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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 16, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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♪ ♪ lou: good evening. president trump today making history as he signed the executive order declaring a national emergency to secure our southern border. to stop the mexican cartels from smuggling tens of billions of dollars of deadly drugs across that border and to stop as well their sex trafficking and smuggling of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. these groups meeting their match in the president. today's national emergency declaration is a clear indication he means to fix the border. president trump: today i'm announcing several critical actions my administration is taking to confront a problem we
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have right here at home. we fight wars that are 6,000 miles away. wars we should never have been in many cases. but we don't control our own border. we are going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border. we are talk about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all times of criminals and gangs. lou: president trump's declaration of a national emergency creating howls of protests from radical dem leaders. even though former president obama signed 12 declarations and none were challenged in court successfully. despite tens of thousands of opioid deaths, and the sex trafficking of women and young girls and the smuggling of
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thousands of illegal into the united states, humaner and pelosi and their d schumer and he leasty and the radical dimms deny there is a border crisis. county rsh -- president trump: i weren't through congress and made a deal. i got $1.4 billion when i wasn't supposed to get one dollar. but i'm not happy with it. but i got billions of dollars for other things. purchase of drug equipment. more than we even requested. the primary fight was over the wall. i don't know what to do with it, we have so much money. but on the wall they skimped. lou: president trump's declaration to declare a
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national emergency means he'll built the wall. he's going after the corruption on both sides of the southern border which no other president has had the guts to do. tamm -- tammy bruce and ed rolls are with us tonight. and national border patrol vice president hector garza. the u.s.-china tornado talks moving next week to washington. president trump said he would consider moving the march 1 deadline if those talks produce real results. asia expert gordon quhang us tonight. in aurora, illinois five officers have been shot by a
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gunman. our top story, president trump taking definitive steps to secure the southern border. he declared a national emergency. the president forced to take action after congress presented him with legislation far short of the $5.7 billion he demanded to build the wall. instead of legislating to secure our border, congress tried to keep the southern border wide open to the cartel smuggling and more death and devastation into america. why would any political party refuse to secure or borders to protect our citizens from deadly gangs and cartels and drugs that kill tens of thousands of people every year. the radical left and rinos, along with the chamber of commerce today decrying the declaration. 32 emergency declarations still
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remain in effect. 12 declared by president obama. ocasio-cortez threatened to block the emergency declaration. the aclu planning to sue the trump administration and cnn's jim acosta suggested the border crisis is inflated, receiving a public sphak smackdown from the president. >> what do you say to your critics saying you are creating a national emergency. president trump: ask these incredible angel moms who lost their dairts -- their daughtersd sons. your question is a very political question because you have an agenda. you are cnn, you are fake news, you have an agenda. lou: cnn is owned by at&t.
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they are the ones giving the corporate orders to cnn, their subsidiary. the radical dimms, corporate special interest groups opposing border security and a lawful immigration program. we take all of that up here tonight. joining me now, men who know the border well, the dangers posed by the cartels. kyle bet "eman," he's one of twop teks lawmakers' asking for the moneyed to build trump's border wall. and hector ga garza. the idea that this president had to declare a national emergency and is feeling the onslaught of response, we action and the
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rhetoric of the radical dimm left because he wants to protect the american people and stop the cartels. he's the only american president who had the guts to say cartel. >> i agree with you 100%. it's great to be on the show. i want to say hi from the great state of texas. the rhetoric out there is so strong. i was in el paso for the trump rally talking to regular el pasoans and they want this wall. their voice is not being heard on the border because they are hiding that information. i'm here as a texas state representative to make sure they get the safety we need in texas, whether washington, d.c. gets their act together or not. we here in texas will take care
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of texas. lou: one of the people protecting that border, hector garza, the agents who do protect us. the border patrol, the border patrol council telling the american congress and the american people what you need. and the bipartisan conference committee formed to deal with border security rejected neervely everybody one of the -- nearly every one of the recommendations from the border patrol. >> it's putting handcuffs back on law enforcement. if you look at the language in that bill, it restricts where the walls can be built.
