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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 12, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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home. lou dobbs is next, right here on the foxbusiness network for have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> lou: good evening everyone. the bipartisan border security conference committee has finally reached an agreement. it is a pitiable product, even by the low standards by the incompetent senators and congressmen devoting no more than two workdays to their sad effort. whatever the shortcomings of the steel, and there are many, it is what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer intended it to be. in his alter president trump and the american people. the purported agreement, we have not seen it is a bill that will not only rankle the white house, the american people, it makes a
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mockery of the work compromise. given the president about 25% of the money he demanded for construction of the border wall. he asked for 5.7 billion. the committee coming up with 1.37 billion. that is 26% of mr. trump's asked. understandably, president trump said he is unhappy with what the appropriators on the committee came up with. but, mr. trump is, as we would expect, utterly undeterred, no less determined, here he is. >> i'm not happy about it. it's not doing the trick, but, i'm adding things to it. when i add what #, it's all going to happen where we will build a beautiful, big, strong wall that will not let criminals and traffickers and drug dealers, and drugs into our country. it's very simple.
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were building a wall. am i happy at first glance? the answer is no. i'm not. i'm not happy. but, am i happy with where were going? i'm thrilled. >> lou: radical dams, senate minority leader, chuck schumer emerged today from his rightful place in relative obscurity, to wring his hands publicly and needlessly and for the president to sign the bill. president trump doesn't want another shutdown. but, he also makes it clear, dems would be to playing. >> i don't think you're going to see a shutdown. if you did have it, is the democrats fall. i accepted the first one. i'm proud of what we have accomplished. people learned during that shutdown all about the problems coming in from the southern border. i'm extremely unhappy with what the democrats have given us. it's sad. there are doing the country no favor.
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they are hurting our country very badly. >> tonight, we discussed the reckless agreement that does little to address the worsening national security crisis at our border. congressman mark green, former reagan white house director, ed rollins, washington times opinion editor, and charlie hurt. newly revealed documents find it was corrupt fbi officials who were the real perpetrators intervening in the 2016 election for hillary clinton. judicial watch finds the judicial council in hillary clinton's attorney talking about james coming letter on the clinton e-mails, days before the presidential election. we take it all up tonight. former u.s. attorney joins us. on wall street today a convincing spirited rally today driven by the president's writing of approval ratings in
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the most recent polling's success in managing the chinese trade talks and tariffs on the rising confidence that the mueller witchhunt and intelligence committee investigation are expiring without impact. and resulting invalidation for president trump. we take it all appear tonight. first on trade, the presidency and without a deal the united states is finally winning with china. >> were close to a deal. we think we can make a real deal and is going to get done. i can see myself letting us live for a little while. either way i'm happy. i could live receiving billions of dollars a month from china. china never gave us 10 cents. it was always the opposite way. now, they're paying billions of dollars a month for the privilege of coming into the united states and honestly taken advantage of our country. >> there still taken advantage of the country because they're
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suing steely not tens of billions, but hundreds of billions of dollars in intellectual property and technology from the united states. that's the subject of the current trade talks taken place in beijing. tonight, john is among our guests. our top story, will he or won't he sign. the president will be presented with the bipartisan deal that is billions of dollars short of what he has demanded and what he should expect. republican congressman said the steel is insufficient. he said he hopes the president will do whatever necessary to provide border security. >> this is insufficient. 5.7 billion for 200 miles a wall is less than one tenth of 1% of a trillion dollar plus budget. the democrats give lip service that they want to secure the
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border. yet, they don't come up with the deeds to do it. i hope the president will use whatever option it takes to secure this border. it is an enormous threat to our nation's survival. >> nancy pelosi and the radical dams are content to allow illegal immigrants, criminals and drugs to flit across the border since being sworn in their using their time to investigate the president rather than work in the national interest. this congress in comparison has passed only five bills that have become law. five. the house is held 59 hearings. a number involving their president and his administration. the house has worked only 19 of the past 29 days. over the same time president trump has been working nonstop to secure the border. he has been supervising trade talks to eliminate the devastating trade deficits with
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china. directing american first foreign policy by supporting venezuelan opposition leader and u.s. forces will soon destroy isis in syria, within weeks, if not sooner is the estimate. president trump guiding wall street and the fed on interest rates. they needed guidance for their part they tried to kill the economy with interest rates hikes. they have been chasing. the president is leading the nation and we have not seen the likes of this leadership in decades. our first guest is the member of the freedom caucus. he said the bipartisan border deal is embarrassing. joining us mark green, member of the house oversight committee the house freedom caucus. it's good to have you with us. it is an embarrassment certainly i cannot imagine being any part of that committee and not being embarrassed that that was the
