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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 12, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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to report for spring training, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: all right, top story this tuesday morning, lawmakers making deal, $1.375 billion for a southern border barrier running 55 miles, significant lower than what the president asked for at $5.7 billion, that was the request, this is president trump held rally last night in el paso sounding off
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from everything from green new deal and negotiations to fund border wall and negotiations. >> last week they introduced a massive takeover that would destroy our economic age, they introduced the so-called new deal. it sounds like a high school term paper that got allow mark, i have to tell you as i was walking up to the stage, they said that progress is being made with this committee. just so you know, we are building the wall anyway. illegal immigration hurt all america including millions of legal immigrants by driving down wages, draining public resources and claiming countless innocent
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lives. but if we had proper border security including a powerful wall we wouldn't have to work so hard and a lot safer. my administration is taking the toughest ever action to crack down on china's abuse, i have a lot of respect for president xi, he's representing china and i'm representing the united states. maria: yes, last night, futures last night on rally, up almost 200 points on dow jones industrial average and the nasdaq up 58, all the major indices up almost 1% right now. joining me right now former ohio state minority leader and american university public of scare executive and resident, capri cafaro. >> thanks for having me. maria: what's your take, the president is getting a lot than he asked for, they also want that extra demand that they brought in the 11th hour of cut
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in the number of ice beds. >> well, look, it is progress and i think that's what important, both for democrats and republican and given the fact that speaker pelosi had previously said that the wall was immoral, the fact that this bipartisan conference committee, bipartisan conference committee was able to come to a conclusion, listen to the experts and give something for border security and the wall. i think it's great progress, there's no appetite in the american public for another shutdown and i think frankly democrats and republicans across the country, there's a desire for border security and for some kind of physical barrier, there's a step in the right direction. any time we see any level of compromise in a bipartisan manner, it's ground breaking, sad but ground breaking in this kind of climate and environment. maria: senator lindsey graham broke the news on me on sunday basically saying the president
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will not sign anything that forces him to lower the number of beds in ice detention centers. last night the president characterized the deal as, look, they are setting the table, so it looks like this is the beginning perhaps of something, this is a negotiating move. how much more money would you expect the democrats to agree to in terms of a border wall, some kind of a barrier? >> well, it depends on what else is offered. if it's only, you know, situation now where they're not even talking about beds just allocation for this border wall, fence, whatever you want to call it and they took the bed issue off the table, i mean, i think that it is unlikely for democrats to budge unless they have a permanent daca fix that is included in a more substantive deal. i think this is somewhat measure to bring things and move them forward which is a step in the right direction but i don't suspect that the democrats are going to offer anymore
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appropriation without any policy change. maria: because there's really no interest in having a government shutdown so they have to come together at some point. >> no. maria: the president is in el paso, texas, a mile away from democratic congressman from el paso beto o'rourke also giving his own rally, holding a counterrally, potential 2020 presidential candidate responded for president's call for border wall, watch what he said. >> we see eyes of the country upon us, all of us together are going to make our stance. [cheers and applause] >> in one of the safest cities in the united states of america. [cheers and applause]
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maria: wow, your reaction. >> he's fired up and ready to go. beto o'rourke former member of congress. came very close given the dynamics of texas, being a red state against ted cruz, i think this is just simply an opportunity for beto to ride his wave. obviously president trump did take notice, he did mention the crowd that beto o'rourke had last night in el paso and tried to compare his crowd with beto's crowd, et cetera, and took several digs at beto, i don't take much of it. a guy who got a taste of some level of popularity. he's riding that wave as much as he can. maria: do you see anybody so far in the democratic field that's going to be competitive to actually going up against donald trump in 2020 that a lot of very radical ideas on the table like the green new deal, medicare for
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all, 70% tax rate, what's your take on the field so far? >> i think it's a very crowded progressive lane and i think while that may appeal to some primary voters as the democratic party in some parts of the country is moving further left, frankly i don't think it's something competitive in general election, the 2016 electoral college map is the same as 2021. you will not do with current deal. maybe amy klobuchar, she's not electric. i'm looking for my ohio peep to get in the field. maria: we talked on sunday. >> i saw. maria: peleton to go public, exercise bank interviewing banks in initial public offering in what's expected to be a record-setting for ipo's.
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dagen mcdowell. dagen: you know those super expensive stationery bikes where you can live stream classes, they have a treadmill they are selling as well, getting ready to go public, they are interviewing banks for roles in public offering, select underwriters but debut set on the market for the second half of 2019. peleton expected to look for a valuation in excess of roughly $4 billion, that was the estimate last year after a fundraising round compare that north of $4 billion to the $1.25 billion level that was valued at when it raised capital back in 2017 but this is expected, if the market goes okay, could be record-setting for ipo's, uber, lyft and the workplace managing companies, technologies have all recently
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filed paper work for offering with securities and exchange commission, so it'll be high-profile names, in terms of high profile, the peleton bikes run $2,200 to $2,700, monthly package of live streaming classes would cost you 39 bucks and this has becoming increasingly high-end fitness area, new device, hottest thing called the mirror, you basically stand in front of a mirror and it's a video of classes you get like 70 live classes a month that you can take and that one only cost $1,500. there you go, maria. maria: a lot of new products actually coming out of peleton in particular. dagen: there's the mirror we are looking at. maria: all right, dagen, thank you, nissan lowering outlook amid the carlos goshn saga, cheryl casone with the details, now they are blaming carlos
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goshn for the compensation. cheryl: saga continues certainly now, maria, now they are saying it's 4 billion as former chairman carlos goshn remains in jail in tokyo, 83 million related to compensation that was promise today goshn, he's accused of underreporting salary among other charges, he continues to deny all allegations against him. washington is pressing saudi officials to hold accountable, former royal adviser, u.s. has imposed sanctions on him and other saudi officials in this case. congress continues to demand stronger u.s. actions to punish saudi officials that were involved in the killing of the journalists. there's this finally the
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publisher to national enquirer, american media at the doj whether the publisher should register as foreign agent. the issue is coming out to light after amazon jeff bezos went after ami on the internet following the stra -- extra marital affairs. saga continues. maria: a lot of stories there. thank you so much, we will take a break, when we come back, taking aim, former federal reserve took aim at president trump's policies. the midwest and the east coast bracing for cold snowy day, even hawaii gets hit, all the details right after this.
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maria: welcome back, markets are rallying this morning on potential for a new deal for funding of the border, the dow industrials up almost 200 points, 3 quarters of a percent. s&p 500 up 17, nasdaq higher by 55 points, almost 1%, we have a lot coming up this morning, joining us this morning texas congressman ranking member kevin brady is here, we want to talk about the soft deduction, governor cuomo head today washington to talk about it well. marsha blackburn will walk us through details, fox news senior strategic analyst jack keane is here. joe villa talking about her grammy's dress from la, also this morning mark and james, the cofounders to have luxury brand talking to us about retail environment and fashion. don't miss a moment of it, big program next 3 hours.
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we kick it off here with this. targeting president trump and economic policies, former federal reserve chairman spoke out yesterday in interview with bridge water associates ray dalio, here is what he said of implications of trade negotiations deal. >> sounds troibl but i respond -- terrible but i respond what the president of china says and the president of the united states and that is looking for the world to be divided up to different influence, but looking for peaceable outcomes, so different story being told. maria: he also said that the u.s. is not on constructive track, joining the conversation this morning with more on that the king's college professor and
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chairman of the program in business and finance brian brendberg. also with us cfra invest most strategists lindsey bell. thank you so much for being here. >> a lot to talk about this morning, we are talking about china here with volcker's comments criticizing the president versus the president of china. i find this highly skeptical given the fact that everybody you talk to will tell you that china has been stealing ip for decades. >> espionage, transfer of technology, can we just say he's siding where the communist government. that's the side of history that you're choosing to be on and i think it's ridiculous. why can't you -- calling china out for nephew -- nefarious activities is hostile.
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maria: ridiculous. >> china always talks a good game, always talk about wanting to have, you know, the trade across the world, all the things they do of domestic front get in the way. you can't buy into what they say, you have to look at what they do, that's what's critical in associations. they think people will come in because they like what they say. maria: ban telecom because of espionage. countries has been going to countries across the world, we will build your telecom infrastructure as a way to spy on country, not just african countries where they can't access the money, we are talking about europe. pompeo is in europe right now trying to sell the message because they did the same thing with poland. >> it's not just the u.s.
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lashing out for china for past practices especially regarding technology, we have you backing us up, other country that's backing us in this fight, for volcker to say that china -- we are being unrealistic with china is unfair. this is a government that can't be trusted. numbers are -- maria: oh, and there's that. dagen: this is not a policy aimed at making sure china fails, it's aimed at making sure that china plays fair. with all due respect mr. volcker if he would watch this program he would know that nations around the globe are happy with what president trump is doing because he's getting tough with them and gives them cover to take a similar stance, maybe not in the most prominent way but curtis chang, things are happening.
