and serous criminals. it makes no sense. i don't think the american people know that under the obama administration this level was set. that means the worst kinds of criminals are being set free because of a stupid cap that was put together under the obama administration. why don't we say that straight up. another obama policy that is anti- american citizen. >> i'll say this. the democrats are gonna be happy
10:34 pm
until we shut down every border patrol agent in hand everybody a democratic voter registration card. this is about democratic voters. >> let's remember that the bed mandate was by congress to get a minimum level of enforcement to make sure the immigration authorities were enforcing the law at least at a certain level. the democrats are now saying you can go over this level. this is a return to the last years of the obama administration when they were releasing criminal aliens every year. as tom said, they go back into the communities in. >> lou: what is the president going to do? >> he needs to stick to his guns. i like how he's going to texas to show americans that there is a crisis. >> lou: this is a president who said words mean nothing. politicians talk.
10:35 pm
so what is he going to do? >> i think he'll do everything within his power. >> lou: is he going to build a wall? >> absolutely. >> lou: is he going to declare a national emergency? >> may be a version of a national emergency. >> i talked to the president this weekend. he's not letting this happen. >> lou: us he going to build a wall? he will. >> lou: is he going to declare a national emergency? >> he will not agree to what's on the table he'll either shut it down or declare emergency. he will not let it happen to this country he's too great of a president. >> lou: were watching thousands of illegal immigrants into the country and it has to stop. it's what the president said, it's a national emergency. by the way, every bit as much of a national emergency on the democrats, the radical dems were fighting our border security, national security and national
10:36 pm
sovereignty in this president's lawful power. tom and jessica, thank you for being with us. >> up next, the speaker of the house tells a freshman congresswoman to apologize for her anti- semantic remarks. we'll tell live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪ ♪ would you like it anyway? [ scatting ] ♪ would you like it anyway? ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin.
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10:41 pm
antisemantic tweet. stating the american israel public affairs committee is paying lawmakers for their support of israel. omar, today she seemed to make an effort to walk back some of the comments but a left-wing national media praised her for apologizing but she referred to the problematic role whether it be aipac, the nra or the fossil fuel industry and what about the installed she left on her lips? tonight she told fox she has no concerns she will be disciplined by the speaker for doing so. joining us tonight, candace owns communication director. it's great to have you here. >> it's great to see you. i would start by addressing some of the remarks from late last year that were dredged up by a leftist advocacy group to attack
10:42 pm
you, claiming that you seem to defend hitler while explaining the term nationalism. your thoughts? i know you tried to straighten this out last friday. >> you and i both know what this is. the left has me is a major target because i've been affected at delivering conservative principles to the black community. number one target because i'm leading a revolution which will encourage black americans to look at the real history, the very races history of the democratic party which is not served us. first, they ignore me. and then they left laughed at me now they're fighting me. >> lou: let's get to the point here. this business with hitler and nationalism, you are number one target or among the number one target for media matters for all the left-wing advocacy groups.
10:43 pm
they're going to try to kill you, for figuratively speaking. >> straighten this out with hitler and nationalism. >> the discussion was about nationalism and if it's okay of conservatives to say their nationalists. i said the word nationalism is wrongly attributed to hitler because he was a nationalist. he wasn't focused on trying to bring the germans to a better state because he was actively current killing german troops. he was a homicidal maniac. >> lou: two of the most two of the evilest figures in figure. >> in this business, it's a simple thing, the news business. anybody who brings up hitler loses. every single time so if you're looking for a metaphor, taken from the old guy. find another metaphor.
10:44 pm
find another symbol. >> i'll take that advice. i've learned my lesson. >> lou: and because you are such a target, you have to be keenly aware at all times. and you are. enough said. let's turn to virginia were some people who should know better have been abject fools. the governor of that state, northam, it's all documented now. he now is trying to do a healing tour. he's doing the listening tour. he is talking about reparations and having more contracts with state business. he's doing anything he can think of, trying to keep his jobs. it's one of the sorriest exhibitions i have ever seen. what do you think? >> you should know were during our next blocks it rally in
10:45 pm
virginia to discuss him and what they're doing. and to make sure black americans are not lied to again and abused by the democrat party. that they realize they need to hear the message the loudest. were going to be in virginia and northam, i welcome you to come speak at a rally and explain yourself in your party's history. >> i would much prefer you get northam and explain what he's doing there. the lieutenant governor accused of two sexual assaults, democratic party doesn't want any part of him stepping down. the attorney general they don't want to step down because a conservative would step in. what happened? the hypocrisy of the left and the radical dems is on clear display. >> i say they don't care about racism. they don't care about sexism were sexual assault victims.