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product over the course of two and half weeks. >> it's embarrassing, it's insulting. i'll even say insulting. we are asking for 5.7 billion and we got 1.3 billion. it's clear the dems don't care about border security. we view it as a crisis 300 americans die every week. they don't care. it's humanitarian crisis and they don't care. for them it's about 2020 and winning the presidential election. >> lou: of their conduct in value carried the day in 2020, i cannot imagine this republic would have much of a future. this is utter disdain for the security of the american people. the impact is you reference a $50 billion on the illicit drug trade every year going into the coffers of the cartels. this is shameless conduct and a
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shameless response. the president has called the nation to arms to support him as he deals with the national emergency. the emergency doesn't go away whether he declares it a national emergency, whether the radical left ignores it, it's still there and the collateral damage is devastating for this country. >> it's huge. pgh so, physician and i think of it as an arterial bleed. you don't fix a scratch on the four head when you have an arterial bleed. he put a tourniquet on it and get it fixed. thus was going on at the southern border. we need a fast solution. i encourage the president to do what he can to get the wall build. >> i turned to senator mcconnell. the majority leader has had an extraordinary rhetorical journey over the past two weeks warning the president not to declare a
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national emergency, warning him that republican party might not support him and today, this. if we could roll that i want your comments. >> i think chairman shall be in the democrats on a bipartisan basis have done a good job. from a republican point of view, there is money in their for new barrier fencing. not everything the president hopes to get. but a good step in the right direction. i hope you will decide to sign. >> your thoughts on the senate majority leader and his effusive guidance to the president? >> i'm disappointed. 55 miles the barrier is not 243 miles of barrier. homeland security came back to the administration and said we need 243 miles. it's basically stiff arming homeland security and telling them were going to give you 55.
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it's unconscionable to me and i understand. i've been a state senator before. i understand you want to come out of a meeting like that and be excited but the truth is, this is an insult and is certainly not going to get us where we need to be on border security. >> that national crisis will not change your respective weather is declared a national emergency or not. whether did the democrats continue in some of the rino republicans continue to deny the reality and the pain in devastating results of addiction, the deaths of tens of thousands of americans. dams, the radical dams and beto o'rourke separated from reality. this guy, o'rourke is quite a character. a counter rally he had the grand illusion decided he could have a
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counter rally against the president. that didn't work out. >> that was a bit of a wake-up call. >> i'm pretty sure that it won't work. he said last night that el paso was safe. this is with the dea talking about the hub of the drug court order. up to mexico, as you know let's put this up this is from judicial watch reporting on how deadly that area is. the dea declaring a major hub for opioids and methamphetamines entering the united states. customs, border protection, illegal arrest up from january of last year to january of this year. islamist terror smuggled into cartels into the united states near el paso.
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you have beto or rourke who cannot gather a crowd. he also can't gather his senses to understand what is staring he and great texans in that area straight in the face. >> congressman. >> lou, i couldn't agree more. i think your 200 guys show up at the rally and the president had 69000 people apply. this guy thought he would make a statement. he made his statement. the end of a presidential bid on mr. rourke side. el paso is a dangerous place. it is significantly better than what it was ten or 15 years ago before they built the wall. interestingly enough when i was an infantry officer i went down to fort bliss into the rotation there. our leadership would not let us go into parts of el paso.
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we were told is off limits. then, they built a wall and it is better. walls work. it's time to secure the border. >> el paso, if were told by reliable sources and by the judicial watch that the numbers 24, 23 murders last year and el paso against 1200, walls to work. but, we also know sometimes numbers are doctored and that's the allegation against the el paso law enforcement agencies including the sheriff's office and police department. >> when your military leadership won't let a group of soldiers who are well trained go into an area, it's probably not safe. congressman, we appreciate it. >> is good to see you. congressman mark green.
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still ahead, the evidence of more corruption in the fbi leadership. the fbi working hand in hand with the clinton campaign in 2016. the wonder is that president trump one with the u.s. government working against him and apparently at the orders of hillary clinton. we take it up with the attorney tonight. up next, president trump using that rally in el paso to reaffirm the need for a border wall. >> just so you know, were building the wall. >> walls save lives. walls say tremendous numbers of lives. >> their full of crap when they said has a made a big difference. safety is the birthright of every american, which is why we must finish the wall. >> lou: will be right back. ed rollins joins me next. stay with us.