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maria: let's talk about u.s. companies for a moment, i mean, we had the former ceo of microsoft on this program who told us straight out very specific, $10 billion in lost profits in microsoft as a result of china stealing profits, 90% of the companies use microsoft operating system, 1% pay for it. that has caused microsoft alone to lose $10 billion. let's switch to battle of taxes real quick. new york governor andrew cuomo to meet president trump at the white house. focus of the conversation the state and local tax deduction. this is the soft issue, capped at $10,000 as part of the president's tax overhaul. governor cuomo blaming the change, elimination of that deduction for $2.3 billion budget, riding this, the real problem is new york's punitive tax rate which mr. cuomo and party can fix. people are mobile and they will go to a better tax environment
6:21 am
that's not hypothesis. it's a reality. as we say constantly on the program, money is mobile and it will go where it is treated best. >> the governor does not want to fix the underlying problem, he doesn't want the mess of new york, he wants to go to washington, d.c. and say, exempt us from this so we don't have to manage our taxes in responsive way. the president should say, thank you, go away. fix your own problem. dagen: subsidy for progressive policies in new york, dc, illinois and california and now you're getting -- maria: kevin brady, we will talk about that with him, stay with us, back in a minute.
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maria: state of small business less optimistic today, national federation of business out with january report and shows decline for the fifth month in a row. index at 2-year low and key concern for business owners uncertainty. joining us right now the mark's group pc president and certified public accountant gene marks. there's uncertainty in a lot of areas from the tariffs to the tax story. >> first of all, there's always uncertainty when when you run a business. if everything was certain running business would be easy thing to do. when president trump is elected after 8 years of putting up with high regulations and high taxes and a lot of issues running a business, we had a president that was probusiness and i think people were very how should i say rationally exuberant and i think reality sets in, you know, it's you're excited to go see the mets and you see the mets
6:26 am
and you realize it's the mets. maria: given the president's policy, america first agenda small companies, small and mid-cap companies that are so closely impacted by policies like this would not be declining for 5 months in a row? >> you have to put in context, the index has come down a little bit. it is still way, way higher than anything we saw under the obama administration. in general the businesses are still confident, don't you think some of this is a little by how the issue gets framed. the prez did not want to talk about elevated levels, they are not losing that much -- >> the industry is 101, whatever that means, okay, the average is about 98, that's a decent index. during obama administration right after recession it was down to 80. we are absolutely historically at high levels, if you look back at index done monthly, you will
6:27 am
see index at a level that continues to maintain strong, it's just that i think it was a little too high over the past year, i think people were too excited and to be out here running a business and thinking in it's tough, it's tough to find employees, qualified people, it is tough to a lot of competition, tough to grow your business, there's a lot of stresses, healthcare costs to running a business. it's not like president trump is going to come in and solve all of our problems in a year and we suddenly realize it's a better environment to run the business but we are still having the battle. >> these numbers were january, that was the shutdown period. >> people ask me like how are small businesses impacted by shutdown, first of all, people ask me about small business because 30 million small businesses in the country. i can't sit here and say how everyone was impacted by something going on in the economy, absolutely some small businesses were impacted.
6:28 am
if you were a craft brewery, reading for fda loan, federal -- only company and only contract or customer is the federal government, by the way it's not the great way to run if you're a small business, sure, you were impacted. the area where i'm from, small, medium-size clients and i talk to them, most people are buying and selling and doing their things -- the whole conversation of shutdown didn't come up unless somebody was going to airport, that's what i'm seeing on the ground. maria: are things positive, do you think you will see a good year? >> things are more realistic, maria, that's a positive realism. maria: thank you so much, gene marks, federal reserve, u.s.
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maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday february 12th, top stories right now 6:32 a.m. on east coast, a deal in principle, lawmakers agree to go tentative agreement, news striking big rally on wall street, futures indicating gain at the start of trading of close to 200 points right out of the gate. nasdaq up 58 points right now. worries over trade talks with china led to markets having mixed close yesterday, dow industrials down 53 points, s&p 500 up 2 points and nasdaq up 9 and 3 quarters as the president weighed executive order. cac quarante in paris up 56 and the dax up 133, secretary of state mike pompeo in europe this week. asian markets finished higher overnight. take a look, japan was very
6:34 am
strong, up two and two-thirds percent on nikkei average. dietary supplements, multibillion dollar industry, the false claims ahead, remember dr. mike what he told us a couple of weeks ago, do not take the vitamins they are not overseen by the fda, now we have fda looking to have more oversight. plus this wicked weather hitting the united states, details. hawaii, new record for snow, wait till you see the pictures, details coming up. football over baseball, heisman trophy winner choosing nfl days before spring training begins, all the stories coming up tuesday morning but first top story half an hour, pressure to ditch huawei, pompeo warning european companies using technology could hurt relations with the united states. last week i spoke with mike pompeo how they are related.
6:35 am
>> is this part of the conversation on trade because earlier we were saying, oh, it's separate, what happened with huawei is separate from the trade, can you separate? >> the issues are connected. you can have conversations about trade that only address one piece of it but the american policy more broadly has to make sure that it covers that on each of the threats. maria: one of the issues huawei spies on people and company in question. i have been talking about the threat of china for the last year and a half with house intelligence committee devin nunes going back last spring. go through as why you see china as growing national security threat in particularly building military bases all over the world? >> i just mentioned they are building military base, they are also continuing to put more and
6:36 am
more submarine into the oceans, they took over the south china sea, these are the types of things that we have to be concerned about especially has they begin to advance military capability but also to steal our military secrets. maria: china might have accessed intelligence, shared with poland and passed onto has cow. >> essentially owned by the party, the communist party and essentially this is a dictatorship, very few people, they weponized them so when -- all over the world you have chinese technologies particularly infrastructure -- communications infrastructure, they go in and beat every other company around the world and in fact, they have driven a lot of companies out of business because they come in and undercut, they want to have control over all the coms, communication systems all over the world. maria: joining me retired
6:37 am
four-star general jack keane, thank you so much for weighing in this morning. >> good morning, maria. maria: you heard my conversations with devin nunes, the china story sin credible because we know about the economic aggressions but there are military national security aggressions as well, mike pompeo in europe this week trying to explain these issues to european countries who are embedded with huawei technology, what's your take on this? >> well, absolutely. he's out there doing -- doing the kind of work that absolutely needs to be done to confront china. we need comprehensive strategy to confront china not just trade and imbalance and intellectual property theft, the fact that they are economic predators but also how they use huawei and other telecommunication companies as actually extensions of their intelligent services and that's truly what is happening here. the europeans, 40% depend on chinese telecommunication
6:38 am
companies, that's what secretary pompeo is pushing back on, sounding alarm bell particularly as we are moving from 4g to 5g, i mean, clearly what china wants to own is a global communication network and therefore it has access to everyone's data and everybody's information clearly as they have the global ambition to replace the united states as a world's leader. maria: right. >> a step in that direction. maria: the u.s. gets impacted, right, what we just saw take place in poland where we learned that the chinese did the same thing to poland that they have been doing across africa and that is saying, we will create, we will -- we will do your infrastructure on telecom only to be able to tap into that infrastructure and listen in and spy if the polish government is in talks on any kind of security with the united states right there the chinese have open way to listen in on that. the u.s. is getting impacted as
6:39 am
well. >> oh, yeah, because these are our allies, china doesn't give them a choice, create large loans for them to build infrastructures, dams, roads, et cetera, to be part of the deal they force huawei on them. that's part of the negotiation, you will ak kept your telecommunication system, so they own the data in the country for generations to come, maria, it's really quite astounding in terms of strategic ambitions that they have here. maria: it's incredible. let me ask you because i want to get to north korea, before i end on this subject, there's a piece in the journal this morning writing about huawei and the journal points out something very important. you are seeing within america in rural communities push back on the president saying we want to ban chinese telecom huawei
6:40 am
because they need it, so for those rural communities, they're seeing it differently, they are not recognizing the bigger threat of espionage. >> certainly, it only represents 1% of the united states tale -- telecommunication effort. the truth is huawei will use data to its advantage. maybe some way the government can work out a deal to ease them out of it and provide them some credits or tax breaks, something that will help them financially to make the transition from huawei to the united states telecommunication system. maria: let me move onto north korea, during rally last night in el paso the president was optimistic about relationship with north korea? >> when i came in north korea it looked like we were going to
6:41 am
war, you know that, it was going to happen, bad things, now you no missile launches, you have no rocket testing, no nuclear testing and i'm going to vietnam in the near future to have another summit and hopefully we do as well with the second summit like we did with the first. i hope so. maria: general, we still have the elephant in the room where there has not been any denuclearization. >> well, the president has always been optimistic based on relationship with kim jong un. he gets letter from kim jong un and certainly kim jong un -- we are not privy to all of that. there's something that we clearly don't know. the facts are the facts, and you mentioned it there has been not a single weapon or ballistic missile that's been disarmed or dismantled and i think we are at
6:42 am
a stalemate. the first summit meeting there was agreement to denuclearize, a little vague to be sure but nonetheless that was the agreement. now, we have to see a breakthrough at this summit, something actually is taking place in terms of denuclearization at a minimum a timetable, program, a list of weapons inventory that's identifiable. this system -- this place is being dismantled and destroyed, independent inspectors will be on the scene. that would be solid commitment going forward. they would want concession from us to be able to do something like that. they want sanction relief, maria. i doubt the united states will do that. that's what previous administrations have done. we will find a way maybe to negotiate the peace treaty to the end of the war as step forward in terms of our con decision. maria: big important meeting, thanks so much. general jack keane joining us
6:43 am
there. freshman congressman ilhan omar apologizing on her antisemitic comments. cheryl casone with details. cheryl: exactly, maria, congresswoman from minnesota igniting controversy when she suggested in a tweet that group paid members of congress to support israel. omar has apologized. anti-semitism is real and i'm grateful for jewish allies and colleague who is are educating me on the painful history of antisemitic but pointed money in politics. president trump says the congresswoman should be ashamed of herself and nancy pelosi have criticized omar. food and drug administration is cracking down on claims of more than a dozen makers of nutritional supplements, accusing 17 different companies of selling more than 58 products
6:44 am
with false chaims -- claims that could treat or cure, treat diabetes and even cancer. and then there's this, powerful winter storms slamming the midwest, new jersey to declare state of emergency. out west more than 6-inches of snow in seattle area. even hawaii got some snow after cold arctic air blew south pacific. finally, check this out extreme apple pop up, took the photos after last week's polar vortex. i know you like your photography, maria.