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we are not allowed to build walls that are hot spots. our border agents are furious with the outcome of this bill. we wish we would have continued to go forward with a continuing declaration. lou: the president said he'll be availg himself of trans -- avaig himself of the transfers from various budget. the border what else something the border patrol says is necessary. you asked the state government to put up $2.5 billion. what are your thoughts about whether that will happen? >> if you listen to hector, the experts know this is necessary. i'm grateful you mentioned the
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fact our hands are tied on the deal that was made in congress. we need that border wall all the way without any hindrances. here in texas we are the ones living with the problem of having an unsecure border. we spent almost $4 billion over the last number of years to secure our bored an -- secure or and we have nothing to show for is. so this is something that will save us money over time and give our citizens protection. lou: former governor rick perry and governor greg abbott has shown great accommodation through their leadership over the years. it's a shame more governors aren't as forward look as perry, now in the trump administration.
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and abbott who has been just extraordinary as an attorney general and governor. what is in the minds of some border governors who do not want to stand up for their citizens, for their states, for the country's interests? >> what's interesting. we get calls from all over the country. and people all over the country that want to participate in this border wall funding. but again it depend on who is running those states. if they are run by liberal democrats, they will hide the information hector is putting forth. lou: california of course, its governor wanting to take down walls. new mexico, in el paso, kyle
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bieterman's district. you have beto o'rourke want to go tear down walls. this is madness. how does that make it border patrol feel? >> the president has not other choice but to declare a national emergency. we need help on the border. we can't do it without the proper resources or physical barriers. they are not backing us up. and we do have an emergency crisis on the border with all those people coming across and the drugs. it's an emergency for sure. lou: we are out of time. but we should be clear, that corruption is on both sides of that border. it's. >it -- it's eating away at both. that border wall will help end
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corruption on both sides of the border. thank you for being with us. up next. president trump takes a stab at one of his form adversaries for failing to protect the southern border. democratic hopefuls -- >> would you take it wall down now if you have a wall, knock it down? >> absolutely. >> what about the proposal from beto o'troark take down the wall. >> if it makes sense i could support it. >> would you commit to choosing a woman as your vice president. >> i am not going to box myself in. >> america understands the problem by climate change. >> the green new deal, i sight as aspirational -- i see it as a
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jump-start and aspirational. lou: the radical dimms will have a lot of fun. ed rollins joins us.
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lou: the president taking a swipe at form house speaker paul ryan for his complete and utter failure to pass any form of border security. president trump: i'm very disappointed at certain people, a particular one, for not having pushed this faster. >> have you referring speaker ryan. president trump: let's not talk about it. what difference does it make? they should have pushed it faster and they should have passed it harder, and they didn't. lou: that would be speaker paul ryan. joining us, ed rollins. ed, this president was pushed by the rinos in his own party. the timid, bout-out leader -- the bought-out leadership. and the chamber of commerce. they were among the first to
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protest the president's declaration of a national emergency. your thoughts? ed: i think we need to mention ex-speaker paul ryan. he made a promise to the president he would get this bill through if the president would sign off on the omnibus bill. then he did nothing. it should have been h.r.1 two years ago. we'll now go through a long legal battle. but i think the president is on the right track. the country needs to win. lou: the president talked about the trade war for what it is, an undeclared trade war and the united states is only now recognizing the chinese have been waging a wash for three decades against us, not only they have been winning but they have won to this point. now he's taking on the cartels.