10:46 pm
they care about using us as shields so they can attack their opponent. they want to stick labels on people as racist, sexist and misogynist. they don't care about the issues. that's the message i bring into the minority community. >> lou: the republican party has been quiet. where is the republican party and was going on in virginia. anti-semitism on the democrats and congresswoman omar today, the republicans are hardly speaking a word. i know they're trying to stay out of the way as the democrats implode. there has to be some light in this. republicans should be providing it. >> that's correct. the republicans have to do better at fighting and standing up for what they believe in. standing next to people who are being attacked and shining a light on the hypocrisy of the
10:47 pm
left. i think it was a martin luther king quote. he said he's not as bothered by the words of his enemy them by the silence of his friends. as the time for the republicans to stand up and speak out. >> lou: candace, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> lou: up next, what brexit will mean for the united kingdom. we take it up right after these quick messages. stay with us. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused
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>> lou: joining me as anthony phillipson, british council general in new york, ambassador, great to see you. >> where in the world is brexit? i don't know that there's much to confuse americans more than the idea that brexit is here. there certain dates that. seems like a very laborious, complicated process. we usually expect things to end when we say they're going to end. >> as you say, it was almost always going to be a long process. nobody has done this before. resetting the roadmap as we go. there is the article 50 process which we triggered at the end of
10:52 pm
march 2017 it ends in 46 days. we have made an enormous amount of progress. as i talk to people and you look at it from the outside is a where we get into. were getting to a moment where the u.k. will leave the e.u. >> americans are very parochial. over $1 trillion tied up with the trade relationship. we just want to know where the money is, where it's going and how were going to do. how will the u.k. and the united states make out in the trade relationship? >> there are huge opportunities. that is one of the key points of focus in the u.s., how do we deliver on brexit in a way that allows us to -- how do we leave in a smooth and orderly way that doesn't disrupt an enormous amount of investment. >> that are ready hasn't left? >> some hands. there still enormous investments
10:53 pm
across financial services, aerospace et cetera. second, we need to prepare for the opportunities on the ability for the u.k. and u.s. to do a trade deal and to strengthen our economic partnership. the third that we need to do is been a huge important is in support of the peace process. we need to free up the opportunities for the future and not disrupt the peace process. >> march 29, do you make it? >> i think we do. there's a lot to be done including some big debates. were going to continue to work on it. >> reports and one tabloid at least some cabinet ministers believe that theresa may could resign the summer. >> i was say is the prime minister is committed from the beginning and is committed to
10:54 pm
the process. >> terrific. it's great to see you. good luck in plotting a course through these uncharted territories. >> thank you. >> lou: up next, president trump heads to texas tonight. there to fight back against the radical dems, the open border democrats, this just about every one of them and look, i don't think that's what works rally at all? do you? no. that's the presidents. will be back with more. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? patients that i see about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water.
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♪ ♪ lou: president trump holding a rally tonight. the kickoff for the 2020 campaign. that will start in an hour in el paso, texas where he'll make his
10:59 pm
case for border security and the border wall. tom fitton says the area around el paso has become a major smuggling route for drugs and illegal immigration. >> el paso has a border barrier between the two cities, juarez and el paso. but down south no border security at all and it's a freeway for the cartels. lou: you can find judicial watch's documentary at
11:00 pm
follow me on twitter and insta graham @loudobbstonight. good night from nework. trish: venezuela in chaos. that chaos escalating as nicolas maduro refuses to allow his people any humanitarian aid from the international community. i have exclusive new video showing the brutal length the socialist dictator is going to to make sure the military stays loyal to him. in this exclusive video watch as maduro loyalists try to provide speed rations of powdered milk with people effectively signing a


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