6:45 am
maria: so beautiful, they really do look like they are crystal. thanks, cheryl, quick break and then football versus baseball, what would you choose? entering nfl making decisions before entering spring training, back here.
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hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. maria: welcome back, headlines across america this morning, boston harold has story on
6:49 am
vaping, the tax is coming at a time when cigarette smoking in the u.s. has hit all-time low, the government plans to expand 40% tax to tobacco products, vaping product, removing financial incentive to switch. the belleview house and garage where jeff bezos started amazon is up for sale for a cool 1 and a half million dollars you can own the 1500 square foot birthplace of the technology giant. the article points out rather that if bezos himself we wanted to buy the home it would cost him 1,000 of his net worth. mercury news this morning, ibm's artificial intelligence lost debate to a human but still had a strong showing, ibm's project debater ai debated human opponent and whether or not preschools should be subsidized. the computer was given 15 minutes to prepare after getting the topic then the audience judged debate via smartphone according to article ai even got
6:50 am
the audience to laugh. even ai is getting us to laugh, brian. >> i'm sure the ai had vested interest, since children are in preschool right now. dagen: jeff bezos, stop bragging about starting amazon in your garage, you were rich, you worked at hedge fund, you had plenty of money, you act like you were a teenager. maria: it's not like he was bill gates or michael dell. dagen: he was rich already. maria: resources to do it. quick break, heisman trophy winner trading in baseball glove just days before spring training. back in a moment with that.
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maria: welcome back heisman winning quarterback murray changes his mind, jared max with sports. jared: good morning, maria, we thought we might get to see a two-sport star like we did in 90's like jackson and deon sanders, murray, heisman trophy winner, after further review he announced he's moving forward committing life to becoming nfl quarterback, murray a baseball outfielder had been pick bid oakland a's, signing bonus of $4.6 million to play baseball and now has to repay what he received. he receives $210,000. star runningback pushing and kicking a woman in february,
6:55 am
found a new team, his hometown cleveland browns signed him to new contract. record-setting night in nba, russell westbrook made record when he recorded a triple double, tenth straight game, double digit, 21 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists, valued by forbes. at the nba's most valuable franchise, $4 billion, the nba new york knicks set record, they lost 17 straight, 107-104 for cavaliers. first time in 6 years phil mickelson won, congratulations, maria. maria: jared max, catch jared sports reports fox news 24/7 or radio, siriusxm 115, quick
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than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning. everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. its tuesday, february 12th.
7:00 am
your top stories right now, just before 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. dlawmakers reached a deal last night to fund border security and prevent a temporary shutdown. the news is driving a rally in stocks this morning. we're higher by better than 200 points on the dow jones industrial average. the nasdaq is higher by 60 points. up strongly, about 1% across the board as we get earnings continuing to hit the tape, under armour reported better than expected revenue. the uncertainty over a border deal weighed on markets yesterday, dow industrials closed down 53 points, the s&p 500 was up 2 points and the nasdaq was up by about 10 points yesterday at the close. global markets this morning look like this, european indices higher a across the board, fq100 up 21 points, cac in paris up 57 and the dax index in germany up 13 a 135 points. gains across the board in asia, japan the best performer, up
7:01 am
2.5% on the nikkei average. feeling good about your finances? a new poll shows optimism is at a record high. we take a closer look at the numbers this morning. toys r us making a comeback, how the bankrupt retailer is planning a second act with a new name and new look. barbie becomes more inclusive, check this out, a look at the new doll with a wheelchair and a prosthetic leg. all those stories coming up this tuesday morning. joining me to break it down, fox business network's dagen mcdowell, the king's college professor and chairman of the program in business and finance, brian brynberg and investment strategist, lindsey bell. good to see everybody. >> great to be here. did you know that $9 billion of equities went into chinese equities in january, the largest amount ever, so i think the chinese markets are pricing in a china deal and they're pricing in the fed standing pat. maria: people want to he see growth there, looking to china for growth even though the economy there is slowing down. >> broad-based slow daven in sha
7:02 am
has people worried. maria: better include i.p. theft. dagen: one thing to bring up about china, is that reddit did another round of fund raising, the company valued at $3 billion, it raised $300 million in the latest round. guess who is a big investor in that? ten cent from china. reddit is banned in china. it raises the issue which you hammered day in, day out for literally years on this program of china trying to get access to american technology. that's worth paying a attention to. maria: it's worth paying attention to as we continue to see cha chinese ipos strong in e new york stock exchange. we probably will get a deal. the treasury secretary, steven
7:03 am
mnuchin and bob lighthizer are in beijing this week. our top story right now is border security. lawmakers are reaching a tentative agreement to avert a second shutdown. the deal includes $1.4 billion for border funding, it now heads to the president's desk for the final stamp of approval. president trump and beto o'rourke making it clear in dueling rallies that the republicans and democrats do not see eye to eye on a wall. >> walls work. actually, there's nothing like them for what we're talking about. we want to stop drugs. we want to stop traffickers p. we want to stop criminals from coming in. walls save lives. walls save tremendous numbers of lives. >> safe not because of walls, but in spite of walls. we stand for america and we stand against walls. maria: joining us right now is tennessee senator and judiciary
7:04 am
committee member, march sha mara blackburn. thanks for joining us this morning. let's talk about what you've come to in terms of an agreement, the committee i guess coming to a temporary agreement about $1.4 billion toward wall funding. that's way lower than the president wanted. will the president sign this, do you think? >> i don't know if the president will sign it or not. but i do know this. it does put 55 additional miles of wall building on that southern border and this is something that americans want to see. they want to see the border secured and just as the president said so well, ending the influx of drugs and sex traffickers, human traffickers, gangs, that make our communities unsafe. maria, as i've continued to say through this entire debate, until you secure that southern border, every town's a border town and every state a border state because of traffickers and
7:05 am
gangs and violence and drugs and the unsafety and those conditions that are brought to our communities. maria: is it worth signing onto something that includes a decline in the number of beds at the i.c.e. detention centers? this weekend on sunday morning futures, south carolina senator lindsey graham broke the news with us on sunday telling us the president will not sign a deal that cuts the number of i.c.e. detention beds in his facilities. watch this. >.i'm surprised that this is something that's coming up now in the 11th hour. has this been an issue in terms of reducing the number of beds? >> no. maria: before? >> i promise you this. donald trump is not going to sign any bill that reduces the number of bed spaces available to hold violent offenders who come across our border. he can't do that. he won't do that. maria: senator, what about that? what is the significance of the decline in beds?
7:06 am
>> i have been in those detention facilities and i encourage any democrat member who has not been in those facilities to go down there and to take a position that says well, we want to cap the number of people that you can contain of these violent criminal, illegal aliens. think about that. they're wanting to say okay, let's decide the degree of danger that this person may pose and then decide if they are going to be detained or not. if you are in this country, if you're trying to come to this country, if you're a criminal, illegal alien, you don't need to be here. you need to be detained and you need to be deported and barred from ever coming back into this country. maria: but bottom line, senator, will you sign this? >> i don't know if he is going to sign this. maria: will you vote yes to this agreement? >> i'm not going to support
7:07 am
something that reduces the number of beds or says we're going to open up our borders. i think that it is outrageous that people continue to say oh, we need to just open the border and let people walk into this country not knowing who they are, why they're wanting to come here. when i talk to people from tennessee every day, they will say you need to secure the border and all this push of fentanyl and heroin onto our community streets, end this push of gangs, sex traffickers, that are really disrupting life for so many law-abiding americans. and when you talk to angel families and angel moms and you hear their stories, i have an angel mom in tennessee right now rearing her grandson because her daughter was killed by an illegal alien who was a drunk
7:08 am
driver and you know what, maria, they can't find that guy now. he left the country. another family that you have talked to, the korkerans, their son, he is dead, he was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien. this is a problem we can fix. it means secure the border as the president said, walls work. talk to israel. go to san diego. talk to el paso. maria: so you will not support it if it includes a decline in the number of beds. >> you've got to have a place to put people. dagen: this deal is not expected to include that. according to the wall street jury l nail reporting this morning, the deal gives both parties something they sought. the democrats keep funding for physical barriers along the border below president trump's request level. it was at $5.7 billion. the deal includes $1.38 billion for 55 miles of modern physical
7:09 am
barriers. this is the journal. republicans blocked democrats' efforts to place certain limits on detention beds, an issue that derailed talks over the weekend. >> i read that also, dagen. i think that's one of the things that is vitale important. how can you put the border patrol in the position of saying we're not going to give you money for beds and you have to decide the level of danger that somebody would pose to a community in this country. >> what about the $1.38 billion. that's below the $1.6 billion that senate democrats offered in december. shouldn't we at least be getting $1.6 billion in funding for the border wall? >?i think we need to go back and look at the $30 billion that was originally on the table and then the offer was 20 and then it was 12 and then it was 5.7. my hope is this. there are plenty of unobligated funds that are in this budget
7:10 am
and in order to secure our southern border my hope is they will begin to use some of these unobligated funds. because the more we secure it, and the more we end the trafficking of drugs and the trafficking of human beings and the trafficking that is comeing with the gangs, the safer our communities and city streets are going to be. maria: what you're saying is you will support this deal if it's not included in any cuts in beds and you will support it knowing that maybe the president can use other monies that are unaccounted for that have already been approved? >> maria, once i get to see the details -- we don't have details yet. we have an agreement in principle. and once the details come out, we'll be able to decide exactly how we're going to support this or not. maria: let me move on to some of these ideas from your colleagues on the left.