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the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> we are taken out thousands and thousands of people from ms13. but, if we have proper border security including a very powerful wall, we wouldn't have to work so hard. it would be a lot safer.
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>> president trump declaring build the wall, and mitch mcconnell saying, he wouldn't be troubled with the president using his powers of transfer to get more money to build that. quite a change for the senate majority leader. he has not always been so open and helpful over the past two weeks. here's what the senator had to say. reported by the washington post two weeks ago. mcconnell cautioned president trump privately about the consequences of declaring a national emergency saying it could divide the gop. he told trump, not president trump, trump that congress might end up passing a resolution disapproving the emergency declaration which would force him to contemplate the first we do in place of opposition of his own party. blabber, bull, nonsense.
7:21 pm
joining us is ed rollins. can you imagine the speaker sitting there. >> the majority leader. >> would get rid of the speaker. >> let's get back to the senate. no, can't. the reality is, the president is going to do what he has to do. >> i get it. but i'm asking about mcconnell. now he's saying he won't be troubled by the transfer authority of the president, acknowledge and supporting it, a week ago he's being accused of talking to the president like a poor cousin. >> he's a complicated man. he's done a good job on the judges and the rest has been rather weak. the reality is, he looks to his own caucus to see what direction they want to go like defending his budget agreement is all about shelby.
7:22 pm
>> lou: shelby hasn't done anything in his entire career in the senate. >> that he is one of the clan. bottom line is they're protected as a club. the terrible deal. i think the president said that today. the decision he makes at this point time is critical. i think you will build the wall and will ship money and will go do that. let's get it done. >> so, that's a positive. this president has emerged with the wind at his back from this process. he may only get 26% of the money if he accepts this deal. but under his transfer authority if he can put together a $20 billion, you're talking about the budget the size, he ought to find tens of millions. >> it's like the navy asking for a destroyer in the congress say here's a rowboat, call it a destroyer. you can buy chicken wire and it's not going to do the job.
7:23 pm
the president will find better ways the better find the resources to do this. >> lou: the acting chief of staff, this is a confused period it seems to me. here is mick mulvaney wanting to go to camp david to negotiate with three congressman. i don't get it. >> he seems to be to be more of a distraction than a facilitator for the president's purpose, direction, and goals. i want to see that white house come together and march straight ahead toward what the president said get done without reservation. >> the democratic chairman basically he was one of three who went to camp david said of mulvaney was president we would get this stuff done. >> there is a very bad sign to me. mulvaney's job should be cap
7:24 pm
david. that's a presidential retreat, not the staff. the reality is, you should be taking anybody up there. if you want to meet me in the white house. >> someone's plan bigshot and that bothers me. >> not all of them, but a sizable number of people around the president, their rhinos, their working against him were seeing it in the damnedest places. i'm tired of it. making deals with democrats that basically are democratic propositions dressed up as a rhino offering that they claim credit for successfully negotiating. it's mindless stuff. the green new deal, mitch mcconnell is getting credit. he's moving straight ahead and wants the democrats to get a vote in the senate on the green new deal. >> that's brilliant.
7:25 pm
they're all saying is principal. it's not really what we want. the be forced to stand up one way or another. >> watching these geniuses jared brown and marky and all of the others trying to digest this freshman class of socialist come is going to be fun to watch. >> it's absurd but it's better to know how absurd it is early on so we can kill it in the cradle. >> lou: i like it kind of bubbling along and blending in to the brand of the democratic party. >> the lieutenant governor now dealing with the mass exodus of his staffers. his two allegations of sexual
7:26 pm
assault. to liberty mutual stay with us, will be right back.
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>> fox news is uncovering facebook messages in which a woman made a rape accusation against virginia's lieutenant governor, just in fairfax. in one of the messages the woman considers going forward during the 2017 gubernatorial election readiness, of course i want to say something. shouldn't be running for office, just don't know what i can do. joining us tonight, just about the mess in virginia were joined by charlie, it's great to see you. to watch this extraordinary scandal unfold at the top of the governor of virginia, gets worse every day.
7:31 pm
no one seems to be compelled to deal with the reality whether to withdraw or somehow find the truth and absolve themselves. i don't think i've ever seen anything close to this in state government. usually they take themselves out one at a time. >> to remember that all of this began, all about an actual issue and that was when the governor went on the radio and publicly endorsed a law that amounts to -- in, i thought it couldn't get worse and is suddenly it's interesting how much the media ignored that important issue. but once it became about blackface and all this stuff than in the media got interested.