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this is the first president to have the guts to name the enemy responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, whether it's opioids or methamphetamines or fentanyl or marijuana. it is -- this president cannot be commended highly enough for his courage. ed: i totally agree. every day he'll make converts on this wall. this will be an election issue in 2020. the democrats have drawn the line on their side that they want no wall. they want no customs and border. the derogatory things they say about these guys who put their lives on the line every day is outrageous. lou: hector garza representing the agents who put their lives
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on the line, himself an agent, and to hear this ignorance spewed from the head of the chambers of commerce. i want to say to tom done -- to, with what you and the business table in wall street, you are leaving the borders wide open to corruption, filth and devastation and death they take across that border. you should be ashamed, you should apologize to the american people. and you should take the u.s. out of the title. you are not representing the united states. you are representing multi-nationals. not american interests. let's talk about the challenges in the court. ed: the first challenge is in
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the democrats in the congress. the motion to withdraw the emergency thing. it will probably pass that. which means the president has to veto it. and it won't get a 2/3 vote to override the veto. lou: we should commend the majority leader, mitch mcconnell, standing up -- and i know some deals have been made. but standing up for the president and his declaration of a national emergency. that took some guts and some real concern for the national interest which we all appreciate. ed: after that as the president laid out today. it will go to court. lou: to hell with the court. ed: i think the supreme court need to decide these issues. lou: i don't want to hear from john roberts. the supreme court, whatever
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happens, they should take the initiative and expediently support this president. by god, look at the 58 that preceded this national emergency declarations. never once have they been successfully challenged in court. and that's the record for pelosi and schumer to act like there is a chance of it is disgusting. ed: the quicker it gets to the supreme court the quicker the president can move forward. this is the new way the democrats are going to fight it's a reality. lou: it's a reality it's ignorance. this is a fight between the president who cares enough about this country to fight the battles of a neighboring country, that is the cartels and corruption and insidious influence they have throughout that country. and it's past time. other presidents should have
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had 1/10 of his guts. ed: we are lucky to have him at this point in time. but we are in a war. lou: i will make a prediction. this declaration of national emergency is upheld and steadfastly enforced, and this president, his numbers will start rising from now almost uninterrupted over the course of the next months leading up to the election. ed: let's get ready to rumble. the democrats have chosen the wrong side on this fight and they will lose at the end of the day. lou: they have chosen to fight the country and the national interests. they are on the wrong side offer issue. they are on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of this president now. ed rollins, thank you, sir. up next, trade talks with china heading in the right direction. but a lot of disagreement as
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well and much left to do. so the talks move from beijing to washington next week. what are we going to do about hundreds of billions of dollars in chinese theft. gordon chang is next. the national debt, $22 trillion. climbing, worsening, piling up. we'll be right back after this. stay with us. autism spectrum disorder
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lou: breaking news. trade talks between the united states and china resume next week in washington, d.c. president xi met with treasury secretary steve mnuchin and robert lighthizer. they failed to secure even a suggestion of what would be a trade agreement, not even in the broadest outlines. so much work to be done.
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president trump reiterating he may extend that march 1 china trade deadline if both nations move closer to something looking like a deal. joining us, asia expert, gordon chang. the president is talking about change the deadline, not enforcing it and raising tariffs if there is no trade deal. do you think that's a wise course? >> i wouldn't do it. i would keep the tariffs on. it's the only thing that has even driven the chinese to talk to us. i don't think the trade tensions are good for us. lou how do you mean not good for us. >> as we talk and the chinese are trying to drag this out, they are stealing more u.s. intellectual property. it's $300 to $400 billion a
4:31 am
year. my wife and i last year drove from atlanta to the panhandle of florida. we passed so many board up towns, closed down. that's the china trade effect. wall street thinks it's great. lou: it is great for wall street. >> but when you go through those towns it's got to affect the way you look at this. lou: this president is committed to the forgotten man and woman in this country. much more remains to be done. and the essential truth is this. if he is not successful in changing the conduct, the behavior, the values and the very relationship itself in trade and every other way with china, we are going to pay that
4:32 am