7:11 am
the president also last night slammed the green new deal at his rally last night, saying the green new deal from alexandria ocasio-cortez will hurt the economy. let's listen to the president, then i've got to get your take on some of these other ideas being thrown out there. aoc is hitting back at the president's comments. she tweeted this after the president said it will hurt the economy. she writes this, a man who can't even read briefings written in full sentences is providing literary criticism of a house resolution. >> last week they introduced a massive government takeover that would destroy our incredible economic gains. they introduced the so-called green new deal. [crowd booing] >> it sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark.
7:12 am
maria: it's pretty incredible to hear aoc come back and criticize the president. i mean, here's a woman who just -- she's a freshman congresswoman. she's got a lot of name calling and a lot of things to say about other people. >> well, they've tried different provisions of this green new deal through the years. you remember back in 2007, they tried a part of this. look, if they had their way, fed ex would be out of business. so all of these packages that people are getting from online shopping, that delivery would come to an end. you would see cattle farming, the biggest part of our ag sector in tennessee, that would come to an end. you couldn't go grab and steak or hamburger because they would end that cattle farming and i don't know about you, but pals or bell's in tennessee that make great hamburgers, i like to pick one of those up. you could see an end to all of the fossil fuels.
7:13 am
you think about no service stations, all of those jobs would go away, refining jobs would go away. the logistics industry and all of those jobs. all of that would go away. so i don't know how they plan to pay for this. and there is a true disconnect between saying here is the utopia that we would like to have and you can get around on the bicycle or on your feet. maybe they think they're going to be the pedicrat s and not the democrats. maria: what bothers me, senator, and dagen, you've done this so well, explaining what these plans mean, you pointed out the expensive medicare for all and the green deal and how much it's costing. you never get those kinds of details when you have these you pie in the sky. dagensky ideas.dagen: let me r. they released that faq by accident from the office last week which they tried to walk
7:14 am
back and had to confirm -- maria: some people unwilling to work. dagen: you can hardly find this plan on her website. you have to go in and do a search of the archives to find the legislation that's been filed. the great liberal lie is that the rich, the very, very rich are going to pay for all of this and nobody else has to pay for it. it is the middle class and lower income citizens who get burdened with the higher cost. we use gasoline because it's a cheap form of fuel. we are a giant nation with very little rail infrastructure. and we like to drive everywhere. and it's not that expensive. maria: take a train to europe, right. dagen: you tell people they have to use electric cars which are wildly more expensive based on current technology and you're hurting poor people, hurting the middle class in the country. be honest with them. maria: how about honesty. senator, great to get your
7:15 am
unsights as always. great to see you. coming up, feeling confident, the new poll shows people are more optimistic about their financial future. we break down those numbers, right here, next. jerry reed singing "eastbound and down" ♪eastbound and down. loaded up and truckin'♪ ♪we gonna do what they say can't be done♪ ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪ whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front.
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maria: welcome back. president trump has another reason to tout the country's strong economy. cheryl casone on headlines now. cheryl. cheryl: low unemployment, low inflation, all making americans more optimistic about their finances. they'vthan they've been in 16ye. a new gallup poll shows 69% are expecting their financial situation to improve next year. laura ingram asked the president about this. >> we have a country that's doing the best it's ever done. we are just lapping the world. it used to be were a second sister to china. now china's looking up to us. we are doing so well. and other countries are not doing well. cheryl: the poll also finds 50% of americans believe they are
7:19 am
better off today than they were just a year ago. well, shoppers at whole foods are starting to see higher prices. the wall street journal viewed internal communications which cited rising costs for packaging, ingredients and transportation that the suppliers are paying. some of the contract was the suppliers are now expiring. customers are paying more for things like soap and ice cream, crackers, olives, even cookies now cost you more at whole foods. elon musk talking up life on mars. musk, who is the ceo of spacex, has tweeted this. quote, very dependent on volume but i'm confident moving to mars, return ticket is free, will one day cost less than $500,000, maybe even below $100,000, low enough that most people in advanced economies could sell their home on earth and move to mars if they want to. musk hopes to send the first
7:20 am
crewed mission to mars in 2024. a dutch company that promised a one way ticket to mars is filing for bankruptcy. mars one claimed they would send people to live on the red planet. the company received more than $200,000 applications for the new mars settlement. the finalists of 24 people that was supposed to be announced in 2016 still not released. some critics are opening questioning whether mars one's plans was a big old scam from the beginning, maria. yet elon musk still talking about it. maria: didn't cher say she was going to move to mars after the presidential election? feeling the effects, futures are higher this morning on a possible agreement over border funding. but china's slowing economy could have serious effects here. we'll break it down. dow industrials up 209 points right now, big rally expected today. mattel's new barbie, the company changing the iconic doll to be more inclusive with a wheelchair and a prosthetic leg. back in a minute with that.
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back. we've got a big rally underway, optimism over the tentative funding deal has stocks up across the board, dow industrials up 200 points right now. joining us right now is chief market strategist, art hogan. it's always a pleasure to see you. great to see you. give us the backdrop here. what do we need to see to see a good market in p glaw 2019. >> the government's got to stay open. feels like that's been accomplished. we need to get to the end of the china trade war. we need the exit ramp. feels like that's getting closer many i don't think the messaging has been great about the
7:25 am
progress we've made. depends what day and who is speaking. the fact that we're even talking about having a meeting with xi and trump in florida and the middle of march means we're pretty far down the road. i think both sides are desperate to get something done. remove those head winds and have a brexit that's not a hard brexit, either a second referendum or a softening deal in the eurozone. the back half of the year will look much better. >> everybody is talking about there's a slowdown coming in 2019, 2020. but it seems to me, if you get something done on trade, that can change so quickly and then from a domestic perspective and from a global economic perspective, all of a sudden there's newe enthusiasm. why are so many people discounting the possibility that things can turn on a dime like a that. >> the point you make is very important. businesses hold back decisions that they don't know what their complex supply chain will look like, they don't know what the
7:26 am
lay of the land loo will look ln terms of trade. once that's clear, the pent-up decision making kicks in. your point is very clear. it's difficult to sit back here and listen sometimes to the rhetoric about how far we'll have to go when actually a lot of consisten constructive work n done over the past year. we're probably close to getting something accomplished. i think that releases a lot of energy pent up in the market. maria: you'll be putting new money to work? >> i think it's back end loaded, as are earnings. i think the market will have a great 2019. maria: thanks so much. quick break and then teen tobacco use is on the rise. the cdc is blaming vaping and juul. details coming up. the u.s. takes action to counter china in the race. kyfu lee is next.
7:27 am
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i that's the retirement plan.e, i feel like a million bucks. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. we have a deal in principle. lawmakers announcing a tentative agreement to fund border security and avoid a government shut down. the news is sparking a rally in stocks this morning. dow industrials up 208 points,
7:31 am
s&p 500 up 20, the nasdaq up 58 points right now. futures indicate a strong opening. worries over trade talks with china led to the mixed story yesterday at the close. dow industrials were down 53 points yesterday, s&p 500 was up 2 and the nasdaq up about 10 points yesterday. european indices this morning higher across the board, fq100 up 18 points, cac in paris up 55 points, better than 1%, and the dax index up 141 points, that's 1 1/4%. this is the high of the morning for the european indices. asian markets finished higher overnight with japan up 2 2/3% on the nikkei average. top story this half hour, the future of artificial intelligence in america. president trump signed an executive order yesterday calling for the government to devote more resource toss take on china in a.i. i spoke with the former president of google china, he is thventures president, kai-fu le, for his take on the power of a.i.