7:32 pm
the thing that is caramel of sorts, the fact that when you think about the democratic party today, they play this game of race, they play rage racial politics everywhere they go. virginia is no exception. they play politics of race at every turn. we saw the governor two years ago slimy ed lipsky, accusing him of being an inspiration for what happened that horrible event that happened and to see him now on the horns of this dilemma, i don't wish on anybody. the holdings makes me sad. it could've happened to a better guy. >> he was particularly quick to demand northam's resignation. he was very quick to deny accusations of sexual assault. even as the women in one form or another came forward.
7:33 pm
in the democratic party, what are they doing? they're not dealing with it. what happened to #me too. what happened to believe her. all the hypocrisy that is mounting on the democratic party, they play the race and gender card. and then they seem to be crashing under its weight at this moment. >> remember how hard they came down during the kavanaugh's hearings? people who compare these, there's no comparison. it was not there with brett kavanaugh. everybody stood back and let his accusers, give them all year time. but here, you have named women with specific episodes who can tell you the date, time, place and they're willing to come forward. in the case of kavanaugh she didn't want to come forward.
7:34 pm
they were willing to do anything they could to destroy good man's reputation. >> i should also point out that is one version of the story this seems to be more serviceable to the democrats them potential reality which is something more orchestrated than refine. let's turn to what were watchi watching, the president said he's not pleased with the deal, the democrats intended to insult him and the american people. you don't give a damn about border security. they care about illegal immigrants. they give priority to illegal immigrants while the republicans come of this president gives primacy to american first. making america great. there couldn't be a more stark contrast between the two setting
7:35 pm
up 2020. i can't believe the democrats are dumb enough to persist in this. >> it's incredible. the rally we saw last night is a perfect example of what will see going forward. i think president trump is in a strong position. i think democrats will live to regret, at least politically speaking, live to regret their chilchildishness. they need to secure the border and enforce the laws. they're making a mockery out of equal justice under the law. >> they are also the laziest punch i've ever seen. this president is working day and night for the american people. they won't show up to even consider that the national interest. i love it they come up and say
7:36 pm
the most effective use of the money. >> lou: we don't even want to know that. stay with us. we'll be right back. the senate intel committee with some conclusions. stay with us.
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>> lou: headlines we are looking at, senator elizabeth warren had the nerve today, to make an unannounced visit to a native american luncheon taken place in washington, d.c. she couldn't resist, apparently. she did not address or misleading claims about her native american heritage. there did not seem to be much interest there. new e-mails obtained by judicial watch show the corrupt fbi
7:41 pm
scrambling to accommodate hillary clinton's legal team just before the 2016 election. the documents detail conference call with clinton's attorneys about james comey's announceme announcement, that the fbi was investigating thousands of potentially classified e-mails on the laptop of anthony weiner. haven't heard that name for a while, have we? ahead of the senate intelligence committee said his committee has not found any, any collusion, any evidence of collusion come at all between the trump administration, his presidential campaign, and russia. senator richard burke, as the committee is just about done with the investigation. one would certainly hope so. joining us tonight, joe, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, founding partner of a law firm. good to see you. let's start with this extraordinary evidence of the
7:42 pm
relationship between the fbi, the doj, and the clinton campaign. scrambling, to do whatever she asked. your thoughts? >> it is more evidence of the corrupt relationship between the obama, fbi and the department of justice with the clinton lawyers. you will recall, from the very beginning, certainly after james comey's famous news conference, it was obvious that the dirty cop, james comey and the other dirty cops had thrown the fight. they never ended intended to investigate hillary clinton. they did intend to give every one of the people surrounding her immunity, no search warrants, no subpoenas, allowed them to destroy evidence. the fact that they bent over backwards to accommodate david kendall, her main lawyer to do
7:43 pm
with the new e-mails on the weiner laptop, it is not surprising. it is confirmatory of the totally corrupt operation that was the obama fbi and department of justice. hillary clinton was guilty as hell, they knew it and decided to give her a pass. >> lou: they did so seeking could propose. it's stunning stuff. we did not know what the e-mails look like on weiner's laptop. they were incriminating they were principally we are told but nobody knows for sure how many were between hillary clinton and umma bidding. , weiner's wife at the time. where did those sit what is the likely fate of those e-mails? >> here's the thing. for all this time since donald trump became president, and he has been subject of this coup d'état, this outrageous display,
7:44 pm
some of those things have gone on investigated. we are told by attorney general sessions that he had mr. uber the looking into the fisa stuff in the semi. i have absolutely no confidence in mr. uber. i don't know who is looking into why. we don't have evidence that anything of substance, other than by michael horwitz, the inspector general. >> lou: geo confidence in him? >> i used to but i don't anymore. his conclusions in the first major report that there is no evidence of bias by the people who made decisions in the case involving hillary clinton is fundamentally ludicrous in light of text messages between struck, page, and everybody else. it's nonsense. so, william barr has the opportunity to investigate properly, set up your injuries
7:45 pm
and hopefully prosecute people who need to be prosecuted. >> every one of those people seems to be an employee of the of the fbi or justice department. we'll see if he has the stomach and spine four. let's pray, it's been a long time since we have had a good person running the department. joe, great to see you. >> lou: up next, decades of uncontrolled wild spending in washington. the national debt, there you are, we have been talking about it. we have a historic level for you. it is now about $22 trillion for the first time, ever. we take that up that much more after the break. stay with us each day justin chooses to walk.