price, hundreds of billions of dollars. and it may become an existential price threatened by china to the point that we'll be bled further than we can tolerate. we have been bled for 30 years. >> people say this is a fight for the 21st century. one of the important things president trump accomplished that people don't talk about is you are starting to see the u.s. disengage from china on trade. we tried every tactic with china. corporate america. then you had previous administrations. they talk to the chinese. they come to trade agreements with them. we had wto cases. nothing has worked. the only thing that will work in the longrun is we disengage our economy from theirs. lou: wall street and the chamber of commerce have behaved as unregistered foreign agents,
4:33 am
representing the interests much china and the interests they saw as the interests of their members whether it's the chamber of commerce or the business round table. but the koch brothers and u.s. multi-nationals aren't worried about u.s. interests, they are worried about their own. that's at an end with this president. we as a nation are dependent on him winning that battle. that's a battle -- we talk about this in military terms what is going none this relationship. that's because it's a war. an outright economic war. right now this president has china suffering because of their arrogance and not only over their region, asia, asia pacific, but over the united states, the western hemisphere, the world. >> the chinese talk about it in
4:34 am
terms of an economic war against the u.s. and senior chinese military officers are itching to fight the u.s. two senior officers talked publicly about unprovoked attacks on the u.s. navy. lou: that rhetoric did not flow spontaneously from those two senior officers. it was approved at the highest levels of china before it could be expressed. >> you don't have generals, colonels going off on the range like that. that's rear admiral who talked about killing 10,000 americans. we cannot allow that language to continue. if the chinese think they can do those types of things, this is so serious for us. lou: gordon chang, so good to have you with us. next week let's take up the companies carrying out espionage
4:35 am
against the united states, among them, zte and huawei. the supreme court asked to decide if the government can ask a question of a citizen if they want to. the question, "are you a u.s. citizen?" that's what we have come to, folks. we'll take that up and more. we'll be talking with tammy we'll be talking with tammy bruce next. ♪
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and everyone i've ever opioloved away from me.thing everything. i blew my ankle out and i got prescribed pain pills by my doctor. if making my detox public is gonna help somebody, i'm all for it. i just wish i would've had a warning. lou: a gunman opened fire today at an aurora, illinois manufacturing plant shooting and killing 5 people. two officers were shot and wounded but none of them critically.
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adam schiff met with fusion gps founder glenn simpson last july and is being asked to recuse himself. the supreme court announcing it will hear arguments on the trump administrations effort to add a question on citizenship in the 2020 census in late april. joining plea now, tammy bruce, let's start with kevin mccarthy saying adam schiff should shut up and recuse himself. >> finally. it's taking action on somebody who misled people on what he knew and when he knew it. associating with glenn simpson when that's at the foundation of the nature of what the dossier was all about and the fraud, the hoax of that dossier. it looks as if mr. schiff had conversations that were not
4:41 am
widely known and did not admit to. lou: schiff famously is the one who asked devin nunes,ed the chair of the intel committee when the house was controlled by the republicans, to recuse himself for a year. lou: karma is a wonderful thing on occasion. andrew mccabe on his book tour admitting to leading a coup effort against the president of the united states. these interviews seem to be a confession of treason against the country, this president. >> it's shocking because he delivered this in a manner in which it was so familiar and so widespread that he didn't realize what he was confessing to orbit was so that that -- ot was so natural he didn't think
4:42 am
twice about confessing to this. lou: law enforcement agency, the fbi, the department of justice. it turns out to be as a result of all that has gone on from these investigations, we length investigators were the most of corrupt amongst all of the actors in this drama. it's stunning stuff. >> it is. the question has to become how deep does this go? if this was a natural consideration of many important people to literally usurp a duly elected president. they are using a method that would have been absurd. it's not something you wake up and decide to do. this seemed to be natural. lou: it turns out rosenstein really meant the 25th amendment. and he did mean to wear a wire
4:43 am
in that discussion in the white house. >> it went past a conversation over drinks where you are imagining it to plotting and planning. considering the vice president, the cabinet members. they moved into a plan which is extraordinary and requires certainly prosecution. lou: what do you think, turn together census? we have come to a point where the government can't decide to ask a question about citizenship of its citizens and those within our borders without the approval of the supreme court. >> it needs to be clarified. this is a good thing to do. this is one of the many benefits of the trump administration. the president's power will be defined. the democrats never thought the establishment would ever bother with again. this is a sign the president is serious. this determines who will be the number of people in the house of
4:44 am
representatives from each state. of course, california and new york care about this. it's the only way they will have enough members in the house of representatives and they don't -- lou: they are slated to lose members despite the in-migration of illegal immigrants into both states. >> that's right. it's exciting times. lou: they are times of, well, i think history is about to pivot in the favor again of the nation. >> yeah. lou: thank you very much. the left-wing media, they minimize, deny the crisis at our southern border. one of them in front of angel moms at the white house. pastopastor robert jeff last jos me. me. stay with us.