7:32 am
>> it's nothing more than a super-charged spreadsheet that can take huge amount of numbers and make really smart decisions but only within one domain at a time. it's fairly limited. but it's very, very accurate. it's better than people for things like face recognition, speech recognition, machine translation, predicting loan default, predicting credit card fraud, maximizing investment returns. maria: most people don't realize a.i. is based on data and the more data, the better data you have, the better a.i. can be. >> exactly. many people think people program a a.i. so someone's writing in all the rules. if you make over $200,000, or have a home, then we give you the loan. that's just the way people think. and when you have a massive amount of data that includes all kinds of background about people, and it can draw correlations among hundreds or thousands of elements of
7:33 am
backgrounds and histories of people, based on whether people actually return the loan or default it and that allows it to make much more accurate personalized decisions that will minimize default rate as an example of loans. maria: tell us what industries across the world are using a.i. and how it's benefiting those industries. >> okay. so it's going to come in waves. the first wave is already happened, it's the internet industry. every website and app uses a.i. mention phase will be financial industries. because those are also numbers games. lots of numbers coming in, trying to optimize numbers, trying to minimize fraud, maximize return and those kinds of numbers, those kinds of applications can really use a.i. and it almost turns into a cash printing machine in those scenarios because there's no factory logistics delivery, just virtual numbers. then after that, a little bit
7:34 am
tougher but you can use it in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, you can use it to see and hear, computer vision, face recognition, gesture recognition, speech recognition, machine translation. then it can start to move and manipulate. that's going to be a little bit farther out but robotics initially for manufacturing, for the factory, for warehouses, for of moving boxes and then eventually for autonomous driving and home robotics and really all together ending up doing all the routine work that we would ever have to do. maria: what are the jobs that are most at risk of being eliminated as a result of artificial intelligence? >> routine jobs are at the most risk, especially the routine jobs are basically reaching quantitative decisions and actually the white collar jobs,
7:35 am
entry level jobs that are routine are most at risk. then i think a lot of the same environment blue collar work will get displaced. then we get to more complex jobs. as long as a job is routine, can be defined by an objective function and is quantitative in nature, over time it will eventually get displaced. maria: let's talk about the other jobs. you said in the past drivers, chauffeurs will get displaced. >> the process of driving a truck on the highway today research technologies already beat people. we just have to implement it. i'd say in about five years there will be very competitive, safer autonomously driving trucks that stay on highways. certain types of doctors will be easier to be displaced mostly, not completely but mostly.
7:36 am
for example, radiology. radiology at least within the job of the radiologist, that's looking at an mri, ct, x-ray, and writing down what is being observed whether it's a tumor size and so on. those will be better done by machines. probably over the next 10 to 15 years. that doesn't mean the radiologist will be out of work. they can move on to research. they can do more of the patient interaction. but a decent part of their job will be gone. and similarly, diagnosis of different types of cancer, let's say lung cancer, skin cancer, we're beginning to see a.i. algorithms doing better than doctors in specific diseases. maria: you make a good point. most people don't realize when you go to the doctor and you're sick, the first thing that the doctor does is a process of elimination. well, it's not this, we know it's not that, that takes time. a machine can do that in seconds. >> well, a good doctor can do it
7:37 am
quickly. a doctor really cannot become a super encyclopedia of everything. maria: where a machine can. >> including new treatments and cannot personalized. maria: you're the former president of google china. you've done a lot of work in this area. you're now a venture captain ca. you're investing around this. what are some of the growth stories you've put money behind? >> we've invested in about 45 a.i. companies, mostly in china. and five of them have become unicorns. they're totally valued at $21 billion. we've invested in a.i. chips, invested in a.i. for banking, autonomous vehicles, a.i. for customer service, and a.i. for retail, a.i. for manufacturing. maria: just trying to understand where china is. because i think china is ahead of america in terms of a.i. >> it's ahead in its speed,
7:38 am
acceleration to implement because people work so hard. chinese entrepreneurs, many chinese entrepreneurs have had families that have been living in poverty for 10 or 20 generations, so the expectation on a single child who in the future have to support two parents and four grandparents, the expectations are very high and there is clearly an opportunity to really become rich. maria: you could understand sort of the skepticism someone from america, a capitalist might have when they look china's use of a.i., because in china obviously it's a communist country. it's a very different approach than a democracy. and in china you've got one central backbone, so all of your payments, all of your searches, all of your everything is going into a central backdrop, backbone, and as long as you're doing what the government wants, you'll be okay. otherwise you could get demerits
7:39 am
and that social contract that you have will dictate whether or not you'll be able to take a train or get a mortgage or get on a plane. so it's a very different approach, what china is doing with a.i. and all the data they have on its citizens and what america may be using the a.i. for. how do you think america should approach a.i.? because i don't think america wants what china has in terms of, you know, -- you could say spying on your citizens or just tracking your citizens. is that a fair point? >> i think it's a little bit exaggerated. maria: okay. >> because today in china the development of a.i. and mobile has more or less tracked america. so by doing like google, alibaba, amazon and ten cent, facebook have developed their success based on their ability to good products and attract the
7:40 am
customers' use. i think the government's relatively stronger control of the companies and of the individuals hasn't been either a liability or an asset. it's just one of the different ways of governance that exists. maria: a lot of these things have come out just in news, like for example the president of the united states is considering doing an executive order to ban chinese telecom in the united states from huawei and zte because of espionage, because of things like tracking our citizens and then you've got people worried about trade secrets being stolen. we had on the ceo of motorola solutions, t-mobile, even microsoft, the president of microsoft told me that i.p. theft of microsoft products cost microsoft $10 billion in profits a year. >> i think that is a very outdaylighteoutdated piece of i. microsoft's new strategy is being on azure.
7:41 am
i think back many years ago, 10, 15 years ago, yes, there has been billions of dollars lost, based on unpaid royalty payments. but i think we're mixing a lot of information here. maria: okay. >> there is the historical piracy issues and the historical i.p. issues that i think are being addressed or will be addressed in the current trade discussions and we shall see. i have pretty strong confidence that will be one of the resolutions reached. maria: lots to talk about here. my thanks to kai-fu lee. you can watch more of my interview this friday night at 9:00 eastern on maria bartiromo's wall street. join us for that special interview. first, kids and parents rejoicing, toys r us is making a comeback, details on the iconic brand's return, next year. a more inclusive barbie, mattel is changing its legendary doll with a wheelchair and a prosthetic leg. all that coming up. stay with us.
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7:45 am
maria: welcome back. tobacco use among teens is on rise again. cheryl casone with the details on headlines now. cheryl: big numbers, maria. the cdc say nearly 5 million middle and high school students use some type of tobacco product in 2018, up 38% from the year before. the agency is blaming nicotine vaping devices for juul for driving the increase. while the use of all other tobacco products stayed flat,
7:46 am
e-cigarette use went up 78% among high schoolers alone. toys r us is planning a come back. true kids, run by former toys r executive richard berry, says they are exploring options including free-standing stores and shops within existing stores. they want to try to do this by the holidays. thethe company mascot, who we sl miss, jeffrey is also included. and then get this, the new more inclusive line of barbies is out. one doll comes with removable prosthetic leg and one of the most requested items has finally arrived, barbie with a wheelchair many this new doll can roll up to barbie's wheel house on a wheelchair aces accee ramp. maria: i love that. i think it's just great.
7:47 am
cheryl: people were asking for it which i think is fabulous. dagen: to help children understand that our differences are what make us wonderful and great and to learn to accept people for who they are, i always think about joey jones who lost both his legs fighting for this country and he once said to me, he said i yow tha ki will spend the rest of my life trying to make people feel comfortable with me. i think this goes a really long way. you know shakine griffin who place for the seahawks who is missing part of his arm, missing his hand. there's a video that was on bar stool sports of this little boy who is a toddler coming up to him and he has the same problem, like he's missing one of his hands. and to see shakime griffin pick that child up and the acceptance and love that was in that image and in that video, you can't beat that. maria: by the way, we're going to take a break. did you watch the grammy's?