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>> since taking office two yeare hottest economy anywhere on earth. >> that economy got even hotter, today. the dow jones industrial rally as did the s&p. thirty-five in triple digits in the game creatures are up half a
7:50 pm
percent. gold and silver basically flat. a reminder to listen to our report three times a day on the sale and radio network. joining us tonight, carol roth and john, chief economist director at moody's. good to have you both here. this was an impressive rally on any level. what are your thoughts about what was driving the market today. >> all about china. people are saying it was other
7:51 pm
things but this was the market feeling good getting a temporary deal on china. i think the market is pretty smart, they're hearing something. >> i'm not sure i always buy that the market was that smart. >> i think they extended beyond those companies. i was struck by the fact that the housing sector share price was up by nearly 3% for the day. on top of that, another strong showing in the motor vehicle industry. housing sector of 17%. the median share pricing increase up nearly 19%. the business are going much higher. >> into your point about the market being so smart, where is the empirical evidence for housing? >> maybe they're not so smart on housing is certainly you have consumer sentiment which is going strong. you have great job market. overall growth and earnings have been ahead of what was expected. >> wise in every firm saying, the president was right.
7:52 pm
the president of the united states is emerging from two years of relentless, absolutely stupid irrelevant investigations designed only to harass him or impede the policy direction of the trump administration. >> you want to go keep their millennial age workers and customers happy. who knows,. >> number saying about the president. that segment of the population might become angry. but let's risk it. >> as an all-time baby boomer, i can't help but remember. >> lou: is there any other kind? >> i can't help but remember a long time ago in 1972 all the baby boomers had rallied behind we saw what happened. i'm willing to make a bet, when and be totally surprised if the millennial's have what i call a george mcgovern.
7:53 pm
>> you have to give the president credit. were so late in the cycle. would we be here and be this strong right now if the president was not elected we would not be here. his tax policy at this very late stage doing so well. they've touched on an important point. we have a very low unemployment rate.
7:54 pm
the past 50 years, 90% of the months show an unemployment rate higher than today's 4%. maybe that's the worry. things are so good they could only get worse. >> the unemployment rate dropped lower. >> this long in the tooth market and extraordinary economic growth that has been achieved over the past couple of years. were looking at a moment in history in which you have a president that understands interest rates. he schools wall street. he schools the federal reserve and says enough of your nonsense. by the way, wall street won't acknowledge she was right. it was pure ignorance for anyone
7:55 pm
to assume it could have a stimulative effect of four plus trillion dollars, but now also have a debilitating effect if you run off the assets on the balance sheet. this is a president who knows what he's doing. >> in the treasury bond market has been telling the fed exactly that. we don't see a sense of anxiety about inflation taken off. as long as the treasury market is satisfied with where interest rates are, there's no reason to hike. >> with housing. >> housing sector share prices are high and the fed's finished hiking rates for this foreseeable future. >> just for the record, only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies. .. that's the power of one a day.
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lou: the bipartisan committee on border security agrees on far less than the president's demand. >> it's embarrassing and insulting. we were asking for $5.7 billion. we got $1.3 billion. we view it as a crisis. 300 americans dyinger week from heroin overdose and we know that's coming across the southern border. please join us tomorrow and
8:00 pm
follow me on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. see you tomorrow from new york. [♪] trish: hundreds of thousands in the streets of caracas just hours ago demanding the socialist dec dictator nicolas maduro step down from power. this is juan guaido, the man the united states recognizes as the leader of the country. florida senator marco rubio is here to react to all of this. just announced. over 300 migrants were apprehended at a remote border crossing


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