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lou: on wall street today, it was a huge rally. dow and nasdaq up for the 8th straight week. the dow gaining 444 points, the nasdaq exited bear market territory. volume on the big board 6 .3
4:49 am
billion shares. a good week indeed. crude oil rose 2.5%. silver gaining a half percent. a percent and a half. and the facebook talks with the fcc to pay a negotiated multi-billion dollar fine for its involvement in the cambridge analytica scandal. facebook has somehow managed to get into negotiations on how much it will be find. you would think the fcc might want to couple with that number on its own. a remind tore listen to my reports coast to coast on the salem national network. joining us, pastor robert
4:50 am
jeffress from the methodist church in dallas. >> today americans got to see what a real president looks like. this president is willing to do whatever it takes to keep this country safe. he has said to me -- i know he talks to you. but he has said to me for the last three years, robert, i'm going to do whatever it takes to keep this country safe. for him american security is not a cam plainl slogan or campaign promise. it's his core conviction and it guides everything he does. lou: mayor among presidents. he's willing in declaring that national emergency to show the courage to take on the cartels, because ways not said by the
4:51 am
radical dems which has not been mentioned by republican and democratic presidents has been the word cartel. they haven't had the guts out of fear or corruption. we don't know. but one or the other, to take on the cartels. this president is standing tall and putting the american people first. america first. >> that's right. he's absolutely fearless. that's one reason you see his poll numbers go up and up and up. he is not going to be deterred. lou: not deterred because of the support of tens of hundreds much millions of americans who really have been begging for a president to stand up for them. the forgotten man and woman, the shrinking middle class when he was elected that is once again growing. a nation that is prosperous. we are also watching the evangelicals, the christians,
4:52 am
the catholics supporting him, but not in the numbers we expected at this point in his presidency, standing up against the pro abortion radical dems, standing up against the open borders. this is a man who deserves their support. i love what you said this week. >> i'm glad you did. not everybody did. i got in trouble for calling never trump evangelicals spineless morons. maybe i need to repent that but i don't feel like it. in the bible the meaning of the word moron is fool. i think it's foolish for a few sliver of christians not to support this president who is the most of pro-life, the most pro religious liberty we have had in history. but here is the good news about the never-trump movement. the poll numbers rising, an
4:53 am
economy that's booming. a russia collusion illusion that is evaporating and dems going off the rails are rendering this never-trump movement extinct. i think we can perform last rites on it it's just about gone. lou: this president is marching straight toward 2020. he has momentum. he has wind at his back. he is winning, winning, winning. whether it's the senate intelligence committee chairman admitting there is no evidence. he has been under investigation by either the fbi, a congressional committee or special counsel or a senate committee every single day he's been in office. and that is ending. >> did you see the study today that said with it was announced a few weeks ago by nbc there was no collusion, the senate
4:54 am
investigation would show that? that story got zero seconds coverage while the russia collusion illusion got 2,000 hours of coverage. it's ridiculous. lou: the democratic party, they are abortion, open borders, they don't care. they seem anti-religious. >> look. here is a party trying to remove god from their platform a few years ago. without god, anything is per permissible. that's why they allow barbaric practices of late-term abortions. if there is no god, if he has not spoke towns, who is to say what's right and wrong. fortunately we have a president
4:55 am
that recognizes that. he's not afraid to say children were made in the image of god. lou: we'll be right back. right after this. we are worth waiting for. we are worth waiting for. please stay with ♪
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♪brother let me be your shelter♪ that was the inspiration behind my non-profit "score a friend" educating people to include the people with differences is so important because when jacob's included he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. ♪..home lou: president trump in the rose garden where he declared national emergency to secure our border were mexico. president trump: what we want to do is simple. we want to stop drugs from coming into our country. we want to stop criminals and gangs. lou: very simple and it took great courage to do what he did today, to declare a national emergency. he's headed to miami monday. there he'll talk about the ongoing turmoil in venezuela. that's it for us tonight.
5:00 am
we thank you for joining us. tom fitton is among our guests monday. we hope you joins. good night from new york. now. >> from the fox studios in new york city. >> happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was in helps position you for the week ahead. coming up, chinese venture capitalist and the -- of ai is my special guest. we have a lot to talk about. artificial intelligence. the first markets have good news. secretary of the treasury, stephen mnuchin traveled to beijing and said u.s. china trade talks are on track. we got the latest data on inflation saying it's


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