7:48 am
how about making a statement at the grammy's. there was a trump inspired dress. she is here live on set. she'll join us next. this is loma linda, a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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maria: welcome back. sending a message, singer joy villa wore a build the wall gown to sunday's grammy awards. joining us now are joy villa and desi allinger, the designer. congratulations to you. i was watching you all night at the grammy's. how was it? what was the reaction you got from people? >> it was crazy. a lot of people were giving me side eye, giving me negative looks, not willing to look me in
7:52 am
the eye, under. the photographers were screaming at me, highly unprofessional. they're hired by the grammy's. they were screaming down with trump, we hate trump, trump hates you, you're a traitor and trump's a traitor. i was like this is different. it was way more hate and vitriol this year than in -- maria: that's terrible. >> you're the one they're there to photograph. >> exactly. they make money. those pictures go to gettyism images and they get to sell them for thousands of dollars. they should be happy. >> you know you're going to get this reaction when you go on the red carpet. do you have to psych yourself up? how do you prepare to walk into that and do it with some level of grace? >> it's something -- this is my -- i've been doing the red carpet since 2015. i'm a member of the recording academy. proud of that. i'm a grammy's advocate. i advocate for the music modernization act. i think they love me but they're not going to quite own me or
7:53 am
claim me yet. but i think they love that i make a splash. so for me, i'm like i'm going amongst musicians, i am a musician, i charted, i'm charting now. it's not a big deal. maria: how about the fact that your album is in the top 10 on amazon, number eight. congratulations. >> thank you. home sweet home. dagen.dagen: home. dagen: we can see the back of the dress. have you heard from pink floyd's lawyer, because it looks like the cover of the wall, the album. have you heard from the lawyers? >> this is the thing. in desi, it's not a an exact replica. we're not selling the dress. that's my dress. i was created as an artistic showcase. a painter can do a jimmy hendricks painting and the family can't sue somebody. maria: how do you feel about this? were you hesitant about designing the dress? were you worried at all about retaliation. >> i was worried about the
7:54 am
backlash, for sure. it was overwhelming. i stand behind my work. i'm proud of what i did, making her vision become a reality. i'm a designer. that's what i do. >> we hear about the negative reaction to this. i'm curious, are there places even on the red carpet or in that event where you do get some people who say well done, i'm glad that you're doing this, thank you for making that statement. maria: you must have had some of that. >> this time, people actually admired me. there was a few people there who were interviewing me and i think this was a reporter fro. >> more. from glamour and she was like you've got some balls to do this. maria: i'm impressed. >> she's a liberal too. she said wow, the fact that you do this and continue to do this and support the president year after year, and i know my statistics on the wall. one in three women are sexually assaulted trying to make it through guatemala or mexico trying to get here. dagen: when i saw that dress on
7:55 am
you, my personal reaction was you did it just to provoke all the people who will be at the grammy's. you did it just to trigger them. and not making any political statement other than i support president trump and i know that's going to make people lose their mind. maria: and i'm an independent thinker. i'm going to think the way i want to think, not go with the herd. >> i know it's going to trigger people. but my main thing is to support the president, support the wall. three more days, was it two, three more days before the government shuts down again if nancy pelosi won't work with the president. they've got to work with the president. the wall is a humanitarian crisis. 70% of heroin is coming to the u.s. from mexico. maria: how much was it what dagen was saying, you want to stick it to them. >> that's one of my things too. i love being a rebel with a cause. maria: rickie rebel, she wore a keep america great jacket to the grammy's. >> i love this, that other
7:56 am
artists are stepping out. i think 2017 was kind of lonely, like i'm the only one, getting death threats. the president's here. i'm supporting him. now we have other artists coming out, supporting trump, becoming less afraid. i think it's a counter-culture shift, more conservatives are going to come out. i hope so. dagen: i want you to wear a dress of lettuce, you're a vegan. that would stick it to the people on the left who are pushing this green deal when if they really believe in it, they need to stop eating meat. >> good idea. vegans unite. maria: how important is it for your album to be number agent? >> it's so exciting. maria: trigger bigger sales? >> oh, yeah. my older album, hit the charts. maria: congratulations. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
7:57 am
[indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
7:58 am
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. . thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo tuesday, february 12 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast an agreement, has been passed in principal lawmaker reaching tentative deal to fund border security prevent a government shutdown now it heads to the president's desk news a rally in stocks dow industrials up almost 200 points futures showing a gain start of trading to tune 55 points higher on nasdaq this after a mixed story yesterday, the uncertainty over border deal on investors dow industrials down 53 points s&p 500 up 2 points the nasdaq up 9 3/4, global markets mostly higher european indices higher
8:01 am
across the board ft 100 off highs of the day up two points right now the cac quarante in paris up 45. and dax up 124 points in are asia overnight gains across the board as you see best was japan, nikkei average up 2 and two-thirds% price of oil this morning crude rallying on production cuts in saudi arabia, opec is lowering 2019 oil demand forecast, then speaking out former federal reserve chairman paul volcker takes aim at president trumps policies in a podcast with dalio. >> star starbucks getting a jolt son is founder stepped back looking what is behind growth in military meal goes viral this he photo has uncanny resemblance to president trump. and kanye west coming up tuesday morning joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, kings college professor chairman of the program, in business and
8:02 am
finance brian, lindsey bell good morning, everybody. great to see you. >> gadgets. >> can't believe 8:00 a barbed wire -- where do you go from here maria: we have a lot of places to go this morning economics, taxes with kevin braid. dagen: dagen: i can't wait for that. maria: we know governor cuomo is headed to the white house today to talk to president trump, about the elimination of the salt deduction. >> exactly as predicted knew blue state governors were not going to like this they have to reform taxes. dagen: if you repeal the tax though as the governor wants, handout to the rich. -- the tax foundation found that pealing cap on state local taxing deductions would clm exclusively provide tax relief for top 20% income earners largest to top 1%
8:03 am
aners governor cuomo saying wait i need the rich oh, my gosh we can tax them to the nose but federal government we need if backstop of the state and local tax -- >> a god forbid rich move out! >> don't go to florida? texas -- >> have you can vote with feet people do when you get policy like that. >> talking about that coming up top story border security lawmaker reached a tentative agreement, underlying word "tentative" in principal to fund border security avert a second government shut down 1.375 billion dollars for more southern he border barrier 55 miles that significantly less than what the president wanted, 5.7 billion dollars is the request, joining me right now, is texas congressman house ways and means ranking member kevin brady always a pleasure to see you thanks so much for joining me. >> good morning, maria. . >> talk about tentative deal in principal, it is a lot
8:04 am
lower than the president wanted, do you expect the president to sign this are you going to vote "yes" for this? >> good question, so i think -- like others i am withholding judgment until we can see details the dollar alters for barriers looks like a down payment but what we know from big spending bills you want to dig deeper president asked for more than that asked for dollars for new technology for deterrents border agents dollars to help work off backlog along border of kies like most lawmakers i want to dig into exactly what spending bill gives to states like texas frankly we pay the price, of open border in sex being trafficking, drug trafficking unfortunately criminal elements. >> how significant is money available in other agencies that has already wen approved but has not been allocated because there is a fair amount of conversation going around, that the president does have access to other money, half a billion dollars, from
8:05 am
confiscated drug money, money approved in certain agencies has not been allocated. >> hard to snow what sum is clearly president said he will take every dollar congress can give look for resources within federal budget to be more secure at the border in a broad raining of activities so i don't know what that total anlt would be that is out there, i do mother the white house has been pretty diligent trying to determine, exactly what they have to work with. maria: o are the republicans supporting the president on this i mean are you going to hold out for more money toward the border barrier. >> depends on what details, i know sounds like i am repeating myself but i have learned from experience, these major spending bills, you really got to dig into it to find out what is there. for your priorities and my priorities are this border security in a big way. >> looks like the republicans were effective in terms of blocking that 11th hour request on "sunday morning
8:06 am
futures" south carolina senator lindsey graham joined me said the president will actually not sign a bill that cuts the number of beds ice facilities, watch this. >> i am surprised this is something that is coming up now, in the 11th hour has this been an issue in terms of reducing the number of beds? >> no. >> before? >> i promise you this donald trump is not going to sign any bill that reduces the number of beds spaces available to hold violent offenders who come across our border he can't do that. he won't do that. maria: are i guess that is off the table congressman? >> yeah, that is a big win so can you imagine, if congress had number of violent criminals local police could arrest -- how dangerous would that be with outrage would be, democrats even proposing that for criminal elements to come across the border, equalizingh equal dangerous a significant win for republicans in this fight. >> when do you think you will have more clarity on this, you are going to see details
8:07 am
today? >> that is right, soon it will come out, over the next few days, about my understanding is that theory working through some details, on the appropriations side so i assume we will start getting that here over the next 48 hours, clearly, we want to acth act before federal funding runs out end of the week. >> let me move on to battle over taxes obviously you were one of the major architects of the new tax law that did move the needle on economic growth, now new york governor andrew cuomo meeting with president trump at the white house today to discuss state and local tax deduction it was capped at 10,000 dollars part of the president's tax overhaul governor cuomo blaming that for 2.3-billion-dollar budget shortfall, the journal out with op-ed today writing the real problem is new york's tax rates there cuomo and party can fix people are mobile mr. cuomo said this week they will go to a better tax environment this is not a
8:08 am
hypothesis. that is a fact maybe mr. cuomo should stay in albany do something about that reality writes journal i ask you are you willing to look at salt deductions elimination and perhaps change. >> it the answer is no, and here is why. a new york state is a fantastic state so are other high taxed states like california but they abruptly tax foemz local businesses the economy is booming because of those tax cuts the fact of the matter is they tax families so high people are leaving, and so repealing salt deduction does two things, one it rewarding mainly wealthy homeowners earners in the state and secondly encourages governor kumamoto raise taxes even higher, exactly the opposite what most families businesses in new york want to see. maria: yeah, this is the case that you made initially when you first made this change, and put into it the tax
8:09 am
legislation, but i was surprised to hear president trump a couple weeks ago say i am willing to look at this have you spoken to the president? is he really considering looking at this? >> show i haven't spoken to president on this, obviously look he is willing to listen comes from new york understands how brutal taxes are no, congress in my view is not going to ray of raise this raising salt deduction a 10 $a year tax cut for middle class 140,000 there are a a year contacts cut for wealthy isn't is what congress is going to focus on. >> what cheepgs might we see the last time i spoke with you you said we're looking at tax cuts 2.0 want individual cuts permanent that is still on the table. >> it is for us certainly we passed that out of the house last year to make tax cuts permanent for family small businesses we wouldn't be on that as you know to begin helping families and small businesses, save more for
8:10 am
retirement, education, and health care and then, to help encourage more business start-ups in u.s. ail that passed through house 2.0 last year. we are going to work with democrat colleagues on issues like retirement savings, we think there is common ground we can find there, actually helps a lot of families. maria: how are you going to deal with your colleague alexandria ocasio-cortez aoc wants to raise tax rate to as you know 70% you've got top rate 37%. >> perhaps she wants to go back to the bad old days and worse where our economy was stagnant middle class paychecks have been flat for decades we kept seeing jobs moving overseas no one else in america wants to go back to that type of economy. her ideas are exactly what got us in the trouble in the beginning so we are just working out of that mess the fact of the matter is we need families to keep more what they earn we need local businesses to invest more in
8:11 am
workers and businesses. maria: is it fair to say it is not going to happen? what is the view of some of her ideas? because she is coming out with this green deal, of course, doesn't make a lot of sense, a lot of things she said just don't make sense in terms of getting rid of fossil fuels within 10 years not realistic costing trillions of dollars it is going to cost you've got others calling for medicare for all we know costing more than 30 trillion dollars how are you dealing with new ideas, that are sort of a bit pie in the sky. >> i will demography will addre is not going to happen ever we are not turning the rest of america into new york articulationing system we see how harmful that can be working families into the businesses. >> let me move on to former federal reserve chairman paul volcker targeting president trump's policies as well spoke out in interview with bridgewater associates founder
8:12 am
ray dalio said u.s. is not on constructive track criticized on china traiz negotiations says he agrees more with president xi than president trump how negotiations are being handled your recollection. >> i would disagree with that china has been cheating far of a long for ally economic partner no question too much of economy model based on cheating president trump called their hand on it as every president wishes they would have in the challenge, of course, is getting china to change, their misbehavior and that is not he easily done i think talks are constructive seem they broaden to discussions to a whole range of structural issues that hasn't happened in -- in a decade or more. and so look, the talks are i think making progress in the scope of what they are discussing, we don't have an outcome yet i don't expect it overnight i do know the president our president trump is engaged with president xi
8:13 am
whether they meet or not next few weeks i think the conversations between those two leaders are occurring, and are critically important. >> before you go let me ask you about expectations of a pretty good slowdown coming, to the u.s., come 2020. what are your thoughts is this economy going to need more stimulus going into 2020? why do you think that so many people are worried about an economic slowdown, when obviously we just had 4.% growth second quarter last year, 3 1/2% growth in third quarter, largely because of the wind at the back of the economy from your tax legislation. >> there is no question new tax code strengthened the economy beyond most predicted before the tax reforms occurred but i think the only thing holding america back are two things one we need more workers, we need more customers means more trade mexico and canada europe japan china and the president by the way, you know his trade agenda is focused on n two-thirds of the potential export sales for
8:14 am
america so he is tackling biggest potential customers we need the secondly we workforce i am telling you maria number one challenge back home, businesses of every size every corner of the country are starved for workers holding our economy back, so i think in congress can address two issues you will see more growth in the future. >> quick are you expecting, tax returns to be lower and disappointing this year? >> you know, no, i don't. the fact of the matter is everyone knows this tax refunds amount of that simply means how much you didn't have in your paycheck, last year. if you are living paycheck to paycheck most families, you want that tax relief every month, you don't want it a year later, what refunds represent. >> i got you congressman good to see you as always thanks so much always a pleasure to see you congressman kevin brady joining us shares of starbucks up better than 20%!
8:15 am
since the gaur of former ceh owe hard schultz, check this out a military meal package uncanny similarity to president trump and kanye west the photo is going viral. back in a minute. ♪ based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology, for smarter trading decisions. and it's only from fidelity. open an account with no minimums today.
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maria: o amazon bet on smartphone kristina partsinevelos with details. >> definitely going to what seeing futures market yes talking about amazon they are looking at takeover your home, and make it smart the company has announced it is acquiring, home wi-fi device if you won what makes this special the device plugs into a modem has additional plugs that go around the house that can be customized plug into the wall no dark spots your basement this allows amazon to start adding more products, into your home that connect everything and make it smart,
8:19 am
maybe start using echo products to order items listen to music there has been concerns too that it does eavesdrop on conversations, they announced no don't worry, the wi-fi device does not track internet activity policy will not change with this acquisition amazon has doubled number of staff on ecotype products they are pushing towards making home more smart, talking amazon we know "washington post" a few days ago released a report saying amazon is possibly reconsidering their second headquarters in new york city because they haven't tan out leases yet you have politicians local politicians residents upset about amazon coming into the area. even though we don't know mayor de blasio said amazon coming is mission critical, and another city to step up is newark, end on this you have been teasing on it all morning, we know that
8:20 am
starbucks quickly has hit all-time high on monday that was yesterday. the stock has been up 20% since howard schultz stepped down you got mobile offerings improving people ordering on phone and china, china, china. the company said they are going long on china see a lot of growth back to you. maria: thank you so much kristina partsinevelos on the floor of the new york stock exchange a powerful winter storm slams midwest and east coast hawaii seeing snow everything you need to know right after this. i'm a veteran
8:21 am
8:22 am
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the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. hitting united states storms slamming midwest and northeast along with heavy snow and ice,
8:24 am
fox sr., meteorologist janice dean with the latest, all right janice give it to us. >> here we go yes across northeast a lot of people are focused on the snow, but i want to make sure that every one knows this is not a blockbuster snow event like across the upper midwest this is going to be an icing concern for places like chicago, toledo philadelphia new york city, even though not getting those big snowfall totals going to be izing making travel dangerous if not impossible in areas people need to really, put on thinking caps, say do i really need to go out there do i really need to hit the road? a lot of schools canceled right now connecticut, new jersey new york, new england because this iceing a concern ice storm warns parts of chicago toledo forecast precipitation getting snow across new england upstate new york the pink shading the ice
8:25 am
that is going to be the big, big concern, i cannot stress that enough. as we go through the afternoon hours so winter weather advisories ice chicago toll he hadl flash flooding component across ohio river valley make mention another storm system going to bring perhaps significant snow in the seattle area, they have set a record for the most snow in 70 years he seattle so this is next weather maker across west if i could one of your viewers sent us this ghost apple on instagram central michigan last week this is a coating of ice over top apple and the apple decomposed lowest us with beautiful ice sculpture isn't nature amazing one of your fans in michigan i just wanted to point attention to this winter can be beautiful but can also be very dangerous. >> amazing picture we showed earlier, because it actually
8:26 am
looks like a crystal -- it is covered in ice. >> fantastic. >> gorgeous! >> i don't know about weather but pictures are, thank you so much. >> of course, janice dean latest there coming up bill gates talking taxes, policies like aoc's are missing p picture fashion, cofounders in the studio revealing latest trends hitting shelves this season back in a minute. >> ♪ down, down things will be great when you are downtown, you will find a place for you, downtown ♪ ♪ can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it,
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, february 12. top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the button on the east coast, a deal in principal, lawmakers announcing a tentative agreement to fund border security avoid a government shutdown news sparking a rally in stocks this morning, futures indicating a gain start of trading sentiment 200 points on dow jones industrial average, 19 points higher s&p 56 points higher on nasdaq, in europe this morning, gains there as well although ft 100 turned negative, that is down about 3 1/2 in london, about 3 points lower there cac quarante up 44 points in paris, dax in germany up better than 1%, 18 points higher asian markets higher across the board, overnight best was japan up 2 2/3%, head to head bill kates says
8:31 am
congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez green new deal is missing the picture detail coming up, and it is faction week in new york a look at latest trend and big trends for luxury retail, with the cofounders of badgley mischa in studio uncanny similarity to president trump and canny west top story this half an hour taxes in focus president trump expected to meet today, with new york governor andrew cuomo, about potential changes to the tax law blake burman with the very latest we spoke with kevin brady on house ways and means he said he is not going to look at putting back that salt deduction, over to you. reporter: he doesn't want to get rid of it at all then, of course, there is andrew cuomo maria, the governor new york meeting with president trump at the white house later this afternoon, and cuomo says he is going to use his face time with president to push for repeal of the salt the cap for
8:32 am
salt deduction that cap 10,000 dollars state and local indices taxpayers can duck under new tax code cuomo saying that the salt cap getting rid of that is one of the single most important issu financially for his state. >> what it does is it has created two different tax structures in this country. and it has created a preferential tax structure in republican states. >> interview with reporters lasted week president defended salt cap also suggested he is open to looking at he repealing the cap, but you mentioned congressman ken brady architect, of course, of the republican tax code listen to his response when you asked him if he would support moving that salt cap. the answer is no, and here is why. a new york state is a
8:33 am
fantastic state, so are other high tax states like california but brutal tax their families and local businesses. reporter:. reporter: bob menendez krang brad pass acquittal, jr., democrats from high tax states new jersey introduced a bill to repeal saying to fully deduct is a bedrock of tax code. >> interesting governor cuomo saying god forbid rich leave what did he expect with sky-high tax money is mobile medium with money go where it is treated best. >> argument from cuomo and others, is that this sal cap is hurting not only new york, but new jersey, california, illinois you know big high tax states -- or but as we hear from kevin brady other argument look inward you are the governor, you can change
8:34 am
the tax code, do something about it. maria: right. >> cuomo will be here at the white house today trying to argue to change the federal tax code. maria: we will watch that meeting blake burman at the white house, let's talk about this, we've obviously talks about this a lot lindsey what does it do to economy when you see thank you know, tax situation that is increasingly difficult for the spenders. >> her seeing it right now in new york you are seeing major companies bernstein others leaving city moving to tennessee florida other states, to bring businesses there, you talked about money is moving people that live here wealthy people that have second homes in some other lower tax states moving there, making those primary homes and it is going to deteriorate the economy here, in new york state, california, and others. the question though is to if we have not if it wasn't new york going down if it wasn't new york where trump hills a from would he take a meeting with governor from california?
8:35 am
>> a disconnect in the party on one hand you have what is going on with cuomo in new york there is a real problem there, on the other hand, the a democratic party is pushing a green new deem can only may be be partially funded if you completely tax the rich, at level that would drive them out of the country, drive assets out of the country, so the right and left hand in party have no idea what they are talk approximating about. dagen: "the wall street journal" editorial on sand drew cuomo's quote tears of salt points out the andrew cuomo is blaming a party for the financial woes in new york state a party that doesn't run the state. that doesn't run new york city. that is that is what is laughable about him being upset about this what is it like a 3.2 -- 2.3-billion-dollar shortfall you are going to have to get your financial house in order and going to have to cut spending that is the end of it by the way, if you get rid of
8:36 am
this cap on state and local tax deductions the federal government is going to lose 600 billion dollars over 10 years, this is -- from the democrats crying about rising budget deficit rising debt all of a sudden they woken up to because they don't have anything else to talk about. >> bill gates talking about it says tax policies like congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is 70% marginal tax rates missing the mark in a podcast said irs shows statistics for top 400 people highest income rate they pay 20% has nothing to do with 39.6% marginal ordinary income rate a misfocus if i focus on that missing the picture he says tax rates can be more progressive, and daebdz thoughts about what bill gates itself saying about taxes. dagen: there is an issue you raised on this program repeatedly, that hedge fund managers didn't they still get
8:37 am
to carried interest can still 20% take advantage of the carried interest what he is talking about, and that if you if even sort of what cardi b was talking about posted video online making it was going viral like all of her things do, but talking about her friends, and her fellow rap artist musicians they make seven figures but tax rates in cities where they live are astronomical, and supporting families supporting thank you know vast number of people as part of their business, and they are getting taxed through the nose you have hedge fund managers not getting taxed at ordinary income level so if you really want to go we are talking trying to create a level playing field in fairness in tax system kind of what bill gates is talking about. maria: if you really want to push back on talking point democratic talking point tax
8:38 am
package to rich that is area to cut back on carried interest anything else lowering corporate rate not necessarily going to rich it is going to corporations following through creating jobs, and trying to invest money. >> have i think gates pushing back on myth if you raise taxes in upper quartiles, parts of income sale that is going to pay for spending you think it is not. that is not the issue you are not even coming close quit talking about that not kind of tax reform that is going to make country stronger, better, hats off for pushing on that i don't think anybody is listening to him on that side of the aisle. >> too many loopholes for tax brackets but the reality is every one needs to pay taxes only 50% of this country pays fair share in taxes. >> wealthy. dagen: not even fair share when you have half this country pays no net income tax not paying a dime for national
8:39 am
defense not a dime toward military people say they pay payroll taxes other tax you know your payroll taxes go to fund benefit to you. that you eventually collect, i am talking about paying for our soldiers, paying for to protect about what the values and what we hold so dealer. maria: i tell you once more i said a hundred times top 10% earners pay 71% of all income tax already today green new deal facing backlash sticks democratic presidential candidates however already have said oh i am onboard stuart varney weighs in, the cofounders of clothing line here on set to highlight the latest trends a future of retail back in a moment.
8:40 am
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green new deal slammed by president trump last night, there are plenty of democrats in congress who are throwing support behind is joining is now host of stuart varney to weigh in. >> good morning senators harris warren booker are cosponsors of the green new deal resolution, senators klobuchar gillibrand sanders
8:44 am
support concept of the green new deal all six are declared close to being presidential candidates for 2020. that is astonishing green new deal is a peace of monumental economic monies to have presidential candidates sign on coauthor it cosponsor it is ridiculous frankly embarrassing what are democrats thinking they seriously propose a revolution o ends to all fossil fuels 10 years transformation of society normal costs when alexandria ocasio-cortez was asked how are we going to pay for it simply said federal reserve would extended credit. i believe otherwise known printing money does she have any idea what printing more tens of trillions of dollars would do for economy i think an embarrassment for democrats i am surprised so many signed on to it i expected to start
8:45 am
backing away if a of the. >> new pushback from democrats not necessarily decontaminates it is a value play we're giving you values. >> do you think we will vote for that do you think we will vote for that? i mean i just can't see america doing that. maria: you know we need honesty in terms of what details of all this stuff is. >> i think so so -- >> throw out ideas pie in sky ideas no details what it is going to cost what it is going to mean like medicare for all meaning you know 150 million people currently getting out there through employers or getting health care through private insurance companies will be stuck being. >> i am laughing but it is not funny very idea a major political party would propose economic nonsense is beyond me. maria: and me. >> stuart i know you have a lot more we will see you then "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" stuart thank you first the silhouette
8:46 am
viral this morning a look at military meal featuring uncanny resemblance to president trump and kanye west rocking the runaway badgley mischka cofounder here latest trend hitting stores this season fashion week in new york. ♪ ♪ to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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maria: fashion biggest names in new york city for faction week this week that was a look at badgley mischka's fall 2019 show last week next two guests bringing back postwar glamour
8:50 am
with new collection, joining us right now badgley and james mischka, great to see you thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> congratulations on the show, and on 30 years you had a special show this year, because of the 30-year anniversary how do you stay so strong and vibrant after all these years? >> i certainly -- a challenge never an opportunity to get bored one single seconded in the fashion industry so i think what is most difficult thing about it is best thing about it you constantly get to start over, not a lot of businesses where you always have that opportunity, to start with a clean slate every four months, as exhausting as it can be super bowl grat advertising creative process. >> gratifying, tell us a backdrop we talk about economy every morning, and sort of look at this bifurcated story retail right now how would you cash relies fashion.
8:51 am
>> 30 years ago three voices, editorial voices three retail voices now thousands of editorial voices, so many opportunities to sell clothes not just about brick and mortar it is only a lot of experiential thanks for zmooer totally changed the way people buy. >> how has it changed the way do you business. >> hasn't much we have never done trendy clothes sometimes worked against us but toughened sort of tuttle wins race we stay in our lane hopefully stick to guns our woman knows what she is coming to us for can count on us for that. >> number of influencers changed different channel voices you never heard of coming up having influence on your market, how do you think about partnering with those folks to get your message out? >> we try to be you know, amenable to them, invite to show work with a lot go on road we do you know, shows
8:52 am
across the country al meet with local influencers each market that we go to try to get local feelings, flavor then we just we just do what we do because we like it all you can really do just present what you want to present hopefully will resonate. >> what is your strongest market in the united states that people might not think about people this can new york city as fashion center but really a lot of smaller cities in the country that can drive a trend or drive your business. >> it really is, you kantner statement places we thought would be, a teeny market for us, i think our biggest show in history was in seattle, washington -- you know places you expect texas love to shop -- >> they love to shop. i wanna gown we've got silver gown behind you lakewood silver with big hair. >> it is little pockets you know every community out
8:53 am
there, has that beautiful little carriage trade boutique, and they own that, and if right women come on right day you would be shocked to see with a kind of business you can do. >> i was very impressed with early on in trump administration, when the media brings physician industry take shots at trump you talked about how you had a longstanding relationship and you know her, for so long, i thought that took courage you had colleagues taking shots at them do you have a long stand that relationship. >> we do al dressed her always beautiful in our clothes -- >> fun to work with fantastic stunning. >> you are expanding to china. >> we are. >> we have 16 stores if china now going to have 30 by the end of the year, it is a huge growing market for us, chinese
8:54 am
middle class not all in big cities, there are still big cities you just don't know what they are because, not -- like in america but plenty of places to sell clothes. >> do they try to copy you i mean it you i have another friend designer i stayed in china she said no because there are a million others that say they are -- they are not really new. >> carefully about getting brand protected as much as you can. >> designer costs vary, authenticity knows clothes, and knows what she is buying. >> a couple trends. >> tell me 3,000 dollar puffy coat one thousand dollar athletic shoes are on the way out o i just can't -- expensive. >> it is literally a thousand dollar sweatshirt makes my head spin. >> what is going to be hot trends for 2019.
8:55 am
>> i think that for fall 2019 a lot more protection why we did more tailoring for fall coat dresses, feel more like armor important people feel protected for spring going to right now about color, and for spring. >> silhouette, sleeker there is a lot of more tailoring in gowns all of a sudden we are discovering our women love like a beautiful coat dress for evening, example daphne wearing in white, slightly tailored super glammous, women are going for a simpler look right now one great detail makes a statement. >> no puffy coat. >>. dagen: makes me crazy. >> great to have you thank you so much for joining us mark badgley james mischka silhouette going viral it be labeling on military meal
8:56 am
package featuring uncanny similarity to president trump and canny we kanye west. we'll be right back ♪ uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance so that you only pay for what you need. uh... thanks, phoebe. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
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8:59 am
>> a military meal has gone viral here's cheryl with headlines. >> internet think two figures look like kanye west and telling
9:00 am
fox news no that wasn't intention here's what they say. image is standard on those and president trump kanye relationship. no it is not supposed to be them maria there you go. >> thanks so much cheryl have a great day right to "varney & company" we go stuart take it away. >> dporng maria good morning everyone. dualing rallies at the border. president trump huge overflow crowd, we're building the wall he said. beto o'rourke smaller or crowd we stand against walls he said. and then there was this. of some of o'rourke supporters flew mexican flags. my seated on top left of the screen is there, there, bad mistake don't fly a foreign flag on american soil in protest at an american president. i think that's a very bad move what do you think? later, later ash -- [laughter] this morning details on the border security compromise